Title: Sugar, Sugar: Twenty Years Later

Author: Carla

Email: cmfloresfd@yahoo.com

Fandom: Archie Comics / Betty and Veronica

Pairing: Betty/Veronica implied

Disclaimer: Don't own any of any value other than my imagination.

These characters are owned and operated by some nameless corporation, not myself. No profit made. It's all in good fun. The title was inspired in part by the old Archies song, Sugar,Sugar.

Summary: Archie ponders Betty and Veronica

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A/N: I found some of my old Archie Comics/Betty & Veronica comics in the attic the other day. Amazing how the things I read twenty years ago didn't seem so slashy but now. At any rate enjoy.

This has not been beta-ed so any and all mistakes are mine and mine alone.

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Sugar, Sugar: Twenty Years Later

Sometimes it's a song or some piece of music we listened to together. Sometimes it's a snippet of a movie that catches my eye when I'm channel surfing. Sometimes it's the way the sunlight hits my face or the shadows the moon throws that remind me of the times we spent walking and talking. Sometimes it's the way the pretty girl sitting opposite me on the bus laughs or the way she strokes her neck when she's reading.  Sometimes it's the sudden breath taking physical memory of your lips on mine when you kissed me.

I guess I'm still in love with you.

Sometimes it's the look in your eyes when you look at her, the look you used to give me. The look I still wish you sometimes gave me.  Sometimes it's the wind blowing carrying the memory of your voice in my ear. Whispers of "I love you" that made my heart skip and make my tears start.

I guess I'm still in love with you.

Sometimes it's the memory of coming home that day and finding you together. Listening to the sounds of your pleasure in each other.

Here we are twenty years later.

I guess you're still in love with her.

I still cry over you.

I wonder were you ever in love with me.

-- Archie

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