Gilmore Girls In Between Madness and Lust, Love Gently Sways (R/P)


Popular Neanderthal Day at Kennedy High (S/B)
Random Musings From A Blond Perspective (S/B)
Clueless About Love (AU) (S/B)
she cried.... Original Ending (?/?)
she cried.... Alternate Ending (?/?)
Return to Me (S/B)
The Rise and Fall of Samantha McPherson (S/B)
In the Shade of Bast (S/B)
Love's Winning Ways (S/B)
Divided Hearts (S/B)
The Whereabouts Of Love (AU) (S/B)
The Stolen Soul (S/B)
Dark Wantings (AU) (S/B)
A Tired Heart's Desire (AU) (S/B)
Details of Despair (S/B)
That Beguiling Emotion (S/B)
Dream Upon A Breeze (S/B)
Addicted to Brooke! (S/B)
When Love Comes Running Back (S/B)
Trivial Disturbances On the Way To Sam's Heart (S/B)
There She Goes (S/B)
Words of Destruction (S-B)
Til Shadows Come (S/B)
So This Is Love (S/B)
Love's Least Wanted (S/B)
Yesterday is Forever (S/B)
Window Talk (L/MC)
The Legend of Windy Hall (?/?)
No Particular Place To Go (S/B)
Brooke McQueen’s Wedding (S/B)
WIP My Girl Lollipop (S/B)

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