Title: A Brand New Box of Matches

Author: Harper

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Pairing: Faith/Cordelia

Rating: NC-17. In fact, some of the things I've done might be why that rating was invented in the first place. Call it a PWP if it makes you feel better. Seriously though, this one's fairly graphic, so don't read if you're offended by depictions of that sort or by rough language.

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There was something so very appealing about a bad girl. Not a faux bad girl in a scuffed leather jacket, sporting a carefully posed sneer designed to create the illusion of an air of malice, but a real bad girl who didn't hide behind artful poses. The kind of girl who took one look at you and knew that all you wanted to do was fuck her.

The kind of girl who didn't care, because all she wanted to do was fuck you too.

Society and the shrinks that served it might try to look deeper, to find a seemingly innocuous incident in an otherwise normal childhood that might have led to this predilection, but Cordelia didn't give a shit about the reasons why. All she knew was that it was so, and it was useless to try and pretend otherwise.

Then again, she'd never really been a fan of looking deeper. She'd tried it once or twice, and hadn't liked what she'd seen. Not that the portals to her soul had revealed a great yawning mass of blackness or anything, but they did tell her in no uncertain terms that some of the things she liked were wrong.

Wrong, wrong, bad, wrong.

Who the hell decided what was wrong anyway? How exactly did the morality police come up with the standards of what was decent and what was perverted? Was sex in the missionary position acceptable because it didn't inflame the mind, didn't deviate from the ordained path of the righteousness of fucking? Propagation and procreation, and the lights turned out and the covers pulled over on top of heads to still lustful thoughts so that humanity would be able to pull itself away from the indecency of bodies hunching over one another, of man and woman at their carnal, beastly best.

Wasn't that what they'd decided a long time ago? Somewhere along the line it had been determined that sex was a necessary evil, a thing to be tolerated. Until, that is, it only became a thing for a woman to tolerate, to do her marital duty, to spread her legs for the good of the country. She was to provide an heir, to be a vessel so that one man could bring forth into life another, so that bloodlines and good names could be carried into the next generation ad infinitum.

But Cordelia didn't give a fuck about any of that.

She was no innocent, no virgin. Not by any stretch of the imagination was she chaste, was she pure. A tad inexperienced, perhaps, but what the body hasn't accomplished the mind can complete a thousand times. Usually with a lot more skill she'd soon learned, though after time she'd taught herself to guide Xander, to use his body so that it brought her pleasure.

To hell with Xander.

The things she wanted didn't come in packages wrapped quite like his, though she was content to use him as a stepping stone, as a temporary stand in. He'd slave away over her body, his dark eyes worried, afraid that she wouldn't find him adequate. Cordelia didn't have the heart to tell him he was adequate, but nothing more. A boring and uninspired lover, if a diligent one, and she gained as much knowledge from the experience as possible before taking the opportunity of his infidelity to turn him aside.

And then she came.

Dark hair, flashing near black eyes, a body built of temptations divined from Lucifer himself, and Cordelia knew that she'd found what she had been searching for. It didn't matter that this girl was coarse, that she was crude. In fact, it made her even more appealing. Faith was most definitely a bad girl, one who wouldn't give a damn about propriety, who wouldn't hold back for fear of upsetting delicate sensibilities. She was fucking personified, from the lush mounds of her breasts to the long delicate length of her legs.

Swollen red lips beckoned promises that Cordelia knew they could keep, and it became imperative that she have this girl. There were no doubts in her mind that it would happen. Cordelia Chase always got what she wanted.

But, there was as much fun in the chase as in the capture. While it would be so very easy to make her intentions clear, to enjoy the pleasure that came with instant gratification, she wasn't swayed, and she didn't reveal her plan.

There were rules to this game.

She watched her, keen eyes tracking every delicious morsel of her prey. There was the confident swagger, the hooded eyes that never bothered hiding their desire, the athletic grace of a body made for killing… and all of it provided ample kindling for the fire Cordelia was carefully tending.

Sometimes it became too much. On occasion, she'd slipped off into the dark shadows ringing a local cemetery and had watched Faith in motion. Such unrestrained passion, such intensity, and the added bonus of the flex and play of lithe muscles beneath slut-tight clothes… those nights Cordelia would return home to her wide bed and bury her fingers in the wetness that had gathered between her thighs. Each trip would only increase the ache deep inside her, but she wasn't ready yet to bring it all to an end.

