Title: she cried....

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

Disclaimer; Popular, and its characters belong to someone else; no profit will be made from this story.

Samantha McPherson cried silently; thick, crystal tears poured from her wondrously dark-amber eyes, then slid liquidly down her marvelously smooth, sculpted, pale cheeks, then outlining the side of her fine nose, till they reached her full, red, quivering lips. Locks of dark brown hair fell lazily upon the girl's alabaster forehead, then framed her face in long, loving locks that then danced upon her firm shoulders, then down her back until they reached her shoulder blades. Samantha was simply exquisite to behold, in her pale, voluptuous, firm body, in her firm, round, nubile breasts that no human heart could resist feeling the urge to touch, in her long, shapely legs that moved with grace, in her slender, pale arms that seemed to dance with her delicate, feminine gestures that reached to the very tips of her long, elegant fingers. Yet now, even as she cried, in her most dark moment, in her most vulnerable state, Samantha was simply, stunningly beautiful. Samantha had always been beautiful in a quiet, unassuming way, for her soul was never trained to engorge itself upon self-vanity, upon haughtiness. Samantha was an intense girl who sought out the secrets of her soul, as she had learnt from her wise, now departed into the realm of death, father, who had taught her wisely to look always at the heart of a person, and not their external beauty. But still, Samantha, who had labored so hard to find love, and happiness, and finally thought herself content, for she had fallen deeply in love, now cried in silence, as her lover simply spurned her.

"Why, Brooke.....just explain to me why you're leaving me so suddenly? I thought we were happy. I thought you loved me as I love you."

"I did love you, Sammy."

"Please.....don't.....call me that....anymore, Brooke," Sam said amid sniffles, for the endearment was an intimate one that only the closest people to her called the beautiful brunette; her mother, Jane, her dead father, Joe, her best, closest friend, Lily, and her once beloved lover, Brooke McQueen.

"I'm so sorry.....Sam......I've found someone else......" Brooke said sadly. The tall, lanky blond girl felt deeply ashamed at what she was doing; hurting the most tender, wonderful creature that she had ever met in her entire life, "I can't be with you anymore."

"Is it true love, Brooke....is it deep enough to destroy what we had?"

"Yes," came the simple reply from Brooke, who bowed her head, making her long, blond mane slip around her shoulders, hiding her pretty face.

Samantha McPherson was silent, as she gazed out of the window of the living room. Samantha had no words. Simply; she cried.

"How......long have you known.....that you didn't want me, Brooke?"

"About three months, Sam."

"So.....you were cheating on me.....making love to me.....and going to someone else at the same time....." Samantha wanted to dig her grave, and die right there, and then, so as to release the deep pain that now swelled within her bosom, "so.....who is it?"


"My worst enemy," Sam whispered, "why didn't you just stop touching me when you stopped loving me?"

"I.....I can't answer that," the gloriously beautiful, blond girl said quietly.

"It matters little now......" the beguiling brunette replied, "the damage is done forever.....I never would have thought that you could be so very cruel."

"I'm sorry, Sam."

"You will regret what you've done, Brooke. Tomorrow, a year from now....ten years from now....you will regret what you have done.....what you so heartlessly destroyed, and right now I wish that I could see that.....but it wouldn't change what has happened," Samantha McPherson got up from the chair she had been sitting in. It seemed sometimes that Sam moved like a furious wind, that she was so wraith-like, so ethereal, that she didn't move like a human being, but like a dream, a languid cloud spreading out across a pale sky. Samantha turned her back to Brooke, and walked slowly out of the living room, but turned briefly to look at her callous lover, "I hope you're happy, Brooke. Despite my anger right now.....I don't want you to hurt as I do.....I hope she makes you happy." Then, not expecting a reply, the ravishing brunette walked out of the room, and then out of the house.

"Goodbye....Sammy," Brooke replied with tears in her cerulean eyes.

