Title: So This Is Love

Author: Balticbard

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Disclaimer; Popular belongs to Ryan Murphy, and is copyrighted. No infringement meant, no profits will be made from this story. For entertainment purposes only.

Warning; Adult situations. Not to be read by minors.

Chapter 1; Strange Realization...

Brooke sighed softly as she stared down at her lunch, and contemplated how much her life had changed in the last six months...

What Brooke had never imagined finally happened; at the age of eighteen, she and Sam had graduated from Kennedy Highschool. The world that Brooke had cherished; her days as Kennedy's golden, prom queen, as the Glamazon's head cheerleader, as the most popular, and sought after girl in school were over. All of her friends had scattered to the winds to seek their separate destinies, far away from her; Nicole Julian had gone to Harvard to study law. Mary Cherry went off to China to head up her mom, Cherry Cherry's main company there. Popita had moved to New York to study acting. Sugar Daddy had joined the Peace Corps, and had been sent to Afghanistan. Josh Ford, Brooke's on and off again boyfriend had left her for one of Sam's friends, Lilly. Josh and Lilly had gotten married, and he had joined the Army, taking her with him to some distant Army base in Germany.


Brooke looked up from her plate, and her sad eyes fell on Sam's beautiful face, "yeah?"

"You okay, Brooke?" Sam leaned over slightly from her chair, and touched the lanky blond's wrist gently, "you look down."

"Nah...I'm okay. I'm just remembering highschool," the blond mumbled, more to herself than to her sympathetic step-sister.

"I know," Sam replied softly, "I miss my old friends too."

Brooke smiled, for she understood that Sam had been close to her own group as well. Lilly, one of Sam's friends, had left with her ex-lover, Josh. Carmen Ferrara, another of Sam's friends, had moved to San Francisco to study computer programming. Harrison, Sam's best friend since childhood, had unexpectedly entered the priesthood, and was now studying in France to become a missionary.

Brooke had spiraled into a deep depression when Josh left her behind. She and Josh had dated all through middle school, then continued their romance into highschool. Brooke had thought that they would always be together, married with children, and growing old until death. But one day just before graduation, Josh had called her to tell Brooke that he didn't love her anymore, "that bastard broke up with me over the phone!" Josh hadn't even showed up for the graduation ceremony at Kennedy, but had eloped with Lilly Esposito. Now, a still forlorn Brooke recalled her romance with Josh, and wondered if she had ever really known love. "What is love anyway? Did I ever really feel it for Josh at any time?" The answer that her heart would always be the same for Brooke; No, she had never loved Josh. He had only been a comfortable habit, an endearing monotony that she had grown accustomed to. "Will I ever fall in love then?"

Brooke looked at Sam, who sat across from her, "Sam is always the same, yet always changing."

Once the era of Kennedy High was over, Samantha McPherson had applied to several colleges, and had finally been accepted into the University of Indiana to study journalism. Mike, Jane, her parents, and even Brooke had been surprised that the gorgeous brunette would go so far away to study, but it was just one more of Sam's surprises. Brooke had been so heartbroken over Josh's abandonment, that she didn't know what to do, or that she really wanted to live. It had been Sam who had pulled Brooke forcibly out of her depression in the most unexpected way;

One day, Brooke sat in her room, on her bed moping. The lanky girl had been moping for the entire week, and had hardly eaten lately. Sam had burst into her room with the most unexpected news;


"Go away, Sam. I'm not in the mood," Brooke was in a sour mood.

"We got accepted to U of Indi!"


"The university of Indiana, you fool!" the girl replied with a smile, "you and I are going to college!"


"Why not, Brooke? Got any better ideas? Are you going to give that asshole Josh the opportunity to find out that you are still lovesick over him?"


"I'm still in touch with Lilly," Sam explained, "and I want to be able to tell her that you are doing well, and are studying, and are thriving so that she can pass it on to Josh!"


"No buts, sis!"

Brooke couldn't help but smile at the sudden endearment that Sam had taken to calling her since the two of them had stopped fighting the year before, growing closer as friends and reluctant step-siblings.

"Alright," Brooke admonished, "when did you..."

"I filled out an application for you, and submitted it along with mine," Sam replied, "we got in."

"So what is my major supposed to be, miss know-it-all?"

"Art with a minor in photography!" Sam declared with a smile.

"What?" Brooke's hazel eyes nearly popped out of her head. How could Sam know her so well?

"You can change it later," Sam was saying, "you can switch to something else. But I know you like taking pictures, and you draw so well...so...so..."

"Its just fine, Sam," Brooke smiled at her blubbering house-mate.



Brooke and Sam were now studying at the University of Indiana, miles away from home. Of course, Brooke was relieved that she and Sam were room mates. The lanky blond didn't feel too homesick, having her step-sister constantly beside her, "its almost as if I had never left home." In fact, Brooke didn't seem to miss Kennedy so much anymore. It seemed that memories of her friends, of Josh, of her former life faded away slowly so that only Sam was left on the horizon of her mind. "I can't believe that someone I used to despise so deeply has almost become my..." Brooke hesitated to say the word, but it was useless, because it still came to her heart anyway, "almost my soulmate." Sam had become Brooke's entire world. Sam would help her study. Sam would go out cruising and partying with her on weekends. Sam would hug her at night when Brooke cried over some sad memory of Josh. Sam would make Brooke laugh with her wild antics at the dorm. "Sam..." Brooke was sure that she would never have gotten this far without her beguiling companion, "no one...not even dad, or Josh ever treated me as well as she does!"

"Brooke eat!" Sam commanded as she brought Brooke out of her daydream, "you need to get strong to try out for the cheerleading team!"

"Are you insane, Sam? I've had enough of that at Kennedy!"

"Well...then just pass the salt!" Sam laughed.

"Okay you goof!" Brooke handed Samantha the salt, "I thought you promised me to give up salt which is bad for you!"

"Its for Brock!"

Brooke now sat at an outdoor café that was on the university campus, having lunch with Sam and...her new boyfriend, Brock McMasters.

Brooke recalled that Sam had met Brock at the library during one of her assignments. Sam had gone to a book shelf to fetch a book for her assignment, but found that it was too high on the shelf for her to reach. From behind her, a hand reached up, got the book, handed it to her. The hand had been accompanied by a strong, bass voice that said Sam's name. Sam had turned around to see a six foot tall, lanky, blond, hazel eyed, young man of about twenty staring down at her with the most engaging smile that made her knees weak, and as bland as jelly. Sam had smiled back, and had asked his name. He was Brock McMasters, of the wealthy, founding, banker family of Bedford, Indiana. It seemed that Brock had noticed her before, and had been discreetly stalking her, looking for the opportunity to introduce himself to her. It had been love at first sight for Samantha, who very quickly became Brock's girlfriend.

Brooke watched in silence as Sam leaned over to kiss Brock on the lips, "she gives him just a bit of tongue when she kisses." Brooke unconsciously licked her own lips. Brooke watched Sam playfully, lovingly feeding Brock tiny bits of her steak, and Brooke felt herself salivating. Brooke watched Sam's pale, delicate hand inch slowly up Brock's chest, her fingers carefully seeping into the spaces between his buttons, where the fabric of his shirt parted, and Brooke felt her nipples harden slightly, tingling sensations shooting pleasurably through her bosom, "she is such a tease," Brooke's inner voice husked within her head. Brooke watched Sam's hand bury itself in Brock's thick, dark blond hair, and the lanky blond felt her own scalp tingling. "I have to get going," Brooke said as she got up from the table.

"What?" Sam was suddenly shaken from her Brock-worship.

"Stay a bit more," Brock said in his usually friendly, bass voice, "you've hardly eaten."

"Thanks, Brock," Brooke replied politely with a small smile on her pink lips, "I have to do turn in a paper to my art history class. I had better get started. You two just have fun."

"Are you going straight to our dorm room, Brooke?" Sam asked with concern.

"Yes, MOM!" Brooke said with a smirk, "I'll be just fine."

"Okay, Brooke. You have mine and Brock's cell numbers!"

"I'll call if I need anything, Sam. Now just shut up and keep feeding Brock!" Brooke said with a laugh.


"Bye Sam, Brock."

"Bye, Brooke," Brock said with a smile.

"Yeah, Brookie," Sam replied tenderly.

Brooke left the café, and kept walking. When she was a safe distance away, Brooke turned to look at the lovers, Sam and Brock basking in each other's smiles. Brooke's eyes became fixed on Brock, and the oddest idea occurred to her at that moment, "he...looks like me."

Chapter 2; Dawn of Desire

Brooke sighed, the feelings of silent exasperation welling up slowly in her, while she fought to stifle them for fear that Sam, who sat next to her would hear her, "oh this is so boring. Why did I let Sam convince me to come to this thing? When did I ever want to see a wrestling match? Just because Brock is a wrestling champion..." Brooke's mind raced back to the day before when she was in her and Sam's dorm room. Brooke was sitting at her desk studying for an upcoming exam in Art Appreciation. At that precise moment, a scream was heard from outside the room; a girl ran past the open door of Brooke's room, down the hall, wearing only a towel. Brooke held back the urge to laugh as Sam entered the room, "up to your old tricks again, Sam?" Brooke leveled a look of disapproval at her conniving, mischievous, step-sister.

"What?" Sam was trying to look innocent through her mock-hurt look, "I haven't done anything."

"Like I don't know you had a toad in bucket that you found in the grass yesterday, and you kept it in our shower all night," Brooke related, "and like I don't know you slipped it into Nora's bathtub!"

"Oh how can you say such a thing, McQueen!" Sam scolded the blond girl, "why you know that I'm almost an animal activist! I was just taking care of the poor creature, keeping it away from JoAnn, that biology bitch who cuts them up in class. She was looking for a live one yesterday!"

"Uh huh?" Brooke fixed a piercing, scolding gaze at Sam, "fess up!"

"Okay. So I did," Sam admonished with a quick shrug of her shoulders, as she closed the door behind her, and approached Brooke, and stood behind her, "guess what?"

"And you won't leave me alone until I do?" Brooke asked as she looked up at Sam from her sitting position, her eyes leveling up above her reading glasses that now slid down her nose.

"You bet," Sam said, looking down into Brooke's dark eyes with a toothy grin.

"Okay, Sam," Brooke said in surrender, "what is it?"

"Brock is in a wrestling tournament tomorrow night over at North Campus. I want you to go with me to see him."

"But...I'm not really in the mood, Sammy."

"Oh please, Brookie...hhhhmmmm?" Sam's eyes turned sad, and she actually pouted her full, ruby lips in the most adorable fashion, "please go with me?"

"Oh," Brooke's eyes became fixed on Sam's moist lips, and their fullness, then moved up to the girl's deep, almost onyx eyes, and her heart inevitably surrendered, amid a sudden ache and tenderness, "oh alright. You win, McPherson."

"Really?" Sam asked carefully, as a light began to glow in her eyes.

"Really," Brooke replied testily, "now leave me alone. I have a lot to do."

"Oh thank you SO MUCH!" Finally Sam exploded into full happy-mode as she leaned down, and wrapped her slender arms around a startled Brooke, "thank you. Thank you. I don't like going by myself to see him. And I love going with you." Sam hugged Brooke fiercely, as she kissed the blond's forehead several times, then buried her face in her step-sister's neck for a moment, "we'll have a great time," Samantha whispered softly into Brooke's ear. Then, Sam held onto Brooke for a few seconds longer, until she let go of the lanky girl, only to laugh, "I'd better go see how Nora is! I'll be back later, Brooke." Sam opened the door or their dorm room, and sped down the hall like a furious wind, leaving only the scent of her strawberry perfume as the only proof of her ever having been there.

Brooke put down her book, and took her glasses off. Brooke paused for a moment as she tried to still her madly beating heart. The blond girl blushed furiously as she felt thrills of pleasure at the light tickling that Sam's breath had left on her ear, or the low vibration of the girl's soft voice inside her head. The warmth, and softness of Sam's full lips was still imprinted in a tingling memory upon Brooke's forehead. The lanky blond leaned down, putting her head upon her arms, as she felt herself trembling, and a sudden, intimate ache between her thighs had suddenly begun at the memory of Sam's light, delicate embrace, "this isn't happening to me," Brooke whispered to herself, "it must be the stress I've been under all of these months...it can't be possible that Sam is turning me on." Somehow, Brooke managed to get her composure back so that she was able to put her glasses back on, and resume reading her book once more, "its nothing," the girl argued with herself, "its all in my head," Brooke was slowly convincing herself once again, until the vestiges of Sam's perfume wafted slowly to her nose, and that was enough to destroy the blond's carefully constructed excuses, and drive her mad once more, "oh God...she smells so good."



"Where are you, McQueen?"

Brooke suddenly returned to the present, to the fact that she was at a wrestling competition, to the fact that she was sitting in the bleachers next to Sam, to the fact that they were both there to see Brock McMasters, wrestling champion, Sam's boyfriend, to the fact that Sam was spending way TOO much time with him, to the fact that Sam totally adored him, to the fact that Brooke was beginning to feel jealous of him, to the fact that...