The torment of not having what she wanted was too satisfying.

She enjoyed keeping herself, her wants and needs and desires, hidden from the prying eyes of all those who watched her so carefully. Half were afraid of her and half worshipped her, but none knew her beyond the beautifully constructed façade that she wore. Even her quarry didn't have a clue of her true intentions, and there was little that pleased her more to watch the other girl's lazy sprawl out of the corner of her eye as she sat, oblivious to the nature of Cordelia's thoughts.

After all, its impossible to truly know someone.

In public she showed mere disdain. It was only to be expected. They simply didn't move in the same circles, didn't inhabit the same worlds. So, Cordelia felt secure in the knowledge that her secret was safe

But, it seemed that the hunter had underestimated the hunted.

She'd been skulking in the shadows once more, watching with bright eyes as her chosen soon-to-be lover defeated a gang of vamps, her body moving with the effortless beauty of a ballerina as she fought. Feeling herself grow increasingly excited as Faith worked through the group, Cordelia had let her eyes flutter shut for one short second, reveling in the arousal coursing through her. When she'd opened them, it was only to see the dust of what had once comprised undead bodies settling to the ground.

The sound of a low voice purring in her ear had almost sent Cordelia to an early grave of her own. She didn't know how the dark Slayer had managed to evade detection by the invisible sensors that jealously guarded her personal space, but the truth of it was that she was standing so close that the warmth of her burned into the cheerleader's back.

"Whatcha doin', C?" Throaty, seductive, and it took all Cordelia had in her to stifle a moan.

"Faith." She didn't answer the other girl's question, not caring enough to make up a clever evasion but not yet wanting to betray her true reasons.

"You've been watching me." This time the voice was so close to her ear that she could feel the warm moisture of breath against her sensitive skin, and had to draw her shoulders up straight to keep herself from swaying backward into the flesh she knew was tantalizingly close.

"What makes you say that?" She had no intention of giving anything away until she was ready, but the banter, the trade of closeted invitations, only served to heighten her arousal. They both had the same objective in mind, but there was no use in rushing to it.

"Because I've seen you, hiding here in the shadows." Now the voice was cocky, and belatedly Cordelia realized that heightened slayer senses apparently detected far more than she'd anticipated. Oh well, nothing really to worry about now.

"And how do you know I've been watching you? I could just happen to enjoy taking late night strolls," she returned, hands flexing into fists at her sides. She wanted so desperately to reach back, to see if the power of the muscles she'd seen playing underneath those tight pants were as intense as she'd imagined.

"You're lying to me, C," the dark slayer replied, one slim hand suddenly winding its way through the soft hair at Cordelia's nape, jerking back hard so that the other girl's neck was bared, the soft hiss of air through teeth echoing across the silence of the cemetery at the move. "Why don't you try telling me the real reason why you've been following after me?"

The cheerleader felt her mind racing, battling between an intense desire to turn her head to the side and capture those crimson-stained lips and the need to not betray herself. After all, the object of this game wasn't for her to fall to her knees and beg. So, not completely sure of her next move, she stayed silent, waiting to see what that particular reaction invoked from the slayer.

"Can't think of any lies to spill from your pretty lips?" Faith was close enough to the other girl to smell her, the scent a heady mixture of arousal, fear, and sandalwood. It was the arousal part that stuck out in her mind, and for a moment she wished she could see the cheerleader's eyes more clearly than the dark night allowed for. The possibility that Cordelia was attracted to her had been one that she'd been entertaining for a few weeks, having caught on occasion a flare of desire in the brunette's covert glances. But, she'd dismissed it, well aware of Queen C's reputation and of her less than savory opinion of the dark slayer. Now though, with the harsh rasp of the other girl's breath filling the darkness, she wasn't sure.

"Or, are you just ashamed?" she finally queried, having inched even closer so that her body was pressed along the length of the other girl's back, gratified by the near whimper that had erupted from Cordelia's throat at the move.

"Ashamed of what?" Cordelia finally ground out, trying not to rub her body up against the one behind her.

