Popular A Cold Day in Hell (S/N)
The Breakfast Candles (S/N)
Little Nicky: Spawn of Satan - sev7en 2 (S/N)
Declaration of Co-dependence (S/N)
The One About Brooke... (B/?)
Going, Going, Gone (none)
Alternative Future #37 (S/L)
The Road Almost As Frequently Traveled (none)
Kennedy High's Restroom of Horror Vol.1 (N-MC)
The Sobule Download (S/N)

Sam McPherson: Investigative Journalist! Series (S/N)
Assignment: Porn-star
Caged Heat 5: A Week in Juvi


X-Overs A Strange Occurance in the Desert (Popular/Roswell X-Over) (MC/I)

Spam and Umad Series Essay

Spam and Umad Series (Popular/Buffy X-Over) (N/W,S/D)
Big Top PeeWee Robot Carnival
Dawnie's Inferno
Menacing the Phantom Clone
Rosemary Cherry's Baby
Rocket from the Tomb
When Angels Sleep...
Something Bad
Devour This!
Effulgent Delirious Carbon-Based Bi-peds
Everywhere You Want to Be
Aquatic Interlude
The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Ginger 5: Pop, Snapple & Crack
On The Road Again


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