Title: The Rise and Fall of Samantha McPherson

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: Popular belongs to someone else.

Warning; sappy, some angst.

chapter 1; The Realization

It was Tuesday, and Samantha sat in the cafeteria; it was her hour for lunch, and the day was half gone. Yes, the day was half over, and Sam wished it was entirely done, so that she could go home to her room, to bed, and to her favorite pastime; brooding.

To Sam it seemed that brooding was all that she did lately. Sam's great love for journalism was gone, and she didn't know how or when it had disappeared from her heart. Sam had quit her job at the school newspaper, and now she had nothing to do, apart from the usual school assignments that filled her time, and which she adhered to out of necessity.

Samantha's old friends had seemed to move on, thus leaving her behind; Carmen was a cheerleader now, and had no time for her old friends, prefering to hang out with the popular, cheerleading crowd. Lily had moved deeper into her lifelong obsession of saving the world, and had recently gone off on some environmental workshop somewhere. Harrison had become addicted to the sport of soccer, and was now an avid fan, and had just joined a local soccer team that now consumed all of his time.

With all of her friends gone, Sam was now extremely lonely, and had become a total nonentiy. Without her love of journalism, her obsession of writing for the school newspaper, Sam's life was completely empty. Now, Samantha was totally invisible; left behind by life, and by her friends.

Sam heard laughter float her way, and looked up, her dark eyes becoming fixed on a blond girl, a beautiful creature named Brooke McQueen, who now sat at a table about ten feet away. Brooke was her reluctant step-sister, and house mate. Brooke was also Sam's secret obsession as of late.

Sam discreetly observed Brooke, clad in her cheerleading uniform, sitting with her friends, other cheerleaders, and with her boyfriend, Josh. The entire group was talking, and enjoying themselves, but it was evident for all eyes to see, that Brooke was its shining star. Radiant like the sun, Brooke was in her element, as she chatted, giggled, smiled at her lovestruck, football player boyfriend, who sat obediently beside her.

Sam sadly sighed, as she realized just how lonely she truly was, and how she wanted to be like Brooke in the sense that she wanted friends, a boyfriend, and a purpose in life. The reason that Samantha always fixated on Brooke, was that she too, wanted to be popular, to part of a popular clique, and to enjoy a life with friends who didn't abandon her so easily.

An odd idea struck Sam as she sat at her empty cafeteria table. Sam pushed her tray away, and no longer felt the desire to eat. The idea took hold of Sam quite suddenly; her time at Kennedy was over. Here, in this school, Sam was no longer welcome, nor was she ever in any way going to make a mark to be remembered by. In this school, Samantha McPherson would never have a life, nor would she ever be able to reinvent herself. At Kennedy, Sam had acquired a reputation for being brash, stubborn, decisive, a journalist, a usual loner with few friends. In this place called Kennedy High, Samantha would never amount to anything more. Besides, there was no room for Sam to start over, and try to reach the top which was already crowded by Brooke McQueen, her boyfriend, football star Josh, and the rest of the cheerleading troupe that included poisonous Nicole Julian, the school's super bitch.

Samantha straightened imperceptibly at the sudden realization of what she had to do; she had to leave Kennedy High in order to find a new meaning to her life. If Sam attended a new high school, she could start over; invent a new personality for herself, and get new friends. Perhaps, if she tried hard enough, Sam could even acquire what Brooke had now; popularity. If Sam couldn't achieve that brief instance of fame that Brooke now possessed, at least then she could find companionship.

Now that Sam knew what she had to do to bring some semblance of normality back into her life, she simply had to find out how to go about it. The greatest barrier that Samantha would have was her own mother, Jane. If Sam could convince her mother, Jane, then the battle would be won, for Sam's likeable step-father, Mike McQueen would also approve.

Sam sighed once more out of frustration; she would have to resolve this matter this very day. The school year had just begun, and it wouldn't do for Sam to transfer any later. No. Sam had to leave Kennedy High now.....soon.....NOW. So, a determined Samantha McPherson left her tray at the table, got up, and resolutely walked out of the cafeteria with the strange idea in her mind; that she would leave Kennedy High behind her forever.

As Samantha left the cafeteria, heavy hearted, almost dragging her feet, she didn't see a pair of beautiful, brown eyes following her; Brooke McQueen's gaze fell upon her as she left.

Samantha McPherson would never know that Brooke McQueen was watching her. Sam would never know that Brooke watched her discreetly all of the time. Sam would never know that Brooke was aware of everything that she did at all times. Sam would never know that she was secretly the center of Brooke's thoughts, dreams, and even life. Sam would never know that she was a constant enigma, a fascinating, unsolved puzzle for her blond, beautiful step-sister, Brooke, who found herself consumed with thoughts of her ravishing, brunette house mate. Sam would never know, that every day that Brooke got out of bed, her first thought was for Sam, and at night her last thought was for Sam. Sam would never know that she was the center of Brooke's life, despite appearances to the contrary. Sam would never know, that for Brooke, just knowing that she was nearby, was enough to comfort her. Sam would never know, and Brooke would never tell her. Because of Brooke's reluctance to tell Sam how she felt about her, the blond was about to lose Sam, perhaps forever.

Samantha McPherson had a tentative, cordial, distant, even cold relationship with her step-sister, Brooke. In Sam's mind, she was invisible to an aloof, preoccupied Brooke, who was too absorbed in her own beauty, her cheerleading, her popularity, her seemingly devoted boyfriend, her cheerleader buddies, her shopping, her clothes, and make-up, her dating. In Sam's mind, Brooke didn't exist as a person with feelings, thoughts, habits, imperfections, and needs. In Samantha's dark mind, Brooke was nothing more than an icon who existed only for the ephemeral, superficial things that presently occupied her. Samantha always kept a discreet, wide distance from her haughty step-sister.

Sam felt a dark, invisible wave of anguish, mingled with depression wash over her, as she contemplated the possible fate of her staying at Kennedy until graduation. No. No. Sam couldn't take this fate for another day. Today, she would resolve this. Today, she would go home straight away, and speak to her mother. Today, Sam was determined to crawl, to beg, to rant, and cry; she would do anything to change her life, to leave Kennedy. Sam was even capable of giving her soul to the devil, in order to change her life.

"Oh? Really?"

Samantha turned at the sound of a strange, foreign, male voice, "what.....who said that?"

"I did."

"Who are you?" Sam asked in a low whisper, "I must be hearing things.....there's no one here."

"No one that you can see of course."

"Hey!" Sam was getting angry.

"Just go home, and just believe this.....you just invoked me.....you can't see me....but I'm really here."

"I should have tried drugs....then I would have an excuse to be hearing voices, or creating multiple personalities." Sam replied.

"I don't come to junkies, sexual perverts, or anyone who has addictions or perversions."

"Well....then you don't get many souls," Sam quipped.

"I'm not looking to get ruined souls......I'm looking to get innocent souls.....like yours; quality before quantity."

"This is serious.....isn't it......you're really here.....aren't you?" Sam was terrified.

"Yes, I am. Are you willing to make a deal with me, Samantha? I can give you everthing that you want.....everything."

"What is the price?" Sam asked.

"You just offered me your soul, Sam. That is the price; your soul in exchange for a new life."


"You're quite a fast one, Samantha; no fear, no hesitation, no doubts."

"I don't believe in souls anyway," Sam said sadly.

"Then the deal is done. You are mine now, Samantha McPherson. Whatever comes to your mind, you shall have."

"Right now, I just want my mom to agree to let me go to another school," Sam said despairingly.

"Then you have to trust me. Just go home. Everything is all taken care of."

"I guess so," Sam said as she left the cafeteria.

Brooke McQueen's laughing, brown eyes followed the lonely, sullen form of Samantha McPherson leaving the cafeteria, and suddenly, the blond felt a deep emptiness descend upon her tender heart.

chapter 2; The Approach

Samantha McPherson arrived at home about fifteen minutes after she left the cafeteria, went to the parking lot, got into her 1966, yellow VW, and drove home. Sam parked her little VW in a corner, so as not to encroach on Mike or Brooke's parking spaces. The truth was, that to her home wasn't home; this was just a place where Sam lived. Sam felt like an intruder in Brooke's house; she was the daughter of the step-mother. This house already had a princess in it; the daughter of the king of the house; Brooke McQueen.

"Mom?" Sam called out as she entered the elegant, light blue, three story structure that was called the McQueen residence.

"I'm in the kitchen, Sammy," the proverbially chirpy, pretty Jane called out when she heard her daughter's wistful voice.

"Hi mom," Sam said, as she kissed her mother, who was cooking dinner, then set her books down on a chair, and stood nearby to watch the woman go about her chores.

"What are you doing home so early, young lady?" Jane asked quickly, "are you skipping school again?"

"Yes, and for a good reason, mom."

"Cutting classes for a good reason?" Jane was aghast at what the teenage mind could invent, "this I have to hear."

"Mom....I came home to talk to you about something important."

"What is it, Sammy?" Jane was worried, for lately it seemed to her, that her daughter was slowly fading away inside, "are you alright?"

"Mommy.....I have to ask you to let me do something really important.....it won't make any sense to you.....you will even object.....but you have to let me do it....its the only way that I might be able to........live again."

Jane put her cooking utensils aside, and quickly went to her daughter, and hugged her, "Sammy? Are you well? What's going on inside that mysterious head of yours lately? You never let me in. You never tell me anything."

"Mom.....I gave up my job on the school newspaper."

"But you loved that job, Sammy......why did you do that?"

"I don't know anymore, mom.....I'm not happy with anything.....I feel empty inside."

"Oh....Sammy.....baby......did you fall in love, and get dumped.....is that it?"

"No, mommy.....its just that lately my life is so pointless.....useless....."

"That can't possibly be true, honey!" Jane exclaimed vigorously. Now, Jane was truly worried, for she felt that Sam's problem was emotional, even psychological.

"Mom.....its the school.....its just so......well.....I don't belong there anymore.....so this is where I need you to let me do something new with my life!"

"What is it, Sam?"

"Mom......there is another highschool just one mile down from Kennedy. Its further, and I'll have to lie about my address.....but I want to go there instead of Kennedy."

"That is utterly insane, Samantha!"

"But I need to do it, mommy. I'm not asking to move out, or even to have sex. I just want to go to a new school."

"Why, Sammy? You'll leave your friends behind."

"My friends already left me behind, mom.....please let me go there; its the begining of the year.....I can just fit right in......I have a friend down there who will help me. I can use our old address, mom....please......"

"Its not an impossible request, I suppose," Jane said thoughtfully, "but what about Mike? What will he say?"

"Mom.....Mike always agrees with you anyway......just tell him how I feel....."

"Well.....I suppose you have thought this over, Sam?"

"Yes, mom, I have. It will be a chance for me to start over. Kennedy High isn't for me anymore. The new school is called Winsley. Its an excellent school, mom.....please....I need to do this."

"Then.....I suppose its settled, Sam. If you have the means, even though I detest lies, and you can get into Winsley......then you may begin attending that school tomorrow. I'll give you all of my support."

"Oh.....mommy......thank you so much," Sam hugged her mother with joy, "then I guess I have to go back to school to tell the administration that suddenly....I'm moving, and then go to Winsley."

Samantha had every reason to smile now, for her new life was just about to begin.

"Didn't I tell you it would all work out?"

"There you are again," Sam said to the mysterious voice, "you sound so normal, and not ominous."

"Stop watching horror movies, Samantha."

"Thanks for helping me," Sam said to the voice.

"No.....actually....thank you for your soul, Sam."

"See you later then, I have to go," Sam replied.

"Of course."

chapter 3; Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Brooke McQueen stood dumbly by, as her handsome, likeable father, Michael, tried to explain the present predicament that was occuring at that very moment in the McQueen household.

"Well.....Brooke.....it seems that Samantha is going to a new school."

"Ummm.....dad.....Sammy is already in school.....is she going away.....a boarding school?"

"Well....uh....not exactly."

"Dad....." Brooke was horribly perplexed, as a terrifying idea occurred to her, "is Sammy moving out then?"


"Then.....what do you mean, daddy? Why wasn't Sam in school today either?"

