Title: That Beguiling Emotion

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Author: Balticbard

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Disclaimer; Popular is copyrighted; no profits will be made from this story.

Pairing: Sam/Brooke of course.

Author's Note: a/u, out of character

Part 1; Hereldara's curse

that beguiling emotion
rolling through my heart
in gigantic proportions
when from the very start
I laid eyes on your smile,
I was smitten forever,
for all the while......
I wanted us together
in a plush bed of roses....

that beguiling emotion
spilling from my eyes,
like a dangerous potion,
that has made me so shy,
tongue tied, and waiting
for the warmth of your love,
to fill my trembling arms
with your fabulous charms
till the end of our lives.


Sam sighed for what seemed the fiftieth time that day, and Brooke rolled her eyes, feeling a quiet fury fill her young heart, "what is wrong with you, McPherson?"

"Huh?" Samantha was so deep into her revelry, as her dark eyes spotted a handsome young man standing by one of the numerous booths at the state fair, which both girls had reluctantly visited with their parents, Jane, and Mike, "what do you mean, McQueen?"

"Stop your stupid sighing!" Brooke yelled at the gorgeous brunette beside her, "you're making me sick."

"I can do whatever I want, so go to hell," an angry Samantha replied defiantly.

"Stop acting like a slut, and making eyes at every guy you see!" Brooke countered, as her face reddened in absolute fury, and another emotion that suddenly rose to the surface; jealousy.

"Envy doesn't look good on a bleach blond, Brookie," Sam said with an evil smirk, "you can't stand the fact that they're all looking at me, and not at you!"

Truthfully, there was every reason for the young men to stare in awe at Samantha McPherson, who had just recently bloomed into the fullness of womanhood, having been formerly a very skinny, freckled, innocent-seeming ingenue. Samantha had exploded into a stunningly beautiful, voluptuous, rosy cheeked young girl with long, wild, dark hair, passionate, glowing, brown eyes, full, red lips always on the verge of a sexy pout, unblemished, fair skin, round, full, nubile breasts, endlessly long, curvy legs, and what seemed to be the tiniest waist in the entire state of California.

"It takes a lot more than looks to catch a guy, McPherson!" Brooke replied, with furrowed golden brow upon her alabaster forehead.

"Oh sure!" Samantha said with evident sarcasm, "as if that was all you had to keep your cerebrally challenged football jerk, Josh occupied. He dumped you so fast, it looked like Superman flying at warp speed!"

"You are such a bitch, Sam!" Brooke cried in all of her delicate blondness, as tears spilled from her big, hazel eyes, running down her pale cheeks, almost touching her pink lips, "why do you have to be so mean?"

"Why do you have to keep me from having my fun?" Sam spat back.

Brooke McQueen felt the sudden urge to just slap her beautiful step-sister, but just stood there, looking into the girl's wondrously deep eyes. Brooke was slightly taller than Sam, at 5'10", so that she had the advantage in both height, and strength, for her long, lanky frame was composed of firm, hard muscle. But Brooke couldn't bring herself to strike her rival's gorgeous countenance. Ever since Brooke had been humiliatingly abandoned by Josh Ford, her longtime boyfriend, ever since Samantha had ceased to be a plain, ugly duckling of a girl, the tall, beautiful, blond cheerleader had experienced a change in her emotions.

Once everything had been simple; she, Brooke McQueen was the most popular girl in school, head of the cheerleading team, going steady with the handsome captain of the football team, shoo in for prom queen. Now, Brooke was known as Josh's has been, and so depressed that her cheerleading skills degraded to the point that she lost her position on the cheerleading team, her friends were ignoring her, her popularity had bottomed out, her grades were dropping her, and she was just plainly suffering. Added to all of her pressures, now Brooke faced a now beautiful Samantha, in whose company she was forced into constantly; the two of them shared a bathroom, lived in the same house, their parents were married; Sam's mom to her dad, and Sam was in almost all of her classes. Sam genes had finally caught up at age seventeen, and she had gone from a colorless, shabbily dressed, ugly thing to a now, smartly dressed, stunningly beautiful, refined, graceful, somewhat glamorous, even exotic creature in the course of one single summer that she spent in Pennsylvania, at her aunt Gloria's house. Now, Brooke was drowning in abject misery, mingled with an overwhelming attraction toward her arch nemesis, Samantha, and the ex-cheerleader didn't know what to do. All that Brooke could do at the moment was to protest fervently about Sam's constant gazing, and sighing at handsome men, who gazed lustfully in return at her. All that Brooke could do was cringe at the thought that Sam would soon be gone from her side. All that Brooke could do was admit that Josh wasn't the only reason that she was miserable, but that she was love sick over Sam.

"You are so mean to me," Brooke said in a trembling voice, as she turned, and ran from her step-sister, and into the crowd.

Jane, and Mike had caught up to the girls, and had overheard the two of them arguing, "Samantha McPherson, how can you be so cruel to your sister?" Jane, Sam's pretty mother scolded, "go after her right now!"

"But.....mom.....it was all her fault!" Sam argued in return.

"Go after her, Sammy! Please!" Mike pleaded with the girl.

"Oh...alright," Sam replied guiltily, "but only because you asked me, Mike....not because mom scolded me!" then, Sam turned, and ran into the crowd, in time to avoid her mom's angry reply;

"Oh! How dare you!"

"Let's go ride the Ferris wheel, Jane," Mike said, kissing her on the cheek to appease her.

"Fine, I suppose," Jane answered nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, Sam wove her way through the crowds, and managed to find her pretty step-sister, Brooke, sitting on a bench. Sam felt truly repentant at her mean words toward the blond girl, and sought to apologize, "hi," the girl said, as she sat beside her step-sister, "are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess," Brooke sniffled in reply, as she looked up, and showed Sam her tear filled eyes.

"You are such a pain," Sam said with a smile, as she tenderly ran her pale fingers across Brooke's cheeks, wiping the tears from them, "but I really am sorry for what I said to you about Josh. You shouldn't bother so much about him anymore. You'll find someone to love you soon!"

"Oh," Brooke blushed, "I'm not crying over him anymore."

 Sam turned, looking behind her, "wow. It's a Gypsy booth; "Heraldara, the Great."


"One of those fortune tellers," Sam exclaimed aloud, "a fake lady seer!" Sam was beside herself with laughter.

"Is that what you think of me, young lady?" The unknown voice startled Sam, making her stop laughing, and look up to see a tall, slender woman dressed in what was obviously a traditional, Gypsy costume. The woman had glowing, dark eyes, and fixed her piercing stare at the brunette.

"Uh....." Sam was confused for a moment, but being a usually brash, outspoken, defiant, stubborn, opinionated, young woman, she was not about to change her opinions, " of course. All fortune-tellers are fakes. No one can tell the future. There is no such thing as destiny."

"Oh, I see," the Gypsy replied, "but I, Hereldara, say that there is."

"Sure," Sam smirked.

"Stop that, Sam!" Brooke interjected, "you have no right to be rude to her. You don't even know her."

"Wake up from Wonderland, Brooke," Sam snapped, "these people are all the same."

Hereldara looked at Brooke, and smiled, "you are such a proper young lady, and respectful. I will tell your fortune now."

"Don't you need a crystal ball?" Brooke asked naively.

Hereldara just smiled, "I can see all in your eyes, my dear. Your beauty speaks to me. You are a queen."

"Yeah....I was prom queen last year," Brooke gushed. Sam just rolled her eyes. Brooke glared at her step-sibling.

"You will have the greatest triumph in life," Hereldara said tenderly to the crying girl, "you will have the one you truly love in your arms forever."

"Forever?" Brooke's voice trembled at the Gypsy's words, as her eyes settled on Samantha's gorgeous form, and her nipples hardened instantly, "oh....." the girl looked down, embarrassed at her hopefully not obvious, physical reaction.

"Even if it seems impossible now, destiny will give you the lover your heart yearns for," Hereldara said firmly to Brooke.

"Stop leading her on!" Sam yelled at the Gypsy, "you are such a liar."

 Hereldara simply smiled, "you are such a beautiful thing.....but poisoned inside; a lie yourself. I will tell you your future, and make it a curse to make you pay for your disrespect to me, young lady! You will pursue lovers, who will turn form you. Everyone your heart desires will flee from you. Unloved, you will cry, until you fall forever into the arms of one you now despise!"

Samantha McPherson was truly angry now, "you are so pathetic!" she shouted at the Gypsy, "I'm not scared of curses, because they don't exist!"

"You will be owned, body, and soul by the one you despise," Heraldara had started to laugh, "no escape for you; forever!"

Sam's eyes darkened in utter rage, and she lunged forward with the intention of striking the Gypsy, who suddenly vanished in a wisp of smoke, making the girl back away in confusion, "what just happened?"

"She just vanished!" Brooke almost screamed, "into thin air!"

"Special effects!" Samantha declared defiantly, "just a bag of hot air!"

"Let's get out of here, Sam!" Brooke exclaimed, as she grabbed her secret passion, her argumentative step-sister, and led her away quickly.

As the two girls turned their backs, and were about to leave, a hysterical laughter sounded from behind them, causing the two girls to scream, and flee.

Part 2; Prince Charming in Sweats

...that beguiling emotion
spilling from my eyes
like a dangerous potion
that has made me so shy
tongue tied, and waiting
for the warmth of your love
to fill my trembling arms
with your fabulous charms
till the end of our lives.


Once more it began, as it did every single day since anyone’s memory could possibly recall; the primaeval battle between darkness, and light. Actually, it was the daily battle between blond, and brunette; Brooke, and Samantha, in the same repetitive scenario; the cafeteria.