That very day, Samantha McPherson packed her belongings, and moved out of the house that she had shared with her beautiful step-sister, Brooke McQueen. Samantha's mother, and Brooke's father encouraged the girl's departure, feeling it was for the best, that she would recover from her wounded heart if she went to live with her grandparents in Illinois for a while. That while turned into two years, and Sam never returned home. Samantha McPherson went to another highschool, graduated, and went off to college. Sam would call at times to speak to her mother, Jane, and even to her stepfather, Mike. Always, her parents would ask when she would return, and she would simply reply that she still hurt. Samantha's pain lasted for quite a great while. Sometimes when Sam called, Brooke would answer the phone, and it would be quite ackward.

"Hello....mom?" Sam's mellow, sultry voice came from the reciever that Brooke had in her pale hand, "are you there?"

"No.....its not mom, Sam.....its me, Brooke."

"Oh....." silence ensued for several seconds, then the smooth voice came once more, making Brooke's heart begin to beat madly once more, "hello, Brooke.....how are you?" Sam's voice was warm, courteous, genuinely interested, without malice or resentment.

"I'm quite well," Brooke replied, her heart giddy, because after such a long time, her forlorn, absent step-sister was finally speaking to her, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine.....for the first time in ages, I'm happy, Brooke."

Brooke smiled, deeply pleased to hear the peace, and contentment in ex-lover's voice, "I'm so glad....you know that....don't you, Sam?"

"Yes.....Brooke.....I know."



"When are you coming home, Sam?"

"Its been so long.....it doesn't feel like home anymore, Brooke."

"But it is your home, Sammy.....Sam.....and we miss you.....you've been gone for so long.....haven't you stopped hurting yet.....can't you forgive me, and come back....please?"

"I forgave you a long time ago, Brooke."

"Please come home, Sammy....please."

"Are mom, and Mike home yet?"

"You still don't want to talk to me, Sam......do you?"

"No, Brooke....I can talk to you....I don't hurt anymore.....its just that I wanted to tell them.....I'm coming for a visit."

"Just a visit?" Brooke was quite beside herself with joy, with anticipation. Brooke yearned for Samantha every single day, "why can't you come home to stay for good?"

"I'm attending college here in Illinois, Brooke."

"You can transfer here to USC, Sam."

"It depends, Brooke.....things are different now......my life has changed so much. I've changed too much."

"You're still Samantha McPherson from California.....we're still your family....we love you, and need you back, Sammy......you're my sister......I want you back, Sam. Please."

"I don't think I could......"

"I love you, Sammy," Brooke said sadly.

"I know, Brooke. I love you too. You're my sister."

Brooke's heart fell figuratively from her bosom to her feet, breaking into a million, small pieces at the sound of Sam's calm words, "that's not how I meant it, Sam......you know what I mean."

"That was a million years ago, Brooke....."

"To me it seems just like yesterday, Sammy."

"So....how's Nicole, Brooke?" Samantha wanted desperately to change the present subject that was embarrassing her terribly.

"She's okay.....typical bitch as usual.....she never changes," Brooke replied, disturbed, even angry that Sam was avoiding the obvious, "stop changing the subject, Sammy."

"The subject was closed two years ago, Brooke."

"I want it open again, Sam. I want to talk to you. Please."

"You closed it, Brooke. Coldly. Completely. Its over."

"Then.....I'm opening it again, Samantha McPherson."

"Leave things alone, Brooke. Just let the past lie dead. I have."

"Just like that, Sammy?"

"I don't think that this is a good idea, Brooke.....I'll call back some other time....."

"NO! Don't go, Sammy. Please. Talk to me. I won't say anything about the past. But please.....don't hang up," Brooke was nervous, desperate, panicking that she was not going to hear Sam's voice again.

"Its okay, Brooke."

"Just come home, Sam.....even if its only for a visit.....then you can think about staying when you're here?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Sam said pensively, "I guess I could consider that.....I was going to come for a visit anyway.....I have a surprise for everyone."

"What is it, Sam?"

"Can't tell you, Brooke....its SUPPOSED to be a surprise."

Samantha was laughing, and Brooke was gushing because she hadn't heard the girl's velvet laugh for a long time. Sam was becoming her old, playful self, "when are you coming, Sammy?"

