Title: Return to Me

Author: Balticbard

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Disclaimer: Popular, and its characters belong to someone else, I don't remember who, whatever, big deal. No profit comes from this story; its a small gift to incredible people in popularslash; the fantasy world where the show is what it should have been in reality; well written.

"I'm in love with you, Brooke.....with all of my heart, and soul," Sam McPherson poured her tender heart out, spilling the passionate words out from her ruby lips, letting them fly forth from her like delicate, winged angels.

Brooke McQueen shook her golden head in utter dismay, as a wave of fear engulfed her, "no....I wish that you had never said that!" The beautiful, willowy blond moved away from the ravishing brunette that sat beside her on the park bench, "its so wrong!"

"I told you what was in my heart, Brooke....how can that be wrong?" the gorgeous brunette replied, hurt, sullen, her full, crimson lips now set in a grim line, as she shook her beautiful head, disturbing the loose locks of thick, brown hair that fell around her delicate countenance, and slender neck in turbulent waves, "that is no reason to treat me like a leper!"

"I don't love you back that way, Sam.....I'm straight!" Brooke wasn't just angry, she was completely repulsed by Sam. Brooke was also frightened at the social ramifications that Sam's delcaration could result if anyone found out that a "lesbian" was in love with the lanky, blond girl. To Brooke, homosexuality was a mental desease, an abomination of nature. The thought of being labled a lesbian terrified the golden, blond, regal girl, Brooke McQueen. Brooke knew that she wasn't gay.....of that she was sure. But Brooke couldn't bear the thought of being anywhere near someone who might be homosexual, so she turned away in disgust from a girl that she had always been her friend; possibly the closest, most loyal friend that she had ever known, "I can't bear to have you near me, Sam."

"So this means that you no longer want to associate with me, Brooke?" Samantha's voice was like the cry of a wounded dove.

"Yes," was the tall, lanky blond's simple reply.

"Fine," Samantha stood up gracefully from the park bench which she had occupied just seconds before. Samantha McPhereson at her full height, not really very tall, just a bit above middle height. Samantha was such a beautiful girl; so ripe, with voluptuous curves on her slender frame, with long, silky hair cascading about her firm shoulders, with soft, unblemished, creamy paleness, with big, glowing, dark eyes, pouting, full, red lips, with rosy cheeks. Samantha was so very beautiful, that anyone would have died just to become her lover, but unfortunately not Brooke, "I understand," the girl said sadly, as she sighted, turning her once adoring, obsidian eyes away to stare briefly at the cloudless sky that adorned the quiet, intensely green parklike panorama that surrounded her, "I won't bother you ever again, Brooke," Samantha's glowing, dark eyes flahsed a look of deep pain mingled with glittering, crystal tears which she desperately tried to contain, towards the lanky blond that stood near by. Samantha turned, as her proud stance fell, like a suddenly wilted flower, and she walked away defeated.

Brooke McQueen stood speechless, utterly confused, wondering when control of the situation had been taken from her, and how the hell Sam had turned the tables on her, "I'm the injured party here....what the hell just happened?" Brooke now watched silently as Samantha walked away, seeming to be the loneliest girl in all the world. For one very brief moment, Brooke felt deeply ashamed at what she had just done; throw away a quiet, sincere friendship, because of her somewhat biased views on homosexualtiy. It suddenly struck Brooke McQueen that Samantha, always a vibrant, vocal, stubborn, and aggressive girl, suddenly seemed incredibly small, frail, even broken as she walked away, disappearing almost entirely into the green plushness of the sun-bathed park. Brooke felt the sudden, smost overwhelming seed of an impulse to call out the girl's name, but she stopped herself in time, "I can't.....I just can't."

Brooke recalled the history of her life with Samantha McPherson. Brooke's mother, Kelly Winston, and Sam's father, Joe McPherson had been highschool sweethearts. Brooke's father, Mike McQueen, and Sam's mom, Jane McPherson, had been business associates. Both Brooke, and Sam had grown up together, living side by side as neighbors, with both sets of parents as close friends. Brooke, and Sam had known each other since, it seemed to the beautiful blond, eternity. The two girls had once been almost as close as sisters, alternating between friendship, and rivalry, between love, and hate. Brooke, and Sam had very much in common; both girls had been born the same month, and year, only two weeks apart; Brooke being the elder of the two. Brooke, and Sam had entered kindergarten together, and had survived the cruelties, trials, and hardships of the public school system because of their close bond. But when the two girls entered highschool, each took her own, separate path, seeking different friends. But even then, somehow, through different cliques, boyfriends, bouts of depression, changing fads, eating disorders, school politics, and other endless trivialities unique to adolescence, Brooke, and Sam still remained friends; at times closer, at times detached, but the essence of their friendship had survived intact until now, "I'm actually sorry," Brooke said to a passing breeze, "but I can't be friends with her anymore....if anyone finds out about this.....oh....my God.....I hope she doesn't tell anyone else!"

Two weeks passed, each day weighing heavily upon Brooke's hear, and the memory of Samantha's fatal words striking fear in her heart. Brooke attended the same college as Samantha, but the blond was grateful that the college was extremely large, the campus seeming more like a small country, so that she, and Sam would be able to attend without seeing each other, if ever rarely, and at a distance. Brooke was also grateful that Samantha had chosen a field of study that relegated the girl, and all of her classes to the other end of the school. Brooke went  through extreme measures to avoid Sam at all costs on campus, and even in the neighborhood, because both girls still lived at home instead of in the college dormitories.