Mike McQueen swallowed twice, because despite all of his efforts, his successes in business, his incredible knowledge of how the human mind worked, still he had a problem with teenagers, most particularly his very own daughter. Mike's crystal, blue eyes bored into his daughter, Brooke's kindly brown eyes, and simply dazed over as to what to say to her about the current situation, which even his own wife, Jane had handed him briefly. Mike knew quite well, that his beautiful, blond, wholesum, cheerleader, all-American daughter, Brooke, loved Samantha dearly, perhaps above anything else in the entire world, "well....honey....Sam stays here.....but she has started attending another highschool."

"Another highschool?" all meaning flew away from Brooke, to whom Kennedy High was the entire world, "but....dad....."

"Sam decided that she didn't want to attend Kennedy anymore, Brooke," Mike said quickly, "so.....Sam convinced Jane to let her lie about her address, and go to a school in another district."

"Oh....." then entire meaning of the affair finally dawned upon Brooke, who's mind suddenly caught on, then simply exploded, "why are you letting her go?"


Brooke was decisively angry with her father, "daddy.....why are you letting Sammy go to another school?"

"Winsley High."

"WINSLEY?" Brooke was flabbergasted, enraged, indignant, horrified, terrified, "you let my girl go to that....that....awful place?"

"It just doesn't work for a parent to know that his daughter is gay, and has a crush on his step-daughter," Mike said in between a sigh, and a wave of nonchalance.

"I told you because I had to, dad," Brooke protested, "its not like I have friends to go to.....I mean....my clique is utterly murderous.....I have no friends really.....in fact....my life practically stinks.....but I have you to talk to."

"This is just so.....odd," Mike said, as he sighed once more, and rolled his eyes, "um....Brooke.....I'm okay with being your dad, substitute mom, best-friend stand in......I can sort of swallow you being gay.......and about Sam......but I don't think she's your girl.....I don't think she's even a lesbian......"

"She's bi, dad."

"Well.....like I said, Brooke. Jane explained the entire affair to me. Jane is fine with the arrangement, and I agreed to let Sam go to Winsley."

"Dad....you have to fix this right now!"


"You're Sam's father, dad!"


"Well....you sort of are her father. Dad.....I don't want my Sammy to go to Winsley. I'll lose her that way."

"Brooke......I agreed to let Sam go to Winsley. Its a fine school, and Sam is happy. As for you.....well.......too bad!"


"Brooke......you have the oddest notion that Samantha is your exclusive property."

"But she is, daddy. Sammy is mine."

Mike shook his head once more, "yes indeed. My little girl has mental problems. No. Brooke. Sam isn't yours."

"Sammy is mine, daddy......you can't let my girl go to Winsley. You have a lot of money.....bribe someone to expel her from that awful school."

"Brooke.....I have to go to a meeting......you know.....international conference....merger.....stuff like that? Go to your room....play on your computer....and leave Sammy alone," with that said, Mike McQueen, tall, handsome, blond, elegantly clad in a gray, silk suit, with a black shirt, and white tie, took his briefcase, and walked out of the door, after kissing both, his daughter, and wife, Jane on the cheek.

Jane, tall, brunette, slender, yet voluptuous, resembling her stunningly beautiful daughter very much, had walked in to the living room, to say goodbye to her husband, Mike as he left. Now, Jane was left alone in the presence of her rather quiet, introverted step-daughter, aloof Brooke, "well....Brooke.....aren't you going to school today?"

"I'm ahead in three classes, mom....so the teachers reward me by letting me skip sometimes," Brooke replied, "mom?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Why are you letting Sammy go to Winsley?"

"I don't really know, Brooke....I don't even know why I didn't put up a harder fight.....but Sam explained things to me....she isn't happy at Kennedy......she seemed so sad lately......and it wasn't such a big sacrifice....its not like she wanted to leave home......"

"Its just not right, mom."

"She's so happy lately, Brooke.....haven't you noticed?"

"I hardly see her anymore, mom....."

"You never see her, Brooke. In fact....the two of you lead separate lives."

"I know....but.....anyhow.....where is Sammy?"

"Let's see," Jane pondered, for she too, was losing track of Samantha, "she got up at five to go running, then she went to the gym at six....."

"The gym?"

"Yes, Brooke.....Samantha has begun to take gymnastics; flips, cartwheels....stuff like that....she's even lifting weights."

"Sam was always into running.....but never that kind of stuff, mom."

"You noticed, Brooke?"


Jane McPherson looked at her step-daughter, as if the girl were a complete stranger, "but you, and Sam are so different.....Brooke......you hardly even talk to her.....except at dinner......and just to say; pass the salt."

"Uh.....where's Sammy, mom?"

"She came back from the gym, showered, and dressed.....she should be going to school in fifteen minutes," Jane replied, still staring at Brooke as if the girl had three heads.

The doorbell of the McQueen residence rang, and Jane, who was closest to it, answered the door, "oh....hello," Jane was smiling, for Sam's ride had come. Lately, Samantha's new friend had come by to pick up the normally sullen girl to take her to the new school.

"Who is mom talking to?" Brooke was thinking to herself, "and why is she smiling so much?"

"Come in, Bonnie," Jane said, delighted at the sight before her.

Jane stepped back from the door, and let the person in front enter the house. A delightfully, radiant creature entered through the door; she was tall, slender, with long, straight, somewhat wavy, blond hair. The girl had slightly tanned, unblemished skin, with full, pink lips that were shaped into a winning smile, with big, glowing, sky blue eyes that twinkled when she smiled. The beautiful, blond, angelic girl was wearing a navy blue, and yellow, cheerleading uniform, "thank you, Mrs. McQueen.....is Sam ready to go?"

"Yes, Bonnie.....Sam is coming down....she's always very punctual....and of course.....you already KNOW that she particularly hates to make you wait."

"Mom?" Brooke was perplexed at the sight before her, "a cheerleader? Why is a cheerleader from Winsley picking Sam up?" Brooke was lost in thought, and a sudden, urgent wave of intense jealously.

"Oh....Brooke," Jane said quickly, "I'd like you to meet Sam's best friend, Bonnie McWilliams."

Brooke felt as if a giant dagger had just been plunged into her heart, "best friend?" Jane's words seemed like sudden wasp bites on the girl's suddenly dry tongue, "but Sammy doesn't like cheerleaders.....why is she suddenly...."best friends" with one?" Brooke was drowning in the irony of the entire situation, "this just doesn't make any sense to me."

Upstairs, Samantha had finished dressing, and applying her make up, which was a new habit she had just recently acquired.

"You look stunning, Samantha."

"Thanks.....you're such a flaterer, oh inner voice," the girl replied with a smile.

"Stop that.....I'm supposed to be feared.....you've turned me to putty.....I'm your master, Sam....not your buddy....stop asking me for tips on clothes, and make-up."

"But heck....you did a great job.....this light, forest green with dainty gray combo is a winner," Sam said cheekily, "what is your name anyway.....Satan?"

"Um.....don't call me that.....that name has been horribly overused commercially."

"Lucifer, Beelzebub, Baal? Any of those suit you?" Sam asked nonchalantly.

"Lucifer is nice, its been a long time since I used that one."


"Lucifer, Samantha. Call me Lucifer."

"Whatever," Sam replied, "so.....where are the growls, the smell of rotten flesh, of sulphur burning? No scratches on my body, no ownership marks?"

"I told you to stop watching horror movies, Sam. I don't work that way. Oh....Bonnie is downstairs. Hurry up. She doesn't like to wait."

"Oh....yes," Sam replied excitedly, as her heart raced at the thought of Bonnie, and goose bumps erupted on the girl's skin.

"I don't have to interfere, do I, Sam.....I mean.....make Bonnie like you....she already.....really.....really likes you.....REALLY."

"Oh," was all that an overjoyed Sam could say, in a fluttery voice, as she grabbed her books, and litterally raced out of the room.

"Sam.....don't run.....you can't look anxious!"

"Wow....you give tips on conduct too," the gorgeous girl said, as she slowed her step down to almost a crawl.

Meanwhile, downstairs, another scene played out, as Brooke, clad in her worn, sweaty gym pants, and over sized t-shirt, and Bonnie, radiant, in her cheerleading outfit, sized each other up.

"So.....Brooke.....are you a cheerleader?" Bonnie asked politely.

"Yeah," Brooke said nonchalantly, "I'm the captain of the Kennedy High Glamazons."

"Wow.....I've seen you guys perform at a few games," Bonnie said admiringly, "your team has some nice moves."

"Thanks," Brooke replied with a sigh, for it was the begining of cheerleading talk, "so.....you're a Winsley girl....."

"Yes," Bonnie replied proudly, "I'm co-captain of the Winsley Sirens."

"Um....how long have you known Samantha?" a discreetly anxious Brooke asked, her heart aching to know.

"Oh....about three months, really. I met Sam at a journalist internship last year. But we became friends this year.....just those three months ago."


"Oh....yeah....I want to study journalism in college. I put it off in highschool, because I wanted to be a cheerleader for a while," Bonnie said with a smile.

Brooke inwardly panicked, because the situation didn't look good; Sam's new friend didn't feel like just a friend. No. Brooke intuit that there was something more between the two girls, "this isn't good."

Suddenly, footsteps sounded upon the stair, and Bonnie looked up, and Brooke looked at Bonnie. Brooke nearly swallowed her tongue when she saw how Bonnie's cerulean gaze lit up, how her full lips curled into a beautiful, special smile at the sight of Sam coming down the stairs. Finally, Brooke looked up the stairs, and saw Sam, and she almost drowned in her practically drooling saliva.

Samantha was a tall girl, slender, yet voluptuous, with a surprisingly tiny waist, that made it seem like she would break in half at any moment, which then flared downward into wide hips, and long, shapely legs, then flared upwards into round, firm, nubile, B-cup breasts, firm shoulders, a long slender neck, then an oval, stunningly beautiful countenance with full, ruby, moist, pouty lips, big, expressive, dark eyes that hung under delicatel arched brows, all displayed upon pale, delicate alabaster toned, unblemished skin. Sam's long, wavy, thick hair, was a mix of dark blond, and golden brown hair, that hung in wild waves around her shoulders, and neck, then down her back, reaching down to her shoulder blades, and then in loose locks around her beautiful face. Samantha was wearing black pumps, with a tight, knee length skirt, and a gray, tight blouse, with rolled up sleeves that showed off her delicate wrists. Sam walked elegantly, slowly down the stairs, and smiled at the reaction she invoked in the three women below; Jane, Brooke, and of course, Bonnie, to whom her eyes focused solely upon.


Brooke watched everything as if she were in a dark cinema, and the entire scene was displayed before her upon a gigantic screen, and she was left out of it all, with nothing to do, or say to change the script.

Brooke watched Bonnie, radiant, blond, gloriously beautiful, regal, her long, golden mane spilling about her shoulders, and back, move forward, every crease in her cheerleading uniform seeming to form perfectly, and she was such a picture of beauty, that any human heart would die of pleasure, and joy to win her affections. Bonnie moved towards the stairs, looking up in wonder, and adoration at the girl who descended them, slowly, and who looking like a fantasy wraith from some dream dimension, or a goddess from antiquity. Brooke then glanced upward, to see Sam, stunning, and gorgeous, dark, erotic, her dark mane moving around her like a shadowy mantle, moving slowly with seductive grace, her full lips curled into a ruby smile, so beautiful, that any heart would stop beating at the sight of her. Sam looked down at Bonnie with joy, with.....love, as she came down the stairs.

"Wow.....Sam.....you.....are so........"

Brooke swallowed hard, as she watched a suddenly impatient Bonnie walk to the stairs, stretch out her arms, and take Sam into them, before the girl had come all the way down. Samantha squealed slightly, as Bonnie giggled, as she carried the girl down the last three steps. Bonnie hugged Samantha with joy, with tenderness, and then kissed the girl's rosy, sculpted cheek delicately.

"If you keep staring at each other, you'll both be late for school," Jane said chidingly to Sam, and Bonnie.

"Oh.....uh.....yeah," Bonnie replied, blushing profusely, "let's get going, Sam."

