Title: Dark Wantings......

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Warning; contains adult situations.

Song lyrics; Some Enchanted Evening, by Richard Rodgers, and Oscar Hammerstein 11, Wild Thing, by Bryan Adams, All My Loving, by the Beatles

Warning; a/u, different eye colors for some characters, and maybe out of character depictions.

a comedy of wishful thinking.

For what seemed the millionth time, Nicole Julian sighed dreamily, romantically, as she stirred the food on her plate, without eating it, and gazed helplessly at the figure that sat across the table from her. Nicole sighed yet again, smiled goofilly, thus frightening everyone who sat at the table with her; for the little blond was sitting at the wrong table, instead of her regular table, with all of her popular co-horts, and friends; Brooke, Josh, Mary Cherry, Sugar Daddy.

Nicole was crying discreetly, as she went over the last episode that she had seen of "Xena, the Warrior Princess," a show that she had just recently begun to watch, becoming almost overnight an avid fan of the now, famous subtext show. Blond, green-eyed, athletically built Nicole immediately identified herself as the gorgeous, brunette warrior's sidekick/lover/bard, Gabrielle, and also decided that just like the blond bard, she too, was in love with Xena. Of course, Nicole quickly targeted a very surprised, confused Samantha McPherson, whom she formally detested with the strength, and vicious passion of a thousand suns, as the ravishing Xena, ex-warlord, turned heroine, and defender of the innocent. Of course this meant that Nicole no longer hated Samantha, but rather adored her vigorously.

"Spam?" Nicole asked in an aimless manner.

"Yeah, Satan?" Sam, who sat at the table, across from the little, lovesick blond, replied dutifully.


"Yeah, Satan?" Sam was finding Nicole's adoration pointless, and frustrating.


"Oh come on, Nic!" Sam exclaimed, "what is it?"

"You look like Xena," the beautiful, little blond stated dreamily, as she smiled, and fluttered her eyelashes at the gorgeous brunette.

Meanwhile, the others who sat at the table with the unlikely duo, stared in total disgust, and disbelief at the events unfolding before their stunned eyes.

"I just can't get over this," Carmen whispered to Lily, who sat next to her, "Nic is here with us! Nic is obsessing over Sam. We have to do something fast!"

"I left the insect repellent at home," Lily whispered back to her redheaded friend.

"Just shut up, you two crones!" Harrison shouted at his two friends, as he gazed longingly at the the little blond, and her victim, Samantha. Harrison wished he could follow the two former enemies around all day, for he was obsessed with lesbians, with seeing two women make love, with being a woman, with women in general.

Meanwhile, Samantha sighed, for she was deeply irritated with Nicole's sudden infatuation with her, "Nic....will you stop staring at me!"

"You have the most beautiful, blue eyes, Sam...my...."

"Uh....what did you just call me, Satan?"

The reply came from Nicole's lips in the form of a chant, and a prayer; "Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy. SAMMY. Sammy."

"Ugh!" Sam just rolled her eyes, and went back to drinking her orange juice.

Meanwhile, the once evil, spiteful, bitter Nicole Julian continued to stare at a helpless Samantha, and suddenly fell into a pleasant revelry:

The little blond trembled, and hesitated, as she stood at the entrance of the forbidden place. Yet the girl's heart fluttered, and called out mightily for her to enter into the dark, crowded nightclub that had just opened a few blocks down from her street. The girl had been warned away from the new place called "Dark Wantings," by both friends, and family, saying it was a place of evil, corrupt elements, far below her wealthy, wholesum, traditional, family value status. But the strange, dark, brooding sense of foreboding, the sinfulness of it, the almost tangible smell of corruption, of the brothel-like climate of the place called out to the girl's tender, young, innocent soul, and seemed to bind her like a delicate tentacle, becoming then a firm chord that seemed to pull her. Finally, after many failed attempts, the girl had dressed in her finest vestments, and had come to the Goth's, dark gathering, as her heart cried out that she was about to meet her destiny.

