Title: A Tired Heart's Desire

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

Disclaimer; Popular, and Sailor moon belongs to someone else; I am simply borrowing them. No profits will be made from this story.

A/U; Sailor Moon crossover, but with Popular characters inserted in place of the originals; some changes, such as eye color, or height, or even personality have taken place.

Cast of Characters;

Nicole Julian, a.k.a.; Sailor Moon, princess Nicole, leader of the sailor scouts, her element, and planet is the moon, so that she displays a half moon on her forehead, she is about 5' 4', with long, pale, blond hair, tied up into two goofy balls on each side of her head, then down into two long pony tails that seem to swirl on each side of her. Nicole seems to be calm, and mellow, but has a quick temper, and is very possessive, and territorial of her fiancee, but most especially of a stunningly beautiful sailor Scout named, Sam. Nicole isn't just the leader of the Sailor Scouts, she is their princess, and future queen. The others feel, and live through her, and because of her. The others are her protectors, and champions. But ultimately, Nicole is the most powerful of all the Sailors, with the power to renew, and to kill.

Harrison John, a.k.a.; Tuxedo Mask,, he is Nicole's fiancee, and future husband, and future king of the new kingdom of earth. Harrison's element, and planet is the earth. Harrison is 6 feet tall, muscular, with thick black hair, and blue eyes, he is a defender of the weak, and innocent, and battles the forces of evil with the Sailor Scouts.

Brooke McQueen, a.k.a.; Sailor Venus, goddess of love, she is the senshi of love, and beauty, her element is love, and gold, and her planet is Venus. Brooke is about 5" 10", with long, thick, beautiful, blond hair, and big, blue eyes. Brooke is extremely beautiful, always attracting, and bewitching the opposite sex. She has the power to cast love spells, and to bewitch anyone that she wants into loving her.

Samantha McPherson, or Sam, a.k.a.; Sailor Mars, goddess of fire, and passion, senshi of fire, her element is fire, and her planet is Mars, which accounts for her quick temper, and her willingness to fight. Mars/Sam is most definitely the most beautiful of the Sailor Scouts. Sam is 5" 7", slender, and voluptuous, with endlessly long, wild, raven hair, and deep, blue eyes. Sam is very passionate in nature, but also tranquil, not losing her temper easily.

Lily Esposito, a.k.a.; Sailor Mercury, senshi of water, her planet is Mercury. Lily is about 5' 4", with short, dark, brown hair, and brown eyes, she is also the most intelligent of the Sailor Scouts, and wants to be a doctor someday. Lily is very pretty, is very intellectual, and always has an answer to every question asked.

Carmen Ferrara, a.k.a.; Sailor Jupiter, she is the senshi of lightning, and power. Carmen's planet is Jupiter, and her powers are great, physical prowess, quickness, strength, and the ability to throw powerful volts of lightning. Carmen is the tallest of the Sailor Scouts, at exactly 6 feet. Carmen has long, light, auburn hair which she ties back in a pony tail, she has big, glowing, emerald eyes, is very beautiful, curvaceous, and the strongest of all the scouts.

chapter 1; the search for love

Somewhere amid the jumbled chaos of her mind, Brooke struggled to find her way back to reality, back to life, to her friends....back to Sam. Brooke didn't know where she was, as she glanced around her. The sky wasn't blue anymore, it was reddish, and gray. The shadows around Brooke weren't of green forests, or flowing crystal rivers. What lay about Brooke was a wide, seemingly endless wasteland.

Brooke sighed sadly. She had long ago stopped crying. Tears were useless now, and would never free Brooke from this strange hell that Nicole had sent her to.


The memory of Nicole quickened the rage in Brooke's aching heart. Brooke recalled Nicole's angry, hate-filled eyes, as she raised her moon-scepter, and sent her into hell.

"I hate you Nicole. You sent me to hell. You took away my right to live in my world. You branded me a monster, you lied to the others about me. You sent me away so that you could keep Sam to yourself."


The memory of Sam, her beloved, broght tears to Brooke's eyes, "Sammy....I need you so much. I feel empty without you; I feel unfinished. I love you, Sam, with all of my heart."

Brooke continued to float over the wasteland, occasionally glancing down at the yellowish surface of the ground, "you haven't won, Nicole," Brooke thought, "you will never have Sam's love. Sam can't love you, Nicole. Sam loves me, only me. Sam, and I share a single soul."

Brooke's eyes misted over, "where are my hands?" Brooke looked down at her hands, always so pale, and small ,but couldn't even see them, "oh....I forgot....I don't have hands anymore. I'm not even human now!" Brooke began to cry, but what came out of her mouth wasn't even a woman's scream, it was a loud, shrill, bestial sound. That was all that Brooke had left for a voice; an unintelligible, animal scream. But inside, Brooke knew that she was still the same; human in thought, and heart.

Now, Brooke slowly put her thoughts in order, rescuing them from their former, chaotic existence. Memories, vivid, alive, moving, sounds, smells for her former life began to return as Brooke recalled how this nightmare had begun.

It all started at a party that Brooke, and the rest of the group had gone to. The group was of course, Brooke, Lily, Nicole, Harrison, and....her Sam.


Brooke felt herself smile, or at least she thought that she might be smiling. Every time that she thought of Sam, her heart filled with joy, pleasure, and love.

"Sam.....My Sammy.....Mine.....my love......MINE.....forever mine."

The party had been a grand affair, held at the lavish, popular nightclub "Tensami," located in uptown Tokyo. The band playing was called "FarCry," which was the most popular pop band at that moment. The party had been announced only two weeks in advance, and only Tokyo's most wealthy teens would be invited; that of course included all six of the power team; Japan's super heroes, the Sailor Scouts, and Tuxedo Mask, who in everyday life were all from wealthy families.

The Tensami nightclub had been very crowded, the extremely loud music could be heard blocks away, and the flashing, multi-colored lights from inside the club could be seen outside on the street, almost blinding passing motorists, and pedestrians.

The group arrived early. Harrison had picked up all of the girls, (of course Lily, and Carmen had dates), in his father's oversized, shiny, black limousine. Harrison's chauffeur stopped in front of the Tensami, and waited patiently for every one to get out of the limousine.

Harrison got out first, and then helped Nicole, his fiancee, and future wife out. Then, Josh, Carmen's date got out, and helped her out, and then helped both Brooke, and Sam (who didn't have dates), get out of the car. Finally, Sugar Daddy, Lily's date got out, and helped Lily get out of the car.

There were eight of them, and they all stood, for a moment, outside the Tensama, filled with anticipation. All of them entered the nightclub in pairs; Darina, and Nicole, Carmen, and Josh, Lily, and Sugar Daddy, and finally, Brooke, and Sam.


Brooke trembled, as she recalled Sam, her beautiful friend. Brooke had trembled that night, as she held Sam's soft, pale hand in her own, as they walked into the busy nightclub, into the arms of the thriving party. "Oh, Sammy. You are so beautiful, that you take my breath away. I just couldn't stop looking at you that night. I had to stop myself from throwing my arms around you, and kissing you on the lips in front of everyone."

That night, the plan had been, that Brooke, and Sam would tease every man within sight of them. The two girls had dressed in their most provocative clothes, and looked so stunning when they entered the nightclub, that not only had the men started looking at them, but also the women.

Once inside, the group got a corner table that Harrison had reserved for them in advance. Lily, Carmen, Josh, Sugar Daddy, all got up immediately, and began to dance. Harrison, and Nicole stayed at the table to cuddle. Sam got up, and turned to Brooke.

"Come on, Brooke," Sam said with a smile, as she got up off her chair, "let's go party!"

"What?" Brooke was suddenly awakened from her revelry, about her erotic fantasies about Sam, as her deep, blue eyes softly caressed Sam's voluptuous curves, about the smooth, almost feline way the gorgeous brunette seemed to move.

"Hey! Brooke wake up!"

"I heard you, Sam....I'd rather stay here for a while."

"Brooke, are you ok?" Sam was worried at her beautiful companion's sudden sullenness.

"I'm just fine, Sam."

"Okay, so I'm going to mingle a bit. I'll come back to fetch you later, Brooke."

"Ok, Sam."

But Brooke wasn't alright. At that precise moment, Brooke didn't really want to be at the boisterous party; she really only wanted to be alone with her gorgeous friend, Sam, to hold her, to kiss her.

For the last month, beautiful, blond Brooke had been doing a lot of soul searching. Brooke had been analyzing her life, and the lack of love in it. Yes, of course, Brooke was in reality Venus, the goddess of love. But even as a goddess, Brooke lacked the presence of love in her life.

Brooke's father, Mike McQueen, was a wealthy workaholic businessman who was always away on some business trip, or visiting one of his two mistresses, and had no time to spend with his only daughter. Brooke's mother, Kelly, was always away on some cruise, or at some social event, or at some luncheon with her high society friends, or with her secret, lesbian lover, and had no time for her only daughter.

Brooke had always been extremely beautiful, and from a very young age had begun attracting older men. Brooke started her sexual activity when she was only twelve years of age, hoping to find in men the love that she lacked from her parents. Now, at the age of eighteen, Brooke had a very LONG list of lovers behind her, and she had yet to capture the elusive emotion of true love. 

Brooke was fed up with men in general. All of her lovers had used Brooke's body to obtain their own sexual pleasure, but had not given it to her in return. Brooke was ashamed to admit to herself that the only orgasms that she ever had were when she masturbated.

Now, at eighteen, Brooke had made a very important decision that many people would say that she was much too young to make; she wanted a permanent companion, a soulmate, someone to be with her forever. Brooke wanted to wake up, spend the day with, and go to bed with the same person for the rest of her life.

Brooke had also made another VERY important decision; the person that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with was to be a WOMAN. No more men for Brooke. Men were far too selfish and boring in Brooke's opinion. But of course, no ordinary woman would ever do for the goddess of love, who happened to be immortal. Brooke wanted FOREVER, so no mortal woman, doomed to old age, and death would ever do as her lover. Brooke wanted an immortal lover like herself. So, Brooke had to look among her own friends to choose her lover, and she only had FOUR choices; Nicole, Carmen, Lily, and Sam.

Brooke weighed all of her options, coldly, and clinically analyzed each of her friends; physically, emotionally, mentally. Brooke had measured, and re-evaluated her final decision to the point of exhaustion, but she had finally picked the one who would be her soulmate, and lover forever; Sam, the senshi of fire, and passion.

Brooke had coldly decided that Sam would be her permanent lover for eternity. Brooke had of course considered that Sam, being heterosexual, might not agree with such a decision, that the girl might even already be in love with someone else. But of course, a confident, arrogant Brooke had decided that nothing, and no one would keep Sam from her, that she would bind the beautiful girl to her with a powerful love spell to last forever.

Brooke had decided to forego wooing, and courting the stunningly beautiful brunette, and trying to win her love. Brooke had no time for that. Brooke was desperate, lonely, and miserable. The beautiful senshi of love needed Sam NOW.

Brooke wasn't willing to wait anymore.

That was when Brooke started looking at Sam differently; no longer as a friend, but as a lover. Brooke had discovered that her lack of love also spilled over into her friendships. Brooke had noticed that even though she saw the gang every single day, she really wasn't close to any of them. Lily, and Carmen were close to each other. Nicole had Harrison, but she had paired off with Sam. Brooke had discovered that even in friendship, she was totally alone.


Once more, feelings of hate rose up in Brooke's heart. Nicole had Harrison, and then she greedily clung to Sam. That wasn't fair in Brooke's eyes.

Now, Brooke recalled something odd that she had never noticed before; Nicole was always watching Sam with eyes filled with lust, and desire. Brooke had then become determined to take Sam away from Nicole. It was settled. It was final; Brooke wanted Sam as her best friend, as well as her lover.

Brooke was determined; Sam was her property now.

That was when it all truly began; three, and a half weeks before the party at the Tensama. A tense, discreet rivalry between Brooke, and Nicole had begun over Sam's friendship, and ultimately, her love.


Brooke felt her heart flutter with love, and excitement, as she recalled her stunning lover. Sam wasn't very tall really, at just 5' 7". Sam had a slender, yet voluptuous body, with long, curvaceous legs, an unbelievably tiny waist, slender, pale arms, and the most supple, firm, round breasts that Brooke had ever seen, and wanted desperately to fondle in her trembling hands. Sam had long, thick, wild hair, so black, so shiny, that it glowed in fantastic, deep, blue high-lights under the sunlight. Sam's skin was soft to the touch, creLily, unblemished alabaster in tone. Sam's beautiful, oval face was decorated with big, glowing, cerulean eyes, and full, moist, crimson lips that were driving Brooke mad with desire.

The touching had started discreetly; Brooke would always sit next to Sam at restaurants, or at the movies, or walk next to her when all of the five girls went to the mall together. Nicole, and Brooke would get into an argument, because Nicole had always sat next to Sam everywhere they went together, and now Brooke was getting in her way; always greedily taking a seat, or standing next to the ravishing brunette. Sam would roll her eyes, when she saw Brooke, and Nicole argue over a seat next to her, and ultimately, she would end up sitting between the two, angry blonds. When Sam ended up sitting between Brooke, and Nicole at the movies, she would ultimately end up feeling the wandering, caressing hands of both girls fondling her beautiful, voluptuous body, until both sets of hands would end up touching, and an argument would start up between the battling blonds.

Brooke would do her best to race Nicole to Sam's side. Brooke would find every opportunity, use every lie, or excuse that she could think of to touch Sam. Brooke would hug Sam frequently, holding the girl tightly against her, even if it was only for a few seconds. Whenever she could, Brooke would run her slender fingers through Sam's wild, raven hair, admiring, enjoying the silky feel of the girl's dark locks. While walking to school, Brooke would take Sam's arm, or put her arm around Sam's very tiny waist, or around her firm shoulders, "....I just can't believe how small Sam's waist is...." Brooke would think to herself. Nicole would throw dirty looks at Brooke, as she too tried to do the same. Nicole would always take Sam to the restroom with her, when the five girls went out, and Brooke would brazenly follow them. Brooke would take Sam, and slip away with her when all the girls were together during one of their daily study sessions, and Nicole would get up, and go look for them.

