Title: "Ascent"

Fandom: Original story.

Author: Genida.


Disclaimer: This is a horror story. What kind of disclaimer do you put on horror?

Rating: NC-17, perhaps, due to incomprehensable violence.

Author's note: This has been a long-lived consideration of mine, it was nice to finally see it in form. Hopefully it'll be scary, but I don't know, I just wanted to write it. Probably needs some work, and I'll see to that now and then.

Warning: This is not femslash, and for that I apologise. No need to read it unless you're feeling particularly nice, for which I'd be grateful.

Despite it all - contrary to my prayers and deepest hopes - I was here now. In the cold dark of the world, where sins lie to rot and grow and... become. The ground mucked around my bare feet and pawed my flesh. There was light, but it was not bright or real or good. It was the light of nightmares, that which makes you see when everything is dark, when all your greatest fears loom over the minds horizon. It was a tunnel, yes. No tunnel of love and heavenly song. I heard no music. I heard only the neverending gripping and clawing at the end, sounds carrying a promise of blood and bone.

As I walked through the shadow in this valley beyond death, I saw form through the dark mist. I saw myself. I felt myself, for it was me.

She was me. I was her. We were one and the same. She smiled, I shuddered.

Laughed, I cried.

Screamed. I screamed with her, and we were the same once again.

"I will guide you." Said my twin. "As you will do the same..."

Again, manical laughter. Giggling and coughs of blood spewing forth through dark gritted teeth. Glint in her eyes only to reflect the black inside. As my naked flesh still showed sign of purity, hers did not. Blood, grime and muck. Dark vomit covered her. We walked, we crawled, we swam forth to my own pit of despair, and I saw. I saw and wished that I couldn't comprehend. But I could, oh dear God I can...

It was me. Me and me and me and me... Clawing at one another, clawing myself. Feeding on my own flesh as other forms of me fed on me in an endless loop of horrid dependance. This land was not made of anything but me. Mists of my breath, ground of my flesh. Rivers of my blood and shit and bile. A valley of hating bodies gnawing insanely at itself.

Behind me was me, one of them. She pushed me down into this ocean of a multitude of myself and it took hold of me without a notion of mercy or care.

I died. I ate myself up, felt my own teeth sink into my flesh, saw another pair of my own eyes glare fiercefully into my own as my own hands ripped out my heart and I sunk into that ocean of myself.


But I came back. Again and again and again I came back, always and forever. Listening to this larger and larger sound of my own screams of pain and anger, following the wind of my own voices, I kept coming back to that center of my own world, and I fought. I ate. I raped and killed and fed off of flesh and blood and bone. I became my own hell. I died knowing that I would be the one killing the me that had killed me, for I saw the joy in her that did it. My flesh grew to become the ground upon which we fought. My bodies became mountains, formed rivers and oceans in this darkened, rotten world.

And then suddenly I stopped.

There was another in there with me and me and me... A new me. A fresh me. A me I did not recall from the moment before my death as being the one I had been before I died before I died before I died...

It was me, as I remember the first moment after my own first real death.

I smiled at her, she cowered.

It made me laugh, and she cried.

I screamed my pain at her, called upon my world to hear. She screamed with me, but did not call out for anything. She would learn!

I told her; "I will guide you. As you will do the same..."

It was funny. It was beyond happiness and being happy was rare, a myth. We walked, we crawled, we swam forth and I found it again. Parts of it looked at me in question and I recalled that moment in myself when I had been there, wondering why it hurt so much.

While I was at the end, she was at the beginning. I knew now what this was, moreso than I had this first time I was witnessing again. After a thousand years of building this world, it was me at the end. I was new, I was the same. I was a god and she was a child.

Smiling to myself, I approached her. You will learn, little child. You will find out, grow and become hard as darkness itself. Me... I will leave now. You will never see me again.

In you go.



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