"Ashamed of just how badly you want me." The cockiness was there again, the tone sending a flood of wetness between her thighs, and Cordelia weighed her options. Should she admit to it now, or should she try to play the game out a little longer?

"And just why would you think I'd want you?" she finally threw back, her tone harsh. She was trying to hide the arousal in her voice now, trying to keep her body from betraying her, but as those fingers tightened even further in her silky locks, it became much harder.

"Because I can smell it on you," was the rough reply, and the hand that wasn't wound through her hair was suddenly at her belly, sliding up underneath her shirt to cup her left breast through the silky fabric of her bra. A rebellious nipple hardened instantly at the touch, and Cordelia couldn't hold back the soft moan that accompanied its tightening. "And I can feel it. I'll bet your little pussy is soaked, isn't it?"

In for a penny, in for a pound, Faith thought. She'd never claimed that gentle seductions were her forte, and here, with the chilly night air pricking her aroused flesh, she wasn't about to start learning how to conduct them. Besides, judging by the nearly imperceptible arching of the other girl's lean hips, she didn't need to spout poetry or shower Cordelia with flowers.

"Wouldn't you like to find out," came her reply, the words pushing past a nearly unresponsive throat after long minutes.

Cordelia wasn't worried about subtlety any longer.

"I want you to show me." Holding her breath in anticipation, Faith waited to see what the girl's next move would be. To say that she was surprised when she noticed Cordelia's fingers fumbling with the buttons on her jeans would be an understatement. Shock would be more appropriate, and when she felt the thin body in front of her jerk from the touch of a slim hand against aroused flesh, when she saw Cordelia's lean fingers shining with evidence of the her wetness float before her, it was all the slayer could do to remain on her feet. Never in a million years would she have anticipated this, but now that it was here, she certainly wasn't going to let the opportunity pass by.

The hand that had been rhythmically squeezing Cordelia's breast was pulled from its warm hiding place as it shot out, wrapping around a slender wrist. When the cheerleader felt a warm mouth descending on her coated digits, she did collapse slightly against the other girl, her knees no longer completely sure that they wanted to support her weight.

"God, you taste good," Faith hissed, letting the hand that had been holding Cordelia's head back sneak down to the other girl's waist, pulling her back and keeping her upright. "I want to feel for myself."

And with the words, her hand slid beneath the waistband of exposed panties, slipping easily into the wetness between Cordelia's thighs. The other girl was so wet that her fingers slid slickly against the swollen flesh, and with amazement tinging her voice, Faith said aloud the thing that she'd just realized.

"You'd let me fuck you right here, wouldn't you?"

Cordelia didn't answer, but that was fine because she didn't really need an answer. The warmth against her palm satisfied any questions that she might have had, and Faith shook her head in an attempt to pull her scattered thoughts together. Long ago she'd learned never to expect much from life because it was always going to do what it damned well pleased and not what you expected, and if anything was evidence of that rationale, then this was. If anyone had asked her whether or not she'd be standing here, one hand down the Ice Queen of Sunnydale High's pants, her fingers covered in the girl's arousal, she'd have laughed at them. It appeared that first impressions and stereotypes were just as the clichés said, not to be trusted, because she'd taken one look at the cheerleader and pegged her as a frigid bitch, and most definitely not worth her time.

If Cordelia was frigid, then Faith was a nun.

"I'm not going to fuck you here." Keen slayer hearing told her that the other girl had let out a soft sound of disappointment at the words, and she smiled slightly at that. "You got your car around here?"

"Yeah, why?" Those fingers were still tracing a path between the inflamed lips of her sex, making it hard for Cordelia to think.

"Because I've got plans for you, and they don't involve me freezing my ass off in a cemetery. We're going back to my room." A frissom of excitement shot of Cordelia's spine at the words, and as much as she missed the warmth of the other girl's fingers probing her flesh, she was much too excited about the prospect of what Faith was talking about to care.

When those still slightly damp fingers entwined with her own, pulling her away from the shadow of the trees, she followed willingly. It didn't take long for them to reach her vehicle, the exorbitant amount of money that had been spent on it detailing itself in every sleek line.

Faith didn't even pause to look at the car. Instead she slid behind the steering wheel, leaving Cordelia the passenger's side. Once the keys had been handed over, she inserted them into the ignition and put the car in gear, admiring the way the machine handled smoothly but not giving voice to her thoughts.

