Title: Love's Winning Ways

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

disclaimer; Popular belongs to Touchstone. No profits will be made from this story.

warning; I don't know; angst, weirdness, depression, sexual abuse? I don't know.

pairing; Sam/Brooke forever :P

chapter one;

For what seemed the millionth time, Brooke sighed sadly, as she sat upon the living room sofa, and silently watched television. The blond limply held the remote control in her slender hand, and at times changed the channels just to stimulate herself, because on that day, it seemed that all 100 channels were displaying pure, undiluted CRAP.

"I feel so empty," Brooke said to herself, as she inwardly surveyed her present existence, "I had to go, and fall out of my bedroom window last week, when I was sneaking out to go on a date with that jerk boyfriend, Josh. I hurt my spine, and the doctor says I won't be able to do cheer leading for a long time. Now, Josh dumps me because I won't be his meal ticket to stardom anymore, and he's dating fat Carmen now. Nicole replaced me as head cheerleader, and dumped me for Popita as her best friend. Mary Cherry has stopped speaking to me completely because I'm not a cheerleader now," Brooke had the overwhelming urge to cry, but she held it in, "I hate men! Josh made a fool of me! Although I did want to get rid of him anyway, because he was about as exciting as a dog peeing, and sex with him was like....like eating spinach. Nic was getting a bit too bitchy for my taste, and Mary Cherry was getting halitosis," so Brooke was tired of her old friends anyway, but still they were her life, her order of existence, which was now over, "I feel so empty.....my life is over!"

Brooke was sitting stiffly on the sofa, aware of the awful brace that she had to wear around her waist for the next couple of months in order for her spine to heal properly, "this thing feels like an iron girdle," the blond girl complained loudly.


Brooke was sitting on the couch, and she looked down at Samantha, who sat on the carpeted floor, with her back supported by the couch. Sam had fallen asleep, with a math book in her lap.

"Did you say something, Brooke?" Sam asked, somewhat groggily, for sleep had not faded completely from her mind.

"Nothing, Sam. I didn't say a thing."

"Oh," the girl simply replied, and closed her eyes once more, falling asleep quickly.

A weary Brooke went back to watching television, "what will I do now? Everything has changed. Everyone I trusted has broken my heart. They all left me behind! I'm so alone! What will I do with my life?" Brooke was on the verge of tears, and tried heartily to contain her sobs, "they all turned their backs on me," the lanky blond cried to herself, as her hazel eyes fell once more on the sleeping form of the girl at her feet, "Sam."

For one instant, Brooke's mind went completely blank, but then she recovered, as a startling revelation made itself known to her, "ohmygod! I still have SAM!" Brooke's eyes observed the slender, sleeping, voluptuous form of her stunningly beautiful step-sister. Brooke's hazel gaze slowly floated over the brunette's fine, delicately chiseled features, her ripe, full, moist, ruby lips, over her thick, long, raven lashes, then over her long, thick, wavy, dark brown hair. The lanky blonde's eyes traveled over the girl's unblemished, alabaster skin. Then, Brooke sighed, "Sam has never changed. She's still here. Of all the people that have left me, all that I have left is Sam." Brooke continued to stare at Samantha, and a small smile dawned upon her pink lips, as her hand came up, and briefly patted the dormant girl's head.

Samantha moaned in her sleep, as her subconscious mind reacted to the unknown, unidentified, tender touch upon her dark head, "stop that, Emory, or I'll kick you," the girl said in a small voice.

Brooke's eyes nearly popped out of her blond head, as she was seized by a sudden wave of surprise, "well, I certainly wasn't expecting that." Brooke's pretty face was lit by a broad smile; the very first one of that boring, miserable day, "I wonder what will happen if I touch her again?" Brooke moved her hand down, and she began to tangle her fingers in Samantha's thick, dark hair.

"Ooohhhh, Ha-Rri-sOn," Samantha sighed happily, as she whispered her best friend's name with sudden sultriness, with unexpected musicality, "you got my hair tangled the last time we had sex," then, Sam moaned in the most sultry manner imaginable.

Suddenly, all of Brooke's social, and sentimental woes seemed to vanish, as her mind was now preoccupied with the fascinating subject sitting close to her; her beguiling, mysterious, sometimes paradoxical step-sister, Sam, "I thought that Sam was a virgin!" the beautiful, lanky blond was beside herself in disbelief. Brooke was addicted now, to uncovering more of her companion's secrets, as she leaned closer to the girl, and began to gently stroke her neck, then dangerously ran her slender fingers down towards the neckline of Sam's shirt, into her unbuttoned cleavage, into her pale, nubile bosom.

Samantha's full, crimson lips curved at the ends into a delightful smile, as she sighed rather romantically, but then her expression became one of worry, "so I shouldn't tell anyone that you like to stroke my breasts, Mr. Grant?"

"Oh. My. God," Brooke said to herself, but she mouthed the words anyway. Brooke felt a sudden rush of excitement rise from her lower limbs, and up to her heart, and she felt as if she had just discovered a hidden treasure chest right in her living room, "I can't BELIEVE this," so the ex-cheerleader very carefully moved closer to the object of her fascination, and decided that it was worth going a little further, just to see what happened next. Now Brooke quietly, gently lowered herself onto the carpeted floor, sitting a few inches away from the still, dormant Sam. Brooke ignored her temporary discomfort, as she leaned closer to the semi-reclining, sleeping girl, and blew gently in her ear.

Samantha McPherson cooed softly, then sighed, "Sugar Daddy, you have the softest tongue, but don't stick it in my ear, please."

"Did Sam just COO?" Brooke's entire jaw almost seperated itself from the rest of her blond head. In that very instant, Brooke had a strange reaction; a sudden tingling in her vagina, then she felt herself get wet, then she felt a rush of cum issue from her, "OHMYGOD!" the blond screamed inwardly, because the soft, gentle, lingering, musical cooing of the gorgeous brunette had made her orgasm, "that never happened to me before. Josh never did that to me. Wow," but Brooke didn't dwell for very long on her present dilemma, for she still had more to accomplish; make Sam reveal more interesting things in her sleep. Pushing aside any dilemmas that she might suddenly have about her sudden orgasm, or that Sam gave it to her, Brooke continued on her mission, as she slowly, delicately leaned closer, and brazenly licked the side of the girl's face.

"Hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm," Samantha purred seductively, "George."

Brooke McQueen's eyes lit up like two headlights going at full blast, "Another one?" Brooke wasn't just beside herself now, she was just plainly perplexed, "How many lovers does she have?" Brooke simply moved closer, consumed by a sudden need to know more, and she comfortably, carefully cuddled up to Sam, and put an arm around the girl's shoulders, drawing her close. Now, Sam's head lay gently upon the blond's firm shoulder. Brooke nuzzled her nose into Sam's silky hair, inhaling the scent of rasberry shampoo in the girl's dark locks, "oh, she smells so damn good."

"Ooooooohhhhhh," Sam moaned soflty, in a sultry manner, "Li....ly."

"Wwwwhhhhhaaaaatttttt?" Brooke's mind finally exploded, at the name of a female lover coming from Sam's, full lips, "Lily? A girl? Sam, and a female? Sam is bisexual?" Then, Brooke felt it, something that moved her heart so deeply, she almost cried; Sam responded, leaning into her lean body, cuddling into her. Brooke felt a warmth invade her young body, and she almost did cry out loud, for it had been so long, since anyone at all had given her any tenderness, "Sammy." Brooke now took to tenderly stroking her step-sister's long locks, "oh, Sammy." Brooke continued to look down at her slumbering companion's beautiful countenance, as an idea suddenly struck her, "what if?" Brooke swallowed hard, and continued to contemplate the girl, "what if I made her fall in love with me? What if I made her mine? I'm all alone. I need her. I know there are so many social implications. Our parents are married." Brooke went on, and on about the details involved in  her actions, but finally it all boiled down to one thing; she needed Sam. "I'm so lonely, and empty. I need Sam. I know that I can make her love me. That's what I want." Suddenly, Brooke brought up enough reasons why it had to be Sam, and no one else, "she's the only one who is for real. She has no preconcieved notions about me. I never impressed her. She is so loyal as a friend. She is so down to earth, so truthful. She won't hurt me," and then the blond went from sentimental reasons for loving Sam, onto the girl's apparent, physical charms, "she's so warm, and soft. Sammy is so beautiful. It has to be her, and no one else," so that it was finally decided with the firm consistency of cement in her very determined heart, that she, Brooke, would claim the beautiful girl as her own, because it was simply what she always really wanted anyway, but had masked it with layers of self-doubt, fear, and seeming heterosexual tendencies, "she's always been mine in one way or another; my rival. My enemy. My step-sister. My sparing partner. My biology partner. My almost good friend. So its only natural that it go all the way, and that she become completely mine. Mine alone." Brooke's mind raced ahead, contemplating the strategies she would use to distance Samantha's suitors, while seducing the girl into her arms. The blond's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door of the house opening, and the entrance of her father, Mike, and her step-mother, Jane.