One day, Brooke found herself in the campus library, with two classmates, involved in research for a class project. Brooke had left the table where her classmates sat, exchanging notes. Brooke walked to a dim corner of the library, seeking books relevant to the subject that she was researching. Brooke was so absorbed in searching the untidy pile of books that lay stacked upon the bookshelves, that she didn't even notice the delicate presence that stood a few feet away from her.

"Well....what a suprise....its Ms. McQueen in the flesh!"

Brooke was startled out of her errant, scholarly thoughts by the soft, sultry voice that floated gently to her ears like an echo of an ancient melody. Brooke looked up, and instantly felt a wave of panic hit her, as her blue gaze fell on the fragile figure of Samantha McPherson.

"Don't panic, McQueen," Samantha said quietly, her voice heavily tinged with bitterness, "don't run like a scared rabbit. I'm not getting any closer to you....we don't want you vomiting on the nicely carpeted, library floor!'

"Sam....." Brooke said, feeling guilt, and shame welling up within her, "I'm sorry that I've treated you so rudely....but I had to.....and....."

"And I simply turn your stomach!" Sam interjected quietly, her lovely face had become a shadow of resentment, and the once adoring gaze she had always showered on Brooke, had now become a cold glare.

"I never said that, Sam.....but I did what was necessary.....that's the way it is, Sam.....you haven't told anyone.....have you?"

"We've known each other for all of our lives, Brooke. I thought that you knew me well. Where did you get the idea that I would turn into a desperate, lovesick, clumsy, stalking lap dog, eager, and starving for your coldness, and torment? Where did you get the idea that I would be anxious to divulge my feeling for you to the public? I guess you forgot that I have a reputation to protect as well!"

Brooke was momentarily speechless, but then she attempted to give Sam an appropriate answer, but it never came, for the brunette's voice interrupted the unsure words rising in the blond's heart"

"Don't say another word, Brooke," Sam replied quietly, "don't make me any more disappointed than I already am.....I haven't told anyone about my feelings for you, and I never will. I will never speak to you ever again......you have my promise on that!"

Before Brooke's stunned eyes, Samantha began to back away slowly, and seemed to disappear into the surrounding shadows, till there was nothing left of her. For a moment, Brooke thought that she had been in the presence of a ghost, and not a human being.

Samantha McPherson quickly exited the campus library, and walked out into the slightly chilled, night air. Samantha tried not to cry, as her broken heart ached, as her unrequieted love flared painfully within her, "well.....at least I have my dignity.....I didn't make a fool of myself in Brooke's eyes.....she can't accuse me of that.......but my dignity won't end this torment that I bear," Sam had started to cry, as she recalled how the great love of her life, and what was once her closest friend, had become a cold, heartless, distant stranger towards her, "that's what I get for being honest....for telling her how I felt about her......dad told me to keep my damn mouth shut.....but nnnnoooooo......I had to be an asshole, and tell her......how could I ever have possibly thought that she could even love me that way? How could I have been so utterly stupid? Oh....how I wish mom was here.....she would just give me a hug, and tell me not to worry anymore," Sam's mom, Jane, had recently passed away, leaving the distraught girl to deal with a broken heart, and stoic, depressed, emotionally distant father, Joe McPherson. But Samantha trudged on, facing life's riddles, and barrier's, fighting as a lone, weary warrior with a wounded heart, "I've had enough of this! I refuse to live my life pining away for some ungrateful bitch who thinks that she is superior to me!"

"Hey, Sammy!"

Samantha turned at the sound of a voice calling her by a rarely used pet name, "oh.....its you, Harrison," Sam sighed at the sight of her constant, determined, handsome, pest of a suitor, who lived a few doors down from her, "what do you want?"

"Same old, same old, Sammy!" Harrison said, somewhat deflated, and disappointed, frustrated to see the same, angry, bored look on Sam's face, as he slowed his car down to a crawl, "um.....just to ask you out, which you always refuse anyway...." Harrison couldn't take his eyes off the seductive,wraithlike beauty of Samantha McPherson, the girl of his dreams, "look.....you're never glad to see me, Sammy.....and I'm so in love with you....." Harrison had been hurt much too often by the beguiling brunette's coldness, her sharp, cruel words, her indifference, her refusals to his amorous advances, "but I'm tired of your atitude towards me.....I won't bother you again," the young man said sadly. But as Harrison was about to drive away, Sam's voice made him stop his car suddenly, "what?"

"Harrison.....please.....I'm sorry for hurting your feelings......please don't go!"

"WWWWHHHHAAAAATTTT? Harrison slammed the brakes on his car so quickly, so hard, that he was almost ejected bodily from the car. All that Harrison could hear now was Samantha's infectious, melodious laughter ringing in his ears, swimming above the sudden diziness in his head, "THAT WASN'T FUNNY, McPHERSON! I COULD'VE BEEN KILLED!"

Samantha quickly opened the door on the passenger side of Harrison's car, and got in, sitting beside him.

"What are you doing?" Harrison asked quietly.

"Um.....I'm sitting in your car.....waiting for you to take me out to dinner?" Samantha asked hopefully, as her full lips shaped into a playful smirk.

"Isn't this quite somewhat sudden, McPherson?"

"What do you mean, Harrison?"

"You usually can't stand me.....and now you've suddenly gone from cold, heartless bitch to hot babe in less than ten seconds, Samantha!"