The night was starkly dark, in its nocturnal essence, and only the dim, fluttering lights of the street lamps kept the darkness from totally, seeminly swallow the entire reality of shifting silhouettes that existed as skyscrapers, buildings, apartments, streets by day, but now were mere shadows, outlined by weak, doubtful rays of yellowish, electric lights.

The blond, slender, almost wraithlike girl walked slowly, even fearfully down the sidewalk, widely sidestepping the imposing, intimidating men clad in fancy suits, that leered at her, as their eyes raked provocatively up, then down her young, beautiful frame, as in their dark, primal sexuality, they felt themselves compelled toward her innocent, golden blondness.

Even as by day, the city street was crowded with food, or newspaper vendors, with people coming to, and from work, with schoolbuses, with clogged traffic, making the concrete alive with their thoughts, with sweat, with stress, with passionate fury at having to wait to get home, so was the street alive at night. At night, the city street was livened by the colorful lights of shops open late, by open restaurants, theatres, by pedestrians dressed in expensive finery, bent on getting intoxicated, on enjoying a shifting reality of somewhat pleasant, orgiastic activity, until daylight came once more, forcing them back to the daily grind of work, and paying bills.

The girl managed to avoid the unsavory characters that called out to her; drunkards, young stallions with tatoos, with odd vestments, even smiling prostitutes who promised her temporary Nirvana for a price. Finally, the girl stood at the entrance of the crowded club.

The door of Dark Wantings was lit by red, neon lights; the words in flowing, intermitently glowing, fancy script. The neon letters seemed to flutter to the beat of the girl's heart, as she inhaled deeply, and then entered the womb of forbidden sinfulness.

It was almost as the girl had expected; the atmosphere inside the nightclub was dark, gloomy, and smoky. There were people dressed in black everywhere; it seemed to be the dominant color.

"I never should have worn white tonight," the girl mumbled miserably to herself, as she felt countless eyes alighting upon her, "I stick out like a sore thumb."

The young woman, more a girl than a woman really, continued her journey of discovery into the world of dark desires, as her now madly racing heart became engorged with excitement, for her destiny was near.

"Why did I come here? Why do I feel the need to be here? Will I find her here?"

For most of her life, the blond girl had been subject to dreams about a tall, stunningly beautiful woman that beckoned to her with open arms, and an almost devilish, sinful smile upon full, crimson red lips. Every night, the girl would awaken in a state of sweat, and animal arousal, as the dream image faded from her eyes, but not her heart. For years, the girl had searched, through school, city street, even in church, for the gorgeous face that crowned her nightly universe, but she never saw her. When the new nightclub opened, the girl had the dream once more, but this time the ravishing woman told her to go there. The girl had procrastinated on answering the primal call of the dream woman that excited her unwilling body, perhaps as an effort to cling to the diurnal side of her innocent nature. Finally, the blond succumbed to the persistent, sultry call of sin, of the exotic beauty of her dreams, that awakened her virginal body into such a deep lust, that she could no longer hold herself back.

The girl approached the bar, and sat upon a stool, gazing in a slight stupor around her, at the odd surroundings, at the strange display of people in Gothic attire.

"Minors aren't allowed in here!"

The blond was startled to wakefulness from her odd revelry, as she turned at the sound of the gruff voice of a young bartender that tapped his fingers on the countertop of the bar.

"I'm not a minor!" the girl declared indignantly.

"I need to see some identification," the young bartender replied stubbornly.

"Damn!" the girl exclaimed angrily, as she fished around in her purse for her driver's license, "here!" she said, slamming it down soundly on the bar. But the girl noticed that the bartender wasn't listening to her, and appeared to be staring at a far off point, "well? Here is my ID! What are you looking at?"

"Wow," the handsome bartender murmured, as he looked beyond the short blond, "I've never seen her around here!"

The blond looked up, then toward the direction of the bartender's obviously admiring stare, and her entire world came to a screeching halt, "its HER!"

It seemed to the girl that time, and reality came to a halt, and she entered into an in between place where only she, and the approaching figure existed.