"Brooke?" Jane said, as she walked into the living room, to find the most endearing sight; her step-daughter lovingly embracing her daughter, "aaaww, that is so cute," the pretty woman couldn't help but smile.

"Hi, mom," Brooke said softly, as she looked up at the smiling woman, "did you, and dad have a nice lunch?"

"Yes, dear," Jane said, as she leaned down, and gave each of her daughters a kiss on the forehead.

"Mom?" Samantha stirred suddenly, surprised that she was in Brooke's arms.

"Hey, girls," Mike said loudly, as he stepped up behind Jane, looked down, and was filled with a warm, fuzzy feeling at the sight of Brooke tenderly holding Sam, "aaaawww."

Sam stiffened slightly, as she looked up at Brooke with confusion, "how did I get here?"

"Oh. I just sort of gave you a hug, Sammy," Brooke replied quietly, "the sofa was getting awful, my back hurt, and I thought you were going to fall sideways."

"Did you girls have lunch?" Mike asked, as he watched Jane go upstairs.

"We ordered pizza, Mike," Sam said, then she gasped, "oh my goodness! I fell asleep, and didn't do my algebra!"

"Brooke can help you with that!" Mike countered, "she is great with numbers."

"Really, Brooke?" Sam's voice was hopeful, "I have an exam tomorrow."

Mike rushed upstairs after his wife, and left the two girls alone. Samantha was looking at Brooke questioningly. Brooke was looking at Sam adoringly.

"What about the two of us taking a nap, Sammy?"

"The two of us?" Sam's brain suddenly stopped functioning at the sound of the lanky blond's words, "together? A nap? At this time of day?" Sam was simply astounded at Brooke's suggestion, because the girl had never wanted to participate in any kind of activity with her at all. The only activity that she, and Brooke shared were their arguments which had strangely died down lately. Now, Sam eyed Brooke in the oddest manner, as if her step-sister were an unusual, newly discovered fossil.

"My back is acting up, Sammy."

"Oh," was all that Sam said, as she reacted quickly by turning sideways, then bringing her arm up, and massaging her sister's back. Now, Sam's mind resurfaced, functioning, rationalizing once more, as she remembered that she had been helping Brooke after her fall from her second floor bedroom window. That was one reason that Sam had stopped arguing with Brooke; because she was now playing almost constant nursemaid to the beautiful blond, "that would explain that odd comment," Sam mused, "we've been together almost constantly for an entire week."

"We can get some rest, Sammy. Then later on we can practice for that algebra exam."

Brooke's soft, calming voice, and her quiet words sunk into Samantha's subconscious, as she began to accept the "I," or the "me," turning into "we's," thus making the girl begin to fall into the soft, alluring web that Brooke had begun to weave around her, "yeah. It sounds like a good idea," Sam said, as she got up from the floor, and helped Brooke get up, "I'll help you upstairs, Brooke."

Brooke smiled, as she felt Sam's slender arm go around her waist, as the girl pulled her toward her. Brooke almost sighed at the feeling of safety, and contentment in her heart, at the feel of Sam holding, helping her walk up the stairs, then down the hall to the door of her room. Brooke opened the door, and stepped through it with Sam in tow. Sam let go of Brooke momentarily, to pull back the bed sheets on the blond's bed, and to fluff up the pillows. Then, the gorgeous brunette made her step-sister sit down on the bed. Brooke watched in fascination, as Sam knelt before her, and took off her sneakers with gentle hands. Then, Sam settled Brooke onto her bed, and was about to pull the bedcovers over the girl, when she felt the ex-cheerleader's hand on her arm.

"You too, Sammy."

"Oh, um," the situation was definitely getting strange for Samantha.

"Come on, Sammy," Brooke replied firmly, as she pulled the girl down onto the bed with her.

Sam had no choice but to give into the lanky blond's request. Brooke's bed was twin-sized, so that the brunette had to lay down carefully. Brooke scooted back, so that her back was now against the wall (her bed was placed against a corner of her room), then she held her arms out for Samantha, who lay down, with her back to the blond. Brooke felt a sudden joy rush through her, mingled with a deep ache that seemed to be placated a bit when she wrapped her arms around Sam's waist, and she tangled her long legs around Sam's long, curvaceous legs. Brooke smiled when she heard Sam gasp, then hiss quietly at the feel of the blond spooning her. Brooke tightened her limbs around Sam, and pressed herself into the girl, sighing in delighted happiness at the feel of the brunette's plush curves molding into her slender frame, "Sam has the most beautiful body. I can hardly wait for the day that she's naked in my arms," Brooke was almost purring, as she slowly fell asleep, noticing that her beautiful brunette was already gone into the arms of Morpheus, "I think that I'm already starting to fall in love with Sammy."

chapter 2; Getting Rid of Harrison

Monday afternoon, Brooke walked slowly into the cafeteria, and surveyed the scenario before her. Brooke had avoided the cafeteria since her fall almost ten days before. But now, the lanky blond had returned, and now contemplated what was once her favorite hang out. To one end of the cafeteria, Brooke saw her old group sitting together cozily at the usual table she had joined them once at. The entire group was there; Mary Cherry, Nicole with Popita, Josh with Carmen, and Sugar Daddy, a hanger on. Brooke looked to the middle of the cafeteria, and saw another familiar table; the one where Sam, and her close friends sat. Sam wasn't there yet, for she was at that moment taking an algebra exam that Brooke had coached her for the evening before. But Brooke saw Lily, and Harrison sitting at Sam's table (to Brooke, it had always been Sam's table, even though her friends sat there as well).

"Both of them are here," Brooke thought to herself, which meant that two of her rivals for Sam's heart were there at the same time; Sugar Daddy, and Harrison. Of course Brooke knew about Lily, "that little thing is here also, but I won't worry about her now. Sam leans toward guys a bit more than girls, so I can still wait on getting rid of Lily."

Brooke had not slept the entire night before, but had been thinking heavily all through the night as to what strategy she would take; seduce Sam directly, or just eliminate her rivals for the girl, so that she would have no choice but to stay with the blond. Of course, even if the blond had not slept at all, but had been brainstorming, she was well rested, due to the fact that she had once more convinced the usually distrustful Sam to sleep with her once more; "Why do I have to sleep with you, Brooke? I mean, you are perfectly well enough to sleep by yourself. If you have a problem, just call out, and I'll come," Sam said, while she looked at Brooke in the strangest manner, as if the blond had grown two more heads, "I'll just keep the door of my room open to hear if you call." Sam had been in the bathroom, helping Brooke change into her pajamas, as she said these words.

"But I love sleeping with you, Sammy," Brooke then proceeded to pout in the most adorable fashion, making the brunette's heart twist inside, and melt.

"Um," Sam was quite amazed at her step-sister's confession, "say that again, and please explain it clearly."

"I love sleeping with you, Sam," Brooke said calmly, "you're so soft, and calming. If I sleep alone, I'll end up tossing, and turning, and I might just hurt my back. If I have you in my arms, it will keep me calm, and I won't move so much."

"But you've been sleeping without me since you fell, Brooke. You never mentioned any of this before."

"Um, well, Sammy, why do you think I haven't healed at all? If I had just slept with you from the very beginning, I would be so much better now. Don't you think so?"

"Yes," Samantha replied, getting a far off look in her dark eyes, "it does make perfect sense," then the brunette looked at Brooke once more, but now her eyes had become small slits. For a few seconds, Sam looked at Brooke with a piercing gaze, as if she were testing the ex-cheerleader. Sam's beautiful eyes regained their perfect, big, round shape, when the girl became convinced that her step-sister was sincere, and not totally insane, or spouting some kind of pseudo sub-text, a la Xena, and Gabrielle, "okay. Its fine with me then."

"Wonderful," Brooke replied with a smile. Brooke had been sitting on the toilet, doing her necessities, and now just spread her thighs, pulled Sam between them, and proceeded to hug the girl tightly, while laying her blond head against the brunette's firm, yet cushy abdomen, "oh wow, Sammy is all muscle, covered by plush carpeting."

