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This was my first video project. It is my tribute to the Borg Queen. The music is 'See Forever Eyes' by Prism and the video is by Paramount. All used without permission of course. I hope you enjoy it.

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This is my second video project. Like most ST-V fans I was totally irked by the whole C/7 fiasco. I decided to make a video that depicted the crew's reaction upon discovering this totally unexpected relationship. Unfortunately I only had a few episodes worth of video to work with so there isn't much variety.  I also captured a couple of video menu displays. I used a new program to make this video and discovered that it has a glitch in regards to transitions. Therefore the video is not as smooth as I would have liked. Hopefully some will enjoy it and it "won't be taking up webspace" as my g/f so lovingly put it...(No dear...your not going to live that down) J

The music is 'Don't Bring Me Down' by E.L.O. and the video is by Paramount. Again, all used without permission.

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My fourth video focuses on the Sam/Janet characters on Stargate SG1. Special Thanks to RocketChick for allowing me to use a couple of her fantastic wallpapers. They add a dimension I could not hope to achieve on my own.

The music is 'I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is' by Kim Carnes. Used without permission.

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I started this video sometime ago and totally forgot about it. Special thanks to my Mary for helping me with the finishing touches. This is a Nic/Sam Popular video. Enjoy.

The music is 'High School Confidential' by Rough Trade. Used without permission.

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