Title: the whereabouts of love

Author: Balticbard

Email: balticbard@yahoo.com

Disclaimer; Popular belongs to someone else; copyrighte and all. No profits on this story; just for entertainment

Warning; a/u, out of character, the gang is older; lesbianism, transvestism, sex, a few hair, eye color changes; borders slightly on an 1950's climate; angst, and comedy

chapter 1; The Bet

Dear Nic,
I don't know what to do anymore. My boyfriend, Earl, wants me to sodomize me.....I'm scared....what should I do?


"Dear Nic,
My room-mate is a witch, and she just recently channeled my dead boyfriend's spirit. Now he uses her body all of the time, and is insisting on having sex with me. I think it's a great idea, but well....he is inside my friend's body....and she is a woman....and I'm not into having sex with a woman, even if my boyfriend's spirit is inside her....I just feel weird. Should I just go ahead and do it?


Nicole Julian rolled her eyes for the fifth time, as she re-read the latest letters she had received to her advice column at the "Daily Herald."

"I just cannot believe how pathetic these people are," the pretty redhead thought to herself, as she sighed with an inner rage burning deep inside herself. Nicole often wondered why she put up with this, why she kept this job, "its not like I really need it, after all I am obscenely wealthy, I have my own life, I hit the age of twenty five three months ago." But Nicole knew very well why she did it; to get away from "wealthy daddy," who still thought that she was useless as a person of self-worth, and who would come running back to him as soon as she faced the real world, "its been three years since I left home; FINALLY, although a bit late, but i did leave.....well I am living off my mom's inheritance, but only for the basics...." Nicole heard her conscience begin to heave in deep laughter, and that deep voice that mirrored her own came up again to taunt her once more;

"YOU? Living on the basics? Don't lie to yourself, Nic. You need Daddy, his money, and your dead mom's money. You really are worthless. Admit it. You are just a self-serving, self-centered, sarcastic, ironic, cynical bitch who loves to taunt, and belittle others."

For once, Nicole didn't want to argue with herself, as the voice from deep within simply enumerated every single one of her very obvious faults, "alright," Nicole replied to herself, "you left out; petty, jealous, envious, cowardly, deceiver....."

"For once we agree," the inner voice of Nicole Julian replied.

"Oh yes," Nicole replied to herself, "but I know I am so devoid of goodness, but aren't I just so much fun to be with?"

The inner voice was silent now. Nicole Julian was laughing to herself, because for all of her faults, she simply loved being herself.

For just an instant, Nicole's attention was drawn from her private musings of self-delight. The redhead looked up from the letters she was reading, and her brown eyes wandered around her, taking in the sights of the bustling restaurant around her.

The restaurant was called; "Le Tre," and it was a high-ceilinged room, unbelievably vast, with dozens of tables, huge windows to one side, that looked out onto a busy, city street, and dozens of people walking by, looking in to see the people eating at the tables next to the huge windows, who were also looking back out at the people looking in. Le Tre served the best French food in the city, something that Nicole Julian shared with her few friends from her college days, and well, Nicole had VERY few friends anywhere.

Every Tuesday, and Friday, Nicole would meet at the Le Tre with those few friends she had left from college; Brooke McQueen, a beautiful, top fashion model, and pin-up girl for a popular soft-drink company, Sam Mack, cold, stunningly beautiful, best selling author of sappy romance novels, who's real name was Samantha McPherson, the daughter of aristocratic Irish immigrants, Lily Esposito, Lil for short, shy after hours, but easily transformed into a bloodthirsty, ruthless divorce attorney from nine to five, and....Josh Ford, high profile attorney working for the local district attorney, transvestite, loved to come to their get-togethers in drag, considered himself a woman, a lesbian, and held a long time torch for seemingly unassuming little Lil Esposito.

"Those bitches are late again," Nicole mumbled to herself, as she read the next letter sent to her by some pathetic reader of what she considered her mediocre advice column;


"Dear Nic,
I have a very unusual problem. I'm in love. That doesn't sound like a problem, but its who I am in love with; my friend, and a woman. I am a woman, who has always prided herself on her great looks, and her ability to get, and then manipulate ANY man she wants. Believe me, Nic, when I say that I am beautiful, I mean it. I am very, very attractive, and I have been told dozens of times. I make my living on my looks. That is how beautiful I am. When I tell you that I can get any man that I want, I mean it. It is so effortless for me now, that it has even become boring. Men are such fools, and I can do with them as I please. One day I was just thinking to myself, how really foolish men are, and I just looked up, and saw my friend. I simply noticed that she is just absolutely gorgeous, and well, even MORE beautiful than I am. That is where it all started. I mean, if you saw her, and me, you would agree, if I am drop dead gorgeous, then my friend is just absolutely dead....well enough about that. Well, my friend pretty much does the same thing I do; lives off her looks; only she uses older, wealthy men. I just live off the younger ones. But I just couldn't stop looking at her. Now I'm hooked. I guess I deserve it; having been such a bitch to so many guys I turned down, who were dying for me. Now I know how they felt. I'm supposed to be straight, but now I don't know. It isn't like I am ogling other women. No. I just ogle her. I am desperate. I don't know what to do. She is also straight, VERY straight. All I know is that for the first time in my life I am truly, deeply in love. Should I tell her, and get turned down? Should I suffer in silence?
Help me, Nic.


Nicole read the letter three times, and for once she was absolutely stumped, "well, this is interesting. For once, I get a really odd case; a very confusing situation. I think I'll take my time for this one. I won't read this one to the girls," Nicole always read the letters from her readers to her friends during lunch, and that provided for some very interesting conversation, and joking, and gave Nicole Julian great ideas for the cruel, sarcastic replies she was now famous for giving her readers, for which she had become very popular, and which the public seemed to crave like some addictive drug, "people are just PATHETIC!" was always Nicole's response.

"Wading in your smug little pool of self divinity again, Nic?"

Nicole was indeed startled from her revelry by a friendly, taunting voice that had suddenly sprung up beside her very sensitive ear. Nicole looked up slightly, only to almost crash noses with the very blond, Brooke McQueen, who laughed lightly at her.

"Oh, so you want to kiss me, Nic?" Brooke said in a playful tone.

"Just sit down, you dufus. People are staring at us," Nicole almost seethed in her reply.

Brooke McQueen was really very tall at 5' 10". Brooke was slender, with long, shapely legs, long, slender arms, a long, swan neck, a ballerina's build, with a light, graceful walk. Brooke  could wear high heels very well, and that made her even taller. Brooke was a high fashion model for one of the city's top fashion designer, and frequently appeared on the covers of in international fashion magazines. Brooke was considered one of the most beautiful women of the city of New Vale.

The City of New Vale, sprawling metropolis, growing uncontrollably upwards in fame, in population, dangerously eclipsing the otherwise famous city of New York. New Vale was the home city, of the snooty gang, as the five were called in college days; Nicole, Brooke, Sam, Lil, and Josh.

Brooke was classically blond; long, golden-yellow hair like ripe wheat, with almost white, thick lashes, and slender brows. Brooke's eyes were a light shade of blue, like the sky that spread high above a tranquil, country scene in old paintings. Brooke's cheeks were kissed by a slight shade of lightest pink, that seemed to whisper above the expanse of her creamy, unblemished skin. Brooke's lips were also light pink, delicately formed, not full or thin, but always just a hint of a pout.

"You are almost late, Brooke," Nicole said angrily, as she was above all her faults, obsessed with punctuality.

"So, have we been getting a full cup of our daily bitchiness, Nic?"

"You are exactly three minutes late, Brooke."

"So, sue me, Nic. I had a last minute shoot for some pictures to go into next month's issue of "Popularity."

Nicole rolled her brown eyes, and called out in a loud voice; "waiter, can we be served?" A young waiter came to the table with two menus, and handed them to the women, and almost blushed to death when he saw Brooke.

"Same old, same old," Nicole sighed, when she saw the young waiter's reaction to her gorgeous friend, "how....."

"Pathetic, Nic? Is that your favorite word?" Brooke asked as she turned her head sideways to look at her attractive, redheaded friend.

"Exactly, Brooke," Nicole replied with a smile, as she watched the young waiter leave their table, still glancing backwards at Brooke who winked at him, and almost caused him to turn over another table where two, older women with an obviously bad attitude sat, "you turn all men into mush, Brooke."

"Of course I do," Brooke replied with a smirk upon her beautiful face, "I can twist any man around my little finger. But you already know that, Nic."

Both Nicole, and Brooke looked over at the helpless, young waiter that had just left their table, now under an endless barrage of offensive words, and threatening body postures from the women at the table that he had almost knocked over. Both Nicole, and Brooke began to laugh.

Nicole remembered the strange letter she had just read a few minutes before Brooke's arrival, and the seed of a very strange idea became planted in her mind, as she cast her dark gaze upon her beautiful friend, "Brooke?"

"You're looking at me that way again, Nic."

"What way, Brooke?"

"That way you look when you get an evil idea, Nic."

"Ok, ok.....but....Brooke.....I know you can wrap any man around your finger, turn him into a fool, even manipulate him against his will. Can you make him fall hopelessly in love with you?"

"Oh, I can make any man; ANY man fall hopelessly in love with me," Brooke replied with such self-confidence, that even the usually self possessed Nicole wanted to strangle her, "I've already had a dozen suicide attempts over me."

"I bet you can't make a woman fall helplessly in love with you, Brooke."

Brooke was about to take a drink from the glass of water that the waiter had served her, and upon hearing Nicole's words, she set the glass back down, for fear she would have choked on the water, had she been drinking it, "what?"

"You heard me the first time, Brooke."

"Now why would I want to make a woman fall in love with me, Nic? I happen to be into MEN."

"Oh don't go getting all out of shape, Brooke. I wasn't implying anything about your sexual preference. I was simply questioning your ability to control something other than the usual, drooling, testosterone producing beasts."

"Well....." Brooke sighed with relief, "for a minute I thought you were serious, Nic."

"I am serious, Brooke."


"I bet you my new, spacious, penthouse apartment that you can't make a woman fall madly in love with you, Brooke."

Brooke's blue eyes began to glow, as she recalled her last visit to Nicole's penthouse apartment, "really?" Brooke was a very greedy creature, who had come from a very humble, low-class family, and who had dreamt of wealth, and luxury her entire life as she fought to rise from her poverty laden existence, till she reached college on a scholarship, and finally found an outlet as a fashion model, and began making good money. But still, Brooke wasn't wealthy, not like Nic, and the others. No. And that meant that Brooke was capable of anything to get Nic's luxurious, penthouse.

"Really, Brooke. I will give you the keys, and the deed if you manage to make a woman fall madly in love with you,"

Nicole said, her eyes glowing with mischief, "and I am not lying. I really will. Is it a bet?"

"It's a bet, Nic."

Both women shook hands, which amongst their group of five was as good as a signed contract.

"Then it is settled, Brooke," Nicole said, "now, we have to choose the victim."

chapter 2; The Victim Is Chosen

"I get to choose the woman," Nicole said firmly.

"No way, Nic, if I have to seduce her, then I should choose her."

Both women were arguing, as another voice rang through the usual barrage of mixed voices that filled the restaurant, "Nic, Brooke!"

"Look, Nic....Lil is here! I choose her."


"Why not, Nic?"

"She is much, MUCH to easy. I want someone that has some steel inside, Brooke. Someone who will give you a real hard fight. But still, it has to be someone whose feelings I can easily gauge."

Lily Esposito waved frantically to her friends who sat on the other side of the restaurant. Lily, or Lil, as they called her, was short, about five feet, thin, with short, dark, brown hair, and big, glowing eyes the darkest shade of onyx imaginable, "girls.....I'm here, just give me a sec to call my boss!" Lil shouted across the restaurant for all to hear. Lily Esposito was unrepressed about her thoughts, feelings, and life in general; she was never embarrassed to show emotion in public.

Right behind Lil, walked a much larger, taller figure, confusing everyone who looked; a man dressed in women's apparel; Josh Ford, who inched up slowly behind the small woman waving at her friends, and suddenly hugged her from behind, eliciting a bout of musical laughter from the blushing, short attorney, Lily Esposito.

"Can't you two control yourselves?" a sultry, velvety voice said firmly from behind the two laughing jokesters, "you're making a spectacle of yourselves, and this isn't the hippy era anymore, you know."

Lil, and Josh were so startled, that they stopped laughing, and turned to see who had spoken.

Nicole Julian looked up to see who had just arrived, and pointed in that same direction; "HER!" Nicole exclaimed much too loudly, attracting a few odd looks from the people at the next table, "THAT's who you are going to seduce, Brooke."

Brooke looked in the direction that Nicole was pointing, and suddenly felt very nervous, as a cold chill crept up through her toes, and proceeded up her legs, and throughout her entire body, "her? Are you serious?"

"Yes, I'm serious, Brooke. What is it? Why are you looking at her like that?"

"You want me to seduce......Sam?"

Josh Ford, and Lil Esposito had turned to see who had spoken, and though they were startled at first, the two clowns relaxed to see it was the newly arrived Sam Mack.

"Sam," Lil cried happily, as she rushed towards her friend, who leaned down to accept a loving kiss on the cheek from the smaller woman.

"I just can't see why you're complaining about us being a spectacle, Sam," Josh replied, "everyone.....EVERYONE is always looking at you!"

"Well its always pretty obvious why people stare at you, Josh," Sam said with a soft smile on her lips.

"Oh, just admit you envy my taste in clothes, Sam!" Josh said, continuing the playful banter he always indulged in with his newly arrived friend.

"Someday I'll find out what thrift store you shop at, Josh Ford!" Sam exclaimed in mock shock, as she stepped closer to the tall man, and returned his welcome kiss on the cheek.

"Lets go join Nic, and Brooke," Lil said happily.

"Oh, most definitely," Sam replied with a smile, "the quicker, the better.....before they can say anymore disparaging remarks about us!"

"Hush, Sam!" Lil exclaimed, "don't speak ill of our friends!"

"I'm afraid I agree with Sam, Lil," Josh said quietly.

"Oh, Josh, you always agree with Sam on everything," Lil said, jokingly, "somehow I wonder if you're really in love with her, and not with me!"

Suddenly, Josh Ford was paralyzed, and his grey eyes almost popped out of his head, as he looked down at Lil in deep shock, and surprise, "how.....wha......how did you know..........?"

"Oh....I've known for years, Josh," Lil replied with a toothy grin, "and I've been waiting far too long for you to do something about it......a girl can't wait forever.....I'm going to have to get a REAL lesbian to date soon....."

"Bu.....bbbbbbuuuuu......but.....but......?"Josh, a well-versed attorney, babbled helplessly, his deepest secret thrown carelessly out in the open, was now nervous, not knowing how to react.

"And he's a lawyer!" Lil said laughingly to Sam, who was smirking right along with her, "come on, Josh, before you lose your wig in someone's soup.....we can talk about this later," Lil took Josh by the hand, and led him toward the far side of the busy, crowded restaurant, where Nic, and Brooke sat. Sam walked slowly behind them.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the restaurant, another plot ensued......

"No....Nic....pick someone else....I can't seduce Sam....its impossible."

"Why not, Brooke?" Nicole was quite surprised, because Brooke was looking at Sam in the strangest way, "Sam is Sam....is something going on inside that head of yours?"

"No.....um....well....Sam is just so......STRAIGHT....so very, very, very heterosexual......I mean......."

"I didn't say it was going to be easy for you, Brooke....I am not going to give up my penthouse that easily....I happen to have a great fondness for the place......either you seduce Sam, or forget the deal."


"I thought you were the greediest bitch in the entire city of New Vale, Brooke.....so greedy that you would do anything short of prostitution for money........."

"Yes.....I would love to live in that penthouse........" Brooke was saying as she recalled how terribly small her own apartment was, "yes....I'll do it."

"Oh...." Nic said with a self-satisfied smile lighting her pretty face, "then the bet is still on....."

"I never back out of a bet, Nic....I'm not a coward....."

"I can see that, Brooke....but you are looking at Sam in such a strange manner that I find both intriguing, and confusing."

"I'm just....sizing her up, Nic.....that's all...."

"Hhhhmmmm......planning a strategy, Brooke?"

"No......well.....yes.....but.....she's just so beautiful, Nic....."

"Much more beautiful than you, Brooke....if that is even possible....but when it comes to Sam it is....." Nic said quietly, as she pondered the odd, rapt way that Brooke was looking at her future victim, "doesn't that bother you, Brooke.....that there is someone absolutely MORE beautiful than you?"

Brooke didn't answer Nicole's question, perhaps she didn't even hear it, for she was lost in wonder at the sight that approached the table where she sat with her snobbish, selfish, redheaded friend.

Josh, and Lil briefly crossed the path of Brooke's cerulean gaze, but very quickly they became mere blurs, almost nonexistent, as she finally focused on the person that came slowly trailing behind them, walking so gracefully, that it almost seemed she was floating along, mere inches from the very surface of the tiled floor of the restaurant.

There was no one word that Brooke had in her entire vocabulary that could truly describe Samantha McPherson, a.k.a. Sam Mack; stunning, gorgeous, ravishing, beautiful, beguiling, enthralling, statuesque. Brooke ran down the long row of words that she had just summoned up, playing them over, and over in her mind, like pieces to a puzzle, like countless keys to solve an enigma that just couldn't be solved; Sam.


Sam was of a beauty seldom seen in American culture. Sam was exactly 5'8"in her bare feet. Sam had very long, thick, wild, raven hair with a powerful sheen that attracted the room's light in pure, deep blue highlights, and danced down her firm back, around her shoulders, and framed her beautiful face in loose, thick locks.

Her face.

Sam's face was oval, composed of exquisitely formed, fine features; a straight, delicately shaped nose, sculpted, pale cheeks, full, moist, ruby lips. When Sam smiled, it was almost as if her entire face came together to shape a masterpiece; her smile was so enthralling, so gentle, as her full lips spread perfectly to reveal a row of her pearly white, small teeth. When Sam furrowed her delicate, raven brow, it seemed like ripples forming on the surface of a white, newly frozen river in deepest winter. When Sam spoke, her voice was even, somewhat deep, sultry, her pronunciation was perfect, her enunciation was delicate. Sam's eyes were big, and a very deep, metallic blue in hue, and seemed to let go of sudden flashes of light when she was angry. Sam's beautiful, usually still countenance would suddenly come to life when she showed emotion, making her features shine upon her pale skin.

Her skin.

Sam's skin was delicately pale; not deathly or sickly pale, but of a special, very delicate tone of white, with a slight pink hue, making it only just slightly, just a whisper less than the most perfect alabaster. Such pale, perfect, unblemished skin; Sam had no facial lines, her features all swimming calmly in the pale ocean of her face. All of it, was simply perfection, a face such as Sam's could surely have started a war in another era of history, such as the thousands of ships launched into a war over Helen of Troy, whom Brooke could swear wasn't even a fraction as beautiful as Sam, or as well built.

Her body.

Sam was a delight to anyone's eyes. Brooke could never tire, as her eyes traveled up, and down Sam's figure; endlessly long, curvaceous legs leading up to wide hips that then lessened to become an unbelievably small waist, that then widened up to supple, firm, round, c-cup breasts, firm shoulders, then onto long, slender arms that ended in pale, graceful hands with long, slender, delicate fingers.