“Stop moving the table, Sam!” Brooke yelled at her step-sibling, “I’m trying to eat, damn it!”

“Stop hogging up the entire table, Brooke!” Samantha yelled back at her blond rival, “you take up so much space with your stupid nick knacks!”

“They are not stupid!” Brooke spat angrily, glaring at her enemy with a venomous stare, “keep your grubby hands off them!”

“Oh come on!” Sam rolled her eyes, as she stared at the items in question, “your stuffed bear, your potted plant, your cheerleading trophy! Shouldn’t this stuff be in your closet, AT HOME? Act like a grownup, Brooke!”

“I’m not a grownup!” Brooke wailed, suddenly bursting into tears, as Sam’s biting remarks went straight to her injured heart. Lately, Sam seemed particularly evil toward the lanky blond, who’s presently depressed mood made her particularly vulnerable to the brunette’s biting remarks, “I am not a grownup. I don’t have to act like one!”

“Yeah, Sam!” Lily piped in suddenly, taking Brooke’s side in the sudden argument, “stop being mean to Brookie. You made her cry!”

“Lay off Brooke, Samantha!” Carmen declared gallantly, as she handed the crying blond her unused napkin to wipe her eyes with.

“Thanks, Carmen,” Brooke said slowly, as she took the napkin, and delicately dabbed her eyes with it, and stared helplessly at Samantha, who’s utter beauty glowed in her honey colored eyes, making her heart ache, and every word from the girl’s moist lips cut into her with fierce impact, because it was all so very clear, and accepted now; Brooke knew that she loved Samantha McPherson with all of her fragile heart, “why are you so mean to me, Sam?”

Sam rolled her eyes, and let out an exasperated sigh, then crossed her arms, “why am I always the bad guy? This is all unfair!”

In all fairness, Samantha McPherson was within her total rights to complain about her present, unexpected predicament, and she was truly being pictured unfairly as the villain. In all fairness, Brooke was sitting at the wrong table, for she was no longer at the popular table with Nicole, Mary Cherry, and Josh. No. Now, Brooke had taken to sitting with Sam, and her friends. Now, Brooke had taken to following Samantha around like an adoring puppy. Now, Brooke had developed from a former beauty queen, cheerleader, clique leader, into an eccentric, disheveled, insecure girl who carried around her more personal items with her; even to school, to classes, and to the lunch room.

“What’s with the constant bitch mode, Sam?” Harrison asked, falling into a temper himself, over seeing a still very attractive, inviting, vulnerable Brooke cry, “tone it down!”

“This is not happening to me!” Sam said in abject frustration, as she stood up, turned, and slapped Harrison soundly on his very pretty baby face.

“OOOOWWWWWWW! Harrison exclaimed loudly, as he covered his stinging cheek with his free hand, “why did you do that?”

“That’s so you shut up next time women are talking!” Sam yelled back, unconstrained, wild, uncaring that the entire cafeteria was staring at the antics going on at her table.

In response to Samantha’s brusque words, the tall, pretty boy named Harrison simply started to cry.

“SAM!” both Lily, and Carmen echoed in disgust.

“Look at what you did!” Lily yelled independently.

“Yeah,” Carmen nodded for she was Lilly’s loyal follower.

“Oh brother!” Sam declared passionately, seeming like a fallen, religious martyr for that instant. Sam pushed her lunch tray away, got up from her chair, turned with the intention of leaving, turned, and bumped into a very solid object that obscured her vision.

“Hey,” a deep, husky, bass voice boomed out in a friendly manner.

Sam backed away slightly, craning her neck, tilting her head back to look up at the huge bulk that now blocked her vision. Sam was shocked to see a handsome, smiling face, with glowing blue eyes looking down at her, “oh.....wow,” was all that the gorgeous girl could say, as she felt her knees suddenly go very weak, “wow.”

The huge bulk in question was male, and wearing a sweat suit; a handsome young man of about 6'6" in height, three hundred pounds of solid muscle, powerful arms, majestic torso, long, thick legs that seemed more like telephone poles. The giant had thick, dark hair, a slight mustache, a charming smile, and a familiar voice, “hi, Sam.”

Recognition rushed through Samantha’s young body like a newly burst damn spilling huge waves over a sleeping, Dutch village, “.....wow.....Sugar Daddy? Is that you?”


“Sugar Daddy?” Everyone asked in amazement.






Sugar Daddy, once obese at 450 pounds, had left Kennedy High for three months, and now returned in a new incarnation; sans 150 pounds, and in the shape of a Greek god, who was definitely very infatuated with one Samantha McPherson, “so....howya doin, Sam?”

“Not bad,” Sam said, trying to sound nonchalant, and elegant, “you sure have changed, Sugar Daddy.”

“So have you, Sam.” the tall, gorgeous, manly sculpture replied, “would you like to go out with me?”

Sam felt her head spin, and reality seemed to move away from her, “really?”



“How about tonight? We could go have dinner at Joe’s Seafood, and catch a movie at the Bijou on fifth?

“Good idea. I’m free tonight.”

“I’ll pick you up at eight. I’ll drive over. My dad just got me a new car.”

“Fine. Eight it is.”

“Later, Sam.”

“Later, Sugar Daddy.”

Sugar Daddy stared down at Samantha for several seconds, and she stared back up at him. Then, the giant leaned down, gave the ravishing brunette a hug, smiled at her, turned, and walked out of the cafeteria in long, energetic strides, leaving a cloud of thick silence behind him.

Sam was too dazed to speak, as she simply turned, and was about to leave, when a sound made her stop in her tracks; Brooke wailing. Sam stopped, shook her head, and turned around, “you are such a big baby!” Samantha said tenderly, as she went around to the other side of the table, and gathered the tearful blond in her arms, “come on....we are going home....let’s skip our last class!” Samantha proceeded to gather Brooke’s books into a small pile under one arm, adjust her own back pack, and put Brooke’s trophy, and potted plant in her other arms, “there is no way I will carry your teddy bear, Brookie!” Sam leaned down, and kissed Brooke’s wet cheek briefly, “let’s go.”

“Aaaawww, how cute,” Lily whispered to Carmen at the tender scene.

“Yeah,” Carmen smiled in response.

“Shut up, you two!” Sam glared at her friends, as she walked away from the table, with a smiling, yet still sniffling Brooke in tow.

Brooke was very angry, as she drove herself, and Sam home in her Ford Ranger, she literally wanted to physically vomit at her sister’s incessant raving about her date that night, about how great Sugar Daddy looked....

“Oh, he is ssssoooo max!” Sam said dreamily, “what a body! What a smile! He looks so smart! I love his hair! I have got to dress my best tonight! I’m getting a manicure! I’ll bet he picks out a great movie! I’ll.....”

“Damn it, Sam!” Brooke yelled so loud, that she practically spilled all of her saliva on the windshield in front of her, “just shut up! You’ve known Sugar Daddy for all your life. Its not as if he is the new guy in town!”

“Hhhmmm.....you sound jealous, Brooke!”

“I am not!” Brooke replied angrily. Truthfully, the blond was jealous; intensely, fiercely jealous; of Sugar Daddy getting her Sam....but not of Sam getting Sugar Daddy.

“What is your problem then, cavewoman?” Sam countered with a smirk. Then the girl went off into her continuing revelry of Sugar Daddy, “bet he’s great in bed. Bet he has a.....”

“Shut up, Samantha!” Brooke’s hands were sweaty, as images of Sam in the nude flooded her mind, “I don’t want to hear anymore. Besides, when you see one prick, you’ve seen them all!”

“Um....” Sam looked away, blushing as she did, “I.....never have.”


“I....I....” Samantha was suddenly stuttering.

“Miss Big Mouth of Kennedy High is speechless?” Brooke was bathing in pure cynicism, “what is wrong with you now, veggie brain?”

“I’m a virgin,” Sam said quietly.

Brooke’s response was to bring the car to a screeching halt, as she pushed her foot all the way down on the brakes, “what?” Brooke’s eyes almost left her head to travel on to another universe, “what did you just say? You’ve never had sex? You’re a virgin? Did you just say what I thought you said? I mean....even ugly girls find someone to knock them up. I mean....not that you’re ugly, Sam....but you certainly were the plainest, most awful looking....I mean....well now you’re the most beautiful....Um,” Brooke’s brain looked like the now proverbial commercial about a squashed egg in a frying pan indicating a brain on drugs, but of course her brain wasn’t on drugs, just on overall, overwhelming amazement, and stupidity, “you’re a virgin?”

“Hell really does exist!” Sam said quietly, “I’m in it, trapped with a blond pea brain overdosing like a scratched 45! YES, I AM A VIRGIN, BROOKE! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!”

“WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME?” Brooke wailed, as a rain of tears poured out of her eyes. It was a good thing that she had stopped in the middle of an empty street, or the entire two lanes would have been filled with cursing, swearing drivers in their cars, shooting birdies, honking their horns, and telling the girl where to go, “you don’t have to shout at me! You’re always shouting at me!”

“And you are always shouting back at me!” Sam replied testily, as she rolled her eyes, then inhaled deeply to get back her composure, “Brooke, please don’t cry!”

Brooke calmed down a bit, but still couldn’t stop her sniffles, and an occasional, impromptu sob from escaping her lips, “I’m sorry too.”

“I’m a virgin, Brooke,” Sam said quietly, “I’m ashamed of it. I want to lose my virginity to someone I like. Sugar Daddy is great looking. I like him. He might be the one!”

Brooke’s brain went into overdrive, “look, Sammy....being a virgin isn’t so bad, you know! I wish I was still a virgin!”