From the other end of the crowded room, sometimes obscured by momentarily intruding, moving forms, dimly outlined through the thick haze of cigarette smoke that filled the room, a darkly clad form approached slowly, lazily, languidly, with an overwhelming, erotic gait, with a piercing, unwavering stare, and it made the girl swallow hard, finding both her mouth, and throat suddenly dry, for this was the woman of her dreams, that approached in an agonizingly slow pace toward her. The blond suddenly felt imaginary music playing in her head, and the tune rose within her psyche, until it was more realistic, more seemingly alive than the very sounds around her; she was listening to the lyrics of a famous song;

"Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger

you may see a stranger across a crowded room,

an' somehow you know, you know even then,

that somewhere you'll see her again and again!


Some enchanted evening, someone may be laughing

you may hear her laughing across a crowded room,

an' night after night as strange as it seems

the sound of her laughter will sing in your dreams!


Who can explain it, who can tell you why,

fools give you reasons, wise men never try!


Some enchanted evening, when you find your true love

when you hear her call you across a crowded room,

then fly to her side and make her your own

or all thru your life you may dream all alone!


Once you have found her,

never let her go!


Once you have found her,

never let her go!"


The music seemed to envelope the girl, like a thin, erotic veil, making her heart flutter madly, almost bursting from her bosom, as she watched the ravishing vision of her mad desires approaching. This was the woman of the blond girl's dreams.

The woman was tall, at about 5'9", slender, voluptuous, with long, wild, thick, raven hair that seemed to reflect the dim light of the night club in deep, violet shades. The woman's unblemished, alabaster paleness contrasted against the darkness of her tight, form fitting, black dress. The woman's bosom was round, firm, supple, and moved gently, yieldingly within the confines of her dress, and peeked out in perfect, pale roundness from her revealing cleavage. The woman was smiling, her pouty, full, blood-crimson lips curling at the end in an almost indecent manner. The woman's eyes, that were big, surrounded by long, thick, raven lashes, then crowned by delicately arched, dark brows, were a striking, icy blue color.


The blond girl trembled at the sound of the dark beauty's sultry, husky voice, which seemed to make her quiver like a feather caught in a sudden breeze, "oh, hi," the girl responded in a squeaky, nervous voice.

"You seem familiar," the tall, wraith-like woman said, as she looked down at the shorter woman who sat upon the barstool, "this is going to sound odd, but I've seen you in my dreams."

The blond girl's head shot up like a rocket just taking off, and she looked up, unwaveringly into the gorgeous vision's piercing gaze, "I've dreamt of you also," the girl whispered, as she felt her body begin to descend into a deep arousal, and an unexpected, delicious ache rise within her thighs with sudden force.

"Perhaps," the woman whispered, as she brought up a slender, pale hand, and outlined the quivering blond's jawline, "we've known each other for many lives, and we are just being rejoined."

"You won't believe me," the blond said with hesitation.

"Whatever do you mean?" the brunette asked.

"I've heard it said that knees turn to jelly," the girl replied, "but I never believed it until now.....my own knees are so weak, that I can hardly stand."

The tall beauty chukled delicately, "what is your name, little thing?"

"My name is Gabrielle."

"My name is Xena."

The little blond felt a tide rise within her, and the carefully constructed damns of her dignity, her self-worth all seemed  to come down suddenly, as she literally threw herself into the ravishing woman's slender arms, "oh, Xena....I've waited so long for you! I've searched almost my entire life for you!"

Xena, the luxurious beauty, held Gabrielle in a tender embrace, "I thought you were only a fantasy," her voice was mellow, almost like a morning bird's delicate song welcoming the dawn, "I hoped that you were real. For years, I too searched for you. When I saw you tonight from across the room, I thought that I was seeing a vision."

"You haunt my thoughts, Xena," Gabrielle rasped desperately, "I need you so much. I want you deeply. I love you."

"This was meant to be, darling," the brunette whispered, "we can dispense with formality. Do you want me? How much, little one?"

"Enough to give you my very soul, Xena," there were now tears in Gabrielle's emerald eyes, "please....."

"Even to abandon the light of day, Gabrielle? Even to live in darkness forever with me? Do you love me that much?"

"I love you more than that, Xena. I want to be your slave!"

