The Raven
The Agency Hello and Goodbye (T/f)

Alias If Only (S/L)
Flammable (S/L)

Bad Girls Beholding The Tranquil Beauty (Y/K)
This Hour Of Calm (Y/K)
Once Is Enough (Y/K)


CSI Desire (S/S)
Craving (S/S)
Pleasure (S/S)
Hunger (S/S)
Sensation (S/S)


Das Duo Replete (L/M)
Irrefutable Evidence (L/M)
Night (L/M)
A Madness (L/M)


The Devil Wears Prada Series (A/M)
Bodyguard II
Bodyguard III
Bodyguard IV
Bodyguard V

Series (A/M)

Closer (Uber) (A/M)


Dragnet 2003 Fire And Ice (E/G)


ER The Weather Inside Is Delightful (A/S)

The Grid Need (M/E)

The Handler Turned On (L/M)


Judging Amy Improbable (A/D)


Karen Sisco Women With Guns (K/M)

Original Stories Brain Candy
A Week In The Life Of A VW Jetta
One Sultry Night In Some City
The Kiss


Stargate SG1 Forsaken (S/J)


The Terminator (Movie)
Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Terminator (Movie)

Flesh & Chrome (SCC) (S/C)


Virus Virus (K/N)


West Wing Fulfillment (CJ/D)

Without a Trace Hands (S/L)
Autumn Leaves (S/L)
It Takes Two (S/E)

Series (S/L)
My lover; not my doctor...
My lover; not my patient...


Captive (X/G)

X-Overs Series (J/B) (Bionic Woman/Knight Rider)
She Mends Me
Becoming One

Series (R/P) (Cold Case/Pretender)
The Divine Miss Parker
Rush Hour
Get Parker!
Lilly Of The Valley
What Fresh Heaven Is This?
Tiger Lilly
Chasing Dragons with Plastic Swords

Series (F/S) (Third Watch/Law & Order)
Guys And Gals
Just Us Gals

Cops And Mothers (L/L) (Cold Case/Gilmore Girls)
Wake Up! (F/S) (Harsh Realm/X-Files)
History Is Not Dead (Relic Hunter/Highlander: The Raven)
Wild Women Do (Cold Case/X-Files)
An Inexpressible State of Grace (E/CJ) (The Practice/The West Wing)
She Mends Me (J/B) (Bionic Woman/Knight Rider)
Going A-Viking (A/S) (Beck/Law&Order)
Love In An Elevator (C/N) (CSI/Las Vegas)
Supernatural (M/S) (X-Flies/Witchblade)
Gently (F/L) (Gilmore Girls/Third Watch)
A Kind Of Magic (J/S) (Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie)
In Passing (L/D) (Cold Case/X-Files)
Uncharacteristic Behavior (E/S) (Dragnet 2003/L Word)
Devil's Night (O/C) (Wire in the Blood

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