"Hmph," Sam said haughtily, with a half-smile, as she moved away from the cheerleader, and seemed to float out of the door, "you're such a bore."

Bonnie McWilliams stood there for a moment, engrossed in a revelry of the ravishing brunette who was openly teasing her, "no one has ever done that to me before," and she smiled, her precious smile that could make an inanimate boulder come to life, or bring a tyrant to his knees, or melt the iciest iceberg into boiling water, "no one has ever been able to capture my heart.....but I do love surrendering to Sammy." Then, an obviously drooling, lovestruck, blond cheerleader walked out of the door, pursuing her deliriously seductive, ravishing brunette.

"Did I just hear right?" Brooke was appalled, "she called my Sammy....."Sammy."

Jane was just delighted, "what a gorgeous girl, Sam has for a friend.....my little girl has such good taste."

"Um....mom.....are you implying that Sammy, and that girl are more than friends?"

"I've known for years that Sam is bisexual, Brooke....she takes after me....I just didn't know which side she would swing towards."

To say that Brooke was shocked was simply untrue; the lanky blond was horrified, "you're bi, and you know about Sam being the same way....and you're alright about it all, mom?"

"Bonnie has a brother, Brooke.....and I think that he's in love with Sam....so she can swing both ways, and stay in the family."

It certainly was a good thing that Brooke McQueen didn't have a drink in her hand, or in her mouth, for she would surely have drowned, and choked in it, "mom!"

"What, Brooke?"

"A THREESOME? But.....you can't possibly approve of that!"

"Bonnie is a lesbian, Brooke.....her brother, Ridge, is straight....they're twins....and well they both like Sam. I can't think of a better combination."

"Its absolutely awful, mommy!"

"I happen to be bisexual, and so is your father, Brooke.....we.....um....have a threesome as well."


"Close your mouth, Brooke."


"Brooke.....don't say another word."

"You....and dad, mom?"

"Well.....I'm busy right now, Brooke.....we'll talk later....I think that I said too much," Jane simply turned, and went upstairs.

Brooke's world had begun to come apart at what were very delicate seams in the first place, "eww.....now I can see just why daddy was so "understanding" about my being gay......and Jane is bisexual too? Crap. This is all too much for me at once!" Brooke was truly angry now, as she suddenly realized that she had been living in a bubble that existed within a lie, "a lie within a lie," but of course, inevitably, Brooke's thoughts always returned to her one obsession in life.....Sam, "I wonder if Sam knows about any of this.....but of course she can't possibly know.....but how would I know that.....I never talk to her......damn....." Brooke was blubbering foolishly now, "where did that Bonnie-bimbo come from anyway? Oh....damn.....what do I do now?" For once, the usually adept, brilliant Brooke McQueen didn't have a clue, "I can't let that cheerleader take Sammy away from me.....no.....she's mine! Sammy is mine. Simple, short, and final."

Brooke was determined to start straight away on getting Sam back home.

chapter 4; The Consuming Sport

Samantha McPherson sighed, as she sat in the darkest corner of the Winsley Highschool library on a Friday evening, and pretended to be interested in a.....book. Inside, the girl's mind wandered endlessly on what seemed to be different subjects ranging from life, politics, history, the economy, teen fashion, popular music, parents, friends, marriage, college, and the future in general. Sam's mind quickly scanned each subject, and like an angry, middle-aged, spinster high school teacher in a vindictive, petty mood, she crossed each one out with an imaginary red mark.


"Oh....hi," Samantha said with a sigh of relief, "where have you been?"

"Eh.....how unusual.....you're ACTUALLY glad to hear my voice?"

"Yeah....I.....well....I feel miserable lately......" Sam replied heavily.

"And I feel totally useless, Samantha.....you're supposed to want things from me....that's why you gave me your soul.....but you never ask for anything."

"I wish that I could ask for something.....sometimes I want to.....I want so many things.....then something happens.....and I don't want anything at all," Sam said wearily, "its that....that THING again.....its come back."

"Samantha....I'm the THING, remember?"

"No.....you're not."

"Samantha.....let me explain this to you.....I'm your master, and I'm thousands of years old.....I've taken many souls.....I give them material possessions.....I am feared by them.....they try to cheat me at times.....they try to escape me.....I've been described as a monster.....evil incarnate.....inhuman......and I've been called....THING! Are you telling me there's another thing out there?'

"Its back.....I can't help myself.....I thought being at Winsley would make it better....and I was fine for a while.....really....I was.....but its come back.....it won't leave me alone!" Samantha was desperate.

"Oh....dear.....you really aren't at all afraid of me.....are you, Sam?"

"I can't talk to anyone about this....only to you.....no one else listens to me....mom is absorbed with Mike.....I don't even dare tell Brooke.....I mean....I don't think she has any feelings at all.....let alone a heart.....I just can't tell Bonnie.....but you are different.....you don't judge me at all."

"I'm intrigued by you, Samantha.....you really are different from any other human I have ever known.....now I have to know.....what is this thing?"

"Its....hard to put into words really," Sam said slowly, "its something that comes in feeling.....like a demon really."

"I'm the demon.....Samantha."

"Not like this....thing," Samantha replied quickly, "you're not like this."

"Tell me what you feel, Samantha."

"Its like a dark mantle that takes hold of me," the girl whispered to the bodiless voice, "I feel it cover me....and I feel oppressed....and sad inside, then I feel weak. Its like I'm sitting in a chair, and physically I'm perfectly healthy....and I want to get up to get a broom, and sweep the floor....but I can't get up.....I just can't.....its like I feel desperate....and scared.....and alone.....and useless....."

"Think of something else then, Samantha....."

"Like what?"

"Well.....if you won't ask me for anything.....then I'm just going to have to give it to you, Samantha McPherson!"

"But I feel so useless....my life seems so pointless," Sam was on the verge of tears.

"Stop that! Look....Samantha....uh...I have an idea....straighten up.....Bonnie, and Ridge are coming."

"Oh!" Sam's heart skipped a beat, for she was litterally crazy about the gorgeous twins.

"At least this will get your mind off this thing whatever, and I have to ask....are you going to the gym everyday?"

"I am," Samantha gushed joyfully, "running is good, but hey.....I'm in the best shape I've ever been in.....your suggestion to expand my exersize routine was a success.....but.....uh....aren't you supposed to give me bad advice or something?"

"NO! Sam, you have to stop listening to popular opinion of me!"

Bonnie, and Ridge McWilliams walked through the library slowly, looking up the aisles in between the bookshelves, and at the tables, until they found what they wanted, "Sam!" The brother, and sister walked up to the lonely girl at the table in the dim corner, and sat down with her.

"Hi, Sam," Ridge said in a deep, manly voice, as he ran his long fingers through his shoulder length blond hair, as his blue eyes twinkled.

"Hi, Ridge," Sam said with a smile curling her ruby lips.

"Sammy," Bonnie said softly, as she leaned forward, and kissed the ravishing brunette on the very corner of her full lips, and stayed pressed to her as long as she could. But Bonnie reluctantly had to break away, and she sighed, as she sat back down, and gazed longingly at Sam, "why are you here alone?"

"I guess I just.....don't know, Bonnie," Sam replied sadly.

"Hey....Sam.....uh....would you like to go the movies with me, and Bonnie?" Ridge asked.

"Why....sure, Ridge," Sam said with a smile.

"And....Sam," Bonnie added, "I need you to attend cheerleading practice again with me."

"You need back up again, Bonnie?"

"You've seen our girls do all of the cheers, Sammy.....and you know them pretty well, right?"

"I memorized them like you told me to, Bonnie."

"Then.....tomorrow I want you to try out for the cheerleading squad, Sammy."

For a moment, time itself seemed to crash into reality, and fall over the cliff of Sammy's mind, and she stood motionless, open mouthed, and confused before the anxious, blond twins, "uh...." Sam finally found her voice, "you want ME....to try out for the cheerleading team? Me?"

"You know the cheers, Sammy.....you're in great shape.....you're beautiful....drop dead to be exact.....you can do cartwheels, flips, splits......you dance marvelously....of course I want you to be our cheerleader."

"Explain it to me in clearer terms, Bonnie.....because my head is spinning....I mean.....at Kennedy....I had a reputation for hating cheerleaders," Sam said in a rush.

"But you're not at Kennedy anymore, Sam," Ridge explained, "you're at Winsley, and you're a whole new person now. Besides....we have plans for you."

"Thank you so much, Ridge McWilliams," Sam replied, "now its Bonnie's turn to put her foot in her mouth!"

"Sammy....Ridge is right," the gorgeous blond explained calmly, "its just that he doesn't know how to explain things!" Bonnie threw her brother a dirty look.

"Oh? Then enlighten me, Bonnie."

"Um....Sammy....." Bonnie was fidgeting nervously, as she looked into Samantha's piercing, dark eyes, "Ridge, and I are twins.....we were formed, and born in a single sack....that strangely enough didn't burst when we were born....."

"Uh huh....." Samantha nodded, and the interest in her eyes deepened suddenly.

"Well....Sammy....." Bonnie continued, "the two of us have always been together....since we were small.....we have NEVER been apart....we have a very deep, special connection to each other.....sometimes we feel the same things....we even read each other's thoughts."

"Does that mean.....that if one of you falls in love, the other falls in love at the same time......"

"With the same person, Sammy," Ridge interjected.

Samantha McPherson gave no sudden reply to the handsome young man's words, as her dark eyes widened, and the sharpness of realization began to step into her otherwise errant mind.

"Sammy....." Bonnie said softly, "Ridge, and I are close....very....VERY close....do you understand that?"

"The word incest comes to mind," Sam replied quietly, "but I'm confused somehow, because the signals you've been sending me, Bonnie....are that you are a confirmed lesbian."

"That's just the point, Sammy," Bonnie said quickly, "even though I'm a lesbian....and Ridge is straight....well....we sleep together....."

"As in sex?" Samantha's eyes seemed ready to pop out of her head, and her eyebrows had arched so high, they were no longer visible on her alabaster forehead.

"Um.....yeah....." Bonnie replied nervously, as she seemed to be sweating by the tons now, "but.....its all for good reasons....I mean....its pretty handy.....and well....we're terrified of sexual deseases....and.....and....."


"Yes, Sammy?"

"Stop giving me so much information, please....just tell me how I fit into all of this?"

"Sammy.....Ridge, and I are both.....in....love with you!" a very anxious, quivering, excited, nervous Bonnie McWilliams said the last part quickly, for fear that she would fail to do so, faint, and lose Sam, whom she loved dearly now.

"Let me see," Sam said slowly, with a calmness that literally frightened Bonnie, "okay.....you're twins....attached at the hip in the emotional sense....you read each other's minds.....you fall in love with the same person.....you are both involved in a secret, incestuous relationship......and....you've both fallen in love with me....this adds up to....."

"We want to make love to you, Sam," Ridge said suddenly, breaking the brunette's thought process, and earning himself a sudden elbow in the ribs from his nervous sister.

"Sammy...." Bonnie had moved her chair close to sit beside Sam, "um....we....we love you.....its that simple.....we want to date you....and well.....yes, make love to you.....um.....and.....have a relationship with you.....but its not just physical."

"Is my French rusty?" Sam said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "or is this called a "menage a trois," in the proper form?"

"Why.....your French is just fabulous, Samantha," Ridge said, flashing the girl his most radiant smile.

Bonnie flashed Ridge a dark, angry glare, which made the young man cower, and become silent. Then, Bonnie looked at Samantha with eyes filled with adoration, "its whatever you want to call it, Sammy......we just want you with us....not for one day.....or one night. Ridge, and I have decided to stay together for the rest of our lives, and take a single lover to marry.....and I want it to be you."

"Oh...." Samantha's full lips slowly curved into a warm, beautiful smile, "I suppose I can handle that......"

"Sammy!" Bonnie exclaimed joyfully, as she wrapped her arms around her ravishing brunette, and began kissing her on the cheek, and Ridge at the same time threw his powerful arms around them both, and proceeded to kiss both girls at once.

"Ugh!" Sam managed to cry, "RIDGE LET GO!"