"Earth to Brooke," Sam whispered as she scooted closer to Brooke on the bleacher they were both sitting on, "what are you thinking?"

Finally Brooke was fully awake, "oh," the girl replied, trying to keep her voice even, for she was suddenly feeling the warmth from Sam's body invading her own body, "um...this is...so interesting," Brooke lied.

"Yeah," Sam said, her breath ragged, her bosom rising and falling quickly, as her shirt opened slightly more to reveal more of the roundness of her heaving breasts peeking seductively over the edge of her lacy bra, to which Brooke's hazel eyes clung discreetly, "isn't he magnificent?" Sam's eyes followed Brock's movements, as he seemed to dance around his opponent, measuring him, feeling him out before his final attack.

Brooke turned her head away from the two men clad in tight, sweaty, wrestling gear, and looked at Sam. The blond girl took in the enraptured look in Sam's dark eyes, the way the girl's bosom heaved with excitement, the way her breath caught in her throat when her Brock marked a victory for himself by winning the wrestling match against his opponent, the way her lips shaped a half smile at the sight of him, "I wonder," Brooke asked herself quietly as she continued to gaze in fascination at the beguiling girl sitting beside her, "has she...noticed that he...resembles me...is it my imagination? Has she noticed?" All of a sudden it mystified Brooke endlessly just why Samantha had fallen madly in love with a boy who looked so much like her, "could it be..." Brooke's breath became ragged at the mere thought of it, and a deep excitement formed as a knot in her throat, "is she in love with him because...because..." the lanky blond almost couldn't bring herself to admit it even to herself, or to form the words within her soul, but the possibility filled her with a strange pleasure, "because he reminds her of me?"

"Look," Sam whispered as she gently put a hand on Brooke's arm, innocent, unaware of what her presence and touch were doing to the nervous, aroused blond sitting beside her, "the way he moves," the girl's breath hitched when her young man struck another triumphant blow against his opponent, and he turned quickly, almost swaying, "its like he's dancing..."

Brooke looked down at the pale hand on her arm, and shivered in delicate despair, as once more she felt thrills of pleasure run up from where Sam touched her, up her arm, shoulder, then down her torso, making her nipples harden, making her skin break out in goose bumps, "oh...gods..." Brooke was suffering the most delicious torment.

"It's the way he moves," Sam whispered, as her dark brow furrowed, "he reminds me of someone..."

"Oh?" was all that Brooke managed to say amid her sudden, and embarrassing, sexual arousal.

"He reminds me of you cheerleading," Sam said quietly, as her eyes filled with sudden confusion, "but..." Sam blinked several times, then shook her head to clear it, "its just that you are the most graceful creature that I've ever seen, Brooke. That's it." That was it, simple, completed, and explained in a way so that such a thought would no longer disturb Samantha, leading her to make other comparisons between Brooke and Brock that she wasn't ready to make just yet, that would lead to discoveries about herself that she was not ready to accept as yet.

Brooke was enraptured looking at Sam who was still looking at Brock with eyes wide with wonder.

Sam was smiling, her bosom swelling with pride, "he is so beautiful," Brooke heard the girl say softly.

"Yeah," Brooke acknowledged, but not because it was Brock that she was thinking of, but of Sam, "sure." But Brooke was almost absolutely sure of what was going on now, "its all wrong," she said to herself, as she watched Samantha's self induced revelry of Brock McMasters, "its all twisted and out of place," Brooke thought slowly, "all those looks of longing, the adoration and desire in her eyes, the touches, the love...are out of place...they should be...mine."

Chapter 3; the Wicked Witch Comes Calling

song; Forever and For Always, by Shania Twain

Samantha McPherson was sleeping quietly, dreaming that Brock was Tarzan, and she was his sheepish Jane, "oh...I love it when you swing me from your vine," she cooed musically while she smiled beautifully.

Brooke had gotten up, and was about to claim the bathroom, when Samantha's lilting, sultry voice, and her strange words made her stop dead in her tracks, "what the hell?" Brooke tip-toed over to Sam's bed, which was only five feet away from her own. Brooke watched Sam asleep; the girl lay on her back, her long, dark hair spilled across her pillow, making long, wavy trails on the fabric of the pillow, then forming erotic curls that framed the girl's gorgeous face. Sam's head was turned to the side, and her eyes moved under their lids, signaling her state of deep sleep, "what is she dreaming about?" Brooke desperately wished that she could peek inside Sam's dream, "it all sounds so suggestive."

"Oh...I love your long, blond hair," Sam whispered, as in her dream she ran her delicate fingers through her lover's thick locks, "its almost like...gold."

"I have long, blond hair ," Brooke said to herself as she continued to watch Sam sleep, beginning to become addicted to watching the dark beauty in her most vulnerable state, "I wonder... is she dreaming about me?"

"Hhhhmmm," Sam cooed again, as she got up on her toes to kiss Brock, but was startled to see his image begin to blur, then shift and change into... "what? Brooke?"

"She said my name!" Brooke almost said aloud, as her heart raced with excitement, "she IS dreaming about me!"

Sam was horrified to see Brooke standing where Brock once stood. Her beautiful step-sister was wearing nothing more than a leather loin cloth. Brooke smiled wolfishly at Sam, and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. Sam's eyes shot open in shock, and she sat up in bed, "ohmygod!"

"Sam? What is it? Are you okay?" Brooke was frantic with worry as she sat next to her room mate on the girl's bed, "what happened to you? You just said my name."

"Nothing," Sam said much too quickly as she turned pale, and looked away in shame.

"What were you dreaming about? Was it about me?" Brooke asked.

"Um..." Sam searched her mind desperately for a convincing lie, "yeah...that you were going to eat all the ice cream in the fridge!"

The girls had bought a small refrigerator, and had installed it in their dorm room. The refrigerator contained nonsense foods such as ice cream, beer, different assortments of dips, and frozen pizza.

"Yeah," Brooke swatted Sam roughly on the shoulder, "liar! What were you really dreaming about?"

"Ow!" Sam shouted, "now I am not going to tell you!"

"I can pretty much guess," Brooke replied haughtily, "it must have been a sex dream."

"Hah, no way!" Sam was trying not to blush, because it was true.

"You're getting nervous, Sam. I was in your sex dream!"

"Stop it, Brooke!" Samantha was dying of shame.

"You were talking in your sleep!" Brooke admitted as she smiled evilly.

"No way!"

"So...you were having a sex dream about me," Brooke was determined to tease Sam mercilessly, and milk the joke for as long as she could, "of course."

"No," Sam insisted, "it was all about Brock."

"Only about him?"

"Absolutely," Sam replied firmly.

"Sure," Brooke's disbelief was evident, "so who's vine were you swinging from? His or mine? Cause you were saying my name, and not his!"

"Brooke!" Samantha was quite ashamed, "stop it...please!"

Brooke began to laugh heartily at her step-sister's embarrassment, and was about to say something more, but stopped when she saw a letter slipped under the door of their room, "look, the mail just came."

At the U of Indi, the mail was delivered by slipping it under the door of the student's dorm room door, or if it was a package, leaving it beside the door.

Brooke got up from Sam's bed, and bounded to the door, leaned down, and picked up the envelope that lay on the floor, "it's a letter from Nicole!" Brooke almost screamed, her heart filling with joy, for she missed her old cheerleading companion terribly. Quickly she tore the envelope open, took out the letter, unfolded it, and began to read it quickly, "wow..." Brooke wanted to jump with joy, "she's coming to spend the weekend with us!"

"Oh joy," Sam said, her voice dipping in venom and sarcasm, "Satan is coming!" the girl rolled her dark eyes in evident disgust.

"Oh shush!" Brooke said as she crossed to the other end of the room where the beds were, and sat next to a ruffled Sam once more, "she's arriving at the airport this afternoon! Her flight number is 212. We have to get ready." Brooke kept reading the letter, while she leaned against Sam, "we're going to pick her up. Its already 10 am. We have to hurry!"

"We?" Sam complained, "why include me? She was your buddy, not mine. Why do I have to get out of bed? Its Friday, my day off!"

"Isn't Brock monopolizing your time today?" Brooke asked, a bit annoyed at the fact that her only friend, her step-sister, and now undoubtedly her soulmate was spending almost all of her time with her boyfriend.

"Jealous much?" Samantha smiled evilly, trying to find a way to get back at Brooke for her earlier teasing.

"Yes. I am," Brooke admitted, tired of having spent her life hiding her true feelings because she was afraid of what other people might think of her, "you're all that I have," Brooke said to herself.

Sam's mouth dropped open, as she stared at Brooke in utter disbelief, "wha..."

"Close your mouth, Sam. You've opened it so wide that the entire campus fits in there sideways!"

When Samantha realized that Brooke had been kidding, she threw her pillow at the blond. In reprisal, Brooke literally dragged Sam bodily out of bed, and headed toward the bathroom with the girl securely tucked under her long arm in a vice-like headlock.

"BROOKE!" Sam screamed as she tried to squirm out of Brooke's iron grasp, "let me go!"

"We are going to get ready in fifteen minutes to pick Nic up, McPherson!"

Without much further ado, the blond dragged her helpless brunette into the confines of the bathroom, and shut the door behind her.

Two hours later, Brooke, and her reluctant companion, Samantha, were standing at the First National Airport of Bedford, in the waiting area, watching flight 212 land, then watching Nicole step off the plane.

Brooke was so happy to see Nicole, that she rushed up to the short, pretty blond girl with open arms, and enveloped her in a fierce hug, "I am SO glad to see you, Nic! It's been so long!"

"Ugh!" Nicole exclaimed, "Brooke...you're suffocating me!"

"Oh...sorry, Nic," Brooke said apologetically as she stepped back, but she grabbed Nicole by the arm, and led her to where Sam stood.

Samantha and Nicole Julian stood face to face, and squared off.

"Gee, Brooke...no wonder you're glad to see me! All you have is Spam for company. No wonder you're desperate!"

"Haha, Satan!" Sam said, her usually full lips set in a thin line, "you've never changed. You're still pathetic!"

"Well, Spam...you haven't changed either. You're still a bitch!"

Both girls glared at each other, while Brooke stood helplessly by. Then, both Sam and Nicole began to giggle.

"Hey Satan."


"Good to see you, McFearsome...you look good even if you're now a hogwash collegian."

"Yeah, Satan. You are still the most evil thing on earth."

Sam leaned over, and briefly kissed Nicole on the cheek, which earned her a playful push from the little blond.

"Eeeww, McPherson! Keep your smoochers away from me!"

"You should be honored, Satan. I just gave you a sample. My lips are someone's private property now."

"What do you mean?" Nicole shrieked, "do you have a..."

"Yes," Brooke interjected as she rolled her eyes, tired of the antics of the two, former enemies, "Sam has a boyfriend."

"Really?" Nicole was beside herself with amazement, "a real one...and not a test dummy?"

"Oh dear, Satan...and here I was in the throes of an orgasm over seeing you again!"

"Nic!" Brooke swatted Nicole on the shoulder, "stop aggravating Sam. We aren't in highschool anymore!"

"Ow!" Nicole yelped in mock-pain, "did you see that, Spam? She hit me!"

"I know!" Sam replied with earnest sympathy, as she fetched Nicole's suitcase, and dragged it along, "she does that a lot to me. She hit me this morning!"

"Oh yeah, Brooke is just awful sometimes," Nicole commiserated with a smile as she sided up to Sam, and began to laugh.

Brooke watched as Nicole and Sam began to walk away, giggling, looking her way, then talking as if they had always been the best of friends, "hey!" Brooke yelled as she chased after Sam and Nicole, "wait up for me!"

The entire day went by quickly, as Sam and Brooke showed Nicole around Bedford, then around the university. The three girls went to lunch, then onto cruising, a movie, then dinner. Finally it was late, and time to go to bed.

Brooke and Sam finally took Nicole to their dorm room.

"Wow," Nicole said, patting her stomach with her left hand, as she walked into the room, "that was a big dinner, and all the walking today has made me exhausted!"

"Yeah," Sam sighed as she sat down on her bed, "its been a good day. I've haven't seen that much of Bedford since I got here!"

"Aren't you supposed to have a boyfriend, Spamola?" Nicole asked, "doesn't your beast take you anywhere?"

"Which beast do you mean, Satan...my boyfriend or this one?" Sam pointed to a shocked Brooke.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Brooke asked curtly.

"If I have been going out its because of Brock," Sam continued, "I usually spend my time here on campus, shut up in this room with Brooke the old hen, cause she doesn't want to go out, just stay in and study all of the time."

"Oh?" Brooke quirked an eyebrow, "and you hate my company so much that you've been having sex dreams about me!"

"Oh no I have not!" Sam almost yelled, embarrassment coloring her face.

"You were cooing and smiling in your sleep this morning," Brooke smirked haughtily as she watched Sam squirming under her intense stare, "and I bet it was over me!"