Everyone, but Sam, it seemed, had noticed that Brooke had a crush on her. The others had noticed the soft sighs of desire, the intense gazes that Brooke gave Sam, the seemingly casual way that Brooke frequently took Sam's hand in her own, and laced their fingers together. The others had noticed Brooke's possessive behavior towards Sam. More than that, the other girls had seen in amazement, how much bolder, and brazen, Brooke's touching of Sam had become, to the point that they had seen her actually fondling the gorgeous brunette's breasts. Even moreso, were Nicole's intense jealousy, and frequent bouts of rage when she saw Brooke, and Sam together, and her now almost constant fights with Brooke.

Finally, for the very first time in her life, Brooke, goddess of love, senshi of beauty, and desire, had fallen desperately, hopelessly in love, with Sam, the goddess of fire, the senshi of passion. Lily, and Carmen had noticed Brooke's sudden crush on Sam, but said nothing.

Nicole had noticed Brooke's sudden attachment to Sam, and was enraged, constantly bickering with Brooke over Sam. If Sam had noticed Brooke's sudden attraction to her, she was silent about it, and did nothing to stop Brooke's advances.

Instead, Sam allowed Brooke's passionate, increasingly bold touches, that were becoming more, and more intimate with each passing day.

One day, all five of the girls were at the Hikawa temple, Sam's home, and were she served as priestess, studying for a test in algebra that would be given the very next day. Sam got up from her seat at the table, where the others sat in silence, intensely studying.

"Back in a minute, guys," Sam said with a smile, "have to go to my room to get my biology book."

"Kay," the other girls mumbled, as they kept their noses within their books.

Brooke watched Sam get up, and leave the room. Wordlessly, Brooke got up, and followed Sam. The others stopped studying, and watched Brooke leave. Nicole was about to follow Brooke, but Lily held her back, mumbling that she had to keep studying. Lily, and Carmen exchanged knowing glances, knowing what Brooke was up to.

Brooke walked down the hall, and entered Sam's room. Brooke found Sam standing next to her desk, rummaging through a pile of schoolbooks. Brooke came up behind Sam, and wrapped her arms around the girl's tiny waist.


"Yes.....Sam.....I," Brooke was trembling, as she held the girl's curvaceous body tightly against her.

"What is it, Brooke?"

"Sam.....well.....have you noticed....I mean......you, and I......we haven't ever really talked......we have never....really been alone together.....I mean.....I never get to see you.....like.....this.....," Brooke's voice had become husky with passion.

"But we see each other every day, Brooke," Sam said, as she turned in Brooke's arms, and faced her.

"But we see each other when the others are with us," Brooke replied complainingly, "I want to see you......alone."

"Well....ummm......yes.....I suppose," a very embarrassed Sam said softly.


"Brooke, why are you so nervous?"

"Sammy......I want to.....to get to know you better.....to be closer to you.....I....I want to......well.....I want to live here with you!"


"What?" Brooke was shocked at Sam's quick, simple reply, "that's it?"


"But, Sam....will your grandfather approve?"

"My grandfather really doesn't censure me, and pretty much gives me free Samn over my life, Brooke."

"Sam....." Brooke was so happy, that she gathered her friend up into a huge bear hug, "I'm so happy...."

"Brooke....don't crush me!" Sam was laughing, as she tried to escape from Brooke's iron hug.

"Oh.....ooopppsss.....sorry, Sam."

Then, Sam, still in Brooke's arms, said in a grave tone; "oh, but there are conditions, young lady!"

"Like what, miss high, and mighty senshi of fire?" Brooke asked.

"Well....miss stuck up senshi of love, and beauty, help me clean up around here, do the cooking sometimes, do the dishes, take out the garbage......trim the hedges around the temple, sweep the steps....." Sam replied with an evil smile.

"You.....YOU SLAVE DRIVER!" Brooke yelled as she quickly pushed Sam onto the bed, then threw herself on top of her.

"Brooke.....stop that! GET OFF ME, you silly chicken!"

"I don't do TOILETS, Sam! I am not a silly chicken. Take that back, or I'll torture you!"

"HAH! Brooke, you couldn't torture an egg into hatching!"

Brooke shifted, but kept herself firmly anchored to Sam, and with one free hand, began to tickle her beautiful fire priestess mercilessly. Sam began to laugh uncontrollably, and thick tears ran from her eyes, down her rosy cheeks, as she managed to cry out several words, before another bout of laughter overtook her; "HELP! RAPE!"

Sam somehow managed to flip Brooke over, and tried to escape. But a very lithe, swift goddess of love trapped her stunningly beautiful brunette from behind, pulling her back into her grasp. Amid laughter, and squeals, the two girls wrestled, and Brooke managed to tear Sam's shirt open, and almost off her shoulders. A stunned Sam managed to grab Brooke's short skirt, and tear it off her. Then, Brooke grabbed Sam from behind, somehow managed to loosen the girl's khaki shorts, and pull them all the way down to her ankles. Sam caught hold of Brooke's t-shirt, and tugged so hard, that it tore down the front. Brooke quickly shook off her t-shirt, dove madly at Sam, pinning her down on the bed, pulling on the girl's shirt so hard, that it finally tore away from her lovely body, then Brooke grabbed at Sam's white, lace bra, tearing it easily off the fire senshi. Brooke was now on top of Sam again, tickling the helpless, laughing girl everywhere, including handling Sam's soft, supple, firm breasts.

Suddenly, both girls were stirred from their feisty game by sounds; giggling, snorting, and gasps.

"Uh, oh...." Sam said.

"Oooopppsss....." Brooke replied.

At the door to Sam's room stood an angry, jealous Nicole with her arms crossed, and behind her stood a giggling Lily, and Carmen.

The scene that met Nicole's angry, sapphire eyes was quite suggestive; Brooke on top of Sam, both of them disheveled, almost nude, and Brooke's hands on Sam's breasts.

"What are you two DOING?" Nicole's shrill voice sounded quite angry, and indignant.

For years, Nicole, and Sam had been secret lovers. Nicole had enjoyed Sam's beautiful body, and now she was jealous, and enraged that Brooke had taken her place in Sam's arms. Nicole considered Sam to be exclusively hers. Now, Nicole had the pure urge to just violently strangle Brooke, her Sailor Venus.

"Nothing," Brooke, and Sam replied in unison.

"It doesn't look that way to me!" Nicole exclaimed angrily, her voice raging like sudden thunder, as she glared dangerously, venomously at Brooke. Lily, and Carmen, who had known for a long time now, just what Nicole "DID" to Sam during her sleepovers at the temple, couldn't help themselves, and began to tease Nicole.

"Oh....I think we should leave, Nicole....THEY WANT TO BE ALONE!" Lily exclaimed loudly.

"What a lovely couple they make, don't you think so, Nicole?" Carmen asked, as an evil smile lit her beautiful face.

"STOP that you two!" Nicole yelled at Lily, and Carmen, "it isn't funny."

"Its not what you guys think," Sam exclaimed.

"Yeah....sure!" Nicole replied, her angry voice laden with irony.

"Brooke's moving in with me," Sam said happily.

"No!" Nicole exclaimed anxiously.

"Why not, Nicole?" Brooke said angrily, "why do you care? Its none of your business anyway."

Lily, and Carmen fell into another fit of uncontrollable giggling.

"Aaaawww, POOR Nicole!" Lily exclaimed, "no more "FUN" sleepovers for you in Sam's bed!"

"No more "MASSAGES" for Sam from your "CAPABLE" hands, huh Nicole?" Carmen asked teasingly.

Nicole began to cry, and sob deeply, then turned, and ran from Sam's room, followed by two apologetic, yet still giggling Lily, and Carmen.

"What was that all about?" a very confused Brooke asked.

"Oh....nothing really," a very embarrassed, blushing Sam replied.

"So....Sam......I guess I'm staying tonight; a sleepover to celebrate my PERMANENT sleeping over."

"Clever line, Brooke."

"Since we're the same size, Sammy....I'm going to need something of yours to wear."

"How do you know we are the same size, Brooke?"

"I took your measurements when I was tickling you, Sam."

"You are so lewd, Brooke."

Brooke only smiled evilly, and winked mischievously at her new roommate, and best friend.

"So....Sam....no more sleep overs for Nicole?"

"Oh, God.....NO.....I can't handle two blonds at once......"

"BLONDS have more fun, Sam."

"BRUNETTES are sexier, Brooke."

"NO WAY!" Brooke shouted.

"Well I don't see you trying to feel Nicole up, Brooke......but you certainly like to play doctor with me....and I am the sexiest brunette of ALL!"

"Why.....you..........doctor, huh? I guess I'll just have to "TAKE" your measurements AGAIN, Sam!"

"Oh......NO!" Sam yelled in terror as she tried to get away, but Brooke had already managed to grab a pillow, and hit her with it.

If the study session was over, if Lily, Carmen, and Nicole had gone home, Brooke would never know, or care, because she was busy, involved in an intense pillow fight with Sam, whom she later grabbed, and proceeded to tickle, and totally undress.

The first night that she spent at Sam's, was like heaven for Brooke. The blond goddess slept with Sam in her arms. All of Brooke's feelings of loneliness fled, as she held the beautiful brunette in her arms, as they shared the same bed, and the same pillow. Never in all of her life, had Brooke felt such pleasure, such joy; never, not even during the nights that she spent with a male lover.

None of her former lovers could compare with what Brooke had now; the sensations were different. A man's body was strong, hard, lumpy, and his smell was strong, overwhelming, musky. But to Brooke, Sam was soft, warm, plush, an endless series of voluptuous curves that seemed to fit her own beautiful body like the missing piece of an incomplete puzzle. To Brooke, Sam's scent was like flowery incense, from her silky, obsidian hair, to the fragrance of her unbelievably silken skin.

Brooke sighed, as she woke up several times during that first night, and spent a few moments each time, to watch Sam as she slept. Now, Brooke wondered how she had been able to live up until now, living only from the love of men, never having known the unbelievably exquisite beauty, and feel of a woman in her arms, of the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen, her priestess of fire, her senshi of passion.....Sam. Now, Brooke knew that she had been born for this moment; for this fate, that she had only merely existed in the barest sense of the word; but that now she was finally, truly alive, as she embraced the most beguiling, the most beautiful of the Sailors in her pale, slender arms; her Sam, her love.

The next day, an excited, anxious, overjoyed Brooke dragged Sam to the mansion that she had lived in, picked up some of her belongings, stuffed them quickly into a duffle bag, turned her back, never to return. Brooke was eighteen now, of age, and finally able to decide where, and with whom she wanted to live.

Brooke's parents weren't even home to say goodbye to their estranged daughter. 

Brooke didn't just move in with Sam; Brooke took over Sam's life. Brooke had brought very few things over from her house, to the temple, especially her clothes. Brooke was now wearing Sam's clothes, reading Sam's books, listening to Sam's cd's, watching Sam's movies, and.....reading Sam's secret diary.

"Brooke!" Sam exclaimed, when she saw her personal diary in Brooke's small hands, "how could you? Give that back to me!"

Brooke was laughing, running around the room, waving Sam's diary in the air, and fleeing from Sam's desperate grasp, "wow, Sam.....what a love life.....you slept with....Josh....Sugar Daddy.....Dave.....William......," Brooke stopped cold, when she read off the last name on the list of Sam's lovers; "Harrison?"

Sam had stopped chasing Brooke, and now sat quietly on her bed, "he was my first love, Brooke."

"Does Nicole know this, Sam?"

"It wouldn't matter if she did know, Brooke. It was a long time ago. He left me almost right away."

Brooke quickly handed the diary back to Sam, "hey, Sam.....I won't tell anyone what you wrote, ok?"

"I know you won't, Brooke."

"You trust me....just like that....so quickly....so easily, Sam?"

"I trust you with my life, Brooke," Sam replied quietly.

"Sam.....no has ever said that to me before," a very moved, tearful Brooke took the gorgeous priestess in her arms, and hugged her, "thank you...."

"Stop being so silly, Brooke."



"Sam.....can....I......write in your diary?"

Sam started laughing so hard, she was actually crying, "oh.....my God....you are so......oh....alright!"

"Wow......" Brooke said to herself, when Sam agreed......."oh....wow...."

Sam handed the diary to Brooke, "help yourself, silly chicken....." then the senshi of fire got up off the bed, and headed towards the bathroom.

"Where are you going, Sam?"

"To take a bath, then go to bed, Brooke."

"Pretty early, isn't it Sam?" Brooke was actually batting her eyelashes at the gorgeous brunette.

"Your flirting techniques are so.......eccentric, Brooke," Sam said as she went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature to lukewarm, undressed, and got in.

Brooke knew that Sam was in the shower....nude. Unable to hold herself back anymore, the beautiful blond undressed quickly, went into the bathroom, parted the curtain, and got into the shower with a VERY shocked priestess.


"Close your mouth, Sam....you'll swallow all the bubbles!"

Brooke's comical comment was enough to make Sam forget her apparent embarrassment.

"You stutter like a turkey, Brooke."

"Ooohhhh......you!" Brooke exclaimed in mock anger, "give me the soap, you crazy thing," Brooke took the soap, and soap towel, out of a startled Sam's hand, and expertly began to lather the girl, "we'll be in here like two dried prunes, all night, if I don't bathe you, Sam!"

"Hey! I am not a BABY! I can bathe myself....stop that, Brooke....or....I'll....."

Sam was quickly shut up by Brooke's soap covered hand.

Brooke had worked up a huge, thick, mountain of lather that seemed to stubbornly refuse the falling spray of water's attempt to dilute it. Amid Sam's squeals of surprise, and embarrassment, a very determined, greedy, blond goddess Brooke lathered her ravishing friend's voluptuous body, taking advantage of the situation to fondle, caress, and pinch a distraught, nervous, ticklish goddess of fire, who tried in vain to avoid her wandering hands. At the same time, Brooke managed to lather herself, shampoo Sam's raven locks, then her own as well. Amid a flurry of laughter, and protests, somehow, the cold water got turned on, showering the stunned, screaming girls, who quickly got out of the shower, and exited the bathroom.

Once outside the bathroom, a persistent Brooke pursued Sam around the room, finally trapping her, and began drying off the girl with her gigantic, plush, pink towel.


"Yes, Sam?"

