Ry Rain
Birds of Prey Closer to Fine (B/H)
Someday Well Know (B/H)
Birds of Prey the Musical (B/A)
Happy Birthday Barbara! (B/H)
From the Top (H/D B/f)
Joining Hearts (H/C B/D)
Everything (B/H)

The Greatest Love of All Series (B/f D/G H/R)
Bats and Cats
Love's the Only House


CSI Not Yet (C/S)
Breaking All the Rules (C/S)


The L Word Whos that Lady? (B/T M/J A/S K/I)
It Only Hurts When Im Breathing (D/L)
An Alice Christmas Story (D/A)
Drabble Series (D/A)


Once & Again WIP Forever Yours


Original Works If They Only Knew


South Of Nowhere WIP All Alone (A/S)
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WIP Dont Forget About Your Past (A/S)


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