Once more, Sam was surprised by her step sibling's actions toward her. It was already a miracle, that she was even in Brooke's presence, while the tall girl was doing her most intimate, bodily functions on the toilet. But now, Brooke had begun to get very affectionate with her, and Sam was both confused, and embarrassed, "I don't even want to get used to this," the girl said to herself in a most worried tone, "Brooke can be very addictive, and she is only doing it out of gratitude. I don't want to get stupid, and get romantic ideas about her. I already have other outlets anyway. And I refuse to get my heart broken by reaching for the impossible!" There! Sam had finally admitted it to herself; she had indeed harbored amorous thoughts about her step-sister, Brooke McQueen. But of course, Samantha was no fool, "Brooke is an impossible goal; she's straight, she's popular, and she probably looks down on me anyway. No. I won't pursue her. There are other fish in the sea, and I am getting plenty of offers lately," Samantha's life had become a bit complicated lately, as all kinds of suitors offered her their attentions; two schoolteachers, one giant wrestler, a handsome best friend, and of course, Lily, "now that one REALLY surprised me." Still, the gorgeous girl couldn't help herself, because she just had to ask, "Brooke?"

"Yes, Sammy?" Brooke still had not released the girl from her embrace, and was enjoying the sensation of Sam's warm body against her own.

"I just have to ask you this, Brooke."

"Go ahead, Sam. Ask."

"Why are you suddenly getting so touchy feely with me? Just a month ago, you thought that I was absolutely just a notch below pond scum, Brooke."

"Just a notch above," Brooke said absently.

"What, Brooke?"

"I thought you were just a notch ABOVE pond scum, Sammy."

"Oh," Sam replied nonchalantly, "I feel SO MUCH better now. But you still haven't answered my question, Brooke."

"I love you, Sammy," Brooke replied truthfully.


"I love you because you're still here, Sam. You've put up with me for days. You've helped me out, when everyone else has just up, and left. You're the only person that I can trust, and depend upon. I always liked you, despite our fights, and outward antagonism. But now, I love you. I just want to show you."

"Well, I guess that settles everything," Sam said with finality.

"Yes," Brooke replied, grateful that her explanations had quenched Sam's curiosity properly enough for the blond to continue her attentions. But Brooke was also glad that she had been thoroughly truthful, yet vague enough so as not to scare her step-sister away, "and its not at all a lie," the lanky girl said to herself, "I really do love Sam. I'm almost already in love with her. I just need time to get under her skin," Brooke sighed, "can we go to bed now, Sammy?" Brooke flushed the toilet, and stood up, and leaned against her brunette.

"Sure, Brooke. Your room, right?"

"Your room, Sammy."

"Mine? Won't you feel more comfortable in your own bed, Brooke?"

"Your room," Brooke said firmly, with a glare in her hazel eyes.

"Okay," Sam sighed, as she led Brooke into her room, and lay the blond down on her bed.

"You spoon me tonight, Sammy."

"Uh oh," Sam felt fidgety already, "what if mom walks in, and sees us?"

"So what, Sammy? Mom has a right to walk in. She is our mom. She is an adult, and all. As for us; we are sisters. We are always allowed to sleep together. We aren't doing anything wrong. I do know that mom won't find anything offensive about that."

"You always make sense, Brooke."

"You know what, Sam? I've changed my mind about the entire affair!"

"You prefer sleeping alone?" Sam asked hopefully.

"Nope! I'll spoon you, Sammy. Now get into bed!" Brooke almost commanded.

"Oh brother," Sam said, as she rolled her eyes, and got onto her bed, and into Brooke's waiting arms.

Once more, Brooke wrapped her arms around the girl's tiny waist, then adeptly tangled her legs with Sam's legs. Once more, the two girls were intertwined into a single heap upon Sam's bed. Brooke sighed contentedly, as she inhaled Sam's light, perfumed scent.

"Brooke, did you just sniff me?"

"Go to sleep, Sammy," Brooke ordered, as she settled herself, tightening her hold on the girl in her arms, and burying her face in the girl's dark, silky hair.

Surprisingly enough, Sam obeyed, and fell into a quiet slumber.

Brooke snapped back to reality, as her bubbled, pleasurable memory of Sam burst. Brooke sighed, and headed toward the table where Sam usually sat with her friends, Lily, Harrison, and the now absent Carmen, who sat with Josh, and the upper class clique that Brooke once belonged to. As Brooke approached the table where Lily, and Harrison now sat, she heard the two friends arguing hotly;

"What do you mean, that's the best present for a woman? PASTRY? You got a PASTRY for Sammy, instead of flowers, or perfume, or a box of chocolates? How can you be so CHEAP? You have got to be kidding, you mentally retarded jerk!" Lily spat out, her voice dripping with venom.

"Well, you ARROGANT BITCH, I think its an excellent gift to give Sam," Harrison replied with equal distaste, "I happen to know that she has a sweet tooth for pastry!"

"I just can't believe that you even have a penis, Harrison! I can think of a dozen better gift ideas to give a girl, and I'm a woman! I don't even know how the HELL you managed to convince Sammy to have sex with you!"

"Because Sam has good taste, that's why she has sex with me, and not YOU, Lily!"

"Whadaya mean by that, you pond scum?" Lily was on her feet, leaning across the table toward Harrison, with her small hands balled into fists.

"Whadaya think I mean, you closet lesbian!" Harrison yelled back, as his own face reddened, as he leaned toward the pretty, little brunette, "that you want Sam for yourself. But you aren't going to get her because she's already mine!"

"I'm gonna killya, Harrison!"

"Sam is still mine, Lily!"

"Hi guys!"

Both Harrison, and Lily turned at the sound of Brooke's voice, and looked at her, as if she were an invader from an alien planet. Brooke refused to be intimidated by their stares, and just set her tray down on the table, then sat down beside Lily, "so what's new?"

"Nothing," Harrison replied with a growl, trying to act as if everything was allright.

"Yes, something!" Lily said, in a nagging, angry fashion, because she hated letting Harrison have the last word, "this ass hole is giving Sammy pastry as a gift! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?"

"I'll have you know that this is Sam's favorite pastry; vanilla icing, with strawberry filling, covered in chocolate!" Harrison exclaimed loudly, "isn't that so, Brooke?" the young man now turned to the lanky blond, as if she were the only true source of knowledge on all that was Samantha McPherson.

"Um......." Brooke began to say in a quiet voice.

"I'll have you know that Brooke isn't the only expert on what Sam likes, you neanderthal!" Lily slapped Harrison, "I know Sam better than anyone!"

"Well I know her EVEN better than you, Lilith Esposito!" Harrison replied as he touched his bruised cheek, "if you know what I mean!"

Brooke completely lost her apetite, as she watched her rivals bickering pettily. Finally, Brooke decided that her first course of action was to directly eliminate her rivals; one, by one. Since Brooke had direct access to Sam, all twenty four hours of the day, she could seduce the unsuspecting girl at more leisurly pace, "Harrison will be the first to go!" Brooke inwardly fumed. Brooke pushed her tray away from her, and got up from the table, "I'm not hungry anymore," the blond said quietly, "see you guys later."



Harrison, and Lily returned to their bitter bickering, as Brooke walked discreetly away, crossed the cafeteria, and signaled Sugar Daddy with her eyes, as she passed the Populars table; Nicole, and Popita were chatting animatedly, with Mary Cherry looking on in very apparent boredom, while Carmen fed Josh bits of food from her plate while Sugar Daddy just sat with them, and seemed quite bored.

Sugar Daddy had been sitting there, just staring at his odd companions, all engrossed in their private worlds, while he died of absolute boredom. When Sugar Daddy saw Brooke pass, and wink at him, then nod, he felt his heart jump with joy, for it was the perfect excuse to get up, and leave. The giant, handsome wrestler did just that; he left the table, and his friends behind, while he exited the cafeteria, and found Brooke waiting for him outside.

"Hi, Brooke," Sugar Daddy said with a smile, for he liked the lanky blond very much, and missed her presence amongst his friends, "I'm so glad to see you. Its so dreary amid the Populars without you."

"I miss you too, Sugar Daddy. You are the only worthwhile person in that slutty group. I have always liked you very much, and wished that I had you for a brother," Brooke said with her sweetest grin, knowing that the giant wrestler had a tender heart, and would melt at the sound of her words."

"Aaww shucks," Sugar Daddy said, blushing as he did, and scraping the ground with one of his giant feet, "I feel the same way about you, Brooke."

"That's why I know that I can trust you with what I know about Sam, Sugar Daddy!"

"What? Samantha?" Sugar Daddy's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and his heart started to beat so loudly, that even Brooke could hear it, "what is it about Sam?"

"I know that you are in love with her, Sugar Daddy."

"Uh, yes. How did you know that, Brooke? I haven't mentioned it to anyone except Sam."

"Sam is my sister, Sugar Daddy, and she told me a lot about you. It seems that you are quite good in bed, and like to put your tongue in her ear!"

"Aaaww shucks," Sugar Daddy said once more, lowering his gaze, as his blush deepened.

