Title: "Coffee - Opportunity."

Fandom: Popular.

Author: Genida.


Pairing: Sam/Brooke.

Disclaimer: I don't own this, don't profit from this nor seek any kind of monetary gains from this work. The creative content however, is mine! :)

Summary: Lily wake up Sam at her dorm with seemingly well meaning intentions.

Author's note: Part of the Coffee-verse, if you can call it that. Just an idea that got fixed with me, had to start writing it.

What met Sam at the door was, initially, rather cheerful.

"Surprise!!... oh, eh... wow." Lily said, flabbergasted at something. "If I'd known before that all the fancy colleges were actually like the internet taught me, perhaps I would've picked something else..."

"Lily, what are you talking about?" Sam wondered idly, ruffling her well slept hair-do.

"Do me a favor Sam," Lily crossed her arms, "and take your time. What could possibly be wrong here?"

Sam took note of her friends obvious sarcasm and recounted. She'd been torn from wonderful dreamlands by a violent and persistent knocking on her door. To no avail attempting to block out this disturbance with a pillow before giving up, Sam had painfully traversed the cold distance between the bed and the door. Upon opening the door, Lily had come into existance.

Lily who was still waiting with a patient tilted head for Sam to wake up.

Again. Sam had gone from bed to the door... in her underwear. Backstepping yet again, Sam had been in bed... with Brooke. Now, Samantha McPherson was acutely aware of every little detail of the world.

"Just let me put some clothes on. We'll grab breakfast." She told Lily and slammed the door in her face.

From outside the door came the outcry, "It's nice to meet you too! I'm fine, thanks for asking!"

Inside the so-called 'bedroom' of this dormroom lay Brooke McQueen, tangled up beatifully with sheets and pillows and whatnot, stretching out her arms in longing of Sam-flesh no longer present. "Saaammy... come back to bed..."

"No can do, blondie. Lily's here."

Experiencing similar awakening as Sam had just a moment ago, Brooke jumped up onto the bed with athletic vigor. She immediately slipped and fell violently down onto the bed, then to the floor with some level of comedic bounce. "Ow!"

From around the corner and outside the door, Lily could be heard, "What was that?"


"Oh, my god. Sam! WHO was that?" More banging on the door.

"Crap. Brooke, please disappear." Sam said while rushing into whatever items of clothing could be found in the vicinity. This happened to be some black tae-bo slacks and a top Sam had never seen before. Ruffling through her one crammed closet she managed a UCLA hoodie and one elastic ribbon to tie up her hair. All in all she was a glorious mess of black, white, grey and purple. A quick speck of make-up...

"That's my top, Sam." Brooke complained, trying to locate her underwear.

"Look at me care, blondie." Sam swiftly assessed and approved of her face, "Gotta go."

Quickly jumping into the first pair of shoes available and grabbing her keys and her wallet, Sam darted out of the dormroom, shoved the enthusiastic Lily out of the way and managed to lock up before she got inside.

"Right..." She said, holding the ferocious little ball of curiousity at arms length. "Now we can go find some breakfast, my treat."

"Oh, come on, I have got to meet that mystery boy." Lily jabbed unsuccessfully in attempts at getting Sam's keys. "Samantha McPherson, I will ogle your secret man-flesh or you will be tickled to submission."

"Lily, for fucks sake, give it up."

The little latino stopped abruptly, looking hurt. "I was just messin with ya... no need to bring out the 'inner Nicole'."

Sam caught Lily by the shoulder as she turned to leave, "Lil, please. Look, I'm sorry, ok? It's just... fine. It's not someone permanent, it's just this... thing. Forgive me?"

"I'm considering it."

Lily had already forgiven her, apparently. Sam knew what she was waiting for. "Blueberry muffin?"

Juuuust about, by the looks of it. They started down the stairs in mutual silence, Lily looking at Sam every now and then with a satisfied smile.

"Fine. Blueberry muffin and a coming out of the closet talk, what do you say? Sugar high and emotional outage, all on me."

Abruptly freezing midstep in a set of stairs, Lily bore an expression of shock and surprise until forced to accept the laws of gravity. "You're gay?"

"Bluuueberry muffiiin...." Sam teased, waving her wallet in front of her friend.

"Gaaaay..." Lily stood her ground, waving her arms meaningly.

Sam explained with her arms crossed, the laws of now. "Breakfast. Muffin. Then gay."

"To the car!"

* * *

One drive-in breakfast and halfway to a mystery location later Lily was still exceptionally excited about the whole gay thing. They cruised swiftly through the whole acceptance thing, Lily being more interested in more vital matters.

"Can I tell anyone?"

"You can tell everyone, for all I care. Saves me the trouble." Sam replied, sipping her mocha carefully.

"What about your parents, do they know? Ooh, and Brooke. Have you told Carmen? Am I the first person you tell about this? Answer me, don't just sit there."