The gorgeous woman replied with a sensual smile, and a glimmer in her cerulean eyes, "fine, little one. I will fill your immediate needs, and you will fill my lasting ones. But you are sure of your decision?"

"I don't care about anything, Xena. I've waited so long for you. I don't want to leave you again. I just want to be with you forever!"

"Then, my precious darling," Xena husked, "come with me."

"Yes, my love," the little blond replied with need, "please."

With extreme elegance, the tall brunette backed away slowly, and pulled the blond along with her. It seemed that everyone parted to make a path for the handsome pair; the ravishing brunette, and her pretty blond lover. The two women wove their way across room, across the dance floor, and disappeared into the darkness of the surrounding walls.

"We are going to the restroom," Xena said quietly.

"Its going to be crowded there!" Gabrielle growled, "I want to be alone with you!"

"A passionate, agressive neophyte!" Xena said with a laugh, as she pulled the girl into her arms once more.

"Xena! Please!"

"Hush, my little lover," Xena said, as she leaned down, and licked the girl's ear.

"Oh," Gabrielle literally released a river of cum that wet her panties, and her musk rose up between her, and her tall lover, "I'm so ashamed."

"I love your smell," Xena whispered, "and hopefully, I'll be able to get more of it, but much closer to your core."

Xena almost had to carry a dizzy Gabrielle into a dark hall that led down a few doors, until the two of them stood before a dark, oak door with a sign that said; "private restroom."

"No one will find us here?" Gabrielle was desperate for privacy.

"I own the nightclub," Xena replied with a smile.

"Stop teasing me, Xena," Gabrielle growled, as she lunged at Xena, when the woman opened the door, thus tossing them both inside at once.

Xena was almost unable to turn on the lights, due to the little blond's ferocity. Gabrielle attached herself firmly to Xena by wrapping her arms tightly around her lover's tiny waist, "oh.....Xena."

"I'm yours, baby," Xena whispered tenderly, as she cuddled the crying girl, "here, inside this bubble, I'm all yours."


"I'm a vampire, Gabrielle."

"Oh," the girl was in awe, and somewhat afraid.

"I'll never hurt you, baby," Xena said tenderly, "I've never killed for blood. I only take what I need."

"I don't care, Xena. I'm yours. Take me. Take my blood. But promise to be my wife!"

"Yes, my love," Xena replied gently, as she lifted Gabrielle into her arms, and at the same time lifted the girl's skirt.

"Oh gods," Gabrielle exclaimed, as she cummed once more, and her musk invaded the room, "Xena."

Gabrielle wrapped her athletic, powerful legs around Xena's tiny waist, and snaked her slender arms around her ravishing lover's shoulders. With passion, with force, the blond girl began to kiss the yielding brunette, and gyrate, then thrust fervently into her. Xena moaned softly, and snaked her hand between herself, and Gabrielle, thus managing to push the wet fabric of the girl's panties, and tangle her slender fingers in the girl's thick, pubic hair.

"Damn!" Gabrielle said as she hungrily kissed Xena, relishing in the fullness of her lover's lips, as her body quivered, and she pushed deeper into her brunette.

Xena's fingers worked themselves into Gabrielle's wet slit, parting the nether lips, and going inside. It was a tight fit, and the little blond quivered at the feel of the digits within her, as her vaginal walls closed in on them, as her hot flesh engulfed them greedily, "mmmmmmmm," Gabrielle hummed, as she licked Xena's lips, "I love you. I love you. I love you," the girl mewed, then purred, as she felt Xena sway gently into her, "are we.....dancing?"

"Just....you, and me," Xena managed to reply, amid her sexual stupor.