Sam’s dark eyes opened wider than two egg-whites doing an Argentinian tango on ice, then closed to the size of two, black ants drowning in vanilla ice cream, “that is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard, McQueen! You lost your virginity to a handsome stud! Josh is super-great looking!”

Impromptu Brooke was hatching a secret plot to foil Sam’s interest in male penises, “oh no, Sammy! Sex is not what you think! It is just the most godawful thing on earth! It hurts tremendously! You won’t be able to walk for an entire week! You shouldn’t have sex at all!”

Sam simply contemplated Brooke, as if the blond were an alien from the planet, Mudpie, a million stupid miles away, “hello? Is your psyche on an cholesterol overload? I’m a teenage girl, Brooke. Sex is all that I think about. How can I not want it? You did it already. Why shouldn’t I?”

“Men are pigs! That’s why!”

“Oh.” Sam was suddenly very, very still, “but men are compatible with women in intercourse,” Sam’s brain was very, very still also, “that men are pigs is really not a good reason not to indulge in sex with them,” Sam was sinking into her very secret revelry of being queen of the earth, and passing a decree that all handsome, young men had to walk around totally nude or face a horrible death, “and they do make such nice looking pigs,” Sam was secretly recalling the dozens of pictures of nude men she had stored away in a secret file on her computer, “and they are so very interesting!”

“That semen stuff is just evil!” Brooke proclaimed, “its so sticky, so awful, so...”

“I’m not having it for breakfast, Brooke!” Samantha said wearily, “why are you suddenly so much against guys? Is your door suddenly switching its hinges, and swinging backwards?”

Woe unto the poor, startled, blond girl, who’s heart ached with unrequited love for the ravishing brunette beside her, “um....well,” Brooke was just too terrified to answer, so she just started her car again, turned on the street that led them to their home, and headed in the opposite direction, “uh....m.”

“Brooke? Where are we going? Brooke?”

Brooke didn’t answer, but simply drove quickly back to Kennedy High, speeding as she did, and entered an empty section of the school’s huge parking lot, then proceeded to drive around in circles.

“BROOKE! What the hell are you doing? Brooke?”

Brooke simply didn’t reply to Sam’s insistent screams, that sounded more like a moose drowning in wet cement with each passing minute. Brooke simply continued to drive in circles around the parking lot.


Finally, a dazed, blond, ex-cheerleader slowed down the car, when she saw two figures walking across the expanse of the parking lot, and drove up next to them. Brooke, and Sam recognized Sugar Daddy’s towering shape, and that of a beautiful, young, Asian girl.

“Hi, Sugar Daddy,” Brooke said with a smile, as if she were the most mentally competent woman in the world, “howya doin?”

“I’m doing fine, Brooke,” Sugar Daddy replied warmly with a smile, “hi, Sam.”

“Hi, Sugar Daddy,” Sam said with her best smile, which simply turned Brooke’s stomach on its side, “I’ll be seeing you later tonight.”

“Oh,” Sugar Daddy said in a disappointing tone of voice.

“Oh what?” Sam asked, knowing perfectly well that something was wrong, due to the man’s disappointing tone of voice.

“I can’t go out with you tonight, Sam,” Sugar Daddy said in his husky, manly, bass voice.

“Tomorrow night?” Sam asked hopefully.

“I can’t go out with you at all, Sam,” Sugar Daddy replied, shaking his head sadly.

“Why?” Sam’s voice was as small as her disappointed heart.

“I’ve fallen in love,” Sugar Daddy said happily, as he looked down at his companion; a slender, pretty, Chinese girl with a huge grin, and shining eyes, and raven hair reaching down almost to her thighs, “I want you to meet Exquisite Woo. She is an exchange student. We just met her twenty minutes ago, and have fallen in love!”

“Hi,” Exquisite said in a sultry voice.

“Hi,” Brooke replied with the biggest grin that her beautiful face had ever produced, as her insides danced joyfully, “I’m so happy for the two of you!”

“Thanks,” Sugar Daddy said, beaming, as he put his arm around Exquisite.

“Whatever,” Sam sighed dramatically.

“See you guys later,” Brooke waved at the couple, who had turned, and walked away.

Sam wanted to die, as she watched her dream of love walk away with another girl, “damn. Crap. Shit. Damn,” Samantha was extremely disappointed, “men are such pigs!”

“Heraldara’s curse!” Brooke said casually.


“The Gypsy woman cursed you, Sam. Remember?”

“I don’t believe in curses, Brooke. This was just a bad turn. There are plenty of fish in the sea!”

“Hah! Yeah, sure,” Brooke smirked haughtily, “you are just so screwed. Heraldara cursed you!”

“You are such a bitch!”

“You are a pain in the ass!”

“I still think that Heraldara screwed you over pretty good, and you deserve it!”

“I don’t care what you think anyway, and I don’t believe in some third-class, phony Gypsy curse, by some spaced out, silly, old woman!”

Both girls were about to indulge in a hearty bout of arguing, hair pulling, cussing, swearing, mutual defacement, when they were silenced by the sound of a woman’s hysterical laughter coming from behind them.

“Ohmygod!” Sam screamed, “what was that?”

“Ohmygod, I don’t know!” Brooke replied in an equal shriek, as she put her foot down all the way on the accelerator, and sped out of the parking lot, and onto the street, making her car go directly in the direction of home.

Part 3; An Unexpected Fairy Godmother

that beguiling emotion
trapping my soul
with fierce devotion
to your hapless memory
in a vice like hold
to your sensual sway
ingrained in my memory
for countless days
as I long for your kiss
upon my hungering lips


"Nicole! Nicole, help!" Lily almost screamed, as she came out of the Novak, and stood in front of the door.

At that instant, Nicole Julian dragged her feet, exhausted after two hours of cheerleading exercise, "I can't
believe how stupid those girls are!" Nicole was complaining about her cheerleaders, and their apparent stupidity, their apparent lack of discipline, "oh, how I wish Brooke were still around to help me with them!" Nicole was at that instant walking down the hall toward the Novak, and was intercepted by a screaming, desperate Lily, who almost bumped bodily into her, but the lithe, little blond cheerleader extended her arms, and stopped the pretty, little Latina girl in time, "what is it, you bumbling idiot?"

"Its Brooke, and Sam!"

"Are they fighting again?" Nicole rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Yes," Lily replied quickly, "only this time, Brooke is bullying Sam. Brooke has Sam by the hair, and won't let her go!"

"Why do I have to get involved?" Nicole asked angrily.

"Brooke will listen to you," Lily said.


"Please, Nicole. Please come quickly. Sam is crying, and Brooke is bullying her," Lily pleaded piteously.

"Oh brother," Nicole said with defeat, "what is going on now?"

Lily began to relate her sordid tale...

Samantha McPherson strolled slowly down the hall, making everyone that saw her tremble with secret passion, their hearts flutter, their penises harden, their vaginas moisten. Sam's wild hair flowed around her shoulders in soft waves, and clung to her beautiful face in loose, sexy locks. Samantha had a triumphant smile on her blood, red lips, and her dark eyes glowed with mischief, as she surveyed the looks of lust that she was receiving, "damn....even the girls like me! Now, that is totally unexpected. Its nice...but right now it's the boys I'm fishing for!" Sam laughed, as she threw her gorgeous head back, and the rest of her body seemed to follow, as her nubile breasts jiggled sensuously through the fabric of her tight, white, tank top, for the girl was wearing the sheerest of brassieres, and her hips swayed, making the leather fabric of her short skirt wrinkle into delicious patterns.

Samantha smiled, as she watched short, blond, plain, usually unwanted Emory trailing after her. Usually, Emory was unwanted everywhere he went, but Sam seemed to tolerate him in the most unexpected way, "but he is just so cute," the girl said to herself, as she waxed in her sudden, sexual power over the boys. But suddenly, Samantha heard Emory cry out, and turned to see what had caused his discomfort. Samantha was duly shocked to see tall, looming, angry Brooke grabbing poor, short, defenseless Emory by the ear, and literally trying to pull it off his head, "BROOKE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU INSANE? STOP THAT, BROOKE! BROOKE!"

"STAY OUT OF THIS, McPHERSON!" Brooke yelled in response, as she proceeded to give a now crying Emory a good shaking, "JUST STAY OUT OF MY WAY!"

"Brooke!" Sam yelled, as she unceremoniously dropped her books, and wrapped her arms around Brooke, thus successfully pulling the blond girl away from a helpless Emory.

Emory did the manly thing; he ran for his life.

"What the hell are you doing, McQueen?" Sam asked angrily, as she let go of her step-sister.

"Emory got in my way!" Brooke replied with equal fervor.

"What do you mean? He was following me, Brooke!"

"He's been following you for two days now, Sam. I don't like that!"

"Big deal, Brooke!"

"He's a loser, McPherson! I thought you had better taste!"

"He's just a cute, little guy doing a guy thing, Brooke; following around a gorgeous chic like ME!"

"You are just so bitchy, and stuck up, McPherson! You are not all that!"

"Hah!" Sam replied, with a sudden smile, for she was not at all angry with her step-sibling's rude remark, "I am too! I am so very hot, that even the girls notice me! Emory makes me look good anyway! And I am hotter than you are, McQueen!"

"NO WAY!" Brooke spat, "I am so much prettier than you!"

"Then get your act together, McQueen! Go back to your pack of friends! Stop following me around! Stop trying to steal my friends! Stop ruining my routine!"

Brooke was silent for a moment, as she stared deeply at Samantha, who stared back defiantly, awaiting a biting remark in return for her rude words toward the lanky girl. Brooke's heart was beating out of control, her entire body was shaking, and the memory of Samantha's words were cutting into her self-control. Brooke responded in the most unexpected way; she began to wail like a baby, as thick tears ran down her pale cheeks.