"Shouldn't you UNWRAP the towel from around your body FIRST, and then dry me with it, Brooke?"


It was true; Brooke's towel was still draped around her shoulders, and back, as she used what little was left of it to dry her precious senshi of fire in the slowest, most erotic manner possible.


"Yes? What now, Sam?"

"Well....Brooke....now you aren't using the towel to dry me....you're using your BODY....and....well....we're BOTH nude....and....STANDING TOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER!"

"Yeah.....you're right, Sam.....I can fix that!"


Brooke didn't wait, as she quickly, expertly pushed Sam back onto their bed, and then fell on top of her.

"Oh.....this....is so......much better," Brooke managed to say in a low, husky voice, as her mind, and beautiful body exploded into a million, tiny lights, as a trillion bolts of pure ecstasy shot through her at the delicious contact of Sam's soft, naked skin against her own bare body.

Brooke's mind reeled with delight, her heart raced madly, like a winning stock car, as she felt the touch of Sam's skin against her. To Brooke, Sam felt like the soft, warm, silken surface of a newborn child. Sam's body was so plush, that Brooke wanted to drown in it for eternity, "oooohhhhh......I.....Sammy......"

Brooke's last intelligible thought vanished, as she began to grind herself against Sam's beautiful, voluptuous body. Silken skin, and warm, plush curves melted into each other, as the two girls embraced, tangling their curvaceous legs into a single strand of shapely flesh. Bare, quivering breasts lost their roundness to each other, as pert, hardened nipples brushed against each other, then fused, as if in a permanent kiss. Mouths sought each other out, hungrily joining, mingling saliva, as Brooke's bright, pink lips covered Sam's ruby lips, with fervent desire.

Like two, medieval violins playing a single melody, the beautiful girls writhed together, grinding against each other in a slow, constant, intimate rhythm that didn't waver, or stop. Brooke moaned, as she desperately tried to slow herself down, to lengthen the undescribable joy, and pleasure that she was experiencing, as her entire, beautiful body surrendered to her intimate dance of desire. With a fierceness that she could hardly recognize within herself, Brooke clung to her beloved Sam, who not only submitted to her, opening herself to the blond's passion, but who returned every kiss, and carress with equal fervor, and desire.

Finally, the two girls climaxed; Brooke first, then Sam seconds later. The quivering, profound sensation of pleasure that joined them, began to ebb away, as they seemed to slide down a smooth mountainside, after having gloriously skyrocketed to the stars.

After a few minutes of trying to calm herself, Brooke was able to speak, "Sammy...." she whispered, "can we stay like this for a while? I need to feel you close to me....."

Sam's reply came gently, like the kiss of a butterfly; "yes...."

Brooke fell fast asleep, enveloped in warm, silken, slender, pale arms, and sprawled upon an exquisitely shaped, plush, voluptuous body of pleasure; Sam.

Once more, reality came crashing into Brooke's mind, as beloved memories faded back into darkness, and she returned to the present; to the barren, dark wasteland that Nicole's pettiness, and wrath had condemned her to. "I will always love you, Sammy....no matter how much of an eternity apart we are.....I carry you in my heart."

Brooke floated silently along, glancing down at the burnt, yellow-gray earth beneath her. Once more, Brooke closed her eyes, and returned to the past.

Two weeks had passed for Brooke in absolute happiness. Every night, the beautiful blond senshi of love slept with her gorgeous fire goddess in her arms. Often, at night, Brooke would awaken, and spend long moments, just staring at the sleeping girl in her arms. Slowly, Brooke would bring her hand up, and begin to caress Sam's firm, supple breasts, outlining their roundness with a delicate finger, enjoying the wondrous, silken softness of their skin, and finally teasing the round, red nipples that crowned each breast. During the first few times that Brooke touched her, Sam woke up to catch an embarrassed, blushing Brooke touching her intimately. Sam would regard the beautiful blond for a few seconds, then her half-lidded, s leep laden, cerulean eyes would close once more, as the stunning fire senshi would sink once more into the arms of awaiting dreams, that would carry her briefly into wondrous, far-away worlds. For an overjoyed Brooke, Sam's quick return to deep slumber was a sign of trust, and acceptance of her bold, intimate caresses. So, from then on, Brooke continued with her erotic touches, delightfully exploring her friend's pale, soft, warm, statuesque body in pure rapture.

And as for Sam, the goddess of fire, and passion, she was never disturbed again by her companion's gentle, erotic touch.

For Brooke, it was a nagging question; were she, and Sam a couple, were they lovers? No words passed between the two girls about what happened between them; it just happened, and they accepted it as being natural, and continued on.

Every night, Brooke would wait up in bed for Sam to finish whatever task still awaited to be completed, so that the beautiful brunette could retire for the night.

Brooke found that she couldn't sleep, unless Sam was with her, in her arms. Brooke's heart would leap with joy, and she would wrap her arms around her gorgeous, raven-haired senshi doll, when the girl finally lay down in bed beside her. Brooke would lovingly cuddle her gorgeous friend, then make love to her.

Afterwards, both girls would lie in silence, tightly embraced, till sleep overtook them.

Brooke's wandering memory finally moved on to the fateful night that had changed her life forever, and finally led to her forced imprisonment on this strange, dark, barren world.

The nightclub, Tensama was dimly lit, yet filled with colorful, flashing lights that gave everything an eerie glow that disappeared briefly between the intermittent flashing. Brooke's mind was spinning, drowned by the explosive, echoing music around her that bounced off the walls, ricocheting like lost, angry bullets, and pounding into her ears.

Brooke had silently sat down at her table next to Harrison. Nicole sat on the other side of Harrison, and the three of them watched Sam, Lily, and Carmen standing close by, leaning against a wall, laughing, gossiping about the people dancing. Josh, and Sugar Daddy, stood on the other end of the beautiful trio, watching them with interest.

"Aren't brunettes absolutely beautiful?"

Brooke had been staring at Sam, and was startled out of her revelry by Harrison's voice, "huh?"

"Well, aren't they?" Harrison asked, as a small smile lit up his handsome face.

"Yes, they certainly are," Brooke replied with a sigh.

"So many different shades," Harrison continued to say teasingly, "Lily, with her dark brown hair, confusing Carmen, with her golden auburn hair, almost blond in the sunlight, yet dark enough to be a brunette, and of course....Sam," Harrison watched Brooke's beautiful features closely, studying them, as if her thoughts were somehow mirrored there.

"Yes," Brooke replied dreamily, as she continued to stare at Sam.

"Your brunette is quite.....exquisite, Brooke," Harrison said knowingly.

"What do you mean HER brunette?" Nicole asked angrily, as she too, awoke from her quiet, romantic revelry of Sam.

"Carmen is Josh's brunette, Lily is Sugar Daddy's brunette....of course I'm YOUR brunette....aren't I, bunny?" Harrison asked his lovely, delicate, blond bride, Nicole, addressing her by his favorite pet name for her.

"Yes.....of course you are, Harry...."Nicole replied quietly, guiltily, as she gazed up into her handsome lover's dark eyes.

Nicole simply looked away from Harrison's probing eyes, that seemed to cut into her very soul, easily exposing all of her most intimate secrets, as she tried to hide the hurt in her crystal blue eyes. But her tender lover, Harrison, pulled her close to him, and he lifted her chin with his free hand, making her look up at him, "I know about you, and Sam, Bunny.....but we have an arrangement.....remember? Each of us can lead their own life, but not fall in love, because that will interfere with our duties. You have fallen in love with Sam. That is against our agreement. You have to let her go."

Nicole simply began to cry softly, as she closed her eyes, hiding her face in Harrison's firm shoulder.

All three of them; Nicole, Harrison, and Brooke, were watching Sam closely. At that moment, a young man approached Sam, took her small hand, and led her out onto the dance floor.

The dance floor was crowded, as an endless sea of young bodies moved together to a primal, musical beat that seemed to surge through their bodies, more powerful than blood itself. But then SHE came, the senshi of passion, wearing a tight, red dress, the color of her element; fire. Instinctively, the people moved aside, knowing in a primal sense that this was no ordinary woman, but a creature of enchantment.

The stunningly beautiful vision was led by the hand of a handsome man, who was prouder than any man born as he showed off his prize. Then, as the music flowed, she was unleashed upon the crowd, and the people around her made room to watch her dance, to flow as she flowed.

She was like the surface of a smooth, calm, crystal lake. Then she moved, her beautiful, voluptuous body swaying softly at first, like the first small ripples upon the calm surface of a lake, signaling the coming of a storm that creeps in without warning. As the music began to flow into her, becoming the very life of her young body, the raven haired beauty danced at a more heated rhythm, moving her wide hips, shaking her shoulders, as her nubile, firm breasts jiggled sexily. Her long, curvaceous legs moved to the overwhelming musical beat, as the rest of her body followed, like a first ripple on a silken, smooth fabric comes alive into a million wrinkles, and folds. 

Brooke watched her only love, with her small hands balled into fists, her heart tight with aprehension, and fear, as Sam danced closer, and closer to the man dancing with her. Sam, and her partner were much too close to each other, and Brooke didn't like it at all. Just then, something happened that changed everything; a second man cut in, pushing Sam's dance partner rudely to one side, and claiming the girl for himself. The two men started shoving each other around, fighting, shouting, as they fought over Sam, who stood back, and smiled, pleased at the reaction she caused in men, enjoying the primitive display of violence, of fierceness of the men.

"You, and Sam are very alike, Brooke," Harrison said to Brooke.

"What do you mean, Harrison?"

"You turn men into fools, Brooke. Sam turns men into stupid beasts."

The fight on the dance floor had spread, so that now, more than two men were fighting over an amused Sam, who had stepped back. Now Sam accidentally bumped into two pretty, young women who stood behind her. Sam's overwhelming beauty, and her primal magnetism soon had the two women shoving each other, arguing fiercely over which one of them was going to buy Sam a drink at the bar.

"I'm going to go get Sam before she starts a war," an amused Harrison commented.

"No....I'll get her, Harrison," Brooke said, as she held him back.

Finally, Brooke had an excuse to leave the table, to leave Harrison, and Nicole. Yes, they were her friends, but it felt to Brooke as if she were in a prison. Brooke only wanted to be with her love; with Sam. Brooke quickly got up off her seat, left the table, left Harrison, and Nicole behind, who watched her leave, knowing how eager the blond senshi was to be with Sam. Brooke stepped out onto the dance floor. The beautiful blond goggess of love snaked her way around admiring men, who asked her to dance. But Brooke's heart was like stone to the men who desired her, her face was cold, expressionless to them, as she moved past them, past their lust-filled gazes.

Brooke quickened her step, her heart racing madly, as her soul cried out to touch Sam once more. Never, had the beautiful goddess of love ever felt such a strong need for another person. Brooke, or Venus, as she had been known in a distant time, had always been detached, superficial. But now, at a distant time, far removed from her past glory, the goddess of love was weary, tired, and longed for the slender, pale, loving arms of her fire senshi to hold her for forever, as she slipped into the darkness of eternity.

Brooke reached out, and her entire body screamed in joy, as she slipped her pale hand into Sam's soft one, "Sammy...." she said huskily, as she felt her nipples harden, pressing up against the fabric of her brassiere, as goose bumps began to form on her arms, and breasts. Brooke pulled her ravishing lover quickly away from the two, arguing women, from the angry, male rivals on the dance floor. Brooke pulled her beautiful treasure quickly away into a dark hall, until the girls reached a restroom. Brooke quickly ushered her gorgeous senshi doll of fire inside the empty restroom.

Brooke stood with her back against the door of the restroom, as if assuring herself that it was truly shut. Brooke stood silent for just one moment, as her sapphire eyes traveled over Sam's voluptuous, slender form, over the way her short red dress clung so tightly to her curves, over how the girl' long, raven hair danced upon her pale shoulders, and how wild, dark bangs framed her beautiful, oval face, over her glowing, blue eyes, over her moist, full, ruby lips.



"No more dancing for you, Sam."


"No more dancing," Brooke said huskily, as she approached Sam, "no more going off by yourself....no more parties....I want you with me every single second of the day, and night....I can't bear to be away from you Sammy!"

"Oh.....Brooke....." Sam whispered, her voice satin on a soft, golden breeze.

"I can't bear to see anyone else but me touch you, Sam....I want you in my arms forever.....I'm in love with you."

Brooke leaned into Sam, and wrapped her arms around her only dream, the love of her lonely life. In a heated frenzy, the blond senshi of love, kissed her beautiful, raven-haired obsession. With ease, and skill born of many lovers,

Brooke made love to Sam's full, crimson lips, sucking, enjoying their thickness, tickling Sam's tongue with her own, feeding her senshi of fire her saliva, enjoying the startlingly smooth surface of Sam's small, pearly white teeth, as her eager tongue danced over them.

Suddenly Brooke heard the restroom door open, and looked, thus reluctantly parting her full, pink lips from Sam's ruby lips. Brooke was startled to see Nicole, Lily, and Carmen enter the restroom.

"See?" Nicole almost yelled, "I told you that they were lovers!"

Lily was silent, and in her silence she agreed with Nicole.

Carmen was more sympathetic towards Brooke, "so what, there's nothing wrong with their loving each other. Besides, Nicole, you're angry because Sam isn't yours anymore."

"What?" Brooke was shocked by what Carmen had just said.

"I thought you knew, Brooke," Carmen replied quickly, "Nicole, and Sam were lovers."

"I didn't know," was all that Brooke could say, as she turned to look at Sam.

"Yes," Sam said ashamedly, as she pulled away from Brooke, believing that the beautiful blond would hate her now that the truth was out. Sam moved away from Brooke, believing that it was better for her to leave, before her heart was broken by Brooke's cruel words of rejection, "I want to go now....."

"Sam....." Nicole said pleadingly, as she stepped forward, with arms outstretched towards the ravishing brunette.

"No.....no.....NO!" Brooke cried as she reached out, and grabbed Sam's raven mane, wrapping the long, dark locks in her small fist, and pulling the retreating girl back towards her, "I am NOT letting you go, Sam!"

"But I though you would hate me, Brooke," Sam said, surprised at the blond's reaction.

"Sam.....PLEASE....come back to me....." Nicole pleaded with tears running from her sky blue eyes.