"Would you prefer that I digress to being a cold bitch once more, Harrison?" Sam asked teasingly, her full lips curling into a full smile now, as she  brought up her pale hand, and caressed the side of the young man's face.

"NO!" Harrison yelled intantly, "I mean.....no.....of course not," he said more calmly, "why.....umm.....why don't we go have dinner, Sammy?"

"Interesting idea, Harrison."

"That's a yes, Sammy?"

"Only if you anwer a question for me, Harrison."

"I'll try, Sammy."

"Why do you call me Sammy, Harrison?"

"Uh....I don't know.....I just do.....its sort of cute.....like you.....do you want me to stop doing it?"

"No.....I like it.....please keep calling me that.....only the people close to me call me that."

"So....I'm close to you now, Sammy?"

"Yeah....I guess you are."

"Wow.....well....um.....Sammy.....will you have dinner with me now?"

"I'd love to, Harry."

Samantha McPherson was smiling, her full lips stretched out, revealing a row of even, small, pearly, white teeth. Samantha's dark eyes, which seemed like a seemingly endless night, glowed with what seemed to be raging, black, twin flames, "Harry....." Sam's voice was now low, sultry, like a soft, silken ripple on a calm river's surface. Samantha drew Harrison towards her with the lightest touch of her delicate fingers under his manly chin. Then, the beguiling girl kissed the suddenly stunned, delighted, aroused young man fully on the lips, with slow, deliberate patience, as her tongue playfully outlined his firm, thin lips.

When Samantha released Harrison, she was smiling, and he was literally, madly in love with her, with a goofy grin on his handsome face, "oh....I think I died, and went to heaven," then the dreamy-eyed Harrison drove away, with his favorite, ravishing siren by his side.

Brooke McQueen stood outside of the library, bidding her classmates farewell after a considerably long, arduous study session. All three of the students (Brooke included), went their separate ways, gladdened by the fact that they had finally completed their assignment.

Brooke turned with the intention of walking the short distance to where her car was parked. Brooke was extremely tired, and could only think of going to bed, to lie down, and surrender to a heavy sleep until the next morning. Brooke McQueen had foregone any opportunities for a rich, social life of dating, friends, and partying, in favor of a celibate, almost monastic, college exitence, consisting soley of studying, in the hopes of attaining a sound, college education. Brooke's life was drab, even colorless, and very often she missed her former existence as a well partied, golden, highschool promqueen who frequently dated the captain of the football team. Brooke, and Josh, her ex-boyfriend had parted ways long ago; Josh had married, and had opted to learn of technical skill, instead of a college degree. Brooke missed her old friends, Mary Cherry, and Nicole, both gone; the first into the arms of a wealthy marrieage, and the latter, surprisingly enough into a nunnery, given the racauos, wild, perverted lifestyle that she had displayed in highschool. But most of all, in her secret heart of hearts, Brooke missed Samantha the most of all. Brooke had dearly loved the beautiful, almost ethereal brunette, and the firm, close friendship that they had once shared, "I miss Sam so much.....it aches," Brooke was troubled by the sudden darkness of her thoughts, as she realized suddenly that until a short while ago, Samantha McPherson had not just been her close friend, but her ONLY friend, and literally the center of her lonely life, "I feel so miserable.....so alone.....I wish Sam, and I could still be friends. Why did she have to go, and fall in love with me? Why did she have to tell me?"

Brooke heard a distant sound; a pleasing echo that brushed past her ear, then seemed to kiss her pale cheek like a sudden breeze. The sound that came to her, surrounded Brooke's heart, making her feel a wave of rapt joy, and caused the oddest sensations in the lanky blond; her skin broke out in goose bumps, her heart seemed to flutter, her nipples hardened suddenly, sending thrills of pleasure coursing quickly through all of her limbs, her knees felt weak, almost like jelly, so that she had to make an effort to keep her balance to remain standing up, and a sudden, deep, throbbing ache in her now aroused vagina. A deeply flustered, embarrassed Brooke turned to see the source of the sound, and her sudden, unexpected arousal. The enticing, teasing sound had been a musical, lilting laugh that seemed to dance upon an invisible wave, followed by a teasing, sultry voice that finally pushed Brooke McQueen over the edge into a quick, unexpected orgasm that momentarily paralyzed her, and produced a sudden rush of liquid cum to flood from her vagina, and soak her silk panties, "what is happening to me?" The beautiful, regal blond's sapphire eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the source of the erotic sounds, "SAM?" Brooke watched in utter, silent amazement, as Samantha McPherson flirted with Harrison, got into his waiting car, then drew him close, kissing full on the lips, thus making him her slave forever, "but.....I thought that Sam was in love with ME!" Brooke felt a sudden rush of jealousy mingled with rage, as she noticed the unwavering look of love, and desire in Harrison's eyes, as he gazed at Sam, and the look of playful lust in the girl's glowing, dark eyes, coupled with the teasing, erotic smirk on her moist, full, ruby lips. Brooke suddenly felt lonelier than ever, "I don't understand this.....how can she just.....forget me so quickly?" Brooke was clearly not amused by the developments unfolding before her very eyes, "I know that Sam still loved me when she spoke to me in the library.....how can she just erase what she feels for me.....so easily?" Brooke watched in despair, as Harrison laughed, and drove away with a giggling, apparently overjoyed Samantha. Brooke couldn't stop the sudden flood of tears that came easily to her eyes, then rushed, unbidden, down her sculpted cheeks, leaving paths of deep pain. Brooke went home that night to an empty house, because her parents, Kelly, and Mike had decided to take her little sister, Mac, to Disneyland. Then, Brooke went to bed, to a lonely night, to a difficult, restless sleep filled with sensual images of a playful, gorgeous, dark-haired, dark-eyed nymphet with ruby lips that teased her, promising many erotic delights, then abandoned her cruelly for a handsome, dark-haired, starry-eyed young man.

