Major Sam

Stargate SG1

Memory Loss (S/f)
My Mind's Eye (S/f)
Burning Love (S/f)
T.L.C (S/f)
Tomorrow (S/f)
Cabin Fever (S/f)
I Don't Like Anyone (S/f)
Sunshine (S/f)
I Guess You Get Used To Somebody (S/f)
The Times, They Are-a Changeling (S/f)
Closeness (S/f)
Doing What My Heart Tells Me (S/f)
A Little Less Conversation (S/f)
So Wrong and So Right (S/f)
The Pledge (S/f)
Close To You (S/f)
Lost (S/f)
Shame (S/f)
Girls @ Play (S/f)
Alright Now (S/f)
The Woman In Red (S/f)
Wild Side (S/f)
Moving In, Moving On (S/f)
Her.... (S/f)
Therapy (S/f)
Softly (S/f)
My Girl (S/f)
First Date Kiss (S/f)
Love (S/f)
All Better Now (S/f)
WIP A Major Distraction (S/f)
WIP Taking Over Me (S/f)
Blind Date (S/f)
The Sonogram (S/f)
Shopping (S/f)
A Part of Me (S/f)
Territorial (S/f)
It Only Hurts When I Breathe (S/f)
Valentine's Day (S/f)
Caught (S/f)
Real (S/f)
Early Morning Wakeup Call (S/f)
Home of Our Own (S/f)
Mother's Day (S/f)
Don't Tease (S/f)
News Gets Around (S/f)
Dirty Little Secret (S/f)
WIP If You Leave Me Now (S/f)

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Series (S/f)
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Second Chances

WIP Violation Series (S/f)

WIP Cross Roads Series (S/f)
The Three-Month Itch

Alternate Realities Series (S/f)
I Heard A Rumour
Ainít It Funny
There's Someone Else
Even Geeks Fall In Love

Replicarter Series (S/f)
Find me
Losing Control

Daniel Series (D/S/f - het fics)
The Rules of Attraction
Three of a Kind
The Parting of the Ways
The Last Harrah

100 Words
New Order Series (S/f)
Leaving Her Behind
Left Behind
Images Of Her
Proud Of Her
Welcome home


Stargate Atlantis

Where Do We Go From Here (W/T)
Remember Me (S/f)
The Little Things (S/f)
Butterflies (S/f)
Exposed (S/f)
Maybe Baby (S/f)
Midnight Romance (S/f)
Hot for Leather (S/f)


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