"Next weekend, Brooke."

"In three days?" Suddenly, three days seemed like an eternity to Brooke McQueen, "are you coming by plane....by train....do we pick you up, Sam? I'll pick you up myself."

"I'm driving up, Brooke. I'll be there early, Saturday morning."

"Oh good!" Brooke exclaimed, sheer happiness raining upon her heart, and showing in her voice, "I can't wait to see you! I miss you, Sammy."

"I miss you too, Brooke. Oh....I should hang up now. Tell Mike, and mom."

"Goodbye, Sammy.....see you soon," Brooke said happily.

"Later, Brooke."

Brooke hung up the phone, feeling every nerve in her firm, young body electrified, as if she were a live wire. Brooke wanted to dance, to shout, to melt....Sam was coming home again....her Sammy was coming back to her.

"Finished now?"

Brooke's bubble burst, as a sharp, angry voice sounded from behind her, and she turned to see her acrid, jealous lover, Nicole, standing a few feet away, "yes I am....what do you want now?" Brooke replied angrily, cruelly. Lately, she despised Nicole intensely.

"Oh....just wondering when you were coming back upstairs with me, Brookie?"

"Stop calling me that, Nicole!"

Mike, Brooke's dad, and her stepmom, Jane, were away for the entire week. Nicole had come over; actually she had invaded Brooke's house to be with her for the entire week. Nicole wanted to rekindle their relationship. For the last few days, the two, feuding lovers had engaged in steamy, lustful sex, hardly stopping for rest. But to Brooke it was just empty sex; she had long ago stopped loving Nicole who was always pushy, jealous, possesive, argumentative. Ever since almost the very beginning of their romance, Brooke, and Nicole had fought. The two of them would reconcile, only to break up once more. Lately, Brooke was just too sick, and tired to try, and work things out with her fiery, angry lover, Nicole Julian.

"Still thinking of her, Brookie....."

"She has a name, Nicole....and so what if I am? Its not your business anyway. I threw you out last month. You're the one that came barging back in here. So don't complain."

"Don't think that you can just leave me behind, McQueen. I'm not your graceful, fawning swan, Samantha. I won't let go of you. Ever. You belong to me."

"Get out of here, Nicole. I'm going out for a while. I don't want you here when I get back."

For once, the usually discordant Nicole Julian was silent for a few seconds. Nicole was deeply hurt by Brooke's cruelty, and was speechless. Simply; she cried.

"Just like that.....Brooke. You turn me off just like that. After giving you two years of my life.....you just toss me away!"

"You gave me? What did you ever give me, Nicole? Pain. Anger. Frustration. You made me hurt Sam deeply by seducing me into your arms. After that, your constant jealousy, your clinging drowned me. I'm the one who wasted her time."

"It wasn't so hard....seducing, as you say, you......you were quite willing to come to my bed....and I didn't hear you complain even once when you were in my arms, Brooke. You were just as much to blame for hurting Sam as I was. You're a taker, Brooke. You take, and take, then you just leave. When you've had your fill of someone, when you've used them, you leave them empty, dead inside. That's what you've done to me now. That's what you did to Samantha McPherson. Now I know how much she hurt inside, and I'm actually sorry for her. I hated her all of my life, and now I pity her. If I made you unhappy, it was because I loved you dearly, and I couldn't trust you....because I knew deep inside that you would betray me the way you did Sam."

"Are you finished with the fancy speech, Nicole?"

"I love you, Brooke. Please. Isn't my heart enough for you anymore?"

"I don't love you anymore, Nicole. Can't you understand that? Can't you just leave me alone?"

For once, Nicole Julian looked inside herself for strength. Long ago, she had lost her pride, she had lost her soul to get Brooke. Nicole had given the beautiful, tall blond her life, her very heart, and now it was over. Nicole Julian had no more tears, and her anger ebbed away now. The shorter, blond decided to salvage the last vestige of her self-worth, "I'm finished, Brooke. I'm leaving. I won't bother you again," Nicole turned to leave the living room, headed to the front door, but stopped suddenly, "I hope Samantha has the sense to never take you back. I hope that somewhere out there she found her backbone, and that you pay for what you've done to me, Brooke McQueen!" Nicole Julian opened the front door, and walked out for good.