She could feel the other girl's hazel eyes tracing over her profile in the scant light, and deliberately kept her face schooled to a bland indifference. From the way Cordelia squirmed in the passenger's seat, it seemed to be working, seemed to be driving her arousal and her irritation that much higher, and Faith had to wonder just how badly she'd underestimated the other girl. She would find out soon enough, because once they were in her room, all bets were off.

Once Cordelia was there, she'd own her.

All too soon yet not soon enough they pulled up in front of the skanky motel, and Faith killed the ignition. She felt the urge to offer the girl an out, to make sure that they went into this each knowing that once they stepped through the doorway, all bets were off.

"Are you sure about this, C?" she rasped, watching as the other girl's head swung her way, as hazel eyes melted into hers.

"Not looking to back down now, are you?" It was almost a taunt, and Faith growled. No fucking way she was going to back away from this.

"Just thought you might have played your little girl fantasy out as far as you'd imagined it." Which, in a way, was true. Part of her still couldn't believe that she was sitting here with Cordelia Chase of all people.

"Not afraid, are you?" That was definitely a taunt, one carelessly designed to draw forth Faith's competitive nature. If there was one thing Cordelia didn't want to deal with at the moment, it was indecision. Now that the time to act had come, she didn't want to bother herself with philosophical discussions on the rightness of the situation.

With a grunt, Faith pushed open the car door, slamming it behind her as she moved toward her room. She didn't wait for Cordelia, knowing that the girl would trail after her, and was rewarded soon after by the sound of a door opening and closing. The crunch of gravel under the other girl's shoes let her know that Cordelia was hurrying to catch up, and she slowed her usually brisk pace until the lanky figure was beside her.

When she swung open the door to her room, Faith had to resist the urge to apologize for its plainness, for its obvious cheapness. It consisted of only a few battered pieces of furniture and a worn bed. A duct of some kind was nestled in the corner, wrapped with discarded pieces of foam, and the carpet had long ago seen better days. Despite all that, it was immaculately clean, because if nothing else, Faith could live in poverty but not squalor.

She didn't apologize though, because she refused to be ashamed.

Instinctively Faith realized that she was in complete control of this situation. Often that was something that she had to take from her partner, but she was somehow aware that beneath the other girl's bristling exterior, she had already passed over the reins of control. It was up to the slayer to take them now, and she did so without abandon.

"Take off your clothes." The words were stark, not seductive, but they still brought with them a bolt of desire. Cordelia was trapped by heavily hooded chocolate eyes, by the look of longing that she could see written plainly across the other girl's features, and she moved her fingers to the hem of her shirt.

Pulling it up slowly, letting the fabric inch up to display the tanned, toned plane of her belly, the sheer black silk of her bra, she milked the attention she was getting. A slow unveiling was always best in her book, forcing patience on both parties, and she took advantage of that now.

When the cloth was discarded behind her, Cordelia let long fingers trace down over her skin, skimming the tight peaks of her breasts, until they found the buttons on her jeans, which had been hastily redone in the cemetery. Popping them one by one, letting the fly slowly droop open to display the skin below her navel, the low slung top of silky panties that matched the barely there bra, she watched dark eyes trace her movements.

The buttons finally undone, she pushed the fabric off her hips, letting it fall in a heap in the floor where she stepped out of it easily, slipping off her shoes at the same time. Now clad only in her underwear, she moved closer to Faith until she was only inches away from the other girl, both of them standing scant feet away from the beckoning bed.

"You're not finished," Faith observed, her mouth watering at the vision in front of her. Cordelia was taller than the slayer, and her body was a study in long, lean muscles and taut tanned skin. High, firm breasts overlooked a flat tummy, and the line that bisected the slimly muscled expanse showed clearly as the flesh around it pulled tight under Faith's inspection. The slim curve of hips led to long thighs and shapely calves, and the slayer was more than impressed. For some reason, she'd expected a layer of baby fat over willowy slimness, and was happy to find herself proven wrong.

