Archie Comics Sugar, Sugar: Twenty Years Later (B/V)


Matilda: The Movie So Close (M/J)


Popular To Tell or Not to Tell That is the Question (S/B)

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant Series (C/N)
Secret Talents
Fork in the Road
Bus Stop Diner
First Noel (12 Weeks 'til Christmas)
The Dinner Party
The Dance of Life
No Ordinary Day
The First of Many
Goodbye Makes the Journey Harder Still
(Extra) Ordinary Day(s)
Never, Never
Modern English
Daemon and Pythias
Dear Eloise
Immediate Family
Who Needs John Edwards
Summer School
Evolution of a Roman Holiday
Little Souvenir
Collateral Damage
In the Darkness: Enlightenment
Collateral Damage: Undertow
On the Road to Find Out
Blue Kiss
Bridge of Sighs
Universally Accepted Truths
The Virtue of Patience
Regrets for Futures Past
Realigning the Space Time Continuum
The Adventure Begins
The Eyes of a Child
Future so Bright

Three Time Table Series (B/A)
Prince Charming...Not
Three Times Table: Brooke
Three Times Table: Sam
Three Times Table: April
The Status of Quo - Brooke
The Status of Quo - Sam
The Status of Quo - April
Floating on the Ceiling - Brooke
Floating on the Ceiling - Sam
Floating on the Ceiling - April
Queen Takes Bishop: Brooke
Queen Takes Bishop: Sam
Queen Takes Bishop: April
Old Friends - Brooke
Old Friends - Sam
Old Friends: April
What I See: All
Book by It's Cover - Brooke
Book by It's Cover - Sam
Book by Its Cover - April
Semantics - All

Stand Alone Stories
Moving Day (L/f, L/MC, S/B/H)
The Magic Number Series (S/B)
Privacy (S/B)
The Body Eclectic (Brooke POV)
After the First Death (B/C)
Compass in the Dark (S/N)
Sight and Sound (S/N)
Reflections (?/?)


Original Works The Truth in Your Gestures (Poem)


The Practice Wonderland Series (H/E)
Wooing the Goddess
When E.F. Hutton Talks
Lawyers in Love
Mothers and Daughters
To Grandmotherís House We Go
Wonderland: Pas de Deux

Wonderland: Side Bars Series
Ex Parte Communications
Toast (ed)

Photomosiac Series  (L/R)
Seeds of a Lifetime
Snapshots and Still Frames
Hidden Pictures 1.0
Acid Etchings
After Images
Sepia Tones
Negative Reversal
Shutter Speed
Yellow Hues
Ink on Film: Neon
Sombra y Negativo


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