Lily, and Carmen had been standing nearby, collecting books from their lockers, and had watched in utter suspense, the entire incident. Now, the two girls approached Sam, and Brooke.

"How can you say such mean things to Brooke? You are such a bitch, Samantha!" pretty, redheaded Carmen exclaimed, as she took the wailing blond into her arms, and comforted her.

"Yeah, Sam!" Lily said, "what's gotten into you lately?"

"Why are you two always sticking up for her?" Sam was on the verge of tears herself, "you're supposed to be MY friends, and not hers!"

"We are your friends, Sam," Lily said calmly now, "but its just not fair that you're so mean to her! Brooke is having a very hard time! You have to help her!"

"NO I do not!" Sam was fuming, and it seemed that smoke was about to come out of her ears, "she never cared about me! Why should I have to care about her?"

At that very moment, tall, masculine, smartly dressed in a dark, business suit, with a dirty-white, lab coat, Ms. Glass passed by, and heard the ravishing McPherson's comments. Ms. Glass approached Samantha from behind, leaned in, and whispered in her pale ear, "McQueen is literally your slave now, McPherson. Get a clue!"

In stunned silence, mingled with confusion at the cryptic words whispered in her ear, Samantha watched her smug, smirking, biology teacher, Ms. Glass walk away.

Meanwhile, Carmen had taken Brooke to the Novak, and now tenderly dried the blond's tears with a piece of....toilet paper, "Sam is just vicious," Carmen was saying gently, "I just don't understand how you can put up with her, Brooke!"

"Where is Sammy?"

"You still want her around, Brooke?"

Brooke only nodded in response, as another shower of tears fell from her reddened eyes. Carmen shook her head, and rolled her own, dark eyes, for she had harbored the very slim, doubtful hope that Brooke might develop a crush on her, instead of the already apparent, lustful, obsessive love that she had for a very evil, abusive, Samantha McPherson.

Sam walked into the Novak, books in her trembling arms, her head still spinning from her teacher's strange words.

"You are such a bitch, McPherson!" Carmen yelled at Samantha, who had just walked in. Carmen had taken to hating Sam, whom she deeply envied for having the lanky blond, Brooke's evident, deep devotion.

"I've had it!" Sam yelled, as she turned around, and proceeded to walk out of the Novak, "I don't have to put up with this!"

Wordlessly, lithe Brooke reached out, anger swelling within her heaving bosom, and with one hand, caught hold of a healthy amount of Samantha's dark mane, almost at the base of her neck, tangling the silky locks within her strong, pale, fingers, as she exerted enough force to pull on the girl of her dreams.

"OOOWWWWW!" Samantha screamed, as she dropped her books for a second time because of Brooke. Sam's hands came up, and tried to find Brooke's hand, "let me go, Brooke! BROOKE!"

Wordlessly, Brooke pulled more tightly on her step-sister's silky hair, feeling pure, evil pleasure at the girl's evident torment, and suffering. Wordlessly, Brooke clung to the only true passion that she had ever felt in her young life; her beautiful, brooding, cruel Samantha.

Carmen stared dazedly at the ensuing battle between blond, and brunette, and panicked, as she started pulling at Brooke, trying to make the lanky girl release Sam, and feeling somewhat guilty for her rude treatment of the brunette, "Brooke! Let go of Sam, Brooke!"

But Brooke continued in her struggle, rendered more powerful in her attack, as she felt Carmen try to subdue her. Brooke became more frenzied, as she jerked even harder, and finally managed to get a hold of Sam with her other, free hand.

Lily had come into the Novak, and now witnessed the struggle, "Brooke! Let go of Sammy! You're hurting Sam!" Lily screamed, then ran out of the Novak.

Lily was out of breath, as she related the tale of anger, and utter, spoiled brutishness to a startled Nicole Julian.

"That's it?" Nicole asked, "are they still at it?"

"Yeah," Lily replied.

"OH MY GOD!" Nicole was shocked.

Nicole followed a desperate Lily into the Novak, and was almost shocked into unconsciousness at what her eyes beheld; Carmen had her arms wrapped around Brooke, and was tugging on her. Brooke had one hand tangled in Sam's long hair, her other arm was around the girl's neck in a secure headlock, and she was tugging violently on Samantha, who was crying, and was clinging to one of the stall doors.


Nicole's commanding voice filled the Novak, sending a good number of nameless girls who had entered the restroom (to see the ensuing struggle betwixt Carmen, Brooke, and Sam), out the door at almost the speed of light. Now, only Nic, Lily, and the three, struggling girls remained.

"Brooke McQueen, let go of Spam!" Nicole shouted heartily, "stop acting like a baby!"

"No!" Brooke replied, as she tried to kick Carmen away from her.

Nicole sighed, and rolled her eyes, feeling anger rise within the bowels of her heart, knowing that she bore the full weight of the school upon her firm shoulders, "Brooke, I am sorry, but I have no choice!" Nicole then proceeded to grab Brooke by her pretty nose, and twist it, until the lanky blond shouted in pain, and let go of her precious bundle.

"Ooooooooowwwwwwww!" Brooke howled in utter rage, as she felt pain shoot through her long frame, and Sam slip quickly out of her arms.

Samantha was about to escape, but Nicole quickly stuck out her foot, and promptly tripped the beautiful brunette, making her fall face down onto the carpeted floor of the famous restroom.

"Enough is enough!" Nicole said, as she put her hands on her hips, and assumed a commanding pose.

Carmen, Lily, Brooke, and Samantha lined up, and stood silent before the obvious queen of Kennedy High, and trembled before her wrath.

"Ferrara, Esposito, OUT!" Nicole yelled, finding the two girls unnecessary to what was about to transpire.

Lily, and Carmen quickly obeyed, and left the restroom at warp speed.

Now, only three were left in the silent Novak. Nicole paced from one end of the restroom to the other, until she finally stopped to speak.


"Yeah, Julian?"

"You're looking pretty hot, girl," Nicole said unexpectedly.

"Well," Sam was blushing, and Brooke was suddenly fuming jealously.

"Keep it in, Spam," Nic replied, "I'm just commenting. I am not coming on to you."


"But you are fabulous, McPherson," Nic said quietly, "hot enough for the popular group, but you are too much of a rebel for us. Too bad you can't start over in some new high school so that you could start your own group!"

"Oh," Sam withered even further, as she slumped.

"Don't get all tragic, Spam," Nicole said with a smile, "George wants to meet you."

"George?" Sam's eyes lit up like flames, "the hot, new captain of the football team?"

Josh Ford, former captain of the football team, former golden boy of Kennedy High, had left sports in lieu of acting.

"Yeah, Spam," Nic said, looking closely at her rival, who no longer resembled canned meat, but more like a mermaid instead, "in fact he sent me to look for you."

"Hhhmmm," Samantha was indeed beaming with joy.

"He's waiting down the hall. Fix your hair, Sam. Get out of here right now."

Samantha McPherson needed no further urging, as she left the Novak, in search of her new, romantic prospect, with wild, unruly, uncombed hair, and all.

Brooke was silent, but showed her utter sadness in the crystal tears that ran down her pretty face.

"I understand, darling," Nicole whispered, as she took a tissue out of her purse, and began to dry her tall friend's tears with it, "I know what is going on."

"You do, Nic?"

"Yes, Brookie. I'm not made of stone, you know."

For the first time that day, Brooke actually smiled, even though it was just a small smile.

"Brookie, you lost Josh, and were so upset, that you gave everything up; cheerleading, and all of us, your friends. You sunk deeper, and deeper. You were alone, and all you had left was....Sam. So you focused everything on her. You fell in love with her. But you have to come back to us."

"I can't, Nic."

"You are not gay, Brooke. You aren't in love with Sam. Its just the depression. Its just lovesickness for Josh. Oh...I was going to tell you; he has been asking about you."

"I don't want Josh back, Nic," Brooke crossed her arms, and stomped angrily, "I don't ever want to see him again."

"There are other guys, Brookie."


"Brooke, stop being a brat!"

For the very first time, Brooke verbalized her feelings, "I love her, Nic. I love Sammy," the lanky girl proclaimed, as she felt both joy, and fear rush through her, mingled into a wild wave. Brooke was amazed at the sound of her own voice saying it aloud for the first time; the passion that was consuming her completely, "I'm in love with Sammy."

"But Sam is straight from what I can see, Brookie. Although I have to admit that I had expected her to be the lesbian, and not you. This is all so very ironic."

"What do you mean, Nic?"

"Sam was just so damn plain, and now she is gorgeous, Brooke. She is even more stunning than you. If I were a guy, I would most certainly chase the girl. But I'm not. I am a girl. So are you. What you feel might just be admiration, even envy of her beauty, Brooke. That isn't love."

"I will always feel the same, Nic," Brooke said firmly.

"What if Sam doesn't love you back, Brooke?"

"It might look that way now," Brooke said quietly, then she smiled, "but it will all work out for me. Sammy will be mine."

Nicole simply shook her head, for she had finally determined that Brooke was too far gone to come back to her, and their group, "I feel so sorry for you, Brooke. You are deluding yourself. How can you be so sure?"

"I have faith, Nicole."

"Then you will be very much alone, Brooke," Nic said with finality, "you can't come back to us. You have chosen sides."

"I know."

"Goodbye, Brooke," Nic said sadly, as she headed for the door of the Novak, "and good luck."

"Thanks, Nic."

Nicole left, and Brooke was now completely alone in the Novak. Yet, the blond girl suddenly heard a soft, gentle voice speak from behind her;

"You are very special, Brooke McQueen."

Brooke turned, startled by the sudden voice, "who's there?"

"Its just me," the voice replied.

