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Best story Vixen Fiction Awards

All My Children

November Rain (M/B)
Countdown To Midnight (M/B)



The Truth Will Set You Free (B/W)
The Longest Night (B/W)
Stripped Away (B/W)
Releasing Emotion (B/W)
Never To Be Found (B/W)
Heartís Spell (B/W)
Dancing Towards The Future (B/W)
A New Day (B/W)
First Choice (B/W)
Much More (B/W)
New Beginning (F/D)
Tonight and the Rest of My Life (B/W)
True Lies (D/F)

Summer Confessions (B/W)
For The First Time


Degrassi TNG

Inside Your Heaven (A/P)


One Tree Hill

Breakaway (B/P)
Keep My Mouth Shut (B/P)



Never Leave (S/B)
Don't Go (S/B)
Crystal Clear (S/B)
Embracing The Need (S/B)

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