Ridge let go of the two girls, but Bonnie was still kissing Sam with passionate frenzy, "oh.....Sammy......oh....."

"Bonnie.....stop.....BONNIE....STOP IT....."

"Sorry...." Bonnie loosened her grip on Samantha, but still refused to let go of the girl she adored.

"Now....what does my being a cheerleader have to do with all of this, Bonnie?"

"Ridge, and I want to form a new clique with you.....a triad.....I'm the head cheerleader.....Ridge is the star quarterback of the football team....and you....."

"Shouldn't I be something else, Bonnie....sort of to differentiate it? I mean....Ridge with two cheerleaders?"

"You are trying out for the cheerleading team, Samantha McPherson!" Bonnie said angrily, "and no backtalk.....no squirming.....tomorrow the tryouts are at seven on the dot....so I am picking you up at six.....understand?"

"Oh....how forceful you are, McWilliams," Samantha said seductively, teasingly, and in such a sultry way, that Ridge couldn't help himself, so that he actually wrapped his arms around the gorgeous brunette, and physically carried her out of the library with him.

"Hey!" Sam was flustered, flattered, and somewhat angry, "Ridge put me down!"

"Don't worry, McPherson!" an ardent Ridge replied huskily, "this is so much better.....you're going home with us....just think.....you won't have to wake up with some goddamn alarm clock ringing in your head.....I'LL wake you up instead!"

Bonnie walked quickly out of the library, following Ridge, who had Sam in his arms, "I'll call your mom, Sammy.....and tell her you're going to spend the night at my house with u.....I mean.....me!"

The beautiful, blond twins got into their car with their gorgeous brunette, and took her home to a house uninhabited by adult parents, who just happened to be away on a brief vacation which they took very often, "how very convenient," Bonnie McWilliams said to herself with a smile, "how utterly timely indeed!"

Samantha spent a busy night at the McWilliams household, trapped in a heated orgy, amid the wild embraces, and frenzied kisses of a pair of very passionate twins who drove her, and each other numerous times to heights of ecstacy in repeated orgasms through the hours of the night.

The very next day, early in the morning, a tired Samantha McPherson was at the Winsley playing field ready for the cheerleading tryouts. Sam put forth her very best display of the Winsley cheerleading chants, as did seven other girls who had come to try out for the cheerleading team. After all the tryouts were over, and after one hour of deliberation by the girl's physical education teacher, the coach of the football team, and Bonnie McWilliams, the captain of the Winsley cheerleading team, three girls were accepted onto the team; Sam was one of them.

On being told the news that she was now a member of the cheerleading squad called the Winsley Sirens, a duly exhausted, shocked, inwardly joyous Samantha McPherson simply......fainted dead away.

chapter 5; The Most Startling Discovery

"Sammy didn't even come home last night!" a disheveled, sweaty, exhausted Brooke complained angrily, as she sat up in bed, while pulling up the bedsheets to cover her nakedness. The beautiful, lanky, tall, blond cheerleader had just engaged in very explosive love making with her best friend, and lover, also blond, and a cheerleader, Nicole Julian.

"Hhhhhmmmmm...." Nicole purred suggestively, as she cuddled up to her golden lover, "but I thought you said that Sam's friend called here to inform Jane that Sam was staying over at her house, Brookie."

"Mom wasn't here!" Brooke snapped, "I had to take the call, and talk to that bimbo.....Bonnie.....what a nerve that cow has.....to tell me that Sammy is going to have a sleepover at her house! Its just so transparent, and SO obvious that she wants my Sammy in her bed!"

Nicole Julian knew that she should be angry with Brooke's rather odd, inexplicable, possessive attitude towards her step-sister, Samantha. Nicole always found it rather strange that Brooke actually considered Sam her personal property, when she had never even touched the girl in any way. And the only reason that Nicole was calm about the entire affair, was because she knew that Sam avoided Brooke like the black plague at all costs, and seemed to have no interest in the tall blond, "um.....Brooke.....I don't get it.....why can't Sam have a lover? You have me......I don't think that she should be alone!"

"Sammy is MINE!"

"Brooke...." Nicole said quietly, as she shifted in bed, sat up, and away from her lover, "there are things that I just don't understand about you; like for example....why is Sammy supposed to belong to you? Are you in love with her? If you say that you are.....then why are you in bed with me?"

"I......well.....yes....alright," Brooke declared firmly, "I'm in love with Sammy."

"But you're in bed with me having hot sex, Brookie....and its a good thing your parents left for Texas yesterday, Friday afternoon.....or they would have gotten an earful of your sexual, bedroom noises."

"Sammy belongs to me, Nicole.....I don't care what you think, so just shut up!"

Nicole simply smiled her evil smile, and took her lover's atitude calmly, "then.....just why are you with me, if its Sam that you want, Brookie? Its not like the girl is one hundred percent heterosexual.....from the way she used to fawn, and drool over Carmen.....and then turn around to chase Harrison with a passion....I would most certainly say that McPherson is quite possibly bisexual!"


"Oh.....I get it, Brookie.....Samantha McPherson is the only person in all of Kennedy High that hasn't succumbed to your charms, or fallen madly in love with you.....in fact, your little Sammy is actually indifferent to you.....she sees everyone else as a possible lover but you.....and that has you all twisted inside.....heck.....maybe SAMMY would even like to bed ME!" Nicole Julian started to laugh heartily at her own comment, even though deep down inside, such an idea wasn't an impossibility, since the short blond secretly considered Samantha to be the most beautiful girl in all of Kennedy High.

"I'm going to kill you, Nicole," Brooke almost yelled in what was becoming deep rage, because her lover's comments had indeed hit a very sore spot.

Yes, it was true, that Brooke McQueen considered Kennedy High to be her kingdom, the student population who genuinely liked her to be her subjects, the cheerleaders to be her ladies in waiting, and Josh, her boyfriend to be her.....stooge. But Brooke, as haughty, and arrogant as she was, truly was genuinely, deeply, madly in love with the girl of her dreams, Samantha. Brooke didn't want Sam, just because the gorgeous brunette literally ignored her. Brooke wanted Sam just because. There were no reasons, or conditions, or agendas for the way that Brooke felt towards her step-sister, Samantha McPherson. Brooke simply loved Sam, and wanted her. In Brooke's stubborn mind, the girl, Sam, was, and always would be her private property, and she just had to get around to telling her.

Nicole loved bringing out the worst in people, and her lover, Brooke was no exception. Nicole felt a surge of power everytime she managed to push someone into anger, because it showed her that she could manipulate people, which was why the girl had decided to study psychology someday, "oh.....Brookie is feeling threatened, huh? Why shouldn't Sam be with me for a change? I mean.....I've never said it out loud.....but I think that girl is just absolutely gorgeous.....and I would love to get my hands on her breasts!" Nicole started laughing again, as Brooke moved threateningly towards her.

What kind of bodily harm Brooke would have inflicted upon her lover, Nicole, would never be known, for at that precise moment, the girls heard a car drive up to the front of the house at great speed, come to a screeching halt, then honk its horn continuously in the most obnoxious fashion, while a brash, male voice was heard to yell loudly, "ANYBODY HOME?" while another voice, more delicate, feminine, high pitched, and instantly recognizable seemed to reply angrily, "Ridge....SHUT UP!"

"Its Sammy!" Brooke exclaimed happily, as she jumped out of bed quickly, and ran out of her room, only stopping to grab her bathrobe, and throw it on, "my Sammy's home!" Brooke ran down the stairs as quickly, as her long, young, shapely, firm legs would allow her.

"Hmph!" Nicole grumbled angrily, for Brooke's obsession for Sam was begining to get on her nerves, as she got quickly out of her lover's bed, taking the covers with her to hide her curvaceous body, "I have to make sure that Brookie doesn't make a fool of herself."

Both of the blonds had run down, Brooke first, with Nicole close behind her, all the way to the front door, which they opened quickly to see Samantha, and who she was with. Now, both Brooke, and Nicole stood stupefied at the scene spread out before their unbelieving, shocked eyes.

A 1966, red Mustang with five blonds, and one brunette was parked in front of the elegant, McQueen residence. Of the blonds, one was a handsome, smiling young man, and the other five were giggling, long-haired girls. The only brunette in the car, Samantha,who sat in the front seat between a girl, Bonnie, and the young man, Ridge, got out, after the girl sitting by her exited the car to let her get out.

Samantha leaned over, and kissed Ridge fully on the lips for several seconds, and even, visibly tangled her tongue in his before parting from him. Then, the gorgeous brunette turned, and entered tall, blond, curvaceous Bonnie's embrace, and kissed her as well, also fully on the lips. All the while, the three girls sitting in the back seat of the Mustang, were giggling, ogling, and whistling. When Bonnie, and Sam stopped kissing, the two exchanged loving looks, and separated. Then, Bonnie got into the car, said a few parting words to Sam, as Ridge started the engine of the Mustang. Bonnie, Ridge, and the three giggling girls all waved at Sam, and she waved back, while she just stood there, watching them drive away. Then, Samantha turned, and walked towards the house, the front, open door of the house, and Brooke, and Nicole, who stood in the doorway, just staring at her in total shock.

Brooke was speechless, as she watched her Sammy walk up to her, and Nicole, enter the house, pass them by, and say, "hi, girls," with a sleepy sigh, as she headed towards the stairs, "have a good time?"

"Sammy.....where have you been.....and why are you dressed up like.....that?" Brooke asked, almost choking in disbelief, in the irony of it all, as she noticed the uniform that her brunette was wearing.

"Like what, Brooke?" Samantha asked nonchalantly.

"Wow...." Nicole almost yelled, for she was even more awestruck than Brooke by the irony of Sam's present condition.

"Sammy?" Brooke tried not to faint, "why are you.....wearing a cheerleading uniform?"

"Yeah....wow....Sam....." Nicole was suddenly delighted with the girl, as she gathered the covers around her, and moved away from Brooke, and enthusiastically towards Samantha, "you look great!"

Brooke was on the verge of openly drooling as she noticed, as her brown eyes raked up, and down Samantha's voluptuous, slender figure, and the way the light, cotton, blue, and yellow uniform hugged her body, outlining her tiny waist, her wide hips, and the way the short skirt gave the suddenly aroused, lanky blond a peek of her firm, round derriere, "Sammy.......oh......my goodness....Sammy....." Brooke said to herself, as she felt her nipples harden, and her vagina flooded with sudden, copious cum.

Samantha McPherson, who was known to detest cheerleaders with all of her young heart in her days at Kennedy High, was immaculately made up in light gray, and smokey blue eyeshadow, and was now wearing a navy blue, and yellow cheerleading uniform, a jacket of the same colors with the number 26, that was partly obscured by her long, brown hair, which fell about her shoulders in elegantly styled waves, and she held a pair of pom-poms in her pale, delicate hands, and navy blue sneakers on her lithe feet. Samantha McPherson seemed even more stunningly beautiful than in her usual attire.

"Sammy?" Brooke called out plaintively.

"Oh....Brooke....alright," Sam replied testily, as she turned around to face her step-sister, "last night I spent the night with Bonnie.....I lost my virginity to Ridge, the star quarterback of the football team, and became both his, and Bonnie's lover.....this morning I went to Winsley, and tried out for the cheerleading team, and I am now officially a Winsley Siren......Bonnie, and Ridge have formed a new clique, because she has a rival named Gwen Pope, who happens to be the biggest bitch in the entire highschool, who took over Bonnie's old clique......so now, Bonnie is trying to set me up as the new school sex symbol, a possible shoo-in for the next prom queen, and her brother, Ridge as the next prom king, whom I will be openly dating, while dating Bonnie behind the scenes, and she plans on ruling the entire school through me, and in the process try to humiliate Gwen, who was her, and Ridge's ex-lover, and she thinks I have a pretty bad temper, and quick enough retorts to frustrate bitchy Gwen, who's only ambition is to rule Winsley, and be the next prom-queen."

"Oh....my," Nicole wasn't just delighted with Samantha, she was literally in love with her, "it all sounds so strangely familiar somehow," the short, blond cheerleader was almost swooning.