"Sam is in love with you, Sugar Daddy."

"OH MY GOD! OH WOWWOWOWOWOWOW! REALLY? OH WOW! OH MY GOD! WONDERFUL! AMEN! RIGHT ON! HAPPENIN MAN!" Sugar Daddy felt like dancing the entire Nutcracker ballet right on the lawn, for he had loved Samantha for years, and now it seemed his dream had come true.

"There's a slight problem, Sugar Daddy," Brooke said gravely, "Sammy needs your help desperately!"

"What's wrong, Brookie? Is Sam okay?"

"Harrison is the problem, Sugar Daddy!"

"What?" Sugar Daddy's brow became furrowed, so that it seemed he had a huge bear lying sideways on his forehead, and his eyes began to glare with pure rage.

"Harrison is pestering Sam. He's stalking Sam, and has even gotten her into bed with him. Sam told me that she doesn't like Harrison, and that she loves you. But Harrison won't leave her alone! Sam has already told him to stop bothering her. But the guy just won't take a hint, Sugar Daddy. I promised Sam to keep quiet about this, because she just doesn't want to worry you. But I just can't. I think that you are the only one who can help her. Just promise me you'll never tell anyone that I told you all of this, Sugar Daddy!"

"I'm so very glad that you told me, Brookie," Sugar Daddy replied, in a cold, calm voice that could frighten the most vicious, vile, man-eating shark, "don't you worry. I won't tell a soul about you. This conversation never took place. I'm going to take care of everything!" Sugar Daddy smiled evilly, as his eyes caught sight of Harrison leaving the cafeteria with a pastry in his hands, "see you later, Brooke!"

"Thank you very, VERY much, Sugar Daddy," Brooke replied with an equally evil smirk as she turned in the opposite direction, and walked away.

Brooke McQueen was utterly miserable, as her in her heart she yearned for nothing more than to be with Samantha. But there were many barriers yet ahead for the beautiful blond to knock down before she was finally with the love of her life; her ravishing brunette. The hours of the day passed slowly, agonizingly for Brooke; school, then dinner, then homework. But finally, nightfall came, and she eagerly accompanied an unusually quiet Sam to the living room, to sit on the couch, and watch TV, while the parents, Mike, and Jane went out for a drive, and a movie.


"Yeah, Sammy?"

"Something awful has happened, and I don't know what to do," Samantha said quietly, as she sat next to Brooke on the plush, living room couch.

"Go on, Sammy. You can tell me anything," Brooke said soothingly, as she literally pulled Sam so close to her, that the girl was almost sitting on her lap.

"Well," Sam began hesitatingly, "I was sort of going out with Harrison. We would sort of get romantic, then go back to being friends, then get romantic again, then be friends again. We were on, and off for years, until we finally had sex."

"Oh," Brooke thought that she was going to be sick.

"We did it twice," Sam continued to relate, "and it was sort of getting more romantic. But now, all of a sudden, Harrison just broke up with me! The guy is such a bastard!" Samantha was extremely angry now.

"Poor baby," Brooke cooed to her brunette, but inside the blond was literally delighted.

"Sugar Daddy beat Harrison up badly. Now, Harrison is in the hospital. The jackass called me up from the hospital just to tell me that he doesn't want to see me anymore; NOT EVEN AS A FRIEND!" Sam was quite indignant, "that asshole blames me for everything! It seems that Sugar Daddy threatened to kill him if he didn't stop seeing me!"

"So, Sammy, what are you going to do?"

"I'm through with Harrison!" Samantha exclaimed angrily.

"I agree with you 100%," Brooke added enthusiastically.

"I prefer Sugar Daddy!" Sam said with determination.

"Oh," Brooke was deflated.

"Sugar Daddy asked me out on a date, Brooke."

"Eh....when, Sammy?"

"For next Saturday," Sam said with a smile, "I like him a lot more than Harrison anyway. Sugar Daddy is a real man, and....."


"Much better in bed," Sam replied with a smile, and a blush, "you should see his....."

"Too much information, Sammy!" Brooke exclaimed, already on the verge of a fit of anger.

"Gee, Brooke...you sort of sound.....jealous."


"Do you like Sugar Daddy, Brooke?"

"Most. Definitely. Not, Sam."

"Then everything is allright," Sam said.

"Let's go to bed, Sammy."


"I'm just so tired, Sam."

"Um....Brooke," Sam was quite flabbergasted at her step sister's suggestion, "but its only eight now. Its so early to go to bed, Brooke."

"Oh please, Sammy," Brooke pleaded in the most pitiful manner, "I'm just so tired, and my back is hurting terribly, and you know that I just CAN'T sleep without you," then Brooke pouted in her most adorable manner, and made Sam simply come apart at her emotional seams.

"Ooohh allright, Brookie," Sam said softly, as she got up from the couch, and helped the blond get stand up, "which room tonight?"

"Mine," Brooke replied as she used the remote control to shut off the television set.

Sam helped Brooke upstairs, who inmensely enjoyed leaning onto the girl's warm, soft body. Sam led Brooke to the ex-cheerleader's room, took her inside, and lay her down on her bed. Then, Sam went to Brooke's bureau, opened a drawer, and took out a set of pajamas.


"Yeah, Brooke?"

"Um....er.....well....." Brooke was very, very nervous, "I don't want to wear pajamas."

"You would rather sleep in the nude?" Sam was laughing heartily, and continued to do so until she noticed that Brooke was not laughing along with her, "Brooke....you're serious?"

"I'm tired of just changing in, and out of clothes all the time, Sammy,"Brooke said in a rush, "its just a waste of time to wear clothes to bed!"


"Besides, I read the most interesting article in Cosmopolitan magazine today, Sammy!"


"The article said that sleeping in the nude is very important to your health, Sam," Brooke was smiling.


"The article was written by a famous doctor who says that sleeping in the nude with someone you love is the very best way to calm your nerves; it works better than taking a pill, Sammy," Brooke was out of breath now.

"Sleep. In. The. Nude. With. Someone. You. Love," Samantha was looking around her, hoping desperately that Mike would show up, or that Nicole, Mary Cherry, and Josh would all rush in at that instant, in the nude, and tell Brooke that they loved her, and wanted to sleep with her.

"Yes, Sammy," Brooke was nodding quite agitatedly now.

"With. Someone. You. Love," Sam was still looking around helplessly, but no one had rushed in yet. No one. Sam was entirely alone with Brooke.

"Oh, yes," Brooke said, quite eagerly.

"And. You. Love. Me?" Sam was growing deathly pale now.

"I love you very much, Sammy."

"?" Sam was beginning to turn a very sick, pea soup green, "?!?!?!"

"You know that its very important for me to be absolutely calm Sammy...." Brooke said gently, "if I get nervous, my back will get worse. So I have to sleep with you to keep me from tossing, and turning during the night. The article said that I have to sleep with someone that I love; and that happens to be you. And I need both of us to sleep completely in the nude to calm my nerves!"

At first, Sam was very quiet, as she looked at Brooke with sheer embarrassment, then shock. Then, Sam's dark eyes became small slits, as she gave the blond a piercing gaze for several seconds. Sam looked at Brooke like that, until she seemed to become convinced of her step sister's sincerity. Then, Sam's beautiful eyes regained their big, round shapes, and she became completely green once more, "well, you do make sense, Brooke."

"Great," Brooke tried not to sound too eager, as she began to undress."

Samantha McPherson smiled evilly, as she turned, and turned off the bedroom light, "there!" Sam was so relieved now that darkness flooded the room.

"Oh, its so dark in here," Brooke exclaimed, as she turned on the lamp on the night stand next to her bed, "now get over here, and strip, Sammy."

"Oh shit!" an embarrassed, defeated, outwitted Samantha murmured as she approached Brooke, and the bed, and began to unbutton her oversized shirt.

"Oh! Let me do that, Sammy!" Brooke exclaimed excitedly, as she knelt up in the bed, and began to undress Samantha slowly, almost erotically, while her heart seemed to beat like a mad drum in her bosom, and her hands trembled.

Five minutes later, lanky Brooke lay in bed, completely nude, with her arms open, and a seductive smile on her beautiful face, "come here, Sammy," she called huskily. Brooke was trembling, as she stared in absolute awe, and lust at Sam in all of her naked glory; at Sam's voluptuous, slender, young body, at her pale, unblemished skin, at her long, wild, dark locks. Brooke was absolutely delighted, and most definitely aroused by the girl's stunning beauty, "Sammy....please....come to my arms."

Sam had held out as long as she could, so now she sighed defeatedly, rolled her eyes, and simply laid down on the bed, and in a blond, and most apparently aroused Brooke's trembling arms.

