Bring it On Flying Ignorami (M/D)
Not the Cheering Type (M/D)



Lonely Women and Bad Booze (C/F)
Later (B/W)
Whatever You Say (B/W)
Your Freudian slip is showing (C/F)
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The Three R's Series (B/W)
Sensing You (B/W)
Welcome Distractions (B/W)
Mind Games (B/W)
Magical Interlude (B/W)
Seeing Clearly (C/F)
Borrowed Dream (C/F)
Sorry State of Affairs (C/F)

The following fics all sort of take place in the same universe
Girls Interrupted (B/W)
My Slayer Lady (B/W, C/F)
The Morning After...(C/F, B/W)
The Vamp Trap (B/W, C/F)
Calling Doctor Jones (C/F)


Coyote Ugly

Nimbus (R/C)
Burning Bright (R/C V/L)

Scene 15.Take 4.Action. (R/C V/L)
As Ashes are by Fire (Rachel's POV)
Inspired by Beauty (Lil's POV)



Mommy Dearest (S/B)
Shifing Gears (S/B)
No Pain, No Gain (S/B)
Why Me? (L/MC)
Good Deeds (S/?)
Girl's Night (S/B)
Inner Beauty (S/B)
Busted! (S/B)
Ticket To Ride (S/B)
An Insider's Perspective (S/B)
Nothing Really Matters (S/B)
The Writer (S/B)
First (S/B)

Every Boys Dream (S/B)
Parental Issues (S/B)


X-Men: The Movie When Never Comes (J/R)


Incomplete Stories Stake and shake your booty (Popular) (S/B)


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