Title:  Games People Play

Author:  Harper

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Fandom:  Popular

Rating:  NC-17

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A/N:  This is, pure and simple, a PWP.  I use more than gratuitous sex, extremely non-clinical terms for genitalia, and unnecessary cursing.  All in good fun though, I assure you.  It has no redeeming value.  Absolutely none, not even a semi-oblique hidden moral message, so be warned.  It seems to be the way I work… write a long piece of fiction then churn out a completely meaningless smut piece.  Oh well.  Anyway, this is un-beta’d, so all mistakes belong solely to me.  Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to send feedback.  I’ll be at Xfjnky2@yahoo.com

Its hot in here.  Scorching even, with the tight press of sweaty bodies crowding me from all sides, random hands and faceless torsos flitting past me, teasing me.  I don’t need them, though, because I’ve already picked out my victim tonight.

He’s tall, with inky jet black hair and vibrant green eyes, olive skin that’s currently covered in a light sheen of sweat, broad shoulders that narrow down to a slim waist.  I can feel his muscles moving under his shirt and my fingertips, can feel his excitement rubbing against my belly, and I wrap one arm around him, grinning seductively as I pull him closer, as I draw his lips to mine for a long, slow, and very wet kiss.  He’s good at it, kissing I mean.  Sometimes I get ones who aren’t quite so talented, who drool and thrust their tongues wildly into my mouth in the apparent belief that more is better.  His touch is light, teasing, and when I feel the gentle prod of his tongue against mine I can taste the faint bitter sting of alcohol.  He’s been drinking tequila… no, its much cooler than that.  Vodka.

As his lips travel down my throat, nuzzling against the vee of my shirt, hinting at a desire to go further, I let my head loll back lazily.  No one is watching us, really, and I wouldn’t particularly care if they were.  Couples grind against one another on all sides of us, each trapped in the seductive web of anonymity and other-worldly surrealism that falls like a blanket on all of the willing participants of this game… the game of sex, of power, of meaningless human connection, of the blindless search for pleasure.  Hedonism, self-gratification… that’s the gold medal that we’re all striving for tonight, me most of all.

Of course, even as I think this, I know that she’s watching.  I can’t see her but I can feel her, can feel those blue eyes burning into my back.  I wonder what prey she’s found tonight or if she’s even playing the game.  I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t laid eyes on her since we got here, since we went our separate ways at the door.

O’boy is pressing into me with a little more purpose now, the hard shaft of his arousal burning against my stomach.  For a moment I wonder idly if he’s going to cum.  I hope he doesn’t because I’m really not in the mood to wipe the lingering traces of his excitement off of my shirt.  That’s happened before, and I scowl, pulling back slightly, not wanting to give him the relief that he’s seeking.

I sense her a second before I feel her, before I feel that long arm wrapping around me from behind, slashing across my torso possessively.

“Its time to go.”  The words sound harsh, and I watch as the playtoy looks on in dumbfounded confusion as I’m pulled away, the front of his designer faded jeans stretched tight.  I almost feel sorry for him, left there as he is, exposed and without respite.  Almost, but really not at all.

The cool air feels good against my overheated skin.  My free hand reaches back to lift the thick fall of my hair off of the back of my neck, lowering my body temperature significantly.  My other hand is clasped in my companion’s tight grip at the moment, strong fingers pulling me further and further away from the dingy face of the club with decided purpose.  She’s angry, I can tell.  Stylish heels are clipping sharply against asphalt as she eats up the distance between us and the car.  Her back is stiff, shoulders squared, and I grin widely.

The Jag is low and long, sleek just like her.  I’m not surprised when she pushes me into the back seat, when she climbs in and straddles my thighs with her own, blue eyes blazing furiously down into my own.

When she speaks, her voice is strangled with the force of her arousal, harsh with the power of her anger.  “Did you want to fuck him, Sammy?  Did you?  Did you want to feel that hard cock inside you?  Did he make you wet?”

Oooh, now I’m a little incensed as well.  This calls for a far more active participation on my part, and I scrabble back against the slick leather seat, gaining more balance.

“Why, did you want to watch?” I toss back, entirely pleased that a spark of arousal shot through the irritation at my words.  “Is that what you wanted, Nic?  Did you want to see him make me cum?”

Apparently she can’t find an answer to that because she kisses me instead, covering up the lingering remnants of his flavor with her own.  God, its so hot in here, and with the delicious press of her body against mine, the subtle rocking of her crotch against the cradle of my thighs, I feel myself start to get dizzy.  Her hands are cupping my face, holding me still, and I can’t breathe.  All I suck in is the scent of our mingled arousal and the same hot, moist air that we’ve been passing back and forth for the past few minutes.

With a grunt I push her back, using the space I’ve inserted between us to take in great heaping pants of air.  It doesn’t help much because I’m still spinning, but my lungs aren’t burning any more.