Brooke's mind exploded in sheer joy, and pleasure the very instant that Samantha's pale, silken smooth skin met her own, bare, velvety surface, "ohymgod!" the blond almost cried out, but she managed to remain silent by biting her own tongue. Brooke's breathing became noticeably ragged, as she slowly wrapped her arms around Sam's tiny waist, then tangled her legs with the girl's legs, "heaven does exist!" Brooke thought to herself, as she felt the full force of Sam's warmth, plushness, softness against her naked skin, "oh....damn. This feels SO GOOD!" the blond yelled within the confines of her now dazed mind, "I don't think that I'll ever be able to sleep with a guy now," the lanky blond sighed quietly, "wow....this is most definitely it! Now, I am most defintely in love with Sam!" Brooke noticed that Samantha was now very still in her arms, and that the brunette's breathing was calm, and steady, "Sammy has fallen asleep," so that meant that the girl hadn't noticed that Brooke was gently grinding into her, "oh....I just can't help it!"

"Ooooohhhhhmmmmm," Samantha sighed delightedly through the thick layers of her dormant mind, as she subconsciously felt Brooke's erotic sway against her firm, beautiful, young body, "Mr. Krupps....you make detention so much fun!"

chapter 3; Hitting Two Birds With One Stone, and Getting Two Extra on the Side!

Tuesday afternoon, a very angry Brooke sat on the couch, in the Novak. Brooke was preocuppied with her thoughts of Sam, "I just can't believe this girl," the blond was very angry as she recalled her ravishing brunette's latest revelation; "MR. KRUPPS?" Brooke was beginning to feel the approaching veil of a tremendous migraine, coupled with pure, undiluted RAGE! "how may lovers are there in Sam's life?" The thought occurred to Brooke, that perhaps she should just leave Samantha alone, but that was quickly stomped upon as memories of holding Sam at night, as both of them lay nude in bed rose up, unbidden, "oh no! I'm not giving up on Sammy now. Its already too late. I'm in love with her. Nope. Sam is mine, and I'm going to figure out how to get rid of Sugar Daddy, and Krupps. I have a few days before Sam goes on her date with Sugar Daddy, and I just have to keep her out of DETENTION!" Brooke's deep revelry of Sam, and her brainstorming were abruptly interrupted, as someone entered the restroom;

"Hi, Brookie. Long time no see," Nicole said, as she entered the Novak with pretty Popita in tow.

"Hi, Brooke," Popita said amiably, but still with a hint of jealousy, for she knew that the tall blond had once been Nic's best friend, and might want her back.

"Hi, girls," Brooke said sadly with a sigh.

"How is your back doing these days?" Nicole asked with what seemed to be genuine concern.

"Same as always," Brooke replied nonchalantly, "my doctor said that I will never be able to do cheerleading again."

"We miss you, Brookie," Nic said quietly, "you were our best Glamazon."

"Thanks, Nic. I miss you guys too," Brooke said with a smile.

Nic, and Popita had started a rather superficial conversation about how lilac nail polish brings out the pink highlights in blond hair, and Brooke listened politely to the girls discuss, and debate the issue. Suddenly, Brooke remembered a passing comment that Nicole had once made to her about Sugar Daddy.


"Yeah, Brookie?" Nicole was surprised by Brooke's interruption, and Popita was just angry about it.

"Nic....you once said that Sugar Daddy absolutely loves Asian girls?"

"Yep," Nic replied, "why do you think that huge jerk is chasing Spam around? Haven't you noticed that there's something exotic about her?"

"Hhhhmmmm definitely," Brooke said with a smile.

"Right!" Nic said with a frown, trying not to notice the goofy smile on Brooke's face, or the dreamy look in her hazel eyes at the mention of Samantha's name, "well, since there are no Asian girls at Kennedy, Sugar Daddy is dating the closest thing to one!"

Brooke suddenly stood up from the couch yelling "THAT'S IT!" as she did. Brooke was smiling, as she grabbed Nicole in a quick hug, and kissed the surprised, blushing girl's cheek, "you are an absolute GENIUS, Nic!" Then, Brooke quickly exited the Novak in a mad rush, leaving behind a smiling, dreamy eyed Nicole, and a furious, jealous Popita.

Mr. Krupps heard the door of his office open, then close. Krupps was so absorbed in reading the stack of papers on his desk, that he didn't look up, "Maude, I told you that I didn't want to be disturbed!" Maude was Krupps's private secretary, "now go away. I don't have time right now!"

"Oh, but you always have time to fondle, manipulate, and take advantage of underaged, nubile, teenage, beautiful girls during detention like my sister, Sam, Mr. Krupps!"

Mr. Krupps stiffened, as a huge wave of panic engulfed him, making his mind come to a halt, and almost made his heart stop beating, "what do you mean?" Krupps looked up to see Brooke McQueen standing before his desk, with a cold look upon her pretty face, "how dare you accuse me of such a thing, young lady! I could have you expelled for this, Ms. McQueen! And you have no PROOF! No one will ever believe you anyway!"

"Of course I have no proof, Mr. Krupps," Brooke said with a cruel smile, "but all I have to do is tell my mom that you are sexually abusing my sister, Sam, and I'm sure that she will most certainly believe me. Of course, I can also start spreading the rumor around school, and an investigation will be started even without proof. Your reputation will be ruined, Krupps!"

Krupps was trembling, as he brought up his shaking hands to his face, "I'll be ruined. My career in education will be over! Ms. McQueen....what can I do to make you keep silent? I don't have much money, but we can arrange something!"

"Its not money that I want, Krupps."

"Then what do you want, McQueen?"

"I want Sam," Brooke said truthfully.


"I want you to get an Asian exchange student here; I want her here TOMORROW MORNING! That's what I want, Krupps!"

"Uh....yeah," Krupps was surprised by the blond girl's rather odd request, "I can get you one THIS EVENING!"

"Oh, I like that VERY MUCH, Mr. Krupps," Brooke said with a toothy grin.

"Then, is everything settled, McQueen? Can I count on your discretion in this matter?"

"I still want other things, Mr. Krupps."

"Oh brother! Okay, McQueen, spill!"

"I want you to transfer George to another highschool right away, and I want you to fire Mr. Grant immediately!" Brooke exclaimed hotly.

"Okay; we get a new drama teacher right away," Krupps replied.

"I can do that today," Krupps said, relieved that the girl still had not asked for a ridiculously high amount of money to buy her silence.

"I want to be put in every one of Samantha McPherson's classes!"

"Consider it done," Krupps was actually beginning to smile!"

"No more detention for Sammy!" Brooke almost yelled, as she crossed her arms, and tapped her foot.

"Fine," Krupps said calmly, as he agreed to everything the girl asked of him, finding the odd blackmail requests really quite amusing.

"I can't think of anything else," Brooke said, deep in thought.

"Does this mean you'll keep quiet, McQueen?"

"Yeah, Krupps," Brooke said.

"Then, I promise all that you have asked of me will be done today!" Krupps stood up, and extended his hand to Brooke as a sign of a closed, oral contract.

"Deal, I'm permanently quiet!" Brooke declared, as she shook his hand. Then, Brooke left Krupps's office.

"Hey, Maude!"

"Yes, Mr. Krupps?" Maude replied, as she burst quickly into his office.

"Get me that exchange student, the Asian girl over here right now; PRONTO!"

"Exquisite Woo, Mr. Krupps?"

"Yeah, and I want McQueen put in every class that McPherson is in, I want Mr. Grant fired today, and I want George transferred to Albany Highschool; TODAY!"

"Yes, Mr. Krupps!" Maude exclaimed, as she fled from his office.

Krupps ran his trembling hands through his graying hair, "WOW! That was a close one!"

Two hours later, Brooke walked into math lab, and sat next to her lab partner, Sugar Daddy. Brooke couldn't help but grin, when she saw Mr. Krupps walk into the lab, accompanied by a stunningly beautiful, Asian girl with big, expressive dark eyes, and straight, raven hair down to her waist, "Sugar Daddy," Brooke nudged her sleeping lab partner, "look, we have a new student. Its a beautiful, Asian girl."

"WHAT?" Sugar Daddy's head was up like a shot, his eyes were glued to the new student, "OH WOW! WHAT A DAME!"

"Everyone," Krupps said with a smile, "I would like to introduce Ms. Exquisite Woo to you. Ms. Woo has just arrived from Taiwan, and will be attending Kennedy until her graduation. Ms. Woo is an accomplished, amateur mathmetician, and has volunteered to tutor any of you that might have difficulties in math!"