"NO!" Brooke exclaimed angrily, "you have Harrison, Nicole.....Sam is MINE!"

"I guess you don't know about that either, Brooke," Carmen said quietly.

"What else don't I know, Carmen?" Brooke asked impatiently, "I thought I knew everything, that I was a part of this group, now I'm beginning to wonder just what I'm doing with you guys. I feel like an outsider."

"Well....Brooke....Harrison, and Nicole love each other, but they aren't really lovers. The two of them have.....an arrangement; each one of them can have outside lovers, as long as it doesn't interfere with their duty to marry.

Harrison is a homosexual, Brooke......Nicole is.....bisexual."

Nicole reached out, and caught hold of Sam's pale hand, "Sam....I need you......I can't bear not having you in my arms.....I love you so much!"

"But you don't love me enough to leave Harrison," Sam replied sadly.

"You know that I can't, Sam," Nicole said, her voice filled with anguish, and desperation, "I'm destined to marry Harrison, we are both destined to rule earth as king, and queen. I will bear him an heir."

"I don't want to be a second hand love, Nicole," Sam replied vehemently.

"You know that isn't true, Sam," Nicole exclaimed desperately, "I love only you. But I have a duty to be with Harrison. I can't change that."

"Sammy....."Brooke said passionately, "I love you with all of my heart. Please, Sam.....please marry me."

At first it seemed totally laughable; Brooke, goddess of love, Sailor Venus, senshi of love, and beauty, goddess of love, of sexual desire, of men, of heterosexual love, was madly in love with a beautiful girl, and proposing marriage to her.

"Please, Sam....: Brooke had gotten down on her knees, "my heart is in your hands," the beautiful blond senshi begged her goddess of fire, "you are my only love. I will dedicate my eternity to loving you. Please, Sammy....please be my wife."

Sam didn't hesitate, as she smiled, as she helped Brooke up off her knees, "yes, Brooke."

An overjoyed Brooke hugged her gorgeous senshi doll, as tears ran from her gloriously blue eyes, as she started to cry, and laugh at the same time.

"NO! It can't be.....I won't let you go, Sam," Nicole said angrily.

"Too late," Brooke almost yelled back at her defeated, blond rival, "Sam is mine forever now."

"This isn't the end of this, Brooke," Nicole replied angrily, "I won't let you get away with this."

"Enough!" Lily yelled, "we are being summoned," Lily had taken her beeping scanner out of her purse, "unknown entity has just materialized on the main street area of Yushima Dr. east side of Tokyo. We must go at once!"

The five girls forgot their differences, as they came together as heroes, as a winning team of defenders of Tokyo. The five girls closed their eyes, and concentrated, and each one called out the name of her planet;

"Mars power!" Sam yelled.

"Jupiter power!" Carmen yelled.

"Mercury power!" Lily yelled.

"Venus power!" Brooke yelle.

"Moon power!" Nicole yelled.

Suddenly the restroom was filled with a bright glow that engulfed the five girls.

When the glow subsided, in place of the five girls, stood the five, valiant Sailor Scouts; Sam; Sailor Mars, Carmen, Sailor Jupiter, Brooke, Sailor Venus, Lily, Sailor Mercury, Nicole, Sailor Moon, leader of the Scouts, and future queen of earth.

There was another flash of light, and all of the five Sailor Scouts disappeared simultaneously from the restroom.

chapter 2; Blow of Pain

The monster raged furiously, it's growls seeming like thunder, making the roof of the building that it stood on, tremble, and the earth beneath the building quake. The monstrous, tentacled creature moved quickly, raising havoc, as it threw everything within it's reach over the edge of the battered roof, and down onto the streets below, as a rain of destruction upon the heads of screaming onlookers, and desperate tenants that tried to get out of the way, out of the building that the monster would most certainly destroy.

The monster roared loudly, trying its best to instill fear in the puny humans in the streets below. The monster waved it's tentacles, and made it's many eyes glow with a strange, unearthly light. In short, the monster was doing it's very best to appear frightening, because that was his job, the reason that SHE had summoned him, then brought him to this world.

SHE had opened a portal to his world, and had called him. Bewildered, and confused, the monster had responded to the woman's call, curious as to why a human would invoke him. She spoke eloquently to him. She promised him what he had always dreamt of; she would give him human form, and a life amongst humans on earth. That was what the monster had always desired; to escape his miserable, lonely existence on his dead planet, to be human, to have a companion, to be loved, to live in sunlight. All he had to do in return for the woman, was to kill someone for her. It didn't matter to the monster that he would have to commit murder to achieve his dream; he was capable of slaughtering a million times over if it meant that he could become human.

The monster roared once more, quite sure that the Sailor Scouts would come to confront him. He was supposed to kill one of the Scouts; the one who wore orange, and white, a blond one, who wore the mark of Venus....then SHE would make him human in return, and he would live happily for the rest of his life on earth.

Suddenly, the monster saw the Sailor Scouts appear; five, bright lights that materialized out of no where, each light taking human shape, then standing defiantly before him. The Sailor scouts surrounded the monster; he already knew them well by the descriptions that SHE had given him; the tall one in green was Jupiter, the one with short hair, in blue was Mercury, the one in white was the leader, Sailor Moon, and off to one side stood the most beautiful of the group;the voluptuous, raven-haired one in red was Mars, and the last one in orange, a blond girl was his intended victim; VENUS.

"Surround it!" Nicole yelled at the Sailors, for she was their princess, their leader, "Jupiter, Mercury, to the left, Venus to the back, Mars stand close to me!"

"Be careful, Nicole, you're the one facing it directly!" Mercury yelled at her princess.

"Mars......come closer to me!" Sailor Moon exclaimed, as she held her hand out to the ravishing Sailor of fire.

"No....wait....."Mars said uneasily. Mars didn't like this order, because it placed her much too far from her lover, Venus, who was left completely unprotected, a very vulnerable position behind the monster, who could very easily turn quickly, and destroy her. Something about Nicole's order to her made Mars nervous, "this is wrong."

"YOU MUST OBEY ME, MARS!" Nicole shouted angrily at her senshi of fire.

"Yes, my princess," Mars replied quickly, as she took the place indicated by Nicole.

The monster whirled around quickly, and blindly attacked Sailor Venus, hitting her with a beam of pure energy, and putting all of his fierceness into that one single blow.

Sam watched in deep horror, as her lover, Venus, was engulfed in a beam of energy that the tentacled monster had struck her with. Seconds passed, that seemed like an eternity for the beautiful senshi of fire, as she sprung into action, squeezing every last ounce of strength from her young body, as she tried desperately to reach her lover, Venus.

Brooke, Venus, found herself suddenly paralyzed by an unexpected blow of energy that the monster had hurled at her. Venus felt bolts of pure pain traveling through her beautiful body, and she heard herself scream in terror. Then, Venus saw something that filled her heart with joy, yet also with terror; it was her beloved Mars, running towards her, so quickly, that the girl seemed to become a colorful blur, "NO, Sam!" Venus wanted to shout, but she couldn't form the words with her mouth, yet her mind screamed them, "stay away, Sam! Please! I don't want you to die too!"

Nicole watched in absolute horror, the happenings before her sky blue eyes; the gray, tentacled monster striking Venus with a powerful blow of energy, then.....unexpectedly, Mars hurling herself between them. Nicole was trembling now, because this wasn't supposed to be happening....Mars, her beloved Sam, HER Sam, wasn't supposed to interfere.

Nicole had ordered Mars to stand close beside her, to keep the girl as far away as possible from Venus, so that the blond senshi of love, the thief who stole Sam from her, would be isolated from the rest of the group, when the monster struck her, and finally KILLED her with his energy beam.

Nicole's love, and desire for the ravishing senshi of fire raged within her supple breast so deeply, that she was capable of any treachery, just to get her beautiful lover back from the arms of Brooke, the senshi of love, and beauty. Nicole had secretly opened a dimensional portal with her powerful moon scepter, and had invoked the monster, promising it human form, and a human life, if he killed her greatest enemy, Sailor Venus. But this wasn't supposed to happen; Mars wasn't supposed to get in the way.

"No!" Nicole cried out in tears, "NO!" she screamed at the top of her voice, as she watched Mars, her life's desire, quickly intercept the energy beam that connected Venus, and the exhausted monster, "NNNNNNOOOOO!" Nicole's voice became a long, painful wail, mingled with sobs, as she watched her plan to destroy Venus backfire, as she watched Sam, her beloved become a human shield for Brooke.

In pure desperation, Sam, Sailor Mars, had hurled herself forward, almost seeming to fly, as she extended her arms, and jumped into the white light that enveloped her lover, Brooke. Within seconds, Mars was directly between Venus, and the monster, as she felt the monster's energy enter her body, penetrating her to the very core of her being. All that Mars could see before her was nothing but white, blank space, as she reached out desperately, trying to find her lover, Venus.

Then, despite the searing pain that coursed through her, driving her almost to the edge of insanity, Mars found Venus, and embraced her. Somewhere through the maddening, paralyzing pain, the two lovers found each other. Brooke, who's mind had already accepted thoughts of death, who's eye's were closed in darkness, as she accepted her dark fate, suddenly stirred as she felt a familiar warmth engulf her, as she felt a familiar, slender arms surround her, holding her tightly. Venus smiled through her intense pain, despite her suffering, as her heart was flooded with joy, as she opened her eyes, and saw her lover, her life's obsession, Mars, embracing her.

"Sammy...." Venus said in a soundless voice, for in that strange, brief, colorless void where both girls were now trapped, there was no sound, "Sammy......you came.....now I'm not afraid to die.....because I'm taking you with me......" Venus's slender arms came slowly up, and circled Sam's tiny waist, drawing the girl even closer to her, "I love you, Sam.....forever.....in darkness, in light.....you belong to me."

"Yes, Brooke.....forever," Mars replied in what was more of a velvet thought, than a verbal sound.

"My love....." Venus replied within her mind, as she leaned in, forgetting the pain that now flowed through her body, as she tilted her blond head slightly, and passionately kissed her voluptuous brunette senshi doll, as she parted the girl's full lips with her tongue. Then, as both girls tongues connected, they also felt the electric currents rushing through their bodies connect, and become ONE single current of energy.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" Nicole's wail of pain, and anger once more tore through the air, frightening Jupiter, and Mercury, and also startling the tentacled monster that held Venus, and Mars in the grips of his power.

But Nicole, Sailor Moon, had reason to cry, as she watched the Sailor lovers kiss, because now she knew that Venus had taken Mars away from her forever, that the two girls had bonded even more deeply, that Mars was forever lost to her.

"Sailors Jupiter, and Mercury......attack.....ATTACK! KILL THE BEAST! KILL IT NOW!"

The monster turned suddenly, at the sound of Sailor Moon's voice. The monster was so enraged, that he unconsciously released Venus, and Mars from his death beam. The monster turned towards his BETRAYER, towards the one who had summoned him there, and had promised him so many things, Sailor Moon, determined to kill her, even if it meant that he would never be human, that he might even die, but he would be avenged. But, before the monster could even form a single thought, he was struck from all sides by the combined forces of Jupiter, Mercury, and Sailor Moon. In a great wail of bestial pain, the monster was consumed in fire, leaving nothing but ashes where he once stood. It seemed like an eternity, but actually it had only been about  fifteen seconds since the now defunct monster had attacked Venus, then about ten seconds since Mars had intervened between them, and had become engulfed herself in the energy beam with Venus. Now, both girls lay on the floor of the building's rooftop, side by side, unconscious.

"QUICK!" Mercury yelled, as she, and Jupiter, and Sailor Moon approached the two, fallen Sailors, "we have to get them to the lab!"

"I'll carry Sam!" Jupiter exclaimed, as she took Mars in her arms, and easily lifted the girl up in her arms.

"I'll take Brooke," Lily replied, lifting the blond senshi in her slender arms.

Instantly, all of the Sailors began to glow in one, single, bright light that intensified for a few seconds, then disappeared as suddenly, as it had begun, taking with it, all five Sailors.

The lab that Lily had mentioned was a secret bunker located 100 feet under Tokyo's most luxurious hotel, "Miramar," which just happened to be the property of a handsome, young playboy named Harrison, and a gift to him for his twenty first birthday from his obscenely wealthy parents. It was in that secret lab equipped with the most modern devices, bought with the millionaire allowances of wealthy brats, Harrison, Nicole, Carmen, Brooke, Lily, and Sam, given to them by their wealthy families, that the secret super squad monitored Tokyo, and the rest of the world. It was in that secret lab, that both Lily, and Harrison, super genius minds in science, engineering, and medicine, invented new, powerful devices to use in their constant fight against the world of crime, and it's minions, and held the most innovative experiments in cloning, and life extension. It was to that secret lab, that the Sailors took their fallen sisters, Venus, and Mars, a.k.a.; Brooke, and Sam.

Two hours had passed since Lily had placed Brooke, and Sam into separate, life sustaining glass tubes filled with a liquid that resembled embryonic fluid, monitored their life signs, and sustained them alive. Lily had watched the progress of her two dear, friends. Carmen had gone to fetch Harrison. Nicole hadn't stopped pacing, or crying for the entire two hours.

"This is impossible!" Lily cried, as she checked the computer monitoring both Brooke, and Sam.

"What is it, Lily?" Nicole asked anxiously.

"Nicole....princess," Lily said respectfully, as she bowed before Sailor Moon. Of all the Sailors, Lily was the most reverant, respectful, and loyal towards Nicole. Lily was also secretly in love with Nicole, but suffered in silence, knowing that her affection would never be returned, because Nicole was deeply in love with Sam, the senshi of fire, "Nicole....Brooke, and Sam's life signs have changed drastically since they were brought here to the lab."

"So? Will they survive, Lily?" Nicole asked, quite preplexed, "is this good, or bad?"

"Well, Nicole....it depends....when Brooke, and Sam were put in the life-sustaining tubes, their vital signs were erractic, but DIFFERENT. Now, their vital signs are EXACTLY THE SAME!"

"That is impossible, Lily!"

