Title: Clueless About Love (or.....how to fall in love in less than a week)

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

AU: out of character; the popular cast is acting in a film about high school and love

(A "POPULAR," wannabee story)


film by Balticbard corporation.

produced, directed, filmed, edited, written, by Balticbard


Samantha McPherson as Megan Walker
Brooke McQueen as Lisa Larkins
Principle Krupps as Principal Whitely
Lily Esposito as Georgette Gonzalez
Harrison Joe as Hermes Zane
Bio Glass as School Nurse

Day 1

Stunningly beautiful Megan Walker sighed audibly, as she held her books tightly to her chest, and walked into the new highschool that she would be attending; Aldan High. Megan had just recently transferred from her old highschool, Johnston, in Willsonville, Nebraska, because her mom,  Lana Walker a real estate attorney, had gotten a new job in Bonita Lurks, Colorado.

It was a cloudy, sad Tuesday that greeted the solemn Megan, who took the long way around the new school, and ended up on the playing field, still clutching her three books, and her notebook. Megan's long, wild mane flew gently about her shoulders, as she continued to walk, mentally trapped in her dark revelry; her memories of her old school, and how she would miss her friends.

"Hey you, stupid! Get out of the way!"

"Watch were you're walking, BIMBO!"

Megan looked to see several runners pass by her in a flurry, and that she was now standing almost in the middle of the track where they raced by, "sorry," she mumbled, and then walked on. Megan managed to work up enough enthusiasm to look around her, and then she saw something that changed her life completely; some distance away, wearing a baseball uniform, and in midpitch, stood a tall, slender, dark haired young man with a beautiful face, who glanced at her, and smiled, showing a row of broad, white teeth that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, making it look like a commercial for toothpaste.  Megan felt her heart flutter, then race madly, her knees felt weak, and about to explode, her stomach was suddenly nauseous, and she had a knot in her throat; all classic symptoms of falling in love at first sight with the handsome pitcher of the baseball team of Aldan Highschool. Megan couldn't help herself, as she smiled back at the young man, not seeing him in a baseball uniform anymore, but clad in shining armor, weilding a golden sword, "who is that?" the girl asked someone who stood close by.

"That is Hermes Zane," the field attendant said proudly, "our star pitcher.....he wins all the baseball games for the school."

"Oh," was all that Megan could say.

Megan walked on, in a total daze, as her beautiful, green eyes became plastered to Hermes, to his graceful, coordinated moves, as he pitched the ball, as he drew back his arm, as he pushed his baseball cap to one side. Megan was so involved in her daydream of Hermes Zane, that she didn't notice that she had walked the area of the field where the football team practiced, and that several, tall, muscular football players had actually stopped playing, and were staring at her in wonder, in silent rapture, ogling her. Megan walked on, still fawning over Hermes Zane, picturing herself in a wedding dress, in a chapel, marrying him, while he wore his baseball uniform, and she was so dazed, that she didn't see the highjumpers, and runners were ogling her with deep appreciation, with stupefied looks on their faces, for alas, they had never seen such a magnificent, beautiful creature in all of their athletic lives. Megan continued to walk on, trapped in her own private universe that had only one star; Hermes Zane, who was making her trembling heart go super-nova. Megan was so dazed, so deeply in love that she didn't notice that the entire cheerleading squad of shapely, tall, beautiful blond girls had actually stopped practicing, and were mumbling to each other, ogling, awwing, and even whistling, as they took in her hour glass figure, her incredibly tiny waist, her long, curvaceous legs, her firm derriere, her firm, round bosom, her long, thick, wild, silky, golden brown hair that danced upon her shoulders, her pale-rose kissed, unblemished, silken skin. Megan just kept walking aimlessly, still trapped in thoughts of her newly found hero, Hermes, when she suddenly bumped into someone, then simply tripped them.

"Oh....I.....I'm so sorry," Megan breathed quickly, as she woke from her spell, and looked down to see a cheerleader sitting unceremoniously on the grass, "I wasn't looking where I was going," Megan quickly dropped her books to the ground, then leaned down, and took the cheerleader by the arm, and helped her get up.

"Its okay," the tall, beautiful, slender, blue-eyed, blond cheerleader replied with a winning smile bordering more on silly, and goofy, as she stared rapturously at the ravishing brunette standing before her, "no problem.....what's your name?" Lisa Larkins wasn't just beautiful; she was gorgeous; with pale, blond, shoulder length hair, lightly tanned, soft skin, and sparkling, sapphire eyes that that caught the sunlight in the most interesting way. Lisa Larkins was so gorgeous, that she was a shoo-in for as the next prom queen. But now, Lisa stood in absolute awe, for standing before her was a girl of greater beauty than herself.

"My name is Megan Walker.....this is my first day here."

"I'm Lisa Larkins," the slightly taller cheerleader replied, feeling a thrill of pleasure run through her agile, firm body at the girl's sultry voice, at the sound of her name, "oh.....she is so beautiful.....more beautiful than anything I have ever seen in my entire life," Lisa was thinking, as she felt her heart beat madly, as she trembled, and her nipples hardened under her brassiere, and a generous wetness manifested itself between her legs, "oh......I'm in love.....I've never felt like this before," Lisa thought to herself. It was true; Lisa had never felt such desperation, such intense yearning, and desire for anyone, "love.....at first sight....I didn't believe in it, but I do now."

"Hey....Lisa.....stop talking to your little friend, and get back to practice," the captain of the cheerleading squad called out angrily.

"I'm sorry I got her mad at you," Megan said apologetically, as she picked up her books, and piled them back onto her arms.

"I have to go," Lisa said reluctantly, feeling a great vacuum in her heart already as she knew that Megan was about to leave, "welcome to Aldan...."

"Thanks," Megan said with a smile gracing her full, moist, ruby lips.

"Oh....." Lisa thought her head was spinning, "I'm madly, helplessly in love with Megan," she thought, "I wish that I could show you around," Lisa said out loud.

"That's okay," Megan said nonchalantly.

"Oh.....I really mean that.....I wish I could help you," Lisa was melting, and dreaming that she was wearing her cheerleader uniform, and marrying Megan, who was wearing a wedding dress, "I hope I see you again....um....I mean.....I hope I have you in some of my classes," Lisa was blushing deeply, "I'm in love with her.....and I swear she's going to be exclusively mine.....whether she's gay or not.....I'm going to marry her!"

"Me too," Megan said quietly.

"See you later, Megan," Lisa reluctantly turned to go back to the rest of the cheerleaders.

"Bye, Lisa," Megan replied, as she turned, and walked away towards the school entrance.

Megan entered the school building, almost wanting to vomit at the sight of gray-painted walls, and sighing sadly, as she recalled her old highschool, Johnston, and its ravishing, canary-yellow roof, and neo-lavendar walls. Then, Megan thought of Hermes, her heart did a pitter-patter beat, and Johnston, all of its memories faded, and she was glad to be at Aldan, so glad indeed, that she bumped into someone else now, "I'm sorry.....I just can't seem to watch where I'm going."

"No problem," a sweet voice replied.

Megan Walker looked up to see who had spoken; it was a young girl, the same height as herself, about five foot, seven inches, with light, coffee colored skin, dark eyes, long, raven hair tied in two, thick braids that hung on each side of her head. Megan smiled, and the girl smiled back, both liking each other instantly, thus feeling that special moment called; "instant bestfriendship at first sight."

"I'm Megan Walker.....this is my first day here."

"I'm Georgette Gonzalez," the pretty girl replied with a huge smile, "I hope you like it here."

"Are you Spanish, Georgette?"

"Yep. Puerto Rican, Megan.....and you?"

"I'm from Nebraska, Georgette."

"What's your first class for today, Megan?"


"Wow.....me too.....can I see your class schedule?"

"Yeah," Megan took out a yellow slip of paper that was her class schedule, and showed it to Georgette, "here.....look."

Georgette scanned the yellow paper quickly, and her dark eyes lit up, "oh....like.....wow....you're in all of my classes, Megan. Wow. That is so cool, even."

"Yeah....cool, Georgette....we can hang out, even."

"Hey.....Megan....like....this is a sign or something.....we should be best friends or something....cool?"

"Great.....Georgette.....cool.....why not?.....Um.....Georgette.....can you tell me about.....Hermes Zane?"

"Sure," Georgette replied with a smile, pleased that she finally had a real best friend, "he's the star pitcher, and he always helps win all of the school's baseball games, and he's really cute, but stuck up, and he has a gazillion girlfriends."

"Well.....uh.....Georgette....guess its time to fess up, and come out of the closet."

"What, Megan.....you're gay?"

"NO! I'm in love with Hermes.....and I want to be his only girlfriend......eh.....and I'm going to start planning right away on how to get him. I'm going to make him fall in love with me, and make him want me as his only girlfriend."

"Oh." Georgette had the oddest feeling suddenly, as if she had just walked into a lot of trouble, "what are you going to do?"

"When does Hermes have lunch, Georgette?"

"After third period, Megan."

"Like....WOW! That's like great, even....that's when I have lunch, Georgette. I can start working on Hermes today, even.....I'll just sit with him at his table, and flirt with him."

Georgette Gonzalez just rolled her dark eyes, and sighed in exasperation, realizing that she had landed a best friend with a Hermes complex, and that she was the girl's new confidante on how to conquer the most stuck-up, beautiful, but arrogant, and over-bearing stud at Aldan "he's cute, Megan....but he ain't all that....he's so full of....."

"Hermes is gorgeous," Megan interjected.

"Hermes always sits by himself, Megan.....no one goes near him....its the rule. Here at Aldan....the baseball team is more important than the football team."

"I'm the new girl, Georgette....I can break all of the rules."

"Uh....oh," Georgette whispered to herself.

"Come on, Georgette, let's get to biology.....we can meet Hermes for lunch later," Megan said happily, as she dragged her new friend away to class.

Unbeknownst to both girls, someone had been listening to their entire conversation, and had entirely different plans for Megan Walker; Lisa, the cheerleader had been standing close by. Lisa had just started discreetly stalking Megan. Lisa had also discovered much to her delight, that she was in all of Megan's classes. Now, Lisa began to plan ahead, on how to ruin Megan's first attempt to win the heart of the irresistible Hermes Zane.

Two hours later, in the huge, Aldan High cafeteria, tall, lean, with dark, mischievous eyes, with thick, wavy, brown hair, beautiful Hermes Zane sat at his lunch table, eating alone, surveying his kingdom, eyeing the girls sitting close by. Hermes Zane knew that he was the king of Aldan, and the most desired, pursued young man in the entire school. Hermes had dated, and bedded almost every desireable girl at Aldan, with the exception of the cheerleading squad, which didn't like him because they were either bisexual, or lesbian. But Hermes Zane didn't care, because the young man had only two goals in life; to become a pitcher with the big leagues someday, and to date, bed, then fuck every girl at Aldan who wasn't a lesbian, which thankfully were very, very few.


Hermes looked up at the voice, and was immediately delighted; before him stood the new girl, Megan Walker, who was from this day on, undisputedly the most beautiful, beguiling girl in all of Aldan High, and all the guys wanted to date her, "well....hi yourself," Hermes replied with a feral smile.

"Is this seat taken?" Megan asked, in what she hoped was her most sultry voice, as she smiled her best smile, making her full, ruby lips curl into a sensual display.

"Why of course," Hermes said gallantly, as he stood up a bit, and indicated the seat closest to him, "sit here instead....its a lot closer to me," Hermes was excited, because he had never seen a more beautiful girl in all of his life, and only Lisa Larkins, the cheerleader came close to Megan in beauty, but of course Lisa couldn't stand the sight of him. No. But it was obvious that Megan Walker was straight, and straight out of a dream.

Sitting right behind Hermes Zane's table, was Lisa Larkins, watching the display between Hermes, and Megan. Lisa wasn't eating her food, because she was just too nauseous at what she saw; Hermes, and Megan were delighted with each other, flirting dangerously, and becoming chemically bonded to each other. Lisa was desperate, because she wanted the ravishing Megan for herself, and she didn't know what to do to stop Hermes. Then, Lisa had a brilliant idea, and on the spur of the moment, she looked up at the boy eating across from her at the table, "hey........STUPID!"

"What?" the boy asked innocently.

"Go to hell!" Lisa yelled at the boy, and threw her entire plate of food at his stunned face.

The angry boy looked at Lisa with rage, and hatred, then took his plate of peach pie, and hurled it at her. Lisa ducked quickly, thus avoiding the flying peach pie, which then literally hit Megan Walker on the face. Hermes, who at that moment was involved in a deep flirting session with Megan, stepped back abruptly as the peach pie hit Megan's beautiful countenance, and frowned, as his inspiration with her just simply flattened out. Hermes didn't like peach pie, and Megan turned him off suddenly, so that he stepped back. Megan was enraged upon seeing her conquest turn in repulsion away from her, so that she turned towards the boy who had struck her, who now apologized repeatedly. Megan lifted the plate of food on her own tray, and hurled it at the boy. Hermes immediately sensed a gigantic food fight in the making, and quickly left the cafeteria. Indeed, Hermes was right in his initial thought; someone did yell; FOOD FIGHT, and the entire cafeteria erupted into a gigantic war zone, with food of all imaginable shapes, colors, and sizes flew around the huge structure. Megan Walker then tried to do what any teenager would; avoid getting even more food on her; she knelt down, and tried to crawl out of the cafeteria. But Megan's intentions were immediately foiled, as a hand came from below the table, and dragged her underneath.

"Hey....what?" Megan was terrified.

"Oh.....Megan," a husky voice said with apparent arousal, and need.