Sugar Daddy simply jumped out of his seat, plowed through the isles, knocking people over, and ran to the entrance of the math lab, until he stood before the slender, gentle faced girl, "I need LOTS of help," the giant said with a smile, "my name is Sugar Daddy!" then the handsome giant held out his hand to the delicate, Oriental flower, "Hi."

Exquisite Woo looked up at the handsome, smiling, blue-eyed giant standing before her, and she felt her heart flutter; this was the man of her dreams! "Hi," the girl replied shyly, as she smiled gently up at him.

Sugar Daddy was forever struck by the damsel's gentle, sultry voice, and love was forever etched in his giant, gentle heart for the exotic, dark haird vision of a girl from a faraway land, "I think that I love you, Ms. Woo!"

Exquisite Woo giggled, Sugar Daddy sighed, and their fate was sealed forever; to become a famous, Kennedy High romance. Of course, the memory of Samantha, and her love were forever erased from Sugar Daddy's heart, and mind forever.

Hours later, at home, Brooke quietly watched a sullen, silent Sam obediently eat dinner with her step-sister, and their relatively talkative, good natured parents. After dinner, and helping wash the dishes, Brooke followed the sullen Samantha upstairs to the girl's room.

"Sammy, are you alright?"

"No, Brooke. I'm not. Its happened again."

"What do you mean, Sam?"

Both girls were sitting on Samantha's bed, and were talking. Sam slid off the floor, and onto the carpeted floor of her room, "I'm being left behind again."

"I don't get it, Sammy."

"I've always been alone, Brooke," Sam said sadly, "a loner. I never wanted it to be that way, but it just always was. So, since I couldn't do anything about it, I just accepted it, and tried to look cool about it. But inside I was always so scared, because everyone always had someone to love, and I never did. I never had any luck with romance, Brooke. Then, all of a sudden, a lot of people are paying attention to me, and I am just.....so happy about all of this! Finally people are noticing me. I may not be popular, but people want me."

"I never knew that you felt that way, Sammy," Brooke was almost on the verge of tears, "why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Well, Brooke, we actually never had any reason to talk before you hurt your back. You had your world, and I had mine. Different groups. Different friends."

"Its all different now, Sammy."

"No, Brooke. Its all different until you get better, and go back to your friends, to your world. And that's how it should be; you have to go back. I understand. But for a while here, I thought that I had possibly a slim chance of finding someone to love me. Now, my options are shrinking; Sugar Daddy canceled our date, and told me he's now with some Exquisite something or other, Mr. Grant was fired, and George just told me he got transfered. George was my next option, Brooke. But now he's gone."

"Mr. Grant was an option, Sammy? He's a school teacher, for God's sake! You can't be with him!"

"But I liked being with him, even though it was just temporary, Brooke. We weren't hurting anyone. It was all a fantasy. But it felt good. It made me smile. It made me feel like I wasn't alone."

"Oh," Brooke replied, looking away guiltily as she did so.

Samantha had begun to cry in the most piteous fashion, with thick tears streaming down her sculpted, rosy cheeks, "my dad left me forever, my mom left me for Mike. My friends are leaving me. I can't get a boyfriend. Everyone who likes me is leaving. I'm useless!"

"Your dad didn't mean to die, Sammy!" Brooke quickly took the weeping girl in her arms, "he would never have left you, I swear. Your mom hasn't left you; she found dad, and me, and now you have us too! Everybody else doesn't matter!"

"You're just passing through, Brooke!"

"No I'm not, Sam!" Brooke too, had begun to cry, and wail like a little girl, "I'm staying! My doctor told me I'll never be able to be a cheerleader again!" Now, it was Brooke who cried harder, and louder, sobbing as she did.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Brooke," Sam said, as she sniffled, and began to console her blond house mate, "I'm being selfish about this whole thing, and I forgot just how much you loved the sport of cheerleading."

"Sammy," Brooke said softly, "you called cheerleading a sport!"

"What is so amazing about that, Brooke?" Sam said, as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I thought that you hated cheerleading, and cheerleaders," Brooke replied wearily, "you've always seemed so antagonistic against us."

"I'll say it only once, Brookie," the beautiful girl said secretively, gravely, "cheerleading is as valid a sport as any other, despite the opinions of those who scoff at it. Cheerleaders work hard on their routines, and are as important a part of the game as the marching band. I could never hate cheerleading, because it had such a beautiful girl as you in it."

"You think that I'm beautiful, Sam?"

"Yes, I do, Brooke. You are the most beautiful girl in the entire school," Sam replied tenderly.

"Oh, Sammy," Brooke was crying once more, as she pressed her forehead to Sam's, and held the girl in her arms. Brooke couldn't help herself, as she threw herself back onto Sam's bed, taking the girl down with her. Sam lay on her back, looking up in silence, at Brooke, who hovered just above her, "I just can't believe how red, and moist her lips are," Brooke thought, as she leaned down, bringing her face within an inch of Sam's, "I feel like kissing her."

"Brooke?" Sam's otherwise smooth, pale, unmarked brow was slightly marred by a small furrow that suddenly appeared, as her dark eyes looked up at her blond house mate, and was greatly confused by the intense, passionate gaze that was housed in Brooke's turbulent, hazel eyes, "she's looking at me in the oddest way....as if she were a lover about to kiss me......"

"You're the most beautiful, wonderful girl that I've ever seen, Sammy," Brooke leaned down, closing the distance between herself, and the beguiling creature beneath her, and delicately kissed the very edge of the girl's ruby lips. Then, Brooke moved her pink lips to the side of the brunette's countenance, and began to place small kisses on the side of her face, as she whispered the girl's name over, and over, "Sammy.....Sammy.....I love you so much," Brooke had now wrapped her arms around Samantha's slender neck, and was now lying on top of the girl, gazing down into the twin pools of obsidian that were the brunette's eyes.

"Oh," Sam whispered, as new tears ran down her rosy cheeks, and she tried to look away from the piercing hazel eyes that contemplated her with unabashed passion.

"Sammy?" Brooke's voice cracked, weighed down with emotion, as she tried to focus through her tears, "guess what?" the blond sniffled heavily.

"What, Brooke?" Sam didn't know why, but she had to smile, as her full, crimson lips involuntarily curled outward, and she shook her gorgeous head, expecting something odd from her pretty step-sister.

Brooke too, had somehow managed to smile, "um...." the lanky blond was trying to disperse the saddened mood that had pooled about them, "my back sort of hurts, Sammy....."

"Does it hurt just....sort of?" Samantha knew what her precious blond was requesting with her simple comment, "because if your back hurt very much, then I would give you a massage, Brooke," the dark beauty whispered, still with a frown upon her full lips.

"Yes, it does," Brooke replied with a knowing smirk, "it hurts very much, Sam."

"Hhhhhmmmppphhh," Sam's ruby lips uncurled from her mock frown, dawning beautifully into a tender smile that melted the blond's heart, "I think its time to give you a massage, Ms. McQueen."

"I agree, Sammy," Brooke said enthusiastically as her tear moistened eyes seemed to glimmer with emotion, "I would like that very much."

"Then, I think we should reverse our positions, Brooke?" Sam asked, as she indicated the rather intimate embrace they were in, "this is the wrong one for a massage."

"Oh!" Brooke smiled, "yes, you're right." Reluctantly, the blond relinquished her hold on the girl, and rolled off her, then lay beside her.

Samantha knelt on the bed, and waited, as Brooke took off her tank top, then laid face down on the bed. Then, gently Sam straddled the lanky blond, and began to carefully knead the muscles on Brooke's shoulders, and lower back.

Brooke was suddenly transported into a world, where only she, Sam, and Sam's adept hands existed. The beautiful blond felt thrills of pleasure mingled with a deep arousal, running through her body, as Sam's delicate touch made her moan in sheer ecstasy, "ooooopppppsssss," Brooke suddenly stiffened, when she felt Sam stiffen as well.

"Brooke, are you okay?"

"Um.....yeah.....sure, Sammy."

"Oh....I just thought for a minute that you....."

"What, Sammy?"

"That you moaned in pleasure, Brooke."

"Its just that you make me feel so good, Sam."

"Is your back better, Brookie?"

"Hhhhhmmmm, yeah," Brooke replied sofly, as she relished the warmth of Sam's graceful fingers gently kneading her muscles, "Sam?"

"Yeah, Brooke?"

"I don't want you to stay as you are, but I want to turn, and get on my back now, okay?"

"Uh....sure," Sam was quite surprised by her step sister's odd request.

Sam lifted herself up a bit, and let Brooke turn carefully, so that now the blond was looking up at her with a strange intensity in her eyes; "desire," Sam whispered to her own soul, "I see desire in her eyes."

