Title: Saying Goodbye

Fandom: Dogma

Author: Chosentwo4381

Email: chosentwo4381@yahoo.com

Pairing: Serendipity/ Bethany

Summary: Serendipity thinks as she prepares to say goodbye.

Rating: PG

Authorís notes: This just came to me as I watched Dogma a couple of nights ago on Comedy Central. Really short, but what can you do? /blah/ means emphasis.

Disclaimer: Iím not Kevin Smith. He owns these wonderful women, not me. I make no money.

Serendipityís POV

ďWhereís Bethany? I wanted to say goodbye.Ē

Actually, I donít want to say goodbye. I want to pull her into my arms and kiss her. I want to make love to her for days, the fact that Iím as anatomically correct as a Barbie doll not withstanding.

But I canít. Itís not that sheís not interested. I saw her checking me out at the club, and it wasnít just one woman checking out another to see what the competition is. Itís that she doesnít belong to me. Donít make me laugh, Jay? Not even; not Bob either. And that scene on the train with Bartleby? A quick check to make sure that being attracted to me didnít mean that she was a lesbian. None of that matters.

She doesnít belong to me. The one person in over two thousand years that can inspire me, the muse, and I /have/ to walk away. She is carrying my Lord and creatorís child and will never be mine. So, I say goodbye. Who knows, maybe third time will be the charm.


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