"But that is what the readouts from the computer monitoring them is giving me, Nicole. Brooke, and Sam now have the same blood pressure, the same pulse, the same EXACT brain wave patterns....I've even checked further; they both now have the same blood type, the same exact count of red blood cells, and white blood cells, their DNA patterns have altered, so that they now have the same one, hair follicles, and skin cells match exactly on the both of them. Right now, at this very INSTANT, both Brooke, and Sam's hearts are beating at the same EXACT rhythm. Outwardly, their appearances are as always; but inwardly, they appear to be EXACT duplicates; CLONES of each other; from height, to weight, to body measurements."

"NO!" Nicole yelled, "that musn't happen!"

"But it has happened, Nicole. Whatever the creature did to them....is.....well it has just begun. The effects of that creature's beam hit Brooke, and almost killed her, and almost drained her completely of her life source. If it hadn't been for Sam intervening when she did, Brooke might have been killed."

"I know," Nicole replied quietly.

"The only explanation that I can think of, Nicole, is that Brooke is somehow living off Sam....Sam's life source is keeping Brooke alive."

"Then the two of them can't be seperated?" Nicole asked, still hoping that somehow there was one, last, desperate way to recover Sam for herself.

"I don't think that we should seperate them for now, Nicole. I think we should keep them both here in the lab for at least a few weeks. Maybe these conditions are temporary, and will reverse themselves automatically, and Brooke, and Sam will return to their normal selves."

"Maybe...."Nicole whispered hopefully.

"There is just one, last, disturbing detail, Nicole," Lily said anxiously.

"What is it, Lily?"

"Well....Nicole, both Brooke, and Sam's life signs are slowly evolving, slowly becoming LESS human. The effects seem to be greater in Brooke....she is metamorphing....and.....well.....she is slowly taking Sam with her."

"I want you to save Sam, Lily!"

"But.....what about Brooke? I can't just let her......"

"You MUST obey me, Lily. I don't care about Brooke. I WANT YOU TO SAVE Sam!"

"Yes, princess," Lily replied, as she bowed obediently, casting her eyes downward, to hide her true sentiments, that she would disobey Nicole, that she would try to save BOTH Brooke, and Sam.

Nicole turned, and walked away, thoroughly convinced that Lily would obey her blindly.

After a few hours of monitoring both Brooke, and Sam, Lily moved them to an available room with two seperate beds with Harrison's help, who carried each one at a time in his arms, and placed them on their respective beds. Sam finally regained consciousness, after almost four hours of what seemed to be a coma-like state. The senshi of fire was up, and around almost immediately, much to Lily's surprise.


"Yes, Sam, I'm here," Lily replied soothingly, as she went quickly to the beautiful brunette, who had just sat up in her bed. Lily sat next to her dear friend, and lovingly ran her hand through the stray, silky locks that fell on Sam's smooth, alabaster forehead, "how do you feel?"

"How is Brooke?" was all that Sam could say, it was all that she could think of now.

"Brooke survived the creature's attack thanks to your intervention, Sam," Lily replied calmly, with a smile, as she gently took the girl's hand in her own, "she almost got killed, Sam....but you saved her....and almost lost your own life doing it."

"It doesn't matter, Lily........."


"Hhhhmmmmm?" Sam felt a great wave of relief overwhelm her heart, as she sighed, for in the darkness of her mind, as she lay trapped in her deep coma, she had screamed like a maddened animal, in a dream where she had arrived too late, and her golden angel had died.

"Just lie back down, and go to sleep, Sam....."

"What about....Brooke?"

"Don't worry about her, Sam...." Lily said reassuringly to her friend, "she is still asleep, and I will be right here to look after her, and you......now just relax, and get some rest."

"Oh......yes.....thank you......Lily......" Sam's beautiful, cerulean eyes closed, covered by her long, thick, dark lashes, as the ravishing, raven-haired senshi slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Dark, and light swatches of reality fought before her muddled mind, as Brooke suddenly recovered her consciousness, and returned to reality. Slowly, Brooke returned to life, as in her prison of darkness, trapped in her quiet maddenss, she had screamed in sheer desperation, amid a dream where she survived the monster's attack, and her stunningly beautiful, senshi doll of fire was torn forever from her arms by the cold claws fo death, "RRREEEEEIIIIIII!"

"Brooke!" Lily was quickly at the beautiful blond's side, trying desperately to comfort her, "Brooke.....don't....Sam is fine.....she just went back to sleep......just now......"

"I don't believe you.....where is she, Lily?" Brooke exclaimed frantically, "you're just humoring me......you're lying to me.......Sam......my Sam is dead!"

"You BOTH survived, Brooke......please believe me!"

"Sammy......" Brooke whispered weakly, "Lily.....I'm so weak....so tired......everything is spinning around....."

"You have to keep still, Brooke.....just lie back down, and don't move your head too much."

"Lily.....I'm slipping away........everything is getting so dark......"

"NO! Brooke, STAY AWAKE!" Lily panicked, because it was evident that the blond senshi of love was dying right before her very eyes.

At that very instant, Sam woke up, and sat up in bed, "Lily?  Lily!" Sam called out, "help me....get beside her!"

Lily did as Sam bid her. Swiftly, Lily helped a weak, shaky Sam get up from her bed, and moved her the short distance to Brooke's bed. Lily then helped Sam sit next to the now unconscious Brooke.

Lily was shocked to see Brooke wake up, and respond when Sam simply touched her. Brooke instantly recovered at her ravishing lover's touch.

"Sam...." Brooke sighed, as a weak smile lit her pale lips, and her eyes glowed with a deep, sapphire fire, as she took the beautiful girl in her arms.

"Its incredible!" Lily thought to herself, "Brooke really is living off Sam's life source....just now, she was dying....and now.....just touching Sam brought her back!"

"Sam....my Sam...." Brooke whispered, as she moved painfully to one side, making room on her small bed for her precious lover, "I love you so much...."

"I know....." Sam replied, in what seemed like a low, velvety sigh that made the lovely blond tremble, "I can feel your love.....I love you too, Brooke......"

"I can feel you inside me, Sam....."Brooke said softly, as she took her gorgeous lover into her arms.

The stunning brunette was silent now, as she settled into her blond lover's slender arms. The senshi of fire lay her dark head on Brooke's shoulder, and fell asleep quickly. Nothing more was said between the two, gorgeous, senshi lovers, as they entered their world of dreams, as their long, silky manes settled around their heads in mixed shades of an evening, setting sun; half day, half night.

"Oh.....I can't tell this to Nicole!" Lily said with worry, and desperation filling her heart.

"What can't you tell me, Lily?"

Lily was startled to see Nicole in the small room, standing beside her, looking down disapprovingly at the two, sleeping Sailor senshis on the small bed, "tell me what, Lily?"

"Brooke, and Sam' connection is deeper than I originally thought, Nicole."

"What do you mean, Lily?"

"I think that they have only ONE mind between them, Nicole....I don't think that their condition can be reversed."

Nicole simply started to cry, as she fell on her knees, before the bed where Brooke slept with Sam in her arms. Violent sobs wracking Nicole's slender body, and thick tears blinded her beautiful, sky blue eys, as she reached out with a trembling hand, and tangled her fingers in Sam's silky, raven tresses.

chapter 3; Nicole's Desire

Days passed slowly for the tired senshi of water, Lily, as she watched patiently over her friends, Brooke, and Sam. It seemed that Sam recovered quickly, for in just two days, the gorgeous senshi of fire was up, and about, and caring lovingly for her Brooke, her blond lover. Brooke was extremely weak, and could hardly move at all, possibly because she had taken the greater force of the tentacled monster's energy blast, and had almost been drained completely of her life source.

It seemed as if Sam had never been sick, or on the verge of death itself, and it was almost as if she was back to her old self. Sam took great care of her beautiful, blond senshi of love. Everyday, Sam would bathe, clothe, and feed Brooke. Sam would never leave Brooke's side, catering to her every whim. Sam would read to Brooke, brush, and braid her long, flaxen hair, give her massages, and hold her tightly when the blond senshi cried out of fear, and shame.

Brooke could hardly move by herself, that very first week that she woke up from her almost fatal sleep of death. Inside, Brooke's mind worked properly, but physically she was far from well. Brooke was stricken by an almost overwhelming weakness that almost paralyzed her completely. At times, Brooke felt like screaming in her deep despair, and many more times, the senshi of love, and beauty wished that she were completely dead. But the constant presence of her stunningly beautiful, brunette lover, kept Brooke from going mad. Amid her strange malady, Brooke could still feel deep pleasure, as her ravishing senshi doll of fire embraced her, and whispered gentle words of love, comfort, and encouragement in her ear.

Brooke thought that she had loved Sam deeply before the almost fatal attack of the tentacled monster that nearly killed her. But now, Brooke felt her love for Sam deepen into pure adoration, as she watched how the girl lovingly, and diligently cared for her. With tears streaming from her deep, blue eyes, Brooke would watch as Sam bathed her, then dressed her. Sam would feed Brooke with infinite care.

Sam would massage the blond's tired body. Sam would soothe Brooke's sexual arousals for her with velvet kisses, and gentle caresses. Brooke would close her tired eyes at night, and sleep peacefully, feeling Sam's slender, gentle arms around her.

Brooke would watch the others come, and care for her; Carmen would come, and feed her sometimes. Lily would come, and read to her. Harrison would come, and tell her stories, and make her laugh. But they would all leave, returning to their own worlds. Only Sam would stay with her day, and night. The only one who never came, but greeted her cooly from a distance was Nicole, and Brooke was glad to keep it that way.

Nicole kept her distance, and watched with guilt, and longing, as Sam, her precious lover grew farther, and farther from her; as far as eternity. Nicole would cry herself to sleep, missing the warm, voluptuous body of the fire goddess in her arms. It just wasn't fair that Sam was no longer hers. It was her fault for not having left Harrison for Sam. But Nicole had explained it to Sam many times; she was destined to marry Harrison, it was her duty, but that was all.

Nicole's marriage to Harrison was of convenience, but not love. Of course, Nicole, and Harrison felt affection for each other, but there would never be any real, sexual, romantic love between them. Harrison was a homosexual, and would continue to have a secret lover even after his proper marriage to Nicole. Of course, Nicole would do the same; her secret lover would have been the gorgeous fire senshi, Sam.

Nicole had explained the circumstances of her future marriage to Sam a million times; yes, she was to marry Harrison, but no, she would not share his bed. Her marriage to Harrison was one of convenience, but not love. Nicole had promised Sam her heart, but could not promise the ravishing girl her life; and that was what Sam wanted most from her. Sam didn't want to live in the shadows, she didn't want to have love halfway. No. Fiery, passionate Sam wanted all of Nicole; her time, and her life, and since she couldn't have that, she simply slipped away from Nicole's embrace.

Now, Nicole watched in silence, pain tearing at her tormented heart, as Sam, the love of her life, grew forever away, and out of her desperate reach.

A week passed in the agonizingly slow recovery of Brooke, the blond senshi of love. Brooke's travails were to be long, and difficult. Gently, slowly, Brooke began to thrive once more, and the strength returned to her young body.

Brooke was eventually able to sit up, then dress herself, eat on her own, walk for at least a short distance. Brooke did recover, but she still clung wholly to the her gorgeous lover, Sam, who was constantly at her side.

One lazy afternoon, while Brooke lay in the small bed that she shared with Sam, while she slept profoundly, her senshi doll, the goddess of fire, slipped quietly away from her, from the tight prison of the beautiful blond's arms. Sam left the room where Brooke slept, and entered an adjoining room that was filled with stacks of books, newspapers, and magazines, and served as a sort of small library for the group of crimefighters. Sam passed several high stacks of medical, scientific, and engineering books that belonged to Lily, and Harrison. The senshi of fire went directly to the stacks of fashion magazines, and romance novels that lay scattered in a corner, where she, Nicole, and Brooke loved to sit on an old sofa to read them.

Lily would get angry at them, and call such things "poisonous literature," then sneak in after all of the gang was gone to read them herself. Sam smiled at the memory of catching a supposedly totally logical, studious Lily drooling over the pages of one of the more erotic romance novels.

Nicole would usually be the most lazy, unpunctual person in the world for everything in her life. But for the last two weeks, Nicole had been coming in almost at dawn to the lab, with a single purpose; to see Sam. Lily would smile, and shake her head at the sight of a pale, blond girl, still with half-lidded, sleep laden eyes, tousled hair, improperly dressed, slipping into the lab just to see Sam, just to watch the beautiful brunette asleep in Brooke's possesive arms.

Pity would flourish in Lily's heart, as she watched the poor, lovesick Nicole kneel beside Brooke's bed, and silently watch her two senshi sleeping. Nicole would reach out, and gently caress Sam's sleeping face. Lily would have to stop looking, for tears would come, unbidden to her dark eyes, as she watched the sad, tormented look in her princess's eyes. Lily loved Nicole more than anyone, and would gladly comfort her. But Lily knew very well that Nicole would never accept anyone else in her aching heart, that would always belong to beautiful Sam.

"I think that Brooke loves Sam dearly, with all of her heart," Lily whispered to her own, aching, unfulfilled heart, "but I think that Nicole is the one who loves her the most.....how I envy Sam....."

Smiling, Sam sat on the sofa, and began to read her romance novel about a handsome pirate who kidnapped a beautiful, wild-hearted princes. Sam then heard a feather light footsteps coming down the hall, and smiled knowingly, "I'm in here, Brooke...." Like the softes echo, Sam's voice flew from her full, ruby lips to the air, to the walls of the room that surrounded her in quiet presence, to the welcoming entrance of the room, through which came an unexpected presence.

"No....its not Brooke...." a soft voice responded playfully, "its me......"

"Nicole....." Sam's beautiful countenance lost it's playful mask, her fine-features became engulfed in shades of worry, "what?" Sam felt suddenly very uncomfortable, out of place, guilt flooding her heart at the memory of Nicole's love for her. Sam felt shame for being caught alone there, without Brooke being present, "I'm sorry, Nicole...I'll leave right away...." Sam got up from the sofa, but was stopped by an anxious, eager Nicole.

"No.....Sam....please don't go."

"I have to go, Nicole. I can't stay. You know why."

"Please, Sam.....don't run from me....I need to see you."

Nicole's soft presence, her supplicant voice seemed to calm the nervous senshi of fire, who quietly sat back down on the sofa. Nicole kneeled before Sam, and got as close as she could to the ravishing brunette.