Brooke trembled, as shivers of awe, and lust traveled though her lanky frame, as she stood silent, then still for a moment, and looked up at Sam. Brooke couldn't help herself, as fire lit her eyes, as she gasped at the beauty of the girl above her. The blond brought up her hand, and gently caressed the brunette's rosy cheek, "thank you for making me feel so good, Sammy."

"The pleasure is all mine, Ms. McQueen."

"Actually, Sam.....its all mine, really."

"Sometimes I get the oddest impression about you, Brooke!"


"It almost seems sometimes as if you were.....flirting with me," Sam said slowly.

"Maybe I am," Brooke replied coyly, "do you mind?"

"I guess I wouldn't," Samantha replied, as she paused to consider the blond's words, and a small furrow appeared in her otherwise unmarked forehead.

"Guess what I read today, Sammy?"


Brooke had somehow managed to smile, amid her overwhelming sensation of pleasure, "um....I saw this really cool article in Elle magazine on women's breasts, Sammy."

"Oh come on, Brooke. What is so interesting about a woman's breasts? I mean, I already have a pair, so I'm not so surprised."

"I know, I know," Brooke argued, "but, Sammy....."

"This doesn't have to do with your back, Brooke?" Samantha's eyes had become small slits, as she eyed her blond companion suspiciously.

"In a way," Brooke replied with a smile.

"Oh," Sam's eyes regained their big, round shape once more, and she smiled.

"But its a really cool article, Sammy," Brooke said enthusiastically.

"Uh oh!"

Brooke's eyes seemed to glimmer with a fiery emotion, as she related what she had read, "the article actually says that one breast is always bigger than the other, and one hangs higher than the other. What do you think?"

"What do I think? Its already difficult enough to run without brassieres, Brooke. Why do I want to know which one of my boobs is bigger or firmer?"

"Oh come on, Sammy. Aren't you even a bit curious?"

"Not.....really, Brooke."

"Hey!" Brooke exclaimed, "the article tells you the neatest way to measure your breasts to see if they're larger, or smaller than someone else's, Sam."

Sam looked at Brooke, as if the blond had suddenly grown a huge, green wart with three red hairs on her nose, "this is getting extremely embarrassing."

"Why? Its just us, Sammy.....why are you so embarrassed?" Brooke whispered huskily, as she brought her hands up, and began to pull up the blushing girl's T-shirt.


"Mom, and dad went to bed, Sammy.....no one will walk in on us."

"Its not about that."

Brooke expertly pulled her brunette's cumbersome T-shirt off, and threw it on the floor, "we're going to get some sleep anyway, Sammy."

"So its no use arguing about how early it is, Brooke?"

"Absolutely," the blond replied, as she gazed admiringly at Samantha's firm, pale breasts, "come here, Sammy."

"No way," Sam replied in disbelief.

"Either you get down here, or I go up there to fetch you, McPherson!"

"I'm not budging, McQueen.....well I might get off you, but I'm certainly not going down on you.....ow.....that sounded so suggestive!"

"No problem, McPherson.....then I'll just have to go down on you!" Brooke said, amused at her companion's sudden shyness, as she flipped the two of them over, and ended up on top of Sam, "ohmygod!" Brooke exclaimed quickly, unable to stop the words rushing out of her mouth, as for the first time she felt Sam's breasts pressed against her own.

"Well I supose you know who has bigger breasts, Brooke?"

"You....do....of course," Brooke replied in a squeaky voice.

"Now, Brooke.....you have to explain to me just how all of this has to do with your back....." Sam looked up at her blond house mate with a smirk, "and I am so anxious to hear just what you come up with."

"Oh....um....uh....." Brooke was literally befuddled, lost between coming up witha good excuse to cover her more than advertly erotic actions, and the delightful sensations of Samantha's pillowy, soft breasts pressing against her own breasts, "well this just calms my nerves, Sammy!" Brooke said triumphantly, "there....that's a reasonable enough excuse," the lanky blond thought to herself, almost smiling, "that ought to satisfy her for a while."

"You are always so nervous around me, Brooke," Sam replied with a half-smile, "maybe I'm the one causing it. Wouldn't it be better for your back, if I was to keep away from you for a while?"


Brooke's unexpected, loud cry startled her more than it did Sam. Brooke blushed profusely, as she stared down at a suddenly silent brunette that had a most definite question in her dark eyes, "uh.....no, Sammy.....that would be a terrible thing to do! I won't be able to sleep at night if you leave me. I won't be able to function in general if you left me. No. I don't want you to stay away!" Brooke had gotten off Sam, and was now removing her skirt, shoes, and underwear.

"What are you doing now, Brooke?" Sam was now just a pile of pure befudlement.

"I'm getting ready for bed!" Brooke replied, as she threw her clothes into a careless pile on the floor, and then proceeded to strip Samantha of her socks, and then her jeans.

"Brooke, this is utterly embarrassing. You are literally undressing me!"

"Huh? Oh....yeah," Brooke said absentmindedly, as she continued with her erotic task, despite her step-sister's words.

Brooke got out of bed quickly, and only to turn off the bedroom light. Then, a naked, ecstatic Brooke quickly got back onto Sam's bed, where the gorgeous brunette lay, as nude as herself. Brooke proceeded to lie down on top of Sam once more.

"Time to go to sleep, Sammy," Brooke said, her heart gushing with pure joy.

"Something has changed tonight, Brooke," the girl said quietly.


"Our....positions....." Sam somehow managed to say, for she had just noticed the oddest thing, "Brooke.....you're grinding into me!"

Brooke's reply wasn't exactly verbal, or even rational; the blond girl had begun to hum, and purr. In all the times that Brooke McQueen had lain with the handsome Josh Ford, she had never felt this way; this overwhelming ecstacy, this soft, yet maddening, sexual ache that urged her to seek Sam's soft, silken skin, this engulfing, tender warmth that enveloped her like a sort of maternal womb. Suddenly, the phone beside Sam's bed began to ring insistently; its shrill sound bounced off the walls of the bedroom, thus converting it into an obnoxious echo that was just now beginning to irritate an otherwise occupied, blond, ex-cheerleader, "OH SHIT!" Brooke exclaimed in the most loud, vulgar manner, "I lost my concentration! Who the hell is calling at this hour?"

"Its only 7:30, Brooke," Sam said gently.

"Don't answer it," Brooke declared indignantly.

"I should," Sam replied dutifully, "it might be important!"

"Dad will answer it," Brooke said quickly, angrily, for she only wanted to crush the telephone with her bare hands.

"Brookie, Mike has his own line, remember? I have to answer it; its for me."

"Damn!" an outraged Brooke cried, as she reluctantly rolled off Sam, and lay beside her, and watched as Samantha reached for the phone.


Brooke watched in silence, as Sam's face was lit by a tender smile, and caught snippets of her conversation with the person on the other end of the line.

"Oh, hi Lily!"

Brooke now understood what the term "murderous rage" meant, for in that instant, she was most definitely in the mood to literally strangle Lily Esposito; "that petty, little thing!"

"What am I doing right now?" Sam was utterly embarrassed, "um....I'm with Brooke right now, Lil."

Brooke had started to snuggle against Sam, and smiled devilishly, as she noticed the girl's nervous, excitement at her touch.

"What do you mean my voice has changed? You sound jealous, Lily," Sam said.

Brooke was just angry now, "I'm the one who's supposed to be jealous. Sam is MINE, and the little shit just interrupted me. I really do want to strangle her very much!"

"WHAT?" Sam almost squealed, "What do you mean? You're ACTUALLY asking me out on a DATE, Lily?"

Brooke's heart had become like an angry, ugly, red monster named JEALOUSY!

"Its just so sudden, Lily," Sam continued to say, "I mean.....we've always been friends......but this is nice too!"

Now, Brooke wanted to strangle Samantha as well, "oh no! I think Sammy likes her back!"

"No....I don't have a problem with you being a girl, Lil!" Sam replied emphatically, "in fact....I think I might swing both ways myself!"

Brooke huffed angrily, "the only way that I want you to swing, is in MY direction, Sammy!"

"This weekend? Um.....let me ask mom, and Mike, Lily.....okay? Okay. Bye, Lil."

Sam put the phone down, and stayed very quiet for a while, and just stared up at the ceiling, "Lily just asked me out on a date!"

"Sammy?" Brooke's voice was soft, almost a caressing whisper.

"Yes, Brooke?"

"Please.....let me hold you again, Sam."

"Uh.....um......like......before, Brooke?"

"Yeah.....exactly like before," Brooke was quivering, filled with desire, with need, and her voice trembled, "please."

"Yes....." was all that Samantha could say in the semi-darkness of the room, for night approached, and promised her shadows to hide her trembling heart.