"Wake up, Brooke."


"Brooke, its time to get started," Nicole whispered into her friend's ear.

"Oh....yes, Nic."

Brooke got up from the table, kissed both Lil, and Josh on the cheek, then suddenly lunged towards Sam with a cry of joy.

chapter 3: The Seduction Begins

"SSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!" Brooke cried, as she seemed to whiz past a surprised Josh, and Lil, who looked at the blond with irony, because she had never greeted the ravishing brunette in such an exuberant fashion.

It almost seemed as if Brooke had actually flown, leaving behind a wind that ruffled the hair on Josh's wig, and that the cry that had escaped her lips had bounced off the high ceiling of Le Tre. A few heads turned, mostly men of course, and their hearts soared, as their eyes were rewarded with a most unusual, unbelievable sight; a stunning beauty, in the arms of another stunning beauty.

Brooke had launched herself with enough enthusiasm, as to frighten her unsuspecting victim, Sam, who was totally unaware of what was in store for her. Brooke wrapped her arms around Sam's extremely small waist, and latched onto her the way drooling lips would attack a chocolate bar. Brooke pulled Sam's statuesque body into her own, and greedily settled Samanthaís beautiful head upon her supple bosom, "oh, Sammy....I am so glad....to see you...." Brooke said in a slow, erotic voice that would usually drive any man into quite a deep arousal, rendering him useless, when she used it on him....but this wasn't a man, or even a very easy victim; this was a woman of great beauty, immense intellect, and also very, VERY embarrassed.

"Are you feeling well, Brooke?" a confused Sam asked, as she looked up from the blondís ample "Why I am feeling divinely well, Sam...." Brooke drawled, as she looked up at the beautiful face looking down at her, and then proceeded to bury her face in the woman's slender neck, and brazenly.....inhale her exotic perfume. Sam shuddered suddenly, as she realized what Brooke had done; sniffed her the way a male dog will sniff a female bitch, as he sized her up, "huh? Brooke....what are you doing?"

"Oh....I just love your perfume, Sammy,"Brooke replied playfully, as she nuzzled Sam's small ear with her nose, and touched the tip of the ear with her warm, moist tongue, "you are just so tense, Sammy," Brooke whispered into her friend's ear, using her sexiest voice, letting her soft breath flow into the woman's ear, and stir the raven locks that almost hid it.

"Oh my God!" Nicole Julian was saying to herself, as she watched the outrageous behavior that Brooke was displaying, and Sam's apparent befuddlement.

"Is Brooke alright?" Lil asked loudly, as she glanced at Nicole, only to see that she too was just as amazed by the spectacle being performed before them.

Brooke released Sam, but only slightly, and turned around towards Lil, "why do you say that, Lil? Of course I'm well. Can't a girl be glad to see her best friend?"

"But I'm not your best friend, Brooke," Sam said quickly, "I mean....we are friends.....but we aren't close....."

"Oh, Sam," Brooke exclaimed, "I'm going to change that RIGHT now.....from today.....you are officially my BEST friend," then Brooke seized Sam's delicate, slender hand, and led her to the table, making absolutely sure to get a seat next to the ravishing brunette, "from now on, we have to sit together, Sammy."

Sam, a woman of great intelligence, culture, and refinement, who had a tendency to be cold at times, was completely helpless at the moment, feeling like a trapped animal, as she tried to size up the situation, "is she practicing for some part in a movie.....is she trying to play a joke on the others.....what is Brooke up to?"

"Well now," Nicole interjected, "enough with the nonsense, let's order lunch before they serve dinner."

Josh signaled a waiter, an older man who stepped up quickly to the table where the group sat, and promptly handed out five menus, to which Brooke quickly handed hers back to him. Brooke then scooted her chair closer to Sam, and started to read the menu in the woman's hand.

"Can you help me order, Sammy? I just can't make up my mind what to eat."

Sam looked at Brooke for several seconds, blinked twice, then simply said; "alright," and proceeded to share her menu with the blond, and began making suggestions as to what to eat.

"Order for the both of us, Sammy, I'll have whatever you have!"

"Well.....alright, Brooke......" Sam looked at Brooke with irony written all over her beautiful countenance, as she handed the menu back to the waiter, who had returned to the table to take everyone's orders, "we'll both have steak!"

"Hhhhhmmmmmm......yes....." Brooke whispered as she simply leaned on her elbows, her head on her hands, and started to stare at Sam, who was at that moment discussing her latest idea for a book with a very interested Nicole. Lil had been observing Brooke's odd behavior, and then elbowed Josh, who sat very close to her, then both of them simply watched as Brooke seemed to visually feast on a seemingly unobservant Sam.

It seemed that Nicole, and Sam were involved in another deep discussion about one of Sam's newest projects, "it's a story about unrequited love," Sam was saying, "I think I might have a bestseller now!"

"But all of your stories are bestsellers, Sam!" Nicole declared with not so subtle envy pouring in her voice, "and why do you have to tackle unrequited love? What is it with you anyway? Your last novel was about suicide, and love."

"Oh, Nicole," Sam replied with a haughty smile, "I just LOVE your envy, and sarcastic wit."

"I'm not being sarcastic!" Nicole quipped with a smile, "but it is true, though. Why do you always explore the dark side of love in all of your books? Is it from experience?"

"Nope," Sam replied quickly with a smile.

"So...." Nicole continued to say, "you've never been rejected by a potential lover,  or abandoned for someone else, or have fallen desperately in love with the wrong person?"

"No, of course not, Nicole," Sam replied with a smile, "I'm just fascinated by what people feel when they end up on the wrong side of love......"

Suddenly, Sam felt something that utterly erased every thought in her mind, and sent her skyrocketing into a mini-orgasmic state of mind. Sam felt a simple touch, gentle, lingering, caressing her thigh, then wandering down to her knee, then a foot sliding up her leg, outlining its shape. Sam was turning red, as she turned, then looked Josh, who sat next to her, square in the eyes, her deep, sapphire gaze boring into him, as she smiled in the most erotic way, as her full lips formed an almost kiss-like shape, as she leaned towards him, and spoke his name in a slow, sultry voice, "J o s h......"

"What?" Josh Ford replied in a very, very high, squeaky voice, because although he loved wearing women's clothes, and dearly wanted to be a woman, he was very much a normal man in his urges, in that he was deeply aroused by extremely beautiful women, and right now, he developed a huge erection, which made the bulge in his skirt grow, making the situation so obvious, that even Lil, who sat on the other side of him, saw it, and became extremely jealous.

"I didn't know you could be so naughty, Josh Ford," Sam said with an insinuating smile, as she winked at him, and continued to melt under the continuing, pleasant exploration that was drawing closer to more intimate areas of her anatomy, under the table.

Lil was fed up, as she turned, slapped Josh, then got up, and left the table in a huff, saying as she did, "you beast!"

"But I haven't done ANYTHING!" Josh exclaimed in utter frustration, "Nic, quick, go after Lil, she's going to the restroom!"

"Why should I have to go?" Nicole asked in total astonishment, "this has nothing to do with me!"

"But you're a woman, Nic, and all of you women go to the restroom together, although I never understood why," Josh replied.

"Well you always wanted to be a woman, you clueless jerkowitz!" Nicole said angrily, loudly, "then just go after her, and find out. Start acting like a woman for once!"

"Oh...yeah....sure!" Josh said, as he got up, and left the table, dashing madly after Lil, who was already on the far side of the restaurant.

Sam had started laughing at Josh's antics, but stopped abruptly, as she noticed that the touching had not stopped. Sam's eyes nearly popped out of her head, as she instinctively followed the source of the touches, guided by her instinct, and her blue gaze fell on the least obvious of her choices as to the source of the brazen caresses; Brooke, who now leaned slightly against the sexy brunette, and looked at her with mirth, and adoration. Then, Sam noticed that Brooke only had ONE hand on the table. Now, Sam knew with terror, and certainty WHERE Brooke's other hand was.

"Oh.....gods....Sammy," Brooke was saying dreamily, as she stared at the author with a goofy look on her beautiful face, "I wish you said my name the same way you said his.......I'm so jealous now......." then, Brooke had the audacity to actually POUT.

Silence ensued Brooke's words, and so she looked around, only to find that BOTH Sam, and Nicole were staring at her intently. Brooke smiled knowingly at Nicole, and she was about to take Sam's hand in her own, when she was stopped from doing so by the return of a visibly upset Lil, and a blubbering Josh.

"But schnookums," Josh said trying to appease the woman of his dreams, "we haven't even started dating, and you're already acting like a naggy wife!"

"Oh......you!" Lil was so angry that she was about to throw a glass of water in Josh's face, when a firm voice interrupted them.

"Stop that right now!" Nicole exclaimed, "sit down, you two, the food is coming!"

True to Nicole's word, three waiters arrived with arms filled with plates of French cuisine, with two bottles of white wine, with bread, butter, with glasses, with knives, forks, with dessert. The group was served handsomely, then the waiters left, and everyone started eating.

Everyone had started eating heartily, chatting, the conversation being a mixture of profound subjects, and mundane themes of small importance. Salt, vinegar, and oil were passed about with great speed, as each person flavored their food to their individual tastes. The wine was poured, the clinking of glasses was heard, as the group quoted different reasons to drink to....everyone seemed in a comfortable mood, except Brooke, who was picking at her food, and just stared quietly at Sam, who was still absorbed in some trivial debate with an ever venomous Nicole Julian.

Lil was extremely uncomfortable, as she watched Brooke's actions, because deep within her secret psyche, she had always harbored more than a friendly, or sisterly fondness for Sam, the gorgeous Irish/ American aristocratic author. Now, an increasingly uncomfortable Lily Esposito watched  as the beautiful, blond model finally wound her fingers around Sam's hand, the one she held her fork in, and then brazenly directed it to her mouth, where she quickly swallowed the entire morsel originally meant for Sam.

"Stop that!" Lil exclaimed, as she slammed her fork down on her plate, "stop bothering Sam, Brooke McQueen!" Brooke quickly understood just what Lil meant, and simply glared at her, with the sudden urge to stick out her tongue at her newly revealed rival, whom she quickly understood held secret romantic feelings for her victim, Sam. But of course, Brooke simply held back on sticking her tongue out at Lil, because it wasn't something that went well with her image, and she wanted to do something much more interesting with her tongue that involved Sam, and her full, ruby lips, "whatever do you mean, Lil?" Brooke said in a coy, innocent manner.

"You've been all over Sam ever since we got here, Brooke, and I am just sick of it!" Lil said, almost exploding in rage, "stop pestering her, and let her eat in peace."

"Hello....." Sam said suddenly, "will you two stop talking over me like I'm not here?"

"Sam, don't tell me you haven't noticed what Brooke is doing to you?" Lil asked incredulously.

"What is she doing, Lil?" Sam asked, as she pinned a nervous, excited Lil with her piercing, metallic gaze, "she isn't bothering me in the least."

"Josh?" Lil asked, "isn't it true? Isn't Brooke pestering Sam?"

Josh Ford was silent, and also deaf to Lil insistent voice, as he gazed in wonderment, and secret delight at the way Brooke was touching Sam, and smiling as he watched Brooke ACTUALLY cutting the meat on Sam's plate into small pieces, mixing the rice, and vegetables, and brazenly eating off the gorgeous author's plate.

Meanwhile, Nicole was living her own conversation with Sam, as she quietly asked, "so....how is Harrison nowadays, Sam?" Harrison was Sam's current lover, a powerful CEO of a string of oil companies. On this subject, Nicole really was extremely envious of Sam Mack, who was so overwhelmingly beautiful, that she had the ability to bring wealthy men to their knees before her. As long as Nicole could remember, Sam had always been the object of desire of well established older men; even in college, Sam was romantically pursued by both the college dean, and the head of the math department, a brilliant mathematician, an excellent professor, and a very wealthy man. Yes, younger men did notice Sam, and even tried to win her, but somehow they found her somewhat distant, so they would chase Brooke instead, the popular, blond cheerleader. As for personal preference, it was established that Sam preferred wealthy older men, and she never seemed to reject their advances.

"Huh?" Sam had looked up from her plate, at Nicole's question. Sam had been mesmerized by Brooke's sudden preference to eat off HER plate, "oh....."

"HOW IS Harrison?" Nicole almost yelled. The attractive, high society, mediocre advice columnist was actually secretly resentful of Sam Mack, because it was still hurting that Harrison had once been HER lover, and had abandoned her for Sam Mack.

"Oh....Harrison is just fine," Sam said, her voice suddenly heavy with resentment, and anger, "seems he has a string of important meetings in Asia, so he will be gone for THE NEXT THREE MONTHS!" Sam wasn't just seething with rage, she was downright depressed, "I'm going to be alone for three months....." Sam said dejectedly. "Don't you write for a living, Sam?" Nicole asked, her voice dripping with hatred, that her friend could get away with loafing off, being able to make tons of money on sappy, romance novels, as well as being personally wealthy, "what happened to the idea of unrequited love theme for a novel? That should keep you busy for a while."

"Oh.....well......Nic....I already wrote the entire manuscript, and I already sent it to my publisher," Sam replied quickly.

"YOU ALREADY WROTE IT?" Nicole almost yelled, "how long did it take you to write the damn book, Sam?"

"One week," was Sam's simple answer, "now I have nothing to do."

Nicole had been in the process of drinking her wine, and now spit it out, as in total consternation she contemplated the impossibility of anyone ever writing an entire novel in only a week.

"Oh.....Sammy.....I have the most WONDERFUL idea!" Brooke exclaimed happily.

"What, Brooke?" Sam asked nonchalantly.

"Well....I'm on hiatus from modeling for the next three months.....why don't we spend the time together, Sammy?"

"Great idea, Brooke," Sam replied with a smile.

"Great," Brooke said, as her heart suddenly soared with happiness. "Great," Nicole replied cynically, as she recalled that she was forever alone nowadays.

chapter 4; The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Brooke sighed, as her eyes scanned her surroundings, as with care she took in the general details of what was happening around her.

Brooke stood on the corner of 12th, and Vine Ave, two very, very crowded, busy streets, lined with traffic, an endless stream of pedestrians walking in opposite directions, street vendors, musicians, mime, "Sam is so wealthy,"

Brooke said to herself, "she doesn't have to work for a living like I do...so why does she choose to live in such a mediocre place as this, so loud, so busy?"

Brooke, and Sam had known each other since college, just about seven years now, and still the beautiful author was an enigma to the blond. Truthfully, Sam, and Brooke had never been close. The two of them were just members of the same group; a group that met twice a week, Tuesdays, and Fridays at Le Tre.

The group originally consisted of Nicole, Lil, Josh, and Sam, all were from wealthy families, and had known each other since childhood. But Brooke McQueen had entered the exclusive group as a social climber, struggling to attend college on a state scholarship. Brooke's beauty, and quick wit won her entrance into the best fraternities, the cheerleading team, and the arms of the most popular, and handsome men on campus.

Four years of college life, three years in the real world had passed for the group who still kept in contact through their weekly gatherings at Le Tre.

Once again, Brooke sighed, as she contemplated the daunting task ahead of her; to win the love, and devotion of a woman who was brilliant, beautiful, and 100% heterosexual.

Brooke felt a wave of panic overcome her. A myriad of questions seemed to engulf her; how would she go about seducing Sam? What if she failed? What if everyone found out about the bet that she, and Nicole had made? What if they not only found out about the bet, but that she had lost it? What would she do if Sam REALLY did fall in love with her?

"Brooke, stop it!" the blond scolded herself, "its not like this is for real! Its not like I'm going to go any further with Sam than her getting a small crush on me," Brooke began to try and soothe her tangled nerves, "I REALLY want that penthouse of Nic's. I may be a successful model, but I'm still not rich. I'm just sick, and tired of my tenth floor apartment. I'm doing what I have to do to survive....nothing else matters. Besides, making Sammy fall for me will be simple. Sammy is a woman like me, so I'll just go by my instincts; what I would like done for my by a lover. I'll just apply it all to Sammy. Soon, very, VERY soon, I will be living in Nic....NO....in MY  penthouse!"

Now, Brooke's sky blue gaze finally settled on the building across the street, which Sam not only owned, but called her home.

The building Sam owned was a red brick, four story structure built in the fifties, with a flat roof, rows of large windows on each floor, two balconies, one on each side of the building, and two, grey, medieval gargoyles decorating the front of the building that shown out onto the street.

"Wow," Brooke thought, as she looked up at the roof, and smiled broadly, "only Sammy would do such a thing; decorate a mediocre city building with medieval gargoyles."

Brooke gulped, as she crossed the street on a red light, followed by a small mass of humanity, just as eager to reach the other side, to go on to different destinies. But Brooke's destiny began, and ended at that very corner, at the very doorstep she now, nervously stood before, and whose doorbell she quickly rang.

Brooke stood close to the dark brown, oak door, and her eyes followed the natural trails of the texture of the wood, as her ears picked up light footsteps that neared the door, and seemed to echo her quickened, nervous heart beat.

Brooke heard the lock turning, and the oak door give way, as it parted, as her eyes settled on a gorgeous sight; a usually, immaculately, expensively attired, made-up Sam with no make up on, wearing faded jeans, a grey t-shirt, and her usually unfettered, wild, raven mane, now loosely bound in a long, thick braid that settled over her firm shoulder. For an instant, Brooke felt her heart flutter, because Sam looked so very endearing.

"Brooke," Sam exclaimed with a smile, as she took the blond girl in her arms, hugged her briefly, and led her into the building, "how are you? Was it hard for you to find my home?"

"Well...no...." Brooke replied softly as she looked at Sam, as if seeing her for the very first time, "I just used the subway to get here, so it was pretty easy."

"I'll have George pick you up next time, Brooke."


"George is my butler, Brooke."

"You have a butler, Sammy? I didn't know that!"

"There's a lot you don't know about me, Brooke. Come, now. We have to go upstairs."

"What's upstairs?" Brooke asked as she looked around the curiously empty first floor.

The first floor of Sam's building was indeed empty, but only of furniture. The floors were carpeted with a seemingly endless, plush, tan carpet. The walls were painted a light shade of blue, and covered by what seemed to be countless paintings, and pictures of varying sizes.

"All mine," Sam said quickly when she saw Brooke looking curiously at the pictures on the walls, at the same time she dragged the blond model behind her.

"What? You mean you're a...."

"Yes, Brooke. I'm not just a romance novelist. I am also an accomplished painter, and photographer. My work is quite popular."

"Oh....I want to see them!" Brooke exclaimed with a sudden urge.


"Why not, Sammy?"

"Party upstairs, Brooke."


"You are a bit overdressed in that black, evening gown, Brooke, but you'll fit in."


Sam was too busy pushing the startled blond into the suddenly open doors of an elevator, "third floor, just a few friends. Casual dress, Brooke. No big deal."

Brooke was suddenly, totally fascinated with Sam, and wanted to ask a million questions; "what's on the fourth floor?"

"My headquarters, where I eat, and sleep," Sam answered on the elevator ride.

"What's on the second floor, Sam?"

"My studio, where I paint, or write. That's my secret world. No one goes there. Not even George to do the cleaning," Sam said with a smile.

"Is George English?" Brooke asked innocently.

Sam was delighted, because Brooke seemed so much like a small, bewildered child who has just entered a secret portal, into a strange, magical world, and has to question, then understand everything,"George is Jamaican, Brooke."