The delicate spider web of Cordelia's collarbone and the gentle play of tendons in her neck only added to the femininity of the body before her, and Faith could only smirk. All of this was hers for the taking, and the part of her that took pride in her temporary possession of this woman sent a heady jolt of power through her. Cordelia desired her, had sought her out, and she wasn't about to overlook the bounty laid bare before her.

"I am for now," was Cordelia's reply, her voice having gone low with passion. She was well aware of the parlance that some might attribute to her games, but words like butch and femme, top and bottom, and dominant and submissive had no place in her world. They were labels, and she abhorred labels. All she cared about was satisfying her desires, and to hell with what others might read into her actions.

"Uh-uh, Princess. We play by my rules, or we don't play at all." Faith's previously liquid eyes hardened with this pronouncement, and with a pout, Cordelia gave in. It wasn't that she was hard-pressed to do so, because there was no real reason to ignore a command that she wanted to perform. She'd been testing the boundaries, so to speak, and felt a jagged line of excitement run down her body at the way her probe had been answered. Like she'd noted, the world's labels didn't appeal to her, but that didn't mean that she didn't revel in some of the actions that went along with them.

The bra snapped in the front, and with a casual flick of her wrist she undid the clasp. Cups that had previously been barely containing her breasts fell slack, and with a shrug of her elegant shoulders, the fabric disappeared completely. Already taut nipples seemed to harden further when finally exposed, unhindered, to Faith's gaze, and the sensation shot straight down her belly to the cradle of her thighs.

Long fingers slid under the thin side straps of her panties, sliding the scrap slowly down her hips until it hung loosely around her upper thighs. Once there, she bent lazily at the waist, letting the bit of fabric trace down her legs until she was free of it. Thusly unclothed, she stood once more, proud beneath the other girl's gaze. Her body was nothing to be ashamed of, and Cordelia was well aware of this fact. Faith wouldn't find her lacking.

"Very nice." Cordelia wanted to preen under the compliment, the sparse words more than enhanced by the look of absolute hunger in the other girl's eyes, but she remained still, determined to reveal as little of herself, emotionally speaking, as possible. Other than the fact that she knew that Faith would hurt her if feelings were brought into the equation, throwing them back in the cheerleader's face, there was no other reason to hold back. No other reason, that is, except for the fact that she gained a secret pleasure from it, a rush at the knowledge that she was depriving the other girl of something.

Not that she was depriving her of much. Feelings really didn't have a place in these proceedings, and the scant few that she had certainly didn't merit much attention.

"I want to see you." In fact, she was burning with the desire to do so. The feminine curves hidden under a shirt too tight to conceal much had been tempting her since the first day she laid eyes on the rogue slayer, and now that the object of her lustful affections was within reach, she didn't want to be denied any longer.

The slight arch of one brow and the barely perceptible tilt of Faith's head let Cordelia know that she if she wanted to bare the other girl's flesh, then she was going to have to do it herself. No hardship, really, and eager hands fell to the task, ripping apart the button on worn leather pants with practiced ease. It wasn't long before she had her hands down the back of the now loosened waistband, fingers digging roughly into firm flesh. Patience was a virtue she possessed only when it suited her own needs, and right now wasn't one of those times. She wanted to touch the flesh that had taunted her for so long, and with the apparent permission that she currently had to do so, Cordelia wasn't going to wait.

She was torn, though. Touch, or unveil? As much as her fingers enjoyed flexing into the hard muscles of Faith's buttocks, she was highly aware of the fact that she'd enjoy the experience all the more if her eyes had something more to feast on than the abstract pattern of red and black on the other girl's thin tee-shirt. So, a quick moved shucked the pants impeding her access, exposing, much to her delight, a lacy piece of navy blue fabric that did more to accentuate than it did to hide.

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as easy to divest the slayer of her clothing as Cordelia might have hoped. Unlike herself, the other girl's shoes didn't slip off easily, and with a groan of frustration, the cheerleader became aware of the fact that she was going to have to remove them if they were going to be removed. So, kneeling in the nubby carpet, she let her hands sneak under folds of leather, finding and tugging apart the shoelaces on the thick black boots adorning her prey's feet. It took a few moments to rid the other girl of the clunky footwear, but when she did, Cordelia took the restricting pants with them. And, deciding that there was no time like the present, she stripped the panties off as well, leaving Faith clad only in a short, thin shirt.