"Yes, Sam?"

"Do you think that the new nail polish, Rendevouz Pink will go well with a new dress I bought, its basic, dark blue, by that new designer, Renault?"

"Renault?" Nicole was now in utter ecstacy over Samantha, "you know about Renault?"

"I wrote an article about him two months ago, Nicole.....oh....and I think I might try the new lipstick out by Barrain...Languid Red? I saw her line of colors when I researched her for a column on fashion......what do you think?"

"Oh.....lets just go upstairs, and talk some more in your room, Sam," Nicole said, as she took the brunette by the arm, and led her upstairs.

"And you thought journalism was boring, Nic!" Sam said with a smile.

"No....Sam.....I just thought that YOU were boring."


Nicole Julian's reply was simply an endless line of giggling, with a few snorts all the way up the stairs, as she pulled Samantha upstairs.

Brooke McQueen, once a normal, popular, blond, cheerleader teen, was now trapped in the strange, twilight dimension named....IRONY.....as she looked up to see Nicole actually comiserating with Sam, whom she had once ignored, and even hated.

"Damn!" Brooke said to herself, "I need a cigarette.....and I don't even smoke!"

chapter 6; The Showdown, and The Telling of Secrets

Very early, Monday morning, Samantha McPherson made her way downstairs, wearing her Winsley cheerleading uniform, because Bonnie had asked her to go school wearing it, so that the Bonnie could show her off to everyone, especially to....Gwen.

Sam left her room, walked down the hall, then down to the stairs, all the while checking her make-up in her compact mirror, then arranging her dark hair, until she abruptly stopped at almost the bottom step of the stairs, because she was suddenly facing two blonds, one taller, one shorter, who stood expectanly before her.

Brooke McQueen, and Nicole Julian stood quietly, staring in disbelief at Sam, who stood quietly, staring back at them in confusion, "what?" Sam looked at one girl, then at the other, "what?"

"I never thought I'd see it," Nicole said quietly, "Sam.....you were always a mess about your looks.....and you'd scoff at Brooke, and me for fussing about our make-up, and hair!"

"I was not a mess!" Sam declared indignantly, "was I, Brooke?"

Brooke was speechless, for at that instant, the blond couldn't take her eyes off the ravishing brunette's bosom, and the way it rose, and feel when the girl inhaled, then exhaled.

"Oh....we're going to Winsley with you today," Nicole said happily.

"Uh....why?" Samantha was suddenly quite confused.

"I want to see your school, Sam," Nicole chirped happily.

Samantha's dark eyes moved up, then down the figures of the two blonds who stood before her, "you're going dressed like that?"

"Of course," Nic replied with a smile.

"But.....the two of you are dressed....like....like computer nerds?" Sam's mind was drowning in absolute confusion, at the sight before her.

Both Nicole, and Brooke were wearing drab, colorless, wrinkled clothes, huge glasses, and their hair was tied in the most awful ways. Nicole was wearing a gray, baggy shirt, with baggy, pink pants, dirty white sneakers, huge, yellow glasses, her usually well kept, short blond hair had been greased down, and she wasn't wearing any make-up. Brooke was wearing a wide, knee length skirt that had an awful floral pattern, a Mickey Mouse tank top, her hair was tied into two braids on each side of her head, her usually beautiful face looked suspiciously greasy, and a pair of granny glasses crowned the bridge of her exquisitely shaped nose.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" Sam said suddenly.

"Now you know how I felt every time I used to see you walk into Kennedy last year," Nicole said with a smile, as she stuck out her tongue at the brunette.

"Well.....why are you guys doing this?" Sam asked, petrified of their answer.

"We're disguised, you dufus!" Nicole swatted Sam on the arm, "we don't want to attract any attention from your showdown with....the famous Winsley bitch!"

Brooke was simply fuming, and jealous a the sight of Nicole being so chummy with her Sammy, "yeah....whatever....this is all Nic's stupid idea."

"I guess we should get going then," Sam said politely, "its a good thing I can still remember what you two used to look like."

Both Nicole, and Samantha stuck their tongues out at each other.

"Yeah," was all that Brooke could manage, for she was getting aroused at the sight of her brunette's moist, pink tongue, as she grabbed Sam by the arm, "oh....you have to eat breakfast!"

"Oh....I'm skipping breakfast, Brooke!" Samantha said firmly.

"Wwwwhhhaaaatttt?" Brooke was horrified, "Sammy.....you have NEVER skipped a meal. You always critisized me for doing it.....telling me I would end up anorexic!"

"Breakfast cereals are fattening, Brooke....." Samantha replied mechanically, "they are composed mainly of carbohydrates that are simply put; SUGAR....which accumulates as body fat, and thus makes it hard for me to do the cartwheels at the right angle, and completing the splits in the middle of a cheer."

Nicole was now staring at Samantha with awe, with wonder, with confusion, to the point that she was utterly stupefied, "Brooke.....either Sam was replaced by an alien....or you have to pinch me, because I'm in another dimension where everything is in reverse!"





Nicole watched the entire argument between Brooke, and Sam, whipping her head in one direction, then the other to see each one respond. Finally, Nic realized the situation was going to descend into infantile conduct which consisted of hair pulling, kicking, and spitting. To avoid violence, the short blond interrupted, "oh, please stop this!" Nic went to the refrigerator, then grabbed a can of vitaminized milk, and put it in Samantha's hand, "power drink, Sam.....its good for you, it has vitamin D for your bones.....great for the splits when you're on your way up again! Now, Brooke....leave Sam alone.....she'll be late for Winsley."

"I'm going to kill you, Nic!" Brooke said quietly, "don't interfere!" Brooke was indeed angry that she had no control over her Sammy, and was trying desperately to trap the gorgeous brunette somehow.

"Hmph," Nicole replied, as she grabbed Sam by the hand, and led her out the front door, "We're all going to Winsley in my limousine, Sammy.....," Nicole smiled evilly at Brooke, because she was using the lanky, tall blond's favorite, private pet name for Sam, "you'll make a grand entrance.....and I want to see EVERY minute of it."

Brooke was deeply enraged, because Nicole her own lover, was now making pseudo-sexual overtures on her girl, her property, her Sammy....HER Sammy, "yeah....I'll bet you do, Nicole!"

The three girls exited the McQueen residence, and were about to board Nicole's black limousine, when a blue, beat-up,1991 Caprice drove up, parked on the grass, and a tall, voluptuous, beautiful redhead got out, and walked up to them.

"Samantha!" the angry redhead yelled at the top of her voice, "is it true?"

"Well," Sam replied icily, as she stiffened up, "look who finally decided to talk to me."

"Come on, Sam!" the redhead demanded angrily, "is it true? You have a girlfriend now?"

"I don't owe you any explanations, Carmen Ferrara.....you're the one who turned her back on me to become a.......a.......CHEERLEADER!"

"We were dating, Sam," Carmen, the voluptuous, chubby, redheaded cheerleader replied, "how could you do this to me.....you bitch.....you threatened to leave me because I wanted to be a cheerleader.....now LOOK AT YOU! You.....you.....bitch....."

"Hhhhhhmmmm.....takes one to know one, miss high, and mighty!" Sam retorted fiercely.

Nicole's sky blue eyes nearly popped out of her head, as she watched the venom being exchanged between the two girls, "oh....my.....this is just WONDERFUL!" It had been Nicole, who had called Carmen, to inform her of Sam's present status. Now, the short, pretty blond girl watched in delight, as the brunette Winsley Siren, and the redhead Kennedy Glamazon sized each other up, glaring angrily, as their nostrils flared.

"You are so pathetic, Samantha," Carmen said venomously, "I can't believe that you'd leave me for being a cheerleader, then become one yourself.....as if you'd be so good at it with that big mouth of yours, and that oversized tongue you like to show off so much....its a wonder you haven't slipped on it yet!"

"Well....had too much caffiene, dear?" Sam replied curtly, "and I'm a bad cheerleader? At least I won't have to defy gravity with all the extra fat on my body to simply do a flip, Carmen....hun....I mean....with those huge, flapping bazookas on your chest getting in your eyes, and that oversized load of an ass of yours....its EVEN A MIRACLE YOU GOT ON THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD AT ALL!"

"Why.....you....you loud mouthed whore...."

"You.....you.....overbearing slut....."

"You......self-centered bitch....."

"You.....obese moron......"

Nicole was almost on the verge of starting to laugh hysterically, as she put both hands over her mouth, and tried to hold back the powerful thrills of pleasure that ran through her, at the discovery of so much pettiness.

Meanwhile, a very disturbed Brooke was on the verge of tears, "Sammy.....you....you were....dating....intimate with.....CARMEN?"

Suddenly, before anything else could be said, a 1973, rust-colored Maverick drove up, and parked in back of Carmen's Caprice. The door of the car opened, and a tall, lanky, dark-haired figure got out, and then briskly walked up to the two arguing girls.

"SAMANTHA McPHERSON!" tall, slender, pretty boy, Harrison yelled, "is it true?"

"Oh BROTHER!" Samantha replied, as she put a hand on her hip, and just rolled her dark eyes, "another retard from planet X!"

"Ohmygod!" Nicole exclaimed, as she stared incredulously at Sam, "Samantha is turning into......ME!" It was Nicole, who had phoned Harrison to inform him of Sam's recent, romantic escapades.

Harrison leaned down from his greater height, and put his face directly in front of Sam's, "is it true, Sam? Did you lose your virginity to some one else?"

"Well so what, Harrison? Its not like you own me....so I don't owe you any explanations!"

"You were MY girl, Sam!" Harrison yelled angrily, as his face reddened even more, "how could you do this to me?"

"Because you COULDN'T do it to me!" Sam replied firmly, "you couldn't get that damn penis of yours to work the twenty times that I got in the back of that pathetic car of yours!"

"Well HAH! Like you were any help, miss ICEBERG!" Harrison countered angrily.

Nicole Julian was in utter ecstacy, as she absorbed every word uttered in her presence, as she closed her eyes, and threw her head back in passion, for the retorts were driving her to Nirvana.

Meanwhile, Brooke had grown several shades paler, so that she resembled a badly kept corpse on its way to the dump, "my Sammy....in....in bed with Harrison....intimate.....trying to put his.....his....PENIS inside of her.....of MY SAMMY?"

Face to face, eye to eye, the tall, lanky male, and the curvaceous brunette continued to deface each other verbally;

"You.....you castrating bitch!"

"You.....closet faggot!"

"You arrogant dominatrix!"

"You cheap masochist!"

Suddenly, Carmen interrupted the squabble, as she pushed Harrison away from Sam, "she's mine, you BOZO!"

"She's mine, you FAT HAG!"





Nicole Julian lunged forward, and grabbed Sam, then Brooke, and pushed them both into the back seat of her grand limousine,"Jake.....HURRY.....DRIVE!" Nicole's chauffeur obeyed, pushed his foot down on the acceletor, and took off at top speed, down the street, then around the corner.

Meanwhile, inside the grand vehicle, Nicole sat one end of the car, while Brooke sat on the other, and the voluptuous Samantha McPherson sat inbetween the two blonds.

"Oh.....um.....Sam," Nicole said quietly, as she had a sudden brainstorm that would cause another argument, for that was what she lived for, and thrived on, "did you know that a woman really has TWO virginities, Sammy?"

Both Samantha, and Brooke stared at Nicole, as if she were a zombie dressed in drag, smoking a cigar, wearing a purple wig, cowboy boots, and a metal brassiere.

"No.....really," Nicole assured the girls, "the front.....the back.....you get it?"

Brooke, and Sam both nodded, as the light of understanding shown in their eyes.

"So....Sam," Nicole said calmly, "it seems that Friday night you lost your virginity to a handsome stud with a killer penis?"

"Hhhhhhmmmmm....YEAH!" Samantha's full, ruby lips were curved into the most pleased, fulfilled smile.

"Damn!" Brooke's frown was one of deep, utter rage.

"Um.....Sam....you lost your.....vaginal virginity," Nicole said with a smirk, "but I've been picking up discreet rumors around the school, from several people that you're quite hot in the sack.....and that you had long ago lost your "OTHER" virginity, if you know what I mean?"