Brooke McQueen sighed with relief. Finally, she was free of the cumbersome Nicole. Brooke could breathe now, she could now do what she had desired for a long time; win Sam back into her arms. Now, Brooke engaged in pleasurable, intimate memories of Samantha, as she recalled the brunette's scent, her incredibly soft, pale skin, her voluptuous, firm body, her long, silky, dark hair, "oh.....Sammy.....I need you.....I want you back."

Three days passed agonizingly slow for an anxious, nervous Brooke, who longed to see Sam once more. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, all seemed to drag by for the lanky blond who counted each passing hour painfully. Her parents were ecstatic, and decorated the house with a "welcome home, Sam," sign, putting it up in the living room. Jane had even planned on ordering take out. Mike was planning to convince his step-daughter to stay with them.

Saturday morning, Brooke got up at the break of day, showered quickly, and dressed. Brooke was filled with anticipation, and her body seemed to be humming with energy at the thought that soon Samantha would be home. When Jane sent Brooke out on an errand to the grocery store, the girl fumed, refusing, wanting to be there to greet Sam. Jane huffed mockingly, kissed Brooke's pale cheek, and sent her out anyway. Brooke gave in, because she adored her stepmother, and went to the grocery, trying to drive quickly, but angry at finding traffic heavy, then she went to the store, trying to get out quickly, angry because of the long lines at the check out. Finally after what seemed an eternity, Brooke got home. When Brooke drove up in her car, she saw a vehicle there that she didn't recognize, then it hit her; "THAT'S SAMMY'S CAR.....SAMMY IS HOME!" Brooke parked her car quickly, almost crashing into the garage, and got out of the car, almost spilling the groceries in her arms, and went into the house, almost tripping on the rug, "ugh!" but she didn't care, as she rushed into the house like a speeding bullet. When Brooke entered through the kitchen door, she put her groceries down, and then she heard it; coming from the living room, laughter, voices. Rising amid the voices, Brooke heard Samantha's sulty, gentle voice, "its her.....my God....after so long.....she's home," Brooke was trembling, and her palms were clammy. Brooke went into the living room, and there she saw the most beautiful vision of all; Sam, "Sammy?"

"Brooke," Sam turned, smiling. It was true indeed as she had changed. Sam had changed; she was a bit taller now, more refined, smartly dressed, and her hair was still long, and wild, "Brooke?"

The sisters ran to each other, and embraced wildly, tightly. Both girls cried, and held on to each other for several seconds, "I missed you so much, Sammy," Brooke whispered in Sam's ear. "I missed you too, Brookie....lots....but I'm here now," Sam replied, likewise whispering in Brooke's ear, "I know.....oh I am so glad to see you, Sammy."

Finally, the embrace ended, and the two girls went into the living room where Mike, and Jane were, "what was the surprise, Sammy?"

"I want to introduce you to my fiancee," Sam said with a smile, "Jacob Williams.....Jake, come here! We're going to get married out here in California, then we're going to live in Ohio." Sam called out, and a handsome, dark haired young man moved from a corner, wher he previously stood unseen to Brooke.

Brooke felt her heart break, as she heard the words spill from Samantha's full, ruby lips. Sam was engaged. Sam was in love....with a MAN. Samantha had not come back to her. Samantha had just come back to say goodbye forever. Brooke McQueen was completely speechless with Samantha's sudden announcment. Simply; now she cried.

Brooke couldn't stand the pain in her heart any longer, and she fled, leaving everyone behind, running upstairs to her room, shutting herself inside, throwing herself onto her bed, and sobbing uncontrolably.

Downstairs, Jake came up behind Samantha, "babe....you okay?" he leaned down, and kissed the beautiful brunette's cheek, "what was that all about?"

"I guess the news of me marrying you was just too much for her," Samantha said sadly, "I should go up, and see her."

"No, Sam. Don't," Jane, Sam's mom said softly.