Her position on the floor put her in a perfect position to take in the heady aroma of the dark slayer's arousal, and Cordelia fought against the urge to reach forward, to bury her nose in the thatch of thick curls that looked so very tempting. It wasn't time yet, though, and so she forced herself to stand, letting soft fingers trace up the other girl's legs as she did so. When they reached Faith's hips, the cheerleader's hands continued even further north, sliding under the fabric of her tee, pushing it up until it bunched together under the other girl's arms. Tugging, growling as uncooperative limbs remained where they were, she flashed hazel eyes up at obsidian questioningly.

"The magic word?" Faith teased, enjoying the look of frustration on the other girl's lips.

"Please?" Cordelia replied sweetly, letting her tongue trace slowly across her upper lip. The move elicited the proper response, and soon she'd taken off not only the shirt but the bra beneath it, leaving the slayer naked.

Hazel eyes traced over the other girl's curves, lingering on the swell of full breasts, on the rapidly hardening ruby tips adorning them. They overlooked a firm belly and the womanly curve of hips, and Cordelia decided that the wait was well worth it if she was now going to be able to enjoy this specimen.

"You've been thinking about this for a long time, haven't you?" Faith asked, caught between amusement and confusion. The feral look on the other girl's face as she hungrily licked her lips was nothing short of animalistic, and once again the dark slayer asked herself how she had managed to miss uncovering this little phenomena before.

Cordelia didn't answer, and Faith felt a little jolt of anger run through her. She was used to sex, and was more than accustomed to being thought of as nothing more than an object, a body, another nameless conquest in a long line of people that mattered as little to her as she did to them. For some reason that she couldn't quite place, the fact that the spoiled little rich girl standing here naked in front of her, eyes roaming possessively over her flesh, was more than willing to use her as she'd always been used was infuriating. Though not angry enough to turn the woman away, she did let the emotion push away any shred of tenderness, any shred of compassion. Cordelia had come here for a reason, and she was going to make sure that she fulfilled her part of the bargain. The fantasies of an undersexed, overimaginative and in-over-her-head brat would find themselves paling in the shade of what she would get.

When all the layers of civilization are pared away, underneath the veneer of domestication every human is nothing but a beast of the wild, with the same raw, ugly possessive drives and urges. Unwilling to tamp them down at the moment, Faith decided that what would be, would be. If the other girl couldn't handle what she was asking for, then she could leave.

"Show me what you've been thinking about," Faith commanded huskily, throwing herself back on the bed, her body curling automatically into a seductive pose. "Just what did you plan on doing when you finally got the guts to let me know that you wanted to fuck me? That is what you want, isn't it? To fuck me?"

"Of course I've wanted to fuck you," Cordelia said finally, too distracted before that moment by the sight of that glorious body spread out on the bed before her to piece together a coherent sentence. "That's what you're made for, after all, isn't it? For fucking?"

If the answer bothered Faith, she didn't show it. Then again, it wouldn't have really mattered what her reply to that might have been because Cordelia had lowered herself to the bed, crawling slowly up over the slayer's lithe form until their bodies were pressed together fully. The cheerleader had insinuated one slim thigh between the other girl's hips, delighting in the slick trail of moisture that coated her flesh at the contact. Soft breasts pressed into one another, the taut tip of nipples teasing increasingly sensitive flesh, and the warm rasp of Cordelia's breath ghosted over Faith's parted lips.

When the cheerleader lowered her head, Faith braced herself, expecting the rough press of lips, the harsh slashing of a tongue, but was surprised when she felt little more than the whisper of flesh against flesh. She'd anticipated having to take control of the kiss, having to twist it into something that she preferred, but baffled by the apparently unhurried nature of Cordelia's caress, she allowed it.

For long moments, that's all the other girl did, until finally the velvet softness of her tongue joined in the play, teasing the sensitive skin of Faith's upper lip, delving gently into the slayer's mouth to touch on her own. Confused by the sudden change, unsure how this hesitant lovemaking fit in with the defiant picture that she held in her mind's eye of an aggressive Cordelia, Faith battled between the desire to take over as she normally did and to wait and see where this went.