"Yes, mom and Mike knows about this. I told them last year." Confirmed Sam, counting off the list in her head, "Brooke... figured it out and yes, you're the first friend-friend to find out."

"So who's your girlfriend?"

"My who in the what now?"

Lily couldn't care less what Sam was saying when it wasn't an answer, "Your sex-toy, in your room. Who is it? Is she cute? Good in bed? Blonde or brunette? What is your type, anyway, have you figured that out? Where did you meet? Don't you want to know where we're going? Josh is totally going to freak out, but he'll be fine with it - rest assured. That's a great top you're wearing, by the way, when did you get it?"

Sam sighed and repeated her previous process, "She's... she's just a friend, we..."

"Aha! Sex-buddies, is it?"

Graciously accepting this way out of the conversation, Sam relented. "Yes, and yeah she's cute. Yes, she's great in bed-"

"I'm so jealous. Not that Josh is bad, you know, I'm just saying. He's got this thing he does, with his..."

"Ew! No need to know." She smacked Lily's shoulder, "She's... a redhead. We met a couple of months ago, we're both on a message board online, decided to meet. Yes, where are we going? Say hi to Josh for me, will ya. This top? Yeah, it's not mine..."

"You're wearing her clothes now? I guess I don't have to ask about your Victoria's Secret get-together. Wait, are you still wearing that?"

"Yes, I didn't really have time f..."

"We're here, get out of the car!" Lily jammed the breaks and was out of the car in no-time. Sam knew by the looks of things that this would be a long day.

Several hundreds of girls stood in groups of various sizes outside a hotel. On the wall was a gigantic billboard showing off none other than Tyra Banks, with ensemble. Top Model auditions had come to town, it was time for the third season. Everyone was there.

"Not that I'm opposed to your newfound enthusiasm regarding my sexuality, Lil." Sam laid her arm over her friends shoulder as they both observed the potential chaos, "But you don't have to find me a girlfriend right away."

"Oh, shush, I know you love it." Lily dragged Sam into the crowds, "Besides, we're here to give Carmen emotional support."

Locating Carmen was easier said than done, but managable. Sam found her in deep conversation with a bunch of other girls, talking about very shallow things. She stuck her head in and disrupted, cheerfully, "I just saw Colin Farrell on the other side of the parking lot!"

Dispersing with impressionable glee and immediate ambition, all the girls made a roadrunner exit. Including Carmen, though Sam had taken precautionary steps to hold her in place. "Whoa, tiger, no time to say hello to an old friend?"

"Now look here you.... Sam!"

Hugs all around, and seeing as several hundreds of girls had vacated the near premise, Lily had no trouble hopping in to make it a bouncing triple hug. In the middle of all their joyful exuberance Lily burst, "Sam's gay, Sam's gay!", to which Carmen replied, "Oh, my god, oh my god!", and Sam, "Can we stop this now, please, please!?"

* * *

Much to the rubbing of Sam's ego, she had been right. It was turning out to be a very long day. The auditions were a meticulous process of elimination through rigorous standards and measurements disguised as queue-lines and seemingly ordered 'jury-selections', though there was no argument to be found. All in all, a group of people behind the scenes ushered a multitude of girls past a pre-jury with amazing efficiency, to quickly see if they were fat and/or ugly and filter the selection for the actual celebrities.

Sitting in a corner all to herself Samantha only came to life when Carmen came back from yet another process of screening. Guiltily admitting to herself that she'd expected this, Sam offered an embrace and started out of the place with Lily on Carmen's other side, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then a number of things happened all too fast for Sam to notice. Carmen cheered up quicker than expected, Lily stopped being supportive and several behind-the-scenes personel appeared out of nowhere. Sam found herself in the arms of her two best friends, being shoved inside a large room. Landing hard on the floor the only thing she could hear was the door slamming shut behind.

"Hey, guys, what's going on!?" Sam stood up, trying the door. Locked. "Oh, come on!"

"Erh.. excuse me?"

Recognizing this voice Sam stopped rattling the door, taking pause. No, no, no, she thought to herself, this is so very not happening, pleeeease.

But it was, "Samantha McPherson?"

Turning around, Sam faced the jury. Great, she'd kill Lily and Carmen after this. A number of cameramen walked around the edges of the room, catching her every move.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am."

"You don't want to be here?"

Sam, painfully aware of how things worked in the world and how cameras always saw the bad side of the day, took hold of herself, "I never said that. My friends just didn't tell me I had signed up for this."

"Very well, why don't you step up."

Sam walked up to the table, across the room.

"Wait." Tyra interrupted, "Turn back, go to the other side of the room and walk back again, please?"

Oh, no... "Certainly."

Sam walked back to the door, banged it violently a couple of times and yelled, "I'm going to kill you guys!", then turned to stride back, smiling in full technicolor. Looks were exchanged between members of the jury.

"Right," said Janice, the other model, "Tell us about yourself."

"Well, you know my name already." Sam began, "I'm nineteen, twenty this year, I go to UCLA. Major in English lit, write for the student paper, stuff like that. I'm going to be a journalist..."