As Brooke turned, she saw the old, gypsy woman from the state fair, standing just a few feet away, at the door of the Novak, "Heraldara? How did you get in without making a single sound?"

"I have a lot of special skills, Brooke," the gypsy said gently, "especially when it comes to helping special people like you."

"I'm special?" Brooke was amazed, "but I feel so common. How am I special?"

"You have faith, Brooke. You still believe in magic, in the seemingly impossible."

"So I'm not being a fool about getting Sam?" Brooke asked with a tinge of doubt in her voice.

"It seems impossible now," Heraldara replied, "but you mustn't doubt what I said to you that first time that we met."

"Who are you?"

"What do you mean, Brooke?"

"Why do you care so much about me anyway? Who are you, really?"

Heraldara had begun to fade away, "I'm sort of....your fairy godmother, Brooke," the old woman said with a gentle smile.

"What?" Brooke was beside herself with amazement, "what did you just say?"

"You really are going psycho, McQueen! Now you're talking to yourself!"

Brooke found herself standing face to face with none other than Samantha, "uh? Where did you come from?"

"From outside," Sam replied with a smile, "you know; reality."

Brooke turned away, a frown upon her pretty face, "just what do you want, McPherson?"

"To apologize, Brooke."

Brooke felt a wave of delight explode within her, as she felt Sam's arms wrap themselves around her waist, then the whole weight of the girl's warm, plush body lean against her back, "w....what?" Brooke was trembling now.

"I didn't mean what I said to you before, Brookie," Sam whispered into the lanky blond's ear, "I don't think that you are stealing my friends. I don't want you to leave the group, or me. I kinda like having you around. And you can ruin my routine anytime. Am I forgiven?"

"Oh yes," Brooke said with joy, as she turned, and embraced her dream of love, holding the girl tenderly against herself.

"Guess what, Brooke?"

"I know," Brooke said with evident disenchantment, "George asked you out."

"Yes, he did," Sam replied softly, "but I got you a date too."

"A pity date?" Brooke was beginning to get angry again.

"Nope. More like a double date," Sam said calmly, "want to go out with me, and George tomorrow night?"

"Oh?" Brooke was beginning to feel somewhat better, "who is my date?"

"Harrison," Samantha replied, "the guy almost wet his pants when I asked if he was interested. He has the most awful, gigantic thing for you, Brooke."

"Hhhmmm, its not so bad," Brooke mused with a smile.

"So....you'll go, and not stay in the house alone, and Harrison isn't so bad looking?" Sam asked gingerly.

"Yeah. I'll go out with you guys."

"Sounds fine," Sam said, as she stepped back from Brooke's arms, "everything is looking good. I have a cute guy now, and it looks like that stupid gypsy curse is over the hill! I knew that old bag was just a lot of hot air!'

"Sam! Don't say those things!" Brooke scolded her ravishing step-sister.

"Oh, big deal!" Sam scoffed.

Suddenly, somewhere from behind Samantha, a peel of loud, hysterical, woman's laughter echoed through the entire restroom, making the gorgeous brunette scream, and rush into her blond companion's arms.

"What was that?" Sam asked, as she pressed herself fearfully, desperately into Brooke's slender arms.

"That is Heraldara," Brooke replied with a smile, as she felt a wave of goose bumps erupt all over her body, and her vagina begin to ache with sweet ecstacy at the touch of Samantha's voluptuous body pressed against her own.

Samantha said nothing more, and simply buried her face in the crook of Brooke's shoulder, and clung desperately to her step-sister.

"Thank you, Heraldara," Brooke whispered gratefully, as she cuddled her precious love.

Heraldara simply continued to laugh.

Part 4: the date from hell, and the strange restroom attendant

that beguiling emotion
that's trapped in my head
it's the oddest notion
that you belong in my bed
that I sculpt your flesh
with wanton fingers
exploring your secrets
as I heartily linger
upon your supple breast


George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George....

Here a George, there a George, everywhere a George.....

To the willowy, beautiful blond, lovesick, and pining away with unrequited love ex-cheerleader, Brooke McQueen, it seemed that life had become like the old, infantile song that she unfortunately learned in kindergarten, "Old McDonald's Farm...."

It seemed to the lanky blond, that for the last twenty four hours, the only word that had left Sam's moist, red mouth, had simply been......

"George...." Brooke muttered angrily to herself, "George this. George that. George is sssssssooooooo smart. George is sssssssssssssssoooo tall. George is ssssssssooooo cute. George is ssssssssoooooo......" the girl felt her stomach lurch of the umpteenth time that sad day, "I am just so sick of hearing his name.....George is sssssssssoooooooo witty," the blond continued to do her private parody of Sam praising George, but in a high, whiney voice that little resembled the low, sultry, velvet tone of her stunning brunette's true voice. Brooke was literally fuming inside now, and could no longer disguise the contempt in her voice, or the ire in her heart, or the rage in her eyes, when she was forced to speak to Sam, who simply took her step-sister's conduct to be the norm.

"You don't plan on wearing that to the date, Brooke?"

"I can wear whatever I please, Sam."

"No you can't, McQueen. George is taking us to a special place. You have to dress up really nice."

"I don't care what George thinks, McPherson!"

"But I care, McQueen!"

"Then just go to hell, Sam!"

"Anywhere you aren't is just fine with me, Brooke!"



Samantha fumed, and stomped out of Brooke's bedroom, and down the hall, and past her pretty mother, Jane, who was at that moment carrying the sisters's laundry to their rooms, "mom....." Sam bellowed, as she pulled her mother into her room.

"Mom!" Brooke bellowed, as she entered Samantha's room.

"Oh brother," Jane sighed, "what is it now?"

"Mom, tell Brooke that she can't dress up like that for our double date with George, and Harrison!" Sam yelled, pouted, and pointed at her blond sibling, disgust evident in her voice, and actions.

For one moment, silence loomed upon Sam's bedroom, as the only adult among the three females, simply stared in awe at her darling step-daughter, "um....Brooke.....why are you dressed like a hippy?" Jane was beside herself in deep bewilderment, as she contemplated her beautiful, tall, blond daughter dressed in, "my old clothes? Brooke....where did you......?"

"I was up in the attic, mom," Brooke replied quickly, "I was just looking through some of the stuff upstairs, and I found these. I think they look spiffy."



Jane, and Samantha looked at each other in abject horror, at the ancient adjective that had slipped from the lanky girl's pink lips.

"See what I mean, mom?" Sam wailed, "Brooke is deliberately ruining my chances with George! She's gone insane with her stupid time-warp! Please, mom.....do something!"

"Uh....." Jane was totally confused, "well.....Brooke you do look good in my old bell bottom jeans, and that tie-dye T-shirt looks fabulous, but you're about twenty five years late!"

"Thanks, mom!" Brooke beamed.

"MOM!" Samantha exclaimed with indignation, "make her change!"

"MOM!" Brooke exclaimed angrily, "make Sam stop pushing me around!"

Jane merely shook her head, "well, Sam....I can't do a thing."

"But mom...." Sam wailed.

"Just shut up, Sam," Jane replied angrily, "Brooke isn't doing anything wrong, or obscene, like going out in the nude. I can't stop her from wearing that outfit. Deal with it, Sam, and stop being such a baby!"

"MOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!" Sam yelled angrily, "you are being so unfair!"

"NO she is not being unfair!" Brooke yelled at Samantha, "you're just being stupid, cause mom likes me better than you!"

"Ooooohhhh brother!" Jane exclaimed, as she felt a migraine coming on, "STOP IT, YOU TWO!"

"Will you guys just keep it down?" Mike asked angrily, as he stepped into Sam's bedroom.




"What?" suddenly, Mike regretted having entered his step-daughter's room, "what did I do?"

"Mike," Sam exclaimed, "Brooke is ruining things; she's dressed like a clown!"

"HEY!" Jane shouted, "those are my clothes she's wearing, and I never looked like a clown. Not like you, Samantha! That little, black dress is much too tight, and short!"

"But I look fabulous, mom!" Samantha said defensively.

"TAKE IT OFF!" Jane yelled, "I won't have my daughter looking like a WHORE!"

"But....." Sam was on the verge of tears, for the little black dress she wore, adorned her body in the most delicious way.....

Brooke on the other hand, covered her mouth with her trembling hands, in an effort to hide her giggles, as her heart gushed with joy, basking in the abrupt abuse that her darling step-sister, and unrequited love interest was receiving from their rather altercated mother.

Samantha sighed, for she knew that her battle was lost way before it was won, and that pleading her case to Mike was to no avail, for he would side squarely with her mother. Sam caught sight of the pleased smirk on Brooke's face, and simply glared angrily at her, as she went into the closet to pick out a dress more suitable to her mom's taste, "I swear that I'll get back at you for this, McQueen," the gorgeous brunette whispered to her lanky sibling, as she passed by her, on route to the closet in her bedroom.


"Yeah, mom?"

"Why don't you help Sam pick out something to wear?"

"OH, you bet, mom," Brooke grinned, as her heart raced, as her young body trembled with pure pleasure.

"NO!" Sam's voice boomed from within the closet.

"Sam...." Jane said calmly, "either you let your sister help you, or you just don't go anywhere tonight!"

"Oh, alright," Sam said in utter defeat, as she stuck her head out of the closet.

"Good," Jane replied, somewhat soothed at the nerve endings, but still on the verge of a nervous breakdown, "I swear that you two will be the death of me!" Jane quickly pursued her handsome husband out of her recalcitrant daughter's room, "Mike......"

Meanwhile, Sam stood outside of her closet, her arms crossed, and glared at her blond companion, "I swear.....McQueen......"