"Why not, mom?"

"Brooke just broke up with Nicole. Brooke has been very emotional lately. Leave her alone. She has to work through it alone."

"Oh....that's terrible," Sam was saying sympathetically, and looking up the stairs that Brooke had just fled up, "Jake, Jane.....I'm going up to check on her anyway," Sam placed a small kiss on her mom's cheek, and another one on Jake's thin lips. Then, Samantha turned gracefull, and seemed to float up the stairs as if she were a swan swimming upstream.

"I just can't get over how beautiful Sam is," Jake said quietly, "and how the hell she chose me as her lover."

"She is stunning," Jane said softly, then spoke a little louder, "come into the living room, and tell me more about you, and Sam. We have to get that wedding of yours planned," Jane led Jake away.

Brooke cried, her sobs shook her slender body almost violently as she tangled herself in her bedsheets. Brooke's pale, slender hands curled into fists, as she beat her pillow, then her fingers dug into the bedspread, as tears rained from her sapphire eyes, "why? Oh.....God.....I had her....she was mine.....why was I so stupid? Why did I ever let her go? Now she belongs to someone else.....I'll never have her again," Brooke whispered to herself, trying frantically that her cries were as quiet as possible. Brooke had already humiliated herself enough by running from Sam, and her fiancee, Jake, "I thought Sam was a lesbian.....I could have handled her having another woman.....I could have won her back then.....but she  has a man now.....I don't know how to fight against him......and I don't think she would ever love me again......"

"Brooke?" came a soft, smooth voice, even like melted cream spreading out evenly upon a silken surface.

Brooke McQueen looked up from her pillow, to see Sam's figure standing in the doorway of her room. Brooke wanted to die of shame, but she was still glad to see her ex-lover there in her room, with a look of pity in her amber-colored eyes. Sam had a gentle heart, and could never stand to see Brooke cry, "at least she pities me.....even a little....at least she doesn't hate me," Brooke thought, as she sat up in her bed, watching Sam walk slowly towards her, then sit next to her on the mattress, "I'm so sorry, Sam.....I thought.....I thought you had come back to me."

"Remember when I left you, and this house two years ago, Brooke?"

"How could I forget, Sammy? I relive that awful day almost every day in my mind. I'm so sorry that I hurt you now. I made such a big mistake in choosing Nicole over you."

"Its over, Brooke. You made the choice your heart cried out for. I couldn't force you to love me again. I couldn't force you to stay with me, when you loved someone else."

"You have such a gentle heart, Sammy. I compared Nicole to you constantly. She's vengeful, and cruel."

"Don't do that, Brooke. Nicole loves you in her own way. Just as I once loved you."

"Oh.....God....." Brooke was crying once more, and then she felt Sam's arm come up around her.

"Brooke, that last day I said goodbye to you.....I wished you well.....even though I was hurting. Can't you do the same for me now?"

"I....suppose I can......" Brooke was still sniffling, "yes.....Sammy.....I can be happy for you. I'm glad you found happiness.....even though I wish it was with me.....its too late for that now.....I wish you, and Jake a wonderful life."

"Then.....will you be my bridesmaid, Brooke?"

"Oh.....yes....Sammy......even though my heart is breaking.....yes.....I want to!"

"Good," Sam replied with a smile.

Both sisters, once lovers, now close friends again, embraced, despite a fresh rain of tears from the blond, and a joyous grin from the brunette.

Jake Williams had no family, so Sam's parents, and her sister would be his stand-in for a family. Jake chose Harrison, Sam's best friend from highschool, as his best man, because Mike McQueen, was Sam's dad, technically, and was giving her away. Lily was Sam's second bridesmaid. Jane, Sam's mom, was the one who would walk Jake down the isle before the ceremony.