As the days passed slowly, painfully, Brooke found herself thinking almost constantly of Samantha. The lovely blond found her days filled with quiet contemplation of the beautiful, elusive friend she once had, who now had become the favored object of her passionate, nightly, erotic dreams. If Brooke had barely seen Samantha when she was deliberately avoiding her, seeing her in passing, or perhaps at a distance, now that she was no longer avoiding her, the blond didn't see the girl at all. Now, Brooke found herself deeply frustrated, constantly haunted by a deep jealousy towards Harrison for having Samantha, and a deep resentment towards herself for having pushed the girl away. Every day that passed now, Brooke found the void in her heart becoming deeper, so that depression, and sadness were quickly seeping into her soul, making her lift her head in a silent plea to the heavens, to the  silent source of power above, "please......bring Sam back....make her....come back to me....."

One day, in the early morning, Brooke was leaving her house, walking quickly to her car with the intention of driving to the college, she happened upon Samantha, who was busy parking her car in the driveway of her own house. Brooke felt her heart race madly, and her soul jump with joy at the sight of her beautiful friend, so that she purposely waited for the girl to get out of her car, "hi....Sam," Brooke's voice faltered, she felt suddenly very shy, like an pre-pubescent girl in the presence of her very first crush.

Samantha McPherson had been in the process of getting out of her car, and stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the voice that addressed her, "what...is it possible?" the girl was quite surprised that the golden angel she had loved so dearly, who had treated her so coldly, was actually directing an actual greeting to her, "excuse me.....are you speaking to me....or am I just in someone else's way?"

"I'm speaking to you, Sam," Brooke said apologetically, blushing as she did, feeling her body come alive with sudden pleasure in the ravishing brunette's presence, "how are you lately?"

"I'm alright I suppose.....but I must ask....just why are you speaking to me suddenly? I thought that there was never to be any further interaction between us....because I'm supposed to be a deseased creature that repulses you deeply?" Sam's voice was tinged with irony, and sarcasm that also combined into one single mask that veiled her finely shaped features.

"Uh.....Sam.....I'm so sorry for having treated you so badly.....really.....I simply over-reacted to your declaration of love for me.....I just wasn't ready......"

"Its quite a bit late for apologies now, Brooke......the damage is done."

"I want us to be friends again, Sam."

"You didn't just make me ashamed of my friendship to you, Brooke.....you made me feel dirty....."

"I would like to remedy that, Sam.....please.....I want for us to start over."

Whatever Samantha McPherson might have replied, was at that moment silenced, as a foreign voice called out her name in ecstatic pleasure, and joy;

"Sammy! Hey!" Harrison turned his car into Sam's driveway so quickly, that he almost crashed with the bumper of the girl's car, "hey.....want to go get breakfast with me?"

"Breakfast?" Brooke was deeply puzzled.

"I go to college in the evenings now, Brooke.....and I work at night....so I sleep during the day," Samantha replied nonchalantly, "isn't that just ideal? Now you don't have to spend so much energy avoiding me. We don't see each other at all anymore." Sam's smile was fake, thinly masked, and bitter deep within, "now we live in two different worlds."

"Please.....Sam....come back.....please.....return to me."

"I have to go, Brooke," Samantha replied quickly, as Harrison got out of his car, and walked up to the two girls, "hey.....you oversized dufus....you nearly wrecked my car!" Sam in mock anger to Harrison as he embraced her.

"Oh....and I love you too," the tall, young man said with a smile, as he kissed his beloved Sammy's forehead.

Brooke watched in silence, in pain as Samantha's eyes filled with adoration, and tenderness when she looked at Harrison, "she looked at me like that the day she told me of her love......now its all gone.....Harrison has taken it for himself," Brooke reprimanded herself harshly for what she had destroyed; the heart of a tender, loving creature that had offered her soul to the blond, and the chance to be extremely happy, "how could I have been so stupid....so blind.....Sam was my entire life.....I could have been so happy.....and I threw it all away because of my stupid, biased atitudes.....now its just too late."

"Hi, Brooke," Harrison finally acknowledged the blond girl's presence.

"Hi, Harrison," Brooke replied dryly, "well....I guess I have to get going....or I'll be late for school," Brooke turned in the opposite direction with the intention of leaving, but then turned back to face Sam once more, "will you at least think about it, Sam.....please?"

"Alright.....maybe I will, Brooke.....maybe," Sam said gravely, solemnly.

"Good!" Brooke replied with a genuinely striking smile. Brooke felt her heart jump with joy within her bosom; it was a slim chance, but Sam had given her a very small hope, and that was all that she needed to win Sam.

Sam was led away by a blissful Harrison, and made to get into his car. Harrison kissed the girl's cheek, rubbing his nose against her slender neck, thus making Samantha giggle involuntarily. Then Harrison turned to the wheel, turned on his car, and drove slowly away, as he threw one arm around Sam, who snuggled up against him.