Before the ravishing girl could say another word, the willowy blond descended quickly upon her, gave her a hug, and kissed her cheek. Samantha was speechless, her anger quelled, and Brooke was smiling shyly.

"Come on, Brookie," Sam said quietly, as she took her blond nemesis, and pulled her into the closet, "we have to hurry up," Sam quickly dug into the disorganized pile of clothing in her closet, "and you are not wearing those silly, outdated clothes," Samantha grabbed a pair of dark blue jeans, and a pink, cashmere sweater, and gave them to Brooke, "we are about the same size, although I have more fat on my body....this should fit you."

"But....you aren't fat, Sammy," Brooke said softly, "you are so very beautiful."

Sam was so stunned by Brooke's sudden admission, that she turned, and stared at her step-sister for several seconds in absolute silence, "you never said that to me before, Brooke," the girl finally said, with a smile, "you think I'm beautiful?"

"Yes. I do."

"I think you're beautiful too, Brooke."

"Really?" the lanky blond was literally gushing, blushing like an ingenue.

"Yes, Brooke. I still can't understand why Josh was so stupid, and leave you."

"Would you have left me, Sammy?" Brooke looked up shyly at Sam, then looked away, blushing deeper than crimson, as she trembled, as she became aroused, "would you?"

"Um....." Samantha was suddenly taken aback by Brooke's question, so that she felt uncomfortable, confused, and swallowed twice, trying to keep her nervousness from showing, "well....if I were a guy....I...."

"No," Brooke said abruptly, as she took one step closer to Samantha, "no."

"What do you mean, Brooke?"

"Don't tell me what you would do if you were a guy," Brooke said firmly, "tell me what you would do if you were you....just you....just Sam."

"Me? As a girl?" Sam's eyes were getting so wide, so big, that she had actually begun to resemble a bug-eyed monster from a cheap, horror film from the fifties, "but that seems so...."

"Answer me," Brooke said, more urgently now.

"I can't....not from that concept, Brooke. That would go against society. That would go against the world. I can only give you a what if situation."

"What ifs," Brooke replied softly, "alright, Sammy. What if? What if the world didn't matter? What if? What if you could still be just you, and I could still be just me? Would you have left me the way Josh did?"


Sam's dark, delicate brows furrowed in absolute fascination, knitting just above her deep, dark eyes, causing slight wrinkles across the expanse of her alabaster forehead, as she watched in rapt attention the special, soft smile that came to adorn Brooke's pretty face.


"Yes," Sam said quietly.

"Sam....." Brooke's voice was husky, pregnant with emotion, as she brought up a pale hand, and stroked the other girl's soft cheek.

Suddenly, a strong voice broke the hypnotic revelry that had settled between the two, young women. The harsh, sudden alarm came in the form of Jane's voice floating up from downstairs, "Girls? Brooke! Samantha! Get down here! Your dates are here!"

Whatever had transpired before, seemed to be erased in the commotion of the moment, as the two girls returned to their former selves, and quickly hastened to dress themselves.

Meanwhile, a very nervous, angry Jane tried to make small talk to two, very nervous, embarrassed young men; one tall, pale, well suited, baby faced Harrison that held a wilting bouquet of posies, and an even taller, rugged, casually dressed, brown skinned, smiling broadly, George.

Jane was almost spewing drool, in her anger, in her nervousness, and embarrassment at having to entertain both of her daughter's beaus at once, so that the pretty woman inhaled sharply, opened her lips, and was about to shout mightily at the two girls. Just as Jane was about to embarrass herself further, but screaming at them, Brooke, and Sam appeared at the top of the stairs. Jane smiled, as she noticed that Samantha had been obedient in discarding the short, revealing black dress, for tight, faded jeans, ankle high boots, and a red tank top. Brooke was wearing dark blue jeans, and a pink sweater. Jane's smile broadened, as she noticed the two, pretty girls descend the stairs at the same time, holding hands, "oh, how utterly endearing...." the woman whispered to her husband, Mike, who stood beside her, staring up at the descending teenagers, just as she did, "look, Mike....they aren't fighting for once."

"I know," Mike said, as the oddest thought passed through his head, "they make such a stunning couple."

Jane's eyes nearly exploded from her head at Mike's weird comment, "what?" The notion of her two girls in such an arrangement almost made her swoon.

"Well," Mike shrugged nonchalantly, and just kept looking up.

Brooke felt so very proud, her heart beat so quickly, so madly, that it almost seemed it would burst from her bosom. At that moment, the lanky girl was descending the stairs, holding hands with her dream of love, with Sam. Despite the fact that two, young men awaited them below, in that instant, Brooke felt as if Sam belonged exclusively to her. Brooke recalled the strange words, the solemn promise of an old spirit woman, given tenderly to her, that the delicious, ravishing brunette by her side would belong to her forever, and a deep peace settled within her anxious heart.

"Wow," George said, as he looked up to see the pair of girls coming down toward him, and Harrison.

"Um....yeah," Harrison replied nervously, as he eyed Brooke, whom he had longed for since grade school.

The two boys stepped up to the girls; George leaned down from his six foot four inch height to give Sam a kiss on the cheek, and hand her a teddy bear he had brought for her, and Harrison was trembling, as he handed Brooke a wilted bouquet of pansies. Brooke frowned, Harrison sweated, George rolled his eyes, and Sam greatly held back the urge to laugh.

"Are you ready to go, Sam?" George asked his ravishing date politely.

"Sure," the girl replied with a smile so broad, that it could have lit a tunnel.

George turned to Jane, and Mike, "Mr. and Mrs. McQueen, Harrison, and I are taking Samantha, and Brooke to a see a movie, a comedy at the local theater on Fifth Ave., then to a light dinner at the "Burger Shack on Walton Drive. Afterwards we will go for a quick drive, and they shall be home before the appointed curfew that you have set of 11. Is that acceptable?"

"Yes it is," Jane said, impressed by George's correctness, "definitely."

"Fine," Mike said with a smile, as he recalled how his adolescent dates developed.

George smiled down at Sam, showing his row of perfectly formed, strong, white teeth that seemed to glimmer against his dark skin, and offered her his arm. Samantha accepted the gallant gesture, and took it, as she found herself led out of the door by the giant. Harrison was about to take Brooke by the hand, but he tripped, falling on his face. Brooke rolled her eyes, and helped him up, then assisted the limping boy out of the door.

Mike, and Jane stayed at the door, shaking their heads, feeling pity for Brooke.

The date started out in the most heavenly manner for Samantha; her heart was filled with joy, with great pride at the fact that she was dating a tall, strapping, football player. For the very first time in her young life, Sam felt like a true winner, "I have finally arrived. No more looserville for me. Now, I am in the spotlight. Now, I will not be a mere zero at Kennedy anymore." But Sam's thoughts of triumph were suddenly truncated, as a memory swiftly filtered its way into her happy thoughts, "Heraldara? Why am I thinking of that stupid gypsy?" Sam's heart fell to her feet in the symbolic sense, "no, I can't even think of that woman. No. Curses don't exist!"

Meanwhile, seated in the back seat, and barely tolerating Harrison's clammy hand on her own, and barely listening to his small talk, a certain, lovesick, lanky blond named Brooke also recalled the same odd personage that her lovely sister was remembering, but in an entirely different manner, "Heraldara....please....if you can hear me....this is terrible. I'm going to lose Sam. Please. Heraldara, help me."

"So, Sam....I hope you fancy musical comedies," George said with a smile, as he looked briefly away from the road ahead of him, for he was driving.

"Of course," Sam said with a smile, which was a thin disguise for the sudden feeling of discomfort she had, as if something awful was going to happen, "um....could you drive a bit faster, George?"


"You drive so slow, George."

"Speed limit, Samantha."

"Um....call me Sam, George. I prefer that."

"Oh? I like Samantha so much better."

"Stop it, George. Just call me Sam." Sam was getting angry.

"I don't like shortened names. A person shouldn't be ashamed of their true name. Samantha."

"Stop that, George," Sam fumed, "and you are driving so damn slow. We will miss the movie, and then there won't be any time for the rest of the date. We'll have to go home early."

"You are quite a shrew, young lady," George said with a very firm smile.

"You are a self-righteous jackass, mister!" Sam replied with an even firmer frown.

Meanwhile, Brooke, and Harrison watched in abject wonder, how early, how suddenly, and unexpectedly, the date was going sour.

"I would have expected a bit more politeness from you, Sam," Harrison muttered, "I mean....you can push me around, but you should at least pretend a bit longer with George."

"Oh? You push Harrison around, Sa....MANTHA?"

"Stop that, George!"

Brooke watched everything in total silence, and just smiled.

"Why are you smiling, Brooke?" Harrison asked dumbly.

"None of your business, Harrison," Brooke said stiffly.

"You don't have to be rude, Brooke," Harrison chided loudly.

"Get your sweaty hand off mine, Harrison."

"Oh....sorry," Harrison corrected himself, then he relented, "hey....stop being a snob!"

"Stop being a geek, Harrison."

Meanwhile, in the front seat, another argument ensued, between the other couple in the car;

"You turned off at the wrong street, George!"

"You're distracting me with your inane fussing, SAMANTHA!"

"Irony is the evening meal! George is an intellectual football jock!"

"You are turning out to be quite distasteful, Sa......"


Suddenly, all voices in the car were silenced by a sudden explosions;

"Oh no!" George exclaimed.

"What is it?" Harrison asked in a squeaky voice.

"Flat tire," the giant said with a sigh.

"Damn!" Sam rolled her eyes, "if you had just been looking at the road, you would have been fine, George!"

"You have a big mouth, Samantha!"

"Just lock the car, and we can walk the rest of the way, George," Harrison said, trying desperately to establish peace.