"Lisa? What are you doing under this table? What is going on? Uh.....why are you looking at me that way?"

Lisa Larkin said nothing more, as she literally grabbed Megan, threw her down on the floor, and climbed on top of her, "Megan.....I love you......you are so sexy," Lisa had started groping, and fondling the beautiful brunette with the eagerness of a hormonal, aroused boy.

"HHHEEEEYYYYY!' Megan yelled, "STOP THAT! I'm straight.....Lisa....stop.....oh crap!"

Megan was unable to utter another word, because Lisa had started to kiss her intensely. Megan proceeded to faint.

Half an hour later, three, enraged cafeteria attendants, a boy named Jack who threw peach pie at Megan, Lisa Larkins, Megan, all stood in the elegant office of Principle Whitely of Aldan High.

"Now, what the hell is going on here?" tall, handsome, occasionally befuddled, Mr. Whitely asked angrily.

"This new brat has ruined the cafeteria," one of the cafeteria attendants said angrily, as she pointed to a blushing, shamed Megan Walker.

"Really?" Whitely was almost fuming now.

"Um....well.....Mr. Whitely.....I....well this guy threw peach pie in my face! I had to defend myself!" Megan said defensively, plaintively, as she pointed to the boy named Jack.

"You have a week's detention, young man!" Mr. Whitely yelled at the boy, who started crying, and left the office, "Mrs. Jones, Mrs. James, Mrs. Johnson," Mr. Whitely addressed the three, angry cafeteria attendants, "I apologize for this mess."

The three cafeteria attendants smiled, then sighed, then left, all dreamy-eyed because Whitely, handsome, irresistible, and virile, had apologized, and smiled at them.

"Alright, Ms. Walker.....this is your first day here....and you have already begun to cause trouble!' Whitely said angrily to the young, brunette.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Whitely," Megan replied, head bowed.

"You said that your face was covered with peach pie, Ms. Walker. Did you go to the restroom to wash it off?"

"No, Mr. Whitely....I didn't have the chance to."

"Eh.....then....why is your face so clean.....where is the pie, Ms. Walker?"

"Um....well......oh.....um....." Megan was deeply embarrassed, and blushing profusely.

"Well.....answer me, young lady!" Whitely yelled.

"Lisa licked the pie off my face, Mr. Whitely," Megan replied ashamedly, as she looked down.

Principal Whitely looked blankly at Megan for several minutes, as his brain tried to process the information the girl had just given him. Whitely then looked over at Lisa, who was grinning broadly, her eyes dancing with mischief, and triumph. Then, Whitely finally understood, blushed, became flustered, and angry, "very well, Ms. Walker, Ms. Larkins....go back to your classes.....and....Ms. Walker.....you are permanently banned from entering the cafeteria ever again!"

Day 2

special guest star; Nicole Julian as librarian

Georgette Gonzalez nodded dumbly, as she listened to Megan, her new best friend, go on, and on about her obsession, Hermes Zane, "maybe I should get a new best friend," Georgette said to herself, as she watched Megan with obvious boredom, "crap.....nobody likes me enough.....I'm stuck with Megan."

"Oh.....Georgette.....Hermes is so tall, and his hair has the most perfect waves.....and have you noticed he has a cleft in his chin? Isn't that just cool, even?"

Georgette, and Megan were in English class, and the teacher wasn't exactly teaching; sort of sleeping, and she had given the class a free period. So Megan had just taken the opportunity to explode on her obsession with Hermes, "hey....Georgette....I've got a plan to get him to notice me....I'm gonna try it out today!"

"Please.....Megan.....don't......look at what happened to you yesterday," Georgette had the oddest feeling, that Megan was headed for a second trip to Whitely's office.

"This one is easy.....foolproof even, Georgette," Megan said enthusiastically, "I've been following Hermes around, and....."

"YOU'RE STALKING HIM?" Georgette exclaimed, horrified.

"Well.....yes....so.....um.....stop yelling alright already, Georgette!"

"You need to see a shrink, Megan!" Georgette wanted to try, and pry Hermes from Megan's mind, but it was proving to be a useless endeavor.

"Are you going to listen or hype, Georgette?"

"Okay.....okay.....I'm listening, Megan. What's the new plan?"

"Well.....Hermes spends a lot of time in the library.....around fifth period," Megan said quickly, "I'm skipping that class.....I think its math, and I'm going to trap him in the library. All I need is an hour with him to convince him to be my boyfriend."

"Megan.....why are you doing this? I am so totally confused, even.....with your looks you don't have to beg some over-rated, stuck up stud.....you can have someone who's a lot more accessible....Hermes isn't the only guy on earth......you could even get a chic instead of a guy!"

"You finished bullshitting around, Georgette?"

"Yeah, Megan."

"Okay.....anyway.....I even know where Hermes sits.....right behind this huge bookshelf......"

Unbeknownst to both Georgette, and Megan, and sitting right behind them, was Lisa Larkins, listening intently to all the conversation that had previously expired between the two brunettes, "Oh God, I have to get to the library before Megan does....there is no way on earth that I am going to let her near that awful gorilla! Nope. Megan is MINE!" Lisa was so desperate to get to the library, that she discreetly slipped out of English lit class, and headed down the hall like a speeding bullet, aimed directly at the library.

English lit class ended, and fifth period math class began. Georgette headed for the math class, and Megan sidestepped, heading for the library. Megan walked down to the far end of the school, and entered the library quietly, looking around, and finally seeing her victim, Hermes Zane, sitting quietly in the farthest corner of the enclosure. With a predatory look in her jaded eyes, and a feral smile upon her ruby lips, Megan walked slowly, seductively over to the other end of the library, and approached an unuspecting Hermes, who sat reading a book on.....the history of baseball.


Hermes Zane looked up from his book, as he sat at his library table, and smiled when he saw Megan, "hi......" his dark eyes lit up, as he surveyed her tight clothing, her long, brown hair as it fell around her like a thick, dark mantle, her moist lips, her nubile, firm breasts, and he began to develope an erection, "care to sit down?"

"Of course," Megan said, as she smiled sexily at Hermes.

Meanwhile, Lisa Larkins was peeking from between a space between two books, because she is on the other side of the bookshelf that is next to the table that Hermes is sitting at. Lisa suddenly panicked, when she saw how Hermes lit up at the sight of Megan, and the noticeable bulge in his pants as his eyes raked over her breasts, "OH NO! I've got to do something!"

Hermes got up from the table, because his pants suddenly felt much too tight against his now erect penis, so that he approached Megan, and wordlessly leaned down as if to kiss her. The scent of Megan's perfume wafted up to his nose, and delighted him, giving him goose bumps, "oh....wow."

"OH NO!" Lisa was desperate, so she started throwing books loudly on the floor to distract Hermes.

"What was that?" Hermes asked, distracted by the sudden sound of books falling.

"Nothing," Megan murmured dreamily, closed her eyes, and tilted her head upwards to receive her idol's kiss.

A desperate, lovesick Lisa did something drastic to stop Hermes from kissing Megan; she pushed the bookshelf over with all of her might. The huge bookshelf tilted over, books crashing onto the floor, producing an odd sound like bullets flying, ricocheting. Then, the bookshelf fell onto the next bookshelf nearby, making that one tilt, spill its books, then fall over onto the next bookshelf, thus creating a gigantic domino effect that upset the entire library, and terrified the librarians, and the students who ran in terror under a virtual rain of books.

Hermes was frightened by the falling bookshelves, and backed away quickly, thus saving himself, but not attempting to save Megan in any way. Hermes looked back to see a shocked Megan reaching out for him, but he quickly got away from her. Now, a stupefied Hermes watched as Megan was dragged by an unseen hand under two of the fallen bookshelves, and a pile of books. Hermes was so scared, that he hid behind one of the cowering librarians, and started to cry.

Meanwhile, Megan found herself trapped under a space beneath two, fallen bookshelves. But what surprised, and frightened Megan was that she wasn't alone down there; she could hear heavy breathing beside her, "hey....what's going on?"

"oh......Megan," an aroused, husky voice whispered beside Megan.

"Uh oh.....Lisa?"

"You're so beautiful, Megan," Lisa said, her voice pregnant with need, "I love you."

"Uh....Lisa....I'm straight, and.....hey.....get your hands off my breasts! Let me go!"

Megan was squirming, but not enough so as to be able to get away from Lisa, who simply got on top of her, and wrapped her arms around the unwilling brunette, "oh.....Megan.....oh.....my...." Lisa was in heaven now, as she began to softly grind into the warm, plush body of her beloved Megan.

"Lisa....stop that right now.....oh crap," Megan proceeded to faint.

One hour later, three, screaming, angry librarians, a cowering Hermes Zane, Megan, and Lisa are in Principal Whitely's elegant office, facing a very disgruntled Whitely, "alright.....what is going on now?"

"That little thing over there has destroyed the entire library!" one librarian screamed, as she pointed to Megan, "everything was fine until she walked into the library. Now, the entire place is in ruins. It is going to take at least three months to put everything back in place."

"What is Hermes doing in here?" Whitely asked quietly.

"This COWARD....." the angry librarian said, "hid behind me the entire time!"

"Oh," Whitely replied, "Hermes....I want you out of here right now!"

"Yes, sir," Hermes said happily, as he quickly left the office.

"Please accept my apologies for this disaster," Mr. Whitely said to the angry librarians.

"Alright," the vocal librarian said, and the other two nodded, smiling, for Whitely was so handsome that he could win over any angry woman. The librarians left quickly.

"Now....Ms. Walker?"

"Yes, Mr. Whitely?"

"What happened, Ms. Walker?"

"Um.....Mr. Whitely....I didn't make the bookshelves fall over.....I don't even remember very much, except that I was dragged under a pile of books by Lisa Larkins!"

"Your lipstick is smudged, Ms. Walker."

"I don't wear lipstick, Mr. Whitely......that's Lisa's lipstick.....she was kissing me.....she almost drowned me in so much saliva....and....."

"STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" Mr. Whitely yelled, flustered, staring blankly at Megan, then understanding her words, then blushing, "You, Ms. Walker, and Ms. Larkins are both to show up for detention tomorrow. Ms. Walker....you are banned from entering the library FOREVER!"

"Thank you, Mr. Whitely," a smiling, mischievous Lisa said quietly, because she was going to spend detention entirely ALONE with Megan.

"Oh crap," Megan said in desperation.

Day 3

special guest star; Nicole Julian as librarian
special guest star; Emory Dick as the stupid field attendant

"Hey, Georgette!" Megan exclaimed the next day as she saw her best friend by her locker, "how ya doin?"

"I should ask YOU that, Megan.....how was detention?"

"Usual.....I had to spend two hours of detention in room 256....."

"Oh no, Megan.....the map room....the boring map room?"

"Lisa was with me, Georgette. We were completely alone."

"Oh......so how did it go, Megan?"

"Usual.....just like in the cafeteria, and the library.....she chased me around the room, and she caught me......"

"So.....Megan.....what did she do to you?"

"Usual.....groping, kissing, fondling......I can't believe a person can make SO much saliva, for goodness sake!"

"PLEASE, Megan....too much information!"

"So.....guess what, Georgette!"

"Oh no.....Megan.....not again.....isn't two days of detention enough already?"

"This time my plan to get Hermes is sure fire, Georgette!"

"Please.....Megan....stop right now while you're ahead.....why don't you date Lisa? She likes you a lot!"

"This time my plan will work, Georgette......because you're going to help me!'


"I know that in about ten minutes Hermes is going to be out on the field practicing his pitching, Georgette. I'm going to skip my next class, and go out there to get his attention! When he notices me, he'll see that I'm the only one for him!"

"How are you going to get his attention, Megan?" Georgette knew that she shouldn't have asked, but she couldn't help herself.

"I'm wearing a red bikini under my clothes, Georgette.....I'm going to parade around in it....if he doesn't notice me, then he's the biggest idiot on earth!"

"He already is," Georgette whispered to herself.

"Anyway, come to the restroom with me, Georgette....the one near the field.....I'm going to undress in one of the stalls.....you can sit on the bleachers, and hold my books."

"Oh....why me?"

"Your life is boring, and I'm your only friend, Georgette?"

"Oh thanks for reminding me of that, even, Megan."

"Come on," Megan said, pulling poor Georgette by one of her long braids, and leading her down the hall towards the restroom that was only a few feet away from the field where Hermes was waiting.

Unbeknownst to the two girls, Megan, and Georgette, Lisa Larkins who had been avidly stalking Megan, had heard every single word that her beautiful brunette had spoken to Georgette. Now, Lisa was desperate because she had no backup plan,"oh.....no.....I have to do something.....I can't let Hermes see Megan almost in the nude.....she has such a beautiful body," Lisa was the one to know what Megan's body was like, being that she had already groped the girl extensively, "I have to get to the field before Megan does, and figure something out fast! Damn.....where does she come up with these screwy plans?" Lisa then proceeded to skip her next class, and run out into the field, "damn.....I'm missing a lot of my classes....my grades are starting to drop.....but I don't care.....even if I flunk highschool.....I'll still have Megan."

Meanwhile, Megan entered the restroom that was close to the field, with a reluctant Georgette in tow, "hold my books, Georgette," Megan handed her Latina friend her stack of books, and proceeded to strip slowly, discarding her street clothes. Georgette watched her friend in wonder, surprised at how really, truly beautiful Megan was.


"Yeah, Georgette?"

"I never knew what a great body you have, Megan......if Hermes does ignore you.....he really is an asshole.....but I don't think he will."

"Thanks, Georgette," Megan said with a smile, as she stood before her friend, wearing a red, g-string bikini, "Georgette?"