As she moved in complete, sexual abandon, a strain of music filled Gabrielle's mind, in rhythm with her erotic, strained humping against her lover's warmth, her plush curves, her yielding beauty;

"Wild thing

I think I love you

Wild thing

I wanna know for sure

Wild thing

C'mon hold me tight

Wild thing

I love you


Wild thing

You make my heart sing

You make everything groovy

Wild thing

Wild thing

I think I love you

But I wanna know for sure

C'mon on, hold me tight

I love you

Wild thing

I think you move me

But I wanna know for sure

C'mon... c'mon

Wild thing

You make my heart sing

You make everything groovy


Wild thing

Hey... wild thing

I think I love you

But I wanna know for sure

C'mon now, hold me tight

I love you

Wild thing

I think you move me

But I wanna know for sure

C'mon baby... c'mon

Wild thing

You make my heart sing

Yeah, you make everything groovy


Wild thing

Wild thing

I think I love you

Wild thing

But I wanna know for sure

Wild thing

Hold me tight

Wild thing


Wild thing

You make my heart sing

You make everything groovy

Wild thing

C'mon c'mon wild thing

C'mon c'mon wild thing

Shake shake wild thing

C'mon c'mon wild thing

Wild thing

C'mon c'mon wild thing

Wild thing

Wild thing I think I love you..."


Xena's fingers moved digilently within her lover's vaginal folds. Gabrielle loosed an arm from around Xena's firm shoulders, and moved her free hand down to cup, then squeeze her brunette's pillowy, supple, left breast. Xena bit her lip,  stiffling her cry of pain, as the little blond's greedy fingers squeezed her breast.

"Gabrielle," Xena purred, "I need your essence."

"Take it from me, Xena. Please. Take me."

Xena dipped her dark head, enveloped in her wild, dark locks, and hid beautiful face in the crook of Gabrielle's shoulder.

"Oh, my God!" Gabrielle cried, as she felt her lover's molars sink into her soft skin, feeling like two, twin needles. Then, Gabrielle felt something like a cold thrill, as the blood ran from her, and the force of Xena's lips forming a suction on her flesh.

The sound of soft sucking, mingled with the sound of ragged breathing, intertwined with sexual grunts prevailed, until, Xena stopped drinking. Gabrielle greedily reclaimed her lover's full lips, easily tasting vestiges of her own blood on her lover's quivering mouth.

"Mmmmm," Gabrielle purred, as she continued with her grinding, as she pushed herself deeper into her vampire lover, "more, Xena....deeper, please."

Xena, the eternal beauty, complied with her little blond, digging her fingers deeper into the yielding, hot flesh, feeling the cum flooding around her pumping fingertips, and as at the same time, she pulled the girl tighter against her.

"Xena! Oh, Xena!" Gabrielle chanted the name that was a blessing to her heart, amid her profuse sweat, the trembling of her surrendered body, of the ecstacy of her kisses, given in complete love, "Xennaaaaaa....." the girl's final cry signaled her sudden, rising, and cresting.

Gabrielle came hard, and almost fainted in her lover's arms. The girl was left a helpless, exhausted mass of quivering curves, snuggling weakly in Xena's arms, "I love you so much," she whispered with fervent devotion, "if you leave me, Xena....I'll die without you."

Xena carried her precious bundle to her plush sofa, and lay down upon it, thus making the girl settle down on top of her. Xena soothed her crying doll with a soft, humming melody that rose from her throat like a beautiful songbird taking flight,

I give her all my love

That's all I do

And if you saw my love

You'd love her to

I love her

She gives my everything

And tenderly

The kiss my lover brings

She brings to me

And I love her

A love like ours

Could never die

As long as I

Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine

Dark is the sky

I know this love of mine

will never die

And I love her

Bright are the stars that shine

Dark is the sky

I know this love of mine

will never die

And I love her, ooh


"Oh....Xena," Gabrielle sighed softly, "always."

"Always," Xena replied gently.

The lovers were suddenly startled from their bubble of passion, by a rasping, angry voice.

"What the HELL are you doing?"

Xena, and Gabrielle were shaken to wakefulness, as they quickly got up from the sofa, to face the recently arrived personage; a tall, beautiful, lanky, blond, tanned, hazel-eyed, leather clad, furious, jealous woman named,

"Callisto?" Gabrielle was deeply surprised to see her, "what do you mean?"

"Don't ask a question to answer a question!" Callisto yelled angrily at the little blond, "what are you doing here?"

The angry voice reached through the mist that surrounded Nicole's hazy mind, finally waking her up from her wonderful fantasy.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Huh?" Nicole was quite confused now.


