Coyote Ugly WIP Howl if Your Horn is Broken (R/V)


Harry Potter Stormy Weather (H/G)
Wonderchild (H/G)


Original The Only One
Do You See Me? (Poem)
Growing Pains (Poem)
In My Dreams (Poem)
Winter Wonderland (Poem)

WIP The Talisman (Original)
WIP School Trip (Original)



Honeymooners Series (S/B)
Still the One
A Night's Tale

Be My Valentine? (S/B)
A Faint Glimmer of Hope (S/B)
My Lover (S/B)
Dreams (S/N)
The Doors that Vanished (S/B)

WIP Seemingly Unreal, but Still… (S/B)
WIP Texan Heart (S/MC)

WIP Winter Wonderland (S/?)
| Section 1 | Section 2 |

WIP A First Time for Everything Series (S/B)
First Sight

WIP Forever Series (S/B)
Saying Goodbye

Series: Memento (S/B)
The Piano Man
My Happy Ending

WIP How Did It Come to This? (S/B)

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Sailor Moon More than Lace and Ribbons (A/M)
Out of the Closet (none)


Xena Send in the Muses (X/G)


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