"Nicole.....please....don't...."Sam squirmed as Nicole placed her small, pale hands on Sam's lap.

"Sam.....I love you....oh......Sam....." Nicole's voice was already husky with love, with need, as she felt her desperate passion explode, causing her entire, slender frame to react, "please....just talk to me......." Nicole said, as she tried to control her trembling body, knowing that her apparent arousal would only frighten Sam away from her.

"Alright," Sam said, unsteadily, as she sat back down on the sofa once more.

"How are you, Sam?" Nicole asked anxiously, trying to steady her wandering hands.

"I'm as fine as can be expected, Nicole."

A pause settled between the two, young women, as memories of their passion rose up within their hearts, and minds, as Sam unwillingly recalled, as Nicole lovingly reminisced every moment of their time together.

"This isn't right, " Sam whispered, as shame filled her heart.

"You're remembering....you can't help it, Sam," Nicole said with urgency, "you still love me....."

"We've been over this before, Nicole, " Sam said nervously, as she began to squirm. But the more Sam squirmed, the more Nicole advanced, opening a quick, forced path into the brunette's voluptuous body, "Nicole....stop that......don't."

But Nicole could no more stop herself, than she could stop breathing, as she agressively pushed Sam back onto the sofa, and climbed on top of her, "Sam....please....I love you.....I need this!"

"NO.....Nicole.....I love Brooke!"

Nicole was crying now, as she hungrily settled onto Sam's warm, plush, curvaceous body. It had been so very long, since the beautiful, silvery blond Nicole had felt Sam beneath her, and she had ached every single day, painfully, for this feeling once more. Nicole was addicted to Sam's voluptuousness, to her scents of flowers, and incense, to the marvelous, silken softenss of Sam's alabaster skin, to the thrilling fullness of Sam's ripe, red lips, to the roundness of Sam's supple breasts against her own, to the velvety thickness of Sam's deep, raven locks tangling in her pale, slender fingers. Nicole was so very desperate, like a powerfully addicted fool who grabs at the drug she knows will satiate her needs.

Now, Nicole was far beyond the dictates of her mind. Now, Nicole was ruled by her love, by her fiery passion that rose from the primal depths of her young, aroused body, "I love you, Sam....I need to touch you....to make love to you, or I'll die...."

"Its too late, Nicole....let me go.....please...." Sam pleaded, but knowing it an impossible thing, knowing that Nicole would not release her, knowing that Brooke had just awakened from her sleep, and would come looking for her, would find her like this, trapped in Nicole's arms, and that all hell would break loose, "Brooke...."

At that very instant, the shadows parted from Brooke's eyes, as she felt a strange urgency within her, a restlessness that seemed to call to her, "Sam?"

Brooke opened her eyes completely now, and turned her blond head, looking about her in confusion, searching for the warm body of her lover, realizing that the girl was gone from her arms. Brooke sat up in the tiny bed, and looked about her, "I know Sam isn't far away...how far can you go in this lab? And Lily would kill Sam if she went outside...." Brooke closed her eyes for just a moment, and concentrated, as she tried to link telepathically to her lover, "Sam is in the library....something is wrong.....Sam needs me...." Brooke got up from the bed, as she moved quickly towards the door, as she felt nervous, as she acutely felt her lover's discomfort, as if she were Sam herself.

Meanwhile, Sam tried unsuccessfully tried to still Nicole's gentle, wandering hands, "Nicole, don't....Brooke is coming."

"You remember my love, Sam.....your body still remembers me....." Nicole said through her thick tears, as she ground herself into Sam, in a wild, erotic, desperate sway, "YOU STILL LOVE ME!"

Sam said no more, as her full lips were captured, and sucked, and kissed hungrily by Nicole's moist, pink lips.


At the entrance to the small library, where Nicole ravished Sam, stood an angry, jealous blond senshi named Brooke.

"Nicole, GET OFF MY WIFE!"

"Sam BELONGS TO ME!" Nicole yelled back at an enraged Brooke, "she was mine first. YOU STOLE HER FROM ME!"

Nicole had removed herself from Sam, and now stood up, facing Brooke. Now Nicole was going to do something that she desired more than making love to Sam; she was going to tear Brooke to pieces.

Brooke felt like she was going to explode. All that Brooke could feel was the overwhelming urge to kill Nicole with her bare hands. But suddenly, Brooke felt a strange throbbing within her that began to turn into an intense pain, "ooooooohhhhhh....what's happening to me?" Now, Brooke doubled over, agony written indelibly on her pretty, blond features, "Sam....I need you," was all that Brooke could say, because at that moment, all that she wanted to do was to touch her precious senshi doll, thinking that would stop the terrible, almost crippling pain that now wracked her body.

"NO!" Nicole screamed, as she pushed Brooke back out into the hall, "I WON'T LET YOU TOUCH Sam EVER AGAIN!"

"Nicole.....DON'T!" Sam cried desperately, "please let me go to Brooke.....SHE NEEDS ME!"

"NO!" was all that a vindictive, enraged Nicole could yell, as she held Sam fast in her arms, "you're MINE, Sam, and I am never, NEVER going to let you go!"

"Sam!" Brooke screamed in pain, "Sam, HELP ME!"

"Brooke!" Sam cried now, as she struggled to free herself from Nicole's iron embrace.

Brooke was screaming now, and her beautiful body seemed to be stretching, cracking, with skin breaking, and horrible, grayish tentacles coming from within her. Then, there was a loud, popping sound, a flash of intense, white light, then Brooke, in her human form disappeared. What there was instead, was a huge, grayish, many tentacled monster like the one that had previously attacked Brooke, and Sam. But this one wasn't the other monster; this one was Brooke, monstrous in form, and still enraged, jealous, and MURDEROUS.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOO!" Sam's cry seemed to be ripped from her bleeding flesh, "Brooke....NO!" Sam still struggled to reach her lover, who was now a twisted pile of monstrous flesh, "Brooke!" But Sam was unable to break the iron, vice-like grip of Nicole's slender arms around her tiny waist.

Brooke, now transformed into a monstrousity, was nonetheless human within, still in love with Sam, still angry, jealous, and extremely resentful of Nicole. Seeing that Nicole kept Sam away from her, a deeply enraged Brooke blindly attacked the princess that she had once sworn to serve, and protect forever. Nicole turned, and was shocked to see Brooke charge wildly at her. Out of pure instinct, Nicole freed one hand, and from her fingers issued forth a blinding blast of light that quickly engulfed the tentacled thing that Brooke had become. Quickly, a dark chasm appeared; what seemed to be a void that surrounded Brooke, and swallowed her. All that could be heard now, were the distant echoes of Brooke's cries, now bestial screeches of a thing that no longer had a voice.

Silence fell heavily, seeming more like a heavy, life-absent thing, than the usual mantle of peace that it usually was. The silent wave lasted for a mere few seconds, only to be shattered by a long, painful wail.


At the sound of Nicole's scream, Lily, Carmen, and Harrison came running as fast as they could. All three of them entered the library, to find Nicole weeping on the floor, lying on top of Sam, who was deathly pale, and as still as death itself.

chapter 4; Giving up for love

Carmen kneeled, and quickly tore Nicole away from Sam. Nicole struggled, but Carmen embraced her in loving, but firm arms. Harrison, and Lily touched Sam's slender neck in search of a heartbeat, or a pulse.

"Lily," Harrison said gravely, "Sam hardly has a heartbeat, its very weak....and her skin is so cold."

"She hardly has a pulse, Harrison," Lily replied worriedly, "we need to get her into the stasis tube quickly!"

Harrison quickly took the almost lifeless of the fire senshi in his arms, and rushed down the hall with her to the mini-lab, with Lily in tow behind him. Meanwhile, Nicole cried deeply, heavy sobs wracking her now weak frame, as Carmen comforted, and held her.

"What happened, Nicole?" Carmen asked the girl gently, as she cupped the blond girl's face with one hand, making her look up.

"Brooke.....attacked me....." Nicole managed to say amid heavy sniffles, and sobs.

"Because she caught you with Sam?" Carmen asked quietly.

"Yes....." Nicole replied.

"What did you do to Brooke?" Carmen asked her blond princess, as she kissed the girl's forhead tenderly.


"Please, Nicole.....tell me what you did to Brooke.?

"No...."Nicole replied amid her hiccups, "I sent her away to the same awful place that other monster came from."

"Alright," Carmen replied, as she took Nicole into her arms once more, and continued to cuddle her, and rock her back, and forth.

Three, dark, sad days passed with Sam in a life-sustaining tub, filled with an embrionic-like fluid that maintained her just barely alive. From two computers extended cords that were attached to the tube that contained Sam, feeding it enough electric current to keep Sam's heart beating, her blood flowing, and her brain barely alive. But still, Sam was on the very verge of....

"Dying," Lily was saying quietly to a tearful Nicole, who had refused to leave the tube that contained Sam's body, "Nicole....Sam is dying....."

"Can't you, and Harrison do SOMETHING, Lily?" Nicole cried, almost hugging the tube that contained Sam's dormant body.

"Nicole...." Lily paused, as she took the blond girl's hands in her own, "there might be on last way to save Sam from death, but it has to be done NOW. Sam only has one hour left before her brain shuts down completely, then it will be too late to save her. She will be gone forever."

"What, Lily.....WHAT? Tell me what? I'll do ANYTHING to save Sam."

"You have to bring Brooke back, Nicole."

"NO!" Nicole shouted angrily, "NEVER!"

"Nicole....listen to me....when you sent Brooke away, you robbed Sam of her LIFESOURCE. Brooke, and Sam are a single entity; they can't exist seperated from each other. You have to bring Brooke back."

"Its NOT FAIR, Lily. Its not fair."

"Don't you love Sam enough to save her, even if it means giving her back to Brooke, Nicole?"

"I love Sam more than anything in the world, Lily....but...."

"Bunny," Harrison was quickly at Nicole's side. Harrison took the fragile girl in his arms, "Bunny, I know that you love Sam....I do too....so please.....don't let her die. Give her back to Brooke."

"Harrison....I can't live without Sam.....what will I do?"

"We'll help you, Bunny," Harrison said lovingly, soothingly, "you will never be alone....you have us."

"Always!" Carmen said firmly, "we love you, Nicole."

"Yes," Lily exclaimed, "we will never leave you."

"Alright," Nicole said slowly, "I'll bring Brooke back."

Fifteen minutes later, Harrison had taken Sam out of her stasis tube, and had reverently laid her down on a small table, where she lay, motionless, wrapped in a white sheet to hide the nudity of her beautiful body. Now, Carmen, Lily, and Harrison, waited quietly for Nicole to say goodbye to her gorgeous fire senshi. 

Nicole said nothing, as she leaned down to kiss Sam's cold lips. Nicole wasn't crying now, for if she did, she would bleed through her eyes. Yet, a deep sense of peace had begun to take hold of her tender heart, because she knew that her beloved Sam would live again, even if it was to be in someone else's arms. But Nicole loved Sam so much, she didn't care if the beautiful brunette was no longer with her, but with Brooke; all that mattered to Nicole was that Sam wouldn't die.

Nicole stepped back, and raised her hand. The beautiful girl concentrated, and her fingers began to glow. The powerful moonprincess let go of a pure beam of energy that immediately opened a chasm in space. Suddenly, moans, and growls issued from the swirling, dark void, then a figure passed through it; the huge, many tentacled, grayish, floating monster that used to be the beautiful, blond Brooke had come through the newly opened portal.

None of the friends dared to move, as they stared in disbelief at what their companion, Brooke, had become. The grayish monster growled slightly as it floated close to the table where Sam lay in lifeless state. When the monster saw Sam, it began to tremble, and somehow make sounds that seemed to be crying. Eagerly, yet gently, the monster enveloped the lifeless girl on the table in it's tentacles. Nicole cried out angrily, but Harrison held her fast in his arms, as she buried her face in his chest, and cried like a baby.

Brooke had been crying for what seemed like an eternity, as she floated endlessly in the barren, silent world that was to be her home forever. Now, she had no tears left, but she simply wanted to die; not because of this prison that she was trapped in, but because Sam wasn't with her. Brooke hated Nicole intensely for keeping Sam from her. But now, even the hatred was slowly seeping out of Brooke, because she was tired, and had no use for it in such a place as she was. 

When the light suddenly flashed before her, Brooke's heart leapt with joy, because she knew it was the portal opening for her to go back home. Brooke thought that perhaps it was Sam, or Lily, or even Harrison or Carmen calling her back. But Brooke knew that none of her friends had such tremendous power; only Nicole could open, and close the portal. It was Nicole calling her, but Brooke didn't care why, because she just wanted to go home to Sam.

Brooke had entered the swirling chasm before her, only to emerge once more inside the lab. Brooke was surprised to see her friends waiting for her; Carmen, Lily, Harrison, with Nicole in his arms. Then, Brooke saw Sam, lying lifelessly on a nearby table. Sam was covered in a white sheet, and she looked like a corpse.

Brooke was crying now, sobs making her tremble, her cries no longer human, yet still heart wrenching.

Brooke lovingly reached out with what she had; once human arms, now tentacles. Gently, Brooke gathered her beautiful senshi doll into herself, and held her close.  At the precise moment that Brooke took Sam into her tentacles, a great light flashed, engulfing her, and Sam completely. Lily, Carmen, Harrison, and Nicole were blinded by the sudden light's intensity, and quickly covered their eyes. When the foursome looked again, the monstrous shape was gone, only to be replaced by a very human, very beautiful Brooke once more, as she now kneeled on the floor with Sam in her arms.

If Brooke noticed that she was human once more, it didn't seem to matter to her. All that the blond senshi of love cared about was her beautiful, raven-haired senshi of fire, as she leaned down, and kissed her lover fully on the lips, "Sam....please wake up.....I need you.....I love you.....I can't live without you.....Sam.....please come back to me."

As if by some unexplained miracle, the stunningly beautiful, sleeping goddess of fire suddenly stirred, and moaned softly. Sam's dark lashes fluttered, her heavy lids slowly lifted, revealing her cerulean eyes once more, that tiredly gazed upward to see the love of her life, "Brooke...." the girl's voice was like the softest silken whisper, as it caressed her blond lover's smiling features, "Brooke." Brooke's response was her sudden cry of joy, and the numerous, loving kisses her full pink lips planted all over Sam's pale face. Finally, the golden senshi of love, kissed her fire goddess passionately on the lips once more.