"Wha.....what do you mean, Nicole?" Brooke turned towards Sam, and looked as if she was going to have a stroke.

"Eh.....um....Nic," Samantha was fidgeting nervously, "they were all lies!"

"Oh?" Nic's smile was looking as if it would split her pretty face, "Emory Dick said you were so tight, you nearly smashed his penis!"

"YOU WERE WITH THAT....THAT.....thing.....EMORY? My Sammy....and EMORY?" Brooke was sure that she was going to hyperventilate.

"Wooooohhhhhoooooo!" Nic was on a roll now, "Lily is still getting goose bumps, Samantha.....that orgasm you gave her when you took her virginity with your tongue just blew her mind.....she just can't forget you, baby!"

"Hah!" Samantha openly boasted, but she relented when she saw the odd look on her step-sister's face.

"LILY?" Brooke was simply aghast, horrified, and her jealousy was begining to raise its ugly, BLOND head, "Sammy......you did.....Lily?"

"Oh....wait....that's just the tip of the iceberg!" Nic exclaimed saucily, "a blowjob on Sugar Daddy, anal for Josh, full blown lesbian sex with Mary Cherry."

"You....you....di....did....MMMMary ChChCherrry?" Brooke's mind suddenly faded into nothingness.

"Um....uh....UH OH! Brooke?" Samantha McPherson was frightened by the intense look in Brooke McQueen's brown eyes, "why are you looking at me like that.....as if I were an expensive, French entree?"

"Oh....." Brooke was jealously livid, jealously enraged, jealously passionate, jealously jealous, "pray, tell me.....Sammy.....you've been around.....but why didn't you EVER DO ME?"

"Very simple, Brooke," Sam said firmly, "you're just not my type."

"What do you mean I'm NOT your type?" Brooke was puzzled, "I'm tall, beautiful, charming.....I'm the next prom queen of Kennedy High.....I'm even a natural blond! What do you mean I'm not your type, Sammy?"

"Um, well....you're also my step-sister, Brooke!"

"But you've slept with everyone else, Sammy.....what's not right about me? Is it me? Why? I'll bet you even like Nicole!"

"Heh," Sam smiled beautifully, as she fluttered her eyelashes, and looked seductively at the shorter blond that sat on the other side of her, "well....Nic is just SO CUTE....so sexy.....so utterly, charmingly evil....and what a killer body she has......YEAH!"

"Aaaawwww.....Saaaaaammmmmyyyy," Nicole purred, as she fluttered her eyelashes back at the gorgeous brunette, winked at the girl, smiled sexily, and leaned against her, "aaawwww," Nic started to flirt both bodily, and verbally with Sam.

Brooke gritted her strong, white teeth, as her brown eyes became nothing more than rage-reddened slits, as she thrust herself at Samantha with fury, "oh....so I'm not YOUR TYPE, Sammy?" Brooke was hysterically angry now, "I'm gonna make sure I'm YOUR TYPE before this damn ride IS OVER, SAMANTHA McPHERSON!"

The rage, the wildness, the screams of terror, the word "RAPE" being repeated loudly over, and over, the horrible thumping sounds, the kissing sounds, the moans, purrs, the cries of ecstacy, the sucking sounds, the beastly, primal, sexual grunts, and growls, the constant sound of the cushions of the back seat, the upward, downward movements, almost made the usually professional chauffeur, Jake, almost drive the limousine off the road.

When the storm in the back seat was over, and a glassy-eyed Jake was driving normally, and trying to stare straight ahead, peace had settled amid the three girls. On one end of the elegant car, on the back seat, sat Nicole, hair disheveled, shirt crumpled, shoes missing, with a glazed look of fright in her eyes. In the middle of the back seat, sat an angry, beautiful brunette named Samantha, who carefully smoothed out her otherwise neat, cheerleading uniform, then combed her hair, and nervously checked to make sure her make-up was intact, as she glared angrily at the lanky blond on sat on the other side of her, Brooke, who snuggled up against her, and purred happily, for she was now sexually sated.

"You are such an animal, Brooke McQueen!" Sam said angrily, as she turned, and began to brush Nicole's hair, to smooth out the girl's shirt, and fetch her shoes, "you attacked me......you almost tore off my uniform, I have your to wipe your cum off my thigh now, damn....thank goodness that almost all of my make-up is intact....now I have to retouch my lipgloss.....you totally displaced my braid.....now I have to wear my hair down, and that totally throws off the combination I had with my eye make up and hair. I hope you're absolutely happy now, Brooke McQueen.....now I'll feel bad about Bonnie, and Ridge, who I'm tentatively dating."


"Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh SSSSssssssaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmy," the lovesick Brooke McQueen sighed happily.

"Duh," was all that Nicole could say, for when Brooke sexually assaulted Samantha, and threw herself upon the helpless girl, then Samantha fell on top of her, so that poor Nic was trapped beneath the two, step-sisters.

"We've arrived, Miss Julian," Jake managed to say in a cracked, nervous, trembling voice, as he stopped the limousine in front of Winsley Highschool.

Nicole Julian, who had sufficiently recovered from the momentary trauma of becoming an impromptu mattress for Samantha, and Brooke, was now tugging at the ravishing brunette, "quick....Sam....get out first...."

"NICOLE, STOP PUSHING ME!" Sam exclaimed nervously, as the short blond shoved the girl out of a slowly moving car.

Samantha McPherson somehow managed to get out of the limousine, despite the fact that her step-sister, Brooke, grabbed her, and kissed her senseless on the lips. Sam somehow wiggled her way out of Brooke's grasp, then growled angrily, "now I have to fix my lipgloss again!" then the gorgeous brunette was standing on the parking lot, walking towards the school, yet looking to Brooke with panic in her dark eyes.

Brooke McQueen started laughing joyfully, and felt like dancing like a crazed jerk in the parking lot, as she caught sight of the angry look mingled with the begining traces of love for her in her ravishing step-sister's dark eyes.

Samantha took a few steps, and stepped right into Ridge McWilliams powerful arms, as he raised her up, and kissed her fully on the lips.

"YOU CAVEMAN!" Samantha exclaimed, when her lips were finally free.

"YOU GORGEOUS DOLL!" Ridge replied, as he tickled his new girlfriend, whom he then deposited back onto the ground, and into his sister's waiting, anxious embrace.

"Sammy," Bonnie whispered with passion, as she too, gave her brunette a kiss of longing on the lips.

"My sexy twins," Sam said with her full lips curving into a seductive smile.

"Let's go inside, Sammy," Bonnie said softly, "its time for the showdow between you, Winsley's future queen, and Gwen, Winsley's has been."

Monday morning, Winsley Highschool was a center of activity. The parking lot of the school was filled to capacity, the playing field was alive with athletes, the halls of the school were bustling with nervous, excited students walking, or running to their classes, and teachers calling their classes to order.

Winsley Highschool was a series of buildings knit together by sketchy architecture; the main structure was painted in Art Noveau shades of lavender, beige, dark blue, and a smathering of bright yellow. There were patches of flowers, large trees, and other greenery inbetween the smaller buildings that were connected by halls. In every other way, Winsley was like any other highschool; filled with teenagers headed for another day of endless classes, homework, exersize, and of course, comiserating with each other.

Suddenly, a strange, chilling calm fell over Winsley's main hall, where the greatest number of students were present. The entire scene that slowly played out, resembled an old western movie, where two gunmen approached each other from opposite ends of the main street of the town, to face each other in a duel over the ownership of the town itself.

Through the entrance of Winsley High, entered a figure that literally made everyone's mouth fall open, and their eyes almost pop out because of following her, as she walked by.

She was stuningly beautiful. She was Samantha McPherson. She walked like an ancient queen, with her alabaster head held high, as a silent, invisible breeze seemed to play with her long, brown, thick locks that danced around her firm shoulders, down her straight back, then teasingly in shorter locks around her beautiful countenance. She had a half smile upon the fullness of her ruby lips, more of an arrogant smirk, as her dark, piercing eyes looked ahead, yet a bit, suggestively to the sides. She was tall, slender, voluptuous, with an unbelievably tiny waist, with seemingly endless, shapely legs, with firm, round, nubile breasts. She was wearing the navy blue, and yellow cheerleader uniform, that indicated she was a Winsley Siren. She was number 26. She seemed to walk to a silent rhythm, as she gently, seductively swayed her wide hips, and made both male, and female hearts quiver with each move that she made. Behind her came two figures; one on each side of her, as if they were her royal escorts; a pair of blond, gorgeous, siamese twins; one male, muscular, powerful, and the other a female, tall, curvaceous, and beautiful. But it was the one in the middle, that made everyone look, that made countless sighs, and moans erupt from everyone that she passed. She seemed arrogant, haughty, regal, as she walked to the middle of the hall, and simply stopped. She stood elegantly, waiting, with her blond twins, as her rival, her enemy approached.

From the other end of the main hall of Winsley High, walked its resident goddess, its self-proclaimed queen, Gwenneth Pope, with an inborn majesty, that made everyone's eyes turn helplessly towards her. She wasn't very tall, she was slender, with long, wild, red hair that danced sensuously upon her shoulders. She had silken, lightly bronzed skin, with light freckles on her arms, she had big, sea-green, glimmering eyes that now glared coldly, haughtily at her approaching rival. She was wearing her navy blue, and yellow cheerleader's uniform, and she was number 18. She had a quiet, beguiling beauty that pulled one in, and held them for life. She had a slow, seductive smile that hinted at a dark, seductive nature that contrasted with her beautiful angelic face. She was followed by two, gorgeous, blond cheerleaders, and one, tall, muscular, dark haired football stud. She finally stood in the middle of the Winsley's main hall, face to face with her new rival for the coveted throne; Winsley High.

"So.....McPherson....." Gwen Pope said slowly, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "you're Bonnie, and Ridge's new plaything.....and social climber?"

"Hmph," Samantha smiled evilly, "so.....Pope.....you're Bonnie, and Ridge's cast-off, and Winsley's old news?"

The students had crowded around the two, rival cliques, and from all sides, they both murmured, then sighed, or laughed, or even whistled at each girl's retorts.

"HOW DARE YOU! YOU.....LITTLE UPSTART! CALLING ME A CAST OFF!" Gwen had quickly lost her calm demeanor, which meant public opinion would be against her, and in favor of Samantha, who kept her evil smile intact upon her full, ruby lips.

"Then....don't call me a plaything, Pope," Sam replied cooly, "that would indicate stupidity on my part.....dear....and I'm not ANYONE'S toy.....Bonnie, and Ridge are MY playthings......because, you see......I don't belong to anyone.....but they all belong to me.....and Winsley will also be mine....VERY SOON!"

"I doubt that VERY much, McPherson.....I don't think you have what it takes to keep the "TWINS," happy for long....and with that....that...."fashion mistake" standing behind you.....you'll NEVER rule Winsley!"

"Well....now," Samantha looked down at the ground, in a slow manner, her motions making the tension build amidst the crowed assembled around the two groups, "the twins are with me now.....so that shows you didn't have what it took to keep them.....they're mine now.....just ask them how many orgasms they had in ten minutes," Sam smiled in a seemingly innocent manner, but her eyes remained cold, which literally frightened Pope, who hadn't expected her rival to be so quick minded, " now....who is that mistake you are speaking about, Pope?"

"That.....that thing standing behind you.....that fau pax" Pope said nervously, pointing towards someone standing behind Sam, "I keep my clique filled with superior people....not trash from the masses!"

Samantha McPherson turned slowly, elegantly around, seeming more a sleek, dark cat than a girl, as she reached behind her to pull forward the person that Pope had pointed at, and who's appearance had insulted her so, "oh....you mean....Nic?"

"You'll never rule Winsley if you socialize with low-life trash like that!" Gwen exclaimed fervently.