"Can I go there, Sammy?"

"Where, Brooke?"

"To the second floor, Sam. To your secret world?"

"Maybe, if you're a good girl," Sam replied with a smile.

"You are patronizing me, Sammy. And why didn't you invite me here before?"

"I never thought you would like it, Brooke. We really have never been close."

"I know....but aren't the gang your friends too?"

"Lil, and Josh are here, Brooke. Nic couldn't make it tonight."

"So....I'm the ONLY one you NEVER invited to your home, Sam Mack?"

"Well....yes, Brooke."

"You are such a bitch, Sam!"

"Uuuuuuuuuuuu.........that is SO Nic, Brooke."

"Why did you leave me out until now, Sammy?"

"I guess I thought that you wouldn't like the atmosphere my friends move in, Brooke."


"Too intellectual, Brooke."

"So you think I'm stupid, Sam Mack?"

"No, Brooke. But you're just too superficial."

"Well....so now you think that I'm a SNOB?"

"Yes, I do, Brooke McQueen."

"I should slap your pretty face, Sam Mack!"

"Are you kidding me, Brooke?" Sam asked, surprise mingled with amusement spreading across her beautiful features like a light veil.


"GO. AHEAD. SLAP. ME. Brooke McQueen!"

Brooke's pale hand came up quickly, so much so, that it's shape became a blur. Sam shifted slightly, her eyelids half closed, hooding her cerulean eyes, her face, and neck taut, ready for what she perceived to be a stinging blow from Brooke's hand. But the blow never came from Brooke, and Sam opened her eyes in confusion. Brooke's hand became a curled claw that dug into Sam's obsidian braid, pulling her close quickly.

What came next, was totally unexpected for Sam. The brunette was forced to bend backwards by the tall, beautiful blond, who hungrily attacked her full, red lips in a sudden, scorching kiss.

"Hhhhhhmmmmmmm?" Sam's sultry voice, and her words of shock, as was her gasp, her breath were swallowed up by the pink lips of a zealous, amorous, blond Brooke.

Brooke dropped her purse, and quickly dug her other hand into Sam's dark hair, "oh....I've never felt anything so silky as Sam's hair," Brooke's thoughts somewhat managed to form, even as she tried to survive the tremendous realization that she was kissing a WOMAN for the very first time in her life, and that it was the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen in her entire existence. Brooke was pleasantly surprised at how soft, and moist Sam's crimson lips were, as she began to lick, and suck them in a frenzy of desire.

The elevator reached the third floor, then the elevator doors opened to reveal a confused Sam Mack plastered helplessly again the wall, and a greedy Brooke seemingly assaulting her. Everyone within visual reach of the two women, froze, and stared, which caused others to come look, and they also froze, and stared. Soon, the entire floor was quiet, as the entire party gathered to watch Brooke orally attacking Sam. Gone, were the sounds of glasses clinking, of laughter, of heated intellectual debates, of simple small talk. All that accompanied the strange, sudden silence, was the sound of classical music from the radio, and George's strong voice, finally breaking the moment like a mirror's sudden cracking into smaller splinters.

"Miss Sam?"

Brooke quickly let go of Sam, and was engulfed in a huge wave of shame, as she turned to face a crowd of VERY rapt onlookers. For several seconds, no one said a single word. Then, suddenly, everyone started applauding, then laughing, and whistling as both women stepped off the elevator, to mingle with the crowd.

"Shall I get your friend a drink, Miss Sam?" tall, muscular, casually attired, dark-skinned butler George asked his beautiful author-boss nonchalantly.

"Um....yes, do so, George," a still disoriented Sam replied slowly.

"What will the lady have?" George asked slowly, elegantly, as he looked at Brooke McQueen.

"WHISKEY!" Brooke exclaimed.

"Straight?" George asked the beautiful blond model.

"Straight," Brooke replied quickly.

"I very much doubt that," Sam said, as her head continued to swim after the impression of Brooke's oral attack on her facial muscles.

"What did you say, Sammy?" Brooke asked.

"Very well, miss," George turned, then strode away in elegant, quick, measured, stiff, butler-like steps.

Meanwhile, everyone had dispersed, returning once more to whatever former theme had been absorbing their interests before they had caught sight of Brooke, and Sam's interesting arrival.

Brooke turned, only to find a very, VERY stiff Lil, and a smiling Josh staring at her.

"Hi, Brooke," Josh said cheerfully, as he kissed the blond model's cheek.

"You're doing it AGAIN, Brooke!" Lil said angrily, as she leaned into Brooke, and at the same time shook her index finger at her.

"WHAT am I supposed to be doing to Sam, Lil?" an extremely sarcastic Brooke asked in her very best, Nic-like style.

"You're bothering Sam," Lil replied, "I don't know why, but I'm ABSOLUTELY sure that you are NOT gay, Brooke McQueen....that this is all some kind of game you are playing with her!"

"But you are gay, Lil?"

"Almost there," Lil replied cooly, "I'm bi-sexual."

"WWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTT?" Josh almost burst like a water-filled balloon, "you're a....."

"Oh, SHUT UP, Josh Ford!" Lil exclaimed, as she stared angrily at Brooke.

"Yeah....shut up, Josh," Brooke added, as she returned Lil's angry stare, "hah!" Brooke exclaimed, "I knew it....you're in love with Sam....you want her for yourself, Lily Esposito!"

"Whatever I feel for Sammy isn't your business, Brooke McQueen. But I want to know EXACTLY what you are up to!"

"Well THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, Lil," Brooke replied angrily, as she turned, and walked away.

"LEAVE Sam ALONE, YOU BLOND HUSSY!" Lil declared passionately as Brooke walked away from her.

"So I'm not your type?" Josh asked amid tears, and sniffles, as Lil rolled her dark eyes and shook her head, "I thought YOU LOVED MMMMEEEEEEEE!" Josh almost wailed, as he continued to cry.

"Actually, Josh.....you are absolutely perfect for me," Lil replied with a toothy grin.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Brooke desperately sought Sam amid rooms filled with cigarette smoke, mixed odors of coffee, beer, white wine, champagne, popcorn, spaghetti, that mingled with the sounds of the radio playing much too loud, with the endless chattering of intellectuals, and laughter. Now, Brooke understood why Sam had never invited her to these small parties; they really weren't to her liking. The only thing that Brooke liked, and wanted right now, was Sam Mack.

Brooke had indulged herself by quickly downing THREE goodly sized glasses of pure, undiluted WHISKEY, which meant that she was already quite drunk, and made George roll his dark eyes every time she swaggered past him. Amid the haze that her mind had become, Brooke relived the memory of her recent kiss. Of course, Brooke had been kissed, and had given kisses, in love, in lust, in make-believe, in friendship. But no kiss, no pair of lips had ever haunted the beautiful, blond model as that of a pair of full, ruby lips which seemed unbelievably soft, moist, such fullness, that she could outline, play with, and suck til death, and perdition claimed her, "I actually KISSED Sam," Brooke thought with a smile, "I think I actually like this bet that I made with Nic...." Brooke recalled the velvet softness of the author's sculpted cheek touching her own, and the silky thickness of Sam's dark hair in her hands, "but....where is Sammy?" suddenly, Brooke felt the urgent need to fill her arms with Sam's voluptuous body. So, Brooke continued her search for the missing author, and finally ended her quest, when she found Sam in a most unlikely place; the restroom. Brooke walked up to the restroom door, turned the handle, and smiled as she opened the door, and brazenly walked in, unannounced.

"Brooke....DON'T COME IN HERE!" was all that a shocked, irritated Sam could say, as the blond model entered the restroom that she was currently occupying.

Even through her apparent, drunken haze, Brooke noticed something odd, "Sam, why are you sitting on the toilet, if you're not using it?"

True indeed, were Brooke's words; Sam Mack was fully dressed, yet sitting on the toilet, her arms crossed, her thick, raven braid over one shoulder, red lips set in a stern line, "I'm just thinking," Sam said gravely, "you're drunk, Brooke."

"I'm still functional," Brooke replied, as she approached, pulled up her tight skirt above her waist, then brazenly STRADDLED Sam, "what are you thinking about, Sam?"


"So, don't change the subject, Sam. What are you thinking about?"


"Oh...." Brooke smiled.

"Why did you feel me up at Le Tre, last Tuesday, Brooke? Why did you just kiss me in the elevator? What is this odd behavior of your all about? Are you playing some kind of mind game with me?"

"I want us to be GOOD friends, Sammy," was all that Brooke could say, as she wrapped her arms around the author's slender neck.

"This is how you try to win my friendship, Brooke?" now, Sam was truly confused.

"I've always wanted to be your friend, Sammy," Brooke replied, as she buried her pretty face in Sam's neck, in the curve of her shoulder, and nuzzled her, "always....since college....but I couldn't get around Lil, or Nic...."

"Why didn't you just tell me this before, Brooke? You didn't have to do all of....THIS...."

"This...what, Sammy?"

"THIS, Brooke.....right now, you're STRADDLING me.....you're hugging me too tightly....that is more than conventional friendship."

"So.....are we friends now, Sammy?"

"Okay....but why did you kiss me on the lips in the elevator, Brooke?"

"Oh....I just always wondered what it would be like to kiss a woman, Sam Mack."

"Why did you have to choose ME to find out if you like it, Brooke? Why didn't you try doing it to Lil, or Nic?"

"You're so beautiful, Sammy. I can't stop looking at you. It had to be you. I've wanted to kiss you since college."

"Oh brother," Sam exclaimed, "um....I'm straight, Brooke.....and I SUPPOSE you are also? Don't you sleep with every good looking guy you meet?"

"Yes, I do...." Brooke replied with a smile, extremely pleased with herself, "I do like men....but...."

"Brooke McQueen, you are drunk. And I think that you are playing some kind of game with me."

"Are we friends now, Sammy?"

"Regular buddies, Brooke. Now, get off me, and I'll get George to make you some coffee."

"Am I your special friend now, Sammy?"

"What?" Sam's eyebrows arched so high, they nearly exploded off her forehead.

"Will you show me your studio, Sam?"

"Oh....that...."Sam smiled with relief,"of course, Brooke. I'll show you my studio tomorrow."

"Hhhhhmmmmm," Brooke was so happy, she was literally humming.

"Brooke.....Brooke! Come on......GET OFF ME!"

"No. I like it here. You're so warm, and cuddly, Sammy."

"Damn," Sam said to herself, "this is so embarrassing," Sam was very nervous, "Brooke, I'll pay  you to get off me."

Brooke McQueen did indeed love where she was. Sam was just so plush, and warm, so soft, her curves seeming to surround Brooke's slender body, as the blond model leaned deeper into the brunette author. Brooke tightened her arms around Sam's small waist, inhaling the author's expensive perfume. Brooke was so accustomed to men, and this was all so new to her, so erotic, so addictive, "friends now, Sammy. More later."

"More? More WHAT? What do you mean by more, Brooke?"

There was no response from the beautiful blond model, because she had just passed out literally ON Sam. Just then, the bathroom door swung open, and a sea of faces peered in to see the odd sight; Sam sitting on top of the toilet, with Brooke in her lap. Lil, who stood to one side of the doorway, was furious. George, who stood to the other side of the doorway, rolled his eyes, and shook his head. Behind them, the rest of the crowd had begun to applaud, cheer, and whistle. Josh stood in the doorway, between Lil, and George.

"Uh....can I use the toilet?" a very nervous Josh asked politely.

chapter 5; Tentative First Steps

Brooke was having the most delightful dream; she was somewhere up in the sky, and she was lying on an unbelievably plush, warm, soft, yielding cloud. Brooke could feel a series of voluptuous curves that seemed to fit snugly along her body, "oh....this has got to be a dream, I must be in heaven," Brooke said within her dream, as she felt her head lying on what seemed to be two, round, supple, soft pillows that cushioned her. A delicate fragrance like that of flowers seemed to envelope the beautiful, blond model, as she moved her hand in long, slow, caressing strokes, marveling at the immense silken softness of the surface she was touching. Then, Brooke felt herself surrounded by a gentle, delicate presence, "I've never felt so good.....so safe......and warm," Brooke rambled on in her glorious dream, vaguely aware of a passing memory that indicated that she had gotten drunk on straight whiskey, somewhere back in time. Slowly, a delicate surge began to rise within Brooke; at first a dull ache, then it heightened into a deeper, pulsating, intense need. Brooke eventually recognized what she was feeling at that moment, "oh....gods....I'm so aroused.....but I've never felt it this deep before....I have to.....I need to....." Brooke lost her train of thought, as she responded to the lustful need within herself, as she began to slowly grind herself against the warm, plush cloud beneath her in a rhythm timed to her desire, "I've never done it like this before," Brooke had never masturbated, and she had never sought to satiate her need for pleasure, and sex, other than with a man, with a penis inside her. But this feeling was more intense than having an erect, hardened, aggressive shaft thrusting repeatedly into her. This was like a gentle, maddening, stroking that seemed to deepen Brooke's arousal, making her want more, much, much more. Brooke could feel the distant, gently dancing orgasm within her, as she now pursued it madly. Brooke was moaning now, as she felt her vaginal lips spread out, exposing the incredibly sensitive inner folds to the soft, silken surface beneath her. Brooke was shocked, as she realized that she needed, wanted more of the now thriving, moving, living cloud beneath her, "its...its not a cloud....I'm lying on a human body," she whispered within her soul, sighing, she ground herself deeper into the plush, dream body, as she clung fiercely to the curves beneath her. Brooke felt herself erupt like a suddenly dry well becoming a geyser, as her wetness flooded her vulva, spilling out like a mad wave, as in her grinding she left a trail of thick cum on what she now knew was a firm, well shaped thigh, "its.....its a woman.....what a beautiful body...." Brooke was pounding herself against a beautiful, voluptuous, female with what seemed to be long, firm, well-shaped legs, "I've always been with men.....but this is heavenly." Suddenly, a distant voice seemed to break into Brooke's pleasant dream; "Brooke. Brooke, wake up!"

But Brooke refused to wake up, she refused to leave paradise, "I WON'T GO!....I can't....I've never felt anything so wonderful." But the voice came once more, this time louder, more insistent.


But once more, a very, VERY stubborn Brooke flatly REFUSED to let go of her erotic dream, as she continued to grind herself, now madly, quickly into her dream lover, "I CAN'T wake up.....I'll lose her......dreams DON'T repeat themselves.....I'll never feel this way again!"

"For heaven's sakes, Brooke.....GET OFF ME!"

Within her dream, Brooke was purring, grinding fiercely, till she finally came to a halt, as her orgasm exploded within her vagina, as she chanted to her dream lover; "I love you! I love you! I love you!"

Brooke finally woke up to an EXTREMELY embarrassing situation; the dream body that she had been clinging to, and making love to belonged to....Sam Mack. Brooke was at that moment lying on top of the gorgeous brunette, who was staring back angrily at her, "oh....er....um.....Sammy.....ah.....well.......I was...."

"Dreaming?" Sam completed Brooke's phrase, "I won't even ask what about, Brooke McQueen."

"How did I end up here, Sammy?"

"On ME, or in my bed, Brooke?"

"In your bed of course, Sammy."

"Well, Brooke....last night, after you CORNERED me in the bathroom, then fainted on TOP of me, I had George carry you up here to my bedroom. I undressed you, and I must suggest that you start wearing underwear, PLEASE, because when I managed to take your clothes off, I had to leave you in the buff. So I wrapped you up in a blanket, and let you sleep. You slept soundly all night, without a sound, and never once BOTHERED me. But a while ago, you started dreaming, then moaning, then you PERCHED yourself on TOP of me again, which seems to be your favorite position lately.......I won't describe what comes next, because it is just too embarrassing, but suffice it to say, I feel like a schoolgirl that's been taken advantage of by a drunken sailor."

"Oh...." was all that Brooke could say, as she averted her blue gaze from Sam's angry, intense, blue stare, "wow....she has such beautiful eyes...." Brooke thought to herself, "I wish I could relive that dream.....but awake instead....." Brooke once again said within herself.

"Oh?" Sam was aghast, "is that all you have to say for yourself, Brooke McQueen?"

"Did I......um.....well......Sam......did I......all over you?"

"You're referring to that sticky, white, filmy stuff that you left tons of all over my thigh, Brooke?"

"I did? Really?" Brooke was smiling as if she had just won the academy awards, "I did cum all over you, Sammy."

"I didn't even know that a woman could let go of that much......almost like a MAN!" Sam exclaimed ashamedly.

"I have many skills, Sam Mack."

"I've heard that line too many times, Brooke McQueen."

"Well....don't expect me to apologize, Sammy."

"For what, Brooke.....kissing me in the elevator......trapping me on the toilet.....fondling me at Le Tre.....taking advantage of me in bed this morning?"

"Ohhhh......for pulling this stupid, oversized t-shirt you're wearing up above your waist.....and you shouldn't wear underwear, Sammy."

"Brooke.....you are an exasperating, little....."

"I touched you up, Sammy?"

"EVERYWHERE!" Sam exclaimed loudly, "I've never been sampled that much by any of my MALE lovers!"

"No need to thank me, Sam," Brooke replied with a toothy grin.

"Brooke....for the last time.....GET OFF ME!"

"Oh my God, Sammy!"

"What now, Brooke?"

"I feel dizzy......I think I'm going to be sick, Sammy!"

"GGGGGEEEEEEOOOOOOORRRRRRRGGGGGGEEEEEEE!" Sam yelled in desperation, as loud as she could, but her tall, dark butler didn't make it in time. Brooke simply vomited all over Sam.

"Yes, Miss Sam?" George stood at the door of Sam's room, tall, elegant, solemn, trying very hard not to smile at what his dark eyes beheld,"did you call?"

"You couldn't hurry up, could you, George?" Sam asked angrily.

"Butlers don't run, Miss Sam. It isn't elegant or butler like," George replied gravely.

"Hi, George," Brooke replied cheerfully.

"Shut up, Brooke!" Sam exclaimed loudly.

"Greetings, Miss McQueen," George said as he bowed elegantly.

"Call me Brooke, George."

"Yes, Miss Brooke."

"George, make lots of coffee!" Sam yelled once more, then she looked at Brooke,"Brooke McQueen, GET OFF ME!"

"Sorry, Sammy," but the blond model still didn't move from her delicious position on top of the author.

"Sorry for what, Brooke? Dumping more of your bodily fluids all over me?"

"I couldn't help myself, Sammy."

"But you've been HELPING YOURSELF TO ME, Brooke."

"Oh....this is so GREAT, Sammy."

"I shouldn't ask.....but why, Brooke?"

"Now we can take a bath together, Sammy."


"Why.....are you afraid of little old me, Samantha McPherson?"

"I'm not afraid of lots of things, Brooke......except a conniving,  blond octopus like you!"

"Thanks for the compliment," Brooke replied, as her pale hands began to wander brazenly over the author's body, "and you shouldn't be ashamed of your body, Sam. I can remember in college you were driving all the girl's crazy in gym class every time you walked by in that skimpy towel when you came out after taking a shower."

"I hope Nic doesn't find out about this," Sam whispered, blushing deeply.

"I should know, Sammy.....your body is fantastic.....I slept on it, and just had sex with it."

"I hope Harrison doesn't find out," Sam said gravely.