After what seemed to be an eternity of the two girls kissing, Harrison interrupted them by clearing his throat, "it is so good to have you two back!"

"No," Brooke replied gravely, as she cuddled Sam tightly against her, "we can't stay here.....this isn't our world anymore."

"Are you kidding?" Harrison asked, shocked at Brooke's words.

"She's right, Harrison," Lily replied, "when you read the computer readouts on Brooke, and Sam, you'll see that she is right. Brooke, and Sam are no longer human; not even remotely. The two of them won't be able to abide our atmosphere for long. They have to go back soon."

"So...this is goodbye," Carmen said suddenly, as she stepped forward, got on her knees before Brooke, and Sam, and hugged them both at the same time, and began to cry, "I'm going to miss you both."

Brooke was so shocked at Carmen's behavior, that she started crying like a baby, "I thought you wouldn't want to touch me after seeing what kind of monster I had become, Carmen."

"I'll always love you no matter how awful either you or Sam get, Brooke," Carmen said amid laughter, and tears.

"Gee, thanks, Carmen," Sam said, as she began to giggle.

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Lily started wailing like a baby, as she too lunged forward, got on her knees, and hugged the surprised group, "I DON'T WANT YOU TO GOOOOOOO......I'LL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!"

"Oh, brother!" Harrison exclaimed, as he rolled his eyes, "aaaawwwww.....what the heck!" Harrison followed suit, as he too, kneeled beside the girls, and kissed each one of them on the cheek, and then enveloped them in his long, muscular arms.

"Time's up," Nicole said coldly, as she stood alone, arrogant, queenlike, a few feet from the crying, emotional pile her friends had become, "I can't keep the portal open for much longer."

Last minute hugs, and kisses were exchanged, as the group seperated into two; Harrison with his arms around Carmen, and Lily, then Brooke, who helped Sam get up off the floor, to stand upon weak, uncertain legs.

Brooke led Sam, her precious lover towards the dark, swirling void that was the portal to what was now their world. Brooke held a still weak Sam in her arms, as she turned, and looked at her friends one last time, "goodbye guys,  thanks, Nicole," then Brooke smiled.

Nicole smiled back at Brooke, and nodded.

Once more, Brooke's beautiful shape seemed to blur, then vanish, until she became a grayish, tentacled monster once more. The monster seemed to purr softly, as it lovingly cradled a still human Sam in its tentacles. Sam was smiling, as her small, pale hand caressed what could be called the monster's countenance. Then, the monster that was once Brooke, with Sam in its arms, floated up through the dark portal, vanishing forever amid the swirling waves of energy. Nicole waved her hand slowly, and closed the swirling, dark  portal, making it forever. Now it was as if it had never existed.

"Well, that went well," Harrison said as he kissed Nicole on the cheek, "I have to go, hun. I have to finish a thesis. See you later, Bunny."

"Oh, I have to go meet Ken for dinner," Carmen exclaimed, "I think I'm already late!"

"Share a cab with me?" Harrison asked Carmen as he offered her his arm, and bowed mockingly to her.

"Oh, my beating heart be still!" Carmen dawled flirtateously, as she took his arm, and both of them walked away laughing.

When Harrison, and Carmen left, Nicole quickly lost her cold, proud composure, and began to bawl like a tiny baby. Lily, always loving, and supportive, ran to her princess's side, kneeled, and took the grieving girl in her arms.

"Oh....Lily....she's gone now.....really gone.....forever.....I'll never see her again."

"Nicole," Lily whispered gently, "everything will be fine soon. I promise."

Without saying a word, Nicole embraced Lily, and kissed her fully, passionately on the lips. A bewildered Lily waited for her princess to gently end the kiss.

"Nicole?" Lily was shocked as she backed away from Nicole.

"I know that you are in love with me, Lily," Nicole said softly, "and I wish that I could feel the same way about you. I just wanted you to know that I do love you.....but not in the same way, and that I am so glad to have you with me."

"I understand, Nicole," Lily replied as she took Nicole into her arms, "and I meant what I said, my princess; don't worry, everything will be alright soon."

Neither girl said another word, but simply continued to hold each other.

chapter 5: Finding Love Again

Somewhere, an eternity away, on the outter fringes of the universe, on a dark, barren, solemn, forgotten world, a once sullen, sombre soul now moved in pure ecstacy, and joy.

Where once was sadness, trapped in the penumbral walls of a still human heart, was now filled with light, with the will to make a home of what was once her prison.

What was once a frail, weeping soul trapped in a monstrous form, was now a graceful, lithe creature that floated along on an invisible breeze, created by the constant flapping of her butterfly wings, as she was surounded by her flowing, endlessly long, golden locks of blond hair. A toothy grin lit her beautiful face, as she surveyed the panorama that was her kingdom; a perpetually twilight world of velvet black skies, dimly lit by two moons, one crimson, the other a pastel orange.

The ground was yellowish at times, or auburn, or black. A distant scene of inmense, dark mountains rose up against the violet sky. Sparse, white cumulus clouds dotted the sky now, and then, and a vast array of distant stars accompanied the two, gorgeous moons in lighting the constantly nocturnal sky.

Brooke's eyes glowed like diamonds, as she alighted upon the crest of one of the distant mountains that she had now made her home. What was once the senshi of love, and passion, had transformed from a grayish, many tentacled monster into a glorious, beautiful creature of enchantment; the beautiful, angelic-like, golden girl she had once been, but now with huge, multi-colored, butterfly wings.

Now, in this strange, distant place, Brooke was queen. The golden goddess had taken flight to survey her silent kingdom, and now she returned home, to the nest she had built, to the lover, and companion that waited for her, now trapped in the gentle arms of slumber.

Brooke landed softly, and her wings folded easily on her back, as she kneeled slowly next to her lover, to gaze upon the girl's sleeping form. Upon a plush blanket of exotic, multi-colored flowers, and newly born, thick, plush grass, lay in slumber, the miracle that had transformed the once bleak world, and it's sombre queen into things of beauty; a pale, voluptuous, stunningly beautiful girl with endlessly long, thick, wild raven hair, with full, ruby lips, and glowing sapphire eyes that awakened from sleep at her gorgeous lover's tender touch.

"Sam......my love," Brooke whispered with fragile passion, as her gentle fingers caressed her lover's obsidian locks, "Sam....."

"Yes....Brooke....?" came the velvet reply from moist, ruby lips that the golden queen loved to suck, and kiss in heated passion, and now spread into a soft smile.

"I love you so much, Sam....." the golden queen whispered back as she settled beside her ravishing senshi doll of fire, "you brought me back to life," Brooke said, with tears glistening in her blue eyes, as she wrapped her arms around Sam's curvaceous body, pulling her close, then kissing her in a passionate fervor, amid an increasing sexual vertigo, "I'm not alone anymore.....because of you......."

"Brooke......we aren't really going to be the only two people on this planet."

Brooke suddenly started to laugh, at the same time she was kissing Sam, and she had the silliest idea just fly through her head, "what....are we being invaded by aliens?"

"I'm pregnant."

For several seconds, Brooke's mind went blank. In any other circumstance, Brooke would have thought that perhaps her lover had cheated, and that Sam was pregnant by some man.....but.....BUT....she knew with a certainty beyond all doubts that Sam would NEVER have done such a thing to her, surely as she would never have betrayed her Sam for ANYONE else. Then, there was the time element; Brooke, and Sam had been on this new world for nearly a year now, and ALONE....so that pretty much summed up that the only other parent the child in Sam's womb could have was....


Sam's full lips slowly spread, reaching out, forming dimples so perfect as to decorate the enchanting smile forming, as she displayed her perfectly shaped, small, pearly white teeth, "I don't see anyone else around here, do you, Brooke?"

"But....Sam....we're both women.....how......?"

"Who cares, Brooke......is it important anyway?"

Brooke smiled, as she rolled her lover over, then lay on top of her beautiful senshi doll, "no, my love.....all that matters....is that its ours......"

Brooke simply began to kiss her gorgeous lover, and to let herself be carried away on a wave of passionate arousal.


It was just one more depressing day for Nicole, who spent nearly all her time now at the lab, because it was where she felt closest to Sam's memories," two weeks, three days, five hours, twenty minutes.....that's how long Sam has been gone......how am I going to live without her?" Nicole thought sadly.

Now, the beautiful, silvery blond princess spent most of her time reading the romance novels that Sam had loved so much. But one day, Lily walked into the library where Nicole sat, reading.

"Nicole, I have a surprise for you."

"You brought Sam back to me, Lily?"


"Then I'm not interested, Lily."

A determined Lily grabbed Nicole by the hair, "oh yes you are interested, Nicole.....after ALL THE WORK I DID.....you better believe you are interested.....you are going to see your surprise RIGHT NOW!"

"Lily.....LET ME GO!"

But Lily didn't let go of Nicole's long, blond hair, with which she had zestfully filled her small, pale fists, and now proceeded to drag her princess along in the most indignant manner imaginable. The two girls struggled fiercely, as they passed a newly arrived Harrison, and Carmen.

"More theatrics, don't you think, Carmen, darling?"

"Oh yes, Harrison, dear.....the children are never still."

"Should we restrain them, Carmen?"

"Oh most certainly not, Harrison. Let them express themselves. Itssupposed to be healthy for them!"

"So I suppose we should just continue planning your engagement party,Carmen dear?"

"Of course, Harrison daaawwwwwwllllliiiiinnnnnggggggg," Carmen dawled mockingly in response. Carmen, and her boyfriend of two years, Ken, had just become formally engaged, and were going to announce it at a party that Harrison was throwing for them.

"Your taste is SO exquisite, Harrison.....you should have been a woman."

"Exactly what I keep telling myself, Carmen.....I have the wrong plumbing."

"Oh, you would make a wonderful lesbian anyway, Harrison."


"Well.....you aren't going to tell me that if you were a woman you would be absolutely straight, Harrison?"

"Well.......I guess not.....I've never thought of it that way......"

"Then nothing is keeping you from being as much of a woman as you want to be, Harrison! And you never know......I happen to like tall, dark, muscular women........"

"Oh.....Carmen.....YOU SEXY FLIRT!"

Meanwhile, Lily dragged a very angry Nicole to the mini-lab where she conducted most of her experiments, quickly opened the door, and just rudely pushed her princess inside. Nicole was speechless, as she stood more like a statue, than a being of flesh, and blood, staring at the unexpected sight before her eyes; a stunningly beautiful, voluptuous, raven-haired, dormant Sailor Mars lying on top of a small table, her gorgeous body covered in a white bed sheet. A flood of crystal tears poured from Nicole's once pained blue eyes, and a cry of joy that would thunder through the halls of Lily's memory forever, was torn from Nicole's young throat.

Nicole threw herself bodily onto Sam's sleeping form, "you brought her back, Lily....YOU BROUGHT HER BACK!" Nicole got up, ran to Lily's side, and hugged her tightly, almost wailing as she did, "I don't know how you did it, Lily.....I don't care.....but you did.....thank you.....thank you....."

A blushing, embarrassed Lily stepped back from an enthusiastic Nicole's arms, "well.....Nicole.....its not quite what you think....."

"Its Sam, Lily...."

"But not exactly YOUR Sam, Nicole."

"Oooooohhhh.....she is MOST definitely MINE, Lily!"


"Stop stuttering, Lily, and just tell Bunny how you did it, alright already, Lily!"

Harrison exclaimed, as he stepped into the mini-lab. "I found a way to open a portal to an alternate dimension, where we have alter egos that are exactly like us. The portal I opened was to a time-line where earth was devastated by a great evil, and Tuxedo Mask, and three of the Sailors were all dead. Only two were left; Sam, and Brooke. I managed to rescue them from death by transfering them here to our world."

Lily was so breathless, that she swooned into Harrison's waiting arms.

"You are a great genius, Lily," Harrison said with a smile, seeming suddenly very effeBrookete, as he cuddled the shortest of the Sailors, "but you are so silly sometimes."

"So....this isn't my Sam...." Nicole said sadly.

Suddenly, Sam, the sleeping beauty stirred, her curvaceous body movine, causing sensuous folds in the sheet covering her. Sam's raven locks moved with her, falling around her gorgeous face, around her pale breasts, soft shoulders. Sam moaned softly, as velvety sighs escaped from her throat. Sam's eyes opened, as her thick, long, dark lashes fluttered several times, until her vision cleared, and her deep gaze fell on Nicole. For what seemed an eternity, but was only a few seconds, Sam was silent, then she started to cry like a child, as sobs shook her slender form,

".....Nic?" Sam's voice was strangled, "but you're dead.....I saw you die.....I wasn't able to save you...."

Nicole's heart, filled with love, with passion, and desire, was moved with tenderness, and pity towards the woman she loved more than anything in her life, even if it was confusing that this was another Sam....it didn't matter; it was still Sam....HER Sam. Nicole sat on the table, next to the crying girl, and hugged her tightly, "don't cry, baby....its me....I'm alive.....everything is just fine...." Nicole was no longer able to hold back her desire, as she tilted the girl's head towards her, and then kissed Sam, covering the girl's ruby lips with her own pink ones.

"Nic?" a confused Sam managed to pull back for a second from Nicole's hungry lips, "but you said that you didn't love me that way......and it hurt me so much because I'm in love with you."

"Um.....Sam.....I'm not THAT Nicole......your Nicole was probably straight...and dead.....but I am VERY much alive, and a lesbian....and madly in love with you."

"Nic.....don't make me suffer anymore......" Sam couldn't stop sobbing, "I don't know what is going on.....this must all be some kind of hallucination.....I saw you die.......with Harrison...."

"Stop that!" Harrison cried, as he literally began to shiver, "I am NOT DEAD.....well at least I'm not....but that poor guy is.......so will you take her somewhere private and EXPLAIN the situation to her, Bunny?"

Sam almost fainted at the sight of a very much alive Harrison.

"Sam," Nicole helped Sam get up slowly from the table that she had been lying on, "I'll explain everything....I have a room here in the lab....I'm going to take you there, and we can talk."

