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Hey,OK, I tried my hand at pic manipulation again. I made a 2002 calendar of Brooke and Sam (simply because a 1862 calendar of Mary Todd Lincoln wouldn't have much appeal). Feel free to take a look or print out what ya want but please don't use on your site without asking first. And if I have taken someone's pics without permission, (although I'm almost POSITIVE I didn't) drop me a line and I'll pull the pic and redo it. Apologies in advance, just in case. :) I hope you like them.

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Birds Of Prey Barbed Heart (H/B)
Twisted (H/B)

WIP Shadows & Sinners (Birds Of Prey) (H/B)

WIP Fighting The Right (Birds Of Prey) (H/B)


Blue Crush WIP Dragged Down by the Undertow (E/AM)


BVS Sacrifice of the Soul
Chemistry of Love


Popular Strange Road to Salvation (S/B)
Telling Series  (S/B)
High School Hell  (S/B)
New Paths, Old Faces  (S/B)
Walking The Edge  (S/B)
Secrets  (S/B)
Connecting the Dots  (S/B)
Opposing Sides  (S/B)
Just an Observation  (S/B)
A Conversation (of sorts) with Nicole Julian  (S/B)
Kissing The Pain Away  (S/B)
Even If  (S/B)
May the Road Rise Up to Meet You  (S/B)
Down Time  (S/B)
Holiday Traditions  (S/B)
Deep Dark Secret  (S/B)
Home Schooling  (S/B)
Breathing  (S/B)
Going Home Again  (S/B)
Long Ride Home  (S/B)
A Promise Fulfilled  (S/B)
Moment by Moment  (S/B)
Valentine  (S/B)
Forever Alone  (S/B)
Bother (S/B)

WIP Under These Rocks and Stones (Popular) (S/B)
| Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 |
| Section 4 | Section 5 | Section 6 |
| Section 7 |

WIP Changes - Life after Secrets (Popular) (S/B)
| Section 1 | Section 2 |

WIP No Regrets (Popular) (S/B)

WIP A Year in the Life (Popular) (S/B)


South of Nowhere WIP Shattered Heart (A/S)
Fading Light (A/S)
Let Us Pray (A/S)
Painter's Song (A/S)
WIP Darker Days of Us (A/S)

WIP Down to One (A/S)
| Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 |
| Section 4 | Section 5 | Section 6 |


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