"It was all about Brock!" Sam declared defensively, filled with indignation.

"Hah! Yeah. Sure. You were saying my name, and not his, Sam. Don't deny it," Brooke yelled back in triumph, as an evil smile graced her fine features.

"Hey...wait a minute...were you watching me sleep, Brooke?"

"Um..." suddenly Brooke was the one doing the intense blushing.

Nicole stared in shock at the two, battling step-sisters, and the obvious, sexual tension between them. Then, the little blond felt her exhaustion overcoming her, and simply yawned in boredom, "uh...girls...sorry to interrupt your little sub-text battle here...but I'm tired. Can we just continue tomorrow? I promise to be as shocked tomorrow over this new ingredient between you as if I had just noticed it, and we can discuss it after a good night's sleep!"



"I guess you guys don't mind my using the toilet first!" a very devious Nicole rushed into the bathroom, and shut the door behind her.

Outside, Brooke and Sam glared at each other. Sam shoved Brooke, "now why did you have to say that I was having a sex dream about you? Satan will never let me live it down!"

Brooke shoved Sam back, "oh so you aren't denying it after all! You were having a sex dream about me after all! Was I good?"

"Brooke...stop it!" Sam exclaimed, flustered and embarrassed, as she took her pillow, and threw it at Brooke.

Brooke dodged the pillow that Sam threw at her, then lunged at the unsuspecting girl, pushing her back. Sam screamed as she fell backwards onto her bed, and Brooke fell on top of her. Brooke was now brazenly lying on top of Sam, and was pining down both of her arms.

"So I'm a beast now, huh?" Brooke looked down at Sam, and smiled evilly, "take it back or I'll tickle you."

"Oh please, Brooke," Sam pleaded nervously, "get off me. Nicole will see us!"

"That's the wrong answer, McPherson!" Brooke then proceeded to vigorously tickle a very helpless Samantha till the girl was squirming, yelping, and crying for help.

Nicole quickly exited the bathroom upon hearing Sam's screams, and was duly shocked to see Brooke lying on top of the helpless brunette, "oh my God," the little blond said to herself, "this is unbelievable!" Nicole just continued to stare, and after a few seconds actually found the entire affair quite amusing.

"BROOKE!" Sam yelled helplessly, "STOP! LET ME GO!"

"NO!" Brooke replied amid a wave of giggles, as her hands continued to tickle and torment poor Samantha.

"Please...McQueen," Sam cried weakly, "stop touching me there!"

"Where?" Puzzled, Brooke suddenly stopped.

"Uh..." Sam was now past the point of embarrassment, and ready for a nunnery, "um..."

"Oh...er...uh...sorry!" Brooke blubbered as she lifted herself off Sam a bit to look down between them to discover that one of her stray hands had mistakenly wandered between Sam's slightly spread legs, and was now fondly, tightly grasping the girl's mound.

"Should I say step-sisters...or...SEX-SISTERS?" Nicole quipped cheekily.

Brooke wanted to die with embarrassment, as she quickly scrambled off Sam, who in turn stood up, almost swooning as she did, her cheeks ablaze with a scarlet shade.

"I think the bathroom is free now," Nicole added with a small giggle, for she enjoyed the show being displayed before her.

"Uh...you go first, Brooke!" Sam said quickly, as her eyes darted from the floor of the room to the ceiling, "I'll stay out here with Satan!"

"Su..." Brooke was about to turn around to go to the bathroom, until she realized that she would be leaving Sam outside, alone with Nicole, and that the two of them would be talking...about her, "OH NO! I'm not an unwitting fool, McPherson. YOU go first. I'll keep Nic company out here!"

"NO! You go first!"

"No I will NOT! You go first!"

Nicole yawned again, "will you two STOP it? I promise not to say or notice anything else. I just want to get some sleep! Please!"

"I'll fix this," Brooke said with determination, as she attacked Sam again, seized the girl, then dragged her to the bathroom.

"Brooke...you animal! Let go of me!" Sam simply squirmed, yelped, and fought all the way to the bathroom door. Brooke pulled her prisoner inside, then shut the door behind her.

Nicole Julian stood very still for a few minutes, as her mind processed what was going on. Then Nicole sighed, and shook her head, "too bad these two goofs waited till college to do this stuff. I would've had a lot of fun with this back at Kennedy!" Nicole proceeded to sit on Sam's bed, and read a magazine that she found on Brooke's night stand. The little blond would roll her eyes, as she heard the sisters continue to argue from inside the bathroom over things such as toothpaste, and the toilet, "they already sound like an old, married couple!"

Finally after what seemed like an eternity for the very tired Nicole, she saw the girls emerge; Brooke was wearing an oversized T-shirt, and Sam was wearing a sports bra, with white, silk boxers.

"Thank God you two are finished," Nicole sighed, "now we can all get some sleep. So...who gets me?"

Brooke, Sam and Nicole looked toward the sleeping arrangements; two twin sized beds for three people. The step-sisters looked at each other in a stupor, and Nicole finally sighed in exasperation.

"Gee," Nicole rolled her eyes, "you both are just jumping with joy to get me...all right already...I'll just have to choose for myself!" Nicole began to point at each sister, and to chant; "eenie... meenie...mighty Moe...catch a tiger...by the toe!"

Brooke and Sam looked at each other, then at Nicole as if she was completely insane. But finally, Nicole's wandering, pointing digits landed on one of the sisters.

"SPAM! You win!" The little blond exclaimed triumphantly, as she approached the gorgeous brunette, "looks like I'm all yours tonight!" Nicole giggled, then batted her eyelashes flirtatiously at Samantha, "Brooke will just have to fly solo."

"No problem," Sam replied with a mock-chivalrous manner, as she motioned toward her bed, while a smirk played upon her full, ruby lips, "you first, my lady?"

"My, my...you certainly are beautiful in boxers, Spam," Nicole said in a mock-seductive tone, as she put her hands on her hips, and did her best imitation of Mae West.

Brooke watched in pure shock, and jealousy as the two girls flirted openly, then giggled, and bonded, "um...wait."

"What?" Sam turned toward Brooke.

"I have a better idea," Brooke said quietly.

"Yeah?" Nicole looked at her tall, blond friend.

"Sam can sleep with me," Brooke replied almost breathlessly.

"Heh," Sam wasn't about to agree, "too bad, McQueen. Satan won me already!"

"But..." Brooke looked at Nicole pleadingly, with desperation in her eyes.

"Oh all right," Nicole said, shaking her head, taking pity for she understood that Brooke was lovesick for Sam, "okay, Brooke. You get Sam tonight."

"Hey...I am not chattel!" Sam exclaimed hotly.

"And I'm not the one hot for you, McPherson!" Nicole replied nonchalantly, as she threw herself onto Sam's bed, and covered herself with the bed sheets, "oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh this feels SO good!" Nicole turned on the bed, and fluffed the pillow, "now you two get friendly, and turn off the light!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sam asked Nicole, who was by now ignoring her.


Sam felt a jolt of electricity run through her at the sudden, sultry tone of Brooke's voice saying her name. The beguiling girl turned slowly around to see her blond step-sibling staring intensely at her, "huh?" Samantha gulped audibly.

Brooke felt her entire body breaking out in goose bumps as she held out her hand to Sam, who was now staring stupidly back at her, "come on...lets go to bed," the words sounded so suggestive as Brooke husked them, and gazed intently at the girl. The shy, lanky blond held her hand out to the brunette.

"Um..." Sam slowly took Brooke's hand in her own, and was amazed at the heat radiating from the blond's skin.

Brooke led Sam a few feet back, then lay down on her bed. Brooke scooted back as far as she could, and pulled Sam down to her. Sam very slowly got into bed with Brooke, with her back to the lanky girl. Sam lay still, and felt Brooke surround her body with all of her limbs.

Brooke started to tremble slightly at the feel of Sam's soft, warm body against her. Carefully, Brooke tangled her long legs around Sam's own curvaceous ones. Then, Brooke tangled her arms around Samantha's torso. Sam felt so delicate, so deliciously plush against Brooke's lanky torso. Brooke sighed, for she was literally in heaven, "Sam?"


"Good night, Sammy."

"Night, Brooke."

"Just shut up, you two!" Nicole exclaimed from the other bed, " turn of the light, and go to sleep!"

Nicole's scolding did indeed quiet the two girls, and Sam reached for the switch on the lamp on Brooke's night stand, and turned the light off.

Brooke pulled Sam more tightly to her, then lay her blond head on the girl's shoulder. Brooke inhaled Sam's light, strawberry perfume, then closed her eyes, falling into a deep, blissful sleep with a smile on her pretty face.

The next morning, Brooke, Sam and Nicole got up, dressed, then went out to spend Saturday pretty much the same as Friday; Breakfast at a small, but posh, university café, cruising around Bedford in Brooke's car, walking in Williams Park, the main park in Bedford, lunch at Ravens Worth Inn, at the edge of Corset Lake, with the new addition of going shopping at the best stores in Bedford, which disgusted Samantha, who still carried something of her old, rebel self from the days of Kennedy High.

Sometime during the shopping spree, while Brooke and Nicole regressed to their former roles of Kennedy High; Two silly girls chatting about the latest fashions, make-up, and skirt lengths on cheerleading outfits, Samantha's cell phone rang, and she answered it hastily, "yeah?"

"Sam..." a familiar, sexy, bass voice sounded on the other end of Sam's cell phone, which sent a wave of pleasure through the girl's voluptuous body.

"Brock? Babe..." The look of ecstacy on Sam's face upon hearing the voice of her boyfriend, who had spent Friday, and Saturday doing voluntary chores for his fraternity, and was not able to spend the weekend with his "favorite girl."

Brooke, who had been chatting animatedly with Nicole, suddenly lost all interest in the conversation with her friend, as she focused all of her attention on Sam, and the sultry way that she spoke into her cell phone.

"Sure, baby," Sam cooed softly, "I miss you too...terribly."

Brooke felt her stomach lurch at the sexy, slow way Sam was speaking to Brock, "Josh never spoke to me that way...like cream melting into milk."

"I know you can't," Sam soothed comfortingly into her cell phone, "you're with me...all the time...no matter where I am."

Brooke felt her heart wither, "Josh never really loved me..." for the first time, the girl truly felt the absence of love in her young life, "he never missed me...or yearned for me."

"Yeah...of course, babe," Sam continued to chat with her unseen lover via the cell phone.

Brooke felt a knot in her throat, as she watched the look of contentment on her step-sister's beautiful countenance, "how...I wish...Sam spoke to me that way..." Brooke was absolutely sure that Samantha would make the most wonderful lover in the world, and anyone who had her love would be happy for life, "and I'm wishing that it was me instead of...him."

Meanwhile, Nicole had stopped talking, and was now watching Brooke, the myriad of emotions on the girl's face, and the way that the tall blond stared intently at Sam, "so...I guess it's all one-sided, huh?"

"What?" Brooke awakened from her Sam induced stupor, and stared at her best friend, Nicole, "what do you mean, Nic?"

Nicole didn't have a chance to give Brooke an adequate reply, because Samantha put away her cell phone, and approached the two girls with an excited look upon her face.

"Hey...guess what!"

"Oh get it over with, Spam!" Nicole exploded angrily, "just tell me already!"

Sam simply stuck her tongue out at Nicole, "brain tumor!" she yelled at the little blond.

"You wish...toe lint!" Nicole in turn stuck her own tongue out at the taller brunette.

"Gods..." Brooke rolled her eyes in exasperation at the typical, infantile conduct of the two girls, "what is it, Sam?"

"Brock's frat is having a party tonight! He wants me to meet him there, and take you guys with me. Interested?"

"Hell yeah!" Nicole exclaimed excitedly, "of course I am. I have the cutest, little black dress..."

"Casual," Sam interrupted gleefully, as she stuck her tongue out at Nicole once more.

"You would prefer dressing down, Spam," Nicole replied dryly.

"I love comfort," Sam countered, once more showing her tongue.

Brooke's hazel eyes were now fixed on Sam's moist, bright, crimson tongue, as she wondered what it would feel to have it on certain, intimate areas of her body.

"Spam...don't you dare keep waving that oral instrument of yours around if you don't want me to take advantage of it!" Nicole said in a warning tone.

"Heh," Sam's ire was now awakened, along with her typical, anti-Nicole defiance, "is that a threat, Satan?"

"Yes," came the simple reply from the little blond, whose cunning was decades ahead of the brunette's psyche, "I DARE you, Spamola!"

As Nicole had anticipated, the gullible Samantha stuck out her scarlet tongue, which was rather long, wide, very moist, and noticeably muscular in its perfect tone. With surprising speed, Nicole lunged at Sam, and with small, claw-like hands seized the girl's head. Then, Nicole parted her ruby lips, and sucked Sam's mocking tongue into her open mouth. For several seconds, Nicole kept a firm hold on Sam by her oral grasp.