Sam, and Jake had only one month before they had to return to Illinois, and from there transfer to Ohio, where he would begin working part time as an apprentice at a law office, and she would resume studying full time at a new university. Since time was of the essence, a simple wedding was planned at a small, private chapel, and only about twenty people were invited to the wedding banquet; all friends, and family of Samantha McPherson, and a few friends of Jake's from Illinois. Sam was fitted quickly for her bridal gown, and both Lily, and Brooke for their bridesmaid dresses; simple designs; knee length skirts in elegant lavender. The ceremony would be performed outside the chapel, in the garden beside the chapel, amid flowers, under a sunny, bright, California sky.

It hurt Brooke dearly to see Sam in Jake's strong arms, to see them kiss, caress, look at each other with warmth, with love. It hurt Brooke deeply to hear Sam's discreet sounds of passion, of pleasure coming from her room next to Brooke's, as the couple lay in Sam's bed, as Jake made love to her. Brooke would cover her ears, then cry softly, as she recalled her own nights of passion in Samantha's arms, sleeping lazily upon the brunette's warm, voluptuous body, kissing the girl's full, moist lips, touching her silken, soft, pale skin, bringing her to the ultimate heights of pleasure, then holding her close the rest of the night. Brooke no longer cried crystal, salty tears for Sam, because now she cried tears of blood, that ran from her broken heart.

The wedding day finally arrived, all the preparations having been hastily, but well made. The small church garden was filled with people, the pastor dressed in his black suit waited at the flower covered arch at the center of the garden; Jane, dressed elegantly in light blue, escorted Jake, dressed in a dark-gray suit, down the isle surrounded by rows of white fold out chairs filled with friends, and family that watched the proceedings. Jane led Jake up to the arch, and stood to one side, as Jake took his place as the groom, next to his best man; Harrison, also dressed in dark gray. Next, as the wedding march continued to play, Lily, then Brooke, walked slowly down the small isle, all the way to the arch, to the pastor, to Jake, then took their places to the right. Finally the moment everyone had waited for; Mike appeared, suited in dark gray, and proudly leading his beautiful step-daughter by the arm down the isle to her wedding, to her future.

Brooke McQueen's heart nearly exploded within her bosom when she saw Samantha walk slowly down the isle with Mike at her side. Yes, she had seen Sam being fitted, and then trying on her wedding dress before, but this was the girl's crowning moment, and she looked utterly, painfully beautiful. Everyone was impressed, awwing, and ogling, murmuring compliments as Samantha walked slowly by. Samantha's dress was made of satin, a wide skirt that flowed behind her, with long, tight fitting sleeves, a low neckline that showed off her cleavage, and every inch of the dress was covered in an elaborate design of white lace. A luxuriously long, lace veil crowned Samantha's beautiful head, then rained down upon her dark locks which were bound back in a French braid, then the veil covered her shoulders, then fell down her back, reaching beyond her waist. Samantha held a bouquet of gardenias in her pale, delicate hands, and her beautiful countenance was lightly touched by make up, because the natural rosiness of her sculpted cheeks, and the deep crimson of her lips needed no artificial coloring to show through. Brooke smiled softly, and couldn't help the tears that slid down her pale cheeks, as she watched Sam walk by her, with her eyes filled with adoration as she gazed at Jacob Williams, her betrothed.

Samantha was led up to the arch, where the pastor, and Jake waited for her. Sam took her place beside her handsome, tall groom, as she smiled up at him, as Jake took her delicate hand in his own larger one. The pastor opened his bible, and the wedding vows began; "Samantha McPherson McQueen, do you take Jacob Williams Parker as your beloved husband, for richer, for poorer, for better for worse......"

Brooke listened painfully to the wedding vows that her Sammy would take, thus tearing her further away from the tall, beautiful blond forever. But then, Brooke saw something that raised her ire; to one discreet corner stood Nicole Julian, grave faced, dressed discreetly in a dark green dress, looking at the wedding. Brooke moved discreetly away from the arch where the wedding was taking place, then moved up beside Nicole, grabbing the short blond by an arm, and dragging her a good distance away from the wedding, and deeper into the garden, "what are you doing here, Nicole? Didn't I tell you to stay away from me?" Brooke was literally so enraged, she wanted to slap her ex-lover.

"I didn't come to see you, Brooke McQueen," Nicole replied angrily, "you are so self absorbed, even though I would suppose that part of me would want to see you again anyway. But I didn't come to see you."

