28 Weeks Later / Sunshine Crossover Imprint (Tammy/Cassie)


Bandidas Instrucción (M/S)


Battlestar Galactica Intrinsic Betrayal (S/B)
Right Kind of Wrong (S/C)


Birds Of Prey Long Time Gone (H/B)
Evil Deeds (H/B)
Willful Blindness (H/B/D)
Experimental Method (H/B)
Dancing In The Dark (H/B)
Turning Tables (H/B)
Accidental Voyeur (H/B)
An Empirical Question (H/B)


Bones Need to Know (B/A)


Blue Crush Crush, Crushing, Crushed (E/AM)


Bring It On Every Minute (M/T)


BVS Let that Lonesome Whistle (F/C)
Hate (F/C)
A Brand New Box of Matches (F/C)
A Girl's Guide to Apathy and Angst (F/C)
Appearances, Preconceptions, and Other Such Lies (C/Fred)
The Absence of White (F/C)
What She Misses (F/C)
Explanatory Greed (Faith)
Mental Machinations (Cordy)

'Glenshaw Glass Series'  (F/C)
Wild Women Don't Get the Blues
Going Down in Style

Vice Series (C/W)
The Confessions of A Somewhat Inept Not Quite Alcoholic
When Good Girls Go Just a Little Bit Bad

Corner Gas In It To Win It (K/L)


Coyote Ugly Insouciance (R/V)


Criminal Minds Predilection (JJ/OFC)


Cruel Intentions Room 419 (A/K)


CSI Burned (C/S)
Come Undone (C/S)
Coming in Last (C/S)
Toy (C/S)
Authority Figures (S/S)
Glam Undone (Sara/Cristal) - CSI/Showgirls X-over


Dawson's Creek Redux (J/A)


Deadwood In A Man’s World (J/A)
This Life (J/L)


D.E.B.S. Life in the Slow Lane (A/L)


The Devil Wears Prada In The Details (E/M E/S)


Domino Cut (D/M)


Facts Of Life Just a Genuine Something in My Misery (J/B)
Was I Just Your Habit... (J/B)
Christmas Wishes (J/B)
Walking Boots (J/B)
Stealing from Steinbeck (J/B)
The Failures of Modern Home Economics For Boys (J/B)


Fast and the Furious, The Running Hot (M/L)


Fingersmith Lament (M/S)


Firefly Precision (R/K)


Girlfight - Sex In The City Crossover Rule Of Opposites (D/C)


Gossip Girl Autoregressive (S/B)
In the Home Stretch (S/B)
Coming Out On Top (S/B)
It Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It (V/B S/B)
Secret (S/B/D) (f/f/m)
Truth (S/B/D) (f/f/m)


Harry Potter Kissing Hermione Granger (K/Hr, D/Hr, F/Hr)


Heroes Lucky (N/J)


Invisible Man, The It’s the Little Things That Kill (A/C)


Junebug Sinnin' (A - M)


Lars and the Real Girl A Little Girl Time (M/B)


Laurel Canyon Fruit Flies and Domination (J/A)


La Femme Nikita/Absolutely Fabulous X-over Taste of More (N/S)


L&O: SVU Interruptions (A/O)


L&O SUV, SF, L&O Slaying Saint George (A/T, A/A)


MI5 Something Trite (R/J)


Murder in Suburbia In for a Pound (A/Sc, A/Su)
Promise (A/S)
I Disappear (A/S)


The Office The Madonna and the Whore (P/K)


Once and Again Didactic Learning (J/K)


Pitch Black Riddick's Bitch -Het Fic -


Popular CyberLies (S/B)
Jealousy (S/B N/B)
Regret (S/B)
Sightless (S/B)
The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends…  (S/B)
Interludes (S/B)
Thin Skull (Pop/L&O X-Over) (S/A)
Alone With All Your Letters (S/B)
Games People Play (S/N)
The Essence of Being (Nicole POV)
Rational Appeal (S/B)
Measured Approach (S/B)
Secret Evolution (S/B)
Ruminations on Accidents (S/B)


Queer as Folk The Apportionment of Blame (M/L)
Manifest Destiny (M/L)
Making Hank Williams Proud (L/L)


Resident Evil (Movies) No Time For Apologies
On the Brink (Extinction) (A/C)


South Of Nowhere Clueless (A/S)
Second First (A/S)
The Thing to Do (A/S)
Theory of Possible Selves (A/S)


So You Think You Can Dance Authenticity (RPF) (L/S)
The Thing About the Gay Love (RPF) (L/various)


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Series
Postulations and Practices (S/C)
Of Lies and Betrayal (S/C)

Articulation (S/C)


That 70's Show Between Us Girls


Weeds Harmless Experimentation (N/C)


Wicked Cracks (E/G)
Spilt (E/G)
Proper Morning After (E/G)
Arc (E/G)
Something Most Odd (E/G)
Atmospheric Disturbance (E/G)
Skin (E/G)


Xena Uber Another Lonely Day (Kia/Anne)


X-Men Melt (J/E)
In Dreams (none)


Incomplete Stories Here Be Monsters (Birds Of Prey) (B/H, H/HQ)
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