"Oh.....gods......Sammy.....I'm getting horny again!"


"Only if you take it with me, Sam."


"Sammy....." Brooke said huskily, as she began to grind herself slowly against the author once more.

"ALRIGHT....ALRIGHT!" Sam exclaimed urgently, "I'll go with you.....just don't do anything more to me, Brooke."

With a smile, Brooke rolled off Sam, then got up off the bed, and then waited for the author to ge up as well. Sam got up off the bed, and ran into the bathroom, pursued by a giggling Brooke, who had just discovered that the ravishing brunette was ticklish.

"Stop that, Brooke!" Sam exclaimed, as she tried to bat off the blond's wandering hands.

"Soft, plush, gorgeous, and ticklish! You are a dream come true, Sam Mack."

Five minutes later, George had come into the room with a tray that had two cups of hot, steaming coffee on it, "Miss Sam, where are you?" he asked, looking around the empty room.

"Oh....I'm in here, George," Sam's voice was coming from the bathroom.

"May I come in, Miss Sam?"

"Yes, George...." Sam replied calmly, "just come in, and put the tray down on the toilet."

George did as he was told, and gently pushed the bathroom door that was already ajar, open with his foot. George went into the bathroom, and put the tray with the cups of coffee down on the toilet next to the bath tub, where he saw something that he would remember til his dying day; his employer, the cold, practical, dignified Sam Mack in a tub filled with water, soap bubbles like in the commercials, with Brooke McQueen sitting behind her, making what seemed to be bunny ears out of the soap lather into the author's head. George quickly stepped out of the bathroom, after managing to get out a quick apology. Once he was outside the bathroom, George could no longer hold himself back, as he lost his elegant, grave, butler like demeanor, and began to laugh hysterically, almost falling onto the author's disheveled bed.

Back inside the bathroom, an extremely embarrassed Sam sat in the tub with the bubbles flying all around her, as an obviously deeply aroused Brooke rubbed them into her soft skin. Sam rolled her eyes when she heard George laughing, "I will never live this down," she said slowly, "I swear, Brooke McQueen, I will get back at you for this!"

"Oh....." Brooke was just too involved fondling the beautiful brunette to even think of pay backs, "Sammy,"

Brooke whispered as she began to passionately kiss the author.

Sam rolled her eyes once more.

chapter 6; The Road to Love

It was the beginning of a wonderful new addiction for Brooke McQueen; now she would spend her entire days, and nights at Sam Mack's apartment. Brooke only stopped by at her apartment to pick up her mail, check her calls, and to pay her landlord. Brooke was going to all of Sam's parties now, and she knew all of the beautiful author's friends by occupation, social status, and economic situation. But what Brooke came to love most about the author's world, was Sam herself. Just being around Sam Mack, was fascinating to the blond model; watching all of the author's different phases; writer, artist, photographer. Each occupation in Sam's life seemed to have a distinct, separate personality that went with it, so that the brunette was never really the same person all of the time, a fact which fascinated Brooke endlessly.

When Sam was in her writer's mode, she was talkative, asking Brooke endless questions about how she felt about life, politics, religion. It seemed that Sam's endless prodding of her friend would somehow give her fuel to create a new character into one of her novels. When Sam was in her artist mode, she was deeply meditative, silent, and distant. Brooke loved sitting in Sam's studio, watching in rapt silence as the author painted, as a work of colors, motion, and colors emerged from her delicate, slender hands. When Sam was in her photographer mode, she was funny, alert, always on the move, as she, and Brooke walked around the city streets looking for people or places to take pictures of.

It was March 26th, early morning, Saturday, about 8:15 am, that Sam decided to go to the park, to take pictures for her next showing. Never one to be left behind, Brooke tagged along, eagerly as always, to watch Sam hunt down subjects for her beautiful photos.

Brooke had discovered a while back that she had fallen in love with Sam Mack's strange, exotic, sophisticated world, and that she was also deeply in love with Sam. All thoughts of the bet that Brooke had made with Nicole Julian seemed to have vanished forever, as she looked lovingly at the beautiful author who strode easily beside her, clad in her faded jeans, and a black, tank top to match the depth of her shining, raven hair which was now bound in a loose braid.

The two women walked close together, laughing, sharing small talk, private jokes that they had recently formed in their nearly six weeks of close friendship, and disparaging remarks about some of the people around them. Since it was Saturday, everyone was at the park, on their way through it, to Saturday jobs, unfinished business that couldn't be completed on a Friday, or on their way to the main street, using the park as a shortcut, but all on their way to another destination; to a million different destinies.

"Hah!" Sam said excitedly, as she spotted something that amused her, "look, Brooke; a birthday party in the park," Sam pointed at a group seated at the park tables, the area filled with running children, pursuing adults, the sounds of screaming children, singing, the sights of balloons, a cake on a central table, "a birthday party HERE? Oh....there are clowns....those are always a hit....I have to get plenty of pictures of this! Come on, Brooke!" Sam yelled as her long legs carried her quickly ahead of the blond.

"Yes, Sammy," Brooke sighed, as she tagged along, but all the while smiling to herself, "I love this side of Sam the best....." Brooke said to herself, "its so unSamlike....she is so much like a little girl with a new doll," Brooke's eyes followed the brunette with her cerulean gaze, "oh....God....I love her so much! I tried so hard not to....but I love her."

Sam was laughing, "it's a great day, Brooke McQueen!" the gorgeous author exclaimed wholeheartedly, "great lighting, and a million pictures waiting to be taken!"

Sam's smile was radiant, lighting her beautiful countenance like a sun. Sam was quickly snapping pictures of entranced passerbys, who stood for a moment, enraptured by her beauty. Sam was surrounded by a sea of humanity; wandering musicians, joggers dressed in colorful exercise gear, bikers, housewives with babies in strollers, mimes, weekend businessmen trying to catch up after a busy week, street vendors on the street that bordered the park, and at times came onto the park grounds to advertise their wares, local cops, tourists, students on weekend classes, "hey, Brooke....I'm going to take pictures of you too," Sam exclaimed jovially, as she snapped away at everything she saw with almost lightning speed.

Brooke had caught up with her friend, and now stood close to Sam, watching the author in silence, in awe of the woman's stunning beauty, "I think that I've always loved, and wanted Sammy.....even since we were in college together....I just never knew it until now." There were so many swirling emotions in Brooke's heart, "this all started out as a stupid bet with Nic....and now I'm caught....what do I do? This wasn't supposed to happen," Brooke shook her head, "no....this isn't something that I should ever regret....this is a blessing.....its real....real love. Real love for the very first time in my entire life. All the others I loved were shallow compared to what I feel now. All of them were men." Men. Once, Brooke had thrived on men, but not anymore. For the first time in her life, Brooke discovered that she really didn't like men, that she didn't need them for sex, or companionship. Now, Brooke knew that she didn't need an erect penis inside her as the ONLY way to achieve pleasure. No. Now Brooke had Sam Mack, who had become her entire world, "I need her," Brooke sighed once again, "I can't live without you, Sam Mack. I fell into my own trap."

A perpetually energetic Sam finally caught on to her blond friend's unusual silence, "Brooke, what's wrong? Why are you quiet all of a sudden?" Sam stopped taking pictures, letting go of her 35mm Nipon that now swung from her loosely from her neck by a leather strap, "Brooke?" Sam was suddenly serious, as she walked towards her friend, "are you alright?"

"Sam....I..." Brooke had no idea how she would say it, but she had to tell Sam the truth, "I have to tell her how I feel about her," Brooke thought, "I can't keep this bottled up inside me forever."

"Brooke, are you crying?" Sam looked at her friend with concern in her deep, sapphire eyes. Tenderly, Sam's pale hands came up, and cupped the blond model's pretty face, "Brooke, what is it?"

Still, Brooke stood mute before the greatest passion that her young heart had ever known, as she stared rapturously into beautiful, gentle eyes that responded to her bewildered look with a gaze of deep concern. But still, Brooke couldn't form the words that she so desperately wanted to say to Sam Mack. Then, Brooke felt herself swept into a loving, firm hug, as pale, slender arms embraced her. Sam had removed her camera from around her neck, and now held Brooke in her arms.

"Brooke, why are you crying?"

Brooke still couldn't speak, but clung to Sam, and buried her blond head in Sam's dark hair. Brooke was finally able to speak, as she collected her thoughts, "I have to talk to you about something very important."

"Then, lets go home to talk," Sam said softly, as she stepped back, and held the blond model at arm's length, "we can talk there, ok?"

"Home....yes," Brooke replied with a soft smile lighting her fine features. It was true, to Brooke McQueen, Sam was her home, her safe haven.


The sound of a deep, male voice pronouncing the author's name with a hint of amusement, mingled with a deep, endearing tone, awakened Brooke from her warm, engulfing thoughts, and suddenly arousing sensations of love, and desire for Sam. Brooke glanced up to see a very tall, handsome, smiling man standing just a few feet away from where she, and Sam stood.

"Harry?" Sam's voice was filled with joy, mingled with disbelief.

"In the flesh, my siren," the tall man said, as he extended his strong arms out towards the ravishing author. Brooke watched in quiet shock, as a cold wave of emptiness swept over her when Sam turned away from her, and literally fell into the man's waiting arms.

"Harrison, what are you doing here?" Sam asked, a smile spreading on her full lips, as her eyes closed, as the man's arms wrapped around her tiny waist, and pulled her statuesque body tightly against his, "I thought you would be gone for another month, and a half."

"I gave myself some time off, baby," Harrison replied with a smile, "I missed you so badly, and I needed to see you again, even if only for a little while. Can you spend some quality time with a miserable man who needs you to breathe? I have to be back on my private jet to Austria tonight."

Brooke felt her heart break into tiny pieces, when she saw Harrison lean down, and kiss Sam full on the lips with passion, and desire.

At any other moment in her life, Brooke would have been fascinated, even enamored of the man that held Sam, trapped lovingly in his embrace. Harrison was very tall, easily over six feet, and he towered over Sam. Harrison had jet-black hair, with slight streaks of gray beginning to show at the temples, and his eyes behind his silver rimmed glasses were a dark shade of brown. Harrison had a smiling, gentle face, decorated by a thick, black moustache. At any other time in her life, Brooke would have pursued, and conquered a man like Harrison, but not now. Now, Brooke  was completely oblivious to the man, for all that she wanted was the stunning, feminine beauty that he held fast in his powerful arms.

"Harry....I'd love to.....but I'm with my friend...."

"No, Sammy.....no....its alright!" Brooke exclaimed, blushing with embarrassment, as she found herself now a hindrance for two lovers, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Are you sure about this, Brooke?" Sam asked with concern.

"Yes, Sam. Go, and spend the rest of the day with your friend. I will be fine."

"Thank you," Harrison said with a smile, "oh I am so rude. My name is Harrison John," the handsome man held out a hand to the blond model.

Brooke took the hand offered, as she responded with her small, delicate fingers. the manly hand held Brooke's hand for a few seconds in a warm, firm grasp.

Brooke smiled back at Harrison, "I'm Brooke McQueen," Brooke replied nonchalantly. It was awful for her now, that her rival for Sam's love was so likeable, "I'm going home now, Sammy. I'll see you tomorrow. Nice to meet you, Harrison."

"Same here, Brooke," Harrison John replied, as he took Sam's hand in his own larger one, and interlaced her slender fingers within his own larger, thicker, longer digits.

"Bye, Brooke," Sam said with a hint of sadness, as she turned towards Harrison, as he leaned down to kiss her once more.

Brooke turned around, and walked away quickly so as not to see the lovers kiss once more, so that she wouldn't feel a stabbing pain cutting through her heart when she saw their lips meet, and so that they wouldn't see the tears running profusely from her sky-blue eyes.

Brooke drained her heart, and mind of all emotion in order to stop herself from screaming at the top of her voice, and wailing like a banshee, at the thought that someone else would be caressing Sam that night; other hands would be touching the beautiful author, "she's mine," Brooke screamed within herself, "she's mine....but someone else is going to enjoy her."

Somehow, Brooke managed to drain her mind of all thoughts, as she walked away, more like a zombie than a human being. Somehow, Brooke drifted into a blank state of consciousness, so that when she came to, she found herself on a subway train, headed home to her apartment. Brooke shook her head, because she couldn't remember how she had gotten onto the subway, or when. Brooke got off the subway quickly, still far from where she lived. Then, Brooke began to walk quickly, wandering aimlessly all day, trying to somehow calm her deepening rage, that was almost masculine in its intensity.

Finally, as evening fell, Brooke somehow managed to make it home to her lonely apartment. When Brooke crossed the threshold of her door, she broke down completely, and began to cry, as sobs shook her slender frame. Not bothering to undress, Brooke tossed off her shoes, and she threw herself into a bed she now considered a stranger, because lately she had been sleeping in Sam Mack's bed.

All night, Brooke tossed, and turned, for she had become a tormented soul trapped in a painful slumber populated by seemingly endless dreams of Sam, and Harrison John having frenzied, primal sex.

After what seemed an eternity of dreaming about Sam, and her lover, Harrison, a comforting silence, a dimness settled around Brooke, and for a moment she enjoyed a peaceful repose. But then, Brooke began dreaming again. Now, Brooke dreamt that she was in Sam's art studio. Brooke was overjoyed to see Sam at her usual corner, next to a large window, painting.

"Sammy!" Brooke cried within her dream, as she rushed forward with open arms to embrace the woman that she loved.

In Brooke's dream, Sam got up, and gathered  her into loving arms. Then, Brooke was able to say to Sam in dreams, what she had not been able to utter in reality; "I'm in love with you, Sam. I love you with all of my heart."

But Sam's reaction to Brooke's declaration of love wasn't what the blond expected. Sam stepped back from Brooke, and began to laugh heartlessly at the hapless, love struck blond.

"Sammy, what's wrong? Why are you laughing?" Brooke was on the verge of tears.

"Because you are such a fool, little Brooke," Sam replied in a sarcastic tone of voice, "if you think that I could ever possibly love you....it was all a bet....a game made up by Nic."

"Sammy.....I'm sorry!"Brooke cried, "it started out as a game, but I fell in love with you. I truly love you, Sammy!"

"But I DON'T love you back, Brooke McQueen!" a cruel, cold, haughty Sam replied, "that was part of Nic's game. You are such a fool to have believed her. We both deceived you. That was the plan."

"No. Wait. Sam, you would never do that to me."

"But you were capable of doing it to me, Brooke."

"I'm sorry I did, Sammy. I love you."

"I don't love you. I don't love you," Sam said over, and over again.

"YES YOU DO LOVE ME, Sam Mack! YOU DO! I KNOW YOU DO! YOU LOVE ME!" Brooke screamed within her dream, until it seemed that she exploded into a rain of guts, and blood.

Brooke woke up sweaty, out of breath, her heart beating madly, and she was trembling. Then, Brooke heard the phone next to her bed, on the night stand, start ringing. Brooke leaned over, and answered the phone, "who is it?" the blond asked in a shaky voice, her head still in a daze.

"Its me, Brooke," a warm, soft, sultry voice said from the other end of the receiver.

"Sam!" despite having dreamt of Sam in such a twisted, dark way, Brooke was still overjoyed to hear the author's voice once more.

"Yes, Brooke, its me. How are you this morning?"

"I'm fine, Sammy."

"Sorry about yesterday, Brooke."

"Don't worry about it, Sammy. I understand that lovers come before friends."

"Still, I feel bad about it, Brooke. Harrison just left thirty minutes ago. I'm going to make it up to you. I'm having my chofer pick you up. Then you can spend the day with me. We can just stay in, and watch movies, and eat junk food all day. Interested?"

"Sounds great, Sam. Count me in."

"Good, my little blond dumpling," Sam replied, her voice quivering as if on the verge of an amused giggle, "my chauffeur is on his way there. He will arrive for you in about twenty minutes."

"I'll be ready, and waiting for him, my ravishing cumquat," Brooke countered, almost laughing herself.

Sam started laughing, and Brooke felt a sudden wave of pleasure course throughout her body, at the sound of it. This was so unlike the cruel, angry Sam in Brooke's dream. This was the real Sam Mack that Brooke knew. This was HER Sam.

"Alright, you little flirt!" Sam replied, "now hang up so that I can go get my entertainment center warmed up, and ready to go."

"Later, Sammy."

"Later, Brooke."

Sam gave George, her butler, the entire day off. Sam had decided to just stay home, and do nothing all day, but watch videos from her extensive collection, and eat popcorn.

"Every once in a great while, I just want to be a sloppy, couch potato," Sam said to Brooke, who had just arrived. "So.....where is George, Sammy," Brooke asked quietly.

"I gave him the day off," Sam said absentmindedly, as she stood before a bookshelf filled with dozens of videos that she had collected, and then she proceeded to read the label on each movie, "so what do you want to see, Brooke....romance, horror, comedy, or adventure?"

"Whatever you decide is fine with me, Sammy," Brooke replied, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay," Sam replied nonchalantly, "but don't complain later about my choices!" Sam said with as smile, as she glanced briefly at her blond friend, then turned her attention back to the neatly stacked videos before her.

"So.....we're completely alone.....Sam," Brooke said huskily, as she let her blue gaze wander up, and down Sam's beautiful, voluptuous body. All that Brooke could think of anymore was Sam Mack, and of making love to her, "just you, and me...."

"Yeah, Brooke. Now you can take advantage of me without any interruptions," Sam said, giggling as she did.

"I do NOT take advantage of you, Samantha McPerson! You like it!" Brooke exclaimed, then she simply pouted.

"But you LOVE it, Brooke McQueen," Sam replied.

"Yes, I do."

Sam heard Brooke's soft reply as an echo of an echo through the veil that covered her occupied mind, and the words of the blond didn't fully register to the brunette's comprehension, because she was still busy trying to pick out videos to watch. But eventually, Sam's mind did wake up from its temporary haze to finally realize the implications of Brooke's quiet, simple reply. Sam's big, deep, sapphire eyes nearly popped out of her beautiful head, as she turned to stare at Brooke in disbelief, "what did you just say?"

"Yes, Sammy. I said yes," Brooke almost whispered, as she slowly approached the beautiful author, "I love to touch you, and I want to do it all of the time. I don't want to pretend its something else, or just a game, or a joke anymore."

"Brooke....stop.....you shouldn't say those things!"

"Why not, Sammy? Why shouldn't I tell you that I love feeling your body under mine when I go to sleep at night? Why can't I tell you that your skin is the softest thing that I've ever touched? Why can't I tell you that I love to run my fingers through your silky hair, that I love the way you smell, and I love the sound of your voice? Why can't I tell you those things, Sam? Why must I hide how I feel about you?"


"I can't keep it inside anymore, Sammy. I'm in love with you!"

"Shut up, Brooke."

"Why? What are you afraid of Sammy?"

Sam didn't speak, because the gorgeous brunette had just started to cry.

"Sammy?" Brooke was beside herself with worry, with shame, as she rushed forward, and took her friend into her arms, "Sammy....please.....I'm sorry.....I didn't mean to hurt you," Brooke was kissing Sam's tear-stained, sculpted, rosy cheeks, "please don't cry.....please don't hate me for the things that I said.....I'll never say them again....but please don't cry."

"I don't hate you, Brooke," Sam managed to say amid her tears, "I'm just afraid."

