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Alias Judas Kiss (S/A)


Ally McBeal A Little Flitter (G/A)


Cold Case Lily's Leaf (L/D)


Stargate SG1 Ampersand Series (S/J)
Life & Death
Search & Rescue
Forgive & Forget
Hide & Seek
Light & Dark
Now & Then
True & False
Cookies & Cream
Love & War
Flesh & Blood
Hours & Minutes
Wine & Roses
Naughty & Nice
Smoke & Mirrors
Bed & Breakfast
Friends & Lovers
Secrets & Lies
T & A
Cats & Dogs

Series (S/J)
Thirty Days

Complaint Department Series
The Colonel's Complaint
The Doctor's Complaint
The Major's Complaint
The Android's Complaint

Storm Warning Series (S/f - S/J)
Something In The Water
Like The Rain
Fistful of Rain

Stranded Series (S/J - S/f - J/m)
I Believe
You're Missing
Worlds Apart
The Indifference of Heaven

Art Series
The Art of Undressing
The Art of Revenge
The Art of Art (by John O'Connor)

Mac For The Defence Series (Stargate/JAG X-Over)
Mac For The Defense (S/S)
Don't Ask, Don't Tell (S/J S/S J/S)
Let's Go To The Videotape! (S/J J/f)
The Swap (S/J/Others)

The Jukebox Series
Reconsider Me
You're In My Head
When You Say Nothing At All
Here Comes The Rain Again 1: Is It Raining At Your House?
Here Comes The Rain Again 2: Songs About Rain
She Don't Know...
Letters From Home
In The Car
Live Like You Were Dying
She Doesn't Dance
The Woman With You
We Danced Anyway
Following Footprints

First Prime Universe
First Prime
Foothold (by Celievamp)

See Emily Play  (by Celievamp)

The Midnight Series
Janet Fraiser's Midnight Repose
Samantha Carter's Midnight Catharsis
Samantha Carter's Midnight Vigil
Janet Fraiser's Midnight Confessions

The Song Remains the Same
Janet's Heart

Travel Series
The Long Way Home
One More Time, Let Me Kiss You

Ablaze Series
Rescue Me
Fireman's Carry

Stand Alone Stories (S/J)
Subtle Seduction
Where Sam Went
10 to 1
Window Shopping
Faded Photographs
What Do You Think You're Doing?!
Tender Loving Care
A Christmas Kiss
Slap On The Wrist
Dry Run
Yellow Rose
Think of the Good
Sleep On It
Life Will Go On
Summer Days, Summer Nights
Together Again, For The First Time
First Kiss
Stockholm Syndrome (S/J, J/f)
Sleeping Dogs
The Green-Eyed Monster
Suddenly, A Kiss Rang Out!
Sometimes We Fight
Pledging Allegiance
Chasing Away The Summer Heat
Lab 4
For The Person Who Has Everything
Scorched Heart 
Written In The Stars
Never Enough, Always Too Much
Keep It Simple, Stupid! - A Valentine Story
Hugging, Kissing and Other Random Acts of Violence (S/f S/J)
Second Chances
Surviving the Aftermath
Dress Code
The Ends Against The Middle
Long Arm of the Law
My Fetish
For What Ails Ya
I Will Take Care of You
The Mighty Quinn (S/J/Jonas)
The Amazingly Vast Properties and Possibilities of Denim
Summer Rain
At the end of the day (Written With Clara)
In A Different Light
Your Sense of Wonder
Sin City (Stargate SG1/CSI X-Over) (J/C)
Love and Marriage
The End of Friendship
The Party
Until Tomorrow's Sunrise
The Hardest Part
The Cure For Boredom
Inching Towards Daybreak
Getting Head
The Curious Incident of the Chocolate in the Night-Time (Long Version)
I Stood On My Toes
Against the Rules (S/J S/?)
Strong Country Lovin'
Unspoken Rule
The M Word
Old Gals, New Tricks
Like Nobody's Watching
The Other Woman
The Ribbons
Bedtime Stories
Remember When
Choices (S/f)
Subterfuge (J/f)
No Refuge (none)
Midnight Mass (none)
The Phone Call
How Do You Sleep?
Six Months and Twenty-Four Hours Ago
Open Your Eyes
Confessions of a Major in Love
The Object of Her Affection
Luck O' The Irish
Insensate (S/J/J) Het Fic
Just Like That
Absent Hearts (S/J/E) Atlantis Crossover
Replicated Interest (V/RC V/S)
Ice Angel
The Next Step
Home Improvement
Flowers Wilt
Breaking Apart
Busted! (S/J - J/D)
By the Dashboard Light
The Secrets You Hold
Tears on the Jukebox (S/P - J/f)


Stargate Atlantis Ko Leppe (W/H)


Star Trek Ridges (L/K) (ST-DS9)
Ridges II (L/J/K) (ST-DS9)

Chocoholic (D/T) (ST-TNG)


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