"What do you think, how do I look?" Megan asked her friend.

"Maybe I should date you, Megan."

"Stop that, you silly thing.....flaterer," Megan was smiling as she pulled Georgette by one of her raven braids, and led her along.

"I'm serious....you're giving me a headache alright already with the braid pulling....and maybe Hermes, and I could share you?"

"Shut up. Just sit on the bleachers, and take care of our books, okay?"

"If Lisa sees you like this.....I see the word rape flashing before my eyes," Georgette said as she was led painfully away.

Five minutes later, a very nervous Georgette was sitting on the bleachers, watching her best friend, Megan walking casually, sexily along the field, swaying her wide hips, stretching her long, curvaceous legs, and shaking her beautiful head, making her long, silky mane swing around her shoulders, as she tried to get Hermes Zane to see her.

"Oh....God....this all looks like a cheap, teenage movie," Georgette said to herself, as she rolled her eyes.

The very large field was a very busy place; one section of it was dedicated to the football team, another to the baseball team, and another section was dedicated to the trackrunners, and jumpers. The football team was practicing at that moment, the baseball team was playing an impromptu game, although the track was empty, and the regular runners, and jumpers were out. But the entire cheerleading squad, minus Lisa, were there practicing their cheering routines. On the section of the field dedicated to the football squad, two field attendants stood, watching the players practice, and conversing.

"See this pipe here?" one attendant asked the other.

"It has a handle....sure....so what is it for?" the other attendant asked the first.

"I have to tell you this because you're new at this," the first attendant said to the second, "this handle can't be turned while the players are on the field; it opens the entire sprinkler system for the lawn, okay? Can you remember that?"

"Absolutely," the second attendant said.

"I have to go for a few minutes," the first attendant said, "just take this wrench, and tighten it a little, but don't open turn the handle, okay?"

"Okay," the second attendant said confidently.

"I'll be back in ten," the first attendant said, and walked away.

Meanwhile, a nervous, desperate Lisa had reached the field before Megan, and looked around, "oh....what am I going to do? I have to think of something really fast.....oh MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Lisa's beautiful, sapphire eyes nearly popped out of her blond head, as her gaze fell upon Megan walking around seductively in a red bikini, "WOW IS SHE EVER STACKED.....WHAT A BOD....THOSE LEGS....OH WOW!" For several seconds, Lisa existed only on her flaring, aroused hormones, as she surveyed Megan's beautiful, voluptuous body. But then, Lisa snapped back to reality, "oh....no....HERMES DEFINITELY CAN'T SEE MEGAN NOW!" Lisa looked around quickly, and saw her cheerleading sisters practicing nearby, and her brain lit up with an idea, "its my only chance to keep Megan, and Hermes apart," Lisa knew that her cheerleaders were crazy about brunettes, especially the ones wearing bikinis, and it was so bad, that Principal Whitely had vigorously prohibited any female, brunette students to be on the field during the cheerleading practice so that the blond cheerleading squad wouldn't be distracted by them. The result of such a rule from Whitely, had resulted in the cheerleaders being especially cranky, horny, and desperate when they practiced. Lisa inhaled deeply, and cried out with all her might at the cheerleaders; "BRUNETTE IN BIKINI AT FOUR O'CLOCK!"

The cheerleaders all had a secret code by which they communicated, and when they heard Lisa's shout, her loud words, they quickly stopped cheering, and turned to the direction that she had indicated. There, the blond cheerleaders were stupefied to see a stunningly beautiful, voluptuous, scantily clad brunette moving about sexily, swaying her hips erotically, swinging her long, thick, dark hair about her head. Instantly, the entire cheerleading squad went from normal, teenage girls with reasonably sane minds, to primal, hormone driven, horny, desperate beasts, as they watched the beautiful brunette, and ogled her, cheered, whistled, threw compliments at her. Then, the cheerleaders went mad, dropped their pom poms, and rushed towards the seductive brunette. When the cheerleaders ran by her, Lisa Larkins joined them, running so fast, that she was just ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Megan had been prancing happily around in her red bikini, "come on, Hermes, notice me....come on," Megan was sure that just five minutes more, and Hermes, who was at that very instant, pitching baseball on the field, would see her. But then, Megan saw something that confused her deeply, and also surprised her, "why are all the cheerleaders running in my direction?"

Georgette was sitting on the lowest part of the bleachers, just a few feet away from an unuspecting Megan, and she saw the invading horde of wild cheerleaders, "oh no.....not that....not the horny cheerleaders.....OH MY GOD....I FORGOT TO TELL MEGAN ABOUT THE CHEERLEADERS!" a terrified Georgette Gonzalez turned towards her best friend, "quick! Megan....run for your life!"

"What is it, Georgette....you look like you just saw an alien from the planet X."

"Oh.....Megan.....we're not even supposed to be out on the field while the cheerleaders are practicing....Mr. Whitely forbade it four months ago!"

"But why, Georgette? That is the silliest rule I have ever heard."


"OH MY GOD!" Megan screamed, as she turned, and began to run, "HELP ME, GEORGETTE!"

"HELP YOURSELF, YOU SCREWY BROAD!" Georgette screamed as she began to run just ahead of a desperate Megan, "I'M SAVING MY OWN HIDE!"

Georgette, and Megan began to run for their lives, as fast as they could, followed closely in hot pursuit by Lisa, and the cheerleaders. Megan, and Georgette, with Lisa, and the cheerleaders in pursuit, ran quickly across the section of the field where the football players were practicing, and the attendant trying to fix the handle on the main sprinkler pipe saw them. The attendant was so shocked, and distraught by the sight of the running girls, that he accidentally turned the handle on the pipe, exactly what the first attendant had told him NOT TO DO. Suddenly, the field was flooded by water, and the football players began to slide into each other, forming a huge pile of crying, cursing, angry bodies stacked one on top of the others, making the football coach run to them, screaming at the top of his lungs for someone to call 911 immediately. Then, Megan, Georgette, Lisa, and the cheerleaders ran across the section where the baseball team was playing, where Hermes was pitching. Although Hermes didn't see the girls running by, because he had his back to them, the batter in front of him did see them, and was so shocked by the ridiculous sight of them, that when he hit the baseball with his bat, he hit it so hard, and so low, that it hit the unsuspecting Hermes on the head, knocking him out instantly. A shocked, terrified baseball coach ran out onto the field in the direction of his star pictcher, Hermes Zane, and in tears begged someone to call 911 right away.

Eventually, Lisa, and the horny cheerleaders caught up to a fleeing Georgette, and Megan. Lisa sprinted ahead, and caught Megan, who was within her reach, and in one fell swoop, tore the top of her brunette's red bikini off, making Lisa scream in triumph, and Megan scream in terror, as she used her once flailing arms to hold onto her now bare breasts. One more sprint, and Lisa finally caught Megan, quickly tripping the brunette, and making her fall to the ground. The cheerleaders caught poor, helpless Georgette, tripped her, and pushed her to the ground. Lisa climbed on top of Megan, covering the girl with her own body, and clung to her like an octopus. The horny, desperate cheerleaders climbed on top of Lisa, Megan, and Georgette. Several cheerleaders tried to pry Lisa off Megan, just to get to her, but Lisa hung on tightly to her brunette, claiming ownership, and screaming as if she was being raped. The cheerleaders soon became a human pile of screaming, maddened flesh, and someone called the fire department. Several teachers ran out from the school just as the fire fighters arrived in their oversized, red engine, and all of them began to pry the horny, desperate, screaming, crying cheerleaders off Lisa, Megan, and Georgette. The fire fighters managed to rescue Georgette, but weren't able to pry a clinging, desperate Lisa Larkins off of a dazed, confused, nude Megan, because the cheerleader began to cry, and scream as if she was being raped. Finally the fire fighters gave up on Lisa, and Megan, brought a stretcher, and piled the two girls onto it, and carried them both off to the School Nurse. It took twenty minutes of verbal therapy from the school nurse to get Lisa to release Megan.

One hour later, in Principal Whitely's elegant office, stood a dazed, and disheveled Georgette, and Megan, Lisa, then entire cheerleading team, the baseball coach, the football coach, the baseball coach, and an embarrassed field attendant.

"Alright," an angry, tired Whitely said quietly, "what is going on now?"

"That.....that.....little BRAT!" the football coach almost screamed angrily, as he pointed to Megan, "has ruined us.....I have SEVEN injured players in the hospital that won't be able to play in next week's game....and I HAVE NO REPLACEMENTS! The game will have to be cancelled!"

"Yeah!" the baseball coach screamed as well, "THAT LITTLE HUSSY just ruined us as well. Because of her, my star player, Hermes, HAS A CONCUSSION, he is at the present UNCONSCIOUS, and won't be able to play in tomorrow's game.....we are going to LOSE!"

"Oh....my God....Ms. Walker again?" Whitely groaned.

"Yeah! HER AGAIN!" both coaches yelled in unison.

"I am so sorry for all of this," Whitely said apologetically to the two coaches, who calmed down when he smiled, because he was so charming, so handsome, that he could win over even a drooling, rabies infested beast. The two coaches accepted Whitely's apology, and left the principal's office.

Now, Whitely directed his gaze at the first victim of the circumstances to face his terrible wrath, "MS. GONZALEZ?" Whitely yelled, upsetting everyone, his loud voice causing a sort of domino effect where everyone started to jump at one end, and it continued until it reached the last person on the other end of the assembled group.

"Hhhhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhhhh.......yeeesssssuuuuuuhhhhhhhh?" a dazed, disheveled Georgette answered, looking into an unknown point as she had trouble focusing now, as she almost fell sideways, while the entire cheerleading squad began to giggle nervously.

"What is this all about, Ms. Gonzalez?" Whitely asked, in a more reasonable tone of voice, "I thought you knew better than to disobey one of my orders of not being out on that field today.....and to top it off you skipped class.....this is very bad, young lady, because you have a very good reputation in the school.....what excuse do you have for your recent behavior, young lady?"

"Uh......wealh...." Georgette was having trouble speaking, causing more giggling to erupt from the cheerleaders, "ah wuz tekin bayh a divil wuman neimed Mehgain.....she dun med me go out tah dah feeeealld tah help haw wid her............"

"What THE HELL is she saying?" Whitely exclaimed loudly.

"Shesh iz zayin, Mistuh Wheeetleee," Megan said slowly, with difficulty,"dat Ah tuk ha tah dah feeeuld tah heilp mah tah......"

"Ms. Walker, I have no idea what you are saying!" Whitetly exclaimed angrily, "does anyone know what is going on here?"

"Perhaps I can interpret, or at least explain why these girls can't seem to speak correctly, Mr. Whitely," the school nurse said calmly.

"Please do," Whitely replied.

"Well, Mr. Whitely, these two young ladies were viciously attacked by a horde of blond, hormonal, sexually aroused, physically stronger cheerleaders......they were fondled, groped, pinched, and kissed so much that their lips are swollen to the extent of causing speech impairment, not to mention that they were...."

"Enough," Whitely yelled once more, "don't give me anymore details; THE ENTIRE CHEERLEADING SQUAD IS SUSPENDED FOR TWO DAYS.......and SO ARE YOU MS. GONZALEZ, all of you are to report tomorrow to the MAP ROOM!"

All the cheerleaders opened their mouths, and chanted in unison; "thank you, Mr. Whitely," and began to giggle nervously once more, as they murmured secretly to each other, expressing their pleasure to each other that they would all get to share poor, helpless Georgette for at least one hour in the morning.

"Aaaawwww.....nnnnooooossssssuuuuuhhhhhhh......."Georgette managed to stutter, as terror filled her dark eyes, as she attempted to express her great fear of being left alone with an entire dozen, blond, horny cheerleaders, "pppuuuulllleeeeeeeeeeeee......."

A pale hand suddenly clamped over poor, Georgette's pink lips, as she was pulled back into the folds of the group that surrounded her, and the blond cheerleaders all simply stood in front of her, nodded, and said in unison once more, "THANK YOU, MR. WHITELY."

"FINE!" Whitely shouted, "now.....where is that field attendant?"

"Uh......here sir?" the trembling field attendant replied.

"You're fired!" Whitely screamed.

"Aaawwww," the field attendant cried, as he ran from Whitely's office.

"Well.....now.....that leaves just Ms. Walker, and Ms. Larkins.....whatever shall we do with you two?" Whitely asked, predatorily, menacingly.

"Um.....in all due fairness, Mr. Whitely," Lisa Larkins said suddenly, "we should be punished just like everyone else, sir.....we should get detention along with the other girls."

"Well....now.....I'm pleased to see that you are a responsible young lady, Ms. Larkins, and most willing to take your punishment like a trooper!" Mr. Whitely said genuinely impressed with the cheerleader's seemingly authentic shame, and guilt.

"Uuummmm........Mistuh Wheetleee....pullllleeeeeeeezzzeeeee," Megan said, trying to speak despite the extreme swollenness of her lips, "dun't gou zzeendin meah tah dah meip ruum wid..........

Suddenly Lisa's pale hand clamped about Megan's swollen, ruby lips, thus shutting her up completely. Lisa pulled Megan into her, and looked frantically at Mr. Whitely.

"What is this little brat saying now?" Whitely said, upset, angry, and annoyed all at once.

"Eh....oh.....uuuummmmm.....she's saying that since we were the most to blame for all of this, we shouldn't be allowed any company at all.....but that the two of us should have to spend......THREE days of detention.......uuuummmm......completely ALONE in some other part of the school!"

