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Fandom; Popular

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Song; adapted from “My Boy Lollipop, by Millie Small, 1964"

Warning;  Also do not read if you are a minor. Adult themes may be included. If you are homophobic, or too fundamentally righteous please do not read so you won’t be insulted.

Pairing; Whoever gets to Sam first. Well if you’ve read my other stories, you know who that usually is.

Author’s note; I’ve been away a long time. No betas. I don’t do that. So please take note; I don’t play by any established rules. I am the god of my own universe.

Summary; Brooke longs to escape the real, crude world to live in a fairy tale with a dream girl.

Chapter 1: The Red Door

With all of her might, Brooke sprinted the last few feet to make it just in time through the wide entrance of Kennedy Highschool. Just a scant few seconds after the lanky blond managed to scurry rapidly into the school, a loud clap of thunder reverberated through ground and air, followed by the sound of pelting raindrops on the ground.

Brooke sighed heavily, as she held her hand to her chest, while with the other she clutched her bookbag. The tall girl was out of breath as she leaned over, trying to calm herself. Suddenly she was shocked by a blow to her shoulder, which brought a flow of saliva up from Brooke’s throat, almost making her cough. Brooke turned to the side to see her best friend, the petite, pretty blond girl Nicole Julian grinning mischievously at her. “Nicole! I’ve told you before not to do that!”

“Oh pish!” Nicole exclaimed exuberantly, while she made an ambiguous wave of her pale, small hands, “you are such a boring thing, Brookie! You don’t know how to have fun.”

“Fun?” Brooke harumphed loudly as she moved her long fingers through her pale hair, “you mean carousing, having indiscriminate sex, and getting so drunk you don’t remember who you humped the night before? Not for me, Nic.”

A large crowd of students flowed past the two girls, trapping them in their midst, as they trudged unwillingly to their different destinies; HOME ROOM. The two young women continued on with their exclusive conversation as if the world around them was non-existent.

“Poor Brooke. Are you still dreaming of living in a wholesome world of fifties Americana like in the old movies where everything was pristine and had a happy ending, and the music was sappy, and taking drugs was all about aspirin? Really you should take a reality check, B. Wake up. It’s the new millennium. Accept that. Otherwise you’ll end up insane or alone.”

“It’s a whole lot better than the world we live in!” Brooke says loudly, shocking several people passing by, “and I won’t ever change my mind!”

“Whatever!” Nicole exclaims with unbridled enthusiasm as she turns away from her stubborn friend, “your loss! I love my modern age. So hey stop moping and brooding. Cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow! Be there on time. I want you to get in with me. We want to take over the squad, remember?”

“Huh?” Brooke has spaced out momentarily as she sees a faded photograph on the wall next to her that lays a good three feet away. Brooke’s hazel eyes are fixed steadfastly to the girl in the picture so that nothing else exists for her.

“Brooke! Are you listening to me?”

“Hey! Stop screaming!” Brooke replies angrily, put off by her friend’s annoying habit of getting her attention unexpectedly when she daydreams. “What?”

“You were doing it again, Brookie!” Nicole replied in a huff. “You zoned out, and shut me out!”

“Who is that?” Brooke asked as she pointed with a firm finger at the picture on the wall, while totally ignoring Nicole’s statement. “Who is that girl?”

“Oh,” Nicole is distracted from her scolding by Brooke’s question so that she too turns in the direction of the pointing digit, her eyes following its length to the picture in question. “Oh. You mean, Kennedy’s urban legend? That is our resident ghost. I thought you knew about her.”

“Have you conveniently forgotten that I’m new here, Nicole?” Brooke returned with exasperation.

“Oh yeah,” Nicole said with a smile. “I’m sorry Brookie. It just seems sometimes that I’ve known you since forever!”

“Yeah,” Brooke smiled back quietly. “We knew each other in another life. Now quit the crap and tell me who that is!”

“Alright already!” an exasperated Nicole replies as she rolls her baby blue eyes. “Her name was Samantha McPhereson. She disappeared in 1965, and no one knows what ever happened to her.”

“Wow,” was all that Brooke could mutter as she slowly edged closer to the picture, her heart attracted to the smiling face forever etched into the paper behind the framed glass. “Is that all you know about her?”

“She’s a legend around here, B. The story goes that she came to school one day, then just vanished off the face of the earth. The cops, and half the city searched high and low for her for months. Lots of people were arrested and questioned about her. Everyone thought she was raped and murdered and buried somewhere. But no one ever found her body. No trace of her ever turned up. Her mom’s name was...Jane, I think. Her dad was a famous reporter here in Santa Anna. He died of heartbreak. Her mom moved away. And to this day the mystery remains. No one knows what happened to Samantha.”

“Sammy,” Brooke muttered softly as her eyes gazed on the girl in the photograph. “She’s so beautiful.”

“Hey, what did you just call her, Brooke?” Nicole looked at her taller friend strangely. “Stop it. You’re freaking me out!”

At that precise moment the school bell rang, and snapped the two girls out of their shared dream bubble, making them realize the halls were empty, the students were in their respective classrooms.

“Oh shit!” Nicole almost yelled, “we are in so much trouble!” Nicole turned only to see two teachers headed their way. “BROOKE! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! WE’RE GONNA GET DETENTION!” Upon saying that, Nicole Julian turned, and her small frame disappeared from sight as she scurried down the hall.

“Damn!” Brooke exclaimed as she ran down the hall, then down some random steps. Brooke pushed herself, fearful of getting detention yet again, thus having it as a permanent smear on her school record. Brooke couldn’t afford making anymore trouble for her overworked father, Mike who suffered from the strain of a long-broken marriage, and raising a sometimes rebellious teen daughter all by himself. Brooke pitied her dad, but she couldn’t help it. Something inside her was empty. It was a thing that gnawed at the girl’s soul, demanding attention and love. It was an unknown longing for something she had never known in her present life. It was the uncomfortable sensation that she was in the wrong place and time. It was the undeniable feeling that she was searching for someone or something beyond her reach forever, and that made her nasty and angry to the point that she was slowly dying inside.

Brooke went down the steps and turned into a dark corner, and stood very, very still while she heard the footsteps hurry by on the floor above her. Then Brooke reached out, her hand randomly touching a smooth round surface. The girl turned to see a red door behind her. “What’s this?” she asked as she turned the knob til she felt the clicking sound that signaled it was opening. Brooke turned the knob all the way and pushed the door open. The next few seconds flew by Brooke in a huddled mess as her brain screamed for some kind of control and balance. Brooke suddenly found herself falling through the red door into a thick darkness that engulfed her completely.


To be continued.

Coming soon; Chapter 2: The Girl In the Picture

My girl Lollipop, you made my heart go giddy up.
You are as sweet as candy, you're my sugar dandy.
Ha, ho my girl Lollipop,
Never ever leave me,
Because it would grieve me,
My heart told me so,
I love ya, I love ya, I love ya so,
That I want ya to know,
I need ya, I need ya, I need ya so,
And I'll never let you go,
My girl Lollipop,
You make my heart go giddy up,
You set my world on fire, you are my one desire,
My girl Lollipop, my girl Lollipop.


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