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Birds Of Prey Within (Poem) (H/D)
You Learn Something New Every Day (H/D)
Danger Zone Series

Destiny Series (W/H D/M B/?)
Primal Scream A New Beginning
Femme Fatale
Temptation and Regret
Enjeru ("Angel")



Internally & Eternally (W/T)
Mental Training
Tara The Vampire Slayer (W/T, X/A)
Eternal Passions (W/O)

Everything's OK
The Way She Loves Me


Charmed Fallen (Piper/f)


Once And Again Friends & Enemies (J/K G/S)



Moonlight Rave (S/N - B/L)
Many Talents (?/?)
Christmas Cheer (S/B)
Lover's Sky (?/?)
Love Will Lead You Back (S/N)
WIP By the Gods

Series (N/S)
Once Upon a New Years Eve
And They Lived Happily Ever After


Teen Titans Questions (S/R)


X-Overs Pop Series - Pop X-Over
Lovers and Friends - Pop/BVS X-Over
Slayers and Cheerleaders - Pop/BVS X-Over
Strange Occurrence - Pop/Roswell X-Over
Dream Lover (BVS) (W/T B/R) (AMC X-Over)
Vengeance, Lust and Sacrifice (?/?) (BVS/BOP/TR X-Over)
Road Trip (J/K) (Once & Again/AMC X-Over)

Popular: the Raven (Pop/BVS/Highlander X-Over)
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