"Very Good," Whitely exclaimed triumphantly, "Ms. Larkins, you, and Ms. Walker will spend three days of detention in the attic room above the girl's locker room," Whitely was so pleased with himself, but he still had one last question to ask, "wasn't Ms. Walker wearing a red bikini?"

"Uh.....yessir," Lisa said quickly, worriedly.

"Why is she wearing that oversized ugly t-shirt then, where is her top?" Whitely asked.

"Leeezzzzaaaaa tuck eit," Megan said with difficulty.

"Oh....." Whitely said slowly, as he stared blankly at the two girls, "why?"

"Leeezzzaaaa tuuched mah boobs," Megan replied honestly.

Lisa Larkins smiled mischievously, and her eyes sort of glimmered.


"Thank you, Mr. Whitely," Lisa said, trying not to seem to eager, and happy at her new punishment.

"Ouww cwap!" Megan said desperately.

Day 4

special guest star; Mary Cherry as cafeteria attendant
special guest star; Nicole Julian as librarian
special guest star; Emory Dick as the stupid field attendant
special guest star; Mike McQueen as school Janitor
special guest star; Sugar Daddy as vocal fire fighter
special guest star; Jane McPherson as Lana Walker, Megan's mom

Megan was wreck, as she walked to her first period gym class. Megan Walker had a migraine, and nearly jumped out of her skin when someone tapped her on the shoulder.


"Oh....thank God....Georgette.....how are you?"

"I guess.....I'm fine.....I think, Megan."

"Uh.....how did you survive detention, Georgette?"

"Oh.....the cheerleaders were very nice, actually......they brought me flowers, and chocolate. One of them sneaked in a CD player, and some tapes; I danced with all of them......and the orgy was fun too!"

"Whatever!" Megan exclaimed, as she massaged her temples.

"So, Megan.....how far did Lisa get with you......second base?"

"Third base," Megan said ashamedly, "how many hickies didya get, Georgette?"

"Sixteen hickies.....twelve lovebites.....how bout you, Megan?"

"Twenty hickies......sixteen lovebites......."


"You're not....angry with me, are you Georgette.....about yesterday?"

"Naw.....I'm not mad, even.....actually its sorta fun......I'm dating three of the cheerleaders, and hooking up the rest with some of my sisters, and female cousins."

"Oh.....wow.....even.....then you'll really like my NEW plan to get Hermes!"

"NO," Georgette shouted, as she tried to get out of her seat, and run away.

"Stay!" Megan commanded, as she quickly caught Georgette by one of her raven braids, and pulled her back down, "now about my new plan......"


"Well this one will absolutely work, Georgette; NO MORE NICE MEGAN! I'm getting the big guns out!"

"How, even?"

"I'm going to blackmail Hermes into being my boyfriend, Georgette!"

"Aaww, Megan......why don't you just give up alright already? Hermes is a coward, a jerk, a....a....a...."

"Hermes is a dreamboat....." Megan said dreamily, "oh....back to the plan.....well....anyway.....I joined the newspaper today!"

"You want to be a journalist, Megan?"

"No way, Georgette.....I convinced the bozos that I was a pretty good photographer, so they leant me their really expensive digital camera."

"Oh damn, I have to ask what you are up to, Megan.....even though I don't want to know......and you just don't seem to learn your lesson."

"Well, you see.....I bribed the school janitor, and he showed me a secret place where you can look into the boy's locker room, and showers at the same time; its in this huge pipe in the basement; its a crack in the wall, as the end of the big pipe, and he crawls in there to fix some smaller pipes or something like that....you know, even.....he said that the small pipes are more important than the big pipe, cause they connect to the school's main pipelines, like the toilets, the faucets in the school cafeteria, the water fountains, the showers in the boys, and girls locker rooms, and the ceiling sprinklers that turn on when there's a fire. He has a wrench attached to the small pipes, and he told me to be careful when I crawl into the big pipe, and not to touch it, cause if the wrench came loose, the school would be flooded completely."

"This is a very long story, Megan? I want to get home by the end of this century."

"Well shut up, even," Megan told Georgette, "so I have this really neat, advanced digital camera, and I bribed the janitor to take the day off today. Anyhow, I'm skipping all of my classes today, and sneaking over there right now with my camera. I'm going to crawl into the big pipe, and get pictures of Hermes in the nude, and blackmail him into being my boyfriend, or I'll show them to everyone in the entire school!"

"Megan....um....." Georgette is shocked by Megan's newest plan, "this is the screwiest.....most dangerous plan you've come up with, even.....please don't do it!"

"Its a cinch, Georgette," Megan said with a smile on her ruby lips, "and I won't be getting you in trouble. I do this one solo, even. I'm so lucky....the big pipe has a  light on inside, so that'll I'll be able to see what I'm doing."

"Did you ever think that maybe Hermes might like having everyone see him in the nude, Megan?"

"Nope. You won't convice me to not do this, Georgette."

"Well.....I did try my best, Megan."

"Don't you want to come with me, and see the guys in the nude, Georgette?"

"Eh.....maybe yesterday morning I would have wanted to, Megan.....but my life has changed thanks to you."


"I'm.....gay now, Megan......eh.....you know.....the cheerleaders...."

"Ooooohhhhhhh well....congrats, Georgette.....hey....I have to go. See you later, Georgette," Megan said with a smile, as she got up, and left the girl's locker room.

Unbeknownst to the two girls, Lisa Larkins had heard their entire conversation, as she came out of the showers clad only in a white towel that was wrapped around her gorgeous body, "oh no....NOT AGAIN!.....Damn.....that girl is stubborn.....I have to get to the basement right away.....I have to stop her.....shit.....I don't have time to get dressed, even!" Poor, desperate Lisa wrapped her towel around her, and left the girl's locker room by the back door, then went down a set of stairs that led her directly to the school basement, and the big pipe where Megan had just headed.

Meanwhile, Megan Walker crawled slowly into the huge pipe in the basement, and was glad to see that the janitor had left the small light on inside it, "gosh, even.....at least I can see what I'm doing," the girl continued to crawl further, and further into the pipe, until she reached the very end, where it met the wall, "oh....wow," Megan was so very pleased with herself, because she was looking right through the crack in the wall that gave her a generous view of the boys locker room, and showers, and before her eager, green eyes, she saw dozens of handsome, nude, muscular, male bodies, "wow.....what good looking studs.....too bad I'm stuck on Hermes," Megan's emerald eyes scanned the dozens of nude, male bodies, and finally saw Hermes Zane taking a shower, "PAYDIRT!" the gorgeous brunette almost shouted, as she brought up the digital camera that she had hanging from her neck, put it up to her eye, focused, and prepared to shoot, "HERMES ZANE.....YOU WILL SOON BE MINE!" the girl thought to herself.

Suddenly, Megan froze, as she felt the oddest sensation; someone was in the pipe with her, and was hugging her from behind, "oh....no.....I think I'm not alone in here!"

"Oh.....Megan," an aroused, husky voice came from behind Megan who quickly recognized it.

"OH NO!"

Megan was shocked to find that blond Lisa had crawled into the big pipe after her. Lisa had wrapped her slender arms firmly around Megan's tiny waist, and was now, literally grinding into her, "oh.....uhhh.....oh.....Megan.....you're so.....sexy......."

"Stop that, Lisa.....I'm straight!"

"Straight out of my dreams......oooooooohhhhhhh Megan!"

Horny Lisa Larkins had discarded her towel, and was now grinding Megan from behind, doggie style. Megan began to squirm, thus causing the camera that hung around her neck to come loose, fall, and break, "ow.....that's not good," Megan cried, as she somehow managed to get a scant few inches away from Lisa, and now had enough space to actually turn around, so that now she was on her back, and facing the beautiful cheerleader, "you're in the NUDE, Lisa?"

"Oh yessssss......face to face.....so much better," Lisa said huskily, as she threw herself onto Megan's voluptuous, warm body, then wrapped her arms around the girl's firm shoulders, "Megan....oh....my goodness.....you're better than.....a mattress," Lisa was now grinding into her beautiful brunette from the front.

"Hey! Knock it off!" Megan protested, as she continued to squirm, trying to get away from Lisa, and only managing to arouse the horny cheerleader even more, and also making the lid on the huge pipe to fall, and seal it, thus trapping the two girls inside, "oh crap.....this isn't good.....its worse!"

Megan continued to squirm in Lisa's arms, and unfortunately caused the wrench attached to the small pipes beside her to drop suddenly, "UH OH!" Now, Megan could hardly move, because Lisa had pinned her down completely with her superior cheerleader strength, and was kissing her hungrily, passionately.

When the wrench fell off the small pipe, it caused a quick, chain reaction; suddenly all the toilets, faucets, water fountains, and sprinklers turned on, and began to spray water everywhere. The toilets flooded, the faucets, and water fountains exploded, the sprinklers began to rain like a sudden thunderstorm. Everywhere, cries were heard, as desperate students, and teachers clumsily evacuated the buildings, heading out onto the field, and the streets.

Megan, and Lisa were trapped inside the huge pipe for about five hours. Since Megan was acutely claustraphobic, she fainted right away. Since Lisa was extremely horny she orgasmed right away. Unfortunately for Megan, her fainting spell didn't last very long, because she would wake up once more, stay conscious for about ten seconds, only to see Lisa grinding slowly into her, moaning, sighing, kissing her passionately, then the brunette would realize that the two of them were still trapped inside the damn pipe, and she would faint once more. Lisa would grind gently into Megan, whom she had tangled up in her arms, and legs, then the blond would orgasm intensely, ten seconds would pass, then the cheerleader would become aroused once more, thus beginning her sensual sway upon her gorgeous brunette's voluptuous body, until she orgasmed again. Each one of the two girls would repeat the same cycle over, and over during the next five hours.

Lisa was in horny heaven, and she was almost exploding with delight, as she pressed herself slowly into Megan's voluptuous body tightly, as she tried to lengthen her pleasure as much as she could. Lisa's long, pale fingers came up, and slowly undid the buttons on Megan's shirt, and the blond cried with joy at what she found underneath, "OHMYGOD! My baby's not wearing bras.....OH WOW!" Lisa's trembling hand began to fondle her brunette's soft, warm, pliable, firm breasts, "ooooooohhhhhhhhh Megan........oh my."

"Huh? Wha..........?" Megan woke up for what seemed to be the twentyfifth time now, "are we there yet, mommy?" Megan was extremely disoriented.

"We.....aren't there....yet.....baby......but you've made.....me cum almost twenty times already."

"Come.......or.......cum?" Megan didn't know which one of the two Lisa meant.

"CUM....." Lisa managed to exclaim, for she was busy kissing Megan's slender, soft neck, "I've cum seven times on your right thigh, six times on your left thigh..........your breasts are delicious......haven't had this much fun since my mom breastfed me.....oh.....thanks for not wearing bras, Megan."

"Um........" Megan was practically speechless.

"Oh......baby......your pants are soaked," Lisa said softly, as she blew into Megan's ear, thus confusing the girl even more, "I'm gonna have to take care of that," Lisa lifted herself up, and with swift hands, she undid, and pulled Megan's tight jeans down her long, curvaceous legs,"oooohhhh.....owow......what a fantastic body.......ow......my baby's wearing black, lace panties......hhhhmmmpphhhh.....I swear that gorilla, Hermes is NEVER going to lay a finger on you......those panties are mine.....just like the rest of you, Megan Walker."

"Hey! Now......Lisa.......I........mmmmmmmm........ssssttttrrrrr.............." Megan's ten seconds were up, and she fainted away once more.

"Back.....to oblivion for my baby," Lisa whispered as she lay back down on top of Megan Walker, "back to.......heaven for me.......oh.....gods.......Megan........baby........." Lisa was back to slowly grinding into her brunette's now bare thighs, and the blond wanted to explode for the surge of pleasure that coursed quickly through her, as her vagina connected to what she swore was the softest, smoothest, most silken surface she had ever known; Megan's pale skin.

The janitor came back from his temporary holiday early, "that strange girl has had enough time to take pictures of the boys in the showers," he said to himself, referring of course to Megan Walker, and her obsession with nude, male bodies, and digital cameras. When the janitor entered the basement, he noticed the lid on the pipe was down, plus the added chaos of the school being flooded in some way clued him on the fact that perhaps Megan was inside the huge pipe, and she was responsible for the current situation of the entire school, "OH NO.....SHE KNOCKED THE WRENCH OFF THE PIPES!" the janitor ran out of the basement, screaming for someone to call the fire department.

First, Mr. Whitely called the police department, then the fire fighters. When the cops got to the school, they started to get people out of the now flooded building. When the fire fighters arrived on the scene, they quickly began to work on getting the lid of the huge pipe off, and opening it to get Megan out from inside. The firemen managed to drag not one, but two bodies out of the pipe, and were surprised to see Lisa again.

Megan Walker was on her back, disheveled, half undressed, and unconscious, and Lisa Larkins was on top of her, wrapped around the girl like a human pretzel, and tighter than an eletrical wire fused to steel. When the fire fighters tried to pry a stubborn, horny, nervous Lisa off of Megan, the blond began to cry, and scream at the top of her lungs as if she was being raped. The fire fighters rolled their eyes, and sighed in exasperation, as they put the two girls onto a stretcher, and took them to the school nurse. "Again?" the school nurse asked, exasperated, when the fire fighters showed up at her oddly, untouched by the flooding, office.

"Yep....the screamy, nervous blond won't let go of the other girl," one of the firefighter's said loudly.

"Well....now....let me see," the school nurse approached the stretcher, "oh....come on, Lisa....let go of Megan."

"NO! Tell those awful men to get their own Barbie dolls to play with! This one is MINE!" Lisa screamed, and it was obvious that she was disoriented; five hours in a huge, metal pipe will do that to a human being.

