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Something Stupid (B/F)
Ex, Why, and Zee (B/F)
Saturday Night at the Movies (B/F)
With a Girl Like You (B/F)
After The Lights Go Out (B/F)
For One Night Only? (B/C)
The Girl On Death Row (B/F)
Coming Together (WARNING: Buffy/Dawn)
Till There Was You (WARNING: Buffy/Dawn)
Blondes Aren't Fair (B-F)
Twists and Turns (B/F)
Twists and Turns Two (B/F)
Bitter-Sweet (B/F)
Avalanche (B/F)
No One Must Ever Know (W/J)
The Power Of Love (W/C)
In Plain Sight (W/C)
Happy Ever After (W/C)
Red For Danger (W/C)
Half A Year In Hell (F/C)
Knockback (F/K)
Everlasting Love (B/f)
A Many Splintered Thing (B/F - A/X)
Faith Says - Take Care at Night (none)
Love And Laughter (Warning - Buffy/Dawn)
Dancing in the Dark (T-B-D)
WIP Heart and Soul (W/T - A/X - S/X)
Too Soon The Dawn (D/A/V/E)
Hidden Desires (H/C)
Blank Slates (WARNING: Buffy/Dawn)
Practice Makes Perfect (C/H)

Up Close and Personal (D/K)
Kissing Chloe Sanchez (D/K D-C D-J)
Team Building (A - D)

It Takes Two (B/F)
A Study in Scarlet (A/X)

Effect Series (F/K - C/A)
The Faith Effect
The Cordelia Effect
The Buffy Effect
The Valerie Effect

Series (F/C)
Temporary Secretary
The Sun Also Rises
No More Lies
The Last Word

Series (B/F)
I See a Dark Stranger
Private Investigator
Immortal Art

Series (B/T W/C J/N)
The Devil You Say?
Unexpected Outcome
The Devil to Pay

Series (B/F)
Risks and Rewards
Dead on Time
True to Us

Series (B/F)
Long Live Love
Happy Together
You've Got What I Like


D.E.B.S. Grette (D/G)



Thanks For Listening (S/B)
Cross My Heart (S/B)
Shall We Dance?
Just a Joke?
Above Rubies (N - H)
Cheerfan (S/B)
Not Always a Prince (MC/P)
It's Good To Talk (?/?)
Destiny (S/B)
Good Girls Don't (N/M)
Teen People's Court (MC/f)
Geek Like Me (N/M)
Face-Off (N/S)

Breakthrough Series (Popular) (S/N)
Breaking Point
Devil in a Fast Car
Friend or Foe?
The First Step
When One Door Closes
Far From The Tree
Seeing Is Believing
What Made Kelly Run?
Me and Brookie McQueen
Seven Days to Noon
There's Always a Reason
Third Finger, Left Hand

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Alan's Little Subtext Corner
Episode 12
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Other Students
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Undeclared Truth or Dare (R/K)


Xena The Declaration (X/G)
Trial and Retribution (none)
Of Late I Think of Cirra (X/G)
Perchance to Dream (X/G)
The Bitter Sweet Reunion (X/G)


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