"Why are you here then, you bitch?"

"I came to see Samantha," Nicole replied.

"Oh.....I believe that as much as I believe in Santa Clause," Brooke said with obvious sarcasm.

"Not everything is about you, Brooke. Sam invited me to be here."

"Now I get it.....some ploy you cooked up to get back with me, Nicole? You're using Sam to get back into my life.....What did you do? Talk to Sam about us? So you got Sammy to feel sorry for you, and think that by trying to get us to reconcile I would be happy? You can just go home, Nicole Julian. I'd rather spend my life in hell than with you!"

"Well.....to inform you, miss McQueen.....I did NOT come to see you.....nor do I ever want to reconcile with you at all. I may have acted like a desperate, self-deprecating rat before, but I have changed. The world doesn't revolve around you, Brooke, nor are you the only fish in the sea."

"I truly find that hard to believe, Nicole."

"I came to see Sam. She, and I have been writing to each other for the past year. Even though we hated each other before, we've actually become friends," Nicole said firmly.

"Why didn't you tell me, Nicole?"

"It wasn't any of your business, Brooke!"

"I still don't want you here anyway, so just leave, Nicole."

"Samantha wants me here, Brooke. Just go to hell," Nicole said quietly as she turned, and walked back to the wedding.

Brooke rushed back to the wedding, just in time to hear the wedding vows that dug into her heart like sharp, pointed spikes; "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, till death do you part?"

"I do," Samantha replied happily, as she looked up at Jake with wonder, with love.

The pastor then turned to the groom, " Jacob Williams Parker, do you take Samantha McPherson McQueen, as your beloved wife, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, till death do you part?"


Everyone started murmuring, the pastor looked expectantly at Jake, Samantha looked stunned, Jane looked worried, Mike was suddenly upset, Lily was confused, and Brooke felt giddy.

"I.....I....." Jake was nervous, sweating profusely, and shaking like a leaf, "I.....I....."

"Well, young man.....what's the answer?" the pastor asked quickly.

"Jake.....what's wrong, darling?" Samantha asked lovingly.

"Hey....dude....say something!" Harrison said loudly, jabbing Jake in the side with his elbow.

"I'll kill him!" Mike muttered angirly.

"I....I...." Jake was deathly pale, as the responsibility of his answer hit him over the head like a brick; this was for THE REST OF HIS LIFE, "I.....I....."

Brooke McQueen wanted to shout with joy, for she wasn't in denial like the rest of the wedding party; she knew what was happening, and she wanted to sing with happiness; JAKE HAD COLD FEET. JAKE WAS BACKING OUT, "oh please....oh please God.....don't let him say yes to Sam....please....God....stop this wedding......give Sammy back to me!"

"I....I.....I CAN'T.....I JUST CAN'T DO THIS!"Jake shouted as he backed away from Sam, and ran down the isle, and out of the chapel garden.

Everyone stood in stunned silence, as they watched Jake Williams run from the wedding like a coward. Then, Samantha swooned, dropping to the floor gracefully, like a gentle flower forever torn forever from its branch. Everyone started talking, dispersing, and the pastor announced the wedding to be over.

Half an hour later, Samantha McPherson McQueen sat upon a small room, at the back of the chapel, and wept like a small child. Simply; she cried. The girl was still wearing her wedding dress, her immaculate, lace veil had slipped from her head, and her once bound, dark hair now swept around her shoulders, and back like a protective, nocturnal mantle. Sam was still stunningly beautiful, despite her tears, despite her amorous defeat.

"You are so unbelievably beautiful, Sam," a gentle voice whispered, as slender arms gathered the ravishing brunette into a gentle hug, "Jake was such a fool to leave you. He will regret this forever."

"Am I such a failure.....doomed forever to be left behind?" Sam tried hard not to let her sobs control her trembling, fragile fram, but there wasn't much that she could do to stop them, "I've been left twice already. Maybe I should just give up on love forever."