"Hhhhhhhmmmmmm," Samantha was smiling evilly once more, as her dark eyes seemed to glow unnaturally, as she drew a now nervous, trembling Nicole Julian into her slender arms, "I wonder how you plan to rule Winsley with that atitude, Pope?" Samantha's voice was soft, taunting, as she deliberately looked away from her redheaded rival, thus symbolically snubbing her, and into Nicole's deep blue eyes that were filled with awe, with wonder at the beautiful brunette's sudden, evil cunning, and dangerously cutting wittiness, "its the masses that fill Winsley.....that low-life trash that you so vehemently despise....IS WINSLEY!"

The crowd began to roar with laughter, and then to cheer for Samantha McPherson, to whom they were now devoted.

"You're nothing but an upstart, McPherson.....you....and that little freak of yours!"

Samantha drew Nicole closer to her, causing a sudden murmur to rise from the crowd. Sam's pale, delicate hand came up to Nic's chin, and made the short, blond girl look up at her, "you are so mistaken to judge people by how they dress, Pope," Samantha said softly, "this little "freak," this fashion mistake is my greatest jewel.....for she is absolutely brilliant," then, Sam slowly, erotically took Nic's fake, yellow glasses off, "little Nic is my.....inspiration," then, the beguiling, ravishing brunette, Samantha McPherson leaned down slowly, and kissed the now trembling, sweating, little blond in her arms, covering the girl's full, pink lips with her own.

Gwen Pope was aghast at Samantha's open, brazen, Sapphic conduct, but the crowd of students were now openly applauding, cheering, whistling, and completely, madly enamoured of the gorgeous brunette.

Never, in her entire, short, evil life, had Nicole Julian ever felt so helpless, so utterly out of control. At the very moment that Sam kissed her, Nicole felt her stomach churn, there was a knot in her throat, and her legs felt like jelly, so that she had to cling to Samantha, so as not to fall on her face like a fool, thus embarrassing herself in front of everyone. Nicole's entire body was an explosion of goose bumps, and she was powerfully aroused by Sam's delicate touch, her silken presence, her flowery scent, her sultry, seductive voice, and her gentle, pleasing presence. Nicole was riding a giant wave of pleasure that shot through her entire body, as she savored Samantha's kiss. For the very first time in her life, Nicole Julian had fallen madly, helplessly, permanently in love.....with Samantha McPherson.

Bonnie, and Ridge came up, and put their arms around Nicole, and Samantha, as the brunette stopped kissing the short blond in her arms. Then, Sam turned, and kissed both Ridge, then Bonnie, causing a wave of gasps flow through the crowd, that now became even more deeply enthralled by Samantha's obvious, powerful, sexual lure.

"All you have is a pair of has been twins, and a little freak, McPherson!" Pope exclaimed grandly, desperately trying to win back some of her former status, "and you're nothing but a sleep-around slut! Winsley will never be yours!"

"My toys never go out of style, Pope," Samantha said with a triumphant grin, "just look at my twins, and ask around," Sam looked out at the crowd, "lots of people would just LOVE to "handle" them.....am I right?"

In response to Samantha's question, everyone in the crowd roared their approval to her; everyone wanted Bonnie, or Ridge in their bed.

"As for my litle Nic......" Sam paused for dramatic effect, "she's just wearing a disguise.....you REALLY should see her in her Prada heels, and her Chanel dresses....as for me being a slut......well.....my babies are VERY happy with my tender, loving care.....my toys are ever so much more interesting than your two sets of oversized, silicone boobs, and your half-wit prick!"

Once more, Nicole was truly surprised, deeply impressed by Samantha's quick retorts, her unexpected talent for humiliating, her totally degrading, scathing remarks. But now, Nicole watched in utter horror, as Gwenneth Pope slapped Samantha McPherson's beautiful face.

"You'll pay for this, McPherson!" Pope threatened, "you're out of your league.....you arrogant bitch!"

"You've lost the crown, Pope! You're running scared.....your time's up.....you overbearing whore!" Samantha McPherson started to laugh wickedly, which simply infuriated Gwen Pope even more.

"I swear, McPherson.....you'll pay for this.....this isn't over......" then Gwen turned her back, and walked away with her silent escort.

"I'm counting on it, Pope!" Sam yelled at the retreating redhead's back.

The crowd disperesed, but with everyone giving Sam compliments. The beautiful, once down-hearted, ex-Kennedy girl felt like she had won a major battle.

"But you haven't won the war, Samantha!"

"You're back," Sam said to herself, "I can hear you inside my head."

"Only you can hear me, Samantha.....because you belong to me....."

"Why have you stayed away so long?"

"Ever so happy to hear me, Samantha.....you amaze me greatly......you are perhaps the only human in all of earth's history to actually welcome me."

"I missed you," the girl replied inwardly, "I like talking to you.....you comfort me."

"You simply confuse me, Samantha.....but I must warn you."

"What is it?" Sam asked.

"Gwen Pope is dangerous. She is exactly the kind who takes to me in the traditional way. You haven't won the war yet, Samantha."

"I'm up to the challenge," the girl replied honestly.

"You were great, baby," Bonnie McWilliams whispered gently, as she took her beautiful brunette in her arms, and kissed her passionately.

Nicole watched as Sam was torn from her arms by the tall, beautiful cheerleader named Bonnie. Nicole felt a sudden emptiness within her soul, and for the very first time, she understood Brooke's constant obsession with Sam, "she's like a drug....once you taste her.....its hard to live without her," now, Nicole Julian was deeply jealous of the golden twins that embraced Samantha McPherson, "I can't stand to see them touch her now.....oh gods.....I'm in deep trouble now!"

"You are so hot, sweetie," Ridge said softly, as he held Sam from behind, as he enveloped his two lovers in his embrace, "I love the way you stood up for us....."

"We have to go now, Sammy," Bonnie said, as she reluctantly let go of her gorgeous brunette, "see you later?"

"Yeah, babe," Ridge said, as he turned Sam around, and kissed her lips, "later?"

"Yeah....." Sam replied in a delighted daze.

Ridge put his arm around Bonnie, and led her away. Samantha watched her golden, beautiful twins walk towards one of the alternate halls that led to another part of the school.

"Sam.....you were wonderful!" Nicole said, gushing as she did, feeling her nipples harden with anticipation of the brunette's touch, "I.....I never would have believed you could.....be so evil."

"Hhhhmmmmm......I aim to please, Nicole," Sam replied with a winning smile upon her ruby lips.

"Sammy.....I.....just never expected it from you.....I'm surprised.....but you were always the only one who could really stand up to me at Kennedy......but today....you.....BECAME ME!"



"What's wrong, Nic? You look so pale all of a sudden."

"I'm in love with you, Sam," Nicole Julian said passionately, as she wrapped one arm around the taller brunette's tiny waist, drew the girl's head down with her free hand, and kissed Samantha fully on the lips with fiery passion.

chapter 7; From the Heights of Nirvana, to the Depths of Hades

It was early in the school year; somewhere between hectic, and chaotic for the students at Winsley, as two powerful forces crashed head on; Samantha McPherson, her golden twins, Bonnie, and Ridge, and small, mysterious, Nicole Julian, against Gwen Pope, and her cheerleader sisters; always silent Georgia, and Gail, and her handsome, dumb jock, Brad Stone.

There would be four, important football games during the year at Winsley, each with a celebratory dance afterward. A queen, and king would be chosen at each dance; the position of queen would always be more important imagewise than that of the king, who would always be nothing more than a tailgater, a decorative fool, because Winsley was ruled by women.

The first game of the season would be between Winsley, and Northrop. The first dance of the year was called the "Ball of Astarte." The girl who managed to get herself crowned as the "goddess" of the dance, would not only RULE Winsley for the duration of the year, but would also definitely be the next prom queen.

There were many beautiful, young girls at Winsley, but truly, only two could wear the final, coveted crown of queen of Winsley High; Samantha McPherson, or Gwen Pope.

It was early evening, Saturday, March 18th. Brooke McQueen, dressed in her Kennedy High, Glamazon, cheerleading uniform, fidgeted nervously, as she sat on the bleachers, as the crowd around her cheered on the Winsley football team nicknamed the "Raiders," as they played against the Northrop "Hawks." Winsley was ahead by sixteen points; star players, Ridge McWilliams, and Brad Stone (Gwen's personal boytoy), had scored two touchdowns each. Brooke was both blind, and deaf to everything around her, for she was completely focused on the cheerleaders, those Winsley Sirens, and on one Siren in particular; her Samantha. Brooke watched intently, eagerly, as Sam danced, and swayed uniformely with eleven other cheerleaders to a timed, musical theme. Brooke's heart beat madly, and her soul gushed with joy, as she watched the object of her love, Sam, doing amazing flips, and splits at perfectly timed intervals.

"I just can't believe what I'm seeing! Sworn, cheerleader-hating, Sam McPherson executing a perfect 180 degree cartwheel with a pom-pom in her teeth!" lovesick Nicole Julian exclaimed, with another, enthusiastic sigh, as she sat next to Brooke.

Brooke glared angrily at Nicole, her heart heavy with the deep urge to simply slap her short, pretty, blond lover, "just one more sigh from you, Nic....and...."

"Oh.....is poor Brookie jealous?" Nicole's voice was taunting, and sarcastic.

"You know what I mean, Nicole! Just stop it!" Brooke yelled angrily.

"Keep your voice down, Brooke! There's no need to shout. People are begining to stare at us."

"You know that Sammy is mine, Nic! Yet you had the gall to kiss Sam....even when you know that I'm in love with her!"

"Oh brother," Nicole rolled her eyes, "here we go again. Brooke.....Sam does NOT belong to you."

"Yes she does!" Brooke yelled stubbornly, "SAMMY IS MINE!"

"Well.....anyway," Nicole Julian sighed happily, "I can understand how you feel about Sam...." Nicole smiled, as she recalled the feel of Sam's full, ruby, moist lips against her own, pink ones, "Sam kissed me first....that was her idea....I didn't twist her arm."

"No!" Brooke exclaimed angrily, "Sam only pretended to kiss you just to make Gwen Pope angry!"

"You are deluding yourself, Brookie dear! Sam didn't pretend to kiss me. Sam likes kissing me very much. You're just jealous, and envious because she doesn't want you!" Nicole replied angrily, "and having that glorious tongue inside of you is worth selling your soul to the DEVIL!"

Suddenly, Nicole's words hit Brooke with the force of an emotional hurricane, as the lanky blond became deeply, sexually aroused at the thought of her Sammy's moist, thick, crimson tongue deep within her vagina. Brooke felt a sudden wetness between her thighs, and a shiver run up through her tall frame, and she was so deeply moved, that she had to excuse herself quickly to go to the nearest restroom, to relieve herself quickly, "I have to go!"

"Got you all hot, and bothered, Brooke?" Nicole laughed, "want me to give you some of my good old tender, loving care?"

"I'm going to kill you, Nicole," was all that Brooke could reply, as she moved away quickly.

Nicole simply shrugged at Brooke's threat, and went back to her present, favorite pastime; Sam watching.

Meanwhile, in a restroom not far from where the cheerleaders danced, strutted, flipped, and waved their pom-poms vigorously in precise motions, Gwen Pope, president of the student body, prom-queen hopeful, once undisputed ruler of Winsley High, contemplated her reflection in the mirror, and asked herself a very, perplexing question; "how is this possible? How can that little upstart have managed to take the entire school away from me?" The "upstart" in question was of course, Samantha McPherson, "I can't believe this is happening!" Gwenneth was on the verge of tears, "Bonnie is such a BITCH! First, she dumps me.....then she replaces me with McPherson!" Gwen had reason to be very angry with Bonnie McWilliams, who was a heartbreaker, a womanizer, "she's done this to me so many times....she leaves me for some bimbo....then she comes back to me with some sob story, and I always forgive her....I take her back like the jerk that I am....but she never did this to me before," now, Gwen was openly crying, "Bonnie never tried to take control of the school away from me....she knows that ruling Winsley is my entire life!" Now, Bonnie had found someone to replace Gwen with, that was an actual threat to the pretty redhead; Samantha, "I can't forgive Bonnie this time.....I'm going to lose Winsley for good.....I don't stand a chance against McPherson!"

"I can help you get Winsley back!"