Sam nodded silently, as she got up from her bed, and gathered the sheet that covered her, up around herself, and let Nicole's arms wrap themselves around her. Nicole took the girl in her arms, and slowly, the two of them walked out of the mini-lab, and disappeared down the long hall, just as Carmen walked into the mini-lab.

"Sam is still weak," Lily said worriedly, as she watched the princess, and the beautiful senshi of fire leave the mini-lab, I should follow them, and make sure that Nicole doesn't try to......"

A huge, manly hand covered Lily's pink mouth, thus silencing her, preventing her from finishing her thought pattern, "no....Lily," Harrison said gravely, "you aren't going anywhere. Sam can take care of herself."

"But....."Lily managed to say briefly, when she took Harrison's hand from her mouth.

Once more, Harrison silenced Lily, but this time, he used his lips instead.

Harrison pulled the senshi of water quickly into his strong arms, and kissed the girl for quite a long time, as he held her fast, trapped within his powerful embrace.

Harrison could afford himself of kissing Lily for quite a long time, because he was breathing through his nose, but Lily wasn't so knowing of erotic ways, and was quickly struggling against the handsome hero, till she freed herself enough to breathe.


"Don't you breathe though your nose when you kiss, Lily?"


"Oh, my God....." Harrison exclaimed, mockingly, in an exaggerated, effeBrookete manner, as he looked up at the newly arrived Carmen, "I can't BELIEVE it......Carmen.....our little Lily IS STILL A VIRGIN!"

"OH NO!" Carmen screamed in reply, also mockingly, laughing, "there MUST be a cure for such a dreaded desease!"

"Of course there is!" Harrison replied, with an evil grin on his handsome face, "ME!"

"What?" Lily's dark eyes nearly popped out of her pretty head, "no......wait.....hey......YOU'RE GAY!"

"Of course I am, Lily," Harrison said with glowing eyes, as he took the girl into his muscular arms, lifting her easily up, and over his shoulder caveman style, "I'm a LESBIAN!"

"PUT ME DOWN, Harrison!" Lily yelled at the top of her voice, "put me DDDDOOOOOOWWWWNNNNN!"

Meanwhile, Carmen laughed hysterically, as she watched Lily struggle, and cry out for help, while Harrison walked down the hall with her, headed towards HIS  room.

Carmen was laughing so hard, that she didn't notice a soft presence a few feet away, watching her in deep shock, and surprise.

"Carmen? Is that you? Is it really you?"

Suddenly, Carmen stopped laughing, because she recognized the voice that had spoken from behind her, "Brooke?" Carmen turned to find Brooke standing a few feet away from her, and just like Sam, wrapped in a white bed sheet, "I thought you were never coming back....." Carmen stopped speaking, as she realized that this was "ANOTHER" Brooke, not the one that Nicole had sent away, not "their" Brooke, "I mean......you, and Sam are......" Carmen watched the look of surprise on Brooke's face turn to one of utter confusion, "no....our Sam, and Brooke are gone for good....." Carmen's eyes gazed sadly at the girl who stood before her; it was almost as if Brooke had never left, it was the same golden-angelic vision of gentle beauty that her dear friend, the senshi of love had always been, "you're exactly like her....its almost as if Brooke never left."

"I AM NOT ANOTHER Brooke! I AM Brooke!"

Carmen was startled by the beautiful blond's sudden, angry, fierce outburst, and a wave of guilt washed over her heart, as her beautiful face was drowned in a shadow, "uh.....of course, Brooke.....I'm sorry.....I never meant to....." Carmen was at a sudden loss for words, for a way to apologize for her callous comment, so she stepped back, then turned with the intention of leaving, "I had better go....."

"No!" Brooke cried suddenly, "Carmen.....wait....PLEASE DON'T GO!" Brooke's voice was a wail of pain, a plea torn from her bleeding heart. Brooke's deep, blue gaze moved up, and down Carmen's figure, as if trying to assure herself that this was really her friend.

Tall, gorgeous, voluptuous Carmen, with long, wild, wavy, golden-auburn hair that fell about her pale shoulders, her long, swan neck, and framed her exquisitely beautiful, fine-featured face, with big, glowing, emerald eyes, outlined with long, thick, raven lashes, with moist, full, ruby lips, with seemingly endless, curvaceous legs, tiny waist, with firm, round, supple breasts, with slender arms, with pale, graceful hands; unbelievably feminine, beautiful Carmen dressed in a tight, short, black dress that seemed to have been poured onto her as a thick, clinging, dark liquid that outlined her exquisite curves, was the EXACT opposite of the woman that had been Brooke's lover in her own world.

The Carmen that Brooke had loved was tall, lean, well muscled, masculine, with short, dark-brown hair, with piercing, green eyes, with strong, callused hands, and always dressed in men's clothes. The Carmen that Brooke had once called her lover was a strong, aggressive, possessive, jealous, determined woman; brave, brash, violent at times, dominating the beautiful, blond senshi of love in bed, and everyday life. Now, an awe-struck, confused Brooke tried to understand, to somehow believe that this wondrous sight before her actually existed; a stunningly beautiful, feminine, curvaceous Carmen. Brooke shook her head, trying to understand, but couldn't. There was only one answer; her Carmen was gone forever. Her world was also gone. In this place she really was "another" Brooke, and not the original one that this vision of beauty had known as the goddess of love. But Brooke drowned out her turmoil, her sadness, as she spoke to her heart in a voice of hope; yes, the Carmen she had known was gone, but still Carmen was here, this Carmen, who suddenly filled the blond senshi of love with longing, with desire, with deep lust.

Carmen, on the other hand, was getting extremely nervous, uneasy at the lustful, hungry stares that Brooke was giving her, and had discreetly stepped back several feet, and was about to leave, "I have to go.....my boyfriend, Josh is waiting for me...." the tall beauty said, stressing the word "boyfriend," with particular force.

But suddenly, Carmen's concentration was broken, when the cell phone in her purse began to ring insistently, urgently. Carmen delicately opened her purse, took out the cellphone with her long, elegant, slender fingers, and placed it next to her ear.

Brooke watched in pure rapturous wonder, every one of Carmen's moves, and gestures. Brooke shook her head slightly; "it feels so strange," the senshi of love said to herself, "Carmen is so feminine.....so delicate......but I think that I can get used to this.....to her...." Brooke was smiling now, as the sadness, and the dark memories of the past seemed to fade away, as her cerulean gaze moved up, and down the figure of the senshi of thunder, who stood before her, completely absorbed in a conversation on her cell phone, "it doesn't matter.....this is still Carmen.....MY Carmen......and I don't care how many times she screams "boyfriend" in my face......I won't let her go....I'll chase her till she drops..." now, Brooke was truly smiling, more of a toothy grin, as her heart fluttered, as her skin broke out in an endless sea of goose bumps, and a delightful tingling began to form between her legs, "after all I am the goddess of love.....I'll just zap her with my most powerful love spell, and she won't even look at another man for the rest of OUR lives......" now, Brooke was absolutely beaming, "I'm getting her into bed in about five minutes."

Meanwhile, Carmen was enveloped in her own world, as she spoke to her handsome lover, who was on the other side of the cell phone, and Brooke was quietly watching her.

"Josh....Darling," Carmen's vioce was playful, seductive, and it seemed to tickle Brooke's insides, so that she began to tremble, "yes, Josh....but what is it?" although, Brooke couldn't hear Ken's voice, she didn't want to, and didn't care, because the goddess of love was riding a wave of sheer pleasure, caused by the velvety notes of Carmen's sultry voice.

But Brooke was awakened from her erotic revelry, when she noticed Carmen's stance change from one of erotic, languid ease, to a sudden stiffening of her voluptuous body, as even the face of the senshi of thunder showed sudden anger, "What do you mean the engagement is OFF, Josh Ford?" Carmen's voice was rising in timbre, making it forceful, as her demeanor then changed to rage, to reddened, sculpted cheeks, "how can you do this to me, you BASTARD?"

Brooke was shocked at the force in Carmen's voice, at how her full lips trembled in rage, at how her auburn mane swept suddenly off her ivory shoulders, "what do you mean I'm PUSHY? How DARE you say that I'm too BUTCH!" Carmen's once calm brow was furrowed in lines of rage, turning her once serene face into a valley of destruction, "I swear,Josh......right now I really could KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!" Brooke's heart jumped with joy, because now Carmen was free, "oh, like I would ever marry a COWARD like you, Ken!" Carmen screamed into the cell phone.

At that moment, a very aroused Brooke was suddenly reminded of the other Carmen's quick, forceful temper, "they are so alike deep inside," Brooke said to herself. "Well you started this argument, Josh Ford, and I am going to finish it!" Carmen's ire had grown to gigantic proportions now, "you are the WORST lover that I have EVER known, and I have had a few more than I ever told you.....and you can't even get that STUPID excuse for a PENIS to work half the time anyway! What? I'M being offensive NOW? Half the time I had to BITE my lip to keep from LAUGHING! THAT'S how bad of a lover you are, Josh," Carmen was now leaning against the wall, thick, crystal tears were running from her glowing, green eyes, as she tried desperately to keep her voice even so that not even a whimper escaped her lips, "NO! Now I'M the one who's turning YOU down! GO TO HELL, YOU BASTARD!" then, Carmen literally crushed the cell phone in her trembling fingers, as Brooke suddenly felt the wild urge to laugh, and applaud.

Carmen was sobbing now, because not only had her pride been hurt, her heart was shattered into a million pieces. Carmen had been deeply in love with Josh, and he had suddenly abandoned her, like so many of her lovers; all had just turned their backs on her, without reason, without pity for her. Carmen was just sick, and tired of men in general, and just sick of being alive. For once, Carmen wished that she wasn't immortal.

Thick tears ran down Carmen's smooth, pink cheeks, down her fine nose, and outlining her full lips. Brooke was no longer able to hold back her desire, as she rushed forward, and latched onto the beautiful senshi of thunder, "oh....Carmen, please don't cry.....he didn't deserve you......you are too beautiful, to wonderful for him......but you aren't alone.....I love you.....I'll never, NEVER leave you.....I'll be with you forever! Please love me back, Carmen.....please." Brooke exclaimed, as she trembled, as she bared her passion, her love to the woman she loved, and desired desperately.

"But.....wait.....I'm not a......I.....I" Carmen looked down, amid tears, and sniffles at the beautiful girl who had embraced her. Carmen was about to reject the blond girl's advances, to tell Brooke that she was straight, that she could never love her that WAY. But then, Carmen's mind raced back to memories of all her other lovers, all men, all proud, all promising devotion, yet none had ever looked at her the way that Brooke was now looking at her; with utter, deep, hopeless desire, need, and love. Carmen shook her head, as she realized that if she turned Brooke away, she would regret it for eternity, that she would never find another love so deep, so true as the one this girl offered her. So, Carmen made the wise decision of keeping the beautiful, blond senshi forever.

Carmen looked down into hopeful, anxious blue eyes that crowned Brooke's loving, beautiful face, and then she smiled, "Yes, Brooke....I love you back.....I won't ever leave you," Carmen realized that she was forever the loving prisoner of this beautiful, gentle creature that she had in her arms.

"Carmen......oh.....my God.....Carmen...." Brooke whispered with fervor, as the golden goddess stood on her toes, as the gorgeous, tall senshi of thunder kicked off her high-heel pumps, and leaned down, deeper into pink, hungry lips of a lovesick goddess of love that sought out her own full, ruby lips, "oh....Carmen.....will you marry me?" Brooke's eager arms tightened around Carmen's small waist, as Brooke leaned deeper into her plush curves.

"Huh? You want to marry me? Really, Brooke?"

"I don't want to be seperated from you ever again, Carmen!"

A slow, beautiful smile dawned upon Carmen's full, red lips, as tears seemed to glisten in her emerald eyes, as she wound her arms around the her blond senshi's slender, warm body, drawing the lovesick girl deeper into the warm, voluptuousness of her beautiful body, "yes, Brooke, my love....I'll mary you,"

Carmen lowered her head, her thick, auburn mane raining down like a mantle around her, around a trembling Brooke, and she slowly kissed the blond senshi, sending the girl deeper into desire, arousing her to the point of desperation.

"Oh....Carmen," Brooke sighed, "please....lets go to your room....or mine....now.....I need to make love to you!"

"Well you already are naked, Brooke," Carmen replied, the sound of her musical laugh seeming to rise, and fall like a wanton ocean wave.

"Carmen.....don't torture me.....please....."

"I guess the engagement party is still on," Carmen said, as she walked out of the mini-lab, and down the hall slowly, because Brooke was completely tangled in her body, "my room is closer."

At that very instant, an exhausted, sweaty, blond princess named Nicole reached the twilight of the heavens, the peak of pleasure; Nirvana, as she exploded in orgasmic pleasure, as she ground herself into Sam's endlessly soft, warm, plush body, into her silken skin, into her gentle, slender arms. Nicole sighed audibly, as she lay beside the queen of her heart, Sam, the goddess of fire, "oh.....Sam.....I love you so much.....I thought I had lost you forever."

"I love you too,Nic.....forever."

Suddenly, Lily's screams, and the sounds of her struggle frighten the two beautiful lovers, who quickly get up from the bed they were laying on, and still nude, they run to the door of the room, open, and look out. Nicole, and Sam started laughing, when they saw a hopelessly, and now almost totally effeminate Harrison walk by with a struggling, stubborn Lily thrown over his back. Harrison set Lily down a little further down the hall, in front of the door to his room. Then Harrison proceeded to take the angry senshi of water in his powerful arms, and kiss her almost to perdition. When Harrison released Lily, she was smiling. Then Harrison opened the door to his room, and led his beautiful, new lover inside.

The sound of giggling, and soft murmurs came from down the hall, as both Carmen, and Brooke walked by, tangled in each other's arms, and stopped before the door to Carmen's room. The two, young women began to kiss, as an impatient, desperate Brooke opened the door, and pushed her gorgeous senshi of thunder inside, and then followed, closing the door behind her.

Nicole, and Sam looked at each other, and started to laugh once more, "Lily told me that everything was going to be alright, Sam," Nicole said with a smile.

"I guess it looks like a happy ending for everyone, Nic......"

"For all of us, Sam.....for all of us....."

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