Brooke felt an explosion inside her head, as if several million of her brain cells died at the curious, shocking sight of Nicole kissing Sam. Suddenly, Brooke's heart was flooded with intense jealousy, even though she knew that Nicole was just mocking Samantha, and that their kiss was more a game of dare than a real kiss of passion. Yet, Brooke would have wished that it was she who was kissing her beautiful brunette, and not her best friend, Nicole. The unexpected sight made the lanky, ex-cheerleader plunge ahead, latch herself onto Sam, and pull her possessively away from the little blond, " NIC! How could you? Sam's a GIRL!"

"Like that really matters so much," Nicole replied with a giggle.

Sam backed further away, as she wiped her mouth, and frowned, "Satan..."

"Oh shut up, Spam!" Nicole chided playfully, amid a hearty laugh, "it's not like your life has been THIS exciting until now!"

"Nic!" Brooke growled.

"Oh just shut up, Brooke!" Nicole countered, "lets go back to your dorm room, and get ready for that frat party!"

"Yeah!" Sam exclaimed suddenly, as she took Nicole by the hand, and towed her away, "casual is good too, prima donna!"

"Like you have the most unhealthy taste in fashion, Spam!"

"Like you always end up looking like a slut anyway, Satan!"

Once more, Brooke was shocked to see Sam and Nic, sworn enemies for years, who had just recently shared a very, very intimate kiss, acting as if nothing had happened, and walking away from her in perfect harmony, chatting and giggling like buddies, bonding, and leaving her behind, "hey you two! Wait up!" the lanky girl cried angrily as she quickly pursued the two, young women.

It took Sam, Brooke, and Nicole a long time to get ready. All three girls fought over the bathroom, taking the next shower, spending too much time in front of the mirror. The girls fought over the curling iron, and make-up. But it was both Nicole and Brooke who fought over clothes, which they had bought during their mutual shopping spree. Finally, the two blonds settled on their own, respective looks for the frat party.

Brooke was dressed in dark blue, with tight, waist high, dark blue jeans, and a sequined top with shoulder straps, with low heeled moccasins.

Nicole wore tight, white Capri pants, sandals, and a red tank top, her short, blond hair curled softly.

The two blonds stared at each other for several seconds in silent approval, then broke out in laughter.

"So...how do I look, B?" Nicole asked as she turned around to display her finished party look for her tall friend.

"Not bad, Nic," Brooke admitted as she surveyed the little blond with a surprised look on her pretty face, "you look good in those pants...and the pink eye make up goes good with your red earrings, and red tank top."

"Same here, Brooke," Nicole replied as she gazed at her lanky friend, "you always look good in whatever you wear. Blue is definitely your color."

"It's a miracle we survived each other," Brooke joked, "we always used to fight whenever we had a party to go to..."

"Yeah," Nicole agreed with a smile, "we would fight to the last bit of lip gloss...but hey it was good to do again."

"I know...I have missed you very much, Nic!"

"Me too," Nicole said, a bit misty-eyed, "I miss Kennedy so much! I never thought that it would end. Harvard is okay, but I'm so lonely."

"We'd better stop this right now!" Brooke exclaimed with a sigh, "if we start crying, we'll smear our make-up!"

"Yeah. I know."

"Hey...where did Sam go?"

"That hog is still in the toilet!" Nicole complained with a giggle, "just what did she eat for lunch? An entire horse?"

"I only ate half of one!" Sam's voice came to them from behind the bathroom door.

Brooke and Nicole turned to see Sam exiting the bathroom, and they two girls almost had a stroke upon seeing how the brunette was dressed.

"Sam?" Brooke was shocked.

"Wow...Sp...Sp...SPAM!" Nicole exclaimed as her eyes settled wildly on her enemy's alluring shape.

Samantha McPherson was looking in the mirror above the bureau, surveying her eye shadow, while the two, wide-eyed girls standing behind her ogled her, "what?"

"You...you look great, Sam."

"Hey...Satan...did you just address me by my correct name?" Sam looked at Nicole as if the girl were a stranger.

"Huh?" the little blond in the Capri pants was still staring at the beguiling brunette in a stupefied fashion, "huh?"

"Sam..." Brooke began gravely, trying to control her sudden urge to ravish the brunette, "where did you get those clothes? I've never seen them before?"

"Oh...this stuff?" Sam was perfectly smug now, "while you two hens were chatting about the Saks Fifth Avenue window displays, I just slipped away for a few purchases."

Samantha McPherson was wearing tight, black, leather pants that hugged her wide hips, and long, shapely legs like a second skin, their surface glistening in their inky, night like sheen. Sam wore a black, long sleeved blouse that was gathered at her waist, making it look even smaller than it already was. The blouse had a plunging neckline that revealed the girl's breasts as slightly jiggling, pale orbs peeking out above her cleavage. Samantha was wearing three inch heels that put her at almost Brooke's height. Add to the final, erotic look that made Sam look like a haunted, wraithlike vampire, Sam's hair was wild and wavy around her shoulders and face.

"So...how do I look?" Samantha asked quietly.

"Wow," Brooke breathed somewhere between a gasp, and a sigh.

"And I got my underwear from Victoria's Secrets," Sam said as she unbuttoned her blouse, to reveal her black, silk brassiere, elaborately decorated with black lace trimmings, "do you think Brock will like this?"

"You plan on showing it to him?" Brooke was horrified at the thought of someone besides herself seeing Samantha in her underwear, until it suddenly dawned upon her in a most bitter fashion that Brock and her step-sister were probably already intimate, or about to become so, "he has a right to...he's her lover," and that thought brought a great pain to the lanky blond's heart.

"Well?" Sam was still waiting for an opinion from the two blonds.

Nicole Julian couldn't stop staring at Sam, and just stood agog and agape, as her eyes continued to survey the sight of the girl that stood before her. Without saying a word, her sky blue eyes fixed on Sam's breasts, Nicole approached an expectant Sam, who watched her get closer.

"So?" Sam continued to watch the little blond who seemed to literally float three inches off the floor.

Nicole finally reached Sam, and very simply buried her pretty head in Sam's breasts.

"NICOLE!" Brooke bellowed loudly as she quickly moved forward toward the brazen little blond who was nuzzling her nose into a very amused Samantha's cleavage, "what are you doing?"

"Sp...Sp..." Nicole seemed to stutter as Brooke pulled her away from a now smirking Samantha.

"Yes indeed," Sam smirked, satisfied with Nicole's unexpected reacion, "I think Brock will like it." Sam buttoned her blouse up once more, "c'mon girls. We have a frat party to go to!" Sam opened the door of the room, and walked out into the hall, then out of view, "hey girls," Sam's disembodied voice floated back into the room to where Nicole and Brooke still stood in a stupor, "are you coming or what?" Whistles and cat calls could be heard from outside the hall, indicating that Sam's attire was eliciting a lot of attention from the other inhabitants of the dormitory.

A very angry Brooke reached out, grabbed Nicole by the wrist, "we're coming," her voice came out of her throat in an obviously jealous shrill, "wait up, Sam!" Brooke, with Nicole in tow left her dorm room, and quickly locked the door behind her, "you rubbed her breasts with your nose, Nic?"

Brock belonged to the oldest, most exclusive fraternity on campus called; "White Stags," which owned the largest, most comfortable building on the entire university campus. The building was located near Sam and Brooke's dormitory, so that the girls only had to walk a very short distance to Brock's frat house.

Brooke was amazed at the sight before her eyes; on the outside the White Stag frat house was decorated with hundreds of what seemed to be Christmas lights. When Brooke, Sam and Nicole entered the fraternity, they found it to be almost dark, lit up by the lights of dozens of strategically placed candles. The candle light cast a strange, yellowish glow on everyone, making them seem almost surreal, and making their shadows quiver erotically. Brooke was almost immediately engulfed by the strange, otherworldly atmosphere of the frat house. Brooke's eyes immediately, instinctively darted to Sam, who seemed more a magical, dark being than anything else, and who's hand she clutched in that strange, twilight atmosphere. It was Sam who led Brooke in, and the lanky girl had Nicole trailing behind her. Brooke was making sure not to let her short friend near Samantha's exotic, addictive beauty.

"Where are we going, Sam?" Brooke asked amid the almost medieval style music that was playing, as the scent of incense wafted to her nose from all sides, overwhelming her senses, and the semi-darkness assaulted her hazel eyes.

"Brock is somewhere in here," Sam almost yelled back, as she continued to lead her two blonds along.

Brooke saw a dim, tall figure come up from the side, and hug Samantha. The blond girl had to squint her eyes, but she recognized who it was; Brock.

"Baby," Sam said, her voice pregnant with emotion, as she slid her arms around Brock's slender waist, and then tilted back her dark head to receive his kiss.

"Yeah, babe," the tall, young man husked as he leaned down to kiss his gorgeous girlfriend.

Brooke wordlessly watched Sam and Brock merge, their lips meeting, then sealing into one portal. She felt a sudden stab of pain as her eyes laid siege on the two lovers, and their caress.

When Sam and Brock parted, the girl quickly turned to her friends, "Brock...I brought Brooke with me, and that's Nicole standing behind her."

"Hi, Brooke," Brock said in his customary bass voice, "glad to meet you, Nicole," he held out his large hand to the short blond girl, "hope you like Bedford."

Nicole stepped out from behind Brooke, and faced Brock directly, "um...yeah...hi," the little blond took Brock's hand, and looked at him from head to foot.

"Like what you see, Satan?" Samantha asked as she latched onto Brock's side.

"What did you just call her?" a very perplexed Brock asked Sam.

"I call her Satan," Sam related, "because we were enemies in highschool."

"And..." Brock was totally confused as to the dynamics of Sam and Nicole's odd relationship, "are you friends now?"

"It's a strange relationship really," Nicole explained, "we still can't stand each other, but we get along."

"Oh," was all that the handsome young man could say as he looked at Sam, "wow, Sam...you look great!"

"I aim to please," Sam replied as she nuzzled up against Brock's strong chest.

"I picked out her outfit," Nicole smirked.

"Oh you did not!" Sam countered, "you tried to assault me!"

"What?" Brock was more and more mystified by Sam and Nicole.

"Don't even listen to them," Brooke said impatiently, "they act like brats all of the time!" the lanky girl rolled her eyes, "just keep them as far apart from each other as you can!"

"Hoh," Brock started to laugh, "I think I get it."

"Spoilsport!" Nicole growled at Brooke.

"Party pooper," Sam exclaimed.

"Want to dance with me?" Brock asked Sam softly, as she looked down at her with a toothy grin.

"I thought that you'd never ask," the girl said, her eyes glowing, a look of adoration filling them as she fixed her gaze upon her tall lover.

Brooke's eyes stayed with the lovers, noticing so many details; the sultry ring in Sam's voice, the glowing highlights in Brock's flaxen hair, the way Sam cuddled up to his strong body, the admiration that filled the boy's hazel eyes when he looked down at the brunette, the way their bodies leaned into each other, the way they held each other. Each detail was burned into Brooke's mind and heart; forever to be compared to what she had with Josh, which would ultimately lose, and pale to what Sam had with Brock. Brooke watched the way Sam's free hand lay against Brock's chest, the way her pale, slender fingers gently caressed the fabric of his silk shirt. Brooke noticed that Sam had gently begun to sway against him, to the tune of the music. To Brooke, it seemed that each touch, each caress, look, each word of love that Sam gave Brock were for her instead, "she's mine...but she's blind...and he's in the way!"

"Later, Brooke," Sam whispered as she turned away with Brock, "hang around okay? Don't go too far."

"Yeah," Brooke replied, trying to sound nonchalant, but bleeding in her heart.

"Okay," Nicole said, finally finding words, and the ability to speak after watching Samantha's loving display with Brock, "is this some kind of twisted joke or something?"

"What do you mean, Nic?" Brooke looked down at her friend, "you didn't like Brock?"

"Are you kidding me? What's there not to like?" Nicole replied with a question in her voice, "he's tall, and handsome, and charming...sweet, understanding, sexy as hell...blond..."



"Um..." Brooke was shocked by Nicole's sudden observation.

"What the hell is wrong with Spam?" Nicole was truly, deeply perplexed, "she's fallen in love with a male version of you! And don't tell me that you haven't noticed it yourself, McQueen. I know that you're not stupid."

"Yes, I have noticed," Brooke admonished as she looked down in shame.

"I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a lot more going on under the surface between you two than you let on, Brooke. Am I right?"

"Well I don't know about Sam..."

"But you've already realized it about yourself, huh Brooke? Its just going to take Spam, who seems to be the paragon of stupidity longer to finally see what the truth is."

"What do you think about this, Nic?"

"I've already seen the obvious; that the two of you are more than just friends, and step-sisters. Brooke...you're in love with her. Right?"


"I know you like the palm of my hand, Brooke," Nicole said as she took the girl's hand in her own, and sought out her eyes, "I know you better than you own mom. I made you. Remember? Now tell me the truth which you already know in your heart."

"Yes," Brooke said with a bowed head, "but she doesn't want me."

"Oh? What makes you think that?"