Gwen Pope turned away from the mirror, then turned completely around to face the person who had spoken. Gwen's tearfilled eyes fell upon a tall, gorgeous figure, who wore the familiar cheerleader uniform of a Kennedy Highschool Glamazon, "who are you?"

"Well.....its obvious.....I'm a Glamazon."

"You're from Kennedy...." Gwen said unsurely, "what are you doing here at Winsley?"

"I came to see Samatha McPherson."

"OF COURSE!" Gwenneth Pope exclaimed angrily, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "EVERYONE wants to see Samantha!"

"But I can help you get Samantha out of the way, and get Winsley back....are you interested?"

"YES!" Gwen calmed herself down, "uh....yes......I'm very interested. But if I get Winsley back.....what is your price? What do you want in return?"

"I want Samantha McPherson."

Suddenly, Gwen felt the pain, the tears, and the sobs drain out of her, to be replaced by a huge wave of hope, of relief, mingling with a tiny bit of triumph. Gwenneth smiled evilly, and her eyes glowed almost supernaturally, "well.....I think that the two of us have a deal."

"Very good," the beautiful Glamazon replied with a confident smile.

"Very good indeed!" Gwen Pope said with a sinister smile.

Two hours later, the football game was over. Winsley beat Northrop 36 to 25, with six touchdowns, all on the Winsley side. The Winsley crowd was in an uproar, and the Winsley Sirens cheered in a mad frenzy. Everyone was hugging, cheering, and jumping with absolute joy.

The crowd started thinning out, as people began to leave the bleachers, and the field. The football players all left the field to go to the showers. The cheerleaders all hugged, then quickly disbanded, some heading home, others headed towards the girl's locker room, and to the showers.

Samantha McPherson had kissed both Ridg, and Bonnie on the lips, then hugged them briefly. Samantha's golden twins were going home to shower, change, then would pick up their gorgeous brunette at her home, and take her out to dinner, a movie, then to make love the rest of the night.

Nicole jumped Sam as she passed by, and kissed the brunette with unbridled passion on the mouth. Nicole was also going to join Bonnie, Ridge, and Sam on their mutual date. Nicole Julian, Bonnie, and Ridge had all clicked quiet well, and had joined forces to not only take over to make Sam the ruler of Winsley Highe, but also to share in their sexual enjoyment of the volutpuous, beguiling brunette. Nicole had conveniently left Kennedy behind; not just to be with Sam, but to conquer virgin territory, and to form a new, ruling clique at the school.

When Nicole let go of Sam, the beautiful brunette headed towards the girl's locker room, when she was suddenly seized by two, tall, blond cheerleaders named, Georgia, and Gail, who took the girl, and whisked her away to the nearest restroom, where she was unceremoniously dumped on the counter, in front of the mirror, where Gwen Pope was applying her make-up.

"What is going on here?" Sam was extremely angry, "why did your two, dumb gorillas drag me in here, Pope?"

"Nice to see you too, McPherson," Gwen replied dryly, as she applied her make-up.

"Cut the crap, Pope!"

"Fine, McPherson. I had you brought in here, so that we could talk."

"Oh? What about, Pope? We have absolutely nothing in common."

"But we have lots in common, McPherson."

"Like what?"

"Besides our mutual hatred, McPherson....."

"Get this over with, Pope. I can't stand being around you for more than ten seconds!"

"Well....then I'll be very brief, because I can't stand being around you for more than FIVE!"

"ALRIGHT, Pope!"

"Alright; Bonnie, and Winsley High. I want them back, McPherson. I want you to get out of Winsley."

Sam started to laugh heartily, "are you kidding, Pope? Both are mine for good. You're nothing but a desperate, scornful, has-been, loser bitch!"

"I have information that I can use against you, McPherson, if you don't do as I say."

"Hah! You're just posturing, Pope."

"Hhhmmmm...."Pope was so calm, that she seemed more like a statue, than a human girl, "you're not supposed to be here at Winsley, McPherson.....you live in another school district; KENNEDY to be exact.....you lied about your home address so that you could attend Winsley!"

"Oh....." Samantha said quietly, "is that all?"

"What do you mean.....is that all? This is very serious, McPherson. I'll use this information against you!"

"Not much of a threat, Pope!"

"I know that Bonnie helped you, McPherson.....and that means that she could get expelled from Winsley, right along with you! Your little freak.....that Nicole...will also get expelled.....both you, and she will be expelled from both Winsley, and Kennedy."

"Name your price, Pope!"

"I want you to leave Winsley right now, McPherson....go back to your own territory....and get out of mine!"


"If you stay, McPherson.....your friends will suffer the consecuences; Bonnie, and Ridge will be ridiculed. Bonnie, and Nicole will be expelled. Do you want to ruin things for them?"

"No.....I don't," Samantha replied sadly.

"Good.....are you going to leave Winsley now, McPherson?"

"Yes," Sam replied with a sad sigh, "but just answer me one last question."


"How did you find out about me, Pope" Who told you?"

Suddenly, one of the stall doors opened, and a tall, beautiful girl dressed in a Kennedy High cheerleader uniform stepped out, "I told Pope about you, Sam!"

"?" Sam's dark eyes widened in shock, and disbelief, as her eyes moved up, and down the tall girl's Glamazon uniform, "how could you do this to me? You've literally ruined my life.....and whatever chance I had to be happy? Why?"

"Because I love you, Sam."

"How can you call what you feel love? You betrayed me!"

"But.....I love you, Sam....I'm in love with you!"

"I never want to see you ever again.....Carmen Ferrara!" Samantha exclaimed loudly, as she burst into tears, and ran out of the restroom.

One week later, a sullen, defeated, morose Samantha McPherson lay in bed, after having bathed, shampooed, then blow-dried her long, brown hair to an supernatural sheen. Sam was wearing make-up, and her favorite, black, lace, and silk underwear under her red bath robe. Sam's prior intention had been to go out, even if it was by herself, but a sudden fit of depression made the beautiful girl change her mind, and stay in bed.


Sam's heart leapt with joy at the sound of her invisible friend's voice, "oh....you're back....where were you? I missed you so much!"

"I've been around the world to visit my followers, Samantha."

"I'm so glad you're here," Sam said with evident relief, "I've been so lonely without you."

"What's happened?"

"I had to leave Winsley," Sam related dejectedly, "my lovers, Bonnie, and Ridge dumped me, and went back to Gwen Pope, Nicole is dating Carmen now.....Harrison is gay, and dating Emory.....Lily is engaged to Josh Ford.....I'm back to where I started; alone, and a loser. But at least I have you."

"I've come to say goodbye, Samantha."

Oh....no! Please....don't leave me."

"I have to, Samantha.....for the sake of my own sanity! You confuse me; you treat me like your buddy.....like I'm cuddly, and warm.....you actually like me.....you think of me as your haven......this has never happened to me before.....I usually inspire fear, and terror.....so I'm giving your soul back to you before I have to actually start seeing a therapist! I'm setting you free, Samantha."

"I'll miss you," Sam said with a pout.


"Do you think that you could at least exorcise my room? There's a demon in here bothering the hell out of me!" Sam said quickly.

"Um.....I'm the demon, Sam."

"No.....you're not......you're my best friend.....you always listen to me.....you understand me.....I sort of love you!"

"You.....you're actually crying over me, Samantha?"


"Eh....um.....hey.....I'm just totally confused right now.....you never really asked me for anything, Samantha.....so I won't leave you like this......I'm going to make sure that you will never be alone for the rest of your life."


"Goodbye, Samantha."

"Sammy....." Brooke whispered as she saw that Samantha had fallen asleep on her plush bed. The beautiful girl was lying on her back, her long, dark hair splashed around her head, with her bath robe opened, revealing her volutpuous curves, and her lucious, black, lace underwear. Brooke practically drooled, as she stood at the door of her step-sister's room. Brooke McQueen couldn't help herself, as she entered Sam's room, then closed, and locked the door behind her, in case one of their parents just happened to walk in without giving advance notice, "they might see something naughty," the lanky blond said to herself with a smile, because now, she was determined to make love to her gorgeous brunette, "I'm so glad she got kicked out of Winsley, and that bimbo, Bonnie dumped her.....that Nic was so impressed with Carmen's evil atitude, that she left Sammy, and the two of them are now dating. Harrison isn't a threat to me now, because he went gay, and of course Lily's out of the picture; she's with Josh, whom I am glad to get out of my hair. Nope! Its just Sammy, and me......" Brooke carefully slipped onto the bed, and at the same time, began to undress, throwing her pajama on the floor, "Sammy.....my beautiful Sammy....."

"Huh?" Samantha woke up, as she felt a weight on her bed. The gorgeous girl blinked several times, and was immediately shocked to see Brooke naked, and lying beside her, "Brooke......what are you doing? I must be dreaming.....right?"

"No.....this isn't a wet dream, Sammy.....although I don't think you have them about me.....but I certainly have them about you!" upon saying that, Brooke pinched Sam.

"OW!" Now, Sam was truly, wide awake, and quite angry, "HEY!"

Brooke started laughing, as she brazenly got on top of Sam, and pulled the bathrobe off the girl, "this is very real, Sammy!"

"Um.....Brooke.....this isn't a good idea," Sam replied, as she squirmed.

"I know," Brooke said quietly, as she began to kiss her brunette's full lips, "so....no one ever said that good ideas couldn't happen!"


"Sammy....." Brooke said huskily, as she tore the girl's underwear off, then wrapped her long limbs around her, and then began to grind slowly into her, "oh.....Sammy....."


Samantha McPherson shook her head, as she thought about the abrupt, drastic changes that had occurred in her life recently; she had shot up to the heights of heaven; she had gone from dead-beat loser at Kennedy Highschool to almost queen of Winsley High, and lover of drop-dead, gorgeous twins, Bonnie, and Ridge. Then, Samantha's life had spiraled downward quickly from Nirvana, back down to hell, as she had returned to Kennedy High, as a dead-beat loser once more. Well....now, her life had changed again, but Samantha didn't quite know what to make of her destiny, if perhaps this was an in between place called purgatory; Sam was now sitting with the Kennedy High cheerleaders. "Yep.....I'm in the Twilight Zone," Sam said to herself, as she looked around her, noticing that she was the only brunette at the table, besides Carmen, who was a redhead.

The Kennedy High Glamazons all giggled, and teased Samantha, who now blushed profusely. At times a cheerleader would pinch Sam's nose, or ruffle her long, thick, dark hair, which all of them loved to touch.

Sam was wearing tight, leather pants which hugged her volutpuous curves, and a tight, dark blue tank top, which outlined her nubile, firm, B-cup breasts, which jiggled slightly, because she had been forbidden to wear a brassiere by her jealous, possessive, aggressive, now permanent lover, steady girlfriend, owner, Brooke McQueen.


"Yes, Brooke?"

"I'm going to the Novak."


"Come on, Sammy.....you're going with me," Brooke stood up, and took Sam's hand in her own, and pulled the girl up from her seat.

"This is so embarrasssing, Brooke," Samantha practically wailed, as the cheerleaders around her began to giggle louldy, "can't you go by yourself?"

"I love having you with me, Sammy.....you know the rules.....we're going to be together all of the time. Daddy fixed it so that we will always get the same classes until we graduate from highschool......then its college, our own dorm room, and of course.....we get married as soon as we graduate."

"Oh.....brother.....but.....Brooke.....do I have to.....get into the stall with you? Can't I wait outside for you?"

The entire cafeteria had started laughing now, for it was no longer a secret; Sam was Brooke's girlfriend, and lover, and the beautiful blond had an odd habit; she liked having Sam right beside her when she performed her most.....intimate functions.

"Nope," Brooke replied, as she led her voluptuous brunette away, "you go into the stall with me."

Everyone watched the two, beautiful girls leave the cafeteria; Brooke, tall, blond, beautiful in her cheerleading uniform, and Sam, a bit shorter, voluptuos, brunette, wearing tight leather pants that hugged her sexily swaying hips, and on top of her sexy, dark blue top, the girl wore Brooke's Glamazon jacket that had the bold, huge words, "BROOKE MCQUEEN'S PROPERTY," written on the back.

The entire cafeteria simply stood up, and started to applaud.

The End

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