Brooke watched with sadness in her heart, as the car with Harrison, and Sam sped away, and once more she felt the chasm in her heart open, and ache with pain. Brooke shook her head, dispersing the dark thoughts therein, "I have to get to school.....I'll be late for biology."

The days passed now in a kind of strange, peaceful state for Brooke McQueen, because she carried the memory of Sam's warm smile withing her heart. It was at one time, almost too much to bear, but now, Brooke carried the burden within her heart gladly; she now fully admitted to herself that she was madly, deeply in love with Samantha McPherson. Brooke would become disheartened when several days would pass, without her seeing at least a glimpse of Sam, which was enough to make the blond's day complete.

One morning, Brooke was leaving for school, and she paused for a moment in her trek towards her car upon hearing voices coming from next door, the McPherson residence. Brooke was elated to hear Sam's voice, which made her heart giddy. Now, Brooke heard another voice join Sam's; Joe, the girl's father. The previous grin, and the feeling of joy in her heart were both erased from Brooke, as she realized that she was listening to an argument between father, and daughter.

Samantha had just parked her car in the driveway of her home. The girl was getting out of her car, when she noticed, in great surprise, that her father was standing on the porch of the house, looking at her. "Dad!" Sam felt her heart swell with joy at the sight of her father, who had been away lately on business trip, after business trip, and she hardly saw him anymore. Sam missed her frequently absent father, "when did you get in, dad?" Sam closed the car door, and went to the porch where her father stood.

"What ungodly hour is this to come home?" Joe McPherson's voice was not gently, but strong, and abrasive, cutting his daughter off before she even approached him with the intention of giving him a hug.

"What?" Sam was still smiling, but the tone of her father's voice turned her heart cold, "what do you mean, dad?"

"The neighbors have told me that you're out ALL night!" Joe exclaimed fiercely, "what the HELL are you doing?"

Sam stood still for a moment, looking at her father as if her were a stranger; an enraged, dangerous stranger. Sam took several steps back, putting a good measure of distance between the two of them, because she could almost tangibly touch her father's rage, "what the HELL is it any of the neighbor's business what I do, dad?"

Joe McPherson moved slightly, and raised his hand in a menacing gesture, but then he paused, as if debating with himself. Then, slowly, Joe lowered his hand, breathed deeply, so that the redness of his face lessened, "how dare you speak to me in that tone, Samantha. And I asked the neighbors to keep an eye on you for your own good."

"Oh....I am just SO glad to hear that you ACTUALLY care just a little for me, dad.....considering the fact that you are hardly ever home to even notice if I'm alive or dead!" Sam's voice was filled with pain, and resentment as she spoke; qualities which she seemed to have an abundance of since her mother died.

"I'm hardly ever home because I'm working for a living, young lady! I'm working hard to put a roof over your head, and food in your ungrateful belly!"

"Hardly, dad!" Samantha said with a smile that was nothing more than a resentful curl of her full lips, "I'm twenty one years of age now! I'm going to school on TWO scholarships, and working in an internship right now! As fare as the roof over my head....I'm moving into Harrison's dorm room with him!"

"Harrison?" Now Joe McPherson was truly angry, "I don't want you seeing that BASTARD!"

"Why not, dad?"

"Harrison is not good enough for you!"

"Harrison is more than worthy of me, father.....you despise him just because his mother is a lesbian!"

"You're sleeping with him.....with that worthless twit, aren't you, Samantha?"

"Yes, dad.....I am."

"You're nothing but a filthy slut!" Joe exclaimed angrily.

Sam winced at her father's words, almost as if he had physically slapped her, "if that's what you think of me....fine.....then that's what I am.....but you know, dad.....I really don't care what you think of me anymore!"

"Then you'll not live in MY house anymore, you disrespectful whore!"

"Fine!" Samantha replied, "I don't need you dad.....you were never there....mom was the one who raised, and loved me....but she's gone now!"

Joe McPherson made no reply to his now unwanted daughter's complaints, as he turned, went inside his house, slamming the door shut behind him.

Samantha McPherson was stunned, and deeply hurt, her heart breaking into even smaller pieces than when Brooke rejected her. This was more pain than the girl could possibly bear, so Sam cried silently, wondering if her life could get any worse. Then, suddenly, Sam was shocked to feel two, strong arms come up from out of nowhere, wrap themselves around her body, and pull her back into the shadowy shrubs next to what was once her home.

Brooke felt her heart harden into stone towards Joe McPherson, and his coldness towards his daughter, Sam. Brooke quickly wove her way through the clump of trees, and shrubbery that separated, and marked the fenceless boundary between the McQueen, and McPherson houses.

Samantha's pain, and grief were so tangible, so real to her, that Brooke could almost feel them inside her, as if they were of her own flesh. Brooke had come so close to Sam in friendship, that she could almost BE Samantha McPherson herself; as if she could seep completely into the brunette's skin, and live her life.

Brooke quickly came up behind Sam, and wrapped her arms around the girl's tiny waist, pulling her back tightly, into her own body, trapping Sam within the closed, iron, vise-like circle of her slender arms, "Sam....."

"Brooke?" Sam wasn't just shocked anymore, now she was horrified upon discovering who was holding her, "hey....what are you doing?"