"Lisa," the school nurse replied calmly, "Megan is not a Barbie doll."

"Yes she is, mommie."

"OOoooookkkkaaayyyyy," the school nurse injected a slightly agitated Megan with a sedative, "this will shut up the brunette, now for the blond......verbal therapy.......okay.........Lisa..........."

After three hours of verbal therapy, Lisa finally released Megan.

Ten minutes later, on the sidewalk, the janitor, Lisa Larkins, wrapped in an oversized towel, a now dressed, disheveled, disoriented Megan Walker, all stood quietly before a seething Principal Whitely, who's elegant office was now flooded.

"Ooookkkaayy......now....how did this all begin?" Whitely asked calmly, with underlying anger beneath his seemingly calm veneer.

"Uh.....well," the janitor said slowly, "this really strange chic bribed me to take the day off......." the janitor pointed to Megan.

"And you did....you accepted the bribe, and took the day off?" Whitely asked the janitor.

"Well she told me that she was from the FBI, and she needed to do a sur.....vei....lance or something," the janitor said slowly once more.

"YOU'RE FIRED!" the seething principal of Aldan High yelled at the slow brained janitor, who started crying, and ran away, "NOW.....Ms. Walker.....what were you doing in that pipe which was off limits to students.......and with an expensive digital camera that is hard to acquire, is public school property, is unbelievably expensive, and which you carelessly broke?"

"Um......." a disheveled, dazed, red-eyed Megan Walker was stumped for an answer, "pursuing a scoop for the newspaper, Mr. Whitely?"

"Pursuing a scoop by attempting to spy on the boys in the showers?" Mr. Whitely was the perfect picture of sarcasm," and what were you doing in the pipe with her, Ms. Larkins......also spying on the boys?"

"Oh no, Mr. Whitely.....I don't like boys at all," Lisa replied with a smile.


"I'm a cheerleader, Mr. Whitely......remember?"

"Oh.....yes of course," Whitely understood immediately, "but why were you in the pipe with Megan, then?"

"I was keeping Megan warm.......VERY warm," Lisa said with a suggestive smile.

"Oh?" handsome Mr. Whitely went blank for a moment, then understood, then blushed, then became flustered, then angry, "detention for both of you tomorrow!"

"Oh please, Mr. Whitely," Megan exclaimed, "not together.......please!"


"Wouldn't it be more painful to separate us, Mr. Whitely?" Megan asked hopefully.

Lisa Larkins was panicking; the thought of being seperated from Megan during detention was horrible, "OH NO, MR. WHITELY.........DON'T SEPARATE US, PLEASE!"


"It would be much more torture for both of us, Mr. Whitely if we saw each other for the entire detention, so as to remind ourselves of our terrible guilt!" Lisa said, hoping against hope that stupid Whitely fell for it.

"Absolutely true!" Whitely exclaimed, liking the idea, "FOUR HOURS OF DETENTION in the map room for the both of you girls! And......Ms. Walker......YOU ARE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THE NEWSPAPER OFFICE, AND THE BASEMENT."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Whitely," Lisa said as she eyed Megan hungrily.

"Oh......crap," Megan said with desperation.

Day 5; Friday

Study hall was boring enough, especially when there wasn't much to study because it was your favorite subject, and you had already done your homework, and you had excellent grades in that course, but you still had to be in study hall anyway......

Such thoughts plagued Megan Walker, as she glanced down at the book that lay open before her; history. Megan was excellent in history; she had memorized Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Medieval, and Arthurian legends, European history, and American history. But she still had to be in study hall. So, the girl who had been banned from nearly the entire school had nowhere to go, so she had to come here.....to not study, but to just be there. Megan sighed, and looked up to see a smiling, radiant, beautiful face gifted with shinning, dark eyes looking mischievously at her; Georgette Gonzalez had entered the study hall, and now walked towards the table where the green-eyed girl now sat. "Hey....Georgette.....I am so glad to see you," Megan whispered as Georgette sat next to her, but then Megan froze when she saw the tall, blond cheerleader that was following Georgette around like a lovestruck Barbie doll, "oh........no........"

"Relax, Megan....this is one of my three girlfriends.....Greta......" Georgette said with a smile, "she's actually very nice, and obsessed with me, so don't get all hyper....this one's mine.....you have your own cheerleader!" Georgette, and Greta both giggled.

Megan gave Georgette a deadly glare from her jaded eyes, "I do NOT have a cheerleader.....I'm in love with Hermes Zane!"

"Yeah sure, and DENIAL is a river in Egypt!" Georgette said with sarcasm, as she, and Greta laughed again, their heads coming together, as they looked more like conspirators than anything else.

"So.....hi, Greta.....nice to meet you," Megan said with apparent friendlyness that somehow frightened the blond cheerleader, "so.....now that you're here.....BOTH of you can listen!"

"OH no........." Georgette said readily, "not again.....Megan.....don't you ever learn your lesson?"

"I can't give up, Georgette.....true love never gives up.....and that's what I have for Hermes.....you know that!"

"Yeah sure.....true love Hermes isn't the one that's groped you up about ten times already, Megan.....I think that being trapped inside a huge, metal pipe with the same person for five hours constitutes a relationship alright already? Why don't you just wake up, and admit that Lisa is the one for you? Damn....if your body was a map, she'd have you memorized by now!"

"Finished bullshitting already, Georgette?"

"Yeah, Megan," Georgette replied nonchalantly, "I'm ready to listen."

"Interested, Greta...or would you rather take a stroll somewhere?" Megan asked the cheerleader.

"I'm interested," the beautiful, blond cheerleader replied firmly, as she leaned in to listen to Megan's newest scheme.

"I'm going way over the edge on this one," Megan said slowly, "but this plan is sure-fire; I bribed one of
Hermes's close friends to give me some inside information."

"Another bribe?" Georgette was panicking.

"So," Megan continued, ignoring the interruption, "this guy is for real; he says that Hermes likes to crash at the back room of the biology lab everytime he goes on some drinking spree. There's a room back there; it has a small bed, and stuff.....its really comfy. The biology teacher sleeps there sometimes, or maybe some student who has to do extra credit overnight. You know.....biology stuff!"

Both Georgette, and Greta nodded in response to Megan, fascinated by the outlining of her newest, screwy scheme to capture the heart of Hermes Zane.

"Oh well......" Megan continued to say, "Hermes is going to crash there tonight. I bribed one of the bio nerds that are staying overnight at the biology lab to let me in when I give him a secret signal."

"What signal?" Greta asked.

"Three quick raps on the door of the biology lab," Megan replied, "all I have to do is get into that back room, and get my hands on Hermes.....and I will be his new girlfriend by tomorrow morning!"

"Wait.....Megan....." Georgette's eyes were ready to pop out of her brunette head, "are you going to.....?"

"Yep.....I'm gonna sleep with Hermes!"

"That is so stupid, Megan!" Georgette exclaimed angrily, "what about your mom? What will she say?"

"My mom is away on a business trip," Megan replied happily, "and I have the condom, if that's what you're thinking about."

"No, that isn't what I'm thinking, Megan. I'm thinking that you should give your virginity to someone that loves you back, and that person isn't Hermes."

"So...." Greta spoke up, "you are actually going to have SEX with Hermes, Megan?"

"Definitely," Megan said firmly.

Neither Megan, or Georgette saw what Greta saw; a blond head popped up suddenly, with a look of pure desperation, and panic at the sound of Megan's answer; Lisa Larkins had been sitting very close by, and unbeknownst to the two brunettes, she had heard the entire plan.

"Uh.....Megan.....what is the name of the guy you bribed......Hermes's friend?" Greta asked discreetly.

"Charlie," Megan replied, then went back to reading her history book, and covering Georgette's still shocked, open mouth.

"Oh....I love your plan, Megan!" Greta said with a smile.

"Gee....thanks, even," Megan said warmly, she liked Georgette's girlfriend, "why can't you be supportive like that, Georgette?"

"Because its the stupidest plan I have ever heard, Megan Walker!" Georgette was extremely angry now.

"Let her be, Georgette," Greta said to her Latin lover, "everything will be alright....after all, Megan knows what she is doing.....what time are you going to be knocking at the door of the bio lab, Megan?"

"Oh.....about eight...." Megan replied, delighted with Greta's interest in her new plan to capture the elusive Hermes Zane.

Only two feet away from the beguiling, beautiful Megan Walker, sat a frightened, panic-striken Lisa Larkins, "oh.....no.....this is the worst one yet....if Hermes sleeps with my Megan....I could lose her forever.....I have to do something right away!" Lisa looked at her watch, and noticed that the time was about six thirty, "I have to get going right now......there is no way on earth that I'm going to let that gorilla get his hands on Megan....the only person that will ever sleep with her is ME!" Lisa discreetly got up, resisted the strong urge to just jump Megan right there, and then, and drag her off to some utility closet, and walked out quickly from the study hall.

"We have to go," Greta said to Megan, who continued to study, "don't we, Georgette?"

"We do?" Georgette was puzzled.

"Seeya later, guys," Megan said with a smile.

Greta dragged a reluctant Georgette from the study hall.

"HEY! I didn't want to go," Georgette exclaimed, "why did you make me leave, Greta?"

"Lisa was in there, Georgette.....she heard Megan's entire plan....and I think that Lisa's gonna fix things so that Hermes will never get his hands on Megan Walker."

"Thank God," Georgette replied with a smile.

It was six thirty, and a desperate Lisa Larkins was walking towards the biology lab, because she wanted to be there at least an hour before Megan arrived, "thank God that Greta asked the right questions," Lisa thought to herself, as she took out her cellphone, and dialed a number on it, "damn good thing that I happen to know Charlie myself, "Hey.....is that you, Charlie?"

"Yeah," Charlie's voice replied on the other end of the line.

"Listen, the grapevine just yelled; Hermes likes to crash his drunken ass at the room at the back of the bio lab?" Lisa asked quickly.

"Uh.....how did the grapevine find out so soon.....unless its a gorgeous brunette with a fab body, and a fifty dollar bill?" Charlie asked nervously.

"Never mind....listen," Lisa said with urgency, "I have a better deal for you; if you take Hermes to crash somewhere else tonight, I'll get you a date with well stacked cheerleader."

"Hah! Look, Lisa.....everyone knows that all of the cheerleaders are lesbians. Nice try though."

"This one is the only straight one, Charlie. Interested?"

"Well....yeah....but its still not enough."

"Two dates, and fourth base?" Lisa was desperate, "please, Charlie.....this is my life on the line here.....come on......"

"You got a deal, Lisa. I'll make sure Hermes crashes at my place tonight, and you make sure that friend of yours likes men!"

"Don't worry, Charlie.....this one EATS THEM!"

Charlie gulped, sighed, and hung up on Lisa.

Lisa hung out for about a half hour, standing next to the side door of the biology lab. Then, Lisa faced the door, and knocked three times; three, quick raps as Megan had said in the study hall. Lisa listened intently, her blond head against the door, and she heard loud footsteps approach. Just as Lisa stepped back, the door opened to reveal a tall, slender, man with thick glasses; the bio nerd that Megan had bribed. The bio nerd looked at Lisa with confusion. Lisa just looked at him, pushed him quickly back into the lab as she entered, and closed the door behind her.

"Hey!" the bio nerd exclaimed, "you're not Megan!"

Lisa grabbed the bio nerd with her superior cheerleader strength, and crushed her lips to his, kissing him wildly, passionately for about two minutes. Then, Lisa released the bio nerd, and stepped back. "Your will is my command," the bio nerd replied dreamily, with a noticeable erection bulging in his pants.

"All that I want you to do," Lisa said with a smile, "is to just let Megan in the way the two of you agreed. When Megan comes in, and goes into the back room, lock the door on the outside, and DON'T OPEN IT, no matter what sounds you hear coming from inside."

"Not even if Megan begs me to open it to let her out?" the bio nerd asked.

 Lisa took the bio nerd in her arms, and kissed him furiously, then she let him go, and stepped back.

"I get the message; I won't open the door for Megan even if she is screaming to me to let her out," the bio nerd replied.

Lisa smiled, kissed the bio nerd, then turned, and walked towards the back room. The bio nerd sighed dreamily, and went back to his experiment.

Lisa opened the door to room at the back of the biology lab, and went in. The room was brightly lit, painted in beige, with a single, twin-sized bed, a nightstand, and a small table with books. Lisa dimmed the light in the room, and then she undressed, piling her clothes into a corner, where they would be unseen. Then, the naked, beautiful, lanky cheerleader climbed onto the bed, and hid under the bedcovers. Lisa tried to still her fluttering heart, as she thought that soon, a very, soft, warm, voluptuous, NUDE Megan would be trapped in her arms, "oh......my......God......"

Exactly at eight o'clock, Megan Walker stood before the side door of the biology lab, and she gave the door three, quick raps. Almost immediately, the door opened to reveal the bio nerd whom Megan had bribed.

"Hi, Megan.....I was waiting for you," he said, almost evilly, seductively.

"Sure," Megan replied, eyeing him strangely, "is Hermes sleeping in the back door already?"

"Uh....of course he is," the bio nerd said, almost with a diabolical laugh, "sure....and waiting just for you."

"Thanks for helping me," Megan grabbed the bio nerd, made him lean down, and kissed him lightly on the lips. Then, Megan Walker walked towards the back room, leaving behind a very surprised bio nerd, who grinned goofily.

"Wow.....two women kissed me tonight."

"Finally," Megan said to herself, as she opened the door of the back room, and stepped inside, "HERMES....YOU ARE NOW MINE!"