Curiosity won out, and so as the taller brunette lazily made her way down the front of Faith's body, spending long, lavish minutes on her breasts, lathing the ample mounds with her tongue, the slayer allowed it. As the long body moved further down, she spread her legs further, and when that talented tongue began to work on her aroused flesh, she gave up any thought of stopping the other girl.

Cordelia was delighting in Faith's spicy taste, burying her face between swollen lips as she searched out ever smooth inch of flesh. Determined to bring the other girl to orgasm by use of her tongue alone, she worked diligently over the tender skin, alternating between hard and soft, between the rough scrape of teeth and the gentle suction of full lips. The strong press of Faith's hand against the back of her head, holding her in place as the slayer's body strove toward climax, the movement of her hips becoming more and more spasmodic, was intoxicating. Cordelia adored the feeling of being held, of being trapped, and her excitement only fueled her performance until soon the other girl was crying out, her body convulsing rhythmically.

Pleased with herself, Cordelia decided to let the play begin in earnest. Fingers moved deeply into Faith's snug channel even as the last waves of orgasm rolled through her, and soon there was nothing but the wet slap of her hand as it thrust into the slayer, the garbled curses and encouragements being sent her way by the dark girl, and the hungry smack of her own lips against aroused flesh. It wasn't long before the body under her started writhing once more, but this time when climax hit, Faith had the presence of mind to use strong fingers to pull the cheerleader roughly away from her task.

Panting, her body energized by the attention it had just received, Faith tugged on Cordelia's hair until the other girl slid up her body. Capturing the cheerleader's lips in a rough kiss, she reveled in the taste of herself coating the other girl's skin for a moment.

But then her focus returned. She was sweaty, she was aroused, and she was ready to turn the tables.

"Kneel," Faith commanded harshly, pushing back against Cordelia's shoulders until the other girl grasped what she was saying. There was no confusion in the hazel eyes at the seeming rebuke, only anticipation and excitement, and as Faith rolled off the bed to stand beside it, she couldn't hold back a smug smirk.

There, on her knees on the slayer's bed, was a high school goddess. A high school goddess who had just spent the last half hour between her thighs, and Faith felt a rush of power and pride rush through her.

"You came to me for a reason, didn't you C?" Faith asked rhetorically, moving with lazy grace across the room, seemingly unconscious of her nudity. After a few minutes of rustling through one of the battered wooden drawers of her less than pristine bureau, she turned, and what Cordelia saw then made her eyes widen in pleasure.

"You came to me because you knew I'd know what to do with you, didn't you?" Faith moved slowly across the room until she was once again standing by the bed. With a languid grace, she raised one leg, letting it rest on the mussed bedcovers.

"You couldn't get what you wanted anywhere else could you?" she questioned, catching the other girl's eyes.

"No," Cordelia whispered, transfixed.

"That's what I thought. I want you to watch me," the slayer instructed, knowing the directions were unnecessary. There wasn't any way short of blindness that would keep Cordelia from fastening her eyes on the other girl's movements.

Hazel eyes burned as Faith brought the tapered end of a bright pink dildo up between her legs, sliding it easily between her folds. Letting her head fall back and her eyes flutter shut as the thick silicon piece pushed into her, the slayer was rewarded by a whimper of need from the girl kneeling on the bed.

"Fasten it for me," she instructed, and scant seconds later felt eager hands reaching for the dangling leather straps currently teasing her thighs. When they were tightened, she opened her eyes once more to see Cordelia staring raptly at the matching pink protrusion now pointing out at her. The harness was one of Faith's favorite toys, allowing for a feeling of penetration for both partners, though it was really she who got to feel the power of controlling the pace. In this arena, she'd always be in control.

"Touch it." The hands that had been lingering by the buckles at her sides eagerly flew around to wrap around the width of the faux cock, and Faith held back a moan as the other girl began to stroke, feeling the piece inside her move as Cordelia did so.

"No," she grunted finally, regaining control of her voice, "not with your hands. With your mouth."

For a moment hazel eyes narrowed, and Faith wondered if Cordelia would refuse. Part of her wanted the other girl to back away, to say no, if only to feel as if she'd conquered her. It was a selfish, if self-damaging desire, but Faith didn't care about contradictions. All she cared about was winning.

Because sex was a game, a struggle for power, no matter what people might say to the contrary.