"Look at her, Nic. She's crazy about Brock!" Brook exclaimed bitterly.

"Duh! He LOOKS like you!" Nicole almost yelled back at her startled friend, "McPherson is a lesbian so deep in denial, so desperately clinging to her false heterosexuality, that she's fallen in love with a convenient substitute for you, Brooke. Its so obvious it makes me want to puke! She's in love with you."

"You think?" Brooke asked hopefully.

"Not what I think, Brooke...the issue here is what are you going to do about it?"

"You aren't in any way repulsed about me being gay, Nic."

"Not really, B. I'm bisexual myself. So I can't judge you in any way."

"Thanks, Nic."

"Stop dawdling, you freak!" Nicole shoved Brooke in the ribs, "fight for her before the idiot does something stupid like marrying him!"

"Oh no...she wouldn't," Brooke turned ten shades of corpse-pale.

"She is so ready to," Nicole observed, "Brooke...I'm serious...do something!"

"Like what, Nic? She'll get mad at me if I tell her!"

"Then don't tell her right away," Nicole replied, "do what any red blooded woman does when she falls in love with someone already in a relationship!"


"Take her away from him!"

Brooke's reply wasn't verbal, but in the form of shock as in wide open eyes, and mouth agape.

"Go on," Nicole urged the lanky girl.


"Don't worry about me," Nicole winked, "I just saw someone I might be spending the night with, so don't expect me to go back to your dorm room anytime soon."

"Nic?" Brooke watched Nicole move away from her, and toward a young man who was waving and winking at her.

Brooke stood watching the place where Nicole had disappeared into the crowd, and she was so engrossed in thoughts of Sam, and what Nicole had said to her about the girl, that she didn't see the subtle shape that stood before her.


Brooke snapped out of her minor revelry of Sam, only to see the object of her affections standing right in front of her, "what?"

"Nothing really," Sam just looked away, and pouted.

"What's wrong, Sam? Where is Brock?"

"He had to leave suddenly," Sam replied sadly, "his cell phone rang right in the middle of our dance. He had to go suddenly. His uncle is in the hospital."

"Oh," Brooke couldn't help but feel only the tiniest bit sorry for Samantha, "I'm so sorry, Sammy." Yet Brooke couldn't help but feel ecstatic that now she had Sam all to herself for the rest of the night.

"Damn," Sam cursed softly, "I haven't seen him in two days. Now that I had him, we couldn't even finish our dance."

"You'll see him tomorrow," Brooke said gently, "so..."

"Where's Satan?"

"She found someone to spend the night with."

"Oh," Samantha wasn't at all surprised at Nicole Julian's sexual prowess, and simply accepted that the girl would not be spending the evening with them.

"So..." Brooke suddenly found words failing her.

"Would you mind terribly if we just went home, Brooke?" Sam was pouting in her sexy, endearing way again, and her dark eyes were pleading in their disarming, puppy dog fashion, "unless you really, really want to stay?"

Brooke looked deeply into Sam's pleading eyes, and felt a knot so big in her throat, that it seemed to the blond that she would never be able to swallow for the rest of her life. Brooke felt her heart hammering insistently in her bosom to the beat of Samantha's blinking. The lanky girl felt her knees literally turning into the bland constitution of jiggling jelly as she fought to maintain control of her body, "um...not really."

"Good," Sam whispered in a low, velvety voice that almost made a deeply aroused Brooke swoon, "thanks," the girl got up on her tip toes, then briefly kissed her taller step-sister on her pale cheek, "let's go then." Sam took Brooke's trembling hand in her own, warmer one, and discreetly led her out of Brock's darkened, busy fraternity house.

Brooke and Sam walked down the lane that led from the "White Stag" fraternity house, then turned into the main street that connected all the frat houses and dormitories to the campus, and would eventually take them to their own dormitory. As the girls walked on, they got further and further from the sounds of partying; mingled voices, and loud rock and roll music. Their path became darkened as the street lights became fewer, so that the girls walked more closely together, huddled ever closer, taking to the center of the street for fear of the night. Brooke held Sam close to her side protectively as she felt her own fear rise, then dip down because of her brunette's comforting presence and warmth.

"Are you scared?" Brooke asked as she looked down at the girl in her arms.

"No," Sam replied, her voice still deep, hushed, sultry and as gentle as the blanket of dark that covered the sky, "because I'm with you."

Brooke tightened her arm around Sam's shoulders, and felt the girl's arm around her waist tighten even more. For a brief, blissful moment, Brooke felt as if the two of them were a couple, "we aren't too far from our dorm."

"Yeah, I know," Sam whispered back, her voice carrying delicately to Brooke's ear, making thrills run through the tall blond's lanky frame.

"So...you call our dorm room home?" Brooke asked absently.

"Well...isn't it?"

"Technically yes," Brooke was nonchalant now.

"Its more than that to me," Sam replied quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"Home is more than an address, Brooke. Home is where you rest, and feel safe. Home is with someone you love."

"Oh," Brooke's voice quivered, "and..."

"You're my home."

"I thought that you considered Brock your home," Brooke felt the most delicious sensation of warmth rushing through her.

"Brock is...I don't know sometimes...I think I can't explain him yet...not exactly in words...but I know how I feel about you, Brooke. You're my home."

"Sammy..." Brooke's voice cracked, the slight, growing wetness of tears began to form in the blond girl's eyes.

"We're here..." Sam indicated that they had finally arrived at their dormitory.

"Oh..." Brooke blushed in the darkness, "yeah...let's go up."

The two girls entered their dormitory, and climbed up three flights of stairs.

"I wish they'd fix the damn elevator," Brooke complained after reaching the third floor where her, and Sam's dorm room was located, "I don't think my legs can take anymore of this," she extricated the key from her purse.

"The exercise is good for you," Sam said as she leaned against Brooke's back, while the girl opened the door to their room.

"Uh...yeah," Brooke said quickly, as she fumbled with her keys, as her sweaty palms tried turning the doorknob, as her hands trembled while pushing the door of their room open.

"Are you feeling well, Brooke?" Sam asked with concern, noticing her room mate's sudden discomfort, "want me to get you something?"

"I'm okay. Just tired."

"So you are glad to leave the party, Brooke?" Sam had entered their room, and had turned on the light, "I felt bad about leaving because I thought you might have wanted to be there. You never seem to go out."

"No. I just wanted to come home...with you," Brooke said with a smile, as she gazed into her companion's dark eyes.

Sam didn't reply, but simply smiled sweetly in reply to her step-sister's tender revelation. The two girls looked at each other in silence for a moment, each secretly relishing their closeness, their quiet time together.

"So...are you still sad about your unfinished dance?" Brooke asked as an idea occurred to her.

"Yes," Samantha moped beautifully.

Brooke turned wordlessly away, lit a candle that she had on her night stand, then quickly turned off the light in the room, and turned on the CD player.

"What are you doing, Brooke?" Sam asked, intrigued by her room mate's odd actions.

Brooke turned up the volume of the CD player to a discreet, and tolerable height. Then Brooke turned to look at the girl of her dreams; "will you dance with me, Sam?"

"Brooke..." Sam's voice quivered in the velvet dimness of the small room, and it seemed to be a sound loaded with unexpected emotion.

"I'm not...Brock..."

"You don't have to be."

"But I am tall," Brooke joked, forcing a smile, yet her insides churned at the quivering timbre of Sam's voice.

"And lanky, and blond, and hazel eyed," Sam continued, frowning, her brows knitting together on her alabaster forehead, as suddenly a strange idea took hold of her, "you...sort of look like him..."

"I'm...a substitute," Brooke looked down in shame and sadness, at the thought that her beloved would consider her as such, when all she wanted was to be the light in Sam's gorgeous eyes.

"No...you're not," Sam said firmly as she stepped up to Brooke, "don't ever say that again. You aren't a copy of anyone else to me," then the girl's voice became almost a whisper, hoarse with tenderness, "there's no one like you in my heart. No one."

"Sammy..." Brooke's voice cracked again, as she began to fall apart, into a romantic revelry that surrounded her just like the gentle song that surrounded her, filling her heart as much as it filled the room around her and her Sam, "please...dance with me?" Brooke held her arms out to the beguiling girl that stood before her.

"Yes," Sam husked as she stepped lightly into Brooke's arms.

"In your arms
I can still feel the way you want me
when you hold me
I can still hear the words you whispered
when you told me
I can stay right here forever in your arms,"

Brooke swallowed hard as she slipped one arm around Sam's tiny waist, and drew the girl close to her. The lanky girl felt Sam slip one arm around her shoulders, then bring up her free hand which Brooke took in her own. Brooke swallowed again, this time audibly, as she nervously interlaced her fingers through Sam's delicate ones. Slowly, the girls began to move to the alluring music that came from the CD player...

"And there ain't no way
I'm lettin' you go now
And there ain't no way
and there ain't not how
I'll never see that day..."

The slight sadness, yet tinged with hopefulness of the song filled the hearts of the two girls, who were transported to a magical moment formed between them, a sweet intimacy that opened new doors to them.

"Cause I'm keeping you
forever and for always
We will be together all of our day
Wanna wake up every
morning to your sweet face always,"

"You're so beautiful, Sam," Brooke whispered into her girl's small ear, "you're so...exquisite," Brooke exhaled, her breath rushing out of her as she leaned down, and pulled Sam closer to her.

"And you're beautiful too," Samantha whispered back, as she let her head rest into Brooke's bosom, "you're the most golden creature that I've ever seen," Sam felt a thrill of pleasure run through her as she felt Brooke's warm breath on her ear, which made her tremble.

"Mmmm, baby
In your heart I can still hear
a beat for every time you kiss me
And when we're apart,
I know how much you miss me
I can feel your love for me in your heart,"

Brooke and Sam moved to the intimate rhythm of their beating hearts, as their bodies leaned into each other, their arms tightened their hold. The music of the beguiling song, the velvet, musical voice that spoke the lyrical words enveloped the girls deeper into an intimate bubble that trapped their souls.

"And there ain't no way
I'm lettin' you go now
And there ain't no way
and there ain't not how
I'll never see that day..."

Brooke was leading in her dance with Sam, so that she was able to pause a moment, making her girl stop also. Brooke stepped back a bit, but only a very, very tiny bit, to then look down at the beautiful face of the girl she loved so dearly now. The pretty blond was no longer able to resist the alluring, dark beauty of her companion, so that she leaned down, hey eyelids fluttering, and finally kissed her Samantha gently, her lips delicately covering the girl's full lips.

"In your arms
I can still feel the way you want me
when you hold me
I can still hear the words you whispered
when you told me
I can stay right here forever in your arms
In your arms..."

Brooke's heart was beating madly as she felt the velvet softness, the erotic fullness of Sam's lips pressed against her own. The blond parted her pink lips a bit, slipping her tongue out, then gently licked her brunette's lower lip with a hint of insistence, begging entrance into the depths of her mouth. Brooke intuit that Sam seemed to stiffen a bit, then hesitate, but the sensation passed quickly. To Brooke's delight, she felt Samantha's lips part slowly beneath her own. Brooke couldn't stop the moan that escaped from her throat as she stopped dancing, to embrace Sam completely, as she plunged her tongue into the girl's warm mouth. It seemed to lanky Brooke that heaven opened up, that joy rushed through her as her tongue touched Sam's own shy one...

"And there ain't no way
I'm lettin' you go now
And there ain't no way
and there ain't not how
I'll never see that day..."

The sounds of soft, feminine kisses filled the darkness of the dorm room. Brooke's heart fluttered, her nipples hardened from the thrills of electric pleasure that rose up from her suddenly moist vagina. Sam in that moment was leaning against Brooke, returning each kiss, each sigh and moan that escaped from the blond with equal passion. Their tongues dueled quietly, sliding together in the warmth of their mouths, as their saliva mingled into a single stream, into a single scent.

"'Cause I'm keeping you
forever and for always
We will be together all of our day
Wanna wake up every
morning to your sweet face always,"

Brooke pressed herself against Samantha more tightly, in desperation, as her body begged for more of her gorgeous love. The blond girl sucked gently on the fullness of Sam's lips.

"Mmmm, baby
In your heart I can still hear
a beat for every time you kiss me
And when we're apart,
I know how much you miss me
I can feel your love for me in your heart,"

Brooke felt a sudden surge of sobs rise up through her, mingled with a slight trembling that made her break her kiss, and step back slightly from Sam as the song on the CD ended gently...

"And there ain't no way
I'm lettin' you go now
And there ain't no way
and there ain't not how
I'll never see that day...

'Cause I'm keeping you
forever and for always
We will be together all of our day
Wanna wake up every
morning to your sweet face always..."

"Brooke? What just happened between us?" Sam asked almost in a stupor, her voice still sultry and low, her heart beating madly, her pale skin exploding into chaotic goose bumps.

Brooke still trembled as she took her precious girl into her trembling arms, and held her lovingly, "oh...Sammy..." Brooke choked out in deep emotion, "I'm so in love with you."