"What are you afraid of, Sammy? Are you afraid of me?"

"Yes," Sam said, as soft sobs escaped from her full, red lips, "I'm afraid of being in love with you."

Brooke could have sworn that for several seconds, her mind shut down, and she actually lost consciousness. After that, Brooke could have sworn that her sky blue eyes had popped completely out of her blond head, and proceeded to do a Latin salsa dance in front of her face. Then, to sum up the entire experience, Brooke would say later in life, as she recalled that wonderful moment, that she had actually heard bells ringing, and had seen stars flashing before her eyes. Brooke would always remember that moment that Sam finally admitted to loving her back, as the precise moment that her life truly began.

"Oh....Sam....darling," Brooke gushed with pure joy, as she began to kiss Sam on the forehead, "you've made me so happy...." Brooke kissed Sam's cheeks, then her eyes, then her neck with wet kisses, then the blond buried her hands in the author's thick, raven mane.

Sam pulled away from Brooke's arms, "no....don't," the beautiful brunette was still crying, now sitting on the carpeted floor, and holding up a slender arm to ward off the amorous blond who knelt beside her.

"Sammy? What's wrong? You love me too. Why are you pushing me away?" Brooke was deeply hurt by what seemed as the author's rejection.

"I can't. I just can't do this," Sam managed to say through her tears.

True to a woman's nature, the sight of her beloved crying, sent Brooke into such a deep state of torment, that she too began to cry, "oh....please, Sam.....don't turn me away from you.....you can't just say that you love me back......then just push me away!" Brooke's voice was quickly becoming a childish wail, as she forced her way past Sam's defensive gestures, and firmly latched herself onto the brunette, quickly wrapping both of her arms around Sam's tiny waist, "are you scared of the fact that we are both women?"

"No. That doesn't matter."

"Then why are you trying to push me away, Sam?" Brooke asked as she rested herself against the author's voluptuous body, and lay her blond head on the brunette woman's shoulder.

"I was in love once....years ago," Sam said quietly, "I thought it would be forever. But he left me, and never bothered to look back. It had all been a game for him. So I hardened my heart, and swore that I would never let anyone hurt me again. Because that's all that love does; it hurts you."

"Is that why you write all of those novels about people in love who are in pain, Sammy?"

"Yes, Brooke. I write my stories from private experience."

"Sammy....no," Brooke was out of her mind with worry now, as she rushed to assure the woman she loved that no such thing would ever happen between them, "I would never hurt you....." Brooke was feeling a deep wave of arousal rise within her, an almost maddening sensation, as she felt the brunette's beautiful body against her own, "you are the most wonderful, precious thing that has ever happened to me....you have to believe that, Sam! I won't ever let go of you."

Brooke's pleading voice, her soft kisses, her warm embrace had begun to wear down the gorgeous brunette's resistence, who seemed to hesitate, then finally managed to say in a very weak voice, "alright....I believe you."

"Sammy..." Brooke's voice was pregnant with passion, as she pushed her beautiful author onto the floor, and settled herself on top of the woman, "I love you, Samantha McPherson," Brooke whispered, losing control of herself, as she began to kiss Sam in a mad frenzy, licking, and sucking the woman's full lips, then running her eager tongue up, and down the side of the brunette's beautiful face, "I've always wanted you," Brooke's pale hands traveled on, like lost souls searching for home, somehow finding themselves under Sam's faded t-shirt, then Brooke's slender fingers traveled up Sam's firm abdomen, walking slowly, reveling in the wonderfully soft skin under their touch, until the hands who seemed to act of their own accord finally touched the ravishing author's round, firm breasts, and began kneading them gently, "I need you so much, Sammy....so much...."


"Ooooooohhhhnnnnnnooooo, Sam Mack!" Brooke exclaimed loudly, as she paused briefly in her heated kisses to the author, as she reluctantly stilled her wandering hands that now cupped Sam's breasts, "there is NO WAY in hell or heaven that you are backing out on me now!"

"Wouldn't we be more comfortable in bed?" Sam asked in mock shyness.

"Yes.....we would....." Brooke replied, as she reluctantly separated herself from Sam, then straightened up, til she was on her knees. Then, Brooke stood up, took hold of Sam's hand, and pulled the author into a kneeling position, then made her stand completely up.

For several seconds, Sam, and Brooke stood side, by side, not moving, not speaking.

Brooke's breathing was ragged, as she stood, her eyes raking lustfully up, and down Sam's beautiful body. Brooke's heart fluttered repeatedly, and she felt hot, and cold waves of desire rushing through her, mixing with deep joy as she gazed at her lover, for Sam Mack was the most beautiful creature that she had ever seen. Brooke reached out, took Sam's hand in her own, then with infinite care she kissed the woman's pale, slender fingers. Brooke felt Sam's other hand coming up, her fingers running gently through the blond's long hair. Then, Brooke, and Sam embraced, slender arms wrapping around each other's slender bodies like intertwining vines, drawing the two of them closer to each other. The women began to kiss softly, gently at first, as if measuring each other out first, testing each other the first time. Then, the kissing between the new lovers deepened, becoming hungry, insistent, as battling tongues dueled for supremacy, as they explored each other with need, and desire. Sam moaned, as Brooke's lips left her own, and began traveling down her slender neck. Brooke kissed lightly, then began to lick her way down her lover's neck relishing in the silken soft skin, and the light, salty taste of it. Then Brooke kissed her way up once more, nuzzling Sam's neck with her face, then she attacked the author's ruby lips once more, fiercely sucking the lower, thicker lip, enjoying its fullness. Brooke was so aroused by the oral attack she gave Sam, that her saliva seemed to endlessly pour from her lips, as she continued to kiss the author's beautiful face.

But eventually, the rising passion of both Brooke, and Sam drove them to stop kissing, and continue on towards Sam's room, to her bed.

One sound seemed to escape from Brooke's pink lips between sighs, and kisses, "Sam," as the blond gently led her beautiful obsession from the living room, down the hall, and into the author's bedroom, where Brooke had been sleeping more often than in her own bed.

Brooke eagerly pushed Sam into the room, making the author smile at the blond, because she was making the brunette walk backwards. But Sam was truly shocked at Brooke's intensity, and ferocity.

Brooke almost growled as she pushed Sam onto the bed, then quickly climbed on top of her. From that point on, the author wasn't just amused, but also completely helpless. Brooke looked down at Sam, her cerulean eyes darkened with lust, as she almost ripped her shirt off, throwing it carefully to one side, thus revealing her unfettered breasts, since she hated wearing what she considered constricting brassieres. Sam's shocked, yet pleased gaze fell on the blond model's breasts; pert, hardened nipples of a deep, pink hue topping off round, pale breasts that sagged slightly. Sam's hands were slowly unzipping Brooke's faded, khaki shorts, as at the same time, Brooke's nervous, trembling hands pulled Sam's t-shirt off.

"I am going to make you stop wearing these," Brooke growled, as her impatient hands nearly tore off the author's beige, lace brassieres. Brooke then, somehow managed to slide down, Sam's sweat pants, revealing her long, curvaceous legs, under which she wore silk, lace panties that matched her bras, "Sammy....I swear you wore these to tease me," the model said, with an exasperated sigh, as she quickly divested the author of this last piece of clothing.

Now, Brooke lifted herself quickly, and slipped out of her shorts.

Finally the two lovers were completely nude, and all they did for a while, was to stare at each other in wonder. Brooke couldn't stop looking at Sam, who lay beneath her. Sam Mack was so beautiful, that the blond had no actual words to describe her, except feelings, and memories that ran through her head. Brooke could only recall the ancient, Greek statues of Venus, or the paintings that she had seen of the pre-Raphaelites that she had seen in college, or the old, Victorian photographs that she had seen of her great-great grandmother's era in old history books. Sam was of a strange, stunning beauty no longer seen, and that Brooke's heart had always hungered deeply for within her secret dreams, and wishes. Sam had a tiny waist that flared downward into wide hips, then that extended out into long, shapely legs. Sam's very, very tiny waist then flared up into a firm abdomen, shoulders the same width as her hips, round, firm, C-cup breasts, a slender, pale neck, and then the most beautiful face that Brooke had ever laid eyes on in her entire life. Long, thick, wavy, obsidian locks swirled around Sam's head, outlining her beautiful face, her forehead, bordering on her neck, and spilling in a marvelous series of lines, and curls on the pillow under the author's head.

For a moment, Brooke felt true pleasure, as she gently rubbed herself against Sam's abdomen. As Brooke stared in rapt pleasure at the brunette's breasts, she found the energy to bring her hands up, and begin to fondle them, delighting in the feel of their roundness, of their soft surface, of their suppleness under her touch, as she lightly teased the ruby nipples crowning them. Brooke heard Sam gasp, and looked down to see the author trying not to squirm under her tentative touch.

Brooke finally lowered herself onto Sam, and her mind exploded as their bare skins finally met, colliding in deep softness; silken surface kissing silken surface. Sam shuddered, as she too, was shocked into pure pleasure when Brooke's slender body touched her own.

Brooke, and Sam could feel each other everywhere in their nakedness, and the sensation was at once pleasurable, intoxicating, and arousing. Slowly, each explored the other's body in long, gentle, caressing strokes of their slender fingers. Each of the two women delighted in committing to memory the other's body, their scents, the taste of their skins, the feel of their kisses. This was their beginning, thus there was no need to rush headlong into love-making, as the lovers reveled in the mere pleasure of being together, of sorting out their newly born passion as they slowly evolved into the next level of their union.

It was Brooke who initiated their lovemaking, as she slowly began to rub herself against Sam, reveling in the feel of her breasts rubbing against the author's larger ones, as the spheres lost their roundness, yielding flesh against flesh, coming together in a million sparks of pleasure, as the nipples of one woman, connected to the nipples of the other.

This was the crossing of a grey threshold into a new world of wonder, for two women who had previously only been lovers of men. The touches, whispers, kisses, and feelings between Brooke, and Sam, all came gently, yet produced deep, intense sensations for the two lovers that no man had ever elicited in them.

Sam's arms came up around Brooke's small waist as if to settle the blond's rhythm, then slid up the woman's back in a long, slow caress that made Brooke cry softly. Brooke's right hand trailed down Sam's beautiful body, almost slithering into the deeper recesses between them, til her fingers reached down between the author's now parted thighs. Brooke buried her slender fingers into the sensitive, wet folds of the author's vagina, and smiled when the woman gasped, as a surprised look crossed her face. The beautiful blond timed the movement of her fingers, to, and fro, to the heated, primal, lustful dance that she shared with her gorgeous lover.

Deeper, quicker, in more frenzied moves, Brooke thrust her fingers deeper into Sam's vulva, as at the same time she pressed into her hand with her whole body. At the same time, Brooke felt her own vagina pressed against the satiny surface of Sam's thigh. Brooke inhaled sharply, as a feeling of need, and desire rushed through her, every time she pressed her vagina against the surface of Sam's thigh, so that she did it quickly at first, then much more slowly later, to relish the pleasure of her intimate folds spread out against such a heavenly, soft surface. Brooke slowed down her rhythm almost to a crawl, as she pressed herself more firmly now, against Sam trying desperately to prolong that intimate feeling she had every time her vulva opened, then was pressed against the author's thigh. It was a feeling that Brooke craved; the deepest recesses of her being, the most intimate, most sensitive inner folds of her vagina, now incredibly wet, were opened, spread, and connected to Sam's body, as if her pores were somehow digging into the soft skin of her lover's body. For one brief instant, it seemed to Brooke, that she, and Sam were really one single entity; pulsating to a frenzied, private tune of pleasure. Brooke, and Sam's limbs were tangled now, and a sheen of sweat covered their slender bodies, which danced, then writhed to an ancient rhythm, their secret dance of pleasure. Finally, the flow of pleasure increased, exploding within each of them, and they collapsed against each other, having peaked at almost the same time, with only seconds of difference between them.

Silence reigned between the two women, who now lay side, by side on the rumpled bed. Only the sound of the women's ragged breathing filled the room, and the mingled scent of their sweat, and lovemaking filled the air. Slowly, their now tired limbs stretched out, then lengthened, then relaxed, as they settled into a warm, sense of relief. Then, they embraced lovingly, and began to kiss once more, but not out of arousal, now only for love.

"That was...." Sam was for once, lacking words to describe what had just happened.

"......wonderful," Brooke added, gushing as she tightened her arms around her ravishing brunette.

"Thank you, Brooke," Sam whispered, simply, gently.

"For what, Sammy?"

"I've had quite a lot of lovers," Sam was saying thoughtfully, "I have felt pleasure many times, but never so deeply, or intensely as I did just now. That I owe to you, Brooke McQueen."

"Oh....Sammy..." Brooke was crying now, "I never told anyone.....but in college there was a reason I worked so hard, why I studied so hard, why I fought so hard to get into our group, and to get into the same sororities you were in...."

"Why, Brooke," Sam asked, as with a gentle finger, she traced the path of the blond's crystal tears down the silken smoothness of her face.

"Because I only wanted to be near you, Sammy.....because I've always tried to live, and work near you.....because I've wanted you for a long time."

"It has been a long time, Brooke. Do you still want me?"

"Gods. Yes, I do, Sammy," Brooke exclaimed excitedly, as she almost choked on her tears, "I want you to be mine forever, Sam Mack."

"Forever, then, Brooke McQueen. I shall be yours forever."

chapter 7; The Discovery of Deceit

Sunday afternoon, and all the length of the day of rest had been spent as a torrid time of lovemaking for the new lovers, Brooke, and Sam, who explored each other fully. The day passed into night, as their heated passion didn't seem to diminish, but was spurred on by the heavy scent of their lovemaking that now fully permeated the room. As Sunday passed, so did Monday, all day, evening, and night. As for George, Brooke let Sam out of bed only long enough to call him at the docks where he kept his boat, which he visited on his days off, and tell him to take Monday off as well.

Early, Tuesday  morning, Brooke stirred from a heavy slumber that had been heavily populated by images of a nude Sam. The blond's eyelids fluttered several times, like a curtain hesitant to part, but then finally lifted, to reveal tired, sky-blue eyes that fell slowly on a sight that warmed her heart, and brought a soft, intimate smile to her moist, pink lips. Brooke's gaze fell upon her beautiful, sleeping lover, who seemed more a vision from a dream, an impossible fantasy, and not a figure of reality.

The curtains in Sam's room were drawn, so that the morning sunlight filtered in through the cracks between the curtains, and the windows, or through the seams of the curtains. The dim glow of the dawning sun that came into the room, gave everything an almost dreamlike quality, so that Brooke found herself almost in some kind of alternate reality, a sort of shifting dimension, giving everything in the room an odd, grayish, soft quality, instead of the harsh lines that normally appeared in the sunlight. The soft, sunkist, dim glow seemed to shower Sam's sleeping form with a strange, hazy quality, making her seem like a dream-like nymph too beautiful to touch. Brooke sighed, as her blue gaze touched Sam's form lovingly, as the blond shifted ever so slightly so as not to wake her ravishing lover.

Sam's skin seemed to glow in soft, whispered-alabaster tones, and the lines of her body seemed to somehow diminish in detail, giving her an unreal texture. Sam's raven mane seemed to shimmer in a mix of silver, and auburn highlights that quickly became lost in the surrounding darkness of the locks that sprayed wildly in erotic, spontaneous patterns around her neck, shoulders, and finally her beautiful face. Sam's eyes, shut in sleep, were covered by delicate lids bordered by thick, long, slightly curving lashes that fluttered ever so gently, as the outlines of her eyes moving under her lids showed delicately, indicating that she was still asleep.

Brooke's small, pale hands came up slowly, and then settled gently upon Sam's firm, supple breasts. Gently, the blond began to knead the breasts, marveling in the softness of the spheres that seemed firm, yet supple at the same time. Brooke teased the author's round, ruby nipples with the tips of her fingers, delicately as a painter teases the surface of his canvas with the feather touch of his brush. Then, Brooke lowered her head, and began to gently suck Sam's right nipple, but without taking the entire breast into her pink mouth. Brooke licked one nipple, as she teased the other lightly with her fingers; always gently so as not to wake her ravishing brunette.

Brooke felt the sudden swelling of a deep need within her; she was aroused, but not with the usual tingling, raw need that would always drive her mad with desire. No. At this moment, what Brooke felt was a soft aching between her thighs, as if her vagina called softly out to her, and the blond very slowly gave into her need. With great care, Brooke parted her thighs till she straddled Sam, yet lay atop her, their bodies completely lined up. Then, Brooke began to slowly sway, to, and fro; but unlike the male-female rhythm of heterosexual lovers, and even unlike the usual, desperate grinding that she, and Sam had indulged in. This was a delicate dance; as when a falling petal from a dying flower gently touches a silken surface, and in that way, Brooke began to gently move upon Sam's firm abdomen.

"Sammy......oh, Sammy.....I love you.....darling......" Brooke's whispered words filled the room like velvety echoes, as she began to kiss her beautiful lover with ease, with a deliberate slowness to match her gentle need, "hhhhhmmmmmm......." Brooke purred, then sighed, then cooed, then moaned, in what seemed to be a private symphony of sounds of pleasure, and desire meant only for her own ears, "Sammy......."

The dream-like beauty that lay beneath the beautiful blond finally awoke, but slowly, marvelously, as if a slow, gentle hand parted the veil of night from the sky, to reveal the first, soft glows of dawn. Sam slowly emerged from her sleep, and delicately opened her eyes, revealing her glowing, yet sleep-veiled, sapphire eyes. A soft smile formed upon the author's full, red lips, as she looked up at the thief that had secretly tried to steal love from her beautiful body, "hello there, my golden one," Sam's said in a slow, sultry voice.

"Gods.....Sam," Brooke moaned within her need, "you are so beautiful......"

"So are you, my love,"Sam replied, as her hands gently tangled themselves in Brooke's long, golden hair.

"Sam.....Sammy....." Brooke was crying now, as she moved in her ecstacy, against Sam's voluptuous, warm body, with the same, deliberate slowness, as if she wanted to drive herself mad.

"Its my turn now, my love," Sam whispered, as she gently rolled Brooke over, and landed on top of her.

"No....wait.....I..." Brooke now suffered, as her need deepened, but her control over their lovemaking was wrested away from her by the author.

"Sssshhhh, quiet.....golden one," Sam murmured softly, as she descended onto the blond model, and slowly began to kiss her in an excruciatingly slow manner.

Sam didn't cover Brooke's lips with her own, at least not yet. Sam began to gently nibble on Brooke's lower lip, then she alternated to the upper lip, then the author slipped her soft tongue into the recesses of Brooke's parted lips, and began to slide it up, and down the roof of Brooke's mouth, then in circles on the sides of the blond's oral cavity.

Brooke groaned at the slow, oral attack, maddened with desire, as she tried to take control. But Sam was the doBrookent one, as she held the blond's hands down with her own. Sam sucked on Brooke's lower lip, then on the upper one, then she began to kiss the blond's chin, then downward along her slender neck.