"Oh," Brooke moaned, as she carefully lay on top of her ravishing brunette. Then, without explanations, or apologies, or reasons, Brooke simply, delicately, erotically began to sway against Samantha's gloriously beautiful, plush, warm body, "oh....Sammy.....oh."

chapter4: Brooke's Revelation, Lily's Last Stand!

Samantha's mind was a true whirlwind the next morning, as she considered the happenings of the night before, "Brooke made love to me?" the dark beauty was still confused, and not by her lover's actions, but by the blond's intentions, "is it a game for her?"

Meanwhile, Brooke sat across from Sam at the kitchen counter, eating her breakfast slowly, all the while watching her beloved brunette, while a confident smirk played upon her pink lips, "now she's mine."

"Mom, Mike....I have a question for you," Sam said gravely, while looking at her parents, who also ate breakfast at the kitchen counter.

"Yes, dear," Jane replied absently, "what is it?"

"Lily asked me out on a date," Sam said quietly.

"WHAT?!?!?" Jane's cry echoed through the entire house, and her mouth dropped open.

Mike couldn't resist himself, as he popped a muffin into his pretty wife's open mouth, "so this means you're gay, Sam?" the man asked.

"Um....I think I may be bisexual, Mike," the girl replied half-heartedly.

"Fifty-fifty chance of us getting grandchildren from you then, Sammy," Mike said with an amused smile.

"MMmpphh," Jane exclaimed, then she took the muffin from her lips, "this isn't funny!"

"I need advice, mom!" Sam cried, "this is serious!"

"You are so right it is!" Jane exclaimed angrily.

"Does it make you change your heart towards me if I'm gay or bi, mom?" Sam asked piteously, "am I not the same person inside that you have always loved?"

"I just can't deal with this!" Jane cried.

"With Sam being gay?" Mike asked quickly.

"With you shoving a muffin into my mouth, you jackass!" Jane exclaimed angrily.

"Oh," Mike said with an amused smile, for he loved to make his wife angry enough to slap him.

"I'm.....not gay," Sam added, "I'm.....bi.....but....."

"It doesn't matter to me, Sammy," Mike proclaimed proudly, "I still love you no matter what!"

"Gee, Mike," Sam gushed, "thanks.....but what do I do about Lily?"

"Hey!" Jane screamed, "what about me?"

"Mom.....what do you think then?" Samantha was exasperated.

"I'll just have to deal with this a bit at a time," Jane said calmly, "I love you, Sam....it doesn't matter. No conditions."

"Sammy.....I don't want you going out with Lily!"

Sam, Jane, and Mike all turned to look at Brooke, who had just spoken.

"Brooke, you're not an adult!" Sam replied.

"If you go out with Lily.....I'm going along!" Brooke said angrily.

"A CHAPERONE?" Sam almost choked on her food.

"I'm late for work!" Mike exclaimed as he fixed his tie, and grabbed his suitcase, and got up to leave.

"Bye, dad," Brooke said with a smile, "and....I'm gay!"

"WHAT?" Mike's cry echoed through the entire house.

"Oh, just go to work, Mike," Jane said as she pushed him out the door, "I have a client to meet in five minutes anyway. Go out with Lily if you want, Sam. Just be home early."

"Well," Sam said dejectedly, "the most important issue in my life comes up, and both of my parents just leave," Sam sighed heavily, as she leaned against the kitchen counter, and pushed her plate of food away, "I just don't feel like breakfast."

"I guess that leaves me to finish raising you, Sammy," Brooke said with a devilish smile.

"About last night, Brooke....."

"That's why I don't want you to go out with Lily, Sammy."

"The entire episode about your back hurting, breast sizes, afternoon naps, Brooke.....was it all a game to get me into bed?"

"Master plan, Sammy....to make you my lover."

"Krupps is avoiding me like the plague, Harrison hates me, Grant, and George are gone, Sugar Daddy dumped me......are you responsible for all of this, Brooke?"

"The entire enchilada, Sammy," Brooke said, as she scooted closer to her brunette.

"Are you serious, Brooke?" Sam was getting increasingly angrier with each passing moment.

"I'm in love with you, Sammy," Brooke whispered passionately, "and everything that I did was because I wanted you for myself. I'm not going to apologize. But I need to know if you love me back."


"Sammy.....my back hurts terribly," Brooke said suddenly.


"My back hurts.....and I need to get some.....sleep," Brooke said with a smile.

"What gall you have, McQueen," Sam replied with a smile, "I can't believe it."

"But you love me anyway, McPherson."

"Yes, I do love you back," Samantha replied softly.

Brooke seized the girl, wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her fervently, "then lets get some sleep."

"What about Lily?" Sam was suddenly feeling quite guilty.

"Harrison is available," Brooke replied huskily, as she pulled Sam out of the kitchen.

"But Lily is a lesbian," Sam interjected, as she was led upstairs by Brooke's insistent pull.

"Harrison likes to dress in drag sometimes," Brooke replied nonchalantly, as she, and her beautiful lover paused halfway up the stairs.

"How do you know that, Brooke?"

"Um....I took his virginity," Brooke said quickly, nervously, as she pulled Samantha the remaining distance to the top of the stairs.


"I let him wear my tight, blue, Versacci," Brooke added with an impish smile.

"This just doesn't feel right, Brooke!"

"Yeah....so?" Brooke finally pushed Sam into her room, and shut the door behind her.

One hour later, Lily hung up her phone, and simply frowned in the most horrible manner, "oh....this is absolutely awful!"

"What's wrong, Lily?"

"Sam just turned me down for a date!" Lily was on the verge of tears, "and I worked myself up to the point of asking her out....and she says that she found someone!"



"You still have me, Lily."

"You're a weirdo!"

"Now look here, Lily....you don't have to offend me!"

"You're wearing a pink wig, and a tight, blue dress by Versacci! You're wearing Donna Karan spiked heels! You're wearing my perfume, and my make-up! YOU'RE A WEIRDO!"

"Hhhmmpphh! You ungrateful little whore! That's what I get for trying to be as girlish as I can for you! And all because you like girls more than boys!"

"You're the one who wants to be a WOMAN, Harrison!"

"I'm a LESBIAN!"

"I'M the lesbian, you....you....." Lily was getting redder, and redder by the second.

"And to think that I shaved all of my body hair for you, you uppity, snobbish, little twit!" Harrison replied with a mixture of haughtiness, and anger.

Lily simply looked at Harrison with fire in her eyes, then she opened her mouth to throw various expletives at him, then her brain exploded, she saw funny lights floating around her head, then she simply....fainted.

Harrison watched his pretty lover fall sideways onto the bed. The young, handsome, beautiful made up teenager reached across the girl, and took the phone in his hand, and dialed a number quickly, then put the reciever to his ear, "hello....911?"

Meanwhile, not too far away, in the McQueen residence......



Brooke's cry of ecstacy echoed through the house, and literally made the entire structure quake slightly.

An exhausted, sated, joyful, lanky, beautiful Brooke sighed deeply, as the waves of pleasure from her recent orgasm faded, and she lay down upon the plush, warmth of her stunningly beautiful, voluptuous lover, Samantha, "Sammy......oh....that was wonderful!" Brooke settled her blond head upon the girl's pillowy breast, and wrapped her limbs around the brunette, "my back is completely rested!"

"I think that....you bit my tongue!" Sam declared painfully.

"Sorry, Sammy," Brooke tried to hide her devilish smile, and her giggling burst through, despite her best efforts.

"So....explain to me again what our circumstances are, Brooke!"

"Well....now you belong to me, Sammy.....you are now officially my steady girlfriend/lover/companion/life-partner/wife. You, and I are now permanently, a couple, and will not have sex with anyone but each other! Is that clear, McPherson!"

"Its clear.....VERY clear," Samantha sighed, with a beautiful smile, as she fluttered her lashes, then yawned in the most delicate, graceful way imaginable, "I'm just so tired."

"Go to sleep, Sammy," Brooke said tenderly, as she settled into the girl, and kissed her on the lips with slow, gentle desire.

Sam said nothing, but simply smiled, then slipped away into a deep slumber, as she lay, enveloped in the strong embrace of her beautiful, blond lover, Brooke.

"Oh...." Brooke was simply enchanted, delighted by the sight of her sleeping, dark beauty, "my Sammy is just so gorgeous!" Brooke leaned down into her brunette, and lightly kissed the girl's cheek.

From within the depths of her slumber, Samantha's mind moved slightly, and the girl smiled in the most seductive manner, making her full lips curl outward, erotically, as she spoke in the most sultry manner, "ooooohhhhh.....I love it when you lick my nose.......Nicole!"

Brooke's hazel eyes almost popped out of her head, seeming like two, huge tennis balls bouncing madly in front of her bewildered face, "WHAT?"

the end.

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