The distance I’ve imposed gives me the opportunity to look at her and I take it, my eyes drinking in the sight of the mess I’ve made.  Her mouth is wet and swollen, slightly parted as she draws in oxygen, and for my benefit the tip of a soft pink tongue sneaks out, dragging along the lush expanse of a glistening lower lip.  I feel my stomach lurch at the sight and its all I can do to keep my hands at my sides.  I have to, though, because I don’t want to touch her right now.  No, all I want to do, for the moment at least, is look at her.

Her short hair is mussed even more than it normally is, and I wonder if I did that.  I don’t remember running my hands through it, and that lack of knowledge tugs at me.  Was it my kiss or that of a stranger that I didn’t even get to see that left her so disheveled?  The majority of her currently rumpled appearance is directly attributable to me, I know, but there’s still a lingering doubt that I’m the sole cause.  It makes me angry and yes, a tad more aroused.

I stop worrying about it when I catch on hooded blue eyes, though.  Well, they were blue at one point, but now they’re nothing but dark black pools, a thin sliver of ice surrounding dilated pupils the only hint that they’ve ever looked any different.  That’s the way I like to look at her, with her arousal written so plainly across her face, the flare of delicate nostrils highlighting her desire for me.

Somehow her shirt’s gotten a bit crooked, and I can see a considerable amount of cleavage peaking up at me from the delving depths of her barely there tank.  Her chest is heaving, breasts shuddering furiously under my concentrated gaze, and as I watch, the rounded outline of hardening nipples appears.  Its not until I taste her on my lips again that I realize that I’ve licked them in anticipation.

The already short skirt that she was wearing has hiked itself up even further, spread thighs pushing it up until it bunches together at her waist.  I can see the flash of bright red lacy panties teasing me, and even in the dim light of the car the damp patch darkening their front is easy to discern.  It brings a lazy smirk to my face, and I look back up only to be drawn in by increasingly dark eyes.

“Is this for me?” I ask innocently, a single finger sneaking down to trace through the center of her wetness, the rough feel of damp lace tickling my flesh.  Her back arches at the light, teasing touch, shoulders falling back to rest against the corners of the passenger’s and driver’s seats.  With her hips pushing up against me restlessly, I bring the finger to my mouth, sucking it in.  Her taste is light, the thin coating doing little to negate my rising passion.

“Not if you don’t take it soon.”

The sound of footsteps teases at the edge of my consciousness, but I push it aside.  It doesn’t matter, really, whether or not anyone sees us.  I’m not sure why, but at the moment, the thought doesn’t bother me at all

“And if I don’t take it soon?” I drawl, hands slipping up under the tight confines of her shirt, skimming up the slightly damp skin of her sides to find her breasts, loose and unfettered.

She gets a mischievous look in her eyes seconds before I see slim fingers tugging aside the thin barrier of lace that had been covering dusty brown curls.  Then, though, two fingers are sliding between enflamed lips, circling furiously as her hips jump forward instinctively, and my fingers clamp down hard over the flesh of her nipples in response.  I can’t help it, really.  All of my nerve endings fired at once, causing my body to jerk spastically.  I get a long, loud moan in response, the sound serving only to ratchet up my already out of control libido, and just to see what will happen, I do it again.

“Fuck.”  This time she hisses out a word that generally only serves to make me hotter, and with jerky motions I pull her shirt up over her breasts.  I want to see my fingers, want to watch the red bloom of arousal course through her skin.

I can feel her heart beating, can feel it start to speed up as her body strives anxiously for climax, and as I squeeze the flesh of her breasts in my hands, the hard press of her nipples teasing my palms, I feel compelled to warn her.

“Don’t cum.  That’s only for me.”

She whimpers but her hand stills obediently, hips still twitching.  I know she was close, and I smile at her restraint.

“Good girl.  Let me taste you.”

This time the heady flavor of her coats my tongue as those glistening fingers slide into my mouth, teasing past my sensitive lips.  I suck gently, licking the flesh clean, not taking my hands away from her breasts.  I like the way she watches me do this, so full of hunger that I almost want to take those fingers and watch her tongue cleanse them just so I can see her too.

When I finally do let go of her fingers, I move up and take her wrists in my hands.  Stretching forward, I wrap her arms around the headrests of the seats in front of us, leaving her there.  She’s open to me now, all of her, and I think its no doubt time for me to claim my prize.

As I reach forward to take one straining nipple in my mouth, I can feel the tension in her.  She wants so desperately to wrap her arms around my head and pull me in closer to her, but since I’ve so obviously placed her exactly where I want her, she hesitates, not wanting to do anything that will further delay gratification.  This pleases me, and as I pull away from her skin with a wet pop, I decide to reward her.

I like the way the elastic feels as I slide my fingers into her warmth, the way it traps my hand close to her body.  By now its no secret between us that I like little tinges of restraint, little hints of being kept.  Hell, little has nothing to do with it.  I’m equally as fond of big tinges and big hints as well, and I can see from the lazy smirk that makes its way across her face that she knows exactly what I’m thinking.