In all of her twenty one years of life, Brooke McQueen could never have imagined feeling anything that was as soft, warm, and as soothing as the slender, voluptuous body that she now held firmly in her arms. Brooke dipped her blond head into the curve where Sam's neck ended, and her shoulder began. Sam's skin was like the warmest, silken surface against Brooke's nose, and cheek. Brooke's golden locks mingled with Sam's dark ones, clashing, thus forming new shades of color. Brooke inhaled Sam's soft, perfumed scent, and sighed, as she pulled the beautiful brunette more tightly against herself, while at the same time she pulled the both of them into the concealing shadows of the shrubs that surrounded them.

"Brooke.....what the hell are you doing to me?" Sam's voice was both angry, and husky.

Samantha had started to squirm slightly, but Brooke tightened the arm that she had around the girl's small waist, and brought up her other arm, and hand to cup one of Sam's breasts, "Sam...." was the only word that Brooke's lips could utter, as she kissed, then licked the girl's pale neck.

Samantha moaned softly, and went weak in the lanky blond's arms. Sam felt her resolve slip away, as her young body responded to Brooke's touch, "how I dreamt of this.....how I wanted this to happen every single day.....but now its too late.....I'm with Harrison," Sam thought to herself, as she tried to stop Brooke, but failing miserably, "Brooke.....don't do this to me."

"Hhhhmmmm?" Brooke was in a state of deep bliss, and slipping further into stupidity, as a huge wave of delight crashing into ecstacy overwhelmed her, making her sail smoothly through a million thrills of pleasure that ended in another, sudden orgasm for the lanky blond. Brooke clung desperately to Sam as the orgasm overcame her, making her quiver suddenly, and her eyes momentarily go up into her head. Brooke would surely have fallen to the ground if she hadn't been leaning on Samantha.

"Brooke....let me go."

"I can't do that, Sam.....I've never felt this way before....."

"Stop it, Brooke.....right now!

"Your father is such a bastard to throw you out.....Sam."


"Besides the fact that you're his daughter.....you're the most wonderful, loving person there is, Sam."

"Nice try, McQueen.....let me go now."

Reluctantly, brooke loosened her hold on Sam, and felt a sudden cold rush into her body as the girl escaped from her arms.

Sam shook her head, trying to regain her composure, trying to hide the arousal that Brooke's embrace had caused in her, "I have to go now."

"Where are you going, Sam?"

"You heard the argument that I had with my father, Brooke?"

"Yes.....I'm so sorry, Sam."

"Its no problem anymore, Brooke.....I'm used to losing things anyway."

"Where will you stay, Sam? I mean.....you can stay with me.....there's a spare room upstairs....."

"I know.....but its okay, Brooke.....its already ackward between us.....that wouldn't be a good idea anymore."

"No.....wait.....Sam....I don't care about that now....."

""I'll stay with Harrison, Brooke.....the way things look.....he's the only one who wants me."

"No he isn't, Sam."

"What do you mean?" Samantha was puzzled.

"I want you too, Sammy."

Brooke moved quickly, taking a few steps to fill the distance between her, and Sam, "I want you back, Sam."

"But you never had me, Brooke."

"Then I want you back in my life.....and I want you as my lover, Sam."

"I can't anymore, Brooke."

"Yes you can, Sammy......you want me too!"


Brooke wrapped her arms around Sam once more, "we could get an apartment together, and be room mates, Sammy.....then we'd be together all of the time," Brooke's breathing became ragged, there was a knot of desire in her throat, and her nipples had hardened, so that her firm breasts jutted out against the roundness of Sam's own, and Brooke gasped, delighting in the feeling of their breasts touching through the fabric of their clothes, "what delicious feelings I have when I touch her....I have to get her back.....I need to have her as my lover forever!" Brooke leaned down from her three, and a half inch advantage, and kissed Sam's full lips, merging them with her own, then pausing, breaking the longer kiss into smaller ones, "we....could.....sleep together....in the same bed.....every night....Sammy.....oh....gods....I want to....make love to you so much!'

"No!" Sam squirmed, and managed to pry Brooke's arms from her body, "I wont go through this again!"

"What do you mean?" Brooke was hurt by Sam's rebuttal.

"I thought that I would die of love for you, Brooke......but you didn't want me.....and it hurt me deeply!"

"I was so wrong, Sam."

"Yes you were.....Brooke.....but its too late now.....I'm with Harrison!"

Brooke was shaking her blond head, and crying now, as she finally realized the harm that she had done to Sam, and could only cry as the girl's words of pain pierced her heart like sharp daggers.

"You treated me like trash, Brooke.....I felt so filthy, that I wished myself dead a thousand times. I finally got sick, and tired of suffering, and found someone else!"

"To REPLACE me?" Brooke shouted, as her tearstained face reddened with rage, and jealousy.

"To FORGET you!" Sam replied in an equally high, shrill tone.


"Harrison loves me, Brooke.....he always treats me well....I was just too stupid, and obsessing on you to notice him."


"Yes, Brooke.....I'm Harrison's lover....or his whore, as my dad just said."

"I don't think that way about you, Sammy."

"DAMN IT, Brooke.....what do you want from me?"

"I want YOU!"

"Even if I still love you, Brooke....it doesn't matter anymore.....I'm with Harrison."

"Yes it does matter, Sammy.....you love ME.....not him.....I'm the one that makes you tremble....that your heart aches for!"

"I won't break Harrison's heart the way you broke mine, Brooke."

"You can't do this, Sammy.....you just can't!"

Suddenly, a third voice called from a short distance, outside the bushes that hid the two girls, "Sammy? Sam....where are you?"

"Its Harrison....I have to go now."

"I'm not giving up, Sam.....I won't rest until you're in my arms.....we belong together.....you belong to me!"

