Dream Upon A Breeze

by Balticbard

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Pairing: S/B

Author's Note: I wrote this for another show; Dawson's Creek; but it sounded so much like Brooke that I adjusted it to popular for the group.

Trees swayin' in the summer breeze

Showin' off their silver leaves

As we walked by

Like cream sliding across soft skin, a breeze came to play with her golden hair, making her feel beautiful ecstacy, as Brooke turned to gaze lovingly upon her companion. The golden girl moved closer to her stunningly beautiful friend, and took the girl's hand fondly in her own.

The gorgeous girl raised her dark eyes toward Brooke, smiled warmly at her, making small dimples on the sides of her full, ruby lips, as she interlaced her slender fingers through the long, elegant digits that held her own. The girl's velvet gaze held Brooke's with subtle adoration, as both of them trudged slowly through a brightly verdant field that was as open and free as the blue, cloudless sky above.

Brooke felt her heart tremble with soft desire, as she watched the same gentle breeze that caressed her, now play erotically with her lover's long, dark tresses, stirring the girl's mane into a thousand, rippling waves of silky strands that moved together to a silent harmony that played in tune with Brooke's gentle sighs, and the hurried beating of her love struck heart.

Soft kisses on a summer's day

Laughing all our cares away

Just you and I

Brooke slowed her step, and tugged at her lover with abrupt need. The dark flower turned, then came to the willowy blond with soft step into her slender arms. Brooke held her lover with tender anguish, tilted the girl's head back, then leaned down to kiss her. Like flooding warmth, the brunette's full lips parted, as her own settled to cover them, making Brooke tremble with fervent lust. Like two feminine blades their tongues fought, then danced in a quiet, lustful rhythm of love as their saliva mingled; a sign of their commitment of love to each other.

When the kiss ended, the girls looked longingly at each other, then smiled which turned into melodious laughter that was suddenly caught up within a quiet breeze that continued to follow them adoringly, touching every detail of their beautiful persons.

"Just us," Brooke whispered to her beguiling lover, as she looked about at the beautiful world that surrounded them, "just you, and me forever."

Sweet sleepy warmth of summer nights

Gazing at the distant lights

In the starry sky

The grass was plush, warm beneath the weight of Brooke's lanky, nude body as she lay next to her lover, her gorgeous girl. The silent and sighing girl of soft, alabaster skin upon voluptuous curves turned slowly toward her, snuggling adoringly up against the warmth of her blond companion. The two lovers looked up at the night sky in quiet wonder, counting the distant, shimmering stars as they wondered if the distant lights were gazing back at them.

Like a tender tune, Brooke possessed her fragile lover, covering the girl like a warm, engulfing blanket of desire. Like a slow, erotic cloud the blond girl ground herself against the firm, yet soft body of her lover. The girl responded to her fervent lover in equal passion, as together they became a jumble of limbs tangled in love's fiery explosion.

They say that all good things must end some day

Autumn leaves must fall

But don't you know that it hurts me so

To say goodbye to you

Wish you didn't have to go

No no no no

Under the shade of a tall, proud oak of generous presence, the two lovers sat in quiet contemplation of the gorgeous, summer day that lit the sky. Brooke was sitting up, her back against the trunk of the oak, and her girl was snuggled warmly between her legs, the brunette's back leaning against her yielding bosom. It was a beautiful season, yet Brooke could sense its end approaching; the encroaching hand of winter disguised as soft autumn was coming upon the golden summer to cover it like a dark mantle. Tears came to the golden girl's eyes, as the thought of losing her magic world which she shared with her precious lover.

"I wish we could stay here forever," the lanky blond whispered, as her long, slender fingers ran through her lover's silky locks, "I don't want you to leave me...I love you so much."

And when the rain

Beats against my window pane

I'll think of summer days again

And dream of you

Brooke's thoughts ran toward her inevitable fate; school, daily drudgery, homework. But in this momentary isle, the golden girl knew that she was queen, and that her throne lay between her gentle lover's long, curvaceous legs.

Brooke's dark eyes flitted about the dancing leaves of trees that bent to the breeze that followed her about, and calming thoughts filled her heart.

"Summer will come again," Brooke whispered to her smiling lover, "in my heart, my memory...and I'll always think of you."

Trees swayin' in the summer breeze

Showin' off their silver leaves

As we walked by

Brooke woke up abruptly from her glorious dream. She looked around her, for a moment disoriented due to the intensity of her former dream. Slowly, the blond regained her grip on reality. Brooke trembled, then gathered the blankets around her for it was very cold; winter bellowed outside the tightly closed window of the room of her beautiful lover who stirred from a deep sleep.


"I'm okay, Sammy. Go back to sleep."



Like a wisp of smoke from a dying flame, Samantha's eyelids slowly closed to cover the dark orbs of her beautiful eyes. Sam's lovely countenance was calm once more, as her delicate paleness settled once more into deep slumber. Brooke watched her stunning lover float away on sleep's delicate, butterfly wings.

"I love you, Sammy."

"Love you too, Brookie," Sam's fading, groggy voice replied.

And when the rain

Beats against my window pane

I'll think of summer days again

And dream of you

Brooke felt a soft sexual ache mingled with descending sleep prevail over her, as she gathered Sam into her arms. The willowy blond tangled her long limbs around her brunette's slender form, trying to bring the girl as deeply into herself as was possible.

"It doesn't matter how cold it gets outside," Brooke thought to herself, "or the changing of the seasons. As long as I have my Sammy, it will always be summer for me."

Brooke felt Sam snuggle into her which made her sigh, then smile. Right now, the blond felt like the luckiest girl in the entire world for Sam loved her back.

Brooke let the heaviness of sleep return to her eyes, as she felt herself pulled once more into the depths of sleep, of a familiar, beloved dream where it is summer, and she walks in green fields with her gorgeous lover, the girl of her dreams.

I'll think of summer days again

And dream of you...

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