Fuck, she’s so wet that my fingers slip easily between the lips of her sex, sliding along silky smooth walls until I’m at the tip of her opening, teasing her with the soft press of one finger rubbing closer and closer to the place she wants me to be.  By now the interior of the car is full of the perfume of us… well, mainly her, and it makes my mouth water.

I continue to tease her, just that light gentle thrust that’s nowhere near enough to bring her over the edge, and after a few seconds I hear her growl.

“Sammy…”  Somehow she manages to make it sound like she isn’t pleading when I know perfectly well that she is.

“You’ve got to tell me what you want, Nicole,” I say, deliberately drawing out her name, taunting her.

“I want you,” she hisses in reply, and I tilt my head to the side, eyes watching her features intently.

“You’ve got me,” I reply flippantly, easily reading the storm clouds of anger gathering behind her eyes.  If I don’t end things soon, I’m liable to end up with some kind of permanent damage.

“Inside me.  I want you inside me,” she finally huffs out, knowing full well that I’m not going to back down.  Not that I should anyway, since I’ve clearly got her at my disposal.

I appear to consider this for a moment, enjoying the play far too much to end it now.  “Inside where?” I tease, watching her jaw tense.  She hates this, hates having to say exactly what she wants.  I don’t know why, really, but the more she hates it and the more I force her into doing it, the more she likes it.

It takes a few calming breaths before she can push the words out, but I wait patiently.  “My pussy,” she whispers finally, and I feel a little jolt of triumph shoot through me, almost as if I’ve won some battle.

“And what do you want inside your pussy?” I can’t help but ask.  Oh, but that pisses her off.

“Your fingers.”  I don’t know how she can say something like that and still remain haughty, but she does.  Hell, at the moment I’m even feeling somewhat honored that she’s chosen me.

Deciding to regain what little control over the situation that I’ve given up with my wordplay, I spread my legs apart.  Since her thighs are draped over mine, this necessarily widens the vee between them even further.  She’s perched so precariously now that I can’t help but be even more turned on by it.  Her back is arched back into the seats in front of us, arms spread wide in a move that pushes her breasts forward.  Her legs are parted until her knees are barely on the edge of the seat any more, and I want to do nothing more in that moment than fuck her.  So, I do.

One finger slides inside of her with insane ease, and so I add another.  She moans at the sensation, at the gentle stretching, and so I push a third finger deep inside her.  Its crowded in there now, but for a second I consider adding a fourth finger.  I want to, I really do, but as feral as we might have been up until now, its not my goal to hurt her.

Everything is so hot, so soft, so wet… I can’t even describe how good it feels to be inside Nicole Julian.  As I start to move, slowly at first, she clamps down hard on my fingers, her body instantly becoming a searing vise around my flesh, and I nearly moan with the pleasure of it.  Not that she would have heard me, really, because with the volume of the sounds that are coming out of her mouth at the moment, I begin to sincerely worry that someone’s going to come over and check on us in a minute, just to make sure everything is alright.

One of her hands has come loose from its perch to wrap around my neck, and for a moment I consider stopping, consider making her put it back where I had positioned it, but after a second I realize that this new position gives her added leverage to ride my fingers.  Short nails dig into my flesh but I don’t care because porn fantasy #382 is currently coming to life right here in front of my eyes and a little bite of pain is most definitely not going to distract me from my task.  To be honest, it makes things all that much more exciting because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it.  Love it is more accurate, really, and I’d close my eyes and revel in the feeling if it didn’t mean that I couldn’t watch my lover’s face.

She’s getting close.  I can feel it, can smell it, can hear it, and so I decide that its time to speed things up, to add a bit more power to my thrusts.  Soon the sounds of our bodies smacking together is interspersed with the moans and gasps and invectives that she’s been hurling at me since I slid inside of her, and when I slide my thumb upward to roughly bump over her clit, she explodes.

There’s a short scream, the feel of her body trapping my fingers deep inside her, the thump of her heartbeat through the nub of flesh under my thumb and then suddenly she collapses, falling forward limply to drape over me, sweaty skin instantly molding to mine.

After a few seconds of hearing the harsh rasping pant of her breathing slowly return to normal, I feel her pull back until her face is inches away from mine, eyes luminous in the darkness.

She places a sweet kiss on my lips, the gesture so at odds with our behavior of minutes past that I feel an unwelcome tear prick the corner of my eye.  It doesn’t fall, of course, because that would just be silly.

“Let’s go,” she whispers against my lips, and I nearly groan in frustration.  My body is wound so tightly that if I don’t get relief soon, I might just implode.

“Nic,” I whine, unable to help it, knowing full well that I’m going to whine before the word is even out of my mouth.

“At home, Sammy.  I’ve got plans for you,” she chides, and I immediately shut-up.  I know what that means and to say that I’m looking forward to it would be to completely negate the term understatement.

So, in the end, I can do nothing but nod my acceptance.  This is her game now and I like what happens when I play by her rules.  Well, maybe like isn’t quite the word…


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