Sam continued to place butterfly kisses on Brooke's shoulder, then the author continued downward, this time licking the valley between the blond's breasts. Sam began to suck Brooke's left breast, her ruby lips covering the bright, pink-hued, hardened nipples that crowned the model's breasts. Brooke cried out in joy, as she found herself suckling her lover. Sam sucked on each nipple alternately, both kissing, then licking them, watching in slow fascination as each nipple hardened, then sagged, then hardened at intervals between her sucking them. Then, Sam moved down, across the model's soft abdomen, biting softly, licking at times, and in between giving the silken skin of the blond, light, gentle kisses. Finally, with a gentle hand, Sam parted Brooke's thighs, and descended onto the secret folds between the blond's legs.


Brooke's vagina was surrounded by a generous patch of dark, blond pubic hair, which Sam grabbed, and parted easily, to reveal the bright-pink lips underneath. With her arm securely around Brooke's waist, Sam kept the blond model anchored, as she began to kiss the woman's vulva.


With half a smile on her full lips, the author leaned her beautiful head down, and began to slowly lick the surrounding, soft flesh that bordered on the blond's vaginal lips, all the while feeling the tremors running through Brooke's excited body. Then Sam moved her tongue to the center of the delicate, secret flesh, dipping it into the orifice, forming circles on the inner, wet walls of the blond's vagina, as the woman's vaginal muscles contracted, and tried to trap the luscious tongue that now devilishly tickled, then teased her. Sam moved once more, as she began to suck Brooke's right, vaginal lip, then the author alternated to the left one, sucking the fragile folds that were of a deep, purplish hue.


Brooke was moving, trying to hump upward, but with a stiff, firm hold, Sam kept her still. Now, Sam moved her lips upward slightly, to the where the vaginal lips began, and to the now engorged clitoris, which the author now covered with her full, ruby lips.


Sam sucked Brooke's clit for several seconds, then went back down to licking the inner folds of her vagina, then alternated by pushing her tongue in, and out of the blond's vulva for several minutes. Once more, Sam began to lick Brooke's vagina, feeling the blond's quickened trembling, knowing that the young woman was close to the edge. Then, Sam moved her lips upwards again, and now began to heartily suck, and lick Brooke's clit with frenzy.

"Sam.......SSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!" Brooke's cry of ecstacy filled the room, till its echo mingled with a light tapping on the closed door of Sam Mack's room.

"Miss Sam, Miss Brooke.....time to get up.....breakfast is ready," George's deep, manly voice said from the other side of the closed door.

"We'll be right there, George," Sam replied with a smile, "just give us five minutes to shower."

"I'll keep breakfast warm, then," George replied, then silence, then the sound of his retreating footsteps echoed throught the closed door.

"Brooke.....come on," Sam said, as she tried to get up from her kneeling position on the side of the bed, "time to leave Nirvana."

"Wait.....not yet," Brooke cried, as she clung to her goddess, to her beautiful, ravishing brunette, "Sammy.....I never felt it that deep before......I...."

"Its ok, baby....." Sam said with a smile, "I know what you mean."

"No.....you don't, Sammy......what I mean......no man ever made me feel this way......this explosion......I......I love you so much, it almost scares me.......I can't lose you now.......Sammy......you've become my very existence......"

"I feel the same way about you, Brooke. I wasn't really alive til now."

"Sammy.....what about Harrison? You have to leave him. I am not letting you go.....no matter what."

"I'm going to tell him when he comes back, Brooke. I'm not letting go of you either."

"Sammy......you belong to me......I can't bear......I won't let you go.......ever."

"Brooke.....we have to shower. Breakfast is waiting for us."

"Then.......back to bed, Sam Mack....for you, and me."

"But what about our lunch with the gang at Le Tre, Brooke?"

"We can be fashionably late, Sammy," Brooke said with a smile.


Hours later, at a crowded, French restaurant named Le Tre........

"Dear Nic,
I have two boyfriends who are both aliens. One is from the planet Krypton, and the other is from the planet Gotham. Both want to marry me, but I have to choose between them. Please, Nic, I'm really confused because I really like them both. Which planet do you think has the better weather?


Nicole Julian shook her head, and handed the letter to Lil, who sat at her side. Next to Lil, sat Josh, her perpetual companion/sidekick/lover. All three of them were at Le Tre for the daily lunch on Tuesday.

"Oh....what did I do in a past life to deserve this," Nicole almost wailed, "I can't believe that I keep getting these sickos writing to me. I've become a sort of joke at the newspaper office, and the editor knows it. I have complained so many times, but the editor likes it; he says my readership has gone up 60%"

"Really, Nic," Lil replied with a smile, as she read the letter, then handed the it to Josh, "that means you are getting popular with people out there. Why can't you just enjoy it?"

"Its just so......so........"

"PATHETIC, Nic?" Lil added with a smile on her pretty face.

"See? Even you're doing it," Nicole complained.

"Oh.....my," Josh Ford said, deep in concentration, as he read the letter, "these earrings I bought on sale are killing my earlobes!"

"OH, Josh Ford I COULD KILL YOU!" Nicole Julian yelled, as she exploded into rage, "you bought something on SALE? And you have the gall to call yourself a WOMAN?"

"Oh stop that, Nic" Lil interjected, "Josh is trying his hardest to learn how to be a girl.....its just that right now he is at his "cheap woman stage." Soon, Josh will see the light, and become a shopping addict for expensive items like you and me."

"I just can't enjoy being the butt of everyone's jokes.....I feel like a cartoon character!" Nicole Julian said, almost in a wail, making several people at nearby tables turn to look at her for an instant.

"Well, what do you want then Nic?" Lil asked with an irritated tone of voice.

"I WANT TO BE RESPECTED LIKE Sam Mack!" Nicole yelled unabashedly, "everyone likes her.....and respects her. She even took Harrison away from me! I hate that woman!"

Lil dark eyes lit up at the mention of the beautiful author's name, "where is Sam? Why hasn't she shown up?"

"She's probably with Brooke right now," Nic said nonchalantly, "and I'm even going to lose my penthouse....damn....I'm not even good at making bets that I can't lose."

"What do you mean, Nic? Why should Sam be with Brooke right now? What's this about a penthouse, and a bet?"

Lil's dark eyes had become beady slits lit with a suspicious gaze, as she suddenly sank into her 9 to 5 bitch persona, "what are you up to, Nicole Julian? Are you, and Brooke playing some kind of mind game with Sam?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Nicole said, as she looked away, surprised that Lil had such good intuition as to sense the bet that she had made with Brooke about seducing Sam, "see? I'm right about Sam.....you're defending her.....you never defend me.....you are just like everyone else, Lily Esposito.....you are a Sam worshiper......"

"If I find out that you are hurting Sam in any way, Nicole, I will personally skin you, and drag your worthless hide through the streets!" Lil declared passionately.

"Well.....I would most certainly choose Gotham over Krypton any day,"Josh said nonchalantly, "summers on Gotham last nine months."

Both Nicole Julian, and Lil Esposito stopped arguing, and turned towards Josh Ford, the towering she-man, and looked at him, as if he were a crazy lunatic.

As usual, it was Tuesday afternoon a Le Tre, which was always filled almost to capacity by the lunchtime crowd, and of course, Nicole Julian was always in a bad mood.

"WAITER? CAN SOMEONE SERVE US BEFORE THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM?" an enraged Nicole yelled at the top of her voice, as she stood up from her chair, and started waving her arms in the middle of the busy lunchroom.

"Nic! Stop that this instant!" Lil cried.

"Why should I?" Nicole asked angrily.

"You're just still angry with Sam," Lil replied haughtily.

"Well I should be," Nicole replied, "Sam always gets everything. Everyone always likes her better than me. She, and Brooke are both late. I'm hungry, and I can't wait forever."

"You've only been here ten minutes, Nic," Lil said, "I was here before you were.....maybe about fifteen minutes, and then Josh came about five minutes later. You don't see us complaining."

"OH....shut up, Lil!"

"Don't talk to Lil that way, Nicole Julian!" Josh Ford said angrily, his eyes glaring, as his manhood stood up to declare itself from within his feminine vestment, to proudly defend his woman....Lily Esposito.

"Look who's talking," Nicole said sarcastically, "A man wearing a lopsided wig, and a yellow dress that looks like a reject from the FIFTIES!"

Josh Ford looked down, and blushed, deeply hurt that his fashion sense was belittled by Nicole Julian. But just then, the soft-hearted, foolish giant, Josh, felt two, slender, feminine arms come up from behind, wrapping around his neck. Then Josh felt an unforgettable presence, and an exotic perfume, accompanied by dark, silky locks of hair that slid against the side of his face, as he felt a pair of moist lips kiss his cheek, making his heart beat madly; Sam Mack.

"Poooooorrrr Josh," Sam purred, as she leaned against the back of Josh's chair, "I think you look adorable in yellow. Don't let big, bad Nic punish you."

Josh Ford could only let a goofy grin light up his handsome face at the sound of Sam's soft, sultry voice in his ear. Lil should have been jealous of the reaction that Sam was always able to get out of Josh, but she wasn't, simply because she too was in love with the stunningly beautiful brunette author, "Sam!" Lil exclaimed, her heart almost exploding with joy, as she shot up from her chair, charged at the beautiful author, and fell into her arms, "I've missed you so much!"

Nicole Julian rolled her eyes, "Well....isn't this interesting....I should smack myself for not noticing sooner,"

Nicole thought to herself, "even Lil is deeply in love with Sam......oh, I hate the woman so much!"

"Do you have any intention of letting Sam go before the end of the millennium, Lily Esposito?" Brooke, who had just arrived, exclaimed, as she stood to one side, watching without amusement, jealousy plastered all over her pretty face.

"Nope," was all that Lil could say, as she cradled her head against Sam's firm shoulder, "oh, Josh....this is just heavenly!"

Josh Ford, looked up, already feeling the beginnings of an erection under his lace panties, as he watched his pretty lover clinging to the most alluring, beautiful woman that he had ever seen in his entire life; Sam Mack, "really, schnookums? Can I try?"

"Get over here," was all that Lil was able to say, as she wrapped her arms around Sam's tiny waist, "oh I could die, Sam.....your waist is SO small...."

Josh Ford came up behind a very stunned Sam, and hugged her, wrapping his long arms around both her, and Lil, "wow.....this feels so good.......you are so right, Lil......"

"I.....I....." Sam stammered, surprised by the fact that she was now a pleasure giving sandwich for her friends.

"Oh....I do love orgies in crowded places," Nicole exclaimed cynically.

"Will you two let go of my lover?" Brooke almost screamed, as she nearly exploded with rage at the sight of Josh, and Lil embracing Sam.



"UUuuuuuu.....there's an echo in here," Nicole commented sarcastically when both Lil, and Josh asked the same question.

"Sam is my lover," Brooke said impatiently, "Sammy, and I are a couple.....as in Sam Mack IS MY PROPERTY.....so will you bozos let go of her?

Nicole Julian spied a passing waiter, and signaled to him with a five dollar bill in her hand, which caught his attention, making his eyes glow, and his head nod, as he headed over to her table, "shut up, you pack of animals. Just sit down. Everyone is staring at us. We might as well charge for the performance you guys are giving. Now, SIT DOWN, and be ready to order."

Nicole Julian's commanding voice seemed to bring order among the battling friends, and they showed her respect by obeying promptly. Soon, all four were sitting in an organized, civil silence around the table, as the young waiter that Nicole bribed took their orders for lunch. Silence continued to reign over the table while the waiter stood by, jotting down the orders he received on his pad. When the waiter turned around, and left, then quickly the group found their voices once more, and began their heated conversations.

"I will be the first to start the questioning, Lil, so shut up!" Nicole exclaimed, shooting a firm glare at Lil, who quickly blushed, and looked down, "and that includes you too, you over-rated drag queen," the pretty redhead said to Josh Ford, who quickly closed his mouth, "now....Brooke.....Sam.....what is going on? Is it true? Are you lovers now?"

"Duh, Nic,"Brooke said impatiently, as she took Sam's left hand in her own, and held it fondly, "yes we are." "Well....I'm....happy for you both," Nicole said carefully, "but what about Harrison?"

"I'm going to end my affair with Harrison," Sam said softly, "I'm deeply in love with Brooke."

Nicole tried not to cheer, or to burst into tears of happiness at the author's words, and she tried to keep her composure, her dignity, but inside, the redhead wanted to scream with happiness, because now she could get Harrison back once more.

"How.....nice....." Lil said, her voice trembling only the tiniest bit, her mind wandering back to Nicole's strange words about a "bet," and a "penthouse." Now, Lil was indeed interested in the affair, because somehow she suspected that Nicole Julian had a hand in Sam's involvement with Brooke, "I'm so happy for you both. But this is so sudden."

"Aaawww.....and I was looking for a threesome, Sam.....with you, and my schnookums,"Josh said sadly.

Brooke glared at Josh, but then turned to Lil, and said with evident pride, (and in subtext; now Sam is mine, so you can go to HELL, Lily Esposito) "we are talking lifetime commitment......marriage."

"We are?" Sam's dark, thin eyebrows arched up onto her soft, alabaster forehead.

"Yes, darling," Brooke said, with a smile on her lips, as she leaned forward, and kissed the gorgeous author full on the lips.

"Oh....my.....God...."Josh Ford moaned softly, as he felt himself getting aroused at the sight of the two, beautiful women kissing, and a huge erection showed up as a very noticeable bulge in his skirt.

"Sam Mack.....will you marry me?" Brooke asked her beautiful lover with a pleading look in her cerulean eyes, and a soft smile upon her pink lips.

"Yes....Brooke.....I will."

"Sammy....." Brooke's heart was bursting with joy, as she embraced the ravishing brunette, "I love you, darling." "I love you too, Brooke," Sam said quietly, also with a smile upon her full lips.

"Okay.....enough with the theatrics,"Nicole interjected,"I'm happy for you two....blah, blah, blah, etc., etc......"

"You will always be the queen of bitches in my heart forever, Nic," Sam replied nonchalantly.

"Whatever,"Nic said quickly, "Brooke, could you accompany me to the restroom for a moment?

"Why me, Nicole Julian?" Brooke asked angrily, "I'm busy with Sam right now. Take Lil or Josh with you!"

"No. Brooke. I. Want. You. To. Go. With. Me. UNDERSTAND?" now Nicole was standing up, and glaring with almost bloodshot eyes at Brooke.

"Oh, alright.....don't get all bent out of shape, Nicole Julian," Brooke replied, as she reluctantly let go of Sam, and got up out of her chair, "I'll come back soon, my love," the blond said, as she leaned down, and kissed Sam once more on the lips, "I have to take bitchfest here to the toilet."

"Brooke McQueen, I am going to kill you!" Nicole said impatiently, as she dragged Brooke away to the closest restroom.

"That was strange," Sam said suddenly.

"I know," Lil replied, as she turned, and watched the two women disappear around the corner.

Meanwhile, Nicole dragged Brooke towards the nearest restroom, "we have business to discuss, Brooke McQueen. Remember?"

"What business, Nicole Julian?"

"The bet we made, Brooke."


Brooke wasn't able to finish her sentence, as Nicole pushed her into the restroom, and closed the door behind her. Back at the table, Lil chatted with Sam, and Josh, "Sam....don't you think this entire affair of yours with Brooke is much too sudden?"

"Well.....Lil.....we've been friends for years,"Sam replied.

"Yes," Josh Ford said suddenly, "but you were never close to each other, Sam......now, all of a sudden you turn into lovers."

"Aaawwww.....I think Josh is just jealous," Sam said with a smile.

"Hell.....I'M jealous, Sam Mack!" Lil exclaimed loudly.

"Huh?" now, Sam was truly confused.

"I'm bisexual, Sam," Lily Esposito responded gravely, "if I had known you tilted sideways, I would've grabbed you instead of miss little blond bitch."

Sam's blue eyes nearly popped out of her beautiful head, "Lil, I am so surprised at you. I have never heard you speak that way before, let alone call Brooke such a deprecating name."

"I've deplored Brooke McQueen since college," Lil said calmly.

"Well.....aren't you Josh's lover, Lil?"

"Yes, we are, Sam," Lil replied, "and I love him. But for you, Sam Mack, I would give my life."

"Oh....Lil....I didn't know you felt this way about me," Sam said quietly.

"I feel the same way, Sam," Josh Ford said, "we both love you dearly. You have a loving heart, and I don't want to see you hurt. Besides.....Lil, and I share everything; especially you....right, schnookums?"

"Yes, you....you....BEAST!" Lil exclaimed, as she threw her napkin, in mock anger, at Josh.

"Its been twenty minutes since Nic, and Brooke went to the restroom," Sam said, as she looked down at her wristwatch, "I wonder what is taking those two so long?"

"Probably, hopefully Nic fell, and got stuck in one of the toilets!" Josh Ford exclaimed.

"I wish," Lil said, approvingly.

Just then, three waiters arrived at the table where the friends sat. The waiters were carrying plates filled with food, two wine bottles, glasses of water, and baskets with buttered bread.

"Oh....the food is here, and those two bitches aren't back yet," Lil complained, "I think I should go get them."

"No.....its alright, Lil,"Sam said with a smile, "you stay here, and feed Josh. I'll go get them myself."

"You sure, Sam?" Josh asked with a smile, "I happen to be a woman, and willing to enter any woman's bathroom."

Sam smiled warmly at the tall man's antics, "oh....Miss Josh Ford.....your stuffed brassieres are rather crooked," Sam was laughing now, as she stood up from her chair, then went around the table, and kissed both Josh, and Lil on the forehead, "I'll be back soon, my dumplings." Then, Sam turned, and headed in the direction of the restroom.

"I have the strangest feeling, Josh," Lil said as she glanced at Sam's retreating figure, "and I don't like it."

Sam wove her way through the crowed lunchroom; around tables filled to capacity by chattering people that glanced up at her as she passed, and were left in rapt silence at the sight of her beauty, grace, and elegance. Sam walked by the waiters, as well as the customers, seeming to float, head held high, back straight, like the most regal queen. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the gorgeous author, she finally found the restroom; the one she was sure that Nic would bring Brooke too, because it was the once closest to the table the friends were eating at.

Sam gently pushed open the oak door of the restroom, and walked in. At first, the author's intention was to enter noisily, and to take Brooke in her arms, and kiss her. But then, Sam heard Nic, and Brooke talking, in a somewhat frenzied, heated fashion, and the author's curiosity was piqued, so that she entered the restroom silently, and paused to listen to the women, hiding from them in a hidden corner from where they stood next to the stalls.

"Just forget the entire bet, Nic!" Brooke exclaimed impatiently. The blond hated repeating herself, but Nicole just wouldn't understand that she wasn't interested in the stupid game the two of them had started playing weeks before.

"No way, Brooke McQueen," Nicole Julian replied loudly, "I always keep my promises. I lost the bet. You won. Now, I want to give you my penthouse. I'll call my lawyer tomorrow morning to set up the transfer of the deed to your name."

"No, Nic. I don't want it anymore!" Brooke yelled back at the redhead, "I have what I want now. I don't want, or need your penthouse!"

"That's a new one to me, Brooke," Nic said sarcastically, "you have always been the greediest bitch that I have ever known. You would do almost anything short of prostitution for money. When I bet you my penthouse, that you couldn't get Sam Mack to fall in love with you by the end of three months, you were just jumping at the chance to get your hands on it."

"I don't want your penthouse anymore, Nicole Julian," Brooke exclaimed angrily, "the bet is off."

"Ooooohhhhhhh......now I understand what is going on, Brooke,"Nicole said with a smile, "you don't need my humble little penthouse anymore, because now you have an enormously wealthy lover that can give you TEN penthouses."