"No...." Sam replied as she moved out of the shadowed shrubs that had hid her, and walked towards the sound of Harrison's voice.

"I'll wait for you, Sam," Brooke said as she watched the girl leave, "I'll have you in my arms again."

"Harry!" Samantha cried, as she emerged from the bushes, and pounced on the young man like a missle. Then, Sam kissed her young lover with frenzy, and joy, "I'm so glad to see you, baby."

"Wow, Sammy....you are some great kisser, ya know that?"

"Harry....I want to move in with you today.....my dad just threw me out of the house."

"Because of me, Sammy?"

"Yeah, Harry."


"I had to choose you, or him....."

"You chose me, Sammy?"

"I chose you....."



"Will you marry me?"

Samantha was speechless for several seconds, but then she threw her arms around Harrison's neck, and kissed him, "yes, Harry....I will!"

Harrison, and Samantha kissed, and Brooke watched them with pain in her heart. It seemed that it was over, and Brooke had lost Sam forever, but....

"Somehow....please....God.....bring Sammy to me....." Brooke prayed, and despite what she was seeing, a strange hope within her refused to die; somehow, Samantha would be hers forever.

"Let's celebrate, Sammy," Harrison exclaimed with joy.

"Where are we going, Harry?"

"To a liquour store, and then a motel," Harrison replied mischievously.

"You perv!" Sam exclaimed as she swatted his arm.

"Let's just go home, and make love, Sammy? I just want to be alone with you, baby."

"Okay, Harry."

Sam, and Harrison got into his car, and rode away togeher. Brooke simply sighed, and went to school.

That day was for Brooke McQueen, the most painful, miserable day of her entire, young life. Brooke went to her classes, took notes, chatted about trivial affairs with her classmates as she usually did. But deep inside, Brooke's thoughts were elesewhere; filled with images, and sounds of Samantha, with memories of her scent, and the soft, silken feel of her pale skin. Eventually as the day heavily wore on, Brooke retreated into her inner darkness, going about in a numb daze. Towards the last part of her day, Brooke simply decided to not attend them, finding her passion for Samatha overcoming her outer defences, making her weak, making her ache deeply for the girl's touch, "I'm going home....I can't stan this," and as yet, the lanky blond hadn't yet held one dismal thought about future Sam's marriage to Harrison, "I don't know why yet.....but I have hope that she'll be mine....I can't help myself....I just do!"

Brooke decided to retire early from the school, and she left the college behind, walking quickly to her car, then driving home. Brooke wanted to retire quickly to the privacy of her room, to surrender to the arms of slumber, to dreams of Sam, and mostly to privately relieve the aching, sexual arousal that thoughts of Sam had brought her.

Brooke drove as fast as she could, discreetly a bit beyond the speed limit. The beautiful blond was anxious to reach her home. Brooke finally turned onto her street, and was close to her house, when she saw something that quickly caught her attention; there was a patrol car with flashing lights parked in front of the McPherson house.

Brooke didn't think about getting a ticket, as she pushed down heavily on the accelerator with her foot, making her car speed, until she stopped in front of Sam's house, putting her foot on the brakes suddenly, making her car come to a dramatic, loud, screeching halt. Brooke saw a uniformed police officer speaking to Joe McPherson, who simply shook his head, then turned his back, and went inside his house. Brooke watched the officer approach his patrol car, which she had parked next to.

"Officer?" Brooke called out to the policeman, as he approached.

"Yes, miss?" now the officer stood next to Brooke, as she looked up at him out of her car window.

"Officer....I'm a friend of the McPherson family.....is something wrong?"

"I came to inform Mr. McPherson that his daughter, Samantha, and her companion, Harrison Joe were involved in a traffic accident.....but he refuses to know anymore details, and says that he isn't interested in his daughter's welfare....I am quite shocked at his reaction."

"Please....officer....is Samantha injured....?"

"Samantha McPherson survived the accident, and is now at Mercy Hospital, but her companion, Harrison Joe was killed."

"Oh....my God....how awful!" Brooke was shocked beyond belief; her Sammy was injured, but ALIVE. Relief flooded through the blond's heart. Then, another feeling came like lightning, spreading like a monstrous wave through Brooke's entire body; Harrison was dead....DEAD....out of the way! Brooke was ashamed of what she was feeling, "I feel awful....but I can't help it.....now I have a chance to get Sammy for myself."

"I suggest that you not speed all the way to the hospital, miss...." the officer said with a knowing smile, "the last time I checked, Ms. McPherson was in stable condition."

Brooke smiled, "thank you, officer," she said happily as she drove away from the policeman at a legal, sober speed.

Brooke's heart beat quickly, madly, and she tried to control her impatience as she drove to Mercy Hospital. Brooke was still nervous, as she finally reached the hospital, and spent several minutes looking for a parking space. When Brooke finally did park, she left her car, and then literally ran into the hospital, and to the admissions desk, "what room is Samantha McPherson in?" Brooke asked impatiently, as the nurse at the desk looked up at her. The nurse at the desk seemed to take forever to find Sam's room number in her computer, making Brooke fume inwardly.

"Room 412," the weary nurse replied nonchalantly in a drab, tired voice.

Brooke ran to the closest elevators, and pushed the "up" button. Brooke almost started banging on the elevator doors, but the doors opened before she did so. Brooke got into the elevatore, and pushed the button that said "4" on it. The elevator surged upwards heavily, seeming more like an ancient, flying elephant than anything else, "damn.....why are these things always so slow?" Finally, the elevator reached the fourth floor, and its doors opened.