Chapter 4; The End of the Journey

Three hours had passed since Brooke had come home with Sam. Three solid hours of brooding, silence, self recriminations had passed for the lanky girl since she had confessed her feelings to her beautiful brunette, "damn..." Brooke felt so terribly vulnerable now as wondered how things would turn out, "I rushed her...now I might lose her for good!" So the golden girl felt like mentally kicking herself, "why couldn't I just hold back a bit? Why?" but the answer came quickly to Brooke's psyche, boldly and loudly, "because I've ached for her my entire life. Because only she can make me happy. Because I just can't stand to see her with Brock, or anybody else." Brooke could still recall that even Nicole's light, mock flirting with Sam had hurt her deeply, "I can't help myself anymore. I need Sammy. I love her. I just can't hide it anymore." Now the problem that faced Brooke was how would Samantha take her passion and devotion?

Brooke had been lying in Sam's bed in her underwear for the last three hours waiting for Sam to exit the bathroom, "she's been in there since I kissed her." No sleep had come to the moping blond girl as she listened, her heart breaking as Sam had cried from behind the closed door of the bathroom. "I can't stand it anymore," Brooke got up from her bed, walked up to the bathroom door, and was about to knock on it, to argue her way inside somehow, when she heard a key in the lock of her room turn, the door open and... "Nic is home?"

Nicole walked in slowly, and was aghast to see Brooke standing by the bathroom door, "Oh my God!" the little blond exclaimed as she clasped a hand to her heaving bosom, "damn it, Brooke! You look like a ghost standing there! What the hell is going on?"


"Well?" Nicole was not only tired, but anxious to get some rest after three hours of droning, nonsense talk from a handsome, empty headed collegiate boy, who had offered her no sex, but a boring treatise on the damaging effects of electroshock on lab rats, "I think I'm going to switch full time to women!" the girl chided to herself.

"I...did what you said, Nic," Brooke managed to explain amid her nervousness.

"You started seducing Spam?"

"Um...well...I told her that I love her," Brooke replied with a blush.

"Brooke!" Nicole was very angry, "I said to seduce her, not hit her over the head with a baseball bat! You weren't supposed to rush her."

"I couldn't help myself," Brooke whined softly.

"Caveman techniques don't work with a girl like Spam!" Nicole argued, "now what's going on?"

"She's locked herself in the bathroom," Brooke explained painfully, "and she hasn't come out in the last three hours! I think she's crying too."

"Well I should think so, Brooke!" Nicole scolded as she threw her purse onto Sam's disheveled bed, "you've probably frightened her to death."

"I didn't mean to," Brooke said on the verge of tears.

"Damage is done already, B. You have to understand how she feels. This girl is dating a dreamboat...completely unaware that she is gay, in love with you, and using him as a substitute for you. She has been happy in La-la land for a while, and all of a sudden you just tear it all away from her by confessing your feelings to her. Now she's going through withdrawal symptoms, like being pushed out of a warm, maternal womb thanks to your stupidity!" Nicole explained breathlessly, "damn...I never should have spent time with that psychology nerd tonight!" she thought to herself, aware of her sudden, clinical-like analysis of Sam's situation.

"I'm so sorry," Brooke wailed quietly.

"Oh damn!" Nicole felt truly heartless, as she hugged her best friend, "okay...don't go leaking all over the place on me! We have to try and fix this!"

"Really?" Brooke felt a bit more hopeful now.

"Yeah. Now...have you tried talking to her?"

"No," the lanky girl replied, "I'm so ashamed to talk to her now. I was just waiting for her to come out of the bathroom."

"Oh brother," Nicole rolled her eyes dramatically, "I just can't believe how bland you are, B!" then the little blond pushed the taller blond to one side, and stood firmly before the bathroom door upon which she rapped lightly with her small fist, "Spam?"

"Yeah?" came the muffled, sniffling reply from behind the bathroom door, "you back, Satan?"

"Yeah, Spam."


Brooke was quite relieved to hear Sam talking again, even if she was jealous that her brunette was doing it with her best friend instead of with her.

"Spam...let's get to the point okay?"

"Always," Sam replied with a sigh.

"Is this damn door locked, Spam?"


"Are you saying its not been locked in the last three hours?"

"Yeah," Sam said softly.

Nicole Julian turned in a sudden flurry, and effectively thwacked her friend on the side of the head, "Brooke...you are so..."

"OW!" Brooke cried out in pain, "what was that for?"

"For not trying the damn door sooner!" Nicole thundered, then the short, bundle of blond energy turned to the bathroom door once more, "having issues, Spam?"

"I just CAN'T be gay," Samantha whined from behind the door, "I...just can't!"

"So you've pretty much figured out what's been going on, Spam?"

"Yes...and I just can't bear it!"

"Well, Spam...just grow up already!"

"You just don't know when to dish the bitch mode, do you, Satan?" Sam snapped back angrily.

"Look Spam...I have to be a bitch 24/7 because its how I survive! I have to be mean, cause being a lesbian is a constant battle!"

"You're gay now?" Brooke was shocked, "but you said you were bisexual just a few hours ago?"

"Well after tonight's date being so damn boring, I just decided what side I'm on permanently tonight!" Nicole declared loudly.

"You're gay?" Sam's shocked voice came from behind the door, "but..."

"You get used to it, Spam," Nicole replied firmly, "its not the end of the world! It just takes some time adjusting!"

"I just feel so strange," Sam sobbed.

"So you finally figured out that your boyfriend is just a male-version of Brooke. Right?"

"Yeah," Sam admitted reluctantly.

"So..." Nicole continued, "all those loving feelings that you had for him, all the longing, passion and lust were really for Brooke?"

"I just can't be in love with Brooke!" Samantha complained, "I mean...what about Brock?"

"It was just a way for your subconscious to mask your homosexuality," Nicole replied while she inwardly wondered just why she was studying law anyway, "your ego just couldn't stand the thought of going through life being labeled as a dyke. So your entire mental structure built a wall around your inner lesbian, and handed you a cute, candy boy that resembled Brooke to keep its artificial heterosexuality safe!"

"Oh...um..." Samantha was duly struck into a sudden stupor over Nicole's wisdom of her plight.

"But that's not what matters right now, Spam."

"What do you mean?"

"Its obvious that you can't go back to the way things were before," Nicole continued, "thanks to Brooke's big mouth, you have been quickly weaned away from a het life, and pushed off candy boy's joy stick!"

"Stop calling him that!" Sam snapped, "he has a name..." then the girl began to cry again.

"What's his name again, Brooke?" Nicole asked her friend quietly.

"Brock," Brooke said breathlessly.

"Oh...okay," Nicole turned to the bathroom door again, "sorry about that, Spam. Now let's get down to business...Brock. You know that what you felt for him was a mistake. Right?"

"Yes. I do," Sam said curtly.

"Well...no need to get bitchy yourself," Nicole snapped back.

"Damn," Samantha exclaimed from withing the bathroom, "go away, Nicole!"

"Wow, Spam..." Nicole chuckled, "that's the first time that you've ever said my true name."

"Well..." Sam's voice floated back from behind the closed door with a hint of reluctant amusement in it.

"Please, Spam," Nicole added softly, "there's someone out here waiting desperately to talk to you. Don't you think its really unfair to leave her out here?"

"But..." Sam was deeply apprehensive now, "I..."

"If you don't open the door right now, Spam...I swear that I'll keep psycho-analyzing your brain until I drop dead," Nicole swore, and mock-threatened in an amused voice, "come on...she's ready to swear herself into a life of celibacy..." then in a more grave tone, "come to the door...okay?"

"Well...I guess so."

Both Nicole and Brooke stood breathless, waiting in deep anticipation as the sound of Sam approaching the bathroom door, then opening it came to them. The bathroom door opened, and in the doorway stood a pale, still hiccuping, teary-eyed Samantha. The beguiling brunette looked at the two blonds shyly, and waited for the taller one of them to respond. But Nicole quickly, unexpectedly lunged toward Sam, grabbed her, then kissed her full on the lips.

"Nic!" Brooke cried in a sudden rage, as she wrapped her arms around the little blond's narrow waist, and forcefully pried the girl off Sam, "stop that!"

Nicole giggled as she pushed Sam out of the way, and rushed into the bathroom, "that's my fee for the psycho-babble, Brooke! Besides...I have to pee in the worst way!" Then, Nicole shut the door of the bathroom, and left both Brooke and Sam outside.

Brooke and Sam faced each other, in total silence for about a minute. Then, the damn of patient abstinence and silence that Brooke had shown during Nicole's florid speech to Sam suddenly burst, so that the girl quickly took her step-sister into her trembling arms.


"Hhhhhmmm?" Sam had quietly settled her dark head on Brooke's firm shoulder.

"Please...don't ever do that to me again," the lanky girl pleaded.

"Hide in the bathroom for three hours?" Sam asked as she basked in abject bliss caused by Brooke's embrace.

"That...and let anyone else but me kiss you!" Brooke declared fervently, as she placed small kisses on Sam's brown hair.

"Yeah?" Sam giggled a bit as she looked up at Brooke, "so...you love me?"

"I love you desperately, Sammy," Brooke said quietly, tenderly, "and if you don't love me back...I'll die."


"Really, Sam...but...do you love me too?" Brooke asked fearfully, trembling, never having felt so vulnerable in her entire life.

"Yes," Sam admonished softly, with a slight nod of her beautiful head, and a sad sigh, "I love you too, Brooke."

"Oh...Sam," Brooke said softly, as she felt her heart lurch with pure joy within her bosom, "I can't believe it...you've made me so happy," the blond tilted Sam's head back, then leaned into her and began to kiss her slowly on the lips, enjoying the feel of her brunette's moist, full lips, "I'm so...lucky!"

But in response to Brooke's passion, Sam reacted by starting to cry once more.

"Sammy? Why are you crying?" Brooke asked in desperation as she stopped kissing the girl in her arms.

"I'm so ashamed, Brooke," Sam choked out, "what about Brock? What will I do?"

"You have to tell him the truth about us, Sam," Brooke said firmly, "there is no way that I am going to let him near you again."

"I...feel so bad...he's so kind to me," Sam replied tearfully, "I feel so awful about breaking his heart."

"We love each other, right Sammy?"


"We're a couple now, Sam. You're MY girlfriend now. Not his."

"Yes. I know that."

"Then we both tell him, okay?"

"Okay, Brooke."

"Is it safe to come out of the bathroom now, girls?" Nicole's tired voice echoed from behind the closed, bathroom door.

"Yes it is, Nic," Brooke replied wearily, as she rolled her eyes.

"Oh good!" Nicole said as she threw open the door, and bounded out of the bathroom. The little blond made a bee-line for Samantha's bed, and dove onto it still fully dressed. The ex-cheerleader shook off her shoes, and just lay there with a smile on her face, "oh I am so damn tired, and I didn't even have sex tonight!"

"Um...too much information, Satan," Sam blushed.

"Come on, Sammy," Brooke said as she took her brunette's hand into her own, "we have to use the bathroom."

"We do?"

"Yes, Sam," Brooke replied, "I'm going to undress you myself!"


Brooke quickly ushered a still embarrassed Samantha into the now unoccupied bathroom, then shut the door behind them.

Nicole giggled at the sight of the two lovers, and then fluffed her pillow as a new thought occurred to her, "I think that I'm going to transfer from Harvard to this school, and change my major from law to psychology! I mean...if I was able to help Spam find her true self...I'm gonna be a hit doing the same for the masses!"

Chapter 5: Seeing Double?

"Now explain to me just why you're still around, Nic?" an insanely jealous Brooke asked her closest friend, "I thought that you were only staying for the weekend. Don't you have classes that you're missing back at Harvard?"

"Oh well," Nicole sighed yet again, for it was the third time that half hour that her lanky friend had directed the same question at her, "it really bothers you that I kissed Spam?"

"You kissed Sam TWICE, Nic!" Brooke wasn't at all pleased at such a statistic, "AND you nuzzled her breasts with your nose! Did you inhale?"

"Um..." Nicole hesitated before replying as her cheeks burned a bright crimson, "well...uh..."

"You did inhale," Brooke said curtly as she brought up her slender, elegant hand to hold the bridge of her nose, a sure sign that a migraine was making its way up to her head.

The little blond girl smiled mischievously, for she loved to torment her tall friend much to the girl's chagrin, "but "Spammy is so much fun, Brooke!"

"MY Spam, Nic!" Brooke crossed her arms and frowned at Nicole.

"How quaint," Nicole smiled evilly, "you've adopted my little pet name for her. Its quite infectious."

Brooke's frown became a dark scowl which made the other girl start to giggle, "its not funny, Nic! Are you trying to move in on Sam?"

"Why of course not, Brooke!" Nicole swore fervently, "Spam is definitely all yours! Although I am a bit disappointed in her right now!"

"What? Why?" Nicole's unexpected comment about Sam suddenly threw Brooke for a loop.