"That's not true, Nic. I love Sammy, not her money!"

"Uh....sure....whatever you say, Brooke," cynical, sarcastic Nicole replied, "now I can see your true plan, and I must admit that you are a true genius. I don't know how you did it, but you have Sam eating out of your hand. You won't have to work again."

Sam was at that moment fighting the terrible urge to just open her mouth, and let out a long, painful wail from within the depths of her wounded soul. Instead, the dark beauty silently left the restroom, and began the long trip back to the table where Lil, and Josh waited.

Once outside the restroom, Sam felt sick, and everything around her seemed to swirl into confusing colors, odd shapes, and lingering shadows. Sam thought that she was going to faint, but instead willed all of her dignity, and self worth to keep on walking a difficult path through the heavy, busy, lunchtime crowd, till she finally made it back to the table where her friends waited for her.

Lil was eating her salad, when she saw Sam approaching the table, "hey, Sam.....hurry up, or Josh will finish off your t-bone steak!"

"Hey!" an indignant Josh exclaimed, "you're the one who's dying to eat her custard."

"You can help yourselves," Sam said weakly, as she sat down at the table with Lil, and Josh, "I can't eat."

Lil noticed the author's unusually pallid color, and the tears beginning to fall from her eyes, "Sam?" Lil asked with concern, as she nudged Josh Ford, who sat beside her, "Josh.....something is wrong with Sam."

Josh quickly bolted from his seat, and stood next to Sam, who was suddenly feeling nauseous, "what is it, Sam? What's wrong?"

"It was all a lie.....a miserable lie......." Sam said slowly, trying to keep her sobs under control.

"What happened, Sam? Please tell us," Lil asked soothingly, gently, as she ran her fingers through the author's raven hair, "you can trust Josh, and me. You know that."

"Yes, Sam....we love you very much. Please," Josh Ford said firmly.

"Nic....." Sam began to say slowly, "she, and Brooke.....made a bet......that if Brooke could seduce me.......in less than three months......she would get Nicole's penthouse........"

"I knew something was going on!" Lil exclaimed loudly, angrily, "those two will pay for this!"

"Sam....." Josh whispered, "don't cry in public. Don't break down. Don't give Nic, or Brooke the pleasure of knowing that they won. You must be strong!"

"Yes, Sam...." Lil added, "Josh is right. Don't let those two bitches win."

"I want to leave....." was all that Sam could say, "but I won't cry. I promise.....I won't give them that satisfaction."

"You are in no condition to go home by yourself," Lil said gently, "Josh will take you home, ok?"

"Come on, Sam," Josh Ford said, as he helped the beautiful author to her feet, "lets get out of here. Lil, you coming too?"

"No, baby," Lil replied, "take Sam home.....I'm going to take care of business here."

Before leaving, Sam took a hundred dollar bill from her purse, and left it on the table.

"Sam, what are you doing?" Lil asked, shocked at what the author had done.

"For Brooke....." Sam replied, "her thirty pieces of silver."

Five minutes later, Brooke, and Nic came out of the restaurant, still arguing.

"I can't believe the things you said to me in there, Nic!" Brooke exclaimed angrily, "I have a mind never to speak to you again."

"Oh, please!" Nicole replied, as she rolled her eyes, "don't be so self-righteous, Brooke. I know you very well.....I may be a bitch.....but you are simply a gold-digger!"

The two, arguing women, had somehow managed to cross the busy restaurant, and now returned to their table, still arguing intensely.

"I am not a gold-digger, Nicole Julian!" Brooke cried, "it all may have started that way, but I truly love Sam."

Finally, Nicole, and Brooke stood at their table, which was now occupied only by Lily Esposito, who glared angrily at them.

"Hah!" was all that a perpetually cynical, sarcastic Nicole Julian could utter.

"Hey......what happened here?" Brooke asked, looking around at the strangely empty table, "where's Sam?"

"Josh took Sam home......she was.....you might say.......sick," Lil said slowly, gravely, venom oozing from ever word that left her lips.

"What.....what do you mean, Lil?" Brooke asked with urgency, "what's wrong with Sam.......? I'm going to see her."

"I don't think Sam wants to see you anymore, Brooke McQueen," Lil replied.

"Why wouldn't she want to see me, Lil? Sammy is my lover."

"Sam went to fetch you, and Nic at the restroom a while back," Lily Esposito said quickly, "and she heard the two of you talking about your filthy little bet."

"OH.......NO!" Brooke cried, as she suddenly turned ten shades of deathly pale, each sallower, and paler than the shade before, and a sudden urge to faint seemed to overcome her slender frame.

Lily Esposito said nothing, as she got up from the table, and then quickly slapped Nicole Julian's pretty face, leaving her hand print on the redhead's left cheek.

"HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Nicole yelled angrily, shocked at Lily Esposito's assault.

"You deserve more than that, Nicole," Lil replied quietly, "oh.....Brooke.....Sam left you a present," then the pretty attorney put the one hundred dollar bill on the table, "your thirty pieces of gold." Then, Lily Esposito turned, and elegantly walked away, eliciting a wave of applause from the people at the surrounding tables, who had managed to eavesdrop, and knew the entire plot line.

Brooke McQueen sat down at the empty table, and began to cry. Nicole Julian sat down beside the wailing blond, and put a hand over her cheek, to calm her stinging pain.

"Oh, brother," was all that Nicole Julian could say.

chapter 8: Setting Fire to a Tangled Web

For the very first time in her entire life, Brooke McQueen felt suicidal. An overwhelming wave of shame, mingled with despair filled the young, blond model's slender frame, as she cried silently, sitting at the table, on the very chair that stood next to the one that Sam would have sat in, "what do I do now?" Brooke sobbed, as she glanced at Nicole, who sat silently next to her, "I've lost Sammy......what am I going to do now?" The idea that now her life would be as it was before she and Sam became lovers, brought a deep sense of terror to Brooke, "she'll never forgive me now......I love her desperately.....and I've lost her forever."

Nicole Julian glanced over at Brooke, and looked at her strangely, as if she was seeing the blond for the very first time in her entire life, "damn," Nicole said gravely, "you really do love her, don't you?"

"Yes, I love her," Brooke replied, crying, and not trying in any way to hide her tears, "I don't care about money, or your penthouse, or anything. I just want Sammy. That's all I ever wanted. Now I lost her because of you."

"Well....." Nicole said, then she paused, then she sighed, and then she got up from her chair, and looked down at Brooke, "then we'll have to stop being two pathetic assholes, and fix this right now!"

"How?" Brooke asked, looking up at the now smiling redhead.

"We apologize, and explain things to Sam," Nicole said brightly.

"Sammy won't want to see me," Brooke wailed, "oh.....I want to die......I need her so much it hurts."

"Sam will want to see me," Nicole replied firmly, "she'll want the satisfaction of tearing my heart out."

"That won't fix anything, Nic."

"It will get my foot in the door, Brooke. That's better than sitting here, and crying over spilled milk."

"Do you think it will work, Nic?"

"I never give up, Brooke. I want you, and Sam to be together, because it is to my advantage."


"Because, Brooke McQueen, I will get Harrison John back. Now get up, dry your tears, and let's go see that stuck up, bitch lover of yours.....I'll need a plan to get around Josh, and an iron face mask to protect me from Lil."

Nicole signaled a waiter before leaving, "bring me the check, please?" and the waiter replied that the check had been paid for by Josh Ford, "hope that drag queen is a good tipper."

Nicole took Brooke by the wrist, made her get up from the table, and literally dragged her out of Le Tre, "I am going to fix this, one way or another," Nicole Julian said with determination, as she, and Brooke now stood outside the restaurant, and the redhead waved furiously to a passing taxi that came to a sudden halt, its brakes screeching, and its tires letting out smoke, as they grazed the pavement. Nicole, with Brooke in tag hurried to the taxi, and boarded it,"take us to 243 Vine Ave," Nicole said quickly to the taxi-driver, "and if you get there in five minutes, I'll give you an extra ten dollars!"

The taxi-driver, an older man of about fifty five, with grayish-white hair, smiled broadly at his pretty, redheaded passenger, and needing no further prompting, pushed his foot all the way down on the accelerator of the taxi, so that the yellow vehicle with numbers emblazoned on it, took off so quickly, it seemed more like a speeding bullet, than a car.

"I just hope we get there alive," Nicole exclaimed, as she felt the taxi take off suddenly.

The bright, yellow taxi did indeed seem to fly, as the driver wove through narrow streets, and heavy traffic with the skill of an astronaut.

"If I die on the way to Sam's house, I swear I will haunt, and torment her for the rest of her life," Nicole thought, as she was forcefully rocked from side to side every time the taxi took a wide turn.

Finally, the bright, yellow taxi with the wild-spirited driver, and two, frightened passengers came to a sudden halt before the four story, red brick building on Vine Ave. that Sam Mack owned.

"I think that I just lost ten years off my life span," Nicole complained, as she, and Brooke got out of the taxi, then the redhead payed the taxi-driver his cab fair, plus his promised tip, "can you wait for at least another thirty minutes?" Nicole asked the smiling taxi driver, and he nodded enthusiastically, "good," Nicole thought to herself, "another ride in the taxi from hell......"

Brooke stood in front of the dark, oak door to Sam's house, trembling, frightened to knock, yet terrified that she wouldn't be let in, "gods.....what if she doesn't want me back, Nic?"

"What a coward you are, Brooke McQueen," Nicole exclaimed quietly, as she knocked vigorously on the door, rang the bell several times, and yelled loudly; "Sam Mack, LET ME IN THIS INSTANT!"

"What the HELL are you doing here, Nicole Julian?" a woman's voice yelled from up above.

Nicole looked up to see an angry Lily Esposito looking out of a window on the fourth floor of Sam's building, "go away, Nicole!" Lil yelled with all of her might, "you are not wanted here!"

"I WANT TO SEE Sam!" Nicole yelled back with as much fervor as the little attorney had shown, "RIGHT NOW, OR ELSE!"

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, Nicole Julian? EXPLODE?" Lil yelled back.

Cunning Nicole Julian knew that anger, and a shouting match would only anger much more an already enraged Lily Esposito, who was possibly the best avenue to see Sam, "please, Lil.....please.....tell Sam we want to see her......even the condemned get a fair trial.....we just want to apologize....that's all......" Nicole said in a softened voice, pleadingly, with a slight trace of tears, "damn I'm good.....I should win an George," the redhead was saying to herself.

"Oooohhhhhh.......well....." Lil was faltering in her anger, "well...." Nicole's pleading voice had calmed her temper somewhat, "okay.....I'll ask Sam.....just wait a minute," then Lil disappeared back inside the window.

Nicole shook her hands in the air, as if she had just won a great victory, "didn't I tell you we would get in, Brooke?"

"But we aren't in yet, Nicole," Brooke whined, as tears poured from her beautiful, sky-blue eyes.

"KILLJOY!" Nicole snapped at the whimpering blond, "Lil is a sap, she fell for my pity scheme. Sam will get the same treatment from Lil. We are in, Brooke."

Several seconds later, Lily Esposito stuck her head out of the fourth story window once more, "okay, Nic, Brooke....Sam said yes, she will speak to you. Just hang on, George is going down to open the door to let you guys in."

"Thank you, Lil," Nicole replied with a smile, "you have a heart of gold......"

"WHATEVER!" an exasperated Lil yelled in response, as she rolled her dark eyes, and disappeared from sight once more, back into the window.

One minute later, the door to the building opened, and George stood before Nic, and Brooke, with a serious face, "come in ladies," the elegant butler said, stepping aside to let the women enter.

"Hi, George," Brooke said shyly.

"Greetings, Miss McQueen," George replied dryly, as he guided them to the elevator, stepped aside to let Nic, and Brooke enter, then stepped in himself, and pushed the button numbered "4" on the side of the elevator doors. Brooke was shaking, and saddened at George's cold greeting to her. The beautiful model tried to maintain her composure, as she went up in the elevator, but it was difficult, knowing that she had to face Sam now, that her lover knew the entire truth, "I hope Sam forgives me......" Brooke couldn't stop the tears that ran down her pink cheeks, as she prayed silently to God, "I know that I've never been a big fan of yours.....and I am so very sorry.....I know that what I did was wrong," Brooke was discreetly looking up at the ceiling of the elevator, as if it was a heavenly scene with clouds, with angels, and with God sitting on a giant cloud, floating out in space, "please forgive me, God......and please bring Sammy back to me......I need her so much......if she doesn't take me back.....I'll die without her......please give Sammy back to me.....please."

"Fourth floor, ladies,"  George said as the elevator doors opened.

The elevator doors opened onto Sam's very ample living room. George stepped out, and then aside, as Brooke, and Nic exited the elevator. The living room was furnished in art nouveau style, with stark colors of black, and white, with patches of red. Upon a plush couch sat Josh Ford, looking like a proud king in drag, with his arm around a quiet Lil, who gave the newcomers a resentful glare.

"Nice to see you, Lil," Nicole said in her usual, sarcastic tone, which made the short attorney attempt to get up from her place on the couch, and attack Nic, but she was restrained by Josh.

Nicole Julian saw something which made her heart flutter, and her knees go weak; Harrison John, the love of her life, the man that Sam Mack had stolen from her arms. Harrison, immensely tall, handsome, attired in a dark-gray suit, was standing where the hall that led to Sam's room began, "Harry?" Nicole's voice went up an octave, "what are you doing here?"

"I just had an urge to come see Sam, so I got on my jet, and came here...." Harrison said nonchalantly, "turns out she really needed me."

"What do you mean, Harrison?" Nicole asked.

"Well.....Sam is packing some of her things. I'm taking her back to Europe with me," Harrison replied, as he adjusted his glasses, "she finally got some sense into her head, and has decided to stay over there with me permanently."

"NO!" Brooke cried suddenly, as she dashed down the hall, in the direction of Sam's room.

"What was that all about?" Harrison asked, surprised at the blond's sudden outburst.

"Oh.....just girl stuff," Nicole replied with a seductive smile, as she approached Harrison, thus making Lil try to leave the couch with the intention of attacking the redhead.

Brooke's heart was beating so hard, the girl thought it would surely explode, amid the sudden pain that stabbed at it, at the thought that her beloved author was leaving forever, "no......NO.....I can't let her go away, and leave me behind.......Sammy!" Brooke cried, as she burst into the ravishing brunette's room. The sight that met the blond's cerulean gaze was of the statuesque author arranging her clothes into a medium sized suitcase that lay open on her large bed, "Sammy.....what are you doing?"

Sam was in the process of folding her clothes, and putting it quckly into her suitcase, then going back, and forth from her closet, and dresser to fetch more of her belongings. Sam glanced at Brooke for an instant, then went back to her chores, not paying the blond anymore attention, as if the girl were an insect, "its evident that I'm packing, Brooke. I'm leaving with Harrison tonight for Europe. I'm not coming back here. I've given George power of attorney to close my affairs here. Then, he too is joining me in Europe."

"You can't go away, Sammy!" Brooke cried.

"The game is over, Brooke. You can stop pretending to be in love with me," Sam said icily.

"I 'm not pretending, Sammy. I love you. I need you. Please forgive me."

"It doesn't matter anymore, Brooke."

"It does matter, Sammy. This whole affair started out as a game, but I swear that I truly fell in love with you. I'm not lying, even though it seems that there is no reason to trust me. But please, Sammy.....please give me a chance to make this up to you. I'm in love with you.....that's the truth.....I can't live without you!"

Sam paused in her folding, and looked up at Brooke. The blond model shuddered, because Sam's beautiful face seemed made of stone, with no expression at all upon it's smooth, alabaster countenance. Then, Sam seemed to smile, but not in a loving way, as her full lips seemed to twist outward cruelly, and a strange glow filled her sapphire eyes.

"You are so very gullible, Brooke McQueen."

Brooke shuddered once more, as it seemed that a sudden, cold wave swept through her; this reminded her of that terrible dream she had of Sam a nights ago, and right now the look in the author's eyes was exactly the same as her dream image of a cruel, cold Sam Mack, "what do you mean, Sammy?"

"You lost the penthouse anyway, Brooke McQueen," Sam replied with a cruel smile.


"Nic came to me first, and made a bet that I couldn't fool you into thinking that I was in love with you. The prize was my lover, Harrison. If I lost, then she would get Harrison back. But she lost, so I keep Harrison."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" Brooke yelled, as despair flooded her tender heart.

"Of course it is, Brooke," Sam said coldly, yet smiling, which made her seem even crueler, "you've been utterly humiliated by Nicole, and me. It was all a game from the very beginning."


"I don't love you, Brooke. I never did. I pretended, just like you pretended to love me. There. We're even now. You can go back to your old life."

Brooke let go of a sob, then she almost fainted at the sound of Sam's words, "you're lying, Sammy. You love me. I know you do. No one can pretend that well. I had you in my arms, Sammy. We made love, for heaven's sake. I would know if it was a lie. YOU LOVE ME, Sammy."

"I have no feelings for you, Brooke McQueen."

"No.....no.....that can't be true," Brooke said in desperation, shaking her head, almost going mad for an instant, "I can prove that you're lying," with that said, Brooke lunged at Sam, and took the author in her arms. In a passionate frenzy, the blond model drew the gorgeous brunette to her, and kissed her full on the lips.

Brooke kissed Sam with all the love, and passion that she had in her lovesick heart. Instead of being kissed back, the blond noticed that Sam was stiff, and unresponsive to her, "Sammy.....I love you.....please.....you know that you love me....." Once more, Brooke kissed Sam with all the fervor that she could muster, and once more all that she received was the author's coldness, "please forgive me...." Brooke couldn't help herself, as the love that spilled out of her heart for Sam, her need for the author, drove her to the supreme humiliation of almost groveling, "YOU LOVE ME, Sammy.....STOP THIS......YOU LOVE ME!"

Sam Mack stood stiff in Brooke's arms, and looked down at her with complete indifference. Finally, Brooke let go of Sam, and stepped back, for she had begun to cry. Brooke couldn't stand the sight of a cold, distant Sam, so the blond ran from the room, almost stumbling into Nicole, who had walked down the hall towards the author's room. When Brooke McQueen saw the redhead, she brought up her small hand, and zestfully slapped Nicole Julian on the right cheek.

"HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!" Nicole yelled, "why did you do that?"

"YOU BITCH!" Brooke screamed at Nicole, "NOW I KNOW THE TRUTH! Sam told me that you went to her first, and made a bet that she couldn't pretend to be in love with me.....to fool me.....to make a fool of me! Well you did, Nicole Julian! You both made a fool of me!" Then, Brooke simply broke down, leaning against the wall, in the middle of the hall, and began to cry like a baby.

"No!" Nicole exclaimed, "I never did that, Brooke. I swear. Sam is lying; she's just doing it to get back at the both of us. She wants to hurt you as much as you hurt her. Sam does love you!"

"No....she doesn't love me," Brooke wailed in the most pitiable fashion, "but I still love her, and always will."

"I am tired of this stupid intrigue," Brooke declared hotly, "I am going to get to the bottom of this right now,"

Nicole left Brooke behind, and went into Sam's room, but inadvertently left the door to the room open behind her. When Nicole walked into Sam's room, she saw the author engaged in folding her clothes, and putting them in a suitcase. Sam looked up to see who had come into her room, when she saw Nicole, she went back to her folding, and ignored the redhead.