"Oh how awfully cheap, Harrison," Brooke piped in, "but of course you would know about that. You didn't have enough money to bring me a decent gift for our first date. No wonder the girls at school avoid you."

"Hey, I did my best, Ms. Iceberg!" Harrison retorted testily, "no wonder no one wanted you after Josh dumped you!"

Sam turned in the front seat, then simply reached out, and slapped Harrison soundly on the cheek.

"OWOWOWOW!" Harrison yelped loudly, holding his cheek, "why did you do that?"

"Don't put my sister down!" Sam growled.

"Oh my," Brooke whispered to herself, as she felt her hear flutter at the way Sam defended her.

Sam turned to George, "why don't we just go to Reese's?"


"Look, George....we're too far from the theater. We'll never get there," Sam said calmly, "Reese's is nearby, it has music videos, and video games. It has a section for reading, and for watching rented movies, and it serves food. It's the best alternative to the situation."

"Yeah," George replied with a smile, "we'll call your parents?"

"Fine," Sam retorted, as she rolled her eyes, "and call me......"


"Oh brother," the gorgeous brunette replied, as she got out of George's car, and stood on the sidewalk, "come on, guys....let's get going."

All four teenagers exited the car, which George locked. Then, the quarrelsome foursome proceeded to walk the three blocks to "Reese's."

Upon entering "Reese's," which was a sort of combination restaurant/video store/dance club decorated in the fashion of the sixties, the teenagers took a table by the window.

"Okay, I say we eat right away," Harrison exclaimed.

"You should have asked first," Brooke said haughtily.

"I guess I don't have your blue blood," Harrison replied with apparent iritation.

"Well, I do suppose you are just to common," Brooke smirked.

Meanwhile, George tried, with a sigh to get Sam interested, "okay I won't call you Sa...."

"Stop that!"

"Will you dance with me, McPherson?"

Sam smiled genuinely, "of course, I will, George," and she got up from the table, and let the young man lead her to the somewhat crowded dance floor.

"HEY! WAITRESS!" Harrison yelled, as he waved his hands in the air, trying to get the attention of a passing waitress, thus attracting the unwanted attention of several people at other tables.

"Shut up, Harrison!"

"I will not shut up, Brooke. You are not my mother!"

"Didn't your mother teach you proper manners, Harrison?"

"Don't criticize my mom, Brooke."


Meanwhile, on the dance floor....

"Ow!" Samantha cried out in pain for the tenth time in five minutes, "you dance like an ape, George!"

"Are you making references to my height, McPherson?"

"No....actually more like your feet! You dance like Frankenstein, George!"

"Well, you aren't exactly a ballerina yourself, Sa...MANTHA!"


"You started it!"

Instead of a handsome couple out on their very first date, George, and Sam closely resembled a long married couple sick of each other. Or, as some would say, a pair of spoiled, angry kids in kindergarten.

"What do you mean, I'm not exactly a ballerina?"

"Just what I said! You look like a cow moaning in pain when you dance!"

"Did I say you dance like Frankenstein, George? No. You look more like a caveman about to lay a giant MOJOHN!"

"Did I say "cow," Samantha? Please excuse my mistake. You dance more like an elephant in heat!"

Samantha raised her hand to dutifully slap George, but missed by about nine inches, and accidentally struck a passing waiter with a large, food filled tray instead. The valiant waiter twirled, tried to regain his balance, was defeated in his goal, thus making his tray flip over, making plates of food fly through the air, and fall directly on.....Samantha, and George, the squabbling couple.

Sam, and George squared off eye to eye, glared defiantly at each other, then each turned respectfully away, each running toward the restroom appropriate to their gender to measure their casualties.

It was very evident that George wouldn't ask Sam out again. It was also evident that George wasn't going to take Sam home either.


Meanwhile, not too far away, at a window side table....

"YYYAAAAAAYYYYY!" Brooke cheered, as she witnessed the petty fight between her gorgeous step-sister, and her handsome date, "HOOOORRRAAAYYYYY!"

"Why are you cheering, Brooke?" Harrison asked mildly surprised at his suddenly animated date.

"Sam, and George are fighting!" Brooke was openly clapping now, uncaring of the odd looks that she was attracting.

"Why do you care if those two fight, Brooke? You should mind your own business, which is.....ME!"

"Boring, cheap, intimidated by strong women, nervous, and self centered," Brooke said nonchalantly.

"Who are you talking about now?" Harrison asked.

"About you, Harrison. I most certainly don't care about you. I only came because Sam asked me to."

"Hah! I only came because George asked me to, Brooke. Certainly not because of you!"

"Yeah, sure," Brooke smirked, "you've had a crush on me since grade school, you jackass."



"Why do you care if George, and Sam break up on their first date, Brooke?"

"I'm going to the restroom to see if Sam is alright," Brooke said absently, as she got up from her chair.

"I think this date is over!" Harrison exclaimed loudly.

"You bet it is," Brooke replied heartily, "I'm calling my dad to come pick Sam, and me up. So.....scramble, cheese head!"

"Wait!" Harrison had a sudden epiphany, "the only reason you're so glad that Sam, and George are ruined is because......OHMYGOD.....YOU WANT SAM FOR YOURSELF!"

"Well....at least you're not stupid, Harrison," Brooke replied with a smile, as she walked away from the table, "now go away!"


Meanwhile, in the restroom, a certain, angry, ravishing brunette surveyed her reflection in the mirror....

"Well....at least the food didn't land on my hair or face," Samantha said to herself, "but my favorite tank top is ruined!"

"Do you want a wet cloth to clean yourself off with, miss?"


Samantha McPherson turned at the sound of the kindly, concerned voice that came from behind her. Sam felt her entire world shatter to pieces at the sight of the person who had spoken, "ITS YOU!" the girl shouted in utter amazement, "what are you doing here? Are you stalking me or something......uh.....what is your name again?"

"Heraldara," the kindly woman responded, " I am the restroom attendant here at Reese's. And who may you be?"


"Yes. I do remember you."

"You should remember me. You threw one of your fancy, fake curses at me."

"Oh, I did? Well, Ms. Sam....it almost seems as if you are starting to believe in gypsy curses."

"Uh....well....no I don't believe in curses....especially yours, Ms. Heraldara....but even if I did....don't think for one single instant that I am going to cave in, and beg you to remove it!"

"Hhhmmm....yes, I can see that you are a very brave, young lady," Heraldara said with a smile.

"Good," Sam said staunchly, "just so that's very clear between the two of us!"

"I do suppose you wouldn't mind my telling your fortune....Sam?"


"Just for fun," the elegant, old Gypsy, Heraldara said quietly, with mischief in her dark eyes.

"I guess so....its not like its going to be real or anything," Samantha rambled.

"Oh of course not," Heraldara replied with a laugh, "I can see you don't believe in anything that I say."

"Good!" Sam exclaimed a tad too loudly, and much too aggressively.

"I predict, Ms. McPherson....that you will spend the rest of your life with the very next person who walks into this restroom!"

Samantha's eyes almost flew from her beautiful head, like two, misguided darts at the speed of stupidity, "how did you know my last name? I mean.....I never told you my last name....I mean....I don't think we even ever met before that time at the fair that you cursed me.....I mean.....like I really care that you did.....I mean.....what do you mean....the next person who walks in here? This is a woman's restroom! A guy isn't going to walk in here....unless its.....its.....HARRISON? I'm destined to be with Harrison?"

"I mean," Heraldara replied with an evil grin, "that you will marry the next person who walks in here......"

"Hah," Sam said with a smile, "hhhhmmm.....Harrison isn't SO bad.....a jerk sometimes.....but not so bad."

"Whatever you say, young lady," Heraldara's smirk was gigantic now.

Suddenly, the restroom door was thrown open with the force of a volcanic eruption, so mightily, that it almost seemed it would be ripped from its hinges. A tall figure appeared at the entrance of the restroom, then entered inside rapidly, like a gust of furious wind, and stood in the middle of the room, shouting out a single name; "Sammy? Are you okay?"

Once more, Samantha's eyes almost popped out of her head, as she suddenly turned about twenty shades paler than she already was, and a huge wave of weakness began to rise from her feet up through her entire body, as she quickly recognized the person who had entered the restroom, "B....bbbbb.....bbbbb....."

"Sam? What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"


"Sammy?" the tall figure took quick strides toward the gorgeous brunette who seemed about to swoon.

Samantha was almost out of breath, as her brain began to shut down, as she looked around to the old, Gypsy, Heraldara, and noticed that the woman was disappearing right before her eyes in a wisp of smoke, with a grin upon her face, "no.....no....it can't be.....it has to be special effects!" the girl screamed within herself, although now it was simply undeniable that she believed that the old woman truly was a supernatural creature. But now, the girl had a more pressing issue to deal with; Heraldara's last words to her, and the identity of the person who was now approaching her; "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......"



Before Brooke's amazed, frightened eyes, Samantha, her dream girl, simply fainted, and fell gracefully to the carpeted floor of the restroom.

"Was it something I said?"

Part 5: The Prize at the End of Brooke's Rainbow

That beguiling emotion,
it brought you to my side
in forward motion,
desire between your thighs,
now you want me,
as I renew my plea,
for you to be my lover
as with a smile
I invite you to my heart.

That beguiling emotion,
with powerful absorption
sucked my willing heart
forever into your arms,
like a raging river,
making my flesh quiver
from now til eternity,
we will never part.