"I expected Spam to put up more of a fight, and give you a hard time!" Nicole admitted truthfully, "I mean...this whole situation almost reads like a badly written piece of fiction."

"My Sammy's a smart girl," Brooke declared in a mixture of haughtiness and pride, "she doesn't need to take forever to know that I'm the only one for her!"

"Yeah...sure!" Nicole smirked sarcastically, "after all the psycho babble I fed her...I'M the one that finally convinced her that she's really in love with you, and not that blond candy boy of hers!"

"Sam would've figured it all out on her own sooner or later!" Brooke spat back at Nicole.

"Heh! Yeah. In about TWENTY years, Brooke. She was so hot for candy boy that she almost..."

"Stop it, Nic! You're making me upset!"

"I'm stopping now, B."


"But she almost..."

"Shut up, Nic!"


"Okay. Now," Brooke paused, "why are you still poking around here, and not on your way back to Harvard?"

"I've decided to change my major from law to psychology, and come to this college instead of Harvard," Nicole replied soberly.

"Why?" Brooke mouthed widely.

"I guess it started with the brainy nerd I almost had sex with last night," the little blond explained, "something he said to me must have sunk in...then it all came out with the shit about you and Spam."

"That still doesn't explain why you want to stay around, Nic."

"Oh...ALRIGHT ALREADY!" Nicole was fed up, "I had a great time with you and Spam this weekend. I miss that. I'm lonely out there at Harvard. I miss what you and I had in highschool. I want to stay here and hang out with you guys, besides deciding to study psych!"

"So," Brooke said thoughtfully, "its not about you trying to take Sam away from me?"

"Why of course not, Brooke. I'd never do that to you."

"Really?" Brooke felt her mood lighten with great relief.

"It would just be too weird," Nicole said as she scrunched her nose to indicate her distaste, "Spam and I have been enemies for too long. We hate each other. Falling in love would just be too damn weird for me! I'd go insane!"

Brooke's VERY audible sigh was a sign of her evident relief.

"But," Nicole interjected, "Spam should've put up more of a fight. I would've loved seeing you SQUIRM!" Upon saying this, Nicole literally leered evilly at her best friend.

Brooke's response to the little blond's words was a resounding slap from her strong hand to Nicole's shoulder.


"That's what you get for taunting me!" Brooke replied in her most righteous mode.

Brooke was so nervous that she shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she stood by the table she shared with Nicole, only a few tables away from the table where her Samantha sat waiting for a handsome prince named Brock, "now why is it that I can't be with Sammy and help her break up with Brock?"

"Spam has to do it all by herself so that her candy boy will clearly, and without any doubt understand that it was all her idea, and that she wasn't induced by you in any way. Otherwise he'll fight tooth and nail for her, Brooke," Nicole preached.

"What's the difference? Sam is determined to leave him anyway," Brooke reasoned stubbornly, "its not like he has any choice. Sam loves me."

"I said..." Nicole rolled her eyes impatiently, "that he'll fight to keep her, Brooke!"

"Sam is mine, Nic. It doesn't matter one way or another. He doesn't stand a chance."

"Are you completely sure of that, Brooke?"

"You're making me angry again. You're insinuating that I should put Sam to a test or something."

"I think it's a good idea, Brooke."

"I refuse to do that, Nic!" Brooke snapped as she sat back down, then poked Nicole in the ribs.

"Brooke," Nicole began calmly, "I know you feel like you're on top of the world because you just got Sam...but you don't know the depth of her feelings. Maybe she isn't as deeply in love with you as you are with her. This is the moment to find out what she's made of!"


"You have to!" Nicole insisted passionately, "for your own good. What if later on she dumps you for someone else? Its better to know now..."

"No!" Brooke repeated, shaking her head vigorously, "I won't put Sam through any test."


"No. No. No," Brooke said staunchly as her voice became colored with desperation, "I've waited TOO long for Sam. I'm not going to lose her over one of your stupid concepts of loyalty and trust!"

"What does that mean?" Nicole narrowed her eyes, "you didn't just fall in love with her a few months ago?"

"I've been in love with Sam since the first time I saw her in kindergarten," Brooke said quietly.

Nicole's eyes nearly popped out of her head, and her mouth hung open in abject shock, "that long?"

Brooke chose to ignore Nicole's almost volcanic reaction to her words, and continued speaking, "Sam is finally mine. I don't care how deep, or how shallow her love for me is. I'm not letting her go until one of us dies, and even then I'm hanging on to her!"

Meanwhile, three tables away, Sam sat at a corner table waiting nervously, filled with abject terror of what she was going to do, "I'm going to break his heart!" The gorgeous girl wasn't accustomed to breaking hearts or hurting a person's feelings, "but I have to do it. Its not a matter of picking between Brock or Brooke. The affair is settled," the girl sighed, "I love Brooke. I've loved her since kindergarten. I just never expected to have her love me back."

Sam was so deep in her thoughts about Brooke, so mesmerized by the images of her golden girl that played over and over in the movie theater of her mind, that the sound of a silky, smooth bass voice startled her back to reality.

"Hey babe," Brock said tenderly as he sat down beside Sam at the table where she waited dutifully for him.

Sam felt a shiver of delight run through her at Brock's nearness. At first the girl was frightened because she took it as a sign that she still had feelings for her handsome lover. Then Sam realized just what the cause of her sudden arousal was as she looked at Brock, then stared deeply into his hazel eyes; he reminded her of Brooke.

Meanwhile, two tables away, Broke and Nicole watched the proceedings from a distance amid their bickering.

"Go back to Harvard, Nic!"

"No way, B! That's like leaving before the movie ends. I want to see how it all turns out!"


"Shut up Brooke!"

Meanwhile, two tables away in the other direction;

"How's my baby?" Brock threw his long arm around Sam's shoulders, and drew her to him.

"No...don't do that, Ro!" the girl moved brusquely away from him.

"What is it, Sam?" Brock asked, hurt evident in his voice, "I haven't seen you in two days. I need to touch you, and hold you!"

"Don't," Sam said in quiet fury as she moved away from his touch once more, "don't. Please."

"Sam?" worry colored the young man's voice, "what's wrong? Are you angry with me because we don't see each other enough? Do you think that I'm cheating on you with someone else? Are you jealous?"

"Ro..." Sam felt sudden terror and shame, then guilt as she looked into his beautiful, sad eyes, "its over between us."

"No...babe," Brock felt his soul plunge into chaos, his heart into desperation, "I love you, Sam. I need you!"

"I can't love you back, Ro," the girl was crying now, "things have changed!"

"Sam..." Brock said the girl's name with reverence, "I want to marry you!"

Two tables away, Brooke heard Brock's marriage proposal to Sam, and her heart lurched with terror, "oh no!"

Nicole quickly noticed Brooke's apprehension, "B?" the little blond instinctively held onto Brooke's arm with both hands, "don't interfere!"

"I can't stay out of this!" Brooke whispered fiercely, "this is about my life and happiness! He'll take Sammy away from me!"

"You just have to trust her to do the right thing, Brooke!"

"That's open to a lot of interpretations, Nic!"

"Hopefully it'll be yours, B."



"I'm so sorry, Brock," Sam cried softly, "but I can't marry you."

"Why not?" Brock's cry was plaintive and sad, "what's happened Sam? What's changed between us?"

"I won't lie to you," Sam replied determinedly as she straightened up, and tried to regain her composure, I thought that I loved you. I was almost certain of it. But I realized that you were a substitute...a mirror image...a..."

"A substitute for Brooke," Brock interjected unexpectedly, his heart wounded.

Samantha's eyes shot wide open, and her crimson lips parted widely, "how did you know?"

"I had noticed," Brock began quietly, "that Brooke and I look extraordinarily alike. I even suspected there was something more than friendship and sisterhood going on between you two. I even noticed the way she looked at you all of the time."

"What do you mean?"

"I could see the love in her eyes for you, Sam."

"Oh," Sam was duly ashamed, "but I did love you, Ro. I wasn't using you. I wasn't even aware of my feelings for Brooke until these past two days. Do you hate me?"

"No, Sam. I couldn't ever hate you," the young man said softly, "in fact I'm not at all innocent in the matter of substitution either. I have a confession to make to you as well."

Sam's dark, gorgeous eyes became fixed on Brock's handsome features, "what is it?" Her unblemished, milky white forehead suddenly became marred by tiny lines of worry as she studied her ex-lover intently, suddenly fascinated by his mysterious, cryptic words.

Brock returned his dark angel's intense gaze for what seemed an eternity, but was no more than a few seconds. Then, Brock turned his head to one side, raised his hand, and waved it, "Serge...come here!"

At that moment, two tables away, Brooke and Nicole continued to watch the proceedings.

"Hey...Nicole stood up from her seat as she watched a figure walk briskly by, "that guy looks just like..."

"What? Nic?" Brooke was perplexed by her usually loud, blond friend's sudden, unusual befuddlement, "what's wrong?"

Nicole went several shades paler than her usual, milky white self as her cerulean eyes followed the figure of a young man that walked by, and briefly smiled at her; he was about 5' 8" in height, fair complexioned, with long, dark, silky hair gathered back in a pony tail, with large, almond dark eyes, a fine nose, and full, ruby lips, "that guy...he...he looks just like...SPAM!"

"Oh you're kidding!" Brooke snapped angrily at Nicole, for now she was absolutely sure that her best friend secretly lusted after her Samantha.

"No I'm not!" Nicole exclaimed defensively, "just look at him!" the little blond pointed at the young man passing by their table at that very moment.

Brooke looked up quickly at her friend's sudden command, only to catch a fleeting glimpse of the passing figure that Nicole had pointed out to her. Brooke caught a brief glimpse of a smile that stirred her heart because of its haunting familiarity; a row of straight, pearly white teeth peeking out from smiling, moist, crimson lips. Brooke suddenly felt wet between her thighs as she finally understood the entire affair between Sam and Brock, "I think that Brock is...gay!"


Meanwhile, at the other end of the plotline...

"Sam," Brock stood up from his chair as his voice became neutral, "I'd like you to meet Serge, my roommate."

Sam stood up, pushed her chair back, and contemplated the newly arrived young man standing before her. Then despite the shock that illuminated her delicate features, the girl found her voice once more as she noted how much she looked like Serge as she turned to Brock, "you're...gay? Is this your substitute for ME?"

Brock took a step back away from the girl as shame filled his noble heart over the anger and indignation in Sam's voice, "It didn't start out that way."

"Oh really?" Irony and disappointment colored Sam's angry voice, "were you using me all along?"

"No! Sam...I swear I never used you!" Brock blurted out apologetically, "Serge and I have always been best friends, almost like brothers. But one day I started having all these other feelings for him. He confessed to me that he was gay and in love with me. I got scared...I couldn't handle it all until..."

"Until I just happened to show up in your life?" Sam interjected angrily, "and being a dead wringer for Serge, your candy boy, and safely being a female, you decided to use me as a stand in for him; you could safely fall in love with me, fulfill your duty to your precious, misguided macho self, and still be reminded of your beloved Serge!"

"Don't make it sound so sordid, Sam!"

"Sordid? I can do much better than that!"

"Well I was a substitute for someone else in your life too, Sam!"

"Oh there's a BIG difference," Sam snapped, "I didn't know that I was doing it. But you were very aware of it. You were using me! You made a fool of me, Ro!"

"I did love you, Sam!" Brock husked passionately.

For a moment, Sam was silent and awestruck by Brock's overwhelming, virile presence and declaration.


"Really?" Serge, the otherwise silent partner suddenly spoke up, anger sparking in his passionate eyes, jealousy in his heart.

Meanwhile just a few tables away, Brooke left her table hurriedly.

"I'm going in, Nic!" Brooke exclaimed loudly, wildly with flailing arms as is she were in the field of battle, "Sammy needs me right now!"

Nicole simply rolled her eyes, and proceeded to eat the Danish that Brooke had left untouched upon her plate, "what a ham!"

"I mean..." Brock sputtered as he looked down into his roommate's angry, dark glare, "I...just sort of loved you," the young man flubbered helplessly, trying to rectify his passion for the girl, as he still glanced occasionally down at Serge's shiny, ebony eyes that resembled Sam's own in brilliance and passion.

"I had such a high opinion of you, Ro," Sam said quietly as she shook her head, and a sad sigh escaped from her lips, "I was actually feeling guilty about hurting your feelings. But now I can see that you're nothing more than a cad!"

"Sam...please don't think that of me!" Brock said quickly as the girl's sudden words cut into his heart, making him feel deep shame.

"I've had enough," Samantha said as she turned her back on the golden man.

Brock felt a sudden wave of doubt as he looked at Sam, and how she was slipping away from him. Then, the nausea hit him when he realized that the dark beauty wouldn't be there to shield him from his self-doubt, and from the rest of the world finding out that he was gay, a thought which literally terrified him, "Sam...please!"