"No.....baby.....don't give up on love.....you were never a failure.....you are the most enticing, wonderful creature that I have ever seen.....please....Samantha.....don't ever give up on love.....then I won't ever stand a chance to win your tender heart."

"You....you love me?" Sam was quite surprised, "but my heart is too tired.....too used to give anything back."

"Ever heard the old expression, Sam? One nail drives another nail out?"

"Hhhhmmmm," Sam almost smiled, "yes, I have."

"I'm the other nail, Sammy.....if you let me.....please."


Whatever words Samantha might have uttered, yes or no in response, were quickly silenced, as gentle lips covered her own in a tender, passionate kiss that suddenly quieted the deep ache of love that lit her fragile heart in painful fire. Delicate, pale hands caressed Sam's face, like moths drawn to a loving flame, and slender fingers tangled lustfully in the long locks of her dark mane. Sam's slender arms came up to hug her new lover with slow, deliberate care. Sam had stopped crying.

"Well.....you're smiling now, Sammy.....at least I made you smile."

"I feel much better....thanks.....but this is so sudden....."

"No, Sam....its very old....we've known each other in other lives, and in this one too.....this time....you'll never be alone.....I promise you that."

"Let's just take this slowly.....please...."Samantha whispered, "its just that my heart is hurt."

"I'll make you a deal that you won't be able to resist, okay?"

"What?" Samantha was truly intrigued.

"What if I give you my heart? What if I put my most precious possession in your hands? I've been hurt too, you know."

"I know," Sam replied quietly.

"Then.....I'm putting my fragile, broken heart in your hands.....I'm trusting you with my love.....that you will never leave me.....that you will love me for a lifetime......how about it? Deal?"

"Hhhmmmmm.....let me think!"


"Okay....okay," Sam said with a sudden smile upon her full, red lips, "deal."

"Thank you.....darling.....I will never.....ever give you reason to regret this."

"Just shut up, and kiss me, Nicole," Sam said with a mischievous smile.

Nicole Julian smiled, her heart almost bursting with joy, as she drew Sam closer, "oh....Sammy," she whispered in a velvety voice, as her bright, pink lips covered her brunette's full, crimson ones in subtle, fragile passion, as she wrapped her slender arms around the most beautiful creature that she had ever seen in her entire life. Nicole smiled for the first time in months, as the future opened brightly ahead of her. Now, she smiled broadly into the kiss, as she felt Sam's tongue slowly caress her lips. This would be a tender love, gentle, slow, like a calm sea, and not turbulent like the one she had with Brooke. Nicole now began to sniffle, because she was happy. Simply; she cried.

Brooke had helped Jane shuffle everyone to the wedding banquet to eat. The wedding was over, but the party was still to be held. Just because Jake turned out to be a perfect bastard towards Samantha, it was no reason waste the food, and the music. So the party was on, and Brooke was on her way to fetch the heart-broken bride to the festivities. Well, everyone was eating, gossiping, and dancing. Soon, she too would dance, with Sam. Brooke had decided to get down on two knees, and propose to Sam. But unfortunately, Brooke wasn't able to get to Sam quickly, because Jane had needed her help. Sam was left alone to grieve, not a good idea in Brooke's mind. But now, like a speeding bullet, Brooke was rushing to take the gorgeous brunette in her trembling, yearning arms. Brooke made her way to the back of the chapel, to the room at the back where Sam had been taken to lie down, to compose herself. Now, Brooke opened the door to the back room noiselessly, and was about to go inside to get Sam, when she saw something that broke her heart; her Sammy, her love was in Nicole's arms. Sam, and Nicole were kissing gently, like two lovers. Brooke felt the tears welling up in her cerulean eyes, because she had lost Sam once more.

Brooke McQueen closed the door to the back room quietly, because she just couldn't bear to see Sam in someone else's arms. Brooke felt herself slide down the wall, until she was sitting on the floor, with her legs bent, as she lay her blond head upon her knees, as she hugged herself, curled up in a fetal position. Brooke's heart was broken now, forever. There were no words of comfort for her, as she saw the great love of her life slip away once more. Simply.....she cried.


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