A tall, beautiful, lanky, blond, tanned, hazel-eyed, jealous, furious cheerleader named Brooke McQueen stood next to the table where Nicole sat, and stared down murderously at the love-sick little blond, as she in turn continued to stare at Samantha.

"Nicole! What the hell are you doing here?" Brooke's strong, angry voice boomed out from her pink lips, making the entire cafeteria quake within its sudden silence.

"Ohmygod!" Carmen exclaimed quickly, "I can't believe this....it just can't be.....Brooke is jealous!"

"Ohmygod!" Lily replied, in an equally awed exclamation, "it can't be.....is it possible....?

"Brooke, and Nicole are lesbian lovers!" Harrison almost yelled with almost evil glee, as he laughed, as he rubbed his large hands together, as his heart fluttered, as his eyes glowed, as his mind brought up images of the two blonds locked in heated, sexual postions.


"I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT," Harrison chanted, as he stood up on his seat, and clapped, "BROOKE, AND NICOLE ARE LESBIANS! THANK YOU, GOD!"

Thankfully, everyone simply ignored Harrison, and centered their direct attention on Brooke, and Nicole.

"Well? Nic?" Brooke was indeed in a jealous rage, as her bosom heaved up, and down, her breathing became ragged, her skin was flushed, her eyes glowed, and she almost looked about to orgasm within her intense anger, "I want to know why you are sitting at this table STARING AT SAM!"

"Damn!" Nicole muttered, as she looked up at her best friend, "um....well....you see....its like this....."

"I LOVE BLOND LESBIANS. I THINK BLONDS MAKE GREAT COUPLES. I WANT TO BE A BLOND LESBIAN!" Harrison chanted once more, but no one cared anymore.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Nic?" Brooke asked fiercely.

"I just can't help myself, Brookie."

"HERE IT COMES; BUTCH MCQUEER SLAPS FEMME NICOLE, THEN KISSES HER IN PUBLIC, AND I GET A FREE SHOW!" Harrison yelled in deep, utter bliss, developing a sudden, huge erection that frightened both Lily, and Carmen, who sat nearby.

"I DON'T LIKE MY LOVER BEING THE OBJECT OF PUBLIC SCRUTINY!" Brooke yelled, as she stepped even closer to the table, and suddenly took hold of Samantha McPherson's small, pliable ear, "I told you to stay away from my Sammy, Nic!"

"But....but!" Harrison's mind went into a confused haze, his erection dwindled, and he proceeded to faint in a stupor of defeat, causing both Carmen, and Lily to start giggling madly.

"OW! OUCH!OWOWOWOW! Let go of me, Brooke!" Samantha yelled in desperation, as her blond lover/step-sister pulled harder on the girl's tender, pink ear, making the brunette get up unwillingly from her chair, "I haven't done anything!"

"Can't we share, Brookie?" Nic asked desperately.

"NO!" Brooke screamed in rage, as she now held her gorgeous brunette in a secure headlock, "stay away from my Sam!" Brooke now proceeded to pull the helpless girl out of the cafeteria.

"Wheah arya a-goin, Brookie?" Mary Cherry asked in a dunce-like daze, for she had just arrived at the cafeteria, and the blond, with her brunette both passed her by.

"To the Novak!" Brooke huffed angrily, as she kissed her lover's red, full lips quickly.

"Oh NO!" the desperate, flailing Samantha managed to yell out loud, "not that! NO! Please, Brooke.....don't make me go into the stall with you!"

"Um a-goin tah dah Novak!" Mary Cherry said, with glowing, mischievous eyes, for she loved to stand outside the stall, while Brooke went inside, dragging Sam with her, and listen to them inside.

Meanwhile, Nicole had taken her lunch tray, and had repositioned herself on the table, and was now sitting in front of.....Carmen, and proceeded to stare at her with a mixture of fascination, and adoration, "you know, Carm.....you remind me of that heavy chic on Xena.....the one in leather with a whip!" Nicole sighed romantically, and proceeded to make goo-goo eyes at a now, very pale Carmen Ferrara.


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