Samantha paused, then turned toward Brock once more, "I'm so disappointed in you, Ro. I trusted you so much," the girl frowned, "not just as a lover...but as a friend. I didn't cheat you, or make you a substitute for Brooke...I truly didn't know that I was doing it! I was so shocked when I found out...but I didn't do it on purpose. But you did it to me deliberately knowing that I was a replacement for your friend, Serge, a desperate attempt to save your precious het ass! You betrayed me!" Sam's voice cracked, now ripe with emotion.


A deep, husky voice whispered in the beautiful girl's ear, as long, slender arms coiled themselves around her slender frame like loving serpents, "its okay, Sam. I'm here."

Samantha leaned back into the comforting embrace that surrounded her, and into the tall warmth that pressed itself against her, "Brooke..."

"Hush, Sammy," Brooke whispered as she held her precious lover, feeling her love for the girl like an ache in her heart, "its time to go now."

"Yes," Sam replied sullenly, "lets go home."

Brock watched the loving scene between the two girls unfolding. It was at that precise moment that the young man understood the powerful emotion that joined the two girls. And Brock also understood and felt the full impact of what he had done. It was in that instant that Brock realized that he would miss Sam for the rest of his life.


"Yeah, Serge?"

"Let's go home too, huh?"


Brock felt Serge's arm around his waist. Serge pulled Brock to him, and the two men walked out of the café in the opposite direction. Brock looked back at the girls one last time; a look of longing for Samantha, and one of deep envy toward lanky Brooke McQueen.

Brooke and Sam stood together, enjoying the sensation of warmth their pressed bodies shared amid their loving hug.

"You okay, Sammy?"

"I'm fine now."


"I'm already there right now, Brooke."

"I love you, Sam," Brooke whispered huskily to her girl.

"I love you too, Brooke."

Brooke smiled, then leaned hungrily deeper into Sam's warmth. Suddenly Brooke's eyes snapped open, her body stiffened as her magic moment with Sam shattered as she felt the oddest sensation; a third party had joined in the hug, "Nic? What are you doing?"

"And I love you too, Spammy!"

Nicole had attached herself to Sam's backside like a greedy leech.

Brooke and Sam parted in utter surprise. The lanky blond gently pushed aside her gorgeous brunette, then glared down angrily and dangerously at a certain overly amorous, petite blond.


"Um...yeah, B?"

"What were you doing just now?"

"It wasn't a group hug, Brooke?"



"Come here, Nic."


"I said....COME HERE NIC!"

"Seeya later B!"

"Come here, Nic. I want to show you something!"

"Yeah you do! It looks like your fist. All of a sudden you've gone BUTCH!"


Nicole sped out of the café with an angry Brooke in close pursuit, and a giggling Samantha not far behind.

Chapter 6; Home

Early Monday morning saw both Sam and Brooke rushing around their dorm, alternately preparing for the day's classes, and helping Nicole pack her belongings.

"So..." Brooke began with unbridled enthusiasm, "you're REALLY leaving, Nic?"

Nicole simply rolled her eyes in apparent boredom, "yes, Brooke. I'm leaving but..."

"Oh don't listen to her, Satan," Sam encouraged as she helped Nicole with her packing, "we loved having you here!"

"Why Spaaaammmyyy!" Nicole replied in a playful, flirtatious tone as she batted her eyelashes wildly, tilted her head, then stuck a semi-erotic pose, "that is so sweet. I could just kiss you!"

"NIC!" Brooke screamed in utter, jealous rage from the other side of the dorm room.

"You really love pushing Brooke's buttons," Sam whispered to Nicole as she continued to aid the little blond in packing her bags.

"And you love watching," Nicole replied with a smirk.

"Oh I do not!" Sam countered defensively.

"Do to!" Nicole teased.

"Do not!"

"Do to!"

"Didn't you two graduate from kindergarten?" Brooke interjected loudly as she turned away from the bickering girls.

"Just watch this," Nicole said softly to a suddenly befuddled Samantha who looked back questioningly at her. Then Nicole proceeded to make very loud, brazen kissing sounds on the back of her hand as she said in a mock-lustful, semi-orgasmic voice; "oh Sam. (kiss) You're so delicious! (kiss) I love you! (kiss) I want you! (Kiss) Oh (kiss) Spam (kiss) oh (kiss) OH (kiss) SPAM!"

Brooke had innocently turned her back on the two, feuding girls. The lanky blond now stood by the open door of her dorm room, feeling a great sense of relief flood over her at the thought that soon Nicole would be gone, and she would be alone with her Samantha, "soon Sammy...I'm going to make love to you!" Suddenly the sound of kissing, and Nicole's heavy breathing and moaning mingled with her lustful voice awoke Brooke from her revelry, and into a deep, seething rage that made her see nothing but a very deep, angry, jealous shade or RED! "NIC!" The pretty blond turned with the pre-conceived, murderous notion of strangling her best friend, but was met with the astounding sight; Sam was standing at one end of her bed, and Nicole was about six feet away loudly kissing the back of her hand. Brooke was speechless for about ten seconds as she blushed deeply while the two other girls giggled madly.

Sam sobered quickly at the sight of her flustered lover's embarrassment, and quickly approached her with open arms. In that precise moment, Sam felt a powerful ache in her heart mingled with a great need for Brooke that drove her to seek out her tall lover. Samantha wrapped her arms around Brooke's lean torso, then pulled the girl to her tightly as she felt her love for her golden lover explode fully in her bosom, "I love you, Brooke. So much that it hurts," the gorgeous girl whispered to her lover.

Brooke was both surprised by her girl's sudden, fervent earnestness, and its intensity, "Sammy..." she cooed lovingly as she cradled her beautiful lover, "you really, really mean that." Brooke felt a huge, delicious rush of thrills run through her entire body, as her heart lurched with bliss at Sam's words.

"Yes. I do," Sam whispered as she brought her arms up to draw Brooke down for a brief kiss.

Brooke bowed her blond head, tilted her pretty face, then covered her girl's crimson lips with her own pink ones. Emotions clashed on each side as the girls kissed, as their mutual love for each other seemed to join into a single passion.

"OH GET A ROOM YOU TWO!" Nicole shouted plaintively, as her voice shattered the tender revelry between Sam and Brooke.

The two girls stopped kissing. Samantha sighed delicately, as she nestled her dark head on Brooke's strong shoulder, then clung lovingly to her blond lover. Brooke straightened, tightened her grip on her dark beauty, and in that instant she felt like a powerful protector.

"We certainly will Nic!" Brooke smirked, "as soon as you get you ASS out of here!"

"HHHHMMMMMPPPPHHH!" Nicole almost growled, "well I..."

"Nicole? Are you ready?"

A pretty, redheaded girl stepped briefly, shyly into Sam and Brooke's room. The girl nodded to Brooke, then smiled sweetly at Nicole Julian.

"Nora?" Sam reluctantly separated herself from Brooke's warm embrace, "what the hell are you doing here?"

Nora, the newly arrived girl scowled angrily at Sam, "well...McPherson...its certainly a pain in the ASS to see your ugly face again! Or should I say DISGUSTING face instead?"

"Yeah...like how about you getting your obnoxious ass out of MY territory?" Sam glared at Nora as the two girls faced off like two enemy gunmen in an old, fifties Western, cowboy movie.

Nicole watched the two girls in abject surprise and delight, for it reminded her of her own highschool battles with Sam, "is this a showdown?" the little blond giggled, "oh I do love this! Its like being back at Kennedy. The only difference is that now Spam is pushing somebody else around instead of ME!"

"I never pushed you around, Satan," Sam complained, momentarily distracted from her scathing confrontation with Nora, "you were the one always picking on me!"

"It was just puppylove, Spam!" Nicole replied as a smirk appeared on her pretty face.

"Hey, SPAM!" Nora exclaimed loudly as she poked Sam in the ribs, "I don't like finding huge toads in my bathtub at six in the morning!"

"Hey! Only Satan can call me Spam!" Sam poked Nora back.

"Ohmygod! They're fighting over me!" Nicole yelled in almost pure, orgasmic bliss.

"Alright. That's enough!" Brooke shouted, interrupint the mini fued over Nicole, thus appointing herself the sobering influence, and party pooper of the group, "Nora, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I came by to pick up Nicole," Nora replied quietly, for Brooke intimidated her, "she's my new roommate."

"And?" Nicole wiggled her eyebrows at the girl, urging her on, "what else?"

"Um..." Nora blushed to almost pure crimson, "Nicole is my girlfriend!"

"What?" Sam's eyes nearly exploded from her head in amazement, "when did this happen?"

"Never mind!" Brooke interjected, "don't encourage them anymore, Nora. Just take Nic, and go get a ROOM!"

"Oh...yes...of course," Nora sputtered as she began grappling Nicole's suitcases, and dragging them out into the hall.

"Kiss, kiss," Nicole said quickly as she touched her cheek briefly to Brooke's who had leaned down to her height, "I've already started transferring here from Harvard. I have lots of papers to sign, classes to pick, and a hot redhead to peel! I'm really busy! Bye B...Spam!" With an overly exaggerated wave, Nicole left the room in a theatrical fashion.

Sam and Brooke were finally alone.

Brooke shut the door, locked it, then leaned against it as she cast her lustful gaze upon Sam's beautiful form.



Sam was standing in the middle of the room looking shyly at Brooke. For the very first time, Sam was acutely nervous.

"We're...finally...alone," Brooke husked as her skin erupted into a million goose bumps.

"Um...yeah," Sam shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"You're blushing, Sammy. That is just so cute."

"I'm just embarrassed about all of this, Brooke."

"But why? Its just the two of us. You. Me..."

"I know...but..." Sam felt self-conscious, "we've known each other forever...but this is all so new to me."

"It changes everything between us," Brooke was suddenly worried that Sam might actually repent, "do you want to stop this?"

"What? No. I'm not stupid or insane! This is what I've dreamt of for years."

"Me too, Sammy."

Sam smiled reassuringly, and Brooke smiled with relief as she stepped forward, and took her brunette into her arms.

"It hurt me so much to see you with Brock!" Brooke whispered as she pressed Sam to her body. Brooke held Sam with her left arm, and her right hand wandered up then down the girl's warm, soft body, "every time that he touched you I felt like I was being stabbed, because I wanted to be the one doing it."

"Brooke..." Sam's voice was almost velvety in its whisper.

"And when you touched him...it made my heart break because I wanted it to me be...it almost felt as if you were really touching me instead of him."

"Why didn't you tell me all of this before, Brooke?"

"What could I say to you? To me you were straight. I couldn't even dare to hope that you would ever want me...until I noticed that Brock could pass for my twin brother. Even his name was a lot like mine!"

"Oh how pathetic of me!"


Both began to giggle.

"I guess my subconscious gayness found an outlet in Brock," Sam said as she wrapped her arms around Brooke's slim waist.

"You really had me confused," Brooke replied as she began to place small kisses on Sam's alabaster forehead, "but I can thank Nic for waking me up, and pushing me into doing something about you and me!"

"Yeah. We both owe Satan a lot!"

Brooke stepped back from Sam, making the brunette feel suddenly cold from her lover's absence.

"What is it, Brooke?"

"Just stay where you are," Brooke reassured Sam as she kissed the girl briefly on the lips.

Then Brooke seemed to become a whirlwind as she went about the room, lowering the blinds on the window, dimming the lights, and lighting a candle.

"What are you doing?"

"Its called making an environment, Sam."


Brooke chuckled as she turned on the DVD player, and pre-selected 15 romantic songs, "it means that we're missing all of our classes today."

"Oh," Sam said as she finally understood Brooke's actions, "Now I get it. Environment."

"Exactly," Brooke replied.

"That means that you're going to seduce me?" Sam slowly, teasingly licked her full, moist lips with her bright pink tongue, and gave Brooke a mock-demure, mischievous look that seemed to make her obsidian eyes glimmer.

For a moment Brooke thought she would faint away when she saw the enticing, erotic gaze that Sam was giving her. The blond almost lost her balance as she felt a discharge of cum rush from her vagina as her eyes followed Sam's tongue as it outlined her ruby lips. Brooke fought to gain her composure, then calmed herself down. Brooke closed her eyes for several seconds...

"Are you meditating, Brooke?"

Sam's lilting voice, coupled with her infectious giggle made Brooke open her eyes in surprise.

"Brooke...you are so boring!" Sam laughingly scolded her golden girl.

Sam's sudden, mischievous comment finally sent Brooke over an emotional cliff as she turned around and faced Sam.

"Sam..." the girl said shakily, "I want to commit myself completely and forever only to you."


"Yeah," Brooke husked as she extended her arms to Sam.

Samantha quickly stepped into Brooke's loving embrace. The two girls stood pressed tightly against each other, arms tangled around each other in a deep, peaceful silence that enveloped, and sealed their soul into a single essence. Finally, Brooke spoke in a shaky, emotion filled voice.

"Sam...will you dance with me forever?"

Sam's dark eyes twinkled, then became slightly teary as she smiled softly, "yes, Brooke."

The two girls kissed briefly on the lips, then began to dance slowly to a gentle, slow song that would carry them through their now intertwined lives.


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