Title: Let it go - Sequel to It Is Over

Author: Catastrophe

Feedback: cat666999@hotmail.com

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: B/F sort of

Rating: PG, though some language

Warnings: It's a break up - its going to be traumatic

Disclaimers: I don't own Buffy or the Bufyverse, I wish I did. Written purely because I needed to vent, and it seemed an appropriate way to do so.

To: Buffy2004@yahooobaby.com

From: cordelia@chase.net

Angel showed me your e-mail, I agree the whole situation stinks, but you gotta admit, things between you two have been weird for a while now.  So she left, what bothers you more, that she left, or that she found someone else so quickly?  Coz that whole thing is over you know, her little 'friend' went back to her ex, and now she's all alone again.  But she hasn't come back has she?  I know you feel like you two are supposed to be together forever, and maybe one day you will be.  My time as a higher being taught me a few things about life, and how sometimes you just have to trust that things will work out ok. 

Don't wait for her, it might take years for her to realise what she's lost, no one should be alone that long.  If she's fucking around - and I mean that in the horizontal sense - than you should too, get yourself a girl toy or whatever and get yourself laid.  You don't have to love them, or spend the next few years of your life with them if you don't want to.  But believe me, it takes away the pain a bit, numbs it.  It's never easy, but if she doesn't love you there is nothing you can do about it except let go.

I just wanted you to know that we are here for you if you need us, though Faith seems to be around alot, so maybe visiting isn't such a good idea or anything, plus we're having the hotel renovated.  She know's she did a stupid thing, but she wasn't in love with you anymore.  Hard as that sounds, and much as I didn't want to tell you, someone had to, and I thought you might appreciate it more coming from me.  I don't think she really knows how to be in love, lets face it, the history of get some get gone doesn't make for fluffy reading, or a stable basis for relationships.

So it's a love lost, but not gone. Maybe in time she will come back, maybe she won't.  But don't wait for her or cry for her, she isn't worth your tears or your heartbreak.  She deserves to be feeling a whole lot of pain right now, and I know that you are trying to help her through, stop. Think. Let her feel it, she needs to.

I wouldn't wish a broken heart on anyone because I know first hand how bad it hurts. But look at me, I got over it, and I am happy again.  Look to the future, not the past, let it go and eventually you will be happy again.  And if you ever need to vent and slag that bitch off, you've got my number, don't hesitate to call it!


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