TITLE: `Daddy, we need to talk'


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RATING: UF –for Utter Fluff, no bad language and no naughty bits

NOTE: This has no redeeming qualities, but it made my proof reader *laugh*.

`Daddy, I need to talk to you' Brooke came into the kitchen looking nervous in the extreme `I think you should sit down'

<This is not good> Mike thought to himself <no conversation that starts with those words is ever going to end well>

Mike ran through a mental list of possible things his daughter could want to talk about,

1. It is going to involve money somewhere

2. She needs bail money…..no scratch that, she's standing here so not in jail….

So then it could be:

3. Brookes' pregnant

4. she's' been expelled

Oh, god she got expelled while getting pregnant nonononoooo don't go there… …oooook, what's next from the `every parents reasons to panic handbook? Oh, yes..

5. She got a tattoo…….

While Mike's brain whirred he actually said `Sure, Brooke, you know you can talk to me about anything'

<Good start, mikey, put her at ease. Did that sound sincere? She can sense my panic….>

Mike pinned his best `sympathetic parent' smile on his face and tried not to foam at the mouth at the panicked thoughts his brain was feeding him

"Daddy, I'm gay' Brooke said with determination


<Didn't see THAT one coming, did ya mikey?!> His brain taunted him some more.

`Brooke that must have taken a great deal of courage to tell me and I'm glad you felt you can talk to me and I still love you…..' as Mike's word all ran into one big rush, Brooke interrupted him

`And I'm dating Nicole'

<Meltdown imminent. Cannot process information…..> thanks brain!

`Nicole JULIAN? The girl your stepsister to be lovingly refers to as "Satan"?'


<Oh.Dear.God> you are SO not helping here

`Well……I…..but all those sleepovers……..' Mike`s face changed colour to a very fetching shade of purple as he slowly slid off the breakfast bar stool and fainted…….

<Well, that went well> Brooke though to herself, as she stood over her unconscious parent and wondered what would be the best way to bring him round




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