"Alright, Sam,"Nicole said quietly, "give me the silent treatment. I came to apologize, and to tell you........"

Suddenly, Sam came up to Nicole, and quickly brought up her hand, and slapped the  redhead on the left cheek, then went back to the bed, and continued to fold her clothes.


"You deserve it, Nicole Julian," Sam said angrily.

"Well.....why don't you just as well slap Brooke?" Nicole asked, angry as well.

"You started this whole mess, Nic. Brooke just went along. You are the mastermind, Nicole."

"OH!" Nicole exclaimed, "I'm very impressed with you, Sam Mack. I knew that you had bitch potential, but now I know you can actually dethrone me. That lie you told Brooke is impressive; great way to get back at her."

Sam stopped folding her clothes, and looked up at Nicole with surprise, as if she were seeing an alien from another world, "you are so........so..........."

"Pathetic?" Nicole interjected, "but really......I'm impressed with you, Sam. But despite everything that has happened, I came to tell you that maybe I am a bitch, I admit it, but Brooke really does love you. She is suffering deeply, and very sorry for what was done to you. Why don't you tell her that you lied?"

"NO!" was Sam's defiant, angry reply.

"Don't be such a fool, Samantha McPherson! What that girl feels for you is the real thing, and if you throw her out of your life, you will regret it forever. You will never find anyone who will love you like that ever again."

"I.....I......can't trust her!" Sam said, her voice starting to crack, as she brought up her hands, which had begun to tremble slightly.

Nicole Julian noticed quickly that her words had begun to weaken a formerly resentful, cold, distant Sam Mack, "tell her the truth, Sam. Tell Brooke that you do  love her. Don't be a fool like I am. I have been looking for love all my life. I thought I had it with Harrison, and I resented you until today for taking him away from me, but now I can see the truth. Harrison never loved me. You never stole him from me. Harry just left because he is that way. If you go with Harry, he will abandon you someday for someone else. But Brooke will never leave you."

"Nicole Julian......" Sam Mack's voice was shaky, and her sapphire eyes glittered with the first of many tears that would be shed, "how could you do this to me? You humiliated me. Was it because of Harrison? Was this......awful bet you made with Brooke a weapon against me for his coming to me? I didn't even know that you were his lover!"

"Sam....." Nicole stepped forward, taking small steps towards the beautiful author, "I guess what you just said is true.....somehow what I did to you was my way of getting back to you because I thought you had stolen Harry from me. I'm sorry. Now I know that wasn't so. Please forgive me. I have been merciless to you."

"You hurt me in the worst way, Nicole Julian!" Sam cried out bitterly, as she began to sob, "you wounded my heart. I fell in love once, and it hurt me deeply. It took me time, but I recovered from my pain. But the love I feel now is deeper, and I can't tear this love that I feel for Brooke out of my heart. This pain will last for the rest of my life. You won your revenge, Nicole Julian. You have humiliated me. You have destroyed me!"

Brooke McQueen had been standing outside Sam's room, leaning against the wall, crying her heart out, almost blinded by the thick stream of tears that poured from her sky-blue eyes. Brooke had been listening to the exchange of angry, bitter words between the love of her life, Sam Mack, and the cynical Nicole Julian. The blond model had expected the resentful, angry argument to continue, with Sam throwing Nic out of her room. But then, Brooke heard those last words escape from Sam's lips, her once cold voice now transformed into a cry of pain, and the blond's heart suddenly soared into the heights of joy, when the beautiful author's words of pain came to her as a declaration of love; "I can't tear this love that I feel for Brooke out of my heart."

"Sammy loves me!" Brooke cried within herself, as in sudden, quiet joy she smiled, as a flood of delight, pleasure, and relief flooded her, "she hasn't forgiven me.....but she loves me!" Brooke was no longer crying, but smiling instead, as her irresistible joy threatened to explode within her, "now I know that she won't leave me......because I can make her stay....." Brooke looked up to the cieling, pretending it didn't exist, as she silently prayed, "thank you, God.....thank you for giving Sammy back to me."

Meanwhile, in the room, Nicole Julian continued to watch Sam Mack cry. An unexpected wave of pity swept into Nicole's usually uncaring heart for Sam. Nicole was not accustomed to this, but she suddenly felt the urge to go, and hug the ravishing brunette, who now sat on the floor, crying, sobbing helplessly. Nicole took two steps towards Sam with the intention of hugging her, but she was interrupted by a sudden blur of energy that ran past her; Brooke McQueen had burst into the room, and now ran to Sam. Then, Nicole stepped back, filled with relief that she didn't have to comfort Sam, because she wasn't really to good at all that sentimental stuff anyway.

"Sammy," Brooke said softly, as she sat on the carpeted floor next to the beautiful author, "oh.......Sammy......you do love me....."

Nicole Julian felt like an intruder, watching an intimate scene not meant for her eyes, so she turned, and discreetly left the room, and quietly shut the door behind her. In the hall, Harrison John still waited impatiently for Sam. Nicole walked up to him, and smiled, "Harry.....I'm afraid that you'll have to go back to Europe alone."

"What?" Harrison asked, a puzzled look passing over his face, and clouding his glasses.

"Sam isn't going to Europe with you," Nicole said, "she isn't even going to be your lover anymore."

"Wait......Sam loves me," Harrison said firmly, "we've been together for....."

"Two years, seven months, three weeks, four days," Nicole interjected.


"I've been counting the days since you left me, Harrison. I thought that Sam had taken you away from me, and I blamed her for a long time. But now I know the truth; you left me because you are simply a miserable bastard that loves to use women, then leave them when he no longer has any use for them. Well, Mr. John, you aren't going to be using Sam Mack anymore, because she has found someone who truly loves her, and she won't be needing you anymore!"

"Oh.....well.....that changes things," Harrison John said quietly, as he stroked his raven moustache, "hhhhhmmmmmm........Nicole......would you like to go to Europe with me?"


"But I thought that you just said that you wanted me back, Nicole?"

"Three hours ago I wanted you back, Harry......but now I've stopped counting the days you've been missing from my life. From now on, I'm going to start living again.....and start looking for someone to love."

"Well.....I guess I should leave then," Harrison said quietly.

"Yes, Harry. Go."

"Goodbye, Nicole."


Harrison John turned, walked silently out of the apartment, and Nicole Julian watched him go, as tears streamed from her dark eyes. When Harrison John was out of her sight, Nicole burst into tears, and covered her dark eyes with her hands. Nicole just couldn't believe how stupid she had been, turning down the man that she had loved for years......

"But you did the right thing, Nic," a soft voice said from beside the pretty redhead.

"I know," Nicole replied tearfully, "but my heart still yearns for Harry......what am I going to do?"

Lily Esposito, who had spoken kindly to Nicole, and now stood beside her, smiled, "well for one thing, Nic......you're not alone anymore.....you got us back.....and now I like you more than I did before."


"Josh, and I love you, Nicole Julian," Lil said with a smile, "and today, you showed us that you really do have a heart under that bitchy exterior of yours."

"Damn......now my reputation is ruined for good," Nicole said through her sniffles.

"We promise not to tell, you pathetic drama queen," Josh Ford said with a huge smile.

"Josh?" Nicole was surprised at Josh's sudden sarcasm, "I think I might start liking you, Josh Ford, you oversized gorilla in a dress!"

"Why don't we all go to dinner?" Lil suggested.

"I can't bear going back to Le Tre today," Nicole exclaimed ashamedly.

"No, of course not, Nic," Lil replied, "we're going to Denny's.

Nicole simply smiled, "good idea. I think we should leave Brooke, and Sam alone. George?"

"Yes,  Miss Julian?"

"Would you like to have dinner with us?" Nicole asked the tall, elegant butler.

"I would indeed love to accompany all of you to dinner," George replied, as he followed Nicole, Lil, and Josh onto the elevator that opened out to Sam's apartment, and closed the elevator doors behind him.

"George is so refined, so elegant.....I think I might be falling in love," Nicole said to herself.

Finally, everyone was gone, and now Brooke, and Sam were completely alone to resolve, or destroy their relationship.

chapter 9: Back In Love's Arms

Silence almost reigned in the Sam's apartment, save for the soft sounds of a woman's sobs, and a low, gentle voice that comforted her, amid the even softer sounds of kisses on the silken skin of a ravishing brunette's sculpted cheeks.

"Sammy......darling......please don't cry anymore," Brooke said gently, as she took her beautiful author in her arms, "Sammy......please forgive me."

"I.....can't.....I...." Sam was trying to curl herself into a tight ball, more of a fetal position, trying to escape Brooke's tender embrace, but it was in vain, for the young woman was already invading her body with her soft caresses, her gentle voice, "just....go....away.....leave me alone, Brooke....McQueen....."

"I can't leave, Sammy," Brooke said, as she cupped the author's face with one hand, making the woman look at her, "I can't live without you.....if you leave me behind, I'll just die....I'll waste away to nothing......you're my entire life."

Sam Mack sighed sadly, as she felt control of her trembling body taken from her, by her beautiful betrayer. Sam felt Brooke's arms invade her body in a delicate, yet firm embrace, as one arm went around her shoulders, and the other went around her waist. Brooke had drawn Sam into herself.

"Why.....did you hurt me?" Sam's voice was weak, still shaken by unwanted sobs mingled with hiccups, "I trusted you.......I gave you my heart....." now, Sam rested her head reluctantly on Brooke's shoulders.

Brooke was beside herself with shame, as she gently ran her fingers through her lover's silky, dark locks, "I regret what I did to you, Sammy......it all started out as a game.....but I fell into my own trap.....I fell helplessly in love with you....for the very first time, darling. Now, no matter what you say....I won't ever leave you. Even if you hate me.....I won't leave you, Sam Mack."

"I want to hate you," Sam replied, "I have tried so hard.....but I can't.....this thing I feel for you is so fierce.....it won't let go of my heart."

"Stop fighting me.....please, Sammy....." Brooke had started to cry as well, not the pitiful weeping that now possessed the author, but a quiet, gentle crying that came with heavy tears, "we love each other.....that's all that matters. The past is gone."

Sam was too tired to speak, too tired to resist Brooke's gentle words, or her delicate kisses, or her tender embrace.

"I love you, Samantha...." Brooke whispered into the author's ear, "in wealth, in poverty.....sickness or health.....I love you.......and if you want to hate me, and torment me for the rest of our lives....I don't care, because I am staying beside you.....and I will fight to win your trust once more."

Brooke tilted her lover's head back, and slowly began to kiss her. Brooke's pink lips slid along the velvety, soft skin of Sam's slender neck, "I love you, Sam......I love you....." the blond said amid soft sighs, as she kissed her author's full, crimson lips, "I need you so much.....please forgive me......Sammy, don't look back.....just give me another chance.....please, darling.....please," Brooke gently sucked on Sam's lower lip with her mouth, gently biting it to just feel it's exquisite fullness, "oh......Sam....." Brooke was sinking once more into the brunette's beguiling, stunning beauty that had claimed her soul forever, "Sam," the blond's slender fingers now threaded through the brunette's lavishly silky, thick, raven hair, "you love me......I know you do....."

"Yes....Brooke.....I love you......even if I don't want to.....I can't help it anymore."

"That's all I needed to hear, Sammy," Brooke said softly, as she reluctantly disengaged herself from the author, then got up, and proceeded to push Sammy's suitcase, and clothes off her plush bed.

"What are you doing?" an intrigued Sammy asked  Brooke.

"We are going to make love, Sam," Brooke said, as she kneeled before the author who still sat on the floor, beside the bed, "you, and I are going to forget everything. Nothing else exists but this moment. Officially, this is our beginning."

"Forget everything.....just like that?" Sam was amazed at Brooke's deductions.

"Yes," Brooke replied huskily, as she got up, and extended her hand to Sam.

Sam looked up at Brooke for several seconds, shook her head slightly, then took Brooke's offered hand. Brooke helped Sam get up from the floor, and made her lie down slowly on the bed. Then Brooke crawled onto the bed, and lay on top of her beautiful author.

 Brooke easily straddled Sam, and stood still for a moment, gazing down lovingly, a gentle smile on her pink lips, as she regarded her lover's great beauty. Then, Brooke swiftly slipped out of her cashmere sweater, never taking her eyes off Sam's deep, sapphire eyes. Brooke undid her brassieres, and threw them to one side, then quickly the blond lifted herself, and slipped out of her slacks. Brooke had already kicked her shoes off, and all that remained on her beautiful body was nothing more than the panties she easily tore off without pausing to just simply slipping out of them. Now, Brooke began to undress Sam, but not in the same quick manner that she had done with her own clothing. Instead, Brooke took her time, caressing the ravishing brunette, as she slowly, deftly unbuttoned the woman's silk blouse, her slim fingers dancing delicately on the buttons as they came away, revealing the black, lace bra underneath, which unhooked from the front, and which came away from the brunette's body easily, as the blond even undid the black straps, "oh....gods....you are so beautiful.....far beyond simple words, my love," Brooke sighed, as she leaned down, gasping at the delicious contact that her breasts made with the author's breasts.

Already, the power of  the voluptuous brunette's beauty was overwhelming the rapt, blond model, who began to slowly rub herself against her. Brooke lifted herself slightly, quickly unzipped Sam's tight, black skirt, and slipped down her hips, then down her long, shapely legs, "garter belts, and dark stockings......what a tease you are, Sammy Mack," Brooke whispered, with a smile, as she leaned down, and began to kiss her beloved obsession on the lips. Despite herself, despite her resentment, her still thriving distrust, which had slowly begun to fall away, Sam smiled, her full, ruby lips spreading evenly, slowly into a small smile, as Brooke covered them with her own. "She smiled at me," Brooke thought to herself, as with soft moans, the beautiful blond slowly sucked on the woman's full lips, then lightly licking them, then dipping her tongue into the Sam's moist mouth. Sam kissed back, as she felt her desire lit like a small, yet increasing fire now building as Brooke's wandering hands fueled it to greater heights. With long, loving strokes, Brooke caressed the author's breasts, pausing at times to gently knead them, or to tease the bright, red nipples, then the blond would lean down, so that her own, pert nipples gently touched the crimson orbs that crowned Sam's breasts, "hhhhhhmmmmmmm," the blond woman hummed softly, as she continued her frenzied, oral attack on her beautiful author, as she fed the brunette her saliva, and drank Sam's, as if it were a life-giving elixir, "I love you....." Brooke chanted over, and over, "I love you.....I love you."

Slowly it began, as small spasms between their beautiful bodies, now joined in heated passion, then it rose like a silent symphony escalating into an erotic, evenly timed dance. The two women moved together, as if made of one single flesh, sharing caresses, and kisses. The lover's arms came up, writhing like dancing snakes in love, to wrap around lightly sweating bodies that danced in passion, intertwining like loving locks around the heated flesh, serving as anchors. Brooke spread Sam's long, curvaceous legs, and took refuge between them, as she spread her own athletic legs, and dipped down into the author's body. With a frenzied heart on fire, Brooke slowly spread her own legs, as she lowered herself between Sam's spread legs. Carefully, the blond entwined her legs with the author's in a firm scissor hold, then slowly Brooke lowered herself, all the time anticipating in her mind what would be the most heavenly sensation that she would ever feel in her life.

Then it came, causing Brooke the most excruciating, painful pleasure; the gentlest, the most velvety, silken touch of all, as her already wet, vaginal lips spread open, her inner, sensitive core touched the unbelievably soft, tender vaginal flesh between Sam's thighs, "oh.....Sammy.....I...." intelligence seemed to slip away with conscious thought for Brooke, as she slid easily into the sensations now running through her body; a gentle, veiled aching from her vagina that she gave into, as she very slowly pressed down into her lover's body, who also reacted to the erotic, genital caress. In an aching, slow dance, Brooke felt her secret flesh move within its wetness, mingling with Sam's folds, like two newly bloomed roses kiss, losing themselves in each other.

For a moment, it seemed to Brooke, that they were connected down there, in the secret core of their being; that their center was fused into one single entity of desire, and lust that spread outward into the rest of their bodies, then out to their helpless limbs, "I.....desire.....you.....Sammy......" Brooke sighed amid her ragged breaths, as she threw her head back, and closed her blue eyes, her inner mind flying to euphoric heights, then she opened her eyes, and leaned down, joining her face to Sam's beautiful countenance, kissing her hungrily, spreading her pink lips, opening her mouth quickly to cover the brunette's ruby lips, "mmmmm.......I.....need you......oh......I want you....so much......Sam......Sammy......" Brooke was saying her beautiful author's name over, and over, as she pressed herself down, again, and again, quicker, harder each time she descended, as she listened in delight to the excited sighs, and soft moans escaping from Sam's full lips. Finally it came; an explosion that was soft, yet still piercing enough to make spasms of pleasure run through the lover's bodies, as they peaked only seconds apart.

Silence fell between the lovers, as they lay, tangled in each other upon the plush bed. Only the ragged, slowly calming sound of the women's breathing filled the room. Slowly, their beautiful bodies relaxed, then all the very last vestiges of their mutual, retreating orgasm faded.

Sam was about to move, with the intention of lying full length upon her bed, but Brooke stopped her, "Sammy......please......don't."


Brooke pinned Sam down onto the bed once more, thus keeping the voluptuous author still under her, as the blond continued pressing down into her, making their vaginas touch again, in a now slower rhythm, although not orgasmic, still pleasurable.

"Brooke.....what are you....doing to me?"

"This......this....." Brooke managed to say amid her still excited sighs, as her voice came from her throat, husky, pregnant with desire, "you have to believe me......Sam.....I want.....this.....more than anything......" Brooke almost felt like dying of pleasure, as she heard the soft, swishing sound of her moist, sticky flesh mingling with Sam's vagina, "....more than Nic's....penthouse.....or being wealthy......or famous.........money.....luxury......fame.....nothing can give me......this" Brooke kept up her gentle, intimate dance, "this is all I want.....to be connected.....to you this.....way......for the rest of our lives......you have to believe me......Sammy......you have to.....forgive me......I can't live without this.....I can.....only feel this with you......please.....Sammy....."

"Yes, Brooke," was the soft reply that came from Sam's full, red lips.


"Yes....Brooke....I can only feel this with you.....and I want to spend the rest of my life with you," Sam was smiling, as tears ran down her soft, sculpted cheeks.

"Oh....." Brooke had started to cry, as she collapsed onto Sam, "I love you so much....."

"I love you too, Brooke."

Sam held the trembling Brooke in her arms, and kissed the blond's forehead gently, "I guess you'll be moving in here with me now."

"Can I? Really? You're taking me back?" Brooke lifted herself a bit from Sam, and looked down at her in disbelief.

"I never let you go, Brooke. You were always in my heart."

Brooke straightened out her legs, releasing Sam from her erotic, iron embrace. Now, both women lay side by side on the bed, "Sammy...."

"Yes, Brooke?"

"Tomorrow starts our forever, Sam Mack?"

"Our forever started just now, Brooke McQueen."

With a smile, Brooke settled once more into her lover's beautiful, voluptuous body, and embraced her tightly. Sam's arms came up, and embraced the beautiful model. Then, the lovers fell into a quiet slumber.

Forever had begun for them.

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