Cordelia apparently got over her hesitance, because before Faith could even blink those lush red lips were wrapped around the shaft of her strapped-on cock, and those hazel eyes were looking up at her as the other girl moved back and forth. The sight of Cordelia kneeling there, her mouth on the extension of Faith's sex, was almost enough to elicit another orgasm, and the slayer jerked away roughly. A hand on Cordelia's chin stilled all motion, and chocolate eyes searched hazel, slowly becoming aware that the other girl wasn't going to back out tonight.

Excited, yet somehow angered at that thought, Faith used her superior strength to turn Cordelia toward the wall, to move her forward until her hands were wrapped around the wooden bar of the headboard and her thighs were spread wide. Resting the fake cock in the cleft of the other girl's buttocks, the slayer let her hand glide over the other girl's taut belly until it came to rest between her legs, cupping her sex.

"This belongs to me now," she whispered harshly, the words wringing forth a moan from Cordelia's lips. She didn't protest because she didn't want to; the words had excited her, and at the moment she wasn't hypocritical enough to deny them.

"Then take it," the other girl rasped back, and Faith growled low in her throat. It wasn't the response that she'd been expecting, and she never would have anticipated the jolt of arousal the acknowledgement brought with it.

With one hard thrust, she buried herself to the hilt in Cordelia's wetness, gratified by the slap of flesh on flesh as her belly met the other girl's buttocks. Wanting to give C the time to adjust to the invasion, she let her hands trace up to cup heavy breasts. Pinching the cheerleader's nipples between her thumb and forefinger until she heard a gasp of pain/pleasure, Faith contemplated her next move. The large part of her wanted to lay definitive claim to the girl kneeling before her, and with her current hedonistic frame of mind, that part won.

It wasn't long before the sound of the headboard banging into the wall was accompanied by the sound of skin slapping against skin and the inelegant groans that were passing without hesitation through Cordelia's lips. Faith's fingers on her nipples were rough, causing the flesh to burn and ache, but she leaned into the pain, enjoying it far more than she felt she should.

Fuck how she should feel.

Caught up in a haze of rapture, her body jerking rhythmically with the hard thrusts from the girl behind her, Cordelia let her head fall back. Her eyes had shut long ago, the effort necessary to keep them open far too much for her brain at the moment, and it was nothing more than the press of Faith's body behind her and her white-knuckled grip on the headboard that kept her body from toppling over as well.

When Faith let a hand drift down to the juncture of her thighs, one finger sliding into her wetness to scrape against the hard bundle of nerves at her apex with each thrust, she felt as if her heart was going to explode. There was nothing but the pressure of the cock inside her, the harsh rasp of their mingled breathing, and then suddenly nothing but a pure, white hot wave of pleasure.

She might have screamed, but Cordelia didn't remember it. All she knew was that one second she was kneeling on the bed, and the next she was laying on her back, her legs pulled up to drape over Faith's shoulders as her body was once more penetrated. Each hard thrust brought with it the delightful jiggle of her flesh, and Faith couldn't help lowering her head and capturing the sweet skin of the cheerleader's neck with her teeth.

If she left marks, Cordelia could find the lies to explain them away. It wasn't her problem.

When her second climax tore through her, Cordelia pushed roughly at Faith's shoulders, sure that she couldn't take any more. The slayer seemed to realize that she needed a break and pulled away, their bodies parting wetly.

When Cordelia finally left that night, it was with the delicious knowledge that no matter what happened, she'd had what she wanted at least once. The next day when she slid gingerly into a seat in the library beside Faith, her body a delicious mass of aching soreness, she didn't even spare her another glance.

That didn't keep her from following the girl again that night though.

And once again, Faith possessed her senses completely. But this time, when first her tongue, and then her fingers, and then her bright pink strapped-on cock pressed past the thick ring of muscle of Cordelia's anus, Faith possessed her body completely too.

Like all good things, though, it had to come to an end. Comas aren't conducive to continued lovemaking, and Cordelia had better things to do than to wait around for the impossible to happen. Faith wasn't going to wake up, which meant that she was once again left searching, her mind burning with the knowledge of her secret desire…

Always looking for that one perfect fuck, but never finding it.

Until, of course, the impossible happened.


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