Brooke almost flew out of the elevator, as she ran down the halls of the fourth floor, almost knocking down several nurses, technicians, and visitors that managed to dodge her in time. Finally, Brooke found room 412, and went inside, "SAM?"

    Samantha was wearing a light blue hospital frock, and sitting up in her bed, watching television. Sam was wearing a bandage on her left temple, and her arms were lightly bruised. Sam felt some pain in her joints, but otherwise she was fine. The only pain that Samantha felt was in her heart; the memory of Harrison's cry, as his car collided with a truck. Harrison had pushed Sam out of the car just in time, thus saving her life, but losing his own instead. Harrison had died saving Samantha, whom he loved dearly.

Now, Sam was startled by Brooke bursting unexpectedly into her room with a cry. Sam began to laugh almost hysterically at the preciousness, the ridiculousness of the situation that she was in, and also because she was greatly relieved to see Brooke, for no one else had come to see her at all. Suddenly, Sam's laughter had metamorphed into convulsive sobs, as the horrid memory of how her lover died replayed itself in her fragile mind, "oh....gods....why?"

Brooke couldn't remember where she had acquired such speed, but in less than a second she was sitting next to Sam on the hospital bed, and holding the girl of her dreams, the great love of her life in her trembling arms, "oh....Sammy.....please don't cry....I'm here with you......and I love you so," Brooke whispered to the crying girl who lay submissively in her arms, "if you had died....I would have wasted away to nothing."

"I....can still hear him screaming my name just before we got hit...." Samantha wanted to die, "I loved him, Brooke...and now he's gone just like all of the others."

"So what am I, Sam.....the kitchen sink?"

Brooke's unexpected complaint both surprised, and amused a sullen Samantha, so that she started to laugh again, but this time it was normal laughter, and not ringed with desperation, "no.....Brookie.....you aren't.....and I am very glad to see you."

It was happening to her very often now; Brooke was losing control when it cam to Sam, to being around her, "I love you, Sammy....and I need you so much!" Brooke had literally pushed Sam back onto the bed, then lay almost completely on top of her, as she kissed her beautiful brunette, "please, Sammy.....don't turn me away.....I'll die if you do......I can't bear to live without you.....even if you don't love me anymore......let me take care of you....please," Brooke cried gently, the tears ran down her pale cheeks, and into the kisses that she was giving Sam, "I don't care about anyone, or anything but you, Sammy."

"Yes, Brooke.....I love you.....I want you too."

Samantha's simple reply was almost a whisper, but Brooke heard it; the words went straight to her heart, making her cry even deeper, and to start sobbing, as she continued to tenderly kiss the girl in her arms, "oh....Sam....I...."

"Its alright, Brooke....its alright now...."

"Oh....I have so much to do now," Brooke said with a smile, for she was elated, for now she had everything that she wanted in life; Samantha McPherson.

"What do you mean, Brooke?"

"Well....first off....I need to get us a room together at the college dorm....later we can get an apartment....the idea of being totally alone with you is making me so horny, I think that I'm going to explode!"

Sam couldn't help herself now, as she began to laugh once more, and to cry at the same time, so that now she really couldn't say anything at all. Thick tears ran down the brunette's cheeks, as she realized that her life really was going to turn out well after all.

Brooke held on to Sam tightly, and she too cried at the miracle that had come from above; that even though it was because of a tragedy, Samantha was hers. Brooke kissed Sam, and whispered softly in her small ear, "I won't ever let you go, Sammy."

Two days later, Samantha was released from Mercy Hospital, and went directly to the dorm room that Brooke had gotten for the two of them at the college. Now, Sam, and Brooke were inseperable, much moreso than before their earlier rift. Brooke was constantly at her brunette's side, devoted to her, instiable for her, and treating her like the most fragile glass in existence.

One week later, Sam went to Wendel Cemetery, and went to Harrison's grave. The dark-haired girl, dressed in black that contrasted heavily with her delicate paleness, seemed like a mournful shade, as she kneeled to place flowers at the grave of the young man who had been her first lover, who had given his life to save her. Samantha leaned over, and kissed Harrison's tombstone.

"I loved him, Brooke.....not the same way that I love you.....but I did....and I never told him."

"Why don't you tell him, Sammy?"

"I don't know if he'll hear me."

"Just say it, Sam."

Sam looked up at the sky, and then closed her eyes, as she felt the wind slowly caress her beautiful face, "I love you, Harry.....I always will.....I'll never forget you.....and I'll see you again someday." When the words had spilled from her heart, Sam could have sworn that she felt what seemed to be a soft kiss upon her ruby lips, and a soft sigh that formed a ghostly word in her ear; "goodbye....Sammy."


"Yes, Brooke?"

"Its time to go home now, Sammy."

"Yes....it is."

Sam got up off her knees, and stood next to Brooke, who instantly took the girl in her arms. Sam melted into the lanky blond's embrace, as her memories of a smiling, mischievous, handsome, dreamy-eyed young man slowly faded, to be replaced by images of a tall, beautiful, regal, blond named, Brooke.

The two girls turned, and walked away from Harrison's grave, arm in arm. Brooke kissed Samantha on the lips, and enjoyed the girl's warmth against her body. Brooke smiled, and sent up a silent prayer in thanks; "thank you....for making her....return to me."

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