Megan looked at the figure outlined on the bed, unseen because of the bedcovers draped completely over it, "no getting away from me now, Hermes Zane!" Megan was so excited, that she didn't hear the sound of the door being locked from the outside, thus trapping her inside the dimly lit room. Megan had no room for any thought other than for Hermes, as she slowly began to slowly strip like a professional stripper; first she undid the buttons on her shirt, and discarded it, then her tight, curve-hugging jeans slid down her long, shapely legs. Now, Megan was completely nude, except for a pair of red, silk, and lace panties, "Hermes.....darling," the girl said in her most seductive, sultry voice, making the figure on the bed seeming to tremble noticeably, "Hermes......" Megan climbed slowly onto the small bed, and pulled the covers back from the figure.

All too late, Megan Walker recognized the scent of the person that lay on the bed, as she pulled back the bedcovers from them, "LISA LARKINS!" Megan had memorized Lisa's perfume from the numerous times that she had been reluctantly intimate, and trapped in the blond's arms.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh......Megan."Now, Lisa quickly wrapped the reluctant, shocked Megan in her long, lanky limbs, and rolled the two of them over, so that the blond was now on top of her brunette.

Suddenly, silence ensued, as the two girls looked at each other. Before, in all her unexpected, intimate encounters with Lisa, Megan had been dressed, or in various stages of undress. But now, Megan was completely nude, with the exception of her red panties, which really didn't count, and now the girl could feel Lisa's bare, silken skin against her own smooth, velvety skin.

Lisa Larkins wanted to die, because this was the most beautiful experience that she had ever known in her entire life; she had the woman that she loved in her arms. For the very first time, Lisa was seeing Megan naked, and the girl's beauty was simply mind boggling. The lanky cheerleader could feel her brunette's silken, alabaster skin everywhere on her own naked body. Lisa began to slowly kiss the girl in her arms, to caress her to explore, and gently map out her voluptuous body. This time, Lisa didn't act like a hormonal, anxious, clumsy, groping teenager when she touched Megan. Instead, Lisa touched Megan with tender, slow, delicate care, kissing her gently, whispering endearments in the small shell that was the girl's ear. Lisa slowly moved against the velvety smoothness, the warm plushness of Megan's curves, molding her own body into the girl, using her own body to stroke the girl's virgin presence. Lisa delicately parted Megan's long, shapely legs, and pushed her left thigh between them. Lisa started to tease Megan's tender, firm breasts with the ultimate care, and at the same time, move against her with care, precision, thinking only of her brunette's pleasure, and not her own. Megan's reaction to Lisa's wonderful, careful ministrations greatly shocked, and delighted the lanky, beautiful blond;

"Lisa....." the name seemed to escape Megan's moist, full lips like a caressing breeze, like a silken sigh, "oh.....my God.....you're so......beautiful....."

"Megan?" Lisa had stopped her gentle caresses, only to look into her ravishing lover's lust-darkened, emerald eyes, "what......what did you just say?" Lisa was quite aghast, because Megan wasn't even struggling, squirming to get away from her anymore.

"Lisa....." Megan whispered huskily, as she raised herself a bit, bringing up her full, ruby lips, and pressing them to the blond's own bright, pink ones in a brief, warm, oral caress, "Lisa......you are.....so heavenly."

Lisa had started to cry silently, as she leaned down, and kissed her brunette virgin again, and again, "Megan....I love you deeply.....since the first day that I saw you.....I yearn for you everyday.....oh....Megan...." Lisa said nothing more, as she covered the girl's body with her own, and began making gentle love to the ravishing Megan Walker.

On the other side of the door, the bio nerd conducted his very intense experiment, but the sounds of passion coming from inside the small room were distracting him, making him think of carnal things instead of chemical combinations. The bio nerd was unable to control himself, as he developed a full blown erection, and poured nitroglycerin into alcohol, and a myriad of other oddly mixed, combustible chemicals. The bio nerd didn't just botch his biology experiment, but before he could stop it, he caused a tremendous explosion that blew up the biology lab, and didn't kill him because he had the foresight to flee the area seconds before. But a huge slab of the wall of the biology lab flew several feet, and became fused to the door of the small room that had been at the back of what was once the bio lab.

Inside that small room, the explosion was hardly noticed as both the lovers came at exactly the same time the biology lab shook, and ceased to disappear. The girls continued to cling to each other in love's heated game, to taste, and explore each other, to tangle together, to kiss, bite, suck, lick, to sway in a frenzied dance that transcended time, and history.

Whitely had called the fire department, and they came almost instantly. It took the firefighters about five hours to chip away at the slab of wall that was pressing against the door of the back room. When the firemen finally opened the door, they were not very surprised to see Lisa, and Megan once more. Both of the girls were disheveled, their clothes in disarray upon their heavenly bodies. The gorgeous brunette was somewhat delusional, and the beautiful blond was wrapped completely around her, still groping her, still grinding into her.

Well the firemen already knew what was coming as they approached the girls; Lisa immediately started screaming as if she were being raped, and the firemen hadn't even touched her yet. The firemen patiently put the two girls on a stretcher, and took them to a stunned Whitely's office. Whitely was aghast, and embarrassed, and simply called the school nurse at her home, begging her to come back to the school. When the school nurse came, dressed in curlers, and still wearing her house slippers, she sighed when she saw Lisa, and Megan on the stretcher.


Both Whitely, and the entire group of firemen all nodded silently.

"Oh.....how pathetic you men are.....letting yourselves get intimidated by a screaming, blond teenager," the school nurse said as she injected Megan with a sedative, "there.....that'll shut the brunette up for a while.....okay.....now for the blond.....Lisa.....let go of Megan this instant!"

"Tell those awful men to get their own pillows.....this one is mine!" a delusional, dazed, horny Lisa exclaimed.

"Megan is not a pillow, Lisa.....although with those curves I can see how you would think that.....and I'm sure I would love hugging her myself!" the school nurse said calmly.

 Both a stunned Whitely, and the squad of firefighters looked at the school nurse in shock.

"Yes this is my pillow, mommie!" Lisa screamed.

"Oh.....well......here goes more verbal therapy......now.....Lisa......"

One hour, and a half later of intense verbal therapy from the school nurse, Lisa finally released Megan. Everyone then went home.

Early, the next morning, in Principle Whitely's elegant office, stood Hermes Zane, the bio nerd, the school nurse, a still dazed Megan, and an overjoyed, gushing Lisa stood in silence, waiting for the king of Aldan highschool to begin passing judgement on them all.

"Alright," a strangely calm Whitely said, "Mr. Zane......you are suspended for a week for having used the back room of the biology lab for personal purposes; you are banned from playing baseball, and from the field for that time!" Whitely's punishment pushed the baseball coach who had accompanied Hermes into a flood of tears, "leave now Mr. Zane!"

Hermes Zane flew out the door like a giant chicken. The coach followed him, still in tears.

"Mr. Simpson?" Whitely called the bio nerd to the front of the waiting crowd.

"Yessir?" the bio nerd was trembling as he faced Whitely.

"You are suspended for a week for having gone beyond your role as a student in this school, and having conspired with Ms. Walker, and Ms. Larkins. Also, you have a week's detention for accepting sexual favors."

"Oh!" the bio nerd left Whitely's presence in tears.

"Ms. Jones?" Whitely called to the school nurse, "you shall herewith have a raise to your salary of ten dollars, effective immediately."

"Why.....thank you, Principal Whitely!"

"Leave your phone number with my secretary, Ms. Jones.....I will soon be inviting you to dinner," Whitely added.

An overjoyed, ecstatic school nurse left the office with a raise, and a possible date with the studly principal.

"Well.......Ms. Walker.....what is the story this time?" Whitely asked with surprising calmess.

"Um....." Megan was very nervous, "well, Mr. Whitely.....I sort of bribed Mr. Simpson to let me in the bio lab, so that I could sneak into the back room when Hermes was sleeping there, so that I could trap him ..... and .... .and.......well......um......."

"So.....was Hermes in there, Ms. Walker?"

"Uh.....no, Mr. Whitely.....Lisa was there.....and she sort of.....trapped me by surprise....and....and...."

"Well.....get to the point, Ms. Walker!"

"Lisa took my virginity, Mr. Whitely....." Megan said ashamedly, blushing profusely.

"Oh....." Whitely stared at Megan, then he looked at Lisa.....

Lisa was smiling wolfishly, and her sapphire eyes glimmered with joy, and triumph. Lisa stood closer to Megan, and leaned against her suggestively, possesively.

Whitely stared at the two girls blankly, then finally after what seemed an eternity, he understood, became angry, and flustered; "Ms. Larkins.....you are suspended from cheerleading for two weeks, and Ms. Walker you have two weeks of detention in the map room with Ms. Larkins!"

"Oh," Megan said passively, not as disappointed as she usually was.

"Thank you, Mr. Whitely," Lisa replied with great joy.

"Ms. Walker?"

"Yes, Mr. Whitely?"


"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh crap!" Megan said in desperation.

Day 6; Monday of the following week;

special guest star; Popita Love in a blond wig, as Rennie, the only straight girl on the cheerleading squad

Monday morning at Aldan High was like any other ordinary day that opened up an entire week of school. The entire student population was simply walking around like robots, trying to reprogram themselves to the usual academic reality, after having enjoyed a brief moment of freedom called; THE WEEKEND.

Today's opening was quite unusual to say the least, as figure entered the school, causing heads to turn sharply, and so quickly, that bones could be heard cracking.

Megan Walker walked slowly into Aldan High, wearing her best dress, and she was causing a commotion. Megan was wearing a tight, dark blue dress with a skirt that reached mid-thigh, sleeveless, showing off her pale, slender arms,and low cut enough to show a tease of a cleavage, and the firm, round shape of her bosom. The dress was so tight, that it hugged her small waist, then seemed to slide out onto her wide hips, showing a garter belt that held up dark stockings that hugged long, sexy, curvaceous legs. Megan's hair was tied back in a loose, thick braid that shown in gold, red highlights that danced from her golden brown hair. There was a touch of light green eye shadow dancing suggestively on Megan's eyes, and just a hint of lip gloss on her naturally crimson, pouty, full lips. Megan carried a bouquet of red-rimmed roses in her pale hands, and dangerously carried NO books.

The student population of Aldan High was quite impressed, and stirred; the boys, and male teachers drooled, instantly developing hardons when Megan walked by, swaying her hips erotically to a primal, jungle toon that coincided with their madly beating hearts, their racing pulses, and their exploding ejaculations. The girls, and even the older, female teachers sighed in deep desire, blood rushing to their cheeks, imagining her nude, causing their vaginas to flush extreme, sexual wetness, their nipples to harden like pebbles, when graceful Megan walked by, looking like an exotic, ravishing, sexual dream.

Megan Walker was just doing what came naturally; driving both sexes wild with desire, and generally causing chaos in an otherwise peaceful school. The only person unmoved by Megan's stunning beauty, was Mr. Whitely, who simply became extremely angry, seeing how everyone insane. Whitely rolled his eyes, shook his head, when the gorgeous girl passed by him, and then the principal of Aldan Highschool walked away angrily.


Megan stopped in her tracks, and turned to see Georgette standing a few feet away, staring at her with dark eyes filled with wonder, and surprise, "oh my God.....Megan....you are so....so.....WOW!"

"Oh....how descriptive," Megan said with a sultry smile.

"Um....." Georgette was so struck by Megan's special smile, that she just wet herself.

Megan walked slowly up to Georgette, passing close to a boy who stood nearby, and instantly a huge bulge developed in his pants. Megan accidentally brushed by a girl standing beside her locker, and the girl sighed, and swooned, dropping ungracefully to the floor.

"Wake up, Gonzalez," an impatient Megan exclaimed.

"So....Megan.....is this part of your latest plan to trap Hermes?" Georgette asked casually.



"Oh.....I'm not in love with Hermes anymore......I'm in love with Lisa Larkins," Megan said firmly,"I dressed up, cause I'm going to ask her out on a date, even.....do you think I have a chance with her?"

"More than that looking like that, Megan," Georgette sighed, "eh.....uh......"

"Spill it alright already, Georgette."

"Go out with me, Megan?"


"Okay. It was worth a try."

"You bet," Megan replied with a smile.

"I'm happy that you finally got over Hermes, Megan.....Lisa is so lucky," Georgette hugged her best friend.

"Thanks, Georgette."

"Heeellllooooo Megan," a male voice said suddenly.

Beautiful Megan Walker turned to see the incredibly tall, handsome Hermes Zane standing in front of her, or more likely towering over her, looking down with her with his best smile.

"You are so beautiful, Megan....." Hermes said in a voice that sent shivers up the spines of females that stood close by, "and you have tried so hard to capture my heart.....and I was such a fool to not have noticed before," in his handsome mind, Hermes thought that Megan still loved him.

"Heh.....sure," Megan replied with marked sarcasm.

"Time for you to become my girlfriend," Hermes said in characteristic, haughty, sexy way, "love the roses too, nice touch, Walker."


Suddenly, faster than human thought it seemed, Hermes descended from his great height, and siezed the beautiful damsel, Megan. The powerful young man stretched out, carrying her up to his height, and then, he proceeded to kiss her hungrily on the lips, causing a ripple of giggles to travel through the students, and teachers watching the encounter. Everyone gasped at what a stunning couple Hermes, and Megan made.

