Title: In Dreams

Fandom: X-Men

Character: Emma Frost

Disclaimer: No ownership. No profit.

A/N: Tiny drabble. Insignificant.


Sometimes Emma had a dream she wished she could forget.

Her outfit was white, as always, and pristine, but the world was ash around her, swirling in clouds of bitter gray. It whipped through her hair, each strand torn free a silken lash against her skin.

She could move, though something about the tableau felt frozen. As she stalked through the barren, stripped terrain, her gleaming stilettos remained almost violently white.

The ash didnít touch her.

The air was dry and arid and the sun a bleeding, dripping red through the haze. She would always notice, after a moment, the complete and total lack of sound. There was nothing, not the rustle of leaves or the hiss of her feet against the ground. She couldnít hear the wind though the sting of it teased tears from her eyes.

The world had been consumed by fire, yet she remained.

As if the sun was a gaping wound in the sky, the red seemed to flow down, to collect and to build until it burned, blazing with a blinding intensity in the distance.

Ash piled to her ankles, Emma walked closer.


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