Sam sat up in her bed, her back against the headboard, her dark eyes fixed upon some undetermined point just ahead of her. The gorgeous girl sighed, and with that audible manifestation, she let loose all of her exasperation, for she knew that at last there was no denying it at all; Heraldara was for real. It pained Sam to finally admit defeat, for she had always likened herself to an unbeatable force who faced the unknown fearlessly. But now, Samantha felt heavy hearted, as she closed her eyes, clenched her fists, gritted her teeth in utter frustration, and verbalized in a whispered voice what was in her heart, "I just can't believe that I'm actually giving in to her...but there is no way around this anymore. Heraldara is the real thing!"

"Good for you, Samantha McPherson!"

Sam nearly jumped out of her bed at the sound of the now familiar, very unforgettable voice; "Heraldara? Is that you?" the girl cried out in sheer panic.

"Yes, Samantha. Its me."

"You're a ghost!" Sam yelled, as she grabbed her pillow, and hugged it for support.

"I'm just a sort of guardian angel."

"Please tell me that you're not MINE!" the frightened girl cried, as she clutched her pillow tighter to her bosom.

"I'm not yours," Heraldara's disembodied voice replied with an evident, if still unseen smile.

"Thank God!" Samantha replied quickly.


"But what?" Sam asked fearfully.

Amid Heraldara's now trademark, hysterical laughter, and Samantha's shrill scream, the old gypsy woman materialized, with a mischievous smile upon her wrinkled countenance.

"Bathroom attendant, my ass!" Samantha exclaimed, "you're a damn alien from outer space!"

"I've been called everything between the letters from A to Z," Heraldara said with amusement, "but that's a new one," the old woman proceeded to approach Sam's bed, and sit comfortably in the swivel chair in front of the girl's desk, just a few feet away from the cowardly brunette.

"Why are you here, Heraldara?" Sam was visibly shaking, and pondering the thought of taking refuge under her bed sheets, "have you come to curse me again?"

"No, Samantha. One curse per person is quiet enough," the old gypsy replied with a grin.

"Just in case you are here to curse me again..." Samantha swallowed despite her very dry throat, "I apologize for my rudeness toward you."

"Why thank you, Samantha," Heraldara gushed, "but actually I've come to give you a blessing this time around."

"Oh?" the girl's interest was suddenly picqued.

"Do you remember what I said to you when I read your fortune, Samantha?"

"Um...yeah," Sam was now quite embarrassed, "that I would end up marrying..." the girl was almost choking on her words, "Br...Br..."


"Be quiet! She'll hear you!"

"What's wrong, Samantha?"

"I was stupid enough to tell her what you said to me in the restroom," Sam related to the gypsy, "and now she's acting all funny around me," the girl sighed, "she makes goo-goo eyes at me all of the time, she always has a goofy grin when she looks at me. She wants to do all kinds of stuff for me...she follows me around all the time. I'm hiding from her right now."

"Why is it so bad to have Brooke around?"

Samantha was about to say something cruel to Heraldara, when she suddenly realized just why it was that the old woman defended Brooke so zestfully, "OH NO! You're Brooke's guardian angel! Aren't you? Isn't that why you're always so nice to her, always on her side?"

Heraldara smiled, nodded wordlessly.

"Then why did you curse me?" Sam asked, quiet shaken by her new discovery.

"It was just part of the job that I was sent to do, Samantha."


"Brooke made a very special, private wish in her heart, and without knowing it, she wished for it so deeply, that God heard it upstairs, and sent me to make it come through for her," Heraldara said quietly.

Sam looked up at the ceiling of her room with evident doubt in her eyes, "God? Upstairs? You're an ANGEL?"

"We come in all sizes, and shapes, Samantha."

"Oh. Then explain the part about cursing me?" Sam asked angrily, "I don't remember hearing about any angels who curse people!"

"It was necessary," the old gypsy replied cooly.


"I had to curse you to keep all of your other lovers away so that Brooke would be the only one to get you, Samantha."

"The scary thing about all of this is that it makes sense," Sam said, as she finally began to wrap herself up in her bed sheets.

"Now you finally understand this entire affair," Heraldara sighed with relief.

"Brooke is in love with me?"

"Yes, Sam. Brooke loves you."

"But...I'm not gay," Sam sputtered, "I...like her as a friend...a sister...a rival...but I just...don't..."

"That's the last detail of my mission," Heraldara said with glee.

"What do you mean?"

"The blessing that I've come to give you, Samantha, is that you will love Brooke in return!"

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Sam was now absolutely scandalized, "that sounds like BRAINWASHING!"

"You are going to be so happy with Brooke, Sam!"

"NO WAY!" Sam yelled, terrified, as she jumped from her bed, and tried to make it to the door of her bedroom, with the intention of making a quick escape.

"Too late!" Heraldara said, with her usual, hysterical laugh.



It had been exactly three days since her disastrous double date with Harrison, George, and Sam, and Brooke was still fixated on memories of it, "but at least George, and Sam bombed out!" Brooke said with a smile that vanished all too quickly, as a wave of despair flooded her tender heart, "but someone else will come for her," the girl felt the beginning wetness of tears in her eyes, "everyone wants my Sammy!" the blond's heart began to beat madly at her expression of possessiveness toward her beautiful brunette step-sister, "but she is mine," Brooke said softly, "and I love her so much."

"Then go, and tell her," a disembodied voice said suddenly.

"Heraldara?" Brooke instantly recognized the voice, "where are you? I can't see you."

"I'm in your heart, Brooke. I'm in the air around you."

"So you came to comfort me, Heraldara?"

"I came to say goodbye, Brooke."

"Please don't go, Heraldara. I love you so much," the girl whispered, "its almost as if you were my grandmother...I never had one. I need you. Please don't go."

"My job is done, dearest," Heraldara replied gently, "its time for me to go home."

"But what about Sam, and me?" Brooke asked desperately.

"Everything will turn out the way you wished in your heart, Brooke. Just go tell Samantha that you love her."

Brooke's eyes nearly popped out of her blond head, as the meaning of the old gypsy's words became clear to her, "you mean...that...SAM IS MINE?"

"Yes, Brooke. Sam is yours."

"Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod..." Brooke had been sitting, and moping on her bed for hours, and now got up on the mattress, and began to jump up, and down, while she shouted, "OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!"

"Goodbye, Brooke," Heraldara said, as her voice faded away forever.

"SSSSAAAAMMMM!" Brooke shouted, as she wildly, quickly opened the door that connected her room to the bathroom that she shared with her brunette, then ran through it, then brazenly threw open the door that connected the bathroom to Sam's room, "SSSSSSAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!"

Samantha was abruptly awakened from a deep, calming sleep, by her sister's agitated cries, and by a great weight that seemed to have thrown itself upon her mattress, and now jumped up, and down upon it, "WWWHHHAAAT?"

"Sammy! I love you!" Brooke cried, as she took the girl of her dreams into her arms, and shook her, "I love you!"

"What?" Sam's mind was still groggy with sleep, so that she was still slow to receive the full impact of Brooke's words, "Brooke?"

"I love you, Sam. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I want us to get married. I want kids. I want us to have a house. I want to go to college with you. I want us to be room mates. I want us to grow old together. I want to be with you every second of my life."

"Wait a minute," Sam said, her speech still a bit slurred, yet her mind finally registering the blond girl's fervent message, "you do?"

Brooke smiled with joy, as she snuggled up to her beautiful brunette, as she noticed that the girl had not slapped her, or pushed her away yet, "yes, Sammy. I do."

"Say it again," Sam whispered in a sultry whisper, as she leaned into Brooke's warm embrace, "say it again."

The sound of Samantha's velvety voice, and her tender sighs sent tingles of pleasure up, and down Brooke's spine, "I. Love. You. Sammy."

Samantha's full, ruby lips curled into a sexy, soft smile, and her dark eyes seemed to glitter like two, shiny onyx, "I love you too, Brooke."

Brooke's mind went blank for a few seconds at Sam's words, but she quickly reacted, "oh...Sammy," Brooke started to cry, "I thought it would never happen."

"Heraldara didn't curse me," Sam whispered, as she tenderly stroked Brooke's blond hair, "she blessed me instead."

"Oh...Sammy," Brooke finally leaned in, and kissed Sam full on the lips, making the kiss last for several minutes, as her moist, rough tongue danced with Sam's own, and explored the girl's warm mouth. Finally, Brooke stopped the kiss, and found Sam smiling at her, "I..."

"Me too, Brooke. Me too."

This was just the beginning of...


That Beguiling Emotion...

That beguiling emotion,
rolling through my heart
in gigantic proportions,
when from the very start,
I laid eyes on your smile,
for all the while
I wanted us together
on a plush bed of roses.

That beguiling emotion,
spilling from my eyes
like a dangerous potion,
that has made me so shy,
tongue tied, and waiting,
for the warmth of your love
to fill my trembling arms,
with your fabulous charms
till the end of our lives.

That beguiling emotion,
trapping my soul,
with fierce devotion,
to your hapless memory,
in a vice like hold
to your sensual sway,
ingrained in my memory
for countless days,
as I long for your kiss
upon my hungering lips.

That beguiling emotion,
that's trapped in my head,
it's the oddest notion
that you belong in my bed,
that I sculpt your flesh
with wanton fingers,
exploring your secrets,
as I heartily linger
upon your supple breast.

That beguiling emotion,
it brought you to my side
in forward motion,
desire between your thighs,
now you want me,
as I renew my plea,
for you to be my lover
as with a smile
I invite you to my heart.

That beguiling emotion,
seeming to surround me,
like an endless, fierce ocean
just the sight of you,
makes me weak in the knees,
as I try to comprehend,
how foolish I've come to be
and just what do you intend,
to do with my love?

That beguiling emotion,
with powerful absorption
sucked my willing heart
forever into your arms,
like a raging river,
making my flesh quiver
from now til eternity,
we will never part.

The End.

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