Meanwhile, Lisa Larkins, wearing her cheerleader uniform, fresh out of cheerleading practice, was at that moment walking down the same hall that would ultimately lead her to Hermes, and Megan, still lip-locked. Since everyone knew that beautiful, lanky Lisa only liked girls, the guys didn't bother to ask her out, but still discreetly drooled over her when she passed. But now, knowledge of how Lisa took the maidenhood of the most beautiful girl in school, made Lisa extremely more popular among the guys, who now high-fived her, complimented her, and urged her on. The guys were all glad that someone, even if it was a girl, had somehow managed to take the most gorgeous female away from the self-possessed, odious, haughty Hermes Zane, who thought that he was God's gift to all females. Lisa simply smiled, feeling on cloud nine, as she recalled her lovemaking with Megan. Lisa was looking for Megan because she was going to ask the luscious brunette out on a date, and then to go steady. Lisa already had her school ring ready to give to Megan, and was seeing stars, and dreaming the same dream; she was in her cheerleader's uniform marrying Megan who wore a wedding dress. Lisa continued to walk down the hallway, her mind on a candy cloud, until she saw something that both broke her heart, and made her cry; Hermes Zane standing endlessly tall, legs spread like a champion, with delicate Megan in his arms. Megan, was caught delicately in the giant's arms, not resisting, and she was kissing Hermes. Lisa began to cry like a baby as she turned quickly, and fled down the opposite direction of the hall.

Meanwhile, Hermes put a fragile Megan back down with great care, "will you go out with me, Megan....will you be my girlfriend?" he asked her with a confident smile, thinking that she would reply quickly, drooling all over him like all girls always did when he spoke to them.

"Nope," the girl replied simply, quickly.

"What? What do you mean NO? No one ever says no to me.....I mean.....you've been chasing me everywhere.....I mean.....all the girls always want to be my girlfriends.....I mean......this is your chance to be my only girlfriend......I mean....."


"Yes, Megan?"

"You're so lucky that I'm not wearing steel-tipped high heels."

"Why, Megan?"

"To kick you in the shins to shut you up, you self-centered, egotistical brat!" Megan exclaimed with such fierce passion, that everyone around her swore they heard the ground tremble under their feet, "I'm in love with Lisa Larkins.....not with you."

"Oh....." Hermes was visibly deflated.

"I can't kick you with my Versacci heels.....too soft," then Megan turned, and walked away amid a sudden wave of cheering, and whistling by all the guys around them.

Megan smiled, as she walked, thinking of her beautiful cheerleader, and of their lovemaking. Megan walked to the girl's locker room, "she should be there....in the showers.....she's probably just finished her cheerleading practice," Megan sighed, as images of a naked Lisa flashed through her mind, "what a woman!" Megan walked elegantly into the girl's locker room, which was deserted at that early hour on Monday. Megan heard laughter coming from the showers, and instantly recognized it; "Lisa," Megan happily walked into the showers, and was shocked to see a completely nude Lisa with another girl, also nude, in her arms, and the two of them were kissing passionately.

"Lisa? What is going on here?" Megan was inwardly fuming, and outwardly confused.

"Oh.....its you," Lisa said rudely when she saw Megan. Lisa continued to kiss, and caress her apparent partner, who couldn't stop blushing profusely, "what do you want, Walker?"

"Well....I was going to ask you out on a date, Lisa," Megan said angrily, "what are you doing with this....this......." Megan was so enraged, and jealous, that words escaped her.

"This is my lover," Lisa replied coldly, as she simply ignored Megan in general, and continued to fondle her companion's now hardened nipples.

"What do you mean.....your lover?" Megan's voice had begun to quiver, evidence of future tears, "she can't be your lover....I thought that I was."

"You are so gullible, Megan.....you'll believe anything that anyone tells you." Lisa laughed cruelly.

"Then why did you take my virginity on Friday night, Lisa? Why did you make love to me....and tell me that you loved me....that you wanted us to be together forever?"

"Because that is what it took to knock you up, Megan.....and I said those things because I know that is what a silly girl like you likes to hear."

"You've done this before, Lisa Larkins?"

"Yes....plenty of times, Megan. I'm a cheerleader. I always bed all the new girls in school. You're just one more notch on my belt. Its not my problem that you believed all the bullshit I fed you. But it worked; I got you into bed, and now I'm not interested in you anymore." Lisa smiled haughtily.

"So....this girl here, is the newest notch, Lisa?"

"Oh....no.....this is my permanent lover, Megan." Lisa's smile then became an evil smirk.

Megan Walker straightened up a bit more than usual, and raised her head, holding her forehead high, feeling her dignity raging within her bosom; "no....I won't cry.....I won't give this bitch the satisfaction of seeing me cry....that would really make me a loser," now, Megan Walker hated Lisa Larkins with all of her heart, "I'll show her that I still have class," Megan looked down at the bouquet of roses in her hand, and held them up, then out, extending her arm out, with the flowers still in her delicate, pale hand,

"well.....congrats on the relationship.....I hope you two are happy," Megan handed the  flowers to Lisa's apparent lover. Megan Walker turned, and gracefully walked out of the showers, and the girl's locker room. Megan walked away, crying softly, and then went to the prinipal's office; the secretary looked at the girl in horror, knowing that this beautiful creature was to blame for the majority of the destruction at Aldan. The secretary let Megan into Whitely's office, then ran away screaming.

Megan was simply confused by the secretary's reaction.

Megan walked into Whitely's elegant office, and stood before him, as he sat at his desk, his head down, reading reports, and not noticing the girl, "Mr. Whitely?"


"I.....I just wanted to ask you to please give me a transfer to another highschool, Mr. Whitely."

"Huh? Really?" Whitely felt elated, because Megan was a major troublemaker, but he couldn't get rid of her, simply because the girl wasn't a delinquent, and had very high grades, "you mean that, Walker?"


"Oh....I will be very happy to comply.....why do you want to leave though, Ms. Walker?"

"Lisa Larkins doesn't love me, Mr. Whitely. I can't stand being here, and seeing her all of the time with someone else. Will you help me? Will you transfer me to another school, sir?"

"Oh.....why yes of course, Ms. Walker," Whitely didn't conceal his happiness, "I can transfer you as early as tomorrow....will that be fine?"

"Why yes, Mr. Whitely," the girl said politely, "thank you, sir. May I go home....I mean....I really have no business being here.....I really don't attend this school anymore."

"Uh.....exactly......very good idea, Ms. Walker.....you are dismissed."

"Thank you, sir," Megan replied with a slight bow, as she turned, and left his office.

"That girl is so refined, so well bred, and pretty too," Whitely said to himself, "pity she's a troublemaker! But she's GONE.........GONE.......HEY........HELGA?"

Helga, Whitely's nosey, gossipy file clerk entered his elegant office, "yessir?"

"Get all of Megan Walker's papers ready for a transfer, Helga."

"Shouldn't your secretary do that, sir?"

"She ran away again, Helga."

"Oh....why does Megan want to leave, sir?"

"Somethin about Lisa Larkins not wanting her or whatever," Whitely said nonchalantly, "I'm just glad to get rid of her!"

"Yessir," Helga said readily, leaving, anxious to spread the latest tidbit of gossip that she now possessed.

Megan Walker walked elegantly out of Aldan High, and headed for the parking lot, where she got into her small Toyota, and drove slowly home, crying all the way there as she did. Megan parked her car in the driveway, and was surprised to see her mom, Lana's Raider Ford Jeep parked there too. Megan went inside, only to find that her mom had taken the day off from work.


"Yes, baby.....I sort of played hookey today from the office," Lana said with a smile, as she hugged her daughter, "why are you crying, Megan?"

"I fell in love, mom.....and she didn't love me back."

"She? What do you mean, Megan?" Lana Walker was herself a lesbian, and everyday lifted a prayer to God that her seemingly heterosexual daughter, Megan would follow in her footsteps.

"Lisa Larkins, mom....I fell in love with her.....I thought that she loved me back.....but it was all a game to her. I've asked Principal Whitely to transfer me to another school so that I won't see Lisa ever again."

"I have a better idea, Megan."

"What, mom?"

"I'm sending you back to Nebraska, Megan.....you can stay with your grandparents, and study at Johnston again. Would you like to see your friends again? Your grandparents? Won't that heal your broken heart a lot sooner than a new school?"

"Yes, mommie!" Megan joyfully hugged her mother upon hearing the news. Even though she was heartbroken, Megan felt better, knowing that soon she will be going back to what she considers her true home.

"I'm sending you to Nebraska tomorrow, Megan."

"I'm packing right now, mom."


Lana watched her daughter go upstairs, and wondered if maybe she too should move back home as well. Life in Bonita Springs was as fulfilling as Lana Walker thought it would be, even with a new, better paying job, she missed home, and thought about acompanying her daughter back home once more.

Upstairs in her room, a giddily occupied Megan was busy packing her clothes, "I'm going back home! Yay! No more Lisa Larkins! Back to my old school, and my old friends.....especially my old boyfriend Thad....." somehow the joy ebbed out of Megan, because her new love for Lisa tried to reassert itself in her heart, "but it won't be the same ever again..." Megan shook her head firmly, "this will all go away.....love doesn't last forever.....I'll forget Lisa in a month....."

Megan's cell phone began to ring, and she stopped her packing, to answer it; "Hello?"


"Yeah, Georgette....what's up?"

"Is the rumor that I'm hearing around school true? Are you leaving Aldan?"

"Yeah, Georgette. I was going to a new highschool tomorrow....but my mom is sending me back to Nebraska tomorrow."

"Oh no!" Georgette was crying now, "I'm gonna miss you so much!"

"Aaaawww, Georgette....I'll miss you too!"

"You were my first real best friend, Megan.....and you only lasted a week....but you did help me a lot!"


"Yeah, Megan.....because of you I have a steady girlfriend now.....Greta!"

"I'm so happy for you, Georgette....she is way cool, even."

"Its so wrong that you have to leave, Megan....."

"I have to go, Georgette.....I can't stand the thought of seeing Lisa again!"

"I've heard so many rumors about you two, Megan.....what really happened?"

"I went to the girl's locker room to see her; I heard her laughing....she was in the showers....when I went in to see her....she was with another girl....both of them were in the nude....touching each other, Georgette," Megan had started to cry, and her voice trembled now, "it was just awful."

"Oh....my God....that's awful, even, Megan....I didn't think that Lisa was such a bitch!'

"She said that she never loved me, Georgette....I was just another conquest to her....another notch on her belt....she was just using me....she laughed at me, even....worst of all.....she's done the same thing to other girls!'

"Jesus....damn....that is so evil, even....Megan....I'm so sorry for you!"

"Now you know why I'm not going back to Aldan ever again, Georgette....the only thing I regret is never seeing you again."

"Me too, Megan.....I'm gonna miss you, and all your screwy plans to get Hermes.....but I swear, hun....I'm gonna get even with Lisa."


"I'm gonna make sure the whole school finds out what you just told me, Megan....I'm gonna tell everybody what Lisa did to you, what she said to you.....that she's a two-timing, two-faced womanizing Casanova who knocks up new girls, and then leaves them.....no one will ever speak to her again!"

"It still won't make my heart stop hurting, Georgette."

"I'll go seeya after school, Megan....to say goodbye....Greta has a killer car."

"Thanks, Georgette."

Megan, and Georgette smiled simultaneously, and hung up.

Meanwhile, back at Aldan, in the girl's locker room, Lisa Larkins, now completely dry, and dressed, sat on a bench, crying despairingly, as her friend, another cheerleader named Rennie, the girl whom Megan saw her with, or lover, or whatever tried to comfort her.

"SHE NEVER LOVED ME!" Lisa wailed miserably, as an endless stream of tears poured from her blue eyes, and sobs wracked her slender, lanky frame, "all the time she was with me.....she was THINKING OF...OF THAT GORILLA, HERMES!"

"Yeah....sure, Lisa," Rennie said slowly, "but you went way too far, even....you said some awful stuff to her too....and you touched me up real bad....and I'm the only straight cheerleader on the team!"

"Did you see her eyes, Rennie?" Lisa wailed once more, "no emotion in them! And the way she handed you the bouquet....she was so cold......if she had really loved me, she would've slapped me!"

"Its called dignity, Lisa....that's what the girl has.....too bad I'm not gay....she is fab lookin!"

"What?" Lisa was suddenly very angry, and jealous.

"Look....do you still love her, Lisa?"

"Yeah....and I feel sick about it," Lisa wanted to vomit everytime that she looked at the flowers in her friend's hand, "she never even looked back at me when she left," Lisa was wailing again.

"Gee....like the things you said to her were awful, Lisa....but if you love her....then take her away from that jerk, Hermes."

"I just can't," Lisa cries, "I'm just too mad at her right now! Can you take me home, Rennie....I'm just gonna be so sick all day!"

"Okay....okay....let's get going!"

Five minutes later, Lisa Larkins, and her friend, Rennie, are walking through the field. The two girls cross the baseball field. Lisa looks up, and suddenly feels angry, and nauseous upon seeing Hermes only a few feet away. Hermes sees Lisa, and actually seems upset, thus sneering, and saying in a loud voice; "Well....well....lookie here; its the queen of Aldan High....Miss Extreme Stupidity herself; Lisa Larkins!"

"HEY!" Lisa wasn't crying now, as she walked up to the handsome pitcher, with the intention of slapping him, "who are you calling stupid, you oversized gorilla?"

"YOU! Anybody who just gives up a girl as beautiful, and special as Megan has got to be mentally retarded!"

"What do you mean give up?" Lisa is confused, "Megan is YOUR GIRLFRIEND!"

"Megan isn't my girlfriend, Lisa.....rumor has it she's leaving Aldan cause yo broke her heart," Hermes replied angrily.

"Megan IS your girlfriend, Hermes! I saw her kissing you in the hall!"