"A fashion journalist, perhaps?"

"No. I want to find out the truth of things and educate the people of the world about it. I don't care much for fashion at all, actually. It's a despicable industry." And a very large smile with that, thank you and good night.

More looks shared within the jury. "Samantha, what... exactly, do you have against the fashion industry?"

"Well, for example," Sam scooped low in her riled-up box of arguments, "what good does it do that the average model gets about an hours work of make-up done by a professional make-up artist and at least an hours worth of computer re-touching on a photograph shot with perfect lighting? With the illusion of beauty plastered on the walls of our world today, does the industry really understand what kind of pressure and psychological damage is dealt to the average teenage girl? What's being done to educate the impressionable that what they believe to be achievable, no, a possible reality - is nothing but the product of a commercial entity?"

Immediately back at her, "If you were a supermodel, what would you do to change this?"

Sam wasn't unprepared, "I'm not that much out of the loop to not know about Ms. Banks work on that front already. I'm sorry if I offend you with this," Sam looked at Tyra, "but focusing on the proffered image of beauty as a prerequisite to succeed in this world is not exactly helping in counter-acting the misery some girls have to go through because of how the society see beauty today."

"Wow." Tyra looked up, stunned and obviously impressed, "Though I would like to hear more about it later on, I hope that for now we can agree to disagree?"

"I would love to disagree with you, Ms. Banks. Bring it." This caused a light ripple of laughter in the room.

"Did you bring a bathing suit, Samantha? And how comfortable are you in high heels?"

This is not happening. "A what now? No way."

Tyra reached behind her chair and brought up a pair of high heels dangling in her fingers, looking at Sam with challenge in her eyes, "I dare ya."

"Fine." Sam said and reached over her head, taking her top off. She proceeded to dress off to nothing but the lingerie, "Now gimme those."

Whoever knew a high school challenge involving high heels and a two mile walk would ever pay off? And hell, the Victoria's Secret she'd gotten from Brooke actually came in handy for more than just framing herself for Brooke's lewd pleasure.

* * *

"You guys?" Sam peeked out through the doors after her ordeal inside with the jury, "Guuuys?"

"Over here." Sam heard, looking over to her right she saw Lily's head peeking up from behind a toppled over table. Plants and chairs had been placed around to form sort of a fort. "You will never get us."

Smiling with the confidence of having one over on her friends, Sam sashayed over there with menacing intent. Stopping just short of the barricade, she waited patiently until both of them were looking her in the eyes, ready to spring away at a moments notice.

"You know something we don't know..." Lily began, furrowing her brows in suspicion.

"Well, it could be that I was about to throw you inside that room," Sam said, enjoying Lily's horrified expression, "or perhaps I know which one of us is going to be on tv."

Carmen popped up. "No way."

"Yes way."

Lily popped up. "No way!"

"Yes way! I don't know even know if I should be happy..."

Camera-men circled them with smiles on their faces, catching 'good tv' as the three friends again joined up in a triple hug and part jumped up and down, part huddled down to talk.

* * *

Hours later and after a series of meetings with tv-folk, college officials, tv-show hosts and assistants of assistants concerning her recent change in schedule, Sam found herself back in her dorm. It was just as she left it, bar one lesbian lover. Really, what college dormroom was complete without one of those lying around?

Tossing the bundle of papers she'd aquired throughout the day on her desk, her monitor came to life. Far as she knew it was not supposed to be on. Curious, since only Brooke could've used it, Sam sat down with intent to snoop. Nothing. At least not online. Opening her journal she tapped in a password and was halfway through the day in her mind when she noticed something, in the backdrop of previous documents.

Had Brooke been working on something? Opening this mysterious document Sam saw nothing more unusual than an essay. The title, however, was far too familiar. 'High School Unravelled.'

This was supposed to have been Sam's entry into an essay contest one of her professors ran aside from his own lectures, open to all students of the college.  She'd put it aside weeks ago, never actually getting anywhere with a subject she was quite happy to have left behind.

This essay was finished. Finished and massive.

Couple of hours later someone knocked at her door. When Sam opened it Brooke waltzed into a brief make-out session with Sam, who really didn't mind. Without a glance the blonde continued inside, dropping articles of clothing on the way. "I've had a rough day, don't ask..."

Sam never did ask about that. However, "You didn't happen to write an essay on my computer today?"

Crawling under the covers, leaving most of herself visible anyway, Brooke replied, "I was just snooping around and found that. Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's high school, you know... we both have a lot to say about that."

"So you did write this?"

"Yes, Sam. I wrote that." Sam caught Brooke's panties as they flew towards the monitor, "Now get in here."

Despite catching Brooke's obvious disregard of her own brilliant work, Sam knew she was going to submit that essay to a certain professor tomorrow. All other concerns blew right out the window as soon as Brooke got a hold of Sam, and nothing else mattered for several hours.


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