"Correction, Larkins.....I was kissing her....she wasn't kissing me back....I forced myself on her....its a miracle she didn't slap me when I put her down."

"Oh....my God....so....you, and Megan aren't.....?

"What part of the words Mentally retarded do you find confusing, Lisa? I just said that I was the one who forced myself on Megan. She told me that she didn't want me anymore. Megan told me that she was in love with you instead."

Lisa was speechless with happiness, but at the same time she was also feeling terrible, "so...the flowers that Megan was carrying were actually for ME?"

"Don't get so uppity, and happy, Larkins....Megan will never want you back anyway now."

"What the hell do you mean, Zane?"

"Rumor has it that you're the reason that Megan is leaving, Larkins," Hermes said angrily, "you're nothing but a womanizing Casanova that knocks up every broad around. Megan saw you with some girl, and you just told her off! Nice work, Larkins. She's gone now."

"But YOU are the the womanizing Casanova, you oversized, stupid jockhead!" Lisa replied angrily.

"But I don't go around hiding it you blond, cheerleading bimbo!" Hermes shouted back.

An enraged Lisa Larkins went over the edge, and then slapped Hermes's handsome face. Everyone on the field started booing Lisa; everyone hated her for hurting Megan, the most beautiful creature that anyone had ever seen, wanted, desired by everyone, but the girl had given her heart to the cheerleader, who had simply thrown Megan carelessly away.

"AND Larkins, I swear that if by some miracle, Megan does stay at Aldan...I am going to chase her until I drop, until she really does fall in love with me....so you will never, NEVER get her!" Hermes exclaimed passionately.

Lisa was about to slap Hermes again, but someone got in front of him, and grabbed her hand, "Georgette?"

"Yeah, Larkins....its me....and I'm not glad to see you."

"Why are you defending this bastard, Georgette?" Lisa was shocked, because she thought that the Latina girl was on her side.

"Because he isn't the one who broke Megan's heart. That was you, Megan! She told me what you did to her, Lisa....I can't believe what a bitch you really are!"

Lisa was crying now, "I swear it was all a mistake, Georgette....I made it all up....I thought that Megan was kissing Hermes....so I pretended to be with someone else!"

"I forced myself on Megan," Hermes interjected, "I initiated that kiss, Larkins .... Georgette....will you talk to Megan about me? Will you help me get her?"

"NO!" Lisa yelled suddenly, "you stay away from her, Zane....Megan is my girl!"

"Not anymore, Larkins!" Georgette yelled, "not after what you did; telling Megan that she was just one more notch on your belt, that she was just a game to you!"

"Hell! Even I don't do that to any girl I ditch!" Hermes exclaimed in dismay.

"Well, thanks to you, Larkins," Georgette said firmly, "Megan is going back to Nebraska tomorrow morning. Thanks for driving my best friend away. I hope you're happy. At least she won't have to see you ever again!"

"Oh NO!" Lisa was crying again, "I lied....it was all a lie....I was hurt because I was jealous of Hermes kissing her....I never meant to hurt her....I was just so angry with her....I'm not a Casanova....Megan is the only girl I love....I can't let her leave!"

"Its too late now, Larkins," Hermes exclaimed.

"NO!" Lisa cried, "I have to see Megan right now! I don't have a car....please, Rennie ....take me to Megan's house?"

Rennie just rolled her eyes, "oh alright, Lisa....let's get going."

Twenty minutes later, a desperate Lisa Larkins was knocking vigorously on the door of Megan's house, and the door was finally opened by a very angry Lana Walker.

"What? Why are you knocking so loud, young lady?"

"Mrs. Walker....my name is Lisa Larkins....I would like to see Megan for a moment. May I?"

"Lisa....oh....you're the one my Megan fell in love with? But you broke her heart."

"I need to see her immediately, Mrs. Walker....I need to give her an explanation."

"I don't know...."

"Please, Mrs. Walker....let me see Megan....please."

"Oh....I suppose so....come in, Lisa."

"Thank you, Mrs. Walker."

Lisa Larkins was standing in a tastefully decorated living room made up in lavendar, golden brown, and beige tones. The house had two floors, and Lisa's sapphire eyes followed Lana's attractive figure as she went to the stairs to call up; "Megan....come down....someone's here to see you."

"Who, mom?"

Lisa trembled, as the sound of Megan's sultry, distant voice seemed to float down to her heart from upstairs. Lisa was extremely nervous, knowing that she faced the hardest, toughest battle of her young life; convincing the great, and only love of her life to come back to her arms. Lisa realized just how cruel she had been to the girl of her dreams, and she almost cried to think that Megan might actually hate her, deeply, intensely, "oh my God....what have I done? I hope I can get her to forgive me....I can't lose her....I love her with all my heart....I just hope that I haven't ruined Megan's life with my stupid atitude, and jealousy."

"Uh....just come down here, Megan....okay?" Lana was aware that this was important, and that Megan had to see this young girl, but to do so, she had to lie to her daughter, who might not come down if she knew who it was.

"I'm busy, mom....tell them to come back later."


"Okay, mom, on my way." Megan replied half-heartedly.

"Thank you, Mrs. Walker....really....thank you," Lisa said appreciatively.

Lisa was trembling, as she heard Megan's footsteps descending the stairs, and now she prayed silently, "please....God....help me out here....I lied....I dug a big hole in Megan's heart....and she hates me....please....help me convince her.....help me get her back....please."

When Megan Walker came down to the living room, and saw Lisa waiting there, she became extremely angry, "you?" Megan's emerald eyes flashed fire, "no way do I want to see you!" Megan turned to go back upstairs, to shut herself up in her room.

"No, Megan!" Lana grabbed her daughter by the neck of her shirt, and held her.

"MOM....LET ME GO!" Megan was squirming, she was furious.

"NO! Be fair, Megan.....listen to what Lisa has to say!"


"Megan....just listen to her," Lana held her daughter firmly by her side to keep the girl from leaving.

"Megan...." Lisa said nervously, imploringly, with tears in her blue eyes, "I'm so sorry...."

"No," Megan interrupted, "I'm the one who's sorry for finally giving in, and loving you, Lisa Larkins! I regret not staying at Aldan just to warn other new girls about you, and your heartless, womanizing reputation! But I hurt too much to stay! I'm getting out right away! I never want to see you again!"

"Please....Megan," Lisa was desperate now, "I made a big mistake. I lied to you because I was hurt."

"What do you mean you lied, Lisa Larkins?" Megan is even angrier now.

"I saw you in the hall kissing Hermes, Megan....I got so angry....I was so hurt....I thought you were with him....that you had been playing with me all along....that you loved him....so I pretended to have a girlfriend to spite you."

"So that's how you deal with things, Lisa? Instead of asking for an explanation from the other person, you just blow up, make all sorts of assumptions, and you hurt people. Actually, you hurt me. But what do you care anyway? I'm just another notch in your belt anyway."

"What?" Lana is shocked, "what is the meaning of this, Megan?"

"Lisa does the same to all of the new girls, mom....she pretends to love them, then she beds them, then she just dumps them. She did it to me!" Megan said angrily.

Now, Lana Walker is extremely angry, "get out of here, Ms. Larkins, and never come back. I don't want my daughter to associate with you ever again."

"Oh no," Lisa is sobbing now, desperate, and lovesick, "I lied....I'm not a womanizer....I swear it, Megan....I know it was wrong to lie....I was just so hurt because I love you so much....please don't send me away.....I've never had anyone else.....you're my very first lover!"

"Hah....quite hard to believe....you sure looked experienced in the shower with that other girl," Megan said with marked sarcasm, and jealous anger.

"No....Megan....I swear it....I'm not a Casanova....I was jealous......please don't send me away....I'll die if you send me away!" Lisa was on her knees now, and sobbing.

"I can't even bear to look at you right now, Lisa Larkins," Megan was crying now, and slowly backing away, trying to escape to the stairs, to her room, to the silence of her dark closet.

"Lisa isn't lying to you, Megan!"

All three women turned to see handsome Hermes Zane standing at the front door of Megan's house. Hermes entered, and greeted Megan's mother, "hello, Mrs. Walker, my name is Hermes.

"Well, hello, Hermes," Lana replied in confusion, because this drama was getting more jumbled now.

"Megan," Hermes said, "I've known Lisa for about a year.....she isn't a womanizing Casanova....that's my job. I came here to apologize for forcing myself on you today, Megan. You didn't give me permission to kiss you. I acted like a cad. If I hadn't been so thickheaded.....if I had noticed you sooner....you would be in love with me, and not with Lisa."

"Just go away, Hermes Zane!" Megan exclaimed angrily, "because of you I made a lot of stupid mistakes. And....I DO NOT LOVE LISA!"

Hermes was stunned at Megan's reply, Megan was going upstairs again, and Lisa was crying too hard to be able to speak in her defence.

Suddenly, Georgette bursts through the open door of the Walker residence, with her girlfriend, Greta in tow. Georgette is frantic, "please....Megan....don't go back to Nebraska!"

"What is this....open house?" Lana Walker exclaims.

"Hi, Mrs. Walker.....I'm Georgette....Megan's best friend!"

"Well....uh....hi," Lana replies nonchalantly.

"Megan," Georgette now turned to the beguiling girl, "have I ever lied to you?"

"No....you haven't."

"Then....please....Megan.....listen to me."


"Megan....please don't go back to Nebraska.....if you do, you'll lose the only real chance at love you might ever have in your entire life, and the only real chance to ever be really happy. Lisa really loves you. She just got bitchy when she saw you kissing Hermes. Lisa isn't a Casanova....she's just a loudmouth cheerleader with no experience at all. Please forgive her, and stay. I don't want you to go either....cause I'll lose my best friend."

"Georgette is right, Megan," Greta said quietly, "I've known Lisa....we grew up together. She isn't a womanizer. Whatever Lisa knows about sex is what she got from reading too much erotic fiction, and seeing a few porn movies. If....IF she has any experience ....its very little. Please give Lisa another chance to make up to you for what she did."

"Oh....PLEASE, Megan," Rennie said, speaking now for the first time, "please just forgive Lisa....she lied to you....she asked me to help her make you jealous.....I'm not her girlfriend....I don't even like girls....I'm the only girl on the cheerleading squad who is straight......"

"Oh....." Megan said, suddenly on the verge of a smile.

"Oh?" Hermes was already smiling, "You name is Rennie....right?"

"Shove it, Zane....I have to date your pal, Charlie," Rennie said haughtily.

"Awww..." Hermes said, deflating as he did.

"Um....well....." Megan was breaking down, her resentment towards Lisa was fading away.

"Come on, guys," Greta said, as she nudged Georgette, and threw knowing glances at Hermes, and Rennie, "let's get out of here, and leave Lisa, and Megan alone."

"Yeah," Rennie replied, walking out of the door quickly.

"Um....wanna date me, Rennie?" Hermes said as he pursued the cheerleader.

"Bye, Megan," Georgette said with a smile, as she followed Greta out the door.

"I guess I have some calls to make upstairs," Lana said as she closed the front door.


"I'll leave you alone with Lisa so the two of you can talk, and fix things, Megan," Lana said uncomfortably as she left. But going up the stairs, Lana wanted to cheer like a cheerleader; her baby was following in her footsteps, and had brought home a drop dead, blond, sexy cheerleader as a girlfriend, "oh I'm just sssssssssssoooooooo proud of my little girl."

Now, Megan was completely alone with Lisa, who sat on the nearby couch, still crying, and sobbing so hard, that she just couldn't speak. At first, Megan was extremely embarrassed, then confused as what to do next. Lisa's heart wrenching wails took to Megan's tender heart, filling her with a wave of pity so overwhelming that she just rolled her eyes, and defeated, the beautiful girl went to comfort the forlorn cheerleader. Megan sat next to Lisa on the couch, and gathered the lanky blond into her slender arms.

Lisa clung desperately to Megan, "I'm so sorry for what I did to you, Megan....." Lisa said amid her sobs, "please forgive me....please."

"Its okay, Lisa....its okay," Megan said as she stroked Lisa's golden locks, "I understand."

"Please don't go away, Megan.....but if you do.....can I go to Nebraska with you?"

For some unknown reason, Lisa's words strike Megan as utterly funny, and she begins to laugh, "its okay, Lisa....I'm not going to Nebraska....and it would be great to take you with me if I did....I'm sorry about the fight too....look.....Lisa....can we just start over, and forget everything else?"

"Megan.....do you mean that....really?"

"Do you prefer to have me angry with you, Lisa?"

"Oh....NO!" Lisa was overjoyed, "Megan...." Lisa couldn't hold herself back anymore, and she wrapped her arms around her beautiful brunette, and kissed her on the lips. Then, after a few minutes of an intense make-out session, Lisa got off the couch, and down on her knees before a stunned Megan. Lisa took Megan's small hand in her own, and kissed the girl's fingers gently, reverently, "Megan.....will you go steady with me?"

"Yes, Lisa," Megan replied quietly, blushing as she did.

"OH WOW!" Lisa exclaimed loudly, as she tightened her arms around Megan, and kissed her on the cheek, "I'm so happy.....oh wow....I'm so happy right now, Megan.....I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life."

"And the same goes for me, Lisa."


"Yes, Lisa?"

"Will you marry me when we graduate, Megan?"



"Just shut up, and kiss me, Lisa Larkins."

Lisa smiled, then kissed her ravishing lover on the lips. Soon, the two girls were kissing passionately, and holding hands, "will you be mine forever, Megan?"

"Forever, Lisa....forever."

Lisa Larkins knew that now she had a reason